China wild elephants continue to cause chaos

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A barricade of heavy trucks is the latest tactic – to try and guide a rogue herd of elephants away from populated areas in southwest China.
The 15 Asian elephants – a protected species – have been on an epic journey since wandering out of a national park in Yunnan province months ago.
Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.

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  1. Avatar Dodge the Badger says:

    Unfortunately Elephants don’t recognise land borders and it’s up to humans to realise that we have to co exist with these animals, rumour has it that they are going to protest and storm Tiananmen Square , power to the Elephants!!!

  2. Avatar David BooG E says:

    Elephants are smart. When mistreated they become angry and aggressive. There is a reason for everything they do

    • Avatar Moderator says:

      The 5G wifi in the north, near the cities is better 😉

    • Avatar David BooG E says:

      @Moderator you think that drives the elephant’s mad it may be because every time I hold my 5G phone up to my head instead of using speaker I feel my head throbbing

  3. Avatar Brandon Lim says:

    The fact that this story has been going on for so long is testimony to the peoples’ patience. Some other countries would just put them to sleep, move them back to the jungles and call it a day.

    • Avatar Uncovered Truth says:


    • Avatar Xavier K says:

      There’s even a video of all the elephants lying down to rest / sleep. That’s a testament to how safe the elephants are

    • Avatar Knight Hammer says:

      This might work with one or two elephants, but that’s a herd of 15. It’s pretty much impossible to tranquillize them simultaneously, not to mention that the process could kill them.

    • Avatar Kirk Lazarus says:

      The global uproar that wuld cause now is far more expensive and destructive then the elephants…

    • Avatar shetos 123 says:

      @Knight Hammer
      That’s the point , in most places people would have just killed the elephants and got on with their lives most people aren’t willing to lose his livelyhood for animals even endangered ones

  4. Avatar Bumpy Road says:

    Animals have a sense of disasters. God forbid!

    • Avatar Joaen Im says:

      That’s what I’m thinking too.

  5. Avatar Kol M says:

    Elephant Gang! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🐘🐘

  6. Avatar Kol M says:

    Truck Gang! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🚚🚚

  7. Avatar AckzaTV says:

    if anyone touches those elephants, the san diego ufo fleet wipes out 3 cities at random

  8. Avatar Anime Warlord says:

    India, Shri Lanka, Thailand, Laos Cambodia: first time?

  9. Avatar khayretv khayretv says:

    They just want to take a worlk on the pack leave them alone

  10. Avatar Moderator says:

    Well they are smart enough to migrate to China! Chinese effort to fight polution has good results. The grass is greener in China seemingly 😉

  11. Avatar Ronnie Grissom says:

    i just got off a elephant in far cry 4 🤣 if the elephants attack like they do in the game then its hella unsafe down there lol

  12. Avatar Dead Ringer says:

    I like turtles.

    • Avatar cat blessing says:

      Elephant habits do not like forests.

  13. Avatar A Spirt, A God, A Face, A Name says:

    U dont believe in God but u surely believe in nature .. thats what happens when u spy on ur God

    • Avatar A Spirt, A God, A Face, A Name says:

      Just for the record, i am not mentioning floods ..

  14. Avatar Trekkie from New Zealand says:

    News: Nobody knows where these elephants are going.

    **1 month later**

    News: This just in. Elephants 🐘🐘🐘 have just captured the Chinese capital Beijing and overthrown the Chinese Communist Party 🇨🇳.

  15. Avatar Austin Torres says:

    You mean to tell me China a place where they eat everything. Hasn’t started eating the elephants?

    • Avatar Jaren L. says:

      Not everything. Actually Chinese won’t eat cow urine and japanese radiative fishes lol

  16. Avatar Rational Thinker says:

    I give credit to Chinese authorities for not killing the elephants.

    • Avatar MadLightsProduction says:

      they are protected by law. like panda.

    • Avatar Rational Thinker says:

      @MadLightsProduction those are good laws.

    • Avatar Rational Thinker says:

      @艹尼玛 what does that mean.

    • Avatar 艹尼玛 says:

      @Rational Thinker WE DONT EAT EVERYTHING

    • Avatar Rational Thinker says:

      @艹尼玛 I never said that.

  17. Avatar blackapple89er says:

    In India they would have fed it a firecracker and let it die of pain.

    • Avatar James Khant says:

      Yeah people don’t compliment the villagers enough. That’s what I’ve been saying.

  18. Avatar Johnson Cao says:

    It’s a good lesson to young generation in China, knows better to live harmony with wild.

  19. Avatar ZenZapZero says:

    Where is the ivory of our ancestors? And our nephew the rhino will be looking for the grinded remains of his horn in this area of global tales about cheap labor, fierce dragons, and high global investment profits.

    • Avatar Sudhakar Swain says:

      Asian grandma elephants don’t have tusks

    • Avatar ZenZapZero says:

      @Sudhakar Swain The tusks of female Asian are small, but I will adapt the text.

  20. Avatar Shu Guo says:

    When I’m watching these elephants approaching my hometown Kunming, I can’t resist thinking of a joke I used to tell my new friends met in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing: “Back in my hometown, we actually ride elephant to go to school.”

    Most of these friends, who had never been to my town, didn’t think it’s a joke and gave me an admiring “wahoo!”

    That was some 20 years ago. People from even within the same country are so lack of understanding, even some common sense, of what’s happening on the other side of their country. They didn’t know that my hometown had the same population of Melbourne today, and even had an airplane company that flies over twenty 737 and later 767 in the 1990’s. There were indeed elephants in my province, but all in the reserves hundreds miles away.

  21. Avatar gnash says:

    Even animals in China know that they are living under a lunatic Chinese government.

    • Avatar Tilo Liang says:

      why saying like this? you know well of China? the elephants were treated well along their trip, the government respect their will to go arround and provide food for them, also make people safe. it’s a very happy and funny matter in China, the country do great efforts to the environment, you can check the data of decreasing area of desert in China, and the data of decreasing poverty people. the government just lead their people and the whole environment include animals to a better life, and if these make you unhappy, then I JUST TOLD YOU AND YOUR KIND, NOTHING CAN STOP CHINA TO BECOME GREAT AGAIN IN THE PLANET. but if you can remark things base on a objective and good vision of humanity, believe and be kind/respect to the people who are honest and diligent, do hard work to change their own life, we still can be friends and make the world better together. I ensure you most of Chinese have the same view like me.

  22. Avatar SEBASTIAN K says:

    I feel sorry for the farmers but at the same time the elephants too, we human have taken over their territory and reduce their habitat and am glad the chinese people did not simply shoot these beautiful elephants, there is much wild elephants left in asia.

  23. Avatar H. A says:

    The elephants are hungry

  24. Avatar Danny O says:

    Elephant family would also like to roam the earth, go on holidays, enjoy the scenery…

  25. Avatar 亭亭 says:

    hope CHINA government protect and guide these elephants to an appropriate habitat

  26. Avatar 孙景涛 says:

    Al Jazeera is maliciously creating and disseminating fake news. The fact is that this group of elephants was originally in a nature reserve. It is precisely because of China’s protection of the reserve that the number of elephants inside has doubled in 10 years (175-300 ) Elephants, so the sanctuary is not enough to guarantee their food supply and range of activities! Therefore, some elephants leave the reserve to find a new habitat!

  27. Avatar K M Hemmans says:

    I hope they are pushed back into their reserve, safely

    KM Hemmans The Youtuber

  28. Avatar Mole Man says:

    Animal migration are typically triggered by survival instincts. what danger is brewing in southern China ? War in Myanmar probably .

  29. Avatar Matthew Bailey says:

    Ganesh has returned with the Panchen Lama

  30. Avatar SAAR TV says:

    The patience of Chinese authority how they are dealing with these elephants is quite commendable, did not expect this from china but then any one can surprise, as one Indian scripture says ” Should not be surprised by extra ordinarily good people anywhere”.

    • Avatar Joaen Im says:

      Because the media portrays China’s badsides mostly.

    • Avatar zhe wu says:

      I think that’s normal in any country. The earth is shared by humans and animals.They were just looking for food and didn’t hurt anyone. So there’s no need to intervene with them. If the Chinese government does not do so, he will be criticized by the Chinese people.

  31. Avatar Aanand James says:

    Protect against global warming for sure

  32. Avatar Michael Mai says:

    Only Al Jazeera call this is a chaos, why?

    • Avatar Andre Achsan says:

      Yeah I don’t get it as well even Chinese media only said elephant marches and causing some damage, no causalities or chaos so far. Hence even the people loves it the lady interviewed was kinda happy and thrilled by the elephants present but somehow this newsreel cutted out that part

  33. Avatar F SL says:

    They are causing happiness.

  34. Avatar Amitabh Nandy says:

    Good going Elephants crush the dragon

  35. Avatar takemeup69 says:

    “wild” Elephants….. just doing what feels natural to them,looking for a better place to live.

  36. Avatar Bern Koh says:

    Many Asean friend is following the news, it’s a true news, not BBC news.

  37. Avatar Sohail A says:

    why havent they been eaten already?

  38. Avatar sarah twinkle201 says:

    China invade their places so the elephants take revenge

  39. Avatar J Nüsslein says:

    We western countries should teach Asian countries the idea of animal protection. It is our duty to stop them from polluting the earth. Hope our environment will be a better place to live. The world is ONE. 🌎

    • Avatar 台湾省第一任省委书记郭正亮 says:

      What a joke!
      Western hunters killed the most elephants and other animals in Africa and Asia. Now they say they should teach Asian countries the idea of animal protection.
      This is so ridiculous!

  40. Avatar Harmony Voice says:

    Wild terrorist continues bombing in Middle East countries

  41. Avatar Berke Khan says:


  42. Avatar George Applegate says:

    Big deal humans destroy everything

  43. Avatar edgar paul Ching says:

    Fake reporting

  44. Avatar Nicole Liu says:

    I don’t like the title. China protects wildlife and environment. Chinese are nice and they care for wild lives. They live harmoniously with wildlife and Give each other space for living.

    • Avatar robert justus says:

      That’s a lie ,There’s videos of you Chinese beating raccoons and cutting off their feet while still alive and then hanging them,Also there are videos of cats being boiled and skinned alive and dogs done the same way.

    • Avatar James Khant says:

      @robert justus racist, just because some people do it doesn’t mean the whole nation do it. Before you say it’s a lie. Google is free. If you searched it China is number 1 on reforestation and planting trees than any other nation.

    • Avatar qinge huo says:

      you are stupid,我不否认有些人会虐待动物,但是虐待动物在中国社会是会受到舆论谴责的(蟑螂除外)。中国人很喜欢可爱的动物的,如果你在bilibili可以看到很多可爱的动物视频都有很高的播放量。

    • Avatar robert justus says:

      @James Khant You must be a Democrat ,As the Democrats favorite word is”racist”

    • Avatar James Khant says:

      @robert justus Why are you trying to change the tophic?

  45. Avatar LowJack187 says:

    Trumps hit squad!

  46. Avatar Joseph Kerr says:

    If this was in US, the cowboys would have shot all of them with tranquilizers and drag them back to their reservation like what they did to the natives…

  47. Avatar robert justus says:

    Well, stop encroaching on their land.

    • Avatar James Khant says:

      Ai Jazeera is maliciously creating fake news. The truth is that this group of elephants were originally in a natural reserve. It is precisely because of China’s protection that the elephants had doubled their amount in 10 years (175-300) Elephants. So the sanctuary is not enough to guaranteed their food, supply and activities. Therefore, some elephants leave the reserve to find a new habitat. It’s not because of “deforestation”.

    • Avatar James Khant says:

      Source: Google.

  48. Avatar GC Yang says:

    Elephants: yeh, free buffet tour!

  49. Avatar Brian Giles says:

    Now that’s rich. Some elephants go for a walk and it’s chaos. Humans feel entitled to destroy the whole world. It might be time for another flood. Finish the job the time.

  50. Avatar Green Traveler says:

    AJ needs to some homework before reporting, it’s a province not a state, there’s no big scale of deforestation in Yunnan province which threaten their habitants.

    • Avatar vegan ox says:

      So whats the difference between a state and a province??

    • Avatar Green Traveler says:

      @vegan ox you can Google it

  51. Avatar Who What says:

    Why stupid idiots in Africa dont protect animals all they do is kill them every day.

  52. Avatar MrSlanderer says:

    It would be interesting if they ended up creating a new colony far from their origins. I, too, commend China for protecting the herd, and only minimally intervening in their journey.

  53. Avatar Capt.G M says:

    Elephants migrate from place to place…hundreds of miles…for different foods n nutrients etc…especially when seasons change…n have regular routes

  54. Avatar paul sawczyc says:

    So when an elephant eats, they call it damage – people on the other hand, “harvest” resources.

  55. Avatar Eeja says:

    DW has always a lot of bias with China. When Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports, “A barricade of heavy trucks is the latest tactic – to try and guide a rogue herd of elephants away from populated areas in southwest China. The 15 Asian elephants – a protected species – have been on an epic journey since wandering out of a national park in Yunnan province months ago.” DW reports, ” Authorities are in a flurry trying to keep them away from populated areas.” LOL

  56. Avatar reserved says:

    They r looking for the Noah ark. Which is somewhere in China according to the movie 2012 xD

  57. Avatar jon jeong says:

    BBC:China’s genocide of elephants forced the herds to migrate

    • Avatar Surendra Mumgai says:

      When china treats even its wild elephants so gently how come it gets accused of human genocide in Xinjiang ???

  58. Avatar Jason Young says:

    Magnificent Creatures

  59. Avatar Jason Young says:

    What chaos ?

  60. Avatar Jason Young says:

    Absolutely Beautiful

  61. Avatar Kicha Sam says:

    Oh god save these adorable beasts, No humans try their flesh , bcoz its China.

  62. Avatar Tron Yun Le says:

    They might go to sichuan where pandas live.
    Panda: out! Out!! You furless long nosed animal
    Elephant: i came to try bamboos, you selfish

  63. Avatar aFx says:

    They are finding a safe place it seems… Maybe a disaster on the way…

  64. Avatar aFx says:

    Elephants: Guys gear up we’re going for a long ride, we will crush everything whatever comes on our way…

  65. Avatar 007 says:

    They are sleeping and waiting for the male member rejoining

  66. Avatar brad auckram says:

    Oh the irony… China is the biggest buyer’s of black market elephant products….and here’s a herd of elephants rooming across there country….the hippocracy never end with these guys!!!.🤔

    • Avatar zhe wu says:

      Buying ivory and wildlife fur in China is a very, very serious crime. I don’t understand the black market and I can confirm that there are no ivory products in the Chinese market. If you have information shows that anyone in China has ivory products, you can report him. The government offers rewards to informants.

    • Avatar zhe wu says:

      Three things not to do in China. First: drug trafficking. No matter what nationality you are, you will be sentenced to death. Not long ago, some Canadians came to China to sell drugs and were eventually executed. The Canadian Prime Minister’s plea for mercy was of no use. Second: selling guns, possibly life in prison. Third: killing wild animals, such as tigers, pandas and elephants, is punishable by up to life imprisonment.

  67. Avatar reshika saras says:


  68. Avatar Bryce Bray says:

    just stop killing all the elements in Africa for ivory

  69. Avatar Criz Eric says:

    Alzazeera continues biased and cheats

  70. Avatar Siti Aisya says:

    They said we are Tired of staying in the bushes so they want to go out see the city light 🐘🐘🐘🐘😂😂😂😂!!!!!

  71. Avatar N says:

    GIVE THEM SPACE!!! China’s population needs to be reduced!!!!

  72. Avatar Obaid Afghan says:

    Please Don’t hurts them😭
    Leave them wherever they wanna go
    Poor Elephant……..
    From the river to the sea
    PALESTINE will be FREE
    FREE FREE PALESTINE 🇦🇫🇵🇸💪❤☝️🤲😊

  73. Avatar BarebackBarbarians FC says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t eaten all of them

    • Avatar Thermal Storage system from Transen Tech says:

      Nope, I China we consider the ones who eat elephants as barbarians.

  74. Avatar 乖乖小兔子 says:

    Destination is known and elephants are safe, because officials force chinese people not to hurt them(based on your attitude in this “news”).Their migration was watched by millions in China social media. By the way, did you get permission to use CGTN interview clip?

  75. Avatar Emeka Bertrand says:

    Please Chinese don’t kill and eat those elephants

  76. Avatar TOP SCORER says:

    Hopefully they go and knock down the walls to the prison they are keeping the uighurs

  77. Avatar Sky Watcher says:

    They need food and water as these majestic beings journey through.

  78. Avatar Edelyn Hernandez says:

    i dont think they are causing chaos they are looking for a new home let them they have the right.

  79. Avatar Haritha Udana says:

    When you try to mess with nature, it tends to mess back

    • Avatar Dalilai mfg says:

      The reality is that there were 200 elephants in the area where they lived, now there are 300, and they can no longer feed themselves, so they have to look for a new habitat.

  80. Avatar 李玙 says:

    Chinese and local authorities are protecting these elephants!
    Every town the elephant passing by, the people left fruit and corns as food to the elephant on the road, to feed them, and leave them alone. Government cleans space/roads and stops people who got too close to the elephants. They keep people away at least a few km away from the elephant path.
    Drivers have been ordered to stop the main road to stop elephants go to a very crowded city center area, to avoid confrontation with humans, and to redirect them to go to the mountain areas.

    The Elephant family destroyed many agricultural lands and make them flat. The government will pay the damage fees to the farmers.
    A small elephant got drunk by drink some alcohol in a family farmhouse, a day later he catches up with the elephant family.

    The whole of China is watching and we are very happy, excited, curious to see where it heading to. We also concerned why and what make elephant migrate, scientists are trying to figure out the reason, and the government is protecting its path!
    People are highly aware of the protection of animals and have lots of love for them.
    They also feel empathy that small elephants have to do such a long journey at such a young age with the whole family.

    Elephants are the stars in China now!

  81. Avatar Daniel Blue says:

    They are going to Beijing. 😁

  82. Avatar Jas Chowdhari says:

    So they are covering that elephants destroying is affecting people’s lives . What about the politicians who destroy these same lands for their lavish properties and selfish motives. Why dont news channels focus on such news .

  83. Avatar Stradivarious Hardhiantz says:

    They migrate to billionaire’s factory

  84. Avatar Jon S says:

    Just a handful of explanations for this:
    1. Chemical Pollution of their habitat.
    2. Gigahertz Airwave Technology.
    3. Impending Natural Disaster.
    4. Shortage.
    5. Tragic Memory

  85. Avatar Jothindra paranji lakshminarayana says:

    Why haven’t they been eaten up yet?

  86. Avatar DirtyMeatball says:

    So China protects Asian elephants, but China pays tons of money to kill African elephants for their tusks? I understand that only a small portion of Asian male elephants have tusks, but this makes no sense to me smh….. As if they protect their own, but are more than happy and willing to poach from Africa….

  87. Avatar Abeetha Waththegama says:


  88. Avatar Dr.Chandrika C S Chandu says:

    Let’s them be safe… Please🙏

  89. Avatar Joy Nasim says:

    মর শালারা

  90. Avatar MAD Gangster says:

    Elephant are more safer than eighurs in china.

  91. Avatar 江左李郎 says:

    I guess they hate quarantine.

  92. Avatar Manoj Kumar says:

    Mighty Hindu elephants versus flop chinese Dragon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏

  93. Avatar Mann ki Bakwaas says:

    The villagers seem happy. Such kind people

  94. Avatar Saba Bilkiss says:

    Its elephants’ day out.

  95. Avatar pravin malkar says:

    Local environmental department need to check why they are moving from natural habitat. They should be alert for natural calamities like earthquake, flood, avalanche. Because animals and birds are sensitive to sense such things

  96. Avatar kurumban mn says:

    Kerala has good police department to catch elephants

  97. Avatar Gaurav Tejpal says:

    The Elephants are spreading Love in the World

  98. Avatar Armana Saint Clair says:

    Nature’s turn to protest ! Beautiful elephants though !

  99. Avatar Shuja inayat Shah says:

    1 millions dollars of crop damaged, buildings and property damaged, cost of surveillance and truck bridges, still keeping em safe, well-done China

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