New record rise in India’s COVID cases, deaths; curfew in capital

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Coronavirus infections have reached record levels in India.
A new high of nearly 275,000 new daily cases was recorded on Monday, along with more than 1,600 deaths.
The local government has announced a weeklong curfew in the capital region of Delhi.
Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just cancelled his visit to India that had been planned for next week.
Scientists are studying a new variant with a double mutation to see if it is behind the rise in infections.

Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports._

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar mustafa says:

    people deserve the leader they chose

  2. Avatar LATIF LONE says:

    No no India has controlled covid-19 after great scientist Baba 1/2 eyed ramdav invented coronil vaccine 😁😁😁😁

  3. Avatar Scumfuck McDoucheface says:

    Well… at least i dont live in India. =/

  4. Avatar Maylaz Roblox says:

    They treat covid like it’s nothing no wonder they have SO MUCH COVID like stay In Your house and wear your dam mask properly

  5. Avatar Daniela De trejo. says:

    Que Dios tenga misericordia de India Amén

  6. Avatar King Kemet 25 says:

    Modi tried vaccine diplomacy now this happens complete government failure Xi somewhere laughing

    • Avatar Arc Babu ka Channel says:

      It is successful.
      But it created a shortage in india.

  7. Avatar Yusuf Sidique says:

    what about drinking urine which is promoted in india. This might kill the corona. People can also drink each others urine especially ones who are recovering from the corona virus. It might help with immunity.

    • Avatar Arc Babu ka Channel says:

      Just like spitting on road helped last year

    • Avatar Hemant says:

      Drinking urine is in Islam, and you will be punished for mocking about drinking urine. Watch my recent upload of Dr Zakir Naik about this issue on my channel!

    • Avatar Yusuf Sidique says:

      @Hemant Read my post properly. I said drinking urine is promoted in India ( remember Morarji Desai and such). I think you mistakenly thought that I meant drinking urine is promoted in hinduism. Hinduism is a religion and i doubt it will promote any crazy ideas. Hinduism has many scientific facts but drinking urine I believe is not one of them I suppose. But I am not an expert in hinduism.

  8. Avatar REVELATION CHAPTER 18 says:

    All lying politicians are a dangerous virus in India,led by Narinder Mody

  9. Avatar Natty 27 says:

    Festivals, the gathering of crowd, worsen the pandemics.
    You must survive first then you can conserve the cultures.
    The survival strategies of the living creatures.

  10. Avatar Common sense says:

    Why you are underestimating the pfizer vaccine? Give them a fair chance as astra-zenecca had.

  11. Avatar Kelly Khan says:

    All countries should take note, please block all flights coming out of India.
    The whole world will be doomed.
    Please don’t rely on their vaccination either it is a death vaccine.

  12. Avatar Krokodil Oficial says:

    They sound like the scammers calling you to offer tech support 😂 which they still call , covid or not

  13. Avatar Venom Dealer says:

    Didn’t the god save em during “khumb Mela”?

  14. Avatar Metal head says:

    American should help your friend.

  15. Avatar A R says:

    Very Dangar Kumbh Mela & Holi all so Supar Spreding

  16. Avatar Ani H says:

    God help us. I saw a video in America of people at pools just partying like no care in the WORLD. Like more than 100 people at this pool party in arizona..liek the young generations don’t care its sooo sad to see the lack of common sense in the generation from 19-30 they just are all about yolo..

  17. Avatar nuc_power says:

    Chudis magic 💊 didn’t work, need real 💊

  18. Avatar nuc_power says:

    Covid went viral in India with the help of modi

  19. Avatar Abhishek Raj says:

    Sara paisa chunav ayog aur supreme court aur judge ko kharidne me godi media ko kharidne me Sara paisa modi ka khatam ho gaya . Fir bhi vote ham modi ko hi denge kyu Mai modi bhakt hoon. Ram mandir ban jayega to corona khatam ho jayega

  20. Avatar Khalid Bin Al Walid says:

    Covid is nothing towards Cow Cola

  21. Avatar tom111 says:

    God is just doing population control

  22. Avatar starfromakihabara 48 says:

    Is india gov won’t build emergency new covid hospital?

  23. Avatar Reuben Sher says:

    When it comes to boasting…you cant beat the Indians. How dumb can you be ? Social distancing, personal hygiene, hand washing & masks are the first line of defence until most have been vaccinated. Now face the bonfire….

  24. Avatar yahya x rpl says:

    This is why people being atheis 😅

  25. Avatar sunisha bali says:

    What is wrong with channel i dislike this channel.

  26. Avatar 小河清水 says:


    • Avatar Kevin Jain says:

      China 🇨🇳 🥰🥰🥰

    • Avatar Big Wong says:

      Translation: Chinese people offer India people sincere condolences, hope India recover soon.

  27. Avatar Shambho Chamar says:

    Welcome to COVIDRASHTRA
    Proud to be Indian
    India superpower 2022💪💪

  28. Avatar A Proud Indian !!! says:

    For who don’t knows , Khumbh Mela is cancelled !!!!

  29. Avatar Chotakel says:

    Kesini cuman mau mencari Pak Ladusing temennya shiva

  30. Avatar Binh Huynh says:

    India kaput.

  31. Avatar Morgan Tracy says:

    No worries on idolatries. Covid will be over soon! Let’s pray for divine protection!

  32. Avatar Trim Reaper says:


  33. Avatar abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    This is total madness

  34. Avatar abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    Modi is blindfolded by his upcoming election campaign

  35. Avatar danish malik says:

    As being a kashmiri I know we have tough differences with India but I request Indian leaders that please take care of people…. It is not the time to contest elections it is time to take constructive steps to save people…

    • Avatar Aditya Raj says:

      Riyasat ki bhookh

  36. Avatar Peiang He says:

    Time to get OUT of India

  37. Avatar King Charles says:

    Blame yourself for the ‘achievement’.

  38. Avatar God says:

    *dnt worry. gundi is coming to save u.*

  39. Avatar MODDED GAMES says:

    We need help, please help india

  40. Avatar West Wind says:

    Hindu Muslim gathering because they so believe in god. THEN their wish come true. Go to meet your god. BYE Bye

  41. Avatar Kawsar 666 Somalilander says:

    Until the whole world has had its jab flights should be banned

  42. Avatar Vizcaya Aking Probinsya says:

    No problem, just bathe in ganges river and you will be cured

  43. Avatar pumpkin kukus says:

    Hopelly getting better 🙏🙏

  44. Avatar anywhere from says:

    Pray for India, India was attacked by the poison vaccine and airborne corona virus

  45. Avatar turtle g says:

    Good news reducing the number of population

  46. Avatar Aaron says:

    Modi is doing a wonderful job in destroying India 🎉👌😎👌🎉

  47. Avatar Geeta Poptani says:

    I can bet my life UP government will prioritise Hindu patients over others. uP has genocide by stupidity and genocide by religious fundamentalism

  48. Avatar vizmatter says:

    India has one of the largest populations on earth. 1,320,000,000 people. How many are just cases and how many are deaths? Let’s see the percentages.

  49. Avatar Jamal Hassan says:

    We voted to criminals and terrorists RSS/BJP.
    Now look the condition of this country.

    • Avatar Shaurya Joshi says:

      No we did not vote for Al Qaeda and ISIS your favorite.

    • Avatar Jamal Hassan says:

      @Shaurya Joshi for me both are equal..
      Both are dangerous for humanity..

    • Avatar Jamal Hassan says:

      @Shaurya Joshi and I’m not like u.
      U voted for terrorists organizations rss but I won’t..

  50. Avatar Sukarmojoemamo Mamo says:

    Om ram sai where are yuo

  51. Avatar Cahya Yusie says:

    Cori cori cupkhe cupkhe

  52. Avatar Paul says:

    Time to pay the piper, India.

  53. Avatar Pieter allen Master Blue says:

    Sorry to say this was inevitable. India is trying to eradicate the destitute people, people with no money or a place to live eradication of this sort is demanded by the Brahmins (India’s elite) the wealthiest!

  54. Avatar No No says:

    Why the curfew ? Does *cow🐮vid™* only come out at night ?

    • Avatar Aditya Raj says:


    • Avatar Discover China探索中国 says:

      In daytime, some Hindus have participated in the dung fight. So the coronavirus can be really severe……

  55. Avatar 最爱吃呱呱呱呆头蛙的莱克多巴肉 says:


  56. Avatar Scottish Bonsai says:

    People won’t know what’s going on not gonna get calls from Scam center’s for a while now there on lockdown! We’ll need check in with Jim Browning in the next week to see if there really obeying the lockdown or to greedy!

  57. Avatar Music 4MySoul says:

    Tell everyone you love that hasn’t recieved the vaccine to avoid the vaccine. Anyone who recieves the vaccine will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. I warn because I care. Please use this remaining time to repent for any sins, and seek Jesus Christ. He is coming. We are at the end. The Lord looks nothing like the famous pictures. He will reveal Himself to all who seek Him. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. This is the end.

  58. Avatar Chaitu Lion says:

    Big population big curse to India

  59. Avatar BRzbazzanx says:


  60. Avatar BRzbazzanx says:

    China 🍜🦇🛫

  61. Avatar Aditya Raj says:

    They should make Nirmala madam health min…..spread growth rate will tumble… Lolzz

  62. Avatar rocky khan says:

    Lindi lindu lundistaan

  63. Avatar rocky khan says:

    Abki bar antim sanskar

  64. Avatar Junaidi Salam says:

    this is why they should build decent house for the poor people in india.
    living in slum houses are a disaster waiting to happen.
    bad air circulations and unbelievable hygiene issue.

  65. Avatar Babar Khan says:

    May Allah protect them and us for this deadly virus. Care is the best cure

  66. Avatar Warish khan says:

    Now situation here is in danger really

  67. Avatar Terra Mater says:

    Let’s work together to prevent any more deaths!
    Every person who chooses to get vaccinated brings us all a step closer to moving past the COVID-19 pandemic.

  68. Avatar Ali Bhaloo says:

    When china resurgence came back palki was the first to boost Indians good house kepping at keeping covid at Bay .

  69. Avatar eakawitr says:

    Surprised no one, nothing to see here.

  70. Avatar Discover China探索中国 says:

    In the past months, Indians have been celebrating lots of festivals, holding elections and election rallies🇮🇳
    No wonder their cases will increase in such a rapid speed

    • Avatar Riya Soni says:

      What a unique information…😅😅 we don’t know about it🤣

  71. Avatar Antony Xavier Pawath says:

    India should stop all export of vaccines to other countries. Highest priority of all pharmaceutical companies must be vaccination production for domestic market

  72. Avatar Sahil Pathan says:

    What our Dumbledore is doing

  73. Avatar M S Tune says:

    মুদি হটাও ভারত বাঁচাও।

  74. Avatar M S Tune says:

    Save India without Narendra Modi।

  75. Avatar Rayhaan Shaikh says:

    This comment section has possible some of the stupidest people i’ve seen.

  76. Avatar Abdul Jabbar Shaikh says:

    India’s condition is like 1918 At that time, there was a disease called Spanish flu.

  77. Avatar Mahesh Adhikari Vlogs Ur2gdfrn says says:

    NEPAL and india have open border without check or anything, god help us now. 2nd case of indian variant has been seen in Nepal yesterday.

  78. Avatar A M says:

    3 million!!!!!!!

  79. Avatar A M says:

    Modiji should resign. He was a complete failure. Economical breakdown, religious riots, record covid, record fuel price…..

  80. Avatar shujah4ever says:

    BJP Indian version of isis whole hearted supported by west are spreading the virus.

  81. Avatar Jennifer Pruitt says:

    Raw sewage is disgusting and spreads disease they know this.

  82. Avatar DongFeng东风 says:

    This is payback for India.

  83. Avatar asad ali says:

    India na kashmir pa carfew lgaya tha ab pori dunya cerfew ma ha sbko pta chala ga ka kasa lgta ha

  84. Avatar A Google User says:

    This is the time when India’s population needs to ask its leaders why they can spend billions on defence and Space travel yet have a disaster of a healthcare system? The desire is to be seen as one of the elite countries in the world but the reality is they are decades and decades behind those countries!!! When you combine this with the fact the overwhelming majority of the country are illiterates and poor, you have a recipe disaster which is currently unfolding before our very eyes; regrettably I fear this will get much worse from here.

  85. Avatar Taste Hunters says:

    worst government of india

  86. Avatar Shivaah H says:

    Gingertea immunebooster

  87. Avatar प्रिये सिंह says:

    Al Jazeera is only about Guhammad ped0phile

  88. Avatar Keerthi Kadam says:

    Log kyun bahar ghum rahe the without mask?
    Hum anpad gawaronko medical padne dete hai kyun ki vo minorities hai! Jo actually padte hai unhe doctors banne ka chance nahi milta!! Abhi bhogdo!!

  89. Avatar Rajesh Swamydhas says:

    if Indian PM wisely utilized the money for Hospital projects and research center instead spent for Patel statue, He could saved now thousands of suffering humans. In other word,he could save 1000 new Patel’s in india. Unfortunately we got similar mentality most CM as well in state levels…..

  90. Avatar Seppo Hunajainen says:

    Yes. Mask on your jaw will help a lot when you got 25000 people around you bathing in already nastiest water in the world.

  91. Avatar Seppo Hunajainen says:

    I’d never visit India even someone would pay me.

  92. Avatar Ahad Fazal says:

    India kill innocent Kashmiris

  93. Avatar Democracy 2020 says:

    Canada welcome India travellers…stupidity worse than Indian variants virus

  94. Avatar P M says:

    reep what you sow my indian g’s

  95. Avatar I. Nomad says:

    Their goverment is more worried about pakistan than their own country india🤣🤣

  96. Avatar Ali X says:

    So the shits doing down to sea ? Like bodies been flushing

  97. Avatar 中华大玩家 says:

    suggest India buy more weapons made in the United States. The United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Japan are together with India. They can help India reduce the number of covid19 patients (physical disappearance)

  98. Avatar Nas Mohamed says:

    hopefully bjp leaders will be looking for a bed

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