Bali tourism collapse: Residents rethink island’s future

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The Indonesian island of Bali is one of Asia’s most popular tourism destinations.
But the pandemic has forced dozens of hotels to close, leaving thousands of people unemployed.
And, with no indication of when tourists might return, some say Bali needs to diversify its economy.
Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports from Jakarta, Indonesia.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar dossou marcel says:

    very nice

  2. Avatar Shona Palmer says:

    It wouldn’t be so if the foreigners on the island pay their taxes. So many foreigners in Bali filed for “tourist visa” while in fact they build businesses here, build houses, employ our locals. And yet they wouldn’t admit that they received any form of income from it.

  3. Avatar Prophet Mohammed suck my dick says:

    Hotel Bali

  4. Avatar Sentot Alkacili says:

    local economic growth in Bali minus 9%

  5. Avatar Serenity says:

    Vaccinations in the West are spiking. Immunity among the masses is closely inbound. The tourism sector will probably kickstart quite rapidly after that. Especially if safe travel and vaccine passports becomes a thing post-corona.

  6. Avatar squarewheels says:

    This might not be a bad thing… Bali used to be such a romantic and beautiful place, maybe this will bring back it’s old charm…

    • Avatar Mi Movil says:

      Employment is also important and while it is true that Bali was massified, you can see how bad the slowdown has been for Bali. It really is not easy to transition. Diversification sound goods on paper – until you start looking at the numbers and wonder about what else can put good on the table.

  7. Avatar Diaz Virdani says:

    *Now, unemployment in Indonesia has increased due to the COVID 19 pandemic 😭😭 Finding a job has become increasingly difficult due to restrictions*

    • Avatar Mister Wonderful says:

      Deep State. Everybody is fed up and opening in many USA States (others), no masks or vaccine required. It honestly dues appear that those obeying Deep State will suffer the most. Who’s REALLY taking the vaccines? Who’s REALLY ruining the economies by obeying? Something to think about. 🤔

  8. Avatar God Soldier says:

    May be this is the time to look for alternative. Because tourism industry shouldn’t be the only economy sector.

  9. Avatar Sky Watcher says:

    Do not despair. Pandemics usually last from 2 to 3 years, and that is without vaccine. Things will be ok soon. All will be back to normal except health practices, sanitation and food safety standards will be improved. Be safe, everyone and well wishes

    @meter swift said COVID19 will stay. But past pandemics do not support that. You may read about past pandemics from the time of Justinian, down to the Black Plague, down to the 1918 Spanish flu, down to the SARS and COVID19 (SARSCov2). There are other pandemics within these periods such as the Asian flu and AH1N1. None lasted more than 3 years, even the deadiest ones like the 1918 flu and the bubonic plague/black plague

    • Avatar mefer swift says:

      Meh, depend on the authority.

      The virus it self will stay, i said it will.

      All that happen if the normal flu is upgraded to now covid. More dangerous but still okish.

      If the authority think 1 covid related death is pandemy this will last long time.

    • Avatar Sky Watcher says:

      @mefer swift It will not. Read about past pandemics from the time of Justinian, down to the Black Plague, down to the 1918 Spanish flu, down to the SARS and COVID19 (SARSCov2). There are other pandemics in within these periods such as the Asian flu and AH1N1. None lasted more than 3 years

    • Avatar mefer swift says:

      @Sky Watcher lol, im talking bout the government actions upon pandemic.

      Not the actual viral disease.

      That pandemy kill tons of people percentage wise cuz they are deadly.

      H5N1 have miniscule effect and only matter for bout month on my part of country.

  10. Avatar Garfield says:

    Bali was fine, its only have a hard time like other tourism. Anytime you all come to Bali, she will always ready. 🙏

  11. Avatar Harrow says:

    If you had kept this place like it was you would of never had the problems you face,increases in waste water,rubbish and plastics,and destruction of the environment,the business people from other countries there pay the people such low wages,and also the haves and the have nots do anything to make money but it’s not enough.

  12. Avatar The Stammering Dunce says:

    Somehow, humans have yet to realised that dependence on one economic sector is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Avatar The Stammering Dunce says:


      Except, I am not talking about prejudice here.

  13. Avatar TB Grand Prix Engineering says:

    Last year, I should have gone to Bali for a trip from campus. Bali needs more domestic tourist for now to recover the economy, but since government issued the rules that to visit Bali the tourists have to do PCR swab test and the cost of PCR test as requirement to visit Bali are expensive (arround 1 Million IDR in some private hospital for fast result in 48 hours) So people has no intention to visit Bali.

    • Avatar Top Gun says:

      They worship foreign tourist more

    • Avatar W RD says:

      The swab price is about rp200k

    • Avatar TB Grand Prix Engineering says:

      @W RD what kind of swab test? PCR or Antigen?

    • Avatar W RD says:

      @TB Grand Prix Engineering just ask for the cheapest one and say you are going to Bali max price rp250k . At Bali airport for your return swab it is only rp170k

  14. Avatar KHỈ TRƯỜNG SƠN says:

    don’t worry. the world is beautiful place just look at the sky and talk to yourself this world is my world then sudden the black cloud is coming and the rain start then getting heavy and heavy after 20 mins the sky is sunny again. trust me you feeling good

  15. Avatar N P says:

    Pak Sandy 😍 Calon presiden

  16. Avatar Pig Fucker says:

    im here beacause of jessica. she’s hot!

  17. Avatar cm s says:

    too many aussis anyway

  18. Avatar Yusuf ABDURRAUF says:

    I just arrived in Bali from Java island.. there are few spoiled australians here now, now is our chance!!

  19. Avatar Mohammad Ali says:

    I am from Pakistan I really wanna go to Indonesia for holiday but I don’t know when is going to open for tourists and still waiting 💔

  20. Avatar Dark Knight says:

    As an Indonesian I think Bali deserve this for having Koster as their governor.

    Early last year Bali refused to have lockdown (PSBB) despite several cases where several people coming back from Bali later confirmed covid positive. But Koster kept refusing to increase testing and tracing and instead promoting special custom or gene factor that Balinese are more immune to covid than other races.

    Even Bali became a tourist hot spot in February and March last year for Chinese tourist running away from covid ravaging their countries.

    Bear in mind, Bali did not have covid test in February and half month in March last year. Some Chinese tourist come from Wuhan.

    Even Harvard professor looking at travel data from Wuhan mentioned about the possibility that one or two man infected from covid could already be at Bali at that time.

    Rather than sticking to science based policy, he kept promoting imaginary race and custom superiority without scientific evidence.

    Of course you have low number of covid positive if you did not test people.

    Indonesia once banned from entering other nation due to poor record of testing.

    Yeah, we have some sucks leaders.

  21. Avatar Ahmed Omar says:

    Very sad😢

  22. Avatar LANCE says:

    Tourism won’t come back for another 10 years because even if people get vaccine most countries economy have been crippled so bad they can hardly afford rent in food in add the fact ton of people will not get vaccine for 2 years

    • Avatar Saq de Coq says:

      I haven’t heard such nonsense in a long time.

    • Avatar Rizal R says:

      @Saq de Coq me too 🤪

    • Avatar Светлана Лозовая says:

      Unfortunately it’s true. Ten or not but several years for sure (

  23. Avatar John Lozito says:

    We all miss bali and I’m sure once this covid hiccup is controlled and everyone vaccinated and borders open etc we will all be happy to get back to our second home it’s not just about the holiday etc for me I really enjoy the people there beautiful people the food and there culture my wife and I usually go there twice a year even proposed to my wife there also so bali will always have a place in me heart and can’t wait to get back there bali will survive and will get back on its feet slowly.

  24. Avatar Michael H says:

    I’m in the United States and just got the vaccine, I’m just waiting for Indonesia to open again so I can get married to my Javanese girlfriend. Please open soon!

  25. Avatar J J says:


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