UK, Russia escalate war of words over Black Sea warship incident

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Russia has warned it will target foreign warships that test its territorial claims in waters off Crimea.
It follows a tense confrontation in the Black Sea on Wednesday.
The Kremlin says it fired warning shots at a British warship that entered its waters.
The United Kingdom insists it was acting legally.
Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar hrithik lima says:


  2. Avatar red ted says:

    popeyes soon changed course ha ha ha ha ha

    • Avatar red ted says:

      wait until usa leave nato,uk will not be brave then

  3. Avatar Watshiisie Nyuthe says:

    British destroyer is also similair to Boris Johson hairstyle, cannot comb properly, even the destroyer serves to wrong direction.

  4. Avatar WM WM says:

    Ukraine has never, never owned Crimea– It had a supervisory obligation given to Ukraine by Chruschew

  5. Avatar Joe Philip says:

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  6. Avatar red ted says:

    and a female on the bridge deck ha ha ha ha ha ha

  7. Avatar Hudson333 says:

    Man, if Crimea belongs to the Ukraine you should go and try to land your aircraft or boat or whatever you have without permission. Don’t send your military to the most certain death.

    • Avatar Cool Breeze 2.0 says:

      Russia won’t do anything. They pick on those who can’t fight back. The UK has the backing of NATO. Russia isn’t taking on NATO.

    • Avatar reeu5 five says:

      @Cool Breeze 2.0 yeah you bet! Try to study history more. Search –
      “Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War” on google and see for yourself who get slaughtered, then you understand Russia isn’t buying your western bullshit.

  8. Avatar Sigh Kronmiller says:

    New video evidence seems to disprove the UK claim that no warning shots were fired. It seems NATO likes to pressure and intrude and invade while blaming others.

  9. Avatar dolang vijay says:

    A tiny puppet Nation of USA can just challenge but do nothing beyond. If they really mean it, let UK do again. Let’s see the pain then.

  10. Avatar PAJAMA REPUBLIC VLOGS says:

    Western mediocracy

  11. Avatar Jason Zhipeng Li says:

    Russian exercise hahaha. Yes you British play a the role of runner in the exercise.

  12. Avatar Frozen Cuttlefish says:

    The annexation of scotland smd ireland,,we dont recognize thst,,but,oh,we forgot inbred gollums control the west

  13. Avatar Ramon C N says:

    Any volunteer ( member of NATO or not ) who wants to check if Russian Federation is BLUFFING when it says it will sink the next ship that invades its territorial waters ?

  14. Avatar Mark C says:

    UK Brexit looking for an unnecessary fight. Most probably to show its north America master. Very sad indeed when these arrogant white countries starting to assert their military superiority in most part of the world.

  15. Avatar Kimberly Ronaldo says:

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  16. Avatar Ali Hussein says:

    Now it’s clear who is lying to us, shots are fired for sure and evidence is out there.
    UKs wrecklessness and arrogance is making this world less safer.

    • Avatar Clec Torres says:

      Good weve got nukes.What failed empire do you come from?

  17. Avatar Роман Чернов says:

    In 1988, there was a similar incident with an American ship near the Crimea, then a Soviet ship rammed them after that the American ship no longer sailed to the Crimea.

  18. Avatar Дмитрий Щербаков says:

    I think after this incident the English ship ran out of toilet paper.🤣🤣

  19. Avatar Cecilia Briggs says:

    @ Karie Southgate
    That’s interesting, anyway to connect with him? have to get started.

  20. Avatar N Sokolović says:

    Just explain me how can Russia be aggresor if uk is patroling around Crimea xddd

  21. Avatar Алёна Кузнецова says:

    You are lucky that Putin is at the head of Russia, otherwise we have so many politicians who dream of hitting every provocateur in the face so that half the world would applaud us for it.
    The time will come you will miss Putin.

  22. Avatar ahmed haraa says:

    Uk looks like a toothless dog.
    Just barking loud

  23. Avatar m by says:

    Ship crew downplaying this critical situation is laughable. In reality they are shivering in their pants and wanted to go home so bad. They breached independent nations border and they know it. They could have evaporated in smoke in a second without trace. Nothing will left to sink bottom of ocean. Good reasoning from Russian side saved them and they are lucky to be alive. They know they are provoking another country and they know jeopardizing safety of their home country, and their family. Stupidity of their politicians can bring nuke bomb in UK couple of seconds and make inhabitable wasteland for hundreds years. What this lone rusted bucket drifting thousand of km away from UK land anyway?

  24. Avatar Anwar Sedick says:

    Who cares what Boris thinks…If the UK is provocative, then they have to deal with the consequences. Following the US narrative will end in the death of british soldiers

  25. Avatar Tyler McNeil says:

    Russia can suck on it.

  26. Avatar siber99771 says:

    Russkie Voennie- your English like my Chinese))

  27. Avatar 123 123 says:

    Britannia Izrael bibi

  28. Avatar Mohammed A says:

    Dear Mr. President Putin,
    Nothing can resolve an invasion like a fine situated bulky missile on an invading force.

  29. Avatar Nick laus says:

    British loading guns as they have the balz to fight the Russians lmao

  30. Avatar Shamo says:

    Keep poking the bear, then see what happens 😂😂🤨🤔🧐🧐😜🤣🤔🧐😂😂🧐 really!!

  31. Avatar Young Boys says:

    United kingdom is playing with fire

    • Avatar MrPusser 03 says:

      Or standing up to a bully boy nation who’s bark is much worse that it’s bite

    • Avatar Cool Breeze 2.0 says:

      lol Russia will LOSE. Guaranteed. With or without nukes. If they use nukes, so will NATO.

  32. Avatar Yauss Secre says:

    Crimea dont belong to russia or ukraine it belongs to the Tatars

    • Avatar the who? says:

      All of earths land belong to the early human beings called primitive people or cave man 😂 if you go deeper in history

  33. Avatar Lodiana says:

    down with the anglo saxons the UK long live russia

  34. Avatar Stefan Ciganovic says:

    Brits just randomly send BBC journalists when they patrol Russian waters yeah right.

  35. Avatar ROB MAL says:


  36. Avatar Bill Nye says:

    Great Britain isn’t so great anymore. You guys were great in conquering and ruining cultures WORLDWIDE. Guess what? Russia and/or China will wipe you and USA any day

  37. Avatar Bill Nye says:

    1:13 “we don’t recognize Russian waters” so you basically did initiate and provoke it but you chose to be IGNORANT. Another SENSELESS war.

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    • Avatar Baraka Obomber vs Ronald Raiden says:


    • Avatar Iain Mair says:


  39. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    nato will bring down russia. and japan will take the kurils.

    • Avatar the who? says:

      What a nice imagination 😇. Dreaming is free so there is nothing wrong.

  40. Avatar Jef 08 says:

    Thats why you dont respect the russian territory 😅😅😅

    • Avatar the who? says:

      Because Russia respond immediately 😂

  41. Avatar John Bothe says:

    UK playing with fire imho

  42. Avatar Clec Torres says:

    All part of a plan get a ship sunk to start a war,perfect excuse.Think of the RMS Lusitania and what happened after that.

    • Avatar Iain Mair says:

      Bay of Tonkin sound familiar?

  43. Avatar Anti rezim ARS says:

    Russia was attacked by Napoleon Austo Hungary and Hitler. That is where they ended their careers. so let nato try to attack.😂😂😂

  44. Avatar Reazel tango says:

    UK a lacky of USA,, colonizers, hypocrite, shameless..

  45. Avatar John Edon says:

    NEWS: One of Russia’s 2 warships fired shots and one of 20 Russia aircrafts dropped bombs in the path of UK HMS Defender sailing near Russia’s Crimea, NOT UK.

    Q: What could UK do if this UK HMS Defender were bombed by Russia into pieces causing the total casualties of the crew onboard?

    A1: UK strongly protests and condemns Russia, and asks big brother, USA, for help.

    A2: USA strongly protests and condemns Russia, and tells little brother, UK, that USA can’t help.

    A3: UK will be protested and derided by its own people and world people for SAILING THOUSANDS MILES AWAY FROM UK.

  46. Avatar GoldenAye says:

    UK is trying to stir things up again. UK does not recognise annexation of Ukraine? really what about Malvinas (Falklands) what about Gibraltar… law for one for another, can UK fight Russia in a conventional warfare, I don’t think so.

  47. Avatar The Life & Dimension says:

    What Britain doing there???😶 Colonial british didn’t changed until?

  48. Avatar The Life & Dimension says:

    Many people don’t recognize annexion of Scotland 😂😂

  49. Avatar Sweet Tea says:

    Thanks for sharing

  50. Avatar Tamo Tamo j says:

    good health care and education and feeding the nation with good food and give the people land to farm and live and provide jobs and put laws in place to send politicians and everyone that think they are above the law to prison and Jamaica will be a prosperous place for everyone to live in this world

    • Avatar Iain Mair says:

      I strongly agree. Although, you could replace the word “and” with punctuation.

  51. Avatar Bookhermit says:

    Crimea has been part of Russia for several years now – time to start recognizing the fact. Most who live there PREFER to be part of Russia than part of Ukraine.
    Ignore the claim at this point, and expect the natural consequences of trespassing into Russia….

  52. Avatar Richard Llewellyn says:

    Little Britain cruising for a bruising.

  53. Avatar Richard Llewellyn says:

    The people of Crimea voted 95% to return to mother Russia and Boris the clown doesn’t recognize the rule of law or democracy how pathetic little Britain is.

  54. Avatar Adrian Peters says:

    Yeah true ..none fired at the ship , if they were directed and fired at ship ..items / bombs / missiles… would have hit the ship oh w.t.f. is that stupid island nation SHUT UP Adrian

  55. Avatar Mr Blonde says:

    Oh no! We’re all going to die! It’s the end of the world. Maybe I should smoke a bong and relax

  56. Avatar 12,000 says:

    Im going to draw a line somewhere and say its mine now

    • Avatar Iain Mair says:

      Well said, the absurdity of borders.

    • Avatar the who? says:

      Well said, russian military should also enter UK’s territory to be fair.

  57. Avatar Franklin from los Santos says:

    Russia 🇷🇺 vs UnitedKingdom🇬🇧

  58. Avatar ahmad bashar says:

    this is Russia..!

  59. Avatar JAGDPANTHER 222 says:

    But hurt bleeding loser playing bully after “Buttexit”! Troublemaker indeed!

  60. Avatar VS. Bayu says:

    Russia held an election and annexed it. On the other hand Israel has annexed Palestine and a part of Syria, turkey has done the same and annexed a part of Syria and both are displacing the citizens in the annexed zones and causing crimes against humanity. Britain considered these legal and funds them.

  61. Avatar Nikhil Rudra says:

    Let the waters leave alone

    • Avatar Jo Black says:

      Yup stop fishing in UK waters

  62. Avatar No Thx says:

    Russians wants prosperity,
    Putin wants war.
    The west already have prosperity,
    And we’re at war since the ’42.
    You want in?

  63. Avatar Essie Gang says:

    If we go to war I’m joining to shoot them too

  64. Avatar Mark - says:

    Let’s just say that Russia will not officially recognize the annexation of scotland by English and demand its independence by literally sailing ship to Scotland shores. How will you feel with that Boris?

    • Avatar Iain Mair says:

      Scotland wasn’t actually annexed.

    • Avatar Iain Mair says:

      What year did England “annex” Scotland?

  65. Avatar Bulldog03 Leatherneck says:

    Its the black Sea, Russians territory clearly Britts, like to tickle the Bear. Question is Russians conducting military exercises in theirs territory. HMS Navy comes in Russians territory whose provoking who? Whether Great Britain disagrees with Crimea annexation or Kiev ratiously to Russia. Not even citizens of the World would agreed with Scotland’s nor Ireland annexation by Britain. My own opinion, interest of oil and Crimea strategically settings.

  66. Avatar Lim Kim guan says:

    Newly wed boris should play more war games wth his wife at home

  67. Avatar Iain Mair says:

    This is one of the symptoms of the disease called the Nation State.

  68. Avatar Iain Mair says:

    Putin and Boris are both pea brained yes men.

  69. Avatar Yousuf Hasan says:

    No new human war will happen. We are already at war with Covid. At first, it is important to deal with Covid. After that we need to investigate if it was made from lab or nature. If it was modified by some evil human, there will be no forgiveness for them. All the countries who are victim of it should take action against those evil people.

  70. Avatar Jehovah Hohenzollern says:

    *RUSSIAN ROYALTY: Chechnya going to Georgia to visit docked British Ship from Black Sea, Italian Navy visiting British Royalty, Russia seeking missing British Fleet in Persian Gulf.*

  71. Avatar pineapplesareyummy says:

    When a dog barks too loudly, shouldn’t you talk to its owner? Russia should have summoned the US ambassador!

    • Avatar the who? says:

      They have summoned UK’s ambassador after this event then conducts military exercises in mediterranean sea near UK’s strike group unit in the area.

  72. Avatar Andrew says:

    Why wearing white ninja masks.?

  73. Avatar Ermias Tefera says:

    Maybe, the Royal warship failed to notice the shot. No one should dare to judge UK as they break open EU just recently and need time to catch.

  74. Avatar Madars Jecis says:

    Saying completely true its not Russian waters, its Ukrainas waters territory

  75. Avatar Lovelyn Rutkowski says:

    HMS McChicken

  76. Avatar Phil Curtis says:

    Does the people of Crimea have fresh running water yet?

  77. Avatar Jack Oh says:

    1:24 My words to Boris Johnson, if you don;t recognize it to be Russia water, order your navy to do it again! Looking forward to it.

  78. Avatar YUSKHAN says:

    This ship would be blasted too peices people on that ship have a death wish 😂😂😂

  79. Avatar Jo Black says:

    Sail another one next week. Crimea is just like those silly islands China is creating in the SC sea

  80. Avatar Clarity says:

    So essentially the UK navy just got humiliated by the Russians then claimed that they didn’t all while the Russians got it on tape. Got it.

    • Avatar Kendrick Roche Lanzot says:

      Yup, thats it summed up

  81. Avatar Edwin Uy says:

    That good respond by Russia don’t mess with me HV ball come to Russia sea fight

  82. Avatar Sunny Shafqat says:

    World does not recognize Scotland or Ireland as part of British Russia should go park their destroyer there.

  83. Avatar Rolly Aro says:

    How about Russia enters the Falkland waters and Russia said it belongs to Argentina?

  84. Avatar Mel Mo says:

    Boris sent the British warship there because his wife wanted it.

  85. Avatar MrBslav says:

    Everyone knows the truth! The English destroyer violated the territorial waters of Russia AND UNDERSTOOD IT PERFECTLY, and the Captain is not worthy of the title of a British naval officer, he is a coward and a liar and he sold the concept of “HONOR” !!!

  86. Avatar Chat J says:

    Uk 🇬🇧 sailors looking cool and calm ! It’s always good to make a point and not to drag in to war !

  87. Avatar Mick Hernandez says:

    0:49 brave british lady among the u.k navy

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  89. Avatar Grace Antonio says:

    The question that screams now is “why is Boris Johnson doing this now??” & what is this lie for & about from UK side when there is sufficient evidence, that BBC had already reported! I caught it immediately then it seems to have been pulled out as it isn’t there anymore next day. The only logic I see in this bizarre current political event is that Borris Johnson is denying his way out of this redulting blunder of a dumb political decision. Either that or he thought to try poking the bear to see how it will respond 😃ahahaaa🤣 whatabrittwit🤣 I feel so sorry for the proper English people who see the hilarity of this brittwit 🤣 I’m “chuckled” as Americans who find this laughable look alike Trump amusing.

  90. Avatar abdulai bah says:

    Dangerous game. Britain has nothing to prove in the Black Sea. Leave the neighbours settle their problem. A colonialist has no moral saying against annexation

  91. Avatar Mohammed Musoke says:

    Return Northern Ireland to Catholic Church.

  92. Avatar Mohammed Musoke says:

    With Russia Boris Johnson is playing a game of an elephant and rat.
    If it wasn’t US, UK could have lost a war with Argentina, a country which does not manufacture weapons.

  93. Avatar Virus India mutant says:

    British should call India and Australia to be punching bag there.

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