Canada anti-Muslim attack: ‘It could have been any one of us’

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A vigil has been held in Canada in memory of a Muslim family killed when the driver of a pick-up truck ran them over.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the attack on the Afzaal family in Ontario a “terrorist attack”.
Police say the crime was motivated by anti-Muslim hate.
A 20-year-old man, Nathaniel Veltman, was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar sk faruk says:

    Who made human beings….

  2. Avatar V K says:

    I am brown! I am so worried !

  3. Avatar Diaz Castro says:

    This country future is not safe . Soon ppl will be beheaded after all it’s becoming islam country

  4. Avatar A blood orange says:

    And this will provoke some and lead to an Islamist terror attack and the cycle will start again unfortunately.

  5. Avatar Asha Adan says:

    Inalilahi waa innahu ileyhi rajoon. May Allah grant them jannahtul firdaws Ameen.

  6. Avatar Seunarine Maharaj says:

    Canada is a country made up of immigrants from all over the world the only real canadians are the native indians

  7. Avatar NoFaceReacts 2.0 says:

    This guy is absolutely great I’m a Muslim and I would definitely show my respect to Trudeau for not being biased to a particular people

  8. Avatar Captain McTavish says:

    Against Islam? You have Islamophobia? Ok
    We are not fear about your problem. Our sisters hizab show our love to women.
    For every 1 we lost as a Human bacome sahid. And 10 accept islam as a there religion.
    Well played nature

  9. Avatar M Haniff says:

    Canada needs to walk the talk, enough hot air. Trudeau and the Liberals need to honestly address racism and Islamaphobia, like the NDP.

  10. Avatar Ronnie Datukon says:

    Canada stands for justice to all its citizenry … understanding and respect makes peace… long live Canada

  11. Avatar naaz creation says:

    Alhamdulillah islam is Peace

  12. Avatar Kay G Universal says:

    OMG😱😭😭😭! Isn’t just Canada…. moreover 6 billion people on this planet in ALL NONE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES in this world are AGAINST Radicalization, AGAINST Jihadism, AGAINST Terrorism, and OPPOSED to the Islamic Politics!😭! What’s wrong with the world today???😭.

  13. Avatar Jake Baker says:

    The truth can be uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean we get to distort it. We have to confront ourselves to grow. And we are lucky our Prime Minister is leading the charge.

  14. Avatar Emily Girl says:

    Well done to Canada for all sticking together and Canadian PM is just a gem love him !!! Shame to say there are a few bad uneducated people everyone in the world who thinks killing innocents is the way forward love to Canada from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Avatar Moljo says:

      Have fun with islamism taking over your country

  15. Avatar Tati Sulastri says:

    Inna lillaahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’uun, Allahummagfirlahum war hamhum wa ‘aafihii wa’fu ‘anhum, may Allah SWT grant them with jannah, aamiin..

  16. Avatar Accountant Excel says:

    This is how a leader of the great nation addresses and takes the responsibility of the wrong that’s happened in the society and try to wake up his nation with words to come together and be better people. God bless Canada and Canadian people.

  17. Avatar Alia Khan says:

    This wasn’t simply a hate crime but an act of terrorism committed by a specific person.

  18. Avatar arif ali says:

    I thought Canada is a country where diversity is understood and respected. RIP the souls of innocent citizens. Respect to the leadership of 🇨🇦. ❤️ from a Pakistani American. I wish one day we all stand up as humans and put down our differences.

    • Avatar Moljo says:

      maybe it has something to do with the religion itself?

    • Avatar ahmed ali says:

      Pakistanis in the UK throw down at instances like this

  19. Avatar Khaled Duzdar says:

    Racism is at large in Canada but no one speaks about it

  20. Avatar اللهم بسمك كهف مطقىر says:

    Why not get thouse news papers and TV channels who decide humanity by printing hate should be accountable for this

  21. Avatar اللهم بسمك كهف مطقىر says:

    Talks are not enough

  22. Avatar jacobrocks7 says:

    Rare in Canada but an everyday occurrence in the racist USA

  23. Avatar Dany says:

    May Allah bless all of us, Jannah for all of my muslim brothers and sisters inshaallah

  24. Avatar Quran & Islam says:

    I call everyone to listen Quran Pak Recitation ❤️🤲

  25. Avatar Shahid p Shahid p says:

    Salaam Justin trudo Sir I appreciate your decision Allah bless you and your country Masha Allah

  26. Avatar RAYMOND OYIEKO says:

    Despite all the problems still Canada is the best Country on Earth, I believe those hate are from USA citizens migrated to Canada , greetings from Tanzania

  27. Avatar A G says:

    Im sorry but if racism and Islamophobia are real, why this still happen ? So after saying and recognizing it … will this be the last one ? Its funny how we say things we recognized it but nothing happens to totally stop it ! This will not be the last !

  28. Avatar Dusty Rose says:

    Deepest Condolences to the family.

  29. Avatar Salim Shaik says:

    i love justin i love humanity i love peace i love islam

  30. Avatar danial khan says:

    Hats off.

  31. Avatar Andrew Tan says:

    I’m proud I’m not a Muslim

  32. Avatar Andrew Tan says:

    So after what Donald Trump said was actually true. Isis attack must be stopped

  33. Avatar Justanotherday inparadise says:

    this is more division for us. without facts ppls opinions are becoming facts, this is not democracy

  34. Avatar Cee Dee says:

    Love justin Trudeau the youngest best ever prime minister ever …. canadians are either the luckiest of them people or they are just very intelligent and extremly wise to have him elected as prime minister 😍🥰😍🥰😍

  35. Avatar Arutshivam APJ says:

    Apart from all politics,has great deal of courage to accept the truth and looking for secularism.

  36. Avatar Nias 2019 says:

    Brave heart to proclaim truth.

  37. Avatar Mc Kwame says:

    Christophobia in Islamic states

  38. Avatar Muhsin Moosamikandy says:

    Big salute Sir 👍👍👍

  39. Avatar virender negi says:

    Islam is the religion of terrorism

  40. Avatar virender negi says:

    Muhammad was a terrorist who killed innocent peoples

  41. Avatar S A N J U says:

    Our sikh brother are always there for help…love from 🇮🇳

  42. Avatar Furqan Altaf says:

    Great canadian pm a real human❤

  43. Avatar Umar Usman says:

    Canada 🇨🇦 is a terrorist country.

  44. Avatar Umar Usman says:

    Canada🇨🇦 is a terrorist country.

  45. Avatar Umar Usman says:

    🇨🇦Canada is a terrorist country. Stop going Canada 🇨🇦, there is threat to your life.

  46. Avatar Umar Usman says:

    Canada 🇨🇦 is a terrorist country

  47. Avatar Minneo Hansong says:

    Let not happen again,

  48. Avatar Umar Usman says:

    Canada 🇨🇦 is a terrorist

  49. Avatar Umar Usman says:

    Canada 🇨🇦is a terrorist country

  50. Avatar Umar Usman says:

    Canada🇨🇦 is a terrorist country

  51. Avatar Sathishh Kumar says:

    Islam is peace violance does not achieve any thing

  52. Avatar Chris Ng says:

    a sad day for humanity…. all because of colour and religion

  53. Avatar drfye says:

    I hope Trudeau is voted out soon.

  54. Avatar Nil Gun says:

    Now they retaliate carefulfolks

  55. Avatar Sohaib N. says:

    You all are the promotors of these terms to create bad blood among communities

  56. Avatar Sohail Ali says:

    Love troudou ❤️

  57. Avatar Laila Roshni says:

    Wooww thank you

  58. Avatar Fouzia Hashi says:

    Islamophopia Is Real many places in World.

    • Avatar apple orange says:

      Was asia bibi acquired of Islamophobia

  59. Avatar travel time news says:

    Never knew Trudeau as such a sincere leader until now . Tragedy revealed his kindness.

  60. Avatar travel time news says:

    That Singh man is very good too, great orator.

  61. Avatar J@n@ni says:

    Let’s have a Muslim prime minister in Canada.

  62. Avatar travel time news says:

    Canada great country, leadership and community leaders so good .

  63. Avatar Muhammad Naseem says:

    We love you to be best leader! May Allah bless you always! Ameen 🤲

  64. Avatar Learn Pashto says:

    I still love Canada because most Canadians are nice people

    Greetings from a Muslim

    • Avatar apple orange says:

      Dont come
      These will only increase god willingly
      We will reclaim our land like how Taliban did

  65. Avatar Kamrudin Elias says:

    What if globally starts WHITEOPHOBIA……

  66. Avatar Kamrudin Elias says:

    Boycott Racists globally….

  67. Avatar James says:

    The answer is “generation kill”…..research that u will know everything whts going on

  68. Avatar A H says:

    Wow canada 🇨🇦 respect from uk 🇬🇧 👏

  69. Avatar habib alhusaini says:

    Look brothers and sisters in the first place..if you love so much and addicted to wear ties and gowns make them and wear them in your own country…rather safer…

  70. Avatar a I says:

    So courageous and being a honest leader, God bless Canada. Wish the Indians could take lead from him.

  71. Avatar Bellaz Spa88 says:

    Innalillahi wa innailaihirojiun…😔😔😔

  72. Avatar Olivia says:

    Islamophobia is delusional,christianphobia is real!

  73. Avatar GlaDOS says:

    I Hate hate groups

  74. Avatar Iftikhar Hussain says:

    I heard ” Islamophobia Israel
    Racism Israel “

  75. Avatar Joseph Klaatu says:


  76. Avatar Zahoor Baloch says:


  77. Avatar Mathews Babu says:


  78. Avatar Rajeev Pandit says:

    Unacceptable in any society

  79. Avatar Izhaan Syed says:

    0:41 “Islamophobia Israel, Racism Israel “

  80. Avatar Syed Tonmoy says:

    May Allah bless everyone with Jannatul Ferdous Ameen

  81. Avatar Sab changa Si says:

    But treude is good leader…at least he did defend the attacker…unlike in India

  82. Avatar John Stone says:

    Pfffft. Islamaphopia. 😆 Let’s make some more stuff up.

  83. Avatar Emil Mathai says:

    People who were out dancing on pakistani streets celebrating the murder of Salman Tasseer are whining about islamophobia. So cute

  84. Avatar kenza india says:

    Do Dawah.
    ISLAM oldest and true religion
    Prophet Adam (pbuh) use to worship ALLAH
    ALLAH means God in Arabic

  85. Avatar Nasir Hussain says:

    RIP All victims respect Mr PM you are genius always stand with vulnerable .
    We missed it with Indian PM

    • Avatar apple orange says:

      Do study about asia bibi .

  86. Avatar Sanan Mir says:

    My Allah give the people who lost their life Jinnnah Ameen

    • Avatar apple orange says:

      Does salman taseer come in the list
      God bless the crusader who took the life of the pakisthani invading family .

  87. Avatar Talat Aziz says:

    This is what we called real leaders ❤️💙

  88. Avatar Matiur Rahman says:

    Thank you Mr. Prime minister. I believe and we all pray that one day this beautiful world created by Allah (the almighty creater of all) will be free from all such brutality.

  89. Avatar Ibrahim Mulla says:

    He is a true leader 🔥.
    Canada is blessed …..

  90. Avatar Kamran Mohammed says:

    To be very frank I don’t feel any kind of bad thing after seeing this.. And the reason is not like m came here with stone heart but the reason is i c this kind of thing atleast once in a week and it happens so frequently that slowly slowly it bevomes normal for ours muslim communities.. We uses to proud to be indian but now we can move anywhere around the world because now we feel ashame being an indian yes now atleast my family feels, yes the family who lost their loved ones they feel same..

    Unfortunately we are indians, unfortunately one week before a mewati muslim guy has been lynched by hindutva Goons and yesterday night another one has been killed..

    And here not even any mainstream media shows this on screen..😊😊

    We don’t hate any part of the earth but yes we started to hate the goons who lives on the earth specially the Hindutva goons around us here in India..

  91. Avatar hanzala library says:

    Inna lillahi wainna Elaihi Rajioon😥
    May Allah give place to this family in Jannatul Firdous…Aameen 🤲
    My Bothers & Sisters
    Islam is the right and true religion
    Who shows us the way to the success of the world and the Hereafter.
    Allah is one
    Allah is greatest
    There is No God but Allah
    And Hazrat Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the Messenger of God.
    Accept Islam, you will come in peace.

  92. Avatar Khaikumpaw says:

    I’m a Muslim. We are so kind to everyone. Why still denied it. 😔

  93. Avatar Jamal T A says:

    Congratulation sir

  94. Avatar Md. Ibrahim Hossain says:

    The so-called media is now completely silent.

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