Turkey’s ‘Sea snot’: Dense algae choking wildlife

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An outbreak of algae in the sea of Marmara in Turkey is alarming scientists.
The slime has grown so much that it is threatening wildlife, local businesses, and the environment.

Al Jazeera’s Leah Harding reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar kaydenpat says:


  2. Avatar Rabin Alam says:

    Nice video

  3. Avatar Shabeer Shah khan says:

    I am first one to watched this news

  4. Avatar hassan ali says:

    First comment
    صلى الله عليه وسلم

    • Avatar Senced BntSenced says:

      Muhammad s.a.w.w

  5. Avatar حماس 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 says:


    • Avatar Alex Mercer says:

      Zionist dog

    • Avatar Shabir burhani leugenaar says:

      You are a 💩🤡🤡🤡from Netherlands 🇳🇱

    • Avatar Shabir burhani leugenaar says:

      Attack Iran please 😂😂😂they wil nuke you

    • Avatar Your Mom says:

      Israel isn’t even mentioned, sees an Israeli bootlicker comment. Y’all deserve all of the disdain you receive.

    • Avatar Monarch says:

      @Shabir burhani leugenaar and Pakistan 🇵🇰 will not do anything

  6. Avatar Mother's who Empower other Mother's! says:

    😱 that is very serious.

    • Avatar Ibrahim Abboud says:

      DEADLY serious. Maybe not overwhelmingly in the present but certainly for the future. Erdoğan will be ousted soon enough (and hopefully answer for his war crimes).

    • Avatar John Fucker says:

      @Ibrahim Abboud ******* u arab

    • Avatar John Fucker says:

      @Ibrahim Abboud okey then tell him for ur mother

  7. Avatar Stephanie Parker says:

    The fishing industry is doomed. Turkey’s current President best do sumthin quik!!

    • Avatar John Fucker says:

      @Central Booty of Investigation is that ur father

    • Avatar Monarch says:

      Erdogan is evil

    • Avatar John Fucker says:

      @Monarch of course ur mother

    • Avatar Gregory K says:

      @Ahmad Lut Nik ya right. and who’s going to get it out?

    • Avatar Abraham Tsfaye says:

      A very overblown statement. Almost comically stupid.

  8. Avatar dylantoshi says:

    I watched this news even before this incident happened.😎

  9. Avatar Arik Nahmias says:

    And what about Erdogan?

  10. Avatar Green Warld says:

    Good job Turkey

  11. Avatar luis martinez says:

    Something like a filter that absorbs it and shoots out clean water.

  12. Avatar Prateek Sonkhla says:

    This is what they deserve

  13. Avatar Elcim Elgun Kirimli says:

    Please note that it is not the southern coast of Turkey. It is the Marmara Sea by south of Istanbul, hence northwestern part of Turkey.

    • Avatar Jason Daniels says:

      Listen…. It’s coming to all coastlines.

    • Avatar Elcim Elgun Kirimli says:

      @Jason Daniels Indeed, there are rumors today that it is also seen in Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. It is so sad..

    • Avatar Jason Daniels says:

      @Elcim Elgun Kirimli That sucks. Shot for the update bro

    • Avatar Akhmed Nalla says:

      Al-Jazeera is a sucker

  14. Avatar rurutu M says:

    Get some mussels to eat these.

  15. Avatar Anisur Rahman says:

    Excellent report

    • Avatar It's all sausage to me says:

      lol, they intentionally didn’t say who was dumping the untreated sewage water, which is the root cause of this situation along with climate change.

  16. Avatar Sips of Hell says:

    just skim it out and dump it in the Sahara. problem solved

  17. Avatar Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    Both Turkey and Pakistan are goid

    • Avatar Zubair Ahmed says:

      Don’t compare turkey with third world country like Pakistan

    • Avatar Yolo says:

      @Zubair Ahmed where are you from ?

  18. Avatar Tom says:

    Algae is also wildlife and has every right to maximize it’s population. Calm down human.

    • Avatar Mel T says:

      @Camel P¡ss Drinker Sheikh I’m sorry to hear this

    • Avatar Camel P¡ss Drinker Sheikh says:

      @Mel T please spread awareness about MERS

    • Avatar Peter Chew says:

      @Mel T Whoops l may have gone overboard but still Climate change is real …..

    • Avatar Mel T says:

      @Camel P¡ss Drinker Sheikh Yes, I will share this with people I know 🙏🌷

    • Avatar Mel T says:

      @Peter Chew Climate has always been changing and it always will be. I don’t automatically believe everything the media is saying, though. Some of it is scaremongering. I don’t know how old you are, but about every 20 years they do this – tell everyone the earth is about to end..or that by the year xxxx they’ll be no more food..and it doesn’t happen.

  19. Avatar Amur Ika says:


  20. Avatar ሸረፈ ከይሬ says:


  21. Avatar David Diven says:

    A 3rd of the ocean will die…

    • Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

      sounds like something a crazy person would say, oh yeah. John of Patmos, exiled because he was a crazy man that roused the rabble and made problems for the Romans. His Letters Home are his insane fan fiction against his Roman Oppressors nothing else, except to the simple minded.

  22. Avatar Abigail Roberts says:

    Good. This will make Erdogan busy to keep him away from warmongering.

    • Avatar Your Mom says:

      @Peter Atherton oh look, another Israeli bootlicker…

    • Avatar John Fucker says:

      @Peter Atherton esraeli 🐕

    • Avatar John Fucker says:

      @Peter Atherton if u r orthodox Jewish ✡
      I have respect for u but if u r not
      Fake Jewish 👎

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      Be blessed everyone

  24. Avatar Jan Nowak says:

    People WAKE UP !!!

    • Avatar Psych Out says:

      People are woke, just indifferent because they didn’t suffur from immediate consequences yet.

    • Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

      LIVE IN FEAR AND PANIC !!!! because you’re more easily herded that way

  25. Avatar Captain Nemo says:

    Turkey you have an infection, get it diagnosed.

  26. Avatar Gaming Tonight says:

    Must be a chemical that would disperse it? If not, then another sign of collapse because of the climate. How many of this coastal population are going to move inland, if this slime continues? This is how in 2020 we have already had 40 million climate refugees having to move because of environmental issues.

  27. Avatar Y- Fi says:

    Earth is dying bcoz of immense human corruotion

    • Avatar Vanger48912 says:

      The Earth isn’t dying. It’s becoming uninhabitable for humans. After we die out it will spring back to life.

    • Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

      The Earth is trying to kill of it’s infestation of Humans. You all are a big problem and the sooner the better you all are gone the better. Mars, Mars looks good, Go To Mars.

  28. Avatar Thaikhom Thaimei says:

    Solution to the polution is total destruction, not this please.
    It’s never too late God’s mercy exceed all things, together we can build again God and organic world.

    • Avatar Psych Out says:

      “Solution to the polution is total destruction” tf does that even mean?

  29. Avatar Tom Samad says:

    But can this “sea snot” be commercialized?

    • Avatar Aloha says:

      If it can, theyll start creating it rather than trying to find solutions to end it.

  30. Avatar Zubair Ahmed says:

    Stop dumping sewer lines water directly into a river

  31. Avatar Ashraf Bin Chowdhury says:

    So sad……

  32. Avatar Shabir burhani leugenaar says:

    I saw this back in 2020 in Antalya

    • Avatar E. K. says:

      Dont say lie! This is soo far away from Mediterrian and agean sea. Turkey have 4 sea. Blacksea, marmara sea, agean and mediterrian sea.

  33. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:


  34. Avatar Saq de Coq says:

    I bet Erdogan will handle this as good as his economy.

  35. Avatar sehar dorai raj says:

    This is the calamities God Almighty send to the ottomans who are enemies of Isreal. Ottomans you deserve it?????

    • Avatar E. K. says:

      Learn a little bit history! Ottomans protected millions of jews people. When they are killed in spain in europe, ottomans opened the door to them. They came to ottoman empire. They lived in every part of empire from morocco to Turkey. Stupit brainwashed ships.

    • Avatar sehar dorai raj says:

      @E. K. ottomans only in invaded nation.The Moors from Africa are the ones!!!!.Not the musezine ottomans, you got it wrong mate!!!!!

    • Avatar YOU ARE NAZI says:

      @E. K. but now turkey is enemy of israel.

    • Avatar YOU ARE NAZI says:


  36. Avatar Mariana Salles says:

    So sad! Too much humans to interfere with the planet, ecosystem

  37. Avatar Havier Villalobos says:

    A filmmaker thinks he knows what causing this, dork! Not humans, God is doing what he said he would do in revelations! Its going to get worse cause you’ll hate him.

    • Avatar itchntohitch says:

      God? Pull my finger!

    • Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

      John of Patmos wrote some scathing fan fiction against his Roman Oppressors, they didn’t want him around because, he was crazy and roused the rabble making problems for the Romans. so they stuck him on an island to end his Crazy days. Book of Revelations = Fan Fiction

    • Avatar Alpa Cino says:

      Your god is acting like a spoiled teenage girl.

    • Avatar Havier Villalobos says:

      You all get to meet him and your going to be scared of your wise words!

    • Avatar Alpa Cino says:

      @Havier Villalobos Nah… your god, your problem.

  38. Avatar Jon Mason says:

    Indicative of who is in control?

    • Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

      when y’all said, ”in guns we trust” instead of ”In GOD We Trust” He Left.
      You pray to an open sky and the void of Outer Space. There’s no one there to even answer your prayers with a ”No”. It’s humans vs Nature, Good Luck With That. do you see any Big Dinosaurs?

    • Avatar Jon Mason says:

      @RIXRADvidz Empty words for the unforgiven.
      ‘If you are not with me , then you are against me’ Matthew 12:30.

  39. Avatar Rafeeky says:

    “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”…

    • Avatar Alpa Cino says:

      I’ll take your valuables, you are free to go.

  40. Avatar guy Location says:

    Erdogan = Slime )))

    • Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

      This man gets it.

  41. Avatar Simone Dury says:

    Thats boak

  42. Avatar Liberals TrashEverything says:

    Imagine if the Media put this much effort into investigating Biden, Obama , and Clintons ?????

  43. Avatar unexplained wearenotalone says:

    Why they no tell about fish poison why no tell news only this show in black sea fish they tell is so much dangerous poison.

  44. Avatar Tazboy says:

    dry them and make chicken ,fish or animal feed with it

  45. Avatar Bow Truckle says:

    Bask in the glory that is YOUR FAILURE! Capitalist pigs! This is what happens when your only thought in life is “…need more money”.

  46. Avatar Abdul Rahma. عبد الرحمن says:


  47. Avatar Rob says:

    Stop Polluting
    Common Core Educated Idiots…

  48. Avatar Red Win says:


  49. Avatar me bxbr marcelle.olga. says:

    Plastic CHIMIQUES..polution. la nature se fache

  50. Avatar Bell 88 says:

    We are a virus to Mother Earth! Dozens of countries contributing to ocean pollution. Developed countries shipping their garbage to third world countries. Third world country politicians accepts the garbage because it’s more money in their pockets! However, that garbage goes into rivers and oceans killing every life it touches. So the poor sits back and watches while the corrupt slowly kills our food source! Third world countries because of corrupt politicians doesn’t have proper sewage systems! Dumping feces, industrial chemicals, and waste into our oceans waiting for Developed countries to clean up their mess!

  51. Avatar Ezna kool says:

    حَسْبُنَا اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ

  52. Avatar Todd Haskell says:

    Looks like they need to start doing something about run-off & household waste, & hopefully, it is only seasonal & will diminish with cooler seawater temperatures.

  53. Avatar itchntohitch says:

    It seems as though Allah is not listening…..!
    You get back what you give. Pray a little harder. Lets see how well that works!

    • Avatar Shaheen Akhter says:

      God helps those who help themselves. Action is needed along with Praying, that is the Principal of Success.

    • Avatar YT User says:

      Well… Whatever helps you to calm down your hatred…

  54. Avatar unter mench says:

    Perhaps they need a new treatment plant.

  55. Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

    Turkey will see worsening disasters as long as Erdogan is in power. With him in power the HATE has a home in the nation. The HATE permeates the people, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia all products of the HATE the Lives in Turkey’s Leader, Erdogan. Remove Erdogan and change your ways if you want it to stop.

  56. Avatar RIXRADvidz says:

    ”the slime will not go away on it’s own”
    uh, yes it will. one morning they’ll wake up and it’ll all be gone
    just like the morning they woke up and their harbor was choked by algae.

  57. Avatar Gregory K says:

    Go vacation there!

  58. Avatar Nico De Musicos says:

    Time for action ! This must be reversed, Humans need to stop devastating our natural systems. Every form of pollution we create has a knock on affect but too many people just don’t care . We will get to a stage where we can’t even eat from the rivers and oceans it will be too contaminated.

  59. Avatar Blah Blah says:

    So Erdogan is not only not doing anything about it, he even declined an investigation what’s exactly the cause of this?

    Wow, just wow.
    That’s pathetic.
    When will the Turkish people wake up and elect a new president?

    • Avatar Smoothie Lyrics says:

      true. I live in Turkey and we don’t like him. Only old people love him so that’s why he wins. But we will change it to generation Z.

    • Avatar napim says:

      Soon it will happen

    • Avatar Blah Blah says:

      @Smoothie Lyrics
      I hope you young people will make it happen!
      It’s your future after all!
      I wish you all the best!

    • Avatar Dsrakond says:

      @Ayhan Aktaş ah doğru pardon

    • Avatar Smoothie Lyrics says:

      @Blah Blah thank you so much. And yes I hope we will.

  60. Avatar MrPolinikis says:

    Keep it away from the beautiful Aegean !

  61. Avatar Erencan Ayhan says:

    “Turkey’s southern coast” “sea of marmara” As a person with a tiny geography knowledge, I have never thought i would see those two words together

    • Avatar norma beatriz says:

      South or north, is a catastrophe.

  62. Avatar Edward R says:

    flamethrower that stuff

  63. Avatar Susan Diane Howell says:

    That is sea moss?  Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, processed in powdered form.

  64. Avatar Mijail Suarez says:

    That’s just the ocean throwing your s*** back at you

  65. Avatar Anna Rock says:

    This is decades of neglected , infrastructure, everywhere around Mediterana. Not to invest in plant purification and sewer managment while the cyties grows , without proper plant purification, for drinking water or sewege. Is not the peoples is the absence of management to prevent this problems in decades.

  66. Avatar Anna Rock says:

    Bilions spend on arms, but not in purifications plants. Same problem in all the countries around Mediterana.

  67. Avatar Hayan Imadi says:

    *”When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.”*

    • Avatar Razz aus says:


    • Avatar sam lux says:

      because you don’t have enough money

  68. Avatar Prince 0030 says:


  69. Avatar Ferit Tuzun says:

    Sultan erdogan vows the snot as he always does to everything. Probably the only thing they will do as a measure will be a warning saying not to throw any plastic bottle to the sea

  70. Avatar Alpa Cino says:

    Why is Turkey destroying the sea?

    • Avatar Hazel09 says:

      because Marmara is an inland sea. There are many cities around and all their dirt goes to the sea.

  71. Avatar James Morse says:

    All the cruise ships sitting around idle….and they can be converted to giant scum suckers?

    • Avatar rajesh vemula says:

      if that than Suez should have 10 times more then this ? turky canal traffic is less …

  72. Avatar Vedang Pande says:

    Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia should come together against Islamophobia of Sea Snot and call for Jihad 😂😂😂😂

    • Avatar Britanistan says:

      Mow mow 🐮🐄🐄

  73. Avatar Aloha says:

    No solution?! How about you stop be filthy pigs with no consideration for the impact you have on the planet?!?!

  74. Avatar Tagoy Dron says:

    Thats the wrath of God to Turkey..the God of israel.

  75. Avatar Abraham Tsfaye says:

    Despite this problem which will be solved. Turkey is a beautiful country.

  76. Avatar Drake Plus says:

    Right thing finally happen karma

  77. Avatar jarosław bielski says:

    The idea in the heart of man is like deep water;
    but a wise husband knows how to draw it.

  78. Avatar L. Gj says:

    This is what you get after supporting war in unstable regions with any luck more will be coming

  79. Avatar Pan_be V_nice says:

    Slimy Erdogan, clean your filth!!

  80. Avatar HahThatsWhatSheSaid says:

    On the 8th day, God sneezed and created sea snot.

    When God sneezes, is it appropriate to say “bless yourself”?

  81. Avatar Timur Joro says:

    Erdogan is a typical dictator. He is against saving the planet!

  82. Avatar rajesh vemula says:

    gods blessing …..🤗🤗🤗🤗please do snort jihad this will be really helpful for planets then other jihads

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