Magnetic Managing Director and Co-Founder on Ethereum reaching an all time high and it’s future

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Megan Kaspar, Magnetic Managing Director and Co-Founder joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to discuss Ethereum reaching an all time high.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Michael Wener says:

    I think The recent push in ETH has been happening for a couple of reasons. First off, the digital asset got an upgrade to its network. This was designed to reduce transaction fees, which were high for the crypto.

    • Avatar Gabe says:

      @William James Nigerian princes needing money now this? You guys are on a roll

    • Avatar kerplunked 00 says:

      To be fair when transaction fees were at their highest so was traffic on the ethereum network. So we know the fee reduction from the update was of little consequence to the overall value of eth. Also the gas fee only really affects small retail investors.

      Going forward eth transition to a deflationary model will be huge and may overtake BTC market cap this year, watch.

    • Avatar William James says:

      @kerplunked 00 yeah that’s true

    • Avatar Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter says:

      It’s going up fast because people are realizing that the total addressable market for a decentralized financial network is absolutely staggering. It’s TAM is the entire derivatives market, which is bigger than the rest of the real economy.

      Ethereum is the leader. It’s got the network. It’s Amazon in the days of the dotcom bubble.

    • Avatar William James says:

      @Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter make sure you’re trading also because I have come to believe in a little time to come it gonna make huge ROI.

  2. Avatar George says:


  3. Avatar Progressive news says:

    Real business talk. Let’s capitalize fellas

  4. Avatar Sahinur Rema says:


  5. Avatar Nintendo Gouda says:

    In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

    • Avatar Paul Donnald says:

      Yeah! my first investment of $3000 with mr donald marshall earned me profit of over $12,530 usd ever since then he has been delivering

    • Avatar Jeff Wimberly says:

      He’s obviously the best i invested $2000 with him and I made a profit of $9101 within 14 days on my first trade.

    • Avatar Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter says:

      I’m holding BTC which I purchased for $130. I remember the MtGox days and the first bull market where it peaked at $1100

      I actually ignored crypto all these years from that time until this last December. Now I can’t get enough of the subject

    • Avatar Newtttton says:

      i agree. i removed all my money from 401K and invested it all in Ethereum. Not out of greed but because I understand it’s value and potential. BTW, ended up doubling my money in 3 months…something that would have taken me 10 years in traditional finance IRA.

    • Avatar Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter says:

      That’s a great move. I believe ethereum is the best of the cryptos, because of it’s position and that blockchain DeFi has enormous potential.

      If anyone in 2003 had seen Apple’s dominance in the handset market with the iPod and understood how that would parley into the smartphone market, and they bought $10k worth of stock on such, then that investment would be about $3 million today.

      I believe Ethereum today is akin to Apple stock in 2003

  6. Avatar Cecco Neri says:

    Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

    • Avatar Eva lucy says:

      OMG! I just made another withdrawal today that I earned much profit more than my expectations.

    • Avatar bogumil 2100 says:

      Investing in a year or two will the wisest choice, you’ll be able to buy one Bitcoin for 20k or less by then

    • Avatar The wealth Gems says:

      you don’t have to be shocked because am also a huge beneficiary old investor of this company! I’m here to confess that this company have generated a fantastic record since I have been investing with them.

    • Avatar The Economist says:

      I thought of Investing in bitcoin around December 25th but was discouraged with the rise and fall of bitcoin. I don’t know if it’s still safe and ideal to invest now and what platform is recommended

  7. Avatar Antonio Drake says:

    I just purchased my first “coin” a couple of hours ago…

    • Avatar bogumil 2100 says:

      @Jordan Tromberg nobody will care when those buying now and holding will be down 90% in a year or two

    • Avatar Antonio Drake says:

      @bogumil 2100 plan to hodl tight, boss

    • Avatar Rza Boss says:

      @bogumil 2100 how many coin did u get at that price

    • Avatar bogumil 2100 says:

      @Rza Boss 25

    • Avatar Derek Azyan says:

      What did you buy?

  8. Avatar Lara laura says:

    I would think about this, I really need to invest in crypto before it rises again…and I need another source of income currently

  9. Avatar A. Ali says:


  10. Avatar B C says:

    holy cow the government running making a mockery out of the finance system by just printing cash really pissed off.

    there people are making a mockery of the investment market with this imaginary assets.

    I feel like i’m living in a imaginary world, wow I really hope people are cashing in their life saving to get into this imaginary bubble market just so the previous holder makes money. It seems it’s going to start the end of the world when crypto crash.

    • Avatar B C says:

      @John Doe you are funny, how do you know I’m poor? You are likely one of two things.

      – someone poor who put their life savings into crypto wishing it will make them some money so just pumping crypto
      – someone who is rich that dont give a dam and just laughing your way making easy money while you know average people will face horrible times when crypto crashes.

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      @B C Just as the internet revolutionized the flow of information across our planet, blockchain technology will transform the flow of value. Right now people use IT to pay for things with bank cards and apps etc, but those are dinosaurs compared to blockchains. Your bank account is a debt ledger locked inside of a permissioned centralized system. Anyone can attack it by charging a debt against you that you either pay for, or dispute. Your bank is the boss who decides what transactions go through, and they actually charge you for that privilege. They offer you practically no interest on deposits. Blockchains are permissionless, and decentralized. You are the boss of your wallet. Nobody can charge a debt to you, you can spam your wallet address all over, you are safe (but not your private key). They are resilient. In order to stop them, you will have to turn off the entire internet forever. Decentralized exchanges offer interest rates starting around 7%, but I’ve seen triple digit rates if you give them the very same privileges you give to your bank today for free. Without friction (bank fees) value will move at lightning speeds causing growth in every sector of society. Defi and the tokenization of real estate will allow rich and poor alike the chance to invest without friction. Imagine owning a fraction of Time Square, or Las Vegas strip for pennies. Like I said, keep watching and stay poor.

    • Avatar B C says:

      @John Doe I am all for the theory of crypto and decentralized currency/asset value. Crypto is way to speculative at this time for me. Because people out there are making up the rules as they go.

      I know lots of very well off folks making a killing in crypto as they dont care about losing money and laughing about it. I’m just saying if something did happen the people betting their last dollar will get impacted the most. I doubt every crypto out there will survive this bubble. Every con artist in the world is coming up with their version of crypto. Some form of standardization must be set, meaning centralizing control again. Till then it’s a wild wild west sort of market I rather not get into.

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      @B C I agree. It’s the wild west right now. Speculators are driving retail into bags they don’t understand or really need. Regulations will thin the herd for sure, and a bloodbath will likely follow. Ethereum and bitcoin will still be around, and I believe their prices are just getting started. We are at the bottom of the biggest change since the industrial revolution. Buy low sell high. Good luck.

    • Avatar Robin Fredrickson says:

      Start with bitcoin as it has the lowest risk relatively speaking. Just the asymmetrical risk profile is enough alone to take a 1% position. If it goes to zero, you loose 1%, if it goes 10x it has a significant effect on your portfolio, plus its highly uncorrelated to other assets, so a good portfolio diversifier. At a 1% position, you’ll have enough at stake to want to learn more, but not so much you’ll loose sleep over it. Expect to spend a good 100hrs of reading, podcasts, YouTube interviews etc to really get a solid grasp of bitcoins value proposition. If nothing else, you’ll get an education in central banking, Austrian economics and monetary history. Also, bitcoiners can be pretty nasty when attacked, but are surprisingly helpful if approached with curiosity instead of hostility. Contrary to the common assumption that we’re a bunch of cyber gambling lunatics, There’s a very diverse and highly intelligent community of people in bitcoin especially, and should not be overlooked for just that fact alone.

  11. Avatar Juliana Marcia says:

    I just need to start investing into bitcoin, l learnt it’s very profitable am much interested as well, but where to start from

    • Avatar Thibaut Barthélemy says:

      The video is about Ethereum.

  12. Avatar give up says:

    crypto is going up for no other reason that all the money printing, stimulus & unemployment benefits. lot of folks are sitting home with nothing to do and some extra cash. is really that simple.

    • Avatar kerplunked 00 says:

      Nope sorry. Blockchain tech is so innovative and disruptive it will revolutionize everything in finance. It’s the advent of the internet all over.

  13. Avatar HisLoveArmy says:

    Cardano is clean and built from the ground up.

    • Avatar MSL525 says:

      I hear ya. But it has very little development; demonstrated use cases, and time/battle tested experience.

      You can’t win a battle on paper. Let’s see what Cardano actually does when it has to build to the scale of Ethereum (if it ever does, gets the chance) in the real world?

    • Avatar kazuchandayo says:

      Cardano is all hype, no substance.

    • Avatar kerplunked 00 says:

      Yeah im not hyped on cardano because it wants to do what ethereum is already doing. Good luck with that. Cardano can’t do everything eth does anyway.

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      Cardano might not be a scam, but it’s definitely close.

  14. Avatar bogumil 2100 says:

    Extremely overvalued, fair value 500 dollars, it was 300 dollars in October for god’s sake, don’t worry you’ll be able to buy around this price in a year or two

    • Avatar Eazy Does it says:

      Umm no those prices are long gone buddy. It’s only up from here

    • Avatar bogumil 2100 says:

      @Eazy Does it long gone, half a year ago doesn’t seem like long gone

    • Avatar Eazy Does it says:

      @bogumil 2100 a lot can change in half a year when it comes to crypto. Everyone thought bitcoin would go back to 20k but just kept going and that was half a year ago which now we’re at 58k, don’t miss the ETH train we’re heading to 5k

  15. Avatar Henry Jacob says:

    Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

    • Avatar Jack Aiden says:

      You don’t really need someone to tell you how to invest your coins, you can make research on your own and also try doing it yourself first.

    • Avatar Owen Samuel says:

      Alright thanks for the recommendation, but how do I reach them?

    • Avatar Warikoo says:

      if you have not heard about her then you’re missing out….
      Her availability is on w=h=a=t=s=a=p=p +-1-9-3-7-3-5-5-7-1-4-6

    • Avatar Warikoo says:

      Yes the are all saying about Bitcoin but on how i see this Isabella she will be a good trader

  16. Avatar John a says:

    ETH under $100,000 per coin is a good deal.

  17. Avatar Bean Bag says:

    Crypto is a very good scam

    • Avatar D James Videography LLC says:

      I think you mean FIAT

    • Avatar Mondrayish says:

      That’s cause you don’t own any lol

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      It’s the first time in 2000+ years that money is being created without government approval. Populations smell freedom and are running full speed towards it. You’re going to regret staying out.

    • Avatar bogumil 2100 says:

      good scam for making money that is

    • Avatar Dudu Szabo says:

      Not as good as the Reserve Bank

  18. Avatar Crecy Kate says:

    The best way to invest now is to invest in your knowledge of the financial markets, the rest is really up to your decision making

    • Avatar francis alzard says:

      @milda Please can one start with $3,000 I don’t have much at my disposal now.

    • Avatar jeremiah micheal says:

      My first investment with him was about $5000. But he is a very considerate individual.

    • Avatar Genny Willy says:

      How can I communicate him.

    • Avatar Khrishchanovic serby says:


    • Avatar lucy mary says:

      Some individuals go through the trenches because they fail to realize that is not all about watching videos and wasting time on strategies, it is all about the mindset towards securing an investment.

  19. Avatar Watson Hilson says:

    I was a stay_at_home mother and I have been searching for good job but since met MRS AMISHA KARTIKA. I am’t bothered anymore because her expertise in trading yields me more than what my husband earns monthly. Hahahaha 😅

    • Avatar Jamie Tree says:

      Whoever that is reading this I pray that one day you will reach your dreams. Always know that the secret of your future is hidden in our daily routine.

    • Avatar The Atlantis Report says:

      @Watson Hilson
      Thank you but I have her number already, although some might not know or get in contact with her, so thank you

    • Avatar Ella Anderson says:

      Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. That’s why the rich invest while the poor don’t.

    • Avatar Forest hovak says:

      The older I get the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you are going to hunt elephants, don’t get off the trail for a rabbit.

    • Avatar Jones says:

      Stop watching videos and try her out because if you continue watching videos then you will end up watching videos and still loose your money…

  20. Avatar Harvey Luca says:

    I’ve got some confidence in BTC by watching an interview with Edward. His model is not based on the few examples of 4 year cycles, but rather on the rate at which new wallet addresses appear on the blockchain and the nature (size and the behavior of wallets of similar size) of the wallets. So he models the adoption curve. He reckons adoption is still in full swing, and his “moving target” is currently a price of $120K at end of 2021. He also mentioned that the $1 trillion market cap is a barrier – that there would be a lot of resistance to falling below $55K. So I was convinced to start buying BTC again (not much to hodl but trad) If only my friends listened when i first told them about Edward James. My actual portfolio was multiplied by 5 In two months. After getting in touch with Edward an anaIyst in the cryptospace, who showed me how to use his program to make transaction I have made over 19₿TC from 2.6₿TC with Edward’s help. You can easily get to him ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ @Edwardjames022

    • Avatar Fred David says:

      Edward’s daily signals has been so profitable. I am looking forward to another successful month again

    • Avatar Elon Wike says:

      Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.🤝Edward

    • Avatar James Wilson says:

      Crypto is really moving higher 👆 no one have to be convinced about trading with mr edward james, he is pro in it

    • Avatar Thibaut Barthélemy says:

      The video is about Ethereum, not Bitcoin.

    • Avatar Harvey Luca says:

      @Thibaut Barthélemy Im talking about what i earned

  21. Avatar kazuchandayo says:

    Ethereum is going to flippen Bitcoin

  22. Avatar lingo starr says:

    is she the person on tiktok with the lambo?

  23. Avatar Croc TV says:

    No currency, by virtue of it’s purpose to enable buying and selling of goods and services, can be called ‘green’ … This woman is just trying to pump her own holding, and i’m guessing that of her company. Block chains require energy to validate transactions, regardless of the need to mint new coins. And no-one can guarantee the energy used to enable this technology will have a 0% impact on the environment. This video is nothing but shallow propaganda.

  24. Avatar Lara laura says:

    I can’t believe I was able to have $31,000 worth of bitcoin in just 2 months and half of trading with thomas trading services. I came across some nice comments about him here on YouTube and I gave it a shot! I didn’t believe in bitcoin before

  25. Avatar pepsi says:

    yes yes buy flow and enj instead of the real NFT gems

  26. Avatar The wealth Gems says:

    There are already financial analysts and trading experts(Phds) who have shelled out theories and ideas for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute

  27. Avatar Clark Pavarin says:

    Cmon doge is a joke

    • Avatar kerplunked 00 says:

      It’s tech is very similar to btc but with an infinite supply. It’s imo a trap for new crypto investors because the value coins will continue to rise btc, eth. The big guys need to scalp retailers somewhere, doge it is.

  28. Avatar Lazarus Kapesi says:

    To the moon

  29. Avatar Petros Darbinyan says:


  30. Avatar Eric B says:

    its’ not it’s. Does no one spell check at Yahoo ?

  31. Avatar Manuel Gary says:

    From a personal point of view I feel crypto got to be best thing that has happened to the financial market for awhile now. it continues to open room for bulk gains whether in holding or most importantly trading, looking closely at Ethereum it started a fresh rally above the resistance zone against the US Dollar and it seems there is high chance for more upside. and the current trend would reveal the amount of institutes that have embraced the use of the crypto assets to optimal results,thats why i will say ETH is only just in the early stage of a bigger surge. Considering the the bulk return one get from trading than just holding,it might be too late buy an asset while holding but its never late to buy in while trading crypto and with trading crypto i have gained $170K in my portfolio but i didnt do it all by myself but with accurate strategy and signals from an expert trader isaac Steward . With Isaac help I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of Bitcoin, you can easily get to Isaac on: Teleg: ram: @Isaacsteward +447782829841 on whatpp

    • Avatar Kathleen Brooklyn says:

      I agree Isaac sreeward’s strategy is top-notch as I’ve been using it since January to cash out steadily between the price swings.

    • Avatar Enaya Wallace says:

      I read in internet orthodox companies have started seeking employment of expert traders to manage their trading portfolio, our world is really changing

    • Avatar Dalton Jacquelyn says:

      I currently got $45000 Ethereum worth in my trading portfolio, this year has began well so far, losing my mom earlier this year is the only mole…thanks Isaac

    • Avatar gummi871 says:

      Steward is all about simple techniques that are highly profitable, i really admire his winning mentality

    • Avatar Marcel Farkas says:

      Steward is all about simple techniques that are highly profitable, i really admire his winning mentality

  32. Avatar Fotis Michael says:

    Yahoo Finance, get some grammar checks on your title! “…its* future” (no apostrophe)

  33. Avatar Fearmkultra says:

    I’m a beginner , should I buy 3 Eth?

    • Avatar Derek Azyan says:


    • Avatar Dejan Bugarin says:

      Buy and hold. No master what do not sell.

    • Avatar Yellow pants. says:

      Get me directly for more guidance and crypto earnings….

    • Avatar Yellow pants. says:

      I,N,V,E,S,T,= IN C,R,Y,P,T,O,
      =B,T,C, A,N,D E,T,H

  34. Avatar Tesla Stepanovic says:

    Her last sentence! Wow…

  35. Avatar Caboclo Xish says:

    She is the first mainstream investor that I hear mention ETH could go to six figures. Everyone who does a deep dive into the ETH ecosystem eventually reaches the same conclusion.

  36. Avatar go west says:

    Proof of stake been delayed inevitably, unfortunately flawed technology … ether trying desperately behind-the-scenes to fix all the glitches …time to get out of eth, Pumped by the big boys who are stuck in their positions now they’re dumping on the little guys… Flare Network launching in June is going to take a big piece of the market cap

  37. Avatar Ismayil Arifoglu says:

    Marry me

  38. Avatar Stephen Echols says:

    Kevin O Leary talking about blood coins is nothing but FUD. I have watched thousands of hours of crypto content from folks way more knowledgeable than Mr. Fantastic. I never heard that term until I saw an interview with Kevin. It’s bullshit.

  39. Avatar Lu Fo says:


  40. Avatar David Cohen says:

    If the stock market is tokenized on the ETH blockchain is over

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