Coronavirus in South Korea: Nationwide cases of infection double

2020 5/19
Coronavirus in South Korea: Nationwide cases of infection double

The South Korean government is urgently sending medical support to its south, where much of those infected can be traced back to a church service.
Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Daegu, which has been declared a “special care zone”.

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  • Shrek Wazowski says:

    My brother lives about an hour away from Seoul. He says that everyone is wearing masks as there has been a problem in his area. He says you shouldnt be worried until there is an outbreak in your area. I hope everyone is okay!

    • nancy says:

      I hope he will be okay, take precautions though, once there is an outbreak then it will be too late.

    • Shrek Wazowski says:

      nancy thank you so much! I completely agree that you should take precautions before an outbreak gets to your area. For then, be prepared, and not worried.

  • avgrim77 says:

    What good is a mask if you don’t wear eye protection????? Is this a joke?

    • Mobile Legends Channel says:

      its not airborn who say corona virus is transfer by a droplet of fluids 2-3meters away from someone coughing or sneezing.

  • BJ700 says:

    WHO should be disbanded and replaced.

  • 혜진권 says:

    Hello. First of all, thank you everybody for being worried about Korea. A few days ago, we had only 30 infected people. So we had assumed that it would end quickly. However, one of cult group named ‘ShinCheonJi’ ruined everything. 31th infected person is a member of it and she got around in the big city ‘Daegu’ she lives without any mask. It is clear that the virus is spreaded out through body fluids like saliva. We don’t know what the cult group members do at their church. BUT after she went to the cult church, infected people have be increased rapidly. Now the infected people are 556. And Some of that members are missing. We don’t know where they are. It is so serious. I would like you not to come here until the end of this situation.

    • 혜진권 says:

      @Staress Sun umm…What goods did you say? If it is daily necessity, Korean can purchase that by “COUPANG” APP which can deliver goods. In the case of masks, it was released that several company providing masks sold most of mask to China. So recently Korean government regulated that they can’t export to other countries and provide masks to public institutions like Pharmacies, post offices and specific banks and make them sell the masks. Also the government send masks to every Daegu citizens.

    • 혜진권 says:

      @renz mendiola If you meant that where did the cult group get virus, it was released recently. They concealed some of the members(maybe 30 people) had visited Woohan for establish their church in China last year. Thank you for being worried about this situation T.T

    • 혜진권 says:

      And now, all of infected people are over 3500 and 53% of them are the members of cult group. The government gained the list of them from the cult group, but they sent wrong lists. The lists include secessionists and a lot of members are omitted from that lists.

      In case of Daegu, it has over 2500 infected people. The government decided to block Daegu. And it made all of Korean Universities postpone the class and give lectures on the Internet.

    • renz mendiola says:

      Oww i see..same here in philippines we have also 3 cases of infected as the news said and 3rd was from wuhan a 60yr old chinese national woman who arrives last january 20..with a positive result after her test but a few weeks later she was already discharged after a several test conducted and got a negative result and already returned to china..i hope this will not last long..

    • 혜진권 says:

      @renz mendiola Thank U for telling us. I would like everything to get better. Cheer up together!

  • jade foshee says:

    wash hands and face when you get home.

  • jade foshee says:

    God be with all of us.

  • sandeep patel says:

    Korea lockdown

    • Analytical Thinking says:

      @sandeep patel Who told you it doesn’t spread in Warmer countries? If so then Iran wouldn’t have imposed travel ban on Chinese people.

    • sandeep patel says:

      @Analytical Thinking which country are you from ?

    • sandeep patel says:

      @Analytical Thinking in march India city’s temperature 45- 48 degree Celsius

    • sandeep patel says:

      @Analytical Thinking examples warmers country Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, loas, Indonesia, Malaysia ,burma, Australia,new Zealand,combodia Pakistan all Africa country virus not spread fast in Singapore also control cases cold countries japan, korea,china itly,iran virus spread fast

    • Analytical Thinking says:

      @sandeep patel U dont get it, virus transmits from human to human…inside the human body it will survive no matter what the surrounding temp is, and that human will spread the virus to another.

  • Lonnie Christopher says:

    ….Cases are popping up in South Korea…!!

  • badhabit says:

    Thanks China!

  • daweller says:

    The wealthy elite will be just fine. They have the money to build the best bunkers, stocked with years of food and water.

  • Rachel Melhado says:

    Death to bat eaters

    • carri says:

      thats china not korea idiot

    • Marty NoBS says:

      it’s a leaked bio-weapon. The bat soup conspiracy theory is a joke.

    • Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс says:

      @carri death to all the infected

    • carri says:

      @Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс I agree with that one friend

  • Afg Tunes says:

    The people in China should STAY in China 🇨🇳 until the virus is COMPLETELY 110% controlled

    • 。。。。。。。 Kenelm says:

      The infected cases now have already no direct link to China.
      This is the community transmission.
      But south korean are not aware of the seriousness of this virus a couple of weeks ago.

    • A a says:

      加油武汉。。。。。。。 haha r u kidding me? People in korea are aware of this situation. We had some problems with lack of mask before. But u know like ur country some people make the situation go bad🙁🙁 u should read this.
      : Hello. First of all, thank you everybody for being worried about Korea. A few days ago, we had only 30 infected people. So we had assumed that it would end quickly. However, one of cult group named ‘ShinCheonJi’ ruined everything. 31th infected person is a member of it and she got around in the big city ‘Daegu’ she lives without any mask. It is clear that the virus is spreaded out through body fluids like saliva. We don’t know what the cult group members do at their church. BUT after she went to the cult church, infected people have be increased rapidly. Now the infected people are 556. And Some of that members are missing. We don’t know where they are. It is so serious. I would like you not to come here until the end of this situation.

    • 东皇太一 says:

      A a 1.5 million South Korean working in China…many flight back to sell and other cities…

    • Afg Tunes says:

      What will the developing countries do if they should get the Coronavirus? Will China help ?

  • Destroyer 17 says:

    At least South Korean Government is transparent and not complacent in the situation they can get through with this with ease. South Korea have a proper medical facilities.

    • Alice in Payne says:

      Wei Yan You talk like an expert, but failed to answer my simple questions.

      Typical communist shill… lol

    • Wei Yan says:

      @Alice in Payne
      In this media age, news came everywhere, including fake ones,lyings. You have to think by yourself, to find the truth.

    • Alice in Payne says:

      Wei Yan I’d love to present you with the evidence, but as I’ve told you before, Nowadays most of my comments are deleted by JewTube. I couldn’t even type the word c o r o n a , c h I n a for fear of my comments getting deleted.

      YouTube is now running by the communist Jew… What a joke!

    • Abraham Arroyo says:

      @Wei Yan Sars doesn’t even have a cure, that explanation does not add up. “The government thought it was sars so they didn’t care.” Also you just started that the government thought it was sars and just brushed it under the rug.

    • Wei Yan says:

      @Abraham Arroyo Yes,you are right.

  • lenz0101 says:

    South Korea did have opportunities to learn from Wuhan, Diamond Princess and Singapore. Nevertheless, Seoul was overconfident, focusing too much on economic issues until …

  • Jesse H says:

    80,000 and spreading fast. Think about all of the colleges where students come and go to China. We are screwed

    • Melinda Smith says:

      Not fast enough if you don’t know anyone who has it

  • Kumar Chawla says:

    No u r wrong just by wearing these simplemask you cannot be safe. You have to take extra precautions

    • Aus1 says:

      @goldassayer93555 & NOT getting atomized spray that lingers in the air. This is much worse than droplet ones.

    • Vin_vin_ Vong says:

      Mask panic buying and the price increasing has been occured in korea😂 Some people have difficulty buying masks

    • Abbie Banda says:

      The virus is confirmed to spread by air, so the masks won’t really do any work at all

    • Kumar Chawla says:

      @Abbie Banda infact it is bad as it gives fake feeling of security

    • RYD says:

      The mask 94s can only help you not infect other people, you can still get infected, you need mask 95 if your very serious about it.

  • Andy Joe says:

    It is the end day of Shincheonji. Many lives are ruined by Shincheonji and it is now destroyed by Coronan viruses. Evils are paid off by evils.

  • HảiHọcHỏi says:

    Hàn Quốc quá chủ quan với dịch bệnh

  • destiny 080716 says:


  • Conth3ory says:


  • destiny 080716 says:


  • Bella Kim says:

    It’s not too much serious. Still, there are people who are doing well in their daily lives in Daegu.


    Pity, they are not aware much covid-19 spread fast. Places effected quarantine again. Whole world is so scared , spread like wild fire.

  • Yusuf says:

    Don’t worry, WHO said just wash your hand, don’t touch your face and act like nothing happen.

  • 김두한 says:

    이것이 바로 문재앙 보유국의 위엄이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 내 반드시 탈조선하고 만다

    • 한su-jin says:

      신천지 때문이지 문 때문 아니라고 봅니다.

    • 한su-jin says:

      신천지 때문이라고 생각합니다

    • 김두한 says:

      @한su-jin 물론 그 신천지들도 이 시국에 집단으로 참석해서 전염을 퍼트리는데 일조를 한건 사실입니다. 하지만 그 신천지들도 한국에 입국한 중국인들과 접촉을 했겠지요. 결국은 중국인 입국을 막지 않은 문정부가 1차적인 책임이 있습니다.

    • 한su-jin says:

      중국인과 접촉했겠지라는 추정은 이미 문재앙이란 표현에서 엿보이는 선입견을 사실로 확정하고 있는것 같습니다. 신천지 우한교민일 수도 있다는게 문 대통령 지지자인 저의 추정이고요.

    • 김두한 says:

      @한su-jin 수진님 의견도 일리가 있습니다. 다만 신천지교도가 국외감염인지 국내감염인지 지금처럼 파악하기 어려워 논쟁이 일어나지 않도록 애초에 외부유입의 가능성을 차단을 해야하는게 국가의 의무 아닐까 싶습니다.

  • nukestrom says:

    The new Wuhan

  • Paul C says:

    As it is Summer time in the southern hemisphere, south America has no infections. Maybe when summertime comes to the northern hemisphere, this virus will be ERASED hopefully.

    • Valicore says:

      Actually, it is spreading quite a bit in other very hot countries like Thailand and Singapore. A more likely explanation is that most South American countries have extremely underdeveloped and fragile medical systems, and have not detected them. In fact, as far as I know no country in South America is currently testing for Covid-19, so of course it hasn’t been detected. It’s likely already spreading in South America.

  • Dani Knox says:

    Doomsday every day this will be a bad luck for everybody the end of the world it’s near I’m winning I am spreading gardeners the rule this world together we will dominate humanity chronicle virus is the weapon do you know destroy you decide to kill you this virus weapon

  • Carlos Chinesta Sevilla says:

    The situation is still manageable, of course it is, now, as happened in Wuhan, at first everything is controllable because there are not so many cases, in a week the government will say the same thing as the Chinese, and it will start to get out of control. How many sick people will be out there without knowing it, as happened in Wuhan. I’m sorry, but this is one of the few times I’m going to be pessimistic in life. Here in Spain, many Japanese have just arrived, some come from infected areas, there is no real control….

    Be aware of what I write, in a few days Spain will be on the news.

    • Eric Chen says:

      Put on mask and wash hands for at least 20 seconds. Stay home more and keep alert of the spreadth. That’s the least what we can do for ourseleves and our families.

  • Maldy ‘ says:

    I was stationed in SK near Daegu last year. I’ve been to Daegu so many times. Now, it’s scary to believe that it’s being put under quarantine. It’s very sad

  • Shin Wii says:

    The lack of cognitive is one of the most dangerous thing there since I saw the first couple wear a cotton based mask.Considering the tiny structure of the virus, it basically can’t protect them from being infected.

    • tjjenn says:

      True,they make no difference.

  • Larry Sherrill says:

    Mabey, just saying probably not, but what if the difference is not about adults and children but about something that adults handle that children do not handle so much… Plastic bags… Everything goes into them and adults carry them. Food is expensive and children seldom carry the bags…
    They drop stuff… and adults know where they want the food to go… and want to make sure that expensive perishables get put away properly…
    If the bags are electrostatically charged the germ/ virus may be attracted to the charge… So plastic bags might collect virus where paper would not… Adults handle the bags and the charge could be transferred to the adult along with the virus. Maybe that is not right but I see supplies being delivered by crews in plastic bags in China and I would think that this was so on the Cruise ship….
    If viruses can be attracted to a electrostatically charged air filter then anything that might have a static charge upon virus might gather virus…Just had to say… people don’t spray or disinfect plastic bags as they have your food and new things in them…

  • Jocelyn Poesnecker says:

    I praise and thank God, The Creator of us all. I asked God humbly that I do not get the described sickness. God Always Hears us and Sees us. Verily God Has Power Over all things. God Is not a human. Jesus is a fellow human. Jesus prayed to God and not to himself! Jesus never claimed to be God, or the son of God. God Promised to Send Jesus (our fellow human) back to earth before God’s Day. God Will Send Jesus back to this earth to teach his fellow humans God’s Message for us, again, and not for anyone to worship Jesus. Then God Will Make Jesus die. After humans die, God Promised to Grant us a new life. I love God.

    • Pedro Cabs says:

      I admire your faith , but i suggest you read the bible to get better understanding of Jesus , John 1:1 really helped me understand

    • Jocelyn Poesnecker says:

      Pedro Cabs. I praise and thank God, The Creator of us all. Pedro, I am a 58 year old grandmother living on the USA. My parents had that book in the house, not the Quran. I studied that book a lot. I am sure that book has errors crafted by fellow humans long ago. The one called “king James” is not God at all, and he never will be God. I love God; do you?

    • Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс says:

      @Jocelyn Poesnecker the bible has many flaws quran has none go research before you speak blind follower

    • Pedro Cabs says:

      ​@Jocelyn Poesnecker

      Hello Jocelyn , hope your well and thankyou for sharing your wisdom. I agree the Kings James Bible or any bible translated for that matter has its flaws. From my understanding , translating the Old Testament from Hebrew / Aramaic and the New Testament from the ancient Greek language does have its grammatical misinterpretations plus human error. As for “King James” i agree that he is not God or ever will be.

      Yes I do love God, and believe God is One God in three separate divine beings . Jesus the son of God – Savior ( 1 John 5:20) , God the father – Almighty God (1 Corinthians 8:6) and the teacher – Holy spirit (John 14:26). The three according to (1 John 5:7 ) , are one.

      I found it VERY hard to understand this and refused to believe it because of the bible being man made
      But opening my heart and seeking help from the Holy spirit through Jesus according to (John 14:26 -But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you) has helped me understand this.

      That is why in my first comment i mentioned John 1:1 ( In the beginning was the Word (Jesus) , and the Word was with God ( Almighty Father God) , and the Word was God. (Confirming that Jesus Is also God)

      This scripture helped me along with John 1:1-14 understand that Jesus and Father God have always been and will always will be.

      As for your first comment on “God Will Send Jesus back to this earth to teach his fellow humans God’s Message for us, again, and not for anyone to worship Jesus. ” can you help me understand?

      And another comment “Jesus never claimed to be God, or the son of God can you also help me understand?

      I ask this because i am also reading the Holy Quran , I was told to read the An-nisa on what happened to Isa.

  • 엘리엇사랑한다 says:

    개망신이네 진짜 ㅅㅂ

  • Paul Marsh says:

    Now there’s a thing (FLU SHOT). Toxic effects include damage to the brain kidneys and lungs acute exposure to mercury vapour has been shown to result in in central nervous system effects include psychotic reactions characterised by delirium hallucinations and suicidal tendency?

    • Marty NoBS says:

      once the deaths end from covid-19, there will be military force used to enforce vaccination – hello Brave New World

    • Melinda Smith says:

      Who do you know that died from a vaccine

  • Kay Lou says:

    1:25 – The govt said the situation is still manageable.
    OK let me take off my mask then………YEAH right!

    • John D says:

      They didn’t say take off the mask, they’re saying keep it on, and rub your hands with 91% rubbing alcohol as often as you can without passing out. That’s the only way to manage it. Sounds scary when if one thinks it through.

    • Mahesh Pun says:

      They were telling the truth. They were making the right decisions quickly.

  • Miracles Happen says:

    Everyone wearing masks, no one wearing eye protection. Sigh.

    • Adri H says:

      Can you explain me why eye protection?

  • Dark Records says:

    It’s funny how teachers thought I looked weird wearing a face mask but look who’s laughing now.

    • A a says:

      Dark Records u r winner 👑

  • 헤헿 says:

    The fuxking Moon president didn’t listen, he just excepted chinese untill the problem happened. There’s over 500 people infecked and he’s saying they’re managing it. Wtf!!!!

  • Abraham Tsfaye says:

    They eat dogs, cats and bats. What do you expect.

    • tjjenn says:

      And live mice…

    • la late says:

      They don’t moron

    • - mungmung says:

      Koreans don’t eat bats..

  • 한su-jin says:

    I live in daegu sk. Today I walked along kumho riverside with my colleague. Sunshine was good. many citizen walked and rided bicycle wearing masks. Even though many kind of meetings were canceled. We are worry about cult reliegen shinchenjee. And we will overcome this virus

  • Murderpuss says:

    We should’ve nuke China. I doubt the virus can survive an atomic explosion.

    • elfuckingmorenazo says:

      Murderpuss you’re a POS

  • Fiona Liu says:

    Don’t touch your eyes or mouth with your unwashed hands, which will access the virus to your body through these mucosal tissue,even if you wear a mask. Be careful and keep healthy.🙏

  • Zhu J.Y. says:

    The Chinese government is anxious, and the people are anxious.
    The Korean government is in a hurry, but the people are not in a hurry.
    The Japanese government is not in a hurry, but the people are in a hurry.

  • NBaimf says:

    W.H.O. Is just one piece of failed global government.
    Humanity must reject global government.

  • neil nelson says:

    Coronavirus have shown that urbanization which concentrates the population in one place can be very dangerous.

  • Bobby Rare says:


  • mami 9638 KIAMAT mendekat says:

    WHO don’t lie, saying the epidemic has gone down, the reality is spreading more in various countries

  • 딸딸이 says:


  • Marty NoBS says:

    If this virus started in animals, where are all the animals in an epidemic situation ? Such BS conspiracy theories…it’s obviously a leaked bio-weapon

  • Diego Kiwi says:

    I use anti-bacterial hand gel. It smells.

    • Melinda Smith says:

      So does soap

    • Diego Kiwi says:

      @Melinda Smith true

    • Diego Kiwi says:

      @Melinda Smith it just smells bad

  • Christopher O'Brien says:

    Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) – there are numerous reports from independent sources that the second infection with any serotype of this corona virus has a very high death rate owing to ADE (like a second infection of Dengue Fever) ……. close borders, close schools, essential professions only go out, disinfect surfaces and start testing everyone.  A virus like this will kill hundreds of millions and ruin countries…….The Chinese Communist Party is lying to us!

  • JRT 4JUSTICE says:

    I would declare martial law in the area and quarantine the entire church membership!

  • Stephan Gildenhuys says:

    I thought so. Highly contagious virus. What other outcome did we expected. It will hit Africa with a bang…… when the other countries will be in a diedly battle themselves for survival, and would not be able to help the helpless…… it is coming.

  • Adam Valdes bal is back says:

    Thanks for the video I’ve one question do you know how many cases are in South Korea right now as of February 23rd? Please reply

    • Vin_vin_ Vong says:

      763 cases and 7 dies. 18 recover. (. Feb24th)

    • 그루트 says:

      hi i’m koran
      almost 5000cases and 33dies

  • Panzer Blitz says:

    Never mind the people. Has South Korea stopped torturing and killing dogs? That’s priority.

    • Mo Tro says:

      Well for that matter, let me clarify mainstream korean people will not allow tourturing dogs. But there are people who have dogs for food.

    • Panzer Blitz says:

      @Mo Tro The government could stop them in one day but South Korea’s government gets kickbacks from criminal behavior so they’ve done nothing.

    • Mo Tro says:

      @Panzer Blitz not really

    • Panzer Blitz says:

      @Mo Tro Then why haven’t they stopped it. They have the police and the military who should put a bullet in the heads of the sellers and customers of that crime. Because SK government is corrupt.

    • Ghoto Zhimolomi says:

      It is good that Israel have research corona virus vaccine now they will be saved .I give thanks to Israel.

  • tweety1983 cabz says:

    Hope this virus will vanished….Pray for the whole world!

  • florence masule says:


  • Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс says:


  • james H says:

    Occurrence: Wuhan, China
    Diffusion: Moon Jae-in
    Koreans call it ‘Moon Jae-in Corona’.Like a Chinese subordinate, he is still spreading the coronavirus to Korea without blocking Chinese entry.He is a disaster in Korea.

    • Vin_vin_ Vong says:

      james H 7600,000 people signed the naional competition “plz ban the entry of Chinese” but it has been ignored. Well, actually Korea have less national power.. what a terrible situation.😭

  • Carpathian Hermit says:

    Lol that cult had a church in wuhan

  • Chris Van Bekkum says:

    The testing process appears flawed and in conclusive as people appear to get re infected or the same infection re surfaces after they have been declared ” cured” .

  • ᛇ Odin ᛦᚵᛑᚱᛆᛋᛁᛚ Ström ᛚ says:

    Korea is toast. 28 days later people are going to be bring out their dead and chucking them into wheelbarrows.

    • Mo Tro says:

      Well not yet. Cause most of them are related with this church thingy

  • Mama Bear says:

    Death percentage seems higher outside China.? Why?

  • tooltalk says:

    DaeGu: home of cults and right-wingers in South Korea!

  • Mr. Congeniality says:

    uh oh stinky

  • jampak mu says:

    When a government says the virus outbreak is still manageable, i find it hard to believe them now. Right now, best thing to do is educate yourself about the virus and try to be as healthy as you can. Avoid anything, anyone with an obvious link to the virus. And do yourself and country a favor by not travelling anywhere abroad…

  • Han Han says:


    • Khan Ali says:

      Korea is very small country. Nobody cares.

    • balen cia says:

      pakistani pakistan is worst country

  • Afg Tunes says:

    Will China 🇨🇳 help if the poor countries get it ? People of should China 🇨🇳 should stay in their country until the coronavirus is completely controlled

  • ThePrezred says:

    They also have to protect the eyes

  • Imlone says:

    Korea – plastic surgery
    Coronavirus – cover you face.

    • Alexei says:

      Not all koreans do plastic surgery u know it’s just that they have better and safer places to get em.

    • Khan Ali says:

      @Alexei woman 86% man 62% plastic surgery heaven .

    • J J says:

      pakistani wrong information lmao

  • Serena Poketeen says:

    If people are so worry why dont buy a tactical assault mask. Commonly used For terrorism. This virus only kills old people and Poors. Only people who can’t pay medicines die.

  • - mungmung says:

    This is so outdated.. Korean don’t even have enough masks to protect themselves anylongers.
    Even little kids getting infected (the youngest , 16months baby..)

    Even its airborne disease, some people are not aware of this situation since the Government keep saying its manageable.
    Korean still ask to go to work using public transpiration and some boss ask you take off your mask caz you ONLY freaks out other coworkers.
    IT’S NOT Manageable AT ALL.

  • Reynaldo De Guzman says:

    Is the PH safe?….very hard to believe when more than half of the passengers flying with the infected persons are not traceable until now?

  • Souls Happy says:

    They KNEW that there could be a potential outbreak
    They KNEW that people wanted the borders closed (seven hundred thousand signed up for border closing)
    They still kept it open!

  • tony woo says:

    Sg gov said no need wear mask.

  • are you how says:

    The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention screens up to 9,000 people a day. Korean government is making tremendous efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

  • bright light says:

    those are some premium masks

  • Moon Bin says:

    As a Korean perspective China gov has uploaded wrong informations ab died and infections. this virus spreads faster than u think. Now almost 900 people confirmed and 9 died waiting the virus result over 10000 people ..

  • Believing Truth Measured and Weighed says:

    Stop eating everything that moves, and mistreating Gods creation. You can’t treat HaShem‘a creation the way it’s treated in places and expect anything less when all creation cries out to HaShem for vengeance.

  • afnan geographical sciencesciencey says:

    chaina can not handle it or they r still busy in spreading it with israel,usa

  • Matty Ghost says:


  • erick meyer says:

    Those cult want to bring apocalypse to korean soil. Previously ‘grace road’ church were imprisoning their members in fiji to ‘avoid’ apocalypse. Those nuts wanted to make ‘apocalypse’ really happen in korea. They don’t care about others.

  • Strong Man says:

    Bet me this virus will kill out China’s elite, watch!!

  • Michael Langley says:

    good good. i need the virus to spread more! this is for all the wild animals killed by filthy humans. MuahAHh! revenge of the pangolin.

  • hxxam says:

    Idk why my country are free from corona are corona don’t infected tropical countries

  • Almighty says:

    South Korea now the biggest cluster of Corona virus outside China with 893 cases.

    “Pakistan luckily has none, as they are either circumcised or wear Hijab / niqab. These both help against virus.”

    ~ Imran Khan

  • 박카스 says:


  • Gamology says:

    A gift from Allah enjoy it,those who oppose islam they will face this kind of problems

    • ken mzyto says:

      so Iran has no confirmed cases based on your theory?…interesting….

    • Gamology says:

      @ken mzyto iran is shia country no one cares about it

  • 이건아니지 says:

    조때따 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • buyweed Australia says:

    this is really wonderful. this virus is killing us softly

  • Fitzgerald Yoo says:

    Oh my god virus just came to city where I live and it’s very close….my neighbor’s neighbor’s neighboer…

  • Jennifer Lee says:

    신천지 ㄱ극혐

  • endgame says:

    Tip from hong kong: pour water down your toilet drainage daily! This is from past experience of SARS. A whole resident building was infected because of accumulation in the U-shaped tubes of toilet drainage, causing the virus to spread to the whole building. (Yes the virus can be transmitted through excretory products)

  • 面条变宽粉 says:

    This virus spreads very quickly! !! Try to stay at home, do disinfection, go out and wear a mask to protect yourself from being infected, that is to protect your family and those around you, and pray for your peace

  • cw 43 says:


  • Rainbow Leaf says:

    My best friend is sky and she’s leaving there and she’s big

  • Kwangmin Lee says:

    Thanks so much, Rob, for covering S. Korea relative to the spread of COVID-19. I was just hoping to make it clear that the church lurking in the background of this chaos is not a church of normal kind, but is widely considered a cult in the country, called sin cheon ji. They are infamous for adopting a notoriously shady way of missioning people, such as hiding identity and religious intents to keep people unsuspecting, and for heavily monitoring and policing one another so that no one drops out from the cult. Gathering hundreds and thousands of people in a big hall and have them sit on the floor, their services are reasonably presumed to be the conduit through which the virus spread at such an alarming rate.

  • Corona Virus says: