Myanmar coup: Young people join ranks of rebel fighters

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Four months after Myanmar’s military sacked the civilian government and unleashed a violent crackdown on protesters, more and more young people say they are taking up arms.
They are leaving protests in the streets and heading to training camps in the jungle.
Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Munib Owais says:

    Where is USA with their democracy? Where is it man? Myanmar also needs some democracy like the rest of the world? No? Maybe because they dont have oil and dont align with the interests of USA? Shame. Such a hypocritical world…..

    • Avatar Azwad Arham Aryas says:

      Don’t invite the usa they will turn myanmar into an another syria.

    • Avatar Munib Owais says:

      @Azwad Arham Aryas yep true

    • Avatar Kim K says:

      If the US is sending humanitarian aid than it definitely will only be for the benefit of some corporation, like it’s always been.

    • Avatar Sidicas says:

      Myanmar does have oil and natural gas. Both Chevron and Total were over there paying a lot of money to the Myanmar Junta military in profit sharing right up until a couple weeks ago when their shareholders decided that the profits aren’t worth the bad reputation and possible sanctions from their own home governments. So they stopped all payments and profit sharing to the Myanmar Junta military. But a lot of companies and shareholders are very greedy and like to sign deals with greedy dictators. Greedy companies run by greedy CEOs is also why they took so long to do something about it when the coup happened back in February.

  2. Avatar Street Cat CyberWorld says:

    Stop calling them Rebel groups!!!!!

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      Yes, they are Freedom Fighters!!!

  3. Avatar A M Myat says:

    While keep watching on the evil military dictators/criminals/genocide committers by UN and the ASEAN, the brave young generations are decided to sacrifice their lives to punish the evils. 👍👍 Keep move on brothers and sisters💪

  4. Avatar Anthony. M Kaijage says:


  5. Avatar Debarghaya Mukherjee says:

    all good hope this rebel group doesn’t became a terrorist group like Taliban

  6. Avatar Arif Khan says:

    Myanmar Military is the dirtiest Military in the world, why are they afraid of Democracy.

  7. Avatar make a wish says:

    USA and NATO is heavily funding and giving weapons to those groups

  8. Avatar Dabbler Deluxe says:

    This was ultimately inevitable, the citizenship law in the 80’s made 2 dozen ethnicities non-citizens and persecuted and tried to eliminate many of them leading to conflict and they have in the past decade or two redoubled the effort to create an ethnically monolithic state in a fairly diverse region.

    • Avatar Dabbler Deluxe says:

      @Raihan Uddin true and before the Rohingya there was the kach etc where over a million are refugees, this has been going on for 80 years.

  9. Avatar J A says:

    Oh. Yeah… Let’s totally do that in the US. (So says traitor Flynn) Not. Morons can’t get it through their thick heads that people die when fascist try to sell you dreams of the “good old days”.
    I guess after they watched 600k people die and it didn’t phase trumps base they figured “fk it. We can make money and use these morons to do the dirty work”. Smh we don’t want instability and people dying or killing others for the Koch’s greed. If this looks like fun to you – get your head examined.

  10. Avatar Lucienne says:


  11. Avatar John Le says:

    Miramar must stand up for your freedom and democracy

  12. Avatar fLickgame Hes1e says:

    The nation is led by Burma’s ethnic hegemony, and many minorities are marginalized and persecuted. After the current conflict, the best thing to do is break up the nation and draw borders based on ethnolinguistic settlement. A similar concept should be applied throughout the world, and thus creating nations, or modifying current ones.

    • Avatar Rita Gameiro says:

      Some of us a pretty mixed, shall we stand one foot on one side, head on another and arm on a third?

    • Avatar fLickgame Hes1e says:

      @Rita Gameiro Precisely.

    • Avatar the king minn says:

      Its more like Tat and drug lords are the top and the rest of the country are at the bottom no matter what ethnic they are from.

  13. Avatar knowledge 2020 says:


  14. Avatar Joe Davis says:

    … Opium is one of the best plant medicines. Myanmar should continue growing it.

  15. Avatar oz zo says:

    Filipinos support your struggle!

    • Avatar Carl Gille says:

      YES ME TOO

    • Avatar Hey, that's pretty good! says:

      Can’t wait till we get rid of our stupid president.

    • Avatar Weedadles says:

      No wtf! We don’t want you(Myanmar people) to struggle

    • Avatar oz zo says:

      @Weedadles If they dont struggle and fight back against their oppressive govt, how will they be free?

      More than 800 Civilians have died at the hands of the Tamatdaw. Its naive to think you can just ignore that and everything will be okay. Thats just pure fantasy.

      You have to fight and struggle to protect the ones you loves and your nation.

    • Avatar Mama Moe says:


  16. Avatar Existential Skism says:


  17. Avatar Hobo Ryan says:

    Proud of our anti-fascist cousins! I’d do the same if I was in your situation. Keep fighting the good fight! Evil wins when good people do nothing.

  18. Avatar axel mannni says:

    Weird how journalist can get into rebel area

    • Avatar Melburnian Science says:

      Because they don’t kill journalists, the military of Myanmar does

  19. Avatar Sveta Kobrya says:

    Don’t try to fool people. Those are paid trainees sent to fight its own nation.

  20. Avatar suan neihsial says:

    They are fighting the good fight.. before their beloved Myanmar become another fail state like North korea

  21. Avatar Eugenio Robinson says:

    Royhingya separatists are persecuting Christians

    • Avatar James Khant says:

      I like your funny words magic man.

  22. Avatar Eugenio Robinson says:

    Rohingya refuse to accept rule of Myrammar government.

  23. Avatar Eugenio Robinson says:

    Rohingya persecute Christians

  24. Avatar AngelicHellSpawn Yang says:

    I’ll be impressed when y’alls bitchass win lol

  25. Avatar Mohammad Khan says:

    “young people” but if syrians do the same i think they are called terrorists. Remember they are only the good guys till the media wants it to be that way.

  26. Avatar Turbo Charge says:

    No peace without justice !! Be it Myanmar, Palestine , kasmir , Address the root cause so that peace can prevail

    • Avatar Melburnian Science says:

      Destroy every single government of the world. Replace with a single government for all humanity elected by the people. That’s the way to save the planet

    • Avatar adam smith says:

      Well done Myanmar 🇲🇲

  27. Avatar Dodo Nodens says:

    UN should sent supplies to fight back the Mymmaha dictatorship.

    • Avatar Noshad Islam says:

      Don’t you mean the UN should send supplies to Palestine to fight back the Isrealis occupation.

    • Avatar Hey, that's pretty good! says:

      @Noshad Islam no, because Palestine started it all.

    • Avatar Hey, that's pretty good! says:

      @Noshad Islam it’s not all about Palestine.

    • Avatar Noshad Islam says:

      @Hey, that’s pretty good! Well if you want the UN to intervene in Myanmar than they should be equal with everyone and intervene in Palestine first or do Muslim life’s not mater as much.

    • Avatar Hey, that's pretty good! says:

      @Noshad Islam Palestine belongs to Israel.

  28. Avatar Justin Kase says:

    This is an uphill battle. Doubt they could fight a conventional battle.

  29. Avatar Irfan Malik says:

    Military dictatorships is biggest problem in under developed countries.

    • Avatar King Zee says:

      The problem is capitalism and post colonialism.

    • Avatar garam says:

      @King Zee capitalism is mild greed compared to totalitarianism, totalitarianism takes everything

  30. Avatar Google User says:

    UN should have worldwide accepted treaty that military people should never rule any county, never should this be accepted for any county. A bunch of useless guys who never produced single dollar value thru their lives shall play only role of serving people, but not ruling

  31. Avatar Bhiya ji Smile says:

    Good mayanmar army ❤️❤️❤️👌👌

  32. Avatar Instant Noodles says:

    we all need to support these people. with training, and equipment

  33. Avatar @Herry.r says:

    These terorist are supported by china and pakistan

  34. Avatar nubuu says:

    “The only way to control violence is violence.”

  35. Avatar Explore Around Us And Capture says:


  36. Avatar Nigel Lewis says:

    Good luck

  37. Avatar Pineapple Owl says:

    i hope everyone sees how worthless china is as an ally. the real chinese allies n korea and the military dictatorship in myanmar are doing terrible but thats good for china.. china profits from the military rule for ocean shipping, oil and mining.. just like they do in n korea.. china is responsible.

  38. Avatar Chris sawma says:

    Korea also can,Myanmar you can

  39. Avatar Ajmolali82 says:

    Remember Russia, China and India are the biggest supplier of arms to the Junta force.

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      Russia and China yes! But India no! I have not seen any proof of that.
      Post a link to a reliable source with fact-based information, but I’m sure you’re trying to spread disinformation.

    • Avatar Sidicas says:

      It’s Russia, China, and Iran. Not india :).

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      @Sidicas Not Iran either! Where’s your proof of that? Stop spreading disinformation!

  40. Avatar quantum6 says:

    A lot of nations are heading to civil war around the same time.

  41. Avatar Afiso says:

    Try to infiltrate the military first and start from there.

  42. Avatar Subair Mecherikkal says:

    One of the biggest terrorist country

  43. Avatar Joseph Dong says:

    God is with you KNU 🌹🔥 lots of love from Mizoram 🌹

  44. Avatar carlos matos says:

    America propaganda america want to build military base in Myanmar to provoke China idiot’s

  45. Avatar Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    can,t there be any good news

  46. Avatar X says:


  47. Avatar Marcus Leclerc says:

    are they rebels like “isis” ( wahabi mercs sponsored by USA, Israel, Saudis & Turkey ) or real rebels ?

  48. Avatar Qawiy says:

    This is pretty stupid, why would you exposed their presence? Now the military can ambush them and know what they’re up to, they’re not gonna wait like anime characters that wait the protagonist to develop full power are they? Unless they’re very very stupid to begin with….

    • Avatar Anime Manic says:

      😂😂 They got plot armour so don’t worry 😂😂

  49. Avatar Al Quran Al Hadees TV says:


  50. Avatar Jaime Esquivel says:

    Don’t listen to anything AlJazeera has to say, they are a bias organization.

    • Avatar Rygar 218 says:

      @Jaime Esquivel As if we need your warning. What are you our Guardian? Like do you think “We” are Children?? Watching this and then scrolling down in the comment section and looking at what you have to say and like oh boy this guy has a great take on what I just saw and thinks this Newsite is Bias. So let me see what he thinks about what I just saw.

      Rather than the Most *Logical* conclusion. What someone would do or Say, “I don’t know what’s going on here. But, let me look up why these people are fighting their own Military. Then, I can make an more accurate decision.” There is plenty of information on Myanmar that doesn’t involve this New Agency.

      I don’t need a Random Bozo like you who is nothing but a Stranger to tell me how to ingest what I am watching. If I don’t like a Particular New Agency I don’t watch it. Maybe you should adhere to this? Not to mention if I personally watch a particular new agency I don’t want to listen to what the “Talking heads” have to tell me. I wanna hear what the people are saying on the Ground.

      Lets break down your next comment here, You said, “No where in my comments did I mention a favor towards the Myanmar Military. In fact, I didn’t decide on anything of the video topic. Why? Because I don’t trust this News Agency.”

      Really?? You can’t make a Decision? Yet, You stated in this very comment section the Military Junta Ousted the Rohingya. I’ll even highlight it for you. You said *”In the case with Myanmar not that long ago this military ousted Rohingya*, *more so atrocities had been reported by military & Myanmarese.”* So you know and understand the Military Junta committed a Genocide and Killed the Rohingya and *You Personally can’t make a Decision?* Are you Braindead? Tell me something. 100 people of a Tribe do criminal activity do you punish the 100 people? Or The Entire Tribe which could consist of Millions of people. Because that is what the Military Junta has done many times.

      You still haven’t answered my basic Question. Should your own Military be used to Kill Civilians?

    • Avatar Jaime Esquivel says:

      @Rygar 218 I’m entitled to my comment and you can heed my message or not. Also, I didn’t criticize or demean anyone discussing with me. I don’t know why you pickup an attitude for an argument.

    • Avatar Rygar 218 says:

      @Jaime Esquivel Correct. You can make comments. Attitude for an argument? Who said I was arguing with you? I’m just asking you questions. If you can’t answer questions, Maybe you shouldn’t comment in the first place?

      Why can’t you answer my questions? Have you actually taking the time yourself and looked into the situation of Myanmar? Should your own Military from your Country be used to kill your own Civilians? Why can’t you make a Decision about the Military Junta? Why should we heed your message? Who are you and why are you so important? Why should I care what you have to say? Are you any different than a Doomsayer standing on a Soap Box saying the End of the World is near?

    • Avatar Jaime Esquivel says:

      @Rygar 218 I think it appropriate that I answer at least one of your questions, seeing you have so many for me (Yet you don’t care what I have to say, still so many questions for me). Okay the question: “Really you can’t make a decision?” You are referencing the video I believe. Yes, I can make a decision, I chose not to. Even with my mentioning of the Myanmar military ousting Rohingya refugees & the atrocities that occurred. I already explained why I don’t want to state my opinion. Still I’ll add more, this video is not my said culprit, however there are many videos they put out that are bias. For that reason I just can’t take them for their word anymore. I hope this helps.

    • Avatar Rygar 218 says:

      @Jaime Esquivel Culprit? Your kidding right? Do you know how a Military Works? Let me inform you since you can’t make a decision.

      Well, in a Military they follow what’s called a “Command Structure,” Soldiers receive Orders. Once the Soldiers receive those orders they Carry out those Orders. So, The question here is un-bias and there’s no favoritism, nothing. Its just a General Question. So, I’ll ask you plain and simple. Should a Military be used to kill their own Civilians?

  51. Avatar Max Soon says:

    Rebels should learn from they counterparts from Vietnam. The guerrilla warfare during Vietnam wars. Get some advise from Vietnam veterans. Vietcong did attack cities during Vietnam wars. Daring attack.

  52. Avatar Raihan Uddin says:

    The Myanmar army has massacred the Rohingyas. Currently the same army is torturing Burmese. When the army was committing genocide. No Burmese protested then

  53. Avatar Lim Soo Peng says:

    Treat the winning over the military at the various states as trophies, set your next target on the grand prize, the headquarters of the military. Remember the mice that enter your house.

  54. Avatar Amal Abdelnour says:

    Al Jazeera is known for support for”rebels”. Mum told me the same story was in 2011 when al jazera supported terrorsts in Bahrain.
    Thanks God Bahrian won! We will not give up to Qatar and Iran! Never!

  55. Avatar Alkho Lyko says:

    Kayin people ftw

  56. Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

    When the leaders don’t listen to the people, and are killing them for holding signs, this is what you get.
    The Myanmar regime should get an ultimatum from the world. Change, or we arm the rebels with everything they need to take you down.

  57. Avatar President Xi Jinping's pox doctor says:

    Minglabar Myanmar…..lovely people.

  58. Avatar Mighty Moe says:

    If Al Jazeera is against the Junta chances are he’s a good guy.

    • Avatar Rygar 218 says:

      @Mighty Moe Dunno, where you are getting your news from, I suggest you stop watching it. Our Military would not be used to kill our own Civilians even if they are BLM and Antifa. Why only just that Particular group? We had Both Opportunists during Summer Violence and Extremists during the Jan 6th Failed Insurrection and they were pushed back. Both of these groups of People are being quietly arrested in their homes. Not to mention in America we are Armed to the Teeth.

      If you like the Military Junta maybe you should go to North Korea since you like that garbage so much. You can get that kind of Treatment around the year. Full on Oppression, no Freedoms, no backtalking, and only worshiping your god Kim. You would fit right in with Kim Jong Un. In fact what are you doing on the internet? Shouldn’t you be groveling before your Masters?

    • Avatar Michael Kent says:

      @Mighty Moe You would make a great dictator. Kill anyone that does not accept your rule. Yes kill all Rioters. That may amount to hundreds of thousands to millions of people. You are a wonderful example of a human being.

    • Avatar Michael Kent says:

      @Rygar 218 Mighty Moe is one unhinged person. I think we should call him Mighty Mow instead. He is really happy to Mow down Demonstrators.

    • Avatar Rygar 218 says:

      @Michael Kent For real. Probably already on FBI watchlists with these takes.

    • Avatar Michael Kent says:

      @Rygar 218 The Myanmar Junta are bad but this guy tops them. The Junta look tame compared to MOE. He is soo extreme that the Junta would take his guns of him so he does not wipe out a significant portion of the population.

  59. Avatar Gen Lun says:

    Who love to be under military coup they don’t even deserve to be call army they are terrorist please pray and support NUG

  60. Avatar SexyZ0mbieKillers says:

    it’s time the world unites in support of non-aggression and innovation. anything less is trading one tyranny for another.

    • Avatar Noshad Islam says:

      Right let’s start with Isreal

  61. Avatar Shavkat PANDA says:

    love and respect to Myanmar people
    dеаth to tаtmаdаw
    shаme on all govегnmеnts and individuals suрроrting the juntа

    • Avatar James Khant says:

      Lol I knew you would be here

    • Avatar 澳贼的爷爷 says:

      Hi, my friend . You lost . Myanmar government has already approached to Chinese government to mutual cooperation in economy and infrastructure development. You and your goons will face the bleak future very very soon.🤣🤣🤣

  62. Avatar Imam Hossan says:

    that’s Western some country want! 💩

  63. Avatar Northern Gamez says:

    why is noone helping them? o but the world dont likee when gaza bleeding , what about myanmar they need help too

  64. Avatar ђτ૯¡ท l¡ท says:

    U.N and ASEAN still in the meeting room lol

  65. Avatar infinity unique says:

    Why does ASEAN meet with the Burmese military 2021 June 4 ?
    Did the people of Burma ignore the request to meet with NUG?
    After this uprising, we have to look at which countries support the dictatorship and which countries want democracy?
    In countries ruled by fear, there are dictators above the law

    • Avatar Christiane Vanherck says:

      Russia and China support the Myanmar dictatorship by selling them weapons.

  66. Avatar Nikhil Rudra says:

    Use of military to end military, Intresting!

  67. Avatar Djlilbee says:

    Solve the puzzle, get rid of Communism. Make way for democracy let all political parties have a word to say even the small political parties..

  68. Avatar Cuong Nguyen says:

    4 ty nguoi tren the gioi ung ho het minh quan doi lap …len thay mau doi moi quan doi myanmar …bang luc luong quan doi moi khong tham gia phe phai chi bao ve dat nuoc …con quan doi hien nay lat do chinh quyen sang gia nhat va giet dan lay thanh tich lam vua long ten tap can cui

  69. Avatar Susan Diane Howell says:

    The elected civilian government WAS the 1962 military dictatorship.

    • Avatar Mama Moe says:

      This is a false claim. Arguing from Myanmar…

    • Avatar Susan Diane Howell says:

      @Mama Moe Tatmadaw is the BSPP.

  70. Avatar Ped0 Pr0phet Rangila Ertugrul says:

    Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and UAE Bahrain Egypt Saudi Arabia support it ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  71. Avatar Maurazio says:

    I wonder about the people who run these militias, if the fresh blood ends the dictatorship you risk having them taking control and just running a narco state.

  72. Avatar Warmonger87 says:

    Al Jazzera Rules

  73. Avatar Henry Sim says:

    Finally the pro-democracy had waken up to change a military gov only one way take up arms. Many years ago China Sun Yat Sen once said revolution/change gov had to shed blood. In order to quicken the regime change I advise the Myanmar people to ask for foreign help and offer them land or other economic benefit and I belief the Junta had already offer this to foreign power. Maybe you should ask your neighbour for help like food and weapon for exchange of land when you once rule the country again.😎😎😎

  74. Avatar Orion Bloom says:

    Why are they wearing masks in the jungle?

  75. Avatar Dilshan Khan says:

    As you sow, so you shall reap

  76. Avatar Haze says:

    Long live rebellion

  77. Avatar Ringphapam Kashung says:

    May God bring peaceful victory dear brothers n sisters… Love from Ukhrul, manipur.. India..

  78. Avatar C'Mon Man says:

    The vast majority of innocent people of Myanmar have suffered for way too long, through no fault of their own.
    Peace and prosperity to all beautiful wonderful long-suffering Myanmar people! 🙏 🙏 🙏

    • Avatar Uncle Chinsyou says:

      @Ole Fella Just about four decades earlier, populous Bangladesh with a mega population of 180 million, that had been sending millions of their unwanted Bengali illegal immigrants into Myanmar, (as well as North-East India & Nepal) for ages when Myanmar has declared national emergency in Rakhine State, (which is immediately next to Bangladesh) ever since late 1970s; but the West and their Western news medias ignored it all, ever since Burma had been boycotted by Capitalist West, when impoverished nation turned to Socialism after long painful Colonial era; and as a result, hardly any one out of Myanmar knew truths about what’s going on.
      Like I said, the West and Western media had been keeping mum for decades while Bangladeshis were pouring into neighboring Rakhine State in the 70’s and 80’s.
      Moreover, ‘Dictatorship’, ‘Corrupt’, ‘Authoritarian’ are just words applied to any nation that doesn’t submit to the Capitalist Imperialist West.
      Myanmar is just another nation, the U.S & the West try to rule and fail.
      By the way, much thanks for your informative multi-pages ‘Ole Fella’ comment on YouTube at,
      “Aung San Suu Kyi Exclusive Interview BBC”.

    • Avatar C'Mon Man says:

      @Ole Fella Former Colonial Anglo West has been consistently trying to divide Burma/Myanmar into pieces for ages. They have been watching and waiting for this opportunity at every corner and every turn in Myanmar’s history since it gained Independence from Britain some seventy years ago. I may be wrong, but my gut feeling has been telling me this for a long time. Remember, Yugoslavia, the world leader of the Non-Aligned Movement during the Cold War, and what happened to that nation? Today, former Yugoslavia was divided and became six smaller nations, much thanks to the West. Slavery, Colonialism and Colonization, etc are evil things done and benefited by evildoers. In centuries-long old Colonial era, when the world was under Colonial Anglo Western control & influence; nations/ethnic groups in Asia, Africa, North & South America, were committing atrocities against one another (brother against brother, etc), all because Colonial West pit one group against another, which is the the ploy (such as, ‘divide & conquer, divide & rule, divide & loot’), that were regularly used for their own Western advantages; what they call it, ‘Anglo Western Interests’. It’s all about ‘Anglo Western Hegemony’.
      Do you know the fact that there are only two nations in the world that have been continuously engaged in fighting since WWII. They are USA and Myanmar. While wealthy USA, as a gang leader of Capitalist Imperialist Anglo West, would go all over the whole wide world to engage in wars, to loot bounties, and thus became evermore prosperous; impoverished Myanmar, on the other hand, is engaged in internal civil war, brother against brother, which causes everyone involved getting even more impoverished and destitute. So and so, this cycle of ‘infighting and poverty’ continues back and forth to this day. A sad truth indeed.
      Moreover, the Capitalist Imperialist West would go into the region/nation for their own interest, and then divide and conquer, divide and rule, divide and loot, pit one ‘local group’ against another. These ‘local populace’ that are used by the West or sided with the West, in the conflict/crisis/war, and when they are needed to be evacuated for one reason or the other, then the West will raise the issue about ‘refugees’. This has been the case throughout history wherever the conflict the West is involved in. In fact, there were tens of millions of refugees here in the USA & other Western nations that the West brings in throughout history, past and present.
      Finally, Myanmar has had no politics for over two generations; so it’s new for people there, young and old alike. In other words, it’s easy to get fooled by the Capitalist Imperialist trick. Here in USA, the so-called ‘Politics’ is a little more than a ‘Window Dressing’ (mainly used by the wealthiest Capitalist/ the One Percent elite who are ‘The Power That Be’/ the real ruler of the land), while ‘Politicians’ are merely ‘Poster Boys’ put it out as part of Democracy. Besides, Capitalist West’s so-called ‘Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights’, etc are just marketing terms used by the Rich/obscenely rich Capitalists from The Capitalist USA & the West to sell their game, subjugating the Poor throughout the whole wide world, and milking them for everything they can. In other words, Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights are just marketing tools used by the Rich from the USA & the West to sell their game, subjugate and milk the Poor worldwide.
      In fact, a mere fifty (50) Capitalist elites from the USA & the West have more wealth than half the world population, which is nearly 4 billions.

    • Avatar Ole Fella says:

      @Uncle Chinsyou Speaking of Bengali Rohingas, here’s my suggestion; why not bring them over to a place like Australia? Problems solved.
      The fact that notorious Anglo Western clans are major participants & benefactors of Colonization worldwide, stretching from;
      – North America, the land rightfully belongs to indigenous Native American people to
      – Australia/New Zealand in Asia-Pacific, the land rightfully belongs to Native people of Asia Pacific region.

      In fact, Singapore, a tiny island with 6 million souls lives like sardines in a can, where else in nearby vast bountiful Australia which is ten thousand times 10,000 bigger with a mere 27 million inhabitants.
      Similar situation in tiny and packed Japan, which is running out of space and land. Do you know their living room and bedroom are the same place, and that most Japanese people sleep in their living room? 😔

    • Avatar Ole Fella says:

      @C’Mon Man Like I mentioned earlier, it seems the West, Western media and their affiliates are having a daily dose of diarrhea regarding Myanmar coup these days, that Western sponsored ‘Color Revolution’ in Myanmar is now creating humanitarian crises all over the nation, as peaceful protests are turning into violent riots. It seems all the Western inciters from places like Hong Kong in the past are in Myanmar.
      True. The West & Western media has been keeping mum for decades while Bangladeshis were pouring into neighboring Rakhine State in the 70’s and 80’s.
      Moreover, the fact the Colonial Anglo West has left countless trails of ‘WRONGS’ that Indochina and other former colonial nations are still trying to untangle and get them right, to right those wrongs. While at the same time, former Colonial powers and the West have been busy blacklisting, boycotting and sanctioning all those nations that try to right the wrongs of all their sins/wrongs of the past. Since the world is still under their mighty military, economic and political control and influence; although to some degrees, it seems dwindling lately as China and others are rising steadily and thus slowly but steadily shifting the balance of the power of the world.
      Long-live, peace and prosperity to long suffering Myanmar & Indochina!
      For plain truths, pls read my insightful multi-pages ‘Ole Fella’ comment on YouTube at, “Aung San Suu Kyi Exclusive Interview BBC”.., (Just scroll down a couple hundred other comments before you see my ‘Ole Fella’ comment there).

    • Avatar C'Mon Man says:

      @Ole Fella ‘Dictatorship’, ‘Corrupt’, ‘Authoritarian’ are just words applied to any nation that doesn’t submit to the Capitalist Imperialist West.
      Myanmar is just another nation, the U.S & the West try to rule and fail.
      Speaking of Western News Media, one can always tell whether a nation is willing to bend over for the West or not.
      ~ If they are, and they’re complete tools, then ANYTHING they do would be covered up.
      ~ If they aren’t, then we get stories, through Western news media, about how “bad” and “mean” they are.

      Moreover, when the West needs you, they call you a hero, and give you all kinds of honor.
      When they find out you are not the puppet they want, then you become a criminal and murderer.
      Same old lame old Colonialist-turned Capitalist Imperialist trick!

      By the way, much thanks for your informative multi-pages ‘Ole Fella’ comment on UTube at, “Aung San Suu Kyi Exclusive Interview BBC”.., which helps me better understand hidden truths about Myanmar.

  79. Avatar Sache Taylor says:

    savemyanmar justice for myanmar🇲🇲

  80. Avatar Paul Mccarter says:

    Power to the People!

  81. Avatar Abdul Rahma. عبد الرحمن says:


  82. Avatar zero g says:

    The freedom fighters should take all the tanks and weapons by taking the small stations first…. Then advancing untill the other nations start giving the freedom fighters weapons and food..

    • Avatar zero g says:

      Aftewards even missiles to strike down those jets.

    • Avatar Sidicas says:

      ​@zero g Did you see the video of them shooting down a Military helicopter. That was epic.

    • Avatar zero g says:

      @Sidicas unreal how they did that … I saw that I was like man even if they were supplied with a few weapons they could probably take down this coupe. Invest in a drone or steal one from the opposition and get rid of the top pigs first.

  83. Avatar zero g says:

    Then they should cut off guns to the coupe ..

  84. Avatar Alejandro Navarro says:

    Keep it up, proud of you guys.
    The United States should be funding the overthrow of the dictatorship.

  85. Avatar Kerrigan Hayes says:

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. – JFK

  86. Avatar None of your Business says:

    Who armed them?

  87. Avatar Tun Lin Naing says:

    Day 125 of Coup !!!
    A total of 847 people was brutally killed by SAC terrorists since junta unlawfully seized the power on Feb 1. 5785 people were arrested, 4642 people were still detained and 1931 warrants out.



  88. Avatar JrayLeano Leano says:

    😂😂😂if this channel can find them do you think thier government can’t?…

  89. Avatar Tommy Aung - TA says:

    The get into trap of powerful Myanmar military. There’s no hope for freedom for young people taking arms to fight with a country’s military. This is the end of their struggle for democracy.

  90. Avatar Afsana Khan says:

    Mind begs the question:
    If rebel group won and military dictatorship is over, will prosecuted Rohiniya minority be able to result to Myanmar?

    • Avatar SPICY_PUMPKIN says:

      Yes, you should see the NUG government news.

    • Avatar 74th Artillery says:

      I don’t see that will happen because they think rohingya is not from myanmar

  91. Avatar ho kwan mak says:

    the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants

  92. Avatar Abdus says:

    Rebal are terrist people why don’t accept the army talk????

  93. Avatar Doe Serpent says:

    These smart young people are precious .. please don’t let them waste away,. Coup should be made illegal worldwide

  94. Avatar HKspurs10 says:

    So brave!

  95. Avatar Horseface Oxhead says:

    There is nothing Google can do to stop me.

  96. Avatar Aiden Muslim says:

    Insha Allah with this comes the end of the persecution of Rhoyingas, we will see in the end IF the rebels do win and see if they will be allowed back in. If they’re not, then it’s just another government in charge in rule. Although I don’t really believe rebels with small-arms like rifles and pistols and a few hand grenades and rockets could defeat a military the knowledge is with Allah.

  97. Avatar 74th Artillery says:

    Syria 2.0

  98. Avatar Harrow says:

    Brave souls,bring back the happiness you so richly deserve,put the military to sleep once and for all,bless your determination,make your country proud.

  99. Avatar Lal Siamthara says:

    Keep it up, just catch min awng hlaeing..grab like gaddafi..

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