Does inflation pose a risk to the real estate market?

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Yahoo Finance’s Julia LaRoche spoke to DoubleLine’s Ken Shinoda about the impact inflation could have on the real estate market and mortgage rates.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Cooking and Investing Lover says:

    Inflation by default makes everyone poor so I would have to say yes that does pose a risk

    • Avatar The Travelling Trader says:

      Thanks for watching…endeavour to write as soon as for more tips 

  2. Avatar Tom Smith says:

    I dont think so particulary in high demand areas like FLA TX and AZ. But in shithole areas like NJ NJ CA IL OR WA – the fact that libtards govern the places will make your house value implode. But even if it doesn’t – just living there makes the quality of your LIFE inplode so run for the south!!

  3. Avatar U.1F315 U.1F311 says:

    One way or another @neuralink To defend your interests you’ll be forced to defend mine “A la guerre comme à la guerre” @apple Siri tells me @who is efficient at work? @googlemap The blue dot is a scam

  4. Avatar Sheeva Matimbas says:

    In the word of Mannarino ” DUH”

  5. Avatar Joshua Fausset says:

    There was an attitude of laisez faire with his comments. Real estatists do not realize how tapped out the buyers are. People who could buy already did. The Fed IS the mortgage lending demand now. People are revolting against that. “Monetary” policy change is blowing in the wind.

    • Avatar no further west says:

      speak english bro

    • Avatar C says:

      Yeah it’s all as simple as that smarty pants

  6. Avatar Ben Invest says:

    *If you are reading this, Never Give-up!!!*
    *The pain of discipline hurts less than the pain of regret*
    *Have a nice day* 😎

  7. Avatar ITM Audemar says:

    yo check out shorties theighs thoooo thiccckk

  8. Avatar Joe says:

    Wow, this dude is looking at Julia and not get distracted.

    • Avatar 4evahodlingdoge says:

      He’s rich, Julia is like a 4/10 to him.

    • Avatar Christopher Armstrong says:

      @4evahodlingdoge 😂

    • Avatar no further west says:

      @4evahodlingdoge she should wear something less distracting though

    • Avatar Ryan2017 says:

      She has a masculine face.. not attractive.

    • Avatar Joe says:

      @Ryan2017 if she is a man, then I would gay.

  9. Avatar Banned 6 Times says:


    • Avatar F Fletch says:

      you mean the overweight fake blonde?

  10. Avatar Mike Cano says:

    I invested about 6 years ago in Tesla and everyone thought I was crazy. So, with that being said, I will say this. AQN is a 100% buy from anything under $19 CAD. This will probably trade at roughly $21.70 CAD by year end and $25.45 CAD by 2022 year end. Now you are wondering how can I get in at under $19 CAD…….YOU HAVE HAD over 2 days which is plenty of time. With Biden and Trudeau in power I wouldn’t be surprised if this AQN gets to $42 CAD over the next 4 years. This is confirmed to be part of the future and dominating 2 countries is only a positive in my book regardless if some profit targets aren’t hit due to pandemic reasons. Now whoever reads this, please message me in 1-2 years when you make a solid profit reading a comment on youtube, haha! Enjoy guys and gals.

    • Avatar Eric Van Damme says:

      Considering Tesla is rated the #1 worst car manufacturer in the world. I wouldn’t invest a penny in that trash stock.
      Elon isn’t a serious business man. He’s a crook and goof.

  11. Avatar Baptiste Roussel says:

    Of course it does. Like any productive asset.

  12. Avatar Christopher Armstrong says:

    Mis-leading title.

  13. Avatar Greggory Wolff says:

    Dunno about inflation, but junk CBS bonds certainly do..

  14. Avatar Concrete Charlie says:

    Inflation isn’t a risk, it’s a benefit for Real Estate
    Cheap long-term debt wiped away by inflation

    • Avatar Shelley Sheri says:

      They mean in the short term. Inflation concerns will slow the pace or cause home prices to drop in the short term, then over time it will benefit RE.

  15. Avatar Des P says:


  16. Avatar Alan Taylor says:

    If you really want to protect yourself from inflation, you’ve got to buy some precious metas before things get out of hand. Check out Wall Street Silver on Reddit. It’s a discussion group about silver and how to buy it or invest in it.

  17. Avatar Anthony Phung says:

    The milky fang puzzlingly wreck because eagle lilly rhyme amid a humorous tub. giant, classy politician

  18. Avatar F Fletch says:

    This guy gets it. Smart man who knows how to answer a direct question. Appreciate that. We in Hawaii also see exactly the themes he is seeing –
    1.Increase vacation travel, but not to Hotels. (buying a vacation home and visiting it, or visiting a whole-home vacation rental house).
    2. Decrease in office retail leases, and not coming back.
    3. Increase in residential home purchase for investment/rental income.

    • Avatar Guest says:

      great post; thanks very much.

  19. Avatar Ant Poo says:

    I reckon she would have no issues getting laid.

  20. Avatar Pedro Gomez says:

    Investing language is all about “I think” nobody says “I know” hahaha

    • Avatar Guest says:

      great point; thanks.

    • Avatar T L says:

      Because investing is legalized gambling.

  21. Avatar Guest says:

    yes, inflation will adversely impact re values, especially if the value of the property increases, thus causing higher real estate taxes.

  22. Avatar Keith morgan says:

    So stilly . Prices of homes are part of the goods going up with inflation. Going up for 12 so far this time. Will not quit . You’re just wrong.

    • Avatar Coolio says:

      Are you sure?😂

      *Redmond, WA Housing Prices Crater 17% YOY As Double Digit Price Declines Blanket Washington State*

  23. Avatar john D says:

    real estate market still go up for next years

  24. Avatar Coolio says:

    What “inflation”? Besides. Housing prices everywhere are tanking.

    *Delray Beach, FL Housing Prices Crater 23% YOY As Prices Plummet From Austin To Boston*

    • Avatar Coolio says:

      @A M There you go again…. taking falling housing prices personal.

      *Austin, TX Housing Prices Crater 26% As Broke Speculators Head For The Exit*

    • Avatar A M says:


      Attach some links and show proof! Anybody can type in bold letters on Microsoft word. Where the links? Sources? Proof?
      No website links.. why is that? Cause you make it up 😂😂

    • Avatar Coolio says:

      @A M There you go again… taking falling housing prices personal.

      *Delray Beach, FL Housing Prices Crater 23% YOY As Prices Plummet From Austin To Boston*

    • Avatar A M says:

      No links no sources no websites to prove it. You really enjoy trolling this much Lol housing market crash coming soon.. it will happen this year in 2021. Sucks to be wrong huh coolio lol im off to bed. Talk to the wall. Get ready to starve while hyperinflation is on its way!🤙

    • Avatar Coolio says:

      @A M There you go again… taking falling housing prices personal.

      *Takoma Park, MD Housing Prices Crater 16% YOY As Northern Virigina Market Turns Toxic On Soaring Mortgage Defaults*

  25. Avatar Grizzle Greezz says:

    Really good Interview. You can tell this guy isn’t a politician.

  26. Avatar Punit Modi says:

    Lol inflation already did pose a risk. It is inflated right now.

  27. Avatar Coolio says:

    *Takoma Park, MD Housing Prices Crater 16% YOY As Northern Virigina Market Turns Toxic On Soaring Mortgage Defaults*

  28. Avatar William Arrington says:

    Its simple. Prices are inflated because of QE which is causing inflation. To stop the inflation (4.2% as of today reported by the government which means 7% without fuzzy government math) they will have to raise interest rates which will deflate home prices. Interest rates going up means its more expensive to borrow so people begin pulling money out of the markets and spending it on commodities. This causes more inflation causing higher interest rates and it spirals. At what point can the government not afford to pay the interest on the money its borrowed? To put this in perspective. If we hit the 16% interest rates from 1981 a $300,000 30 year fixed loan costs about $4,000 a month and you pay almost 1.2 million in just interest.

    • Avatar Coolio says:

      @William Arrington None of which has anything to do with inflation.

      The good news? Housing prices are cratering faster than rental rates and auto prices.

      *Phoenix, AZ Housing Prices Crater 15% As Double Digit Prices Declines Emerge Across US*

    • Avatar William Arrington says:

      @Coolio You dont agree with basic economics and 100 years of stock market trends on what causes inflation? If none of that causes inflation then why is the fed doing that saying they are trying to cause inflation. Originally they tried to claim it didn’t cause inflation. Now they are saying that their efforts (money printing) surprised them with how much inflation its causing yet they also say its temporary… do you think Whirlpool is going to take the 11% increase back off… nope. We will have slightly higher then normal inflation until they raise interest rates based on 10 year treasury note needs. I am waiting for the next collapse because I am cash flush and plan on buying a new house.

    • Avatar Coolio says:

      @William Arrington of course you’re not going to understand what the FED is doing if you don’t understand what inflation is.

    • Avatar William Arrington says:

      @Coolio They are doing QE at 200 billion a month. M2 has increased 500%. M3 increased so much they stopped keeping track and guess what.. they just stopped keeping track of M2.

      Hyperinflation has two main causes: an increase in the money supply and demand-pull inflation. The former happens when a country’s government begins printing money to pay for its spending. As it increases the money supply, prices rise as in regular inflation.

      I understand what they are saying they are doing and it would be true if the money being printed was actually being used to expand the economy which its not. GDP growth has been 2% even with them injected trillions into the system. Because the money has nowhere to go its inflating things such as homes and the stock market. WHen confidence ends for those 2… you said youself housing is falling. Where do you think that money will go next. Schillers PE is pretty high. So the market will correct soon. The main thing missing from the equation is 1 of the 2 levers they have to control the market. Interest rates. They cant go lower. So the choice is the same or higher. Higher is coming. I welcome it. Let those that over extended be destroyed and Ill buy their stocks and property at a massive discount

    • Avatar Coolio says:

      @William Arrington none of which has anything to do with inflation..

      *Bay Harbor Islands, FL Housing Prices Crater 12% YOY As Housing Bust Roars Through Florida Like A Hurricane*

  29. Avatar Thomas says:

    hope we get ultra hyper inflation, i wanna pay off my loan for the cost of todays bread

  30. Avatar Charles Jannuzi says:

    Yahoo Finance is a nice change of pace from CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, etc.

    • Avatar yahoo Dinance says:

      Okay W..H..A..T..S..A..P..P..>< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I••N••V••E••S••T <>IN<>C••R••Y••T••O••…

  31. Avatar Keith LeBlanc says:

    Only rich people deserve to own homes. This is FED policy. If you make less than the top 25% of income earners, you really shouldn’t think home ownership is for you. Sorry, but this is FED policy

  32. Avatar alfred borden says:

    The grandiose root peroperatively raise because cork continuously bruise concerning a billowy sardine. beautiful, hulking invoice

  33. Avatar Crushing Housing Losses says:

    *Phoenix, AZ Housing Prices Crater 15% As Double Digit Prices Declines Emerge Across US*

  34. Avatar Thomas Manning says:

    Inflation forces interest rates higher. Higher rates will put the brakes on the real estate market. And then some sellers will lower the asking prices of their homes to get them sold. Remember, some sellers are very motived to sell their homes. Once the price begins to drop, appraisers must use those sales to determine the value of pending sales. As this condition accelerates, with rising rates, the whole market can cave putting millions of homeowners upside-down in their mortgages, effectively trapping them. The solution is to sell now.

  35. Avatar Yuri Klaver says:

    Inflation is a growing money supply, not a price increase by growing demand. Because if it is, the answer to the question in the headline is ‘nope’.

    • Avatar Crushing Housing Losses says:

      @Yuri Klaver *THINK*

    • Avatar Yuri Klaver says:

      @Crushing Housing Losses EXPLAIN

    • Avatar Crushing Housing Losses says:

      @Yuri Klaver If you need it explained, you’ll get the losses you reichly deserve.

    • Avatar Yuri Klaver says:

      @Crushing Housing Losses What sort of creature are you

    • Avatar Crushing Housing Losses says:

      @Yuri Klaver there you go again…. taking falling housing prices personal.

      *Kirkland, WA Housing Prices Crater 24% YOY As Seattle And Vancouver, BC Housing Markets Simmer In A Cauldron Of Excess Inventory And Mortgage Defaults*

  36. Avatar JustTrynaGraduate says:

    If 4 bedroom “luxury” houses in my backwoods hometown in South Carolina are going for $450k+ there is definitely some kind of bubble.

  37. Avatar John Smith says:

    Yes the commercial real estate market, in NYC for example. The future of commercial real estate is this empty building will translate into demolished building. cause if you can not real the space then why are you paying the huge tax on the structure, now just paying tax on the land is different and a lot lot cheaper. But hey we are talking at least 5 years down the road. cause now companies know they can have 90% of all there employees work from home and it is a lot cheaper.

  38. Avatar John Smith says:

    As fare as residential real estate goes once the fed drops the forbearance program (it is estimated there are over 5 million home owner who are 90 days or more past due on there loans ) the banks will foreclose on the out standing loans and put those homes on the market and even if they only put say 1/3 of all the past due homes that will be enough to cause the residential real estate market to drop like a Chinese rocket, sending current prices to the basement and those idiots who pay way over the asking price on there new home will be upside down and screwed, because unlike 2008 there will be no federal program to bail you out. I think being stupid in America is so much fun at least for the smart people.

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