What’s the secret behind Iraq’s large gold exports?

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Gold has become one of Iraq’s top exports despite there being no gold deposits.
Last year, it exported nearly $8bn worth of gold to Turkey alone.
So what is the secret?
Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid reports from Baghdad.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Techno Krat says:

    Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and UAE Bahrain Egypt Saudi Arabia support it ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    • Avatar Adam Aryan says:

      @Saima Riaz please look at his profile.. he is just troll..a bot

    • Avatar Familyacount TV says:

      @Saima Riaz Are you seriously that evil?

    • Avatar Familyacount TV says:

      Troll alert

    • Avatar Saima Riaz says:

      @Familyacount TV yes written in Bible new testament book of revelation

    • Avatar Familyacount TV says:

      @Saima Riaz Show me where?

  2. Avatar Utkarsh Raj says:

    Hello iraqis

  3. Avatar Chu Star says:

    Gold is gold… they are just trying to get over on people who cant afford top notch machinery.

    • Avatar Vikman Photography says:

      Gold purity is pretty important for electronics applications, often times requiring 99.999%. For jewelry though, gold purity isn’t particularly important with impurities often being added intentionally to add strength.

    • Avatar Mohammed Alsawaydi says:

      What do you mean

  4. Avatar Caring Sharing says:

    Invest in weapons manufacturers since wars will not stop and u get guaranteed returns too 💰😁

    • Avatar Utkarsh Raj says:


    • Avatar Political Flashback. says:

      True with Biden Administration in US , We can expect more wars

  5. Avatar Chu Star says:

    Keep your gold people.

    • Avatar Ha Real says:

      Most of its already taken

  6. Avatar Akbar Kamall says:

    Keep your gold and make it a means of transaction! Its the best currency in the world!

    • Avatar Raghuरघु Rokdaरोकड़ा says:

      Mohammad had a Boyfriend 😉

    • Avatar Aditya Chauhan says:

      @Aedin Ridmash but he is muslim by religion, doing this activity is not done in 100000 years of Indian history,so why indians will do this now,as prominent hindu law is going to made

    • Avatar Hooby says:

      @Mister Gorgeous Bro are you actually kidding me, do understand how life work back in the 6th century.

    • Avatar Flak 88 says:

      @Aditya Chauhan
      Are you seriously that naive?

    • Avatar Aditya Chauhan says:

      @Flak 88 this type of system might be allowed in islam but not in Hinduism,ohk…..
      He might be Indian,i can agree but muslim🤗

  7. Avatar Leon Campa says:

    Gold is rare, and many collect it as store of value.
    What they don’t know, is that 80% of it is kept in Bullion banks, which then go on to sell the same gold to multiple entities without physically shipping it.

    Essentially, over 95% of gold in existence is in the form of IOU’s. only 5% actually exists. This keeps the price of gold from rising, and essentially transforms it into a form of fiat, on par with many other currencies.

    Since so many currencies are pegged to the gold standard, governments are motivated to keep the prices of gold low by continuously printing IOU certificates.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      Because@Leon Campa, the price of gold is relatively stable. Their currency is not. They have physical access to the gold in question, it isn’t a trade note.

      Trading in something with relatively stable value is normal when hyperinflation hits your currency.

      You are failing to understand what is going on in the video.

    • Avatar Nameberry says:

      @TJ Marx You’re missing the point. It wasn’t irrelevant.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Nameberry It in fact is irrelevant to this video

    • Avatar Nameberry says:

      @TJ Marx Repeat yourself all you want, it doesn’t make it true.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Nameberry Repeating it doesn’t make it true. The fact that it’s true does.

  8. Avatar chris smith says:

    An I wonder where they got the gold,stolen from the during the war!!!

  9. Avatar anil yadav says:

    I am chain machine technician for Italian machine

  10. Avatar Royal Bengal Tiger says:

    Old is Gold.

    • Avatar Sánchez Boy says:

      Because the old Saddam Hussein era was gold 😭😭😭

    • Avatar Dom the best says:

      @Sánchez Boy nope
      Before saddam was the best

  11. Avatar Yassine Younous says:

    i love how no one in iraq knows who’s responsible for exporting and managing such an essential resource

    • Avatar F C says:

      Is it really essential though? The price has risen and fallen for centuries. It is just demand.

    • Avatar Buster Beagle says:

      They they ship in to begin with

    • Avatar :إبن ibn-Henry, عبدالله هنري Ab-Abdurrahman says:

      It’s not the country’s own Gold production, its not like from own gold mines Iraq both import and then export Gold again,

    • Avatar Mariadasgracas dos santos says:

      Não tem em português

    • Avatar GreenJumper TV says:

      I think it’s Iran

  12. Avatar channel says:

    Americans will pay

  13. Avatar Mogulis Valar says:

    lol. everyone in this world has an endless list of demands, but no body wants to work for it! what a runny shity world

  14. Avatar internet mail says:

    There are no pockets in a shroud.

    • Avatar KRAIG FIERCE says:


  15. Avatar internet mail says:

    Gold fever kills the soul.

  16. Avatar Odoz. B says:

    And they are poor….
    So sad for your president

  17. Avatar ibne arabi says:

    Secret ? Yes three word secret U S A .

  18. Avatar rabbi fried says:

    U definitely don’t want to get caught snuggling in Iraq

  19. Avatar Burp Robrox says:

    Sad to see so many of the once secular county, now forcing women to cover their hair.

    • Avatar 7 years and says:

      Apparently Women is also the previous commodity after gold

    • Avatar Troopz says:

      So sad to see so many secular countries forcibly stopping women from covering themselves by choice.

    • Avatar Khader Alrifaee says:

      is that what you got from the report ?
      not that the secular countries you brag so much about destroyed these people lives by invading their country?

    • Avatar Adam Aryan says:

      How about forcing women to compete with Men in sports..

  20. Avatar Parth Sharma says:

    Fall of iraq = Fall of Saddam!

  21. Avatar Bonés Top says:

    I Like Gold! Who here Like and Want 1kg of GOLD, comment here

  22. Avatar Bonés Top says:

    Gold is Money, Money is Gold

  23. Avatar Trek Poiler says:

    Iraq has a bright future wish them good luck, I hope we will have good relations to our neighbour’s in a human way not political, Iraq and Iran are our most important neighbour’s.

  24. Avatar Givemeabreak 99 says:

    U.S. stole tonnes of gold from Iraq since 2003.

    • Avatar Shamsul Ahsan says:

      Price of ousting Saddam Hossain.

  25. Avatar King Jerry Coleman IV says:

    Hey Iraq how’s the democracy y’all wanted so bad going on for your ?

    • Avatar Shamsul Ahsan says:


    • Avatar Hooby says:

      We didn’t want it but we got it, it sucks, capitalism is a scam. It was going good until America barged in taking our oil and stealing our gold and resources. heck you Destroyed our culture

    • Avatar John Covington says:

      They’ll never take accountability for their own actions, they’ll just keep blaming the Us for the help they asked for. And they wonder why we don’t just swoop in and save the day in Myanmar. The world is entirely ungrateful to US efforts.

    • Avatar Hooby says:

      @John Covington We were cool until y’all blamed us for some thing we didn’t do

  26. Avatar அவானி உயர்ந்தது says:

    What did happen Iraqi gold secured in the Saddam’s Palace ? I still remember the picture of USA soldiers posing in front of pile of gold bars.

    • Avatar அவானி உயர்ந்தது says:

      @BF3 and 4 HighLights let me guess you were in charge of transportation 😁

    • Avatar Aritra Das says:

      @அவானி உயர்ந்தது let me guess you are in charge … Beep beep 🤣🤣🤣

    • Avatar Asjad Azeez says:

      It was looted by America

    • Avatar muhammad ali clay says:

      they stole it.what else

    • Avatar Afnan art says:

      Why r you caring about this???? Iraq is a muslim country….india loves usa and israel….

  27. Avatar Ted Phillips says:

    When I was a boy and the Shah, a CIA puppet, was in charge, I met many Iranian students in college and they were the kind of people I would want as neighbors and friends. That our CIA would promote democracy only if Iranians would vote for who the US oil interests wanted in power disgusts me beyond all belief. Yet, in that small window of time, when I consider the question of what happened to the Iraqi gold and the Libyan gold, I can only conclude these “wars” were about who has the gold to have a currency system independent of the reserve system. I wish we could be friends again, but the treason being commuted in the USA by China’s “useful idiots” is a major problem. Never let your gold exports be such you can’t have a gold standard.

  28. Avatar Ryan Siam says:

    turkey is a thief country. Stealing From Iraq and syria

    • Avatar Shamsul Ahsan says:

      Iraq and Syria dumb enough just to let someone steal their own property?

  29. Avatar skelenk behl says:

    Iraq large GOLD exports?amazing……gold from the river?no one know.

  30. Avatar Free Thinker says:

    Sell before Biden comes to take the rest that bush and Obama left behind

  31. Avatar Eric Smith says:

    Lets invade and steal it

  32. Avatar Work Plus says:

    Iraq is the shiz from new schools to a electric grid that serves the need and desire of the population . Totally great by the malik he do everything on time everyone agrees the total malik

  33. Avatar Primary says:

    Indians be like – We got competition.

  34. Avatar The Professor says:

    And then democracy came in iraq and business flourish and reach new heights

    • Avatar Familyacount TV says:

      Is that supose to be ironic?

    • Avatar Noah Grüner says:

      Sure the business of arms trade by US companies.

  35. Avatar Matthew McDonald says:

    Akmeds pork taco’s is open in Tehran

  36. Avatar Napoleon Rabbit says:

    Thank you for visiting dozens of government offices…

  37. Avatar SMM Productions says:

    Well said 0:41-0:47

  38. Avatar Serenity says:

    The last type of commodity that you’d associate Iraq with.

  39. Avatar Mariadasgracas dos santos says:

    Não tem hem português!

  40. Avatar Always Question Things says:

    Cia !

  41. Avatar Always Question Things says:

    Isn’t it strange all the rich nations with oil and gold diamonds are not developed except the gulf states ,saudi trumperia

  42. Avatar Sanusi Fasilat says:

    I can see the beauty of those golds as I am watching the video.

  43. Avatar Ndimi Maskati says:

    You support the Occupation force come to destroy your country, the occupation force must withdraaw from IRAQ, Iraqees must learn a lesson.

    • Avatar Khadim Afghan says:

      They should learn from. Taliban.
      To free their country

  44. Avatar western wumao says:

    Oh let me guess ? Corruption, economic mismanagement, High debt to china… makes gold one of the only real valuable currency for international trade.

  45. Avatar Arun Kumar says:

    Gold unite humans. It must be called as God metal.

  46. Avatar Asjad Azeez says:

    American and European hegemony started

  47. Avatar unter mench says:

    Gold cannot be printed or conjured-up from thin air like a fiat currency.

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