Bernie Madoff Dead In Prison At 82: Looking Back At His Ponzi Scheme Impact | NBC News

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CNBC’s Scott Cohn reports on the life of Bernie Madoff, the Wall Street con artist who masterminded the largest Ponzi scheme in history and bilked thousands of investors out of billions of dollars. Madoff died at the age of 82 in federal prison in Butner, North Carolina.
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Bernie Madoff Dead In Prison At 82: Looking Back At His Ponzi Scheme Impact | NBC News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Ryan Ong says:

    There WERE proper investigations, the investigators were simply ignored. The fact is, the authorities didn’t want to go to the expense of forensic accounting, paying lawyers, etc.

    That’s all it was – pencil pushers worrying about their budgets and performance indicators.

  2. Avatar A J says:

    So he got covid?

  3. Avatar KINGPICCOLO716 says:

    Its safe to say he Madoff pretty well in life regardless of going to jail

  4. Avatar The Mentalist Zz says:

    Family running the business didn’t know “not even a single trade was made on Wall Street,”

  5. Avatar jesus ramone says:

    Conservatives and capitlists are a bunch of corrupt , pedophiles , rapists and liars.

  6. Avatar Stormy Jack says:

    what a bloke….lol

  7. Avatar Sung Shin says:

    SEC is an incompetent agency. They’re in lost when it comes to a financial crime. People who work in SEC are unqualified and Madoff knew about it so he cheated it.

  8. Avatar Alfred Christanto says:

    That photographer pushing Bernie is savage.

  9. Avatar Christophe KLINGER says:

    Well he didn’t get suicided like EPSTEIN, he had no link to the security state (FBI, NSA, CIA, MOSSAD…)

  10. Avatar Secret Lee says:


  11. Avatar Molli Wilson says:

    He had not made a trade in over 20 years at the time of his arrest..

  12. Avatar Molli Wilson says:

    The no- lips family…

  13. Avatar Karl Marx says:

    Why no one ask where is the stolen money…?

  14. Avatar Jihan Putros says:

    On the hill

  15. Avatar hello520111 says:

    He was a hero

  16. Avatar Susan Arsoniadou says:

    Greed is wrong but this case was about more than greed. It was about destruction. It was a real Midas case…Both sons are gone

  17. Avatar emsie76 says:

    God doesn’t pay debts with money.

  18. Avatar Dean Smiley says:

    RIP legend

  19. Avatar Lyn Beck says:

    Chairman of nasdaq
    ran his Ponzi scheme

  20. Avatar Candy Franklin Queen RahShaAllah Born Of Allah says:

    I pray his soul finds peace.

  21. Avatar millzi matt says:

    If Mark knew, he wouldn’t of committed suicide when the news broke. They actually were the ones to report Bernie and never spoke to him again. The real victim here is Ruth, she knew absolutely nothing about what went on on Wall Street and her life changed, her sons died and her husband lied to her her entire life. Ruth isn’t a mastermind, if she was her time would be spent in the office with Bernie, she had no securities license, She didn’t even understand the concept of a “Ponzi scheme”.

  22. Avatar BK Paul says:

    He certainly Madoff with a lot of people’s hard earned money.

  23. Avatar Jacob loves tobacco says:

    1:16 whoa wtf! Why did the camera guy push him?😂😂😂

  24. Avatar strake750 says:

    A brilliant Mind nevertheless I there’s no way he was acting alone,
    Some of the biggest names on Wall St were moving huge sums of cash out of his company In the months and weeks before it collapsed

  25. Avatar Ojnami S. says:

    @John 14:6 King James Version
    6. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me..

  26. Avatar Jimmy Fisher says:

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes 😕

  27. Avatar Zolar Czakl says:

    Begs the question, if you’re a kingpin of any given criminal activity – be that drug lord or financial scamming wizard – and for a while in your life you’re living like a king, but eventually get caught and end up in prison, and in Madoff’s case dying in prison, was the short time you were a king worth it?

  28. Avatar Jesus Baltazar says:

    My idol

  29. Avatar John Johnson says:

    He was not a capitalist, he was a criminal, and just as there is a difference between a murderer and a socialist that simply wishes to be a dictator, until that time comes, there is a difference.

  30. Avatar don lemon says:

    anonymous sources CNN / newyork time admitted had working with El Jardinero also linked with leads in the US to transport drugs from Mexico to California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Washington andVirginia. These are all states in the US where CJNG has drug distribution networks.

  31. Avatar Douglas Carson says:

    He owes me 10 bucks

  32. Avatar Marcus Bates says:

    RIP Bernie. You did more to fix wealth inequality than any government ever could.

  33. Avatar Steve Alameko says:

    Israel mourns yet another true patriot

  34. Avatar Donny Kiles says:

    If he had stolen from minorities he would have easily gotten away. He stole from well connected wealthy white people. One reason he got locked up.

  35. Avatar A Hines says:

    Investment banking is a ponzi.

  36. Avatar Cesar Myers says:

    I never knew why white folks blindly give money to their banks.. Like here ill hold your money “HuH ThE NiCe MaN sAId hE HoLd Mi mONEy” ididots

  37. Avatar Lipsha Morrissey says:

    Greed and bigotry is gonna destroy this nation.

  38. Avatar Frederick Wells says:

    One less “THIEVING @$$ SMALL 🎩” that the world can do without!!!

  39. Avatar Buzz B says:

    Kind of resembles Dr Fauci. Fauci is 80, Madoff was 82. All these 80 somethings are long in the tooth thank goodness. Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Biden nearly. Good things come to those who wait. Hope the damage they do in the meantime is something our country can withstand.

  40. Avatar Richard Gos says:

    They recovered 75% of the money

  41. Avatar flowersandcandy flowersandcandy says:

    Some people were paid by Bernie, everyone didn’t lose their money to that man.

  42. Avatar Parker Hilton says:

    There’s not that much difference between Bernie Madoff’s company, and an insurance company. Isn’t an insurance company pretty much a ponzie scheme?

  43. Avatar Don Fleming says:

    ✌🏿See Ya

  44. Avatar 70s Girl says:

    Oh well…

  45. Avatar Seng Dongma says:

    Take him back….let him sit more few hundred years in prison….i wish he go through all the suffering he created, one by one, every single family drama…live it by himself fully.. .”take your time”….to taste the fruits of his “genius

  46. Avatar Ver Coda says:

    Good riddance. Anyone running such schemes, targeting vulnerable people – often Mom and Pop savers – is evil.

  47. Avatar Flex Dame says:

    Man his sons knew they was a family of gangsters they should’ve just kept it gangsta it happened why guilt trip y’all selves into oblivion, y’all would’ve had Netflix specials by now

  48. Avatar euphoric gemini says:

    I’m incredibly happy to hear of this news. He’a a tool that wanted others life earnings all to himself

  49. Avatar Michael Demarco says:

    All the lives he destroyed I despise greedy people

  50. Avatar Jim Martin says:

    Several thousand people all saying GOOD! at the same time.

  51. Avatar Anthony Golden says:

    Looks and sounds like an overweight dr. Fauci LOL dr. Fauci doing the same kind of shady s***

  52. Avatar ANGRY? Yep! says:

    C ya

  53. Avatar george mansfield says:


  54. Avatar Steven Danlofe says:

    50 billions dollars of old money 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Avatar blutao says:

    I have bad news for you. Don’t be so quick to say ‘ he deserved it’. Everything from government, large corporations, pharma companies,.world economic systems, your employers CEO, wall street, Tesla,.bitcoin, nfl,.sports where a guy makes 50 million bouncing a ball to the people running it, are Ponzi schemas.

  56. Avatar Christine Clemens says:

    Sad how he destroyed people and the taxpayers had to take care of him until he died

  57. Avatar Louie D'angelo says:

    Money the root of all evil. The man probably had millions and living a good life and had no need to do what he did.

  58. Avatar FAT BLUNT says:

    Be rich in the soil, not with paper.

  59. Avatar Reservoir Robert says:

    Bye Felicia

  60. Avatar Mike Callies says:

    Maddoff 50 billion ……Govt 500 trillion….And the whole Damm world is too blind to see it . Satan pawns Have Power

  61. Avatar howard matts says:

    Can we now have a moment of silence at NBC… give us time to figure out how to smear Trump with him someway…..cant wait for project veritas to show your motives like they did cnn…fake news t.v show.

  62. Avatar Emanuel Collado says:

    The dollar taken off the gold standard in 1971 is the biggest ponzi scheme.

  63. Avatar D.B. Cooper says:

    This is capitalism, this is what it teaches you, don’t be discusted or shocked, I’d swap lives with him in an heartbeat. Today capitalism means scam your fellow man.

  64. Avatar Kim Tachi says:

    Stop crying you poor baby gets some balls you damm rat and snitch

  65. Avatar Manuel Panaguiton says:

    He was the fall guy, he was doing what the other bankers were doing.

  66. Avatar Quantum Thinker says:

    “why are you looking at me when the fed runs the biggest Ponzi scheme ever?!?” 🤔🤔😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

  67. Avatar Deester Unglofed says:


  68. Avatar adam edwards says:

    King scammer, never invested one dime.😂

  69. Avatar Pierre Daher says:

    Wall Street is a casino and in a casino, losses are attributes to the gambler and not to the dealer!

  70. Avatar Stranger In the Alps says:

    Good night, sweet prince.

    Gone too soon.

  71. Avatar Joshua Proud says:


  72. Avatar Vincent E Stone says:

    Ponzi scheme or no, If MADOFF would have turned that $50B into $100B, NO ONE would’ve said not one word. He(nor anybody) didn’t expected that Market to crash.

  73. Avatar We Need Jesus says:

    … its crazy that his name is Bernie Madoff and he made off with 50 Billion… Its almost fate

  74. Avatar Tanya B says:

    Sooo, did they give anything back? If not what’s the point

  75. Avatar Lucinda Chavez says:

    It’s abominable what he put his family through. What a selfish, greedy man.

  76. Avatar Maria Quintino says:

    Bye bye !!👋 👋

  77. Avatar John Davis says:

    Trump out scammed Bernie

  78. Avatar David D says:

    How do you go through billions of dollars with such little to show for it?

  79. Avatar Anthony Roberts says:

    Bernie made off with your money!@! Get it??

  80. Avatar Jameson says:

    Now maybe his family can move on.

  81. Avatar Ishmael C says:

    Madoff sucide? Obvious murder

  82. Avatar Shohreh pourmand says:

    Well well, good riddance Bernie . I hope Trump and minions follow. I hope more for the Ayatollahs and their families to follow, because they too are ripping the people of Iran off.

  83. Avatar Lisa K says:

    Who cares that he died..

  84. Avatar charlie ramz says:

    This POS and his scam cost my Mom over $220K in retirement 401K money. She was 3 months from retirement when this news hit, so she lost everything.

  85. Avatar U U says:

    Capitalism is full of deceits

  86. Avatar Jay Walker says:

    Imagine being that rich and living that large and ending up in a prison, talk about a lifestyle change.

  87. Avatar HmongGuitarPlayer says:

    The fools and his money will soon part.

  88. Avatar Lala Isis says:

    Bye Felisha! 💃

  89. Avatar Mac 101 says:

    Oh my days! How shocking is this?

  90. Avatar K says:

    Ha, ha, ha!! Cheerio! Cheerio! Very good, Master Madoff!! Very good!!

  91. Avatar Babes Doce says:

    A very good actor. He deserve an academy award!

  92. Avatar Maryanne Melenka says:

    I know sounds strange,and I sympathize with victims, but I feel sorry for this man, he was like a gambler who got carried away in to deep to get out. One son committed suicide. Other died of cancer, I don’t believe his wife knew something like that these guys won’t tell wives. I think too he was protecting son in part the one who committed suicidal Of course what he did was wrong, like so many other wall street crooks and some still haven’t been caught. This was a tragedy on both sides. But too people have to be wary when they invest.,it is always a risk anyway, but corruption lurks around the corner. In some ways this all stems from greed on both sides.

  93. Avatar Mara Plantrees says:

    Looking forward to the headlines that say, ‘Trump dies in prison’

  94. Avatar AB AB says:

    The lesson here is that Karma always gets you and your family eventually.

  95. Avatar unvoly says:

    He could’ve got away had his sons not turned him in ..

  96. Avatar Ginesh Nair Matthew says:

    #Nasdaq eeeeeeeeeeee

  97. Avatar Al Kauanui says:

    Why did he go prison, but nobody in congress did?

  98. Avatar Ines Joao says:


    • Avatar Joana Miguel says:

      You’re right ma,

    • Avatar Joana Miguel says:

      That is why I had to start forex trading 2months ago and now am making benefits from it.

  99. Avatar HonMattPat Lee says:


    • Avatar Joana Miguel says:


    • Avatar Joana Miguel says:

      kindly text him👆👆👆 tell he I referred you for quick replies,,

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