S Korea eager to build aircraft carrier as Asia Pacific tension rises

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The United Kingdom’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is heading towards the Asia Pacific on a six-month mission being described as the most significant deployment of its kind in decades.
The move has angered China, which sees it as an intrusion into the South and East China seas.
And as Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from the South Korean port city of Busan, the mission is fuelling debate among Asian nations about building their own carriers.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Poros says:

    Yeah but don’t they need permission from their colonizers, the USA first?

    • Avatar tugful says:

      USA isn’t colonizer

    • Avatar Poros says:

      @tugfullooks like someone’s been living under a rock for the past 70 years

    • Avatar tugful says:

      @Poros without US support South Korea collapsed during Korean War.

    • Avatar Poros says:

      @tugful no. 39 other countries helped. The US may contributed the most what they did was destabilize the region in the long run. The US targeted N. Korean civilians, bombed farms and crop lands which is a violation of UN laws. Civilians were most of the casualties from the N. Korean Side. and right after the famine broke out as a result. Millions died from that as well. U white people blame N. Korea, treat them as a threat and while I admit Kim family are a bunch of ruthless dictators the general consensus if bcz what the US did to the unarmed population.

  2. Avatar Daxaaar The Bot says:

    I would suggest smaller carriers that are mostly armed with drone attack craft. 50% fighter drone/50% suicide bomb drones by capacity. Cheaper, less runway required, faster. Traditional aircraft carriers and manned jets are going to be replaced.

    • Avatar Aleksandar Bisenić says:

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT! What a cool idea

    • Avatar Justin Ng says:

      Fighter drone tech are still under development and suicide bomb drones (ie loitering drones) is still not as useful yet. There’s already much less tech involved with S Korea and Japan’s carriers since F35 is STOVL and so no catapult is required. Honestly even with drones the runway length requirement might still be more or less the same.

      And if you’re in a strike group, chances are you only need AEWACS to detect other ships then send a missile. Suicide drones are prolly not necessary at all.

      The literal and only reason why S Korea and Japan are able to have these carriers is because they bought F35-Bs.

    • Avatar Aleksandar Bisenić says:

      @Justin Ng Yeah your arguments make sense too. Maybe the point is that fighter jets need to be made smaller and less expensive.

  3. Avatar Ningthou Ali says:

    No longer China hahaaaa

    • Avatar Humberto Chong says:

      Yeah right ➡️ in your dreams ➡️😴➡️🤫➡️💪➡️🇨🇳➡️😆😆😆

    • Avatar Vidar Odinson says:

      South korea true enemy is japan

  4. Avatar Nick Zone says:

    Israel needs one ASAP

    • Avatar J Lm says:

      and defend what? a football field lol

    • Avatar K- Studio says:

      Against whom? Hamas?🤣🤣

  5. Avatar Zain Hanif says:

    “bygone colonial-era” this isn’t accurate as it still present in today’s society it’s just that no one calls it out or they don’t call it that.

    • Avatar AscensionZenith says:


    • Avatar GateCrasher says:

      Yep. China are looking to colonize the whole region

    • Avatar AscensionZenith says:

      @GateCrasher you spell US wrong. And they are not looking to, they already did. Good on any country going against such a tyrannical state.

    • Avatar theamazingbatboy says:

      @AscensionZenith US isn’t creating man-made islands in the middle of the SCS to artificially extend their territorial waters.

  6. Avatar Gareth Wigglesworth says:

    We all know China is going to make thousands of aircraft carriers. Yes “thousands”

    • Avatar Hans Gruber says:

      They’ll make 20 Max, not thousands

    • Avatar Ankur Gurung says:

      @Hans Gruber they will sell them tooo without any string attach. lol, they are businessmen first costumers most probably will be middle east country

    • Avatar Humberto Chong says:

      China is goin to make the necessary…➡️🤫➡️hi have ➡️💸💸💸💸➡️ money 💰 technology , infrastructure and to many Naval Engineer…➡️😁😁😁😁➡️💪➡️🇨🇳

    • Avatar Gareth Wigglesworth says:

      @Hans Gruber OK, thank you for the inside knowledge..

  7. Avatar Timothy Gonzales says:

    Yeah go ahead, it’s your people’s tax anyway.

  8. Avatar 으어어 says:

    😂 “화이팅”을 외국군하고도 하네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  9. Avatar Jerald Leung says:

    No problem to build it but the training personels, pilots, jets are difficult and takd long time, but SK should help no problem to get from US and others

  10. Avatar voice of peace says:

    اَللّهُمَّ صَلَّ عَلیَ مُحَمَّدٍ وَّ عَلیَ الِ مُحَمَّدٍ کَمَا صَلَّیتَ عَلیَ اِبرَاهِیمَ وَعَلیَ الِ اِبرَاهِیمَ اِنَّکَ حَمیدٌ مَّجِیدٌ.
    I invite everyone for quran
    recitation thank you 💔💔🌷🌹🙏🙏🙏❤

  11. Avatar J Lm says:

    Why the hesitation to build one?? haven’t they learned from their past already…

    • Avatar Xiao Mose says:

      US dont like anything stronger then them. If you cross the line then Korea would get forced to join China Russia front on go again US.

    • Avatar Bari Forever says:

      @Xiao Mose in your imagination

    • Avatar Xiao Mose says:

      @Bari Forever big clue that even idiot can figure out. Japan Toshiba and plaza accord. France Alstom CEO

  12. Avatar KUMA BABARA says:

    Speaking of aircraft carrier, India has greater advantage not only in design and building, we also have lots of experience of crew training and management, I think South Korea should just ask India to buy a custom build carrier, it’s much cheaper and, will be more advance and reliable.

    • Avatar Crish Hari says:

      @Advait Kolhatkar When in much pain, people start to get delusional. I understand you are in similar condition.
      Forgive me for I didn’t know you would be in so much pain that you decided to change the whole course of history.

    • Avatar River styx says:

      Oh gawd the Indians are here

    • Avatar KSJ says:

      Why should Korea cooperate with India? It is true that India has the most experience in aircraft carrier operations in Asia. However, Korea is not a country that only diplomacy in Asia. The models they presented in this video were influenced by Britain(hyundai) and Italy(daewoo). In fact, Britain is already approaching Korea, and the Queen Elizabeth Class plans to stop by Korea. There is no reason for Korea to choose India.

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @KSJ who told you India has the most experience ,do you guys even have a carrier

    • Avatar KUMA BABARA says:

      @KSJ Budget!They will paid much much higher if they chose Britain or Italy , their charge is no joke.

  13. Avatar Win Kus says:

    The rise of asia..

    • Avatar Win Kus says:

      @대한민국 South Korea
      In case Korea must have a war with china, is there any use for the carrier???
      I believe all fighter jet and Hercules can easily reach china not to mention missiles.

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      @Win Kus I said just near Beijing😅

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      @Win Kus Aircraft carrier will protect Korean fleet. And Korean navy fleet will protect ocean with America and Japan

    • Avatar Win Kus says:

      @대한민국 South Korea
      Yes sure… 😔

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      @Win Kus remember not all wars should be assumed to be confined in one region. Perhaps the South Koreans would see a need to join with other Chinese enemies like India to seal off the Strait of Malacca to Chinese shipping for example in a hypothetical war. Curiously most war games from the American and Chinese think tanks for example always assume any war between them would be confined to East Asia. China’s current achilles heel could be the fact that their overseas assets are lightly or underdefended. The same with a war between SK and China, though highly unlikely as SK is economically dependent on China currently, and they seem somewhat friendly (other than the THAAD deployment issue).

  14. Avatar Random nature says:

    Unspoken truth Korea built it as a security against Japan.

    • Avatar Steven Baksh says:

      And that other Korea to the north

    • Avatar Kushagra Pal says:

      They built it against all of them. China,North Korea and Japan. Historically korea has been under threat from Japan China and Russia so it’s reasonable for them to have an aircraft carrier.

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      No, its not against Japan
      For the People
      Protect territories(Dokdo)

    • Avatar Manish Gurung says:

      @Kushagra Pal south korea has a little to fear from china cause they don’t have dispute just like with japan

  15. Avatar mountain dweller says:

    Another carrier to add to what appears to be an ever growing powerful defence coalition in the region , who basically are done with Chinas assertion that it owns the South China sea and everything in it and under it

    • Avatar Poros says:

      Funny how white people see a country thousands of miles away as a threat but the real threat the US has thousands of troops in SK , hampering peace talks with the North which is basically modern day colonialism.

    • Avatar mountain dweller says:

      @Menrad Mwaliko Not really, China just happens to be on my usual suspects list !

    • Avatar Menrad Mwaliko says:

      @mountain dweller well it’s unfortunate that you fall into the west propagandas machinery about China. And yes of course China isn’t perfect just like all countries. All am saying is we should also sometimes see the good sides to.

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      @Menrad Mwaliko there is nothing wrong with seeing the good sides of any country, including China, it is just so many Chinese think their government is infalible and never makes mistakes. So much to the point where if someone offers them a criticism or different opinion in a discussion then they immediately either deflect to “Western propaganda” or some form of whataboutism on the Americans. For example in Philippines there are many good points to be seen from China such as the vaccines they have given us, but there is also a lot of resentment towards China because of the perception that China has not respected Philippines sovereignty and territorial integrity or they have not treated Filipino civilians like fishermen well in the disputed South China Sea region that both countries claim. This said Filipinos will not be used as American pawns against China, and our government never makes issue over Taiwan. It is only the territorial dispute that is problem.

    • Avatar mountain dweller says:

      @Menrad Mwaliko its the similar question in the South China Sea, a bit like why ? did the former Soviet block countries all want to join NATO , always a reason why countries feel safer in a collective defence organisation

  16. Avatar Dustin Tacohands says:

    I bet South Korea builds some good boats

  17. Avatar biswa narayan says:

    China just spread propaganda , it have df17 hypersonic missile under testing and India have already deployed hypersonic missile 😂😂

    • Avatar River styx says:

      Ahh the Indians have arrived, it’s way past your bedtime Singh

  18. Avatar Tanmay Chaudhari says:

    Good luck South Korea from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Avatar Manish Gurung says:

      who are indians

  19. Avatar yz yz says:

    Thats means ww3 is to close. Nothing happyness for thats.

    • Avatar Xiao Mose says:

      Indeed, everyone is arming themself. British make aircraft carrier, korea and China to. Next waiting for Japan, France and Russia then ww3 deck is complete

    • Avatar Dinpuii Vanchhawng says:

      @Xiao Mose and the Russians are planning exosuits in 2030,its getting eerily scary

  20. Avatar Red kopite says:

    Russia is still using WW2 one which is always in rebuilding mode lol

    • Avatar Its me Joe says:

      and india buy one from them🤣🤣🤣..so wht?

    • Avatar Red kopite says:

      @ettenme barrientos Kuznetsov !! I meant it is no better then WW2 one lol.. that says a lot abt Russia’s Carriers & their Navies

    • Avatar Red kopite says:

      @Its me Joe not only from Russia India is use to buying junk from other countries too 🙁

    • Avatar Its me Joe says:

      @Red kopite its true..i believe there no use to that carriers but its symbol of power..thats what all country running for that..even france admit they are really hurt to pay the expenses..china also buy carrier from russia and upgrading to their needed version..my opinion is they own it to get ready for war..

    • Avatar Red kopite says:

      @Its me Joe without carriers there’s no way you can project power far from your land .. modern war is all abt carriers, Navies & Subs hence China & Russia lack any projection power far from their land .

  21. Avatar CC CC says:

    Made of plastic? Plastic is their forte

    • Avatar BlahBlahBlah says:

      Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Italy, and Greece have surpassed Korea in plastic surgeries per capita.

  22. Avatar TorianTammas says:

    A British carrier in Asia is a reminder of the British exploitation in the Asia region.

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @John Smith Isis isn’t in West Africa, countries like Nigeria and more have requested your country return those sculptures but you refuse ,honestly the British has not changed a bit, they just don’t have the military superiority to bully anyone again

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      River styx
      Ah yes, Nigeria. Perhaps one of the least stable nations within the African continent thanks to groups like Boko Haram. Not that the Nigerian government is much better – can’t even be trusted to keep its own schoolgirls safe, let alone historic artefacts.

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @John Smith so Britain decides they won’t return what they stole cos the owners Cant be trusted to keep those things,can you even hear yourself, for your info, the kidnappings happen in the northern Nigeria, the sculptures where stolen from the eastern and western parts of the country

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @River styx
      You’re massively trivialising an issue that has been at the centre of debate for decades. I’m assuming you’re talking about the Benin Bronzes? Which were created within a Kingdom that no longer exists but now happens to reside in what is now modern day Nigeria? It might be argued that Nigeria’s claim to the Benin Bronzes isn’t cultural, but rather geographical.
      Not only that but within the Kingdom of Benin, bronze and ivory could not be owned by anyone besides the king, so in theory, they belong to him, not Nigeria.
      It also doesn’t really matter where Boko Haram are most prevalent, my point was that Nigeria’s government can’t even be trusted to ensure the safety of schoolgirls, let alone ancient artefacts many would argue don’t even belong to them.

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @John Smith is this how the British think and act, it’s just like telling me since I cant be trusted by the same people who stole my property to keep it safe therefore I have no right to it, you really thinking out of the box

  23. Avatar Kubole Foirrelli says:

    Humanity is so insane. The worst people leading the apathetic masses over the abyss.

  24. Avatar Pasha Pasovski says:

    Hahaha, they needed an aircraft carrier while biggest threat is 10000 tanks!

    • Avatar Bari Forever says:

      And those thousands of tanks from North Korea are mostly outdated junks, while South Korea has 4th largest ground force in the world with high tech vehicles. And you know what, modern wars are not something like ground force fight with ground force, navy fight with navy… Ground force and navy should be integrated during the war. Aircrafts from carriers can bombard tanks

    • Avatar Dan2314 Wonderluck says:

      @Bari Forever outdated??? Have you have seen what an “outdated” tank can do to an infantry battalion with no tanks.

      The Korean peninsula is one of the worst places in the world to fight. The North has turned its territory into a fortress. If you invade expect losses to be huge. Expect to have casualties of 1/3 to 1/2 of your troops.

      It woukd be equivalent to the scenario where the US had to invade mainland Japan in WWII.

      It would be a blood bath, not to mention North Korea still has a defense agreement with China.

      It would be horrible.

    • Avatar A Z says:

      @Dan2314 Wonderluck yeah China Will be backing/third people behind maybe

      But to be honest IM neutral and not support all

    • Avatar GateCrasher says:

      @Dan2314 Wonderluck north Korea can’t even afford to feed it’s citizens. How they gonna sustain a war?

    • Avatar GateCrasher says:

      @A Z China have enough problems to deal with as it is, from an ever increasing coalition. The last thing they want, is to back a dead horse like north Korea

  25. Avatar Javier S says:

    대한민국 화이팅!

  26. Avatar sidharth cs says:

    Asia is having a carrier building race

    • Avatar krnpowr says:

      As well as a space race.

  27. Avatar Good Luck says:

    Sk should join quad…..and India also build aircraft carrier indigenously now they have 2……..
    Soon Japan will have 2 ….
    Let’s tackles China….

    • Avatar Good Luck says:

      @Vidar Odinson by considering threat from Chinese navy expansion they build aircraft carrier

    • Avatar Vidar Odinson says:

      @Good Luck I mean Sk and Japan relations recently are not good. Japan is the reason why Sk wanted to built Aircraft carrier.

    • Avatar 하쿠나 says:

      as a korean, japan and china are our enemies. it’s not change forever.

    • Avatar Good Luck says:

      @하쿠나 okay…….
      I hoep S. Korean calls Indian their friend….

    • Avatar KSJ says:

      Both China and Japan.

  28. Avatar Good Luck says:

    China is making World to produce war equipment

  29. Avatar Wildforfreedom says:

    Another successful arms sale for the US

    • Avatar Malign M says:

      You can blame China for that.

  30. Avatar Mole Man says:

    An aircraft carrier also require an entire supporting fleet of destroyers, submarines, planes. It is more than just one ship.

    • Avatar Sabotage New world Order says:

      well u have a point. and i agree they need to assist their northern brothers first..

    • Avatar Mole Man says:

      @Sabotage New world Order America will not allow Seoul to do that as it will bring peace.

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      @Neil Jason Villanueva you are right. It is frustrating our circumstances when faced with a hostile country like China. It is hard to not envy countries like South Korea who can provide a credible defense from such aggression from the intsik. The brahmos missiles from India will be a good start at least.

    • Avatar ephemeraljaunt says:

      @Sabotage New world Order chinas already doing that

    • Avatar Ryuji Osabe りゅじさん says:

      @대한민국 South Korea yeah we lost about submarine fleet, but japan have homegrown big aircraft like kawasaki P1 n kawasaki C2, kawasaki p1 even using ourself made IHI jet engine, no technical assistant from GE, prat whitney, roll royce

  31. Avatar Alief Arkhan F says:

    They are so lucky US is very kind to them and willingly transfer technology to Korea

    • Avatar Kalimacho 1 says:

      Divide and conquer east asia

    • Avatar Crish Hari says:

      Possible only in dreamland.

    • Avatar KSJ says:

      As a Korean, your words are funny. The United States is not kind.

    • Avatar BlahBlahBlah says:

      No they didn’t, which is why Korea is partnering with either Britain or Italu

  32. Avatar New World Warblers says:

    And now we fly planes from the seas. Wow!

  33. Avatar IC1101 says:

    South Korea is Giant in Ship building don’t mess with sleeping Giant South Korea🇰🇷

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      Sleeping Giant? South Korea is has only 10th largest economy. And has 6th strongest army. That is not Giant. You have to call “Small Korea”. Look at the neighbors…
      🇷🇺 Russia
      🇯🇵 Japan
      🇨🇳 China
      🇺🇸 USA (Guam&Northern Marianna Islands)
      🇰🇵 North Korea

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      🇷🇺: 2nd Strongest Army with 11th largest economy
      🇨🇳: 3rd strongest Army with 2nd largest economy
      🇯🇵: 5th strongest Army with 3rd largest economy
      🇺🇸: No.1 Army ★ No.1 economy
      🇰🇵: Crazy man with nukes

    • Avatar IC1101 says:

      Read properly Sleeping Giant in ship building capabilities not Army or Economy.

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      @IC1101 thank you~😄 and Im sorry

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @IC1101 what does that even mean

  34. Avatar satish thapa says:

    if Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Vietnam they build their weapons. what happened to China. forgot the US and Europe.

    • Avatar Jin the Hanakji says:

      @Timothy Han Wrong. Japan can definitely hold off China. Same goes to South Korea and India. Vietnam is be nearly impossible for China to beat. If the US lost to Vietnam, there’s no way China will win. Besides, China sent a 1000 soldiers to Vietnam against only a couple of Vietnamese border guards and still lost. Australia, interestingly enough, will be very difficult for China to beat due to how dangerous the land can be. And it’s not the military the Chinese should worry about.

    • Avatar Timothy Han says:

      @Jin the Hanakji Nuclear weapons end game , go back to planning boi

    • Avatar FREE PALESTINE says:

      If you build your own weapon US Will see that you have a lot of money, they Will come deploy their troops at your country and ask for payment

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @Jin the Hanakji actually Japan cant hold China, has the highest missile stock pile, dry could sink Jan and Korea easily, plus they have a satellite to give recon, while Japan and Korea probably depend on the US for that

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @Jin the Hanakji you are talking trash bro, America lost in Vietnam

  35. Avatar Stan Pikaliri says:

    Better put that money in ground defense systems.

    • Avatar Gjemë Shatri says:

      Against North Korea??

    • Avatar Stan Pikaliri says:

      @Gjemë Shatri Against any treats.

  36. Avatar Marc After Dark 100 says:

    The world needs to put china in it’s place especially after covid no more payments to bank of china 🤔😉

    • Avatar Dan2314 Wonderluck says:

      Please explain to me how did the People of Wuhan infect tens of millions of people, even hundreds of millions of people in the other side of the world, but barely anyone in the other parts of China if the virus came from Wuhan, China.

      And please keep in mind that before the pandemic every week there were 5000 flights FROM Wuhan to the other cities in the rest of China, but only 2 to 3 flights from Wuhan to the US.

      Nevertheless, outside of Wuhan, Hubei barely anyone within China got infected.

      China’s total infection were less than 100 000, less than 5000 dead while the US got over 33 million infections and over 600 000 deaths.

      So I am sorry, buddy the math, the facts and the data doesn’t back up the theory the virus came from Wuhan.

    • Avatar Marc After Dark 100 says:

      @Dan2314 Wonderluck the Chinese wet markets are cause multiple pandemics they need to be shut down look up Chinese wet markets on YouTube eating of bat cat rats and dogs need to stop you can’t trust people that eat 🐕

    • Avatar FREE PALESTINE says:

      @Marc After Dark 100 Smart guy But Trump and Biden say Corona came from Lab?

  37. Avatar Aldy Habibie says:

    I do wish my country is out of these western influences. But that will never happened because as soon as we do that there will be sanction placed right on our heads.

    • Avatar GateCrasher says:

      Or maybe north Korea backed by China will sweep through south Korea. It’s because of America, this hasn’t happened yet

    • Avatar Aldy Habibie says:

      @GateCrasher  maybe they will, maybe they wont but that’s irrelevant. We wanted to be free of western influence. If america want to mess with china then that’s their own business, Feel free to join in the southern sea affairs but dont boss anyone around. We can handle ourselves when negotiating with China as well. American are smart, so why did you think we are stupid? They should know us southeastern asian nations can handle political matters just like any other country. We fight communist back then, we fight communism now but Why put sanction when we start to gain power or when we start trading with russia though? Are we china as well now?

      Just let us handle our own business.

  38. Avatar Timothy Han says:

    The Koreans want it because the Japanese have it , thats all.

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      And to defend themselves from NK and potentially even China. There may not be much dispute with China now since THAAD disagreement, but no one knows how the future will develop. Any country with disagreements with China should be arming themselves just in case for due diligence. Even the Australians are finally starting to do so with their recent hypersonic missile program. Curiously Zhao Lijian the Chinese FM spokesman complained about that though as for some reason many Chinese think they are the only country in Asia who should be rapidly expanding their military, even in offensive war fighting capabilities. The Chinese even try to minimize their buildup by claiming it is commensurate with their GDP. No nation’s defense capabilities should be governed soley by their GDP. Especially SK who faces a hostile north and even issues with the Russians. Remember China and Russia even violated South Korean and Japanese air space two years in a row with their joint bomber flights.

  39. Avatar GHF Channel says:

    For aircraft carrier lots of additinal support required like different type ships, submarine and jets most problem with that is logistic support and power connect where secured. In so much expense small nation can built a best army or air force squadron

  40. Avatar zzirSnipzz1 says:

    Crazy to think all these years later a british design is again inspiring others to get two towers, same as Ark royal had inspired modern naval design all those years ago

  41. Avatar 504Tejas Uttam Aher says:

    Chinese mouthpiece

  42. Avatar 504Tejas Uttam Aher says:

    Chinese propaganda machine

  43. Avatar c wasan says:

    Protect South Korea from Japanese 2 Carrier.

    • Avatar Phiip Woodgate says:

      China is the biggest worry, but yes you have a point

    • Avatar K- Studio says:

      @Phiip Woodgate they don’t have that much problem with China. China has only a dispute with Japan but other than that they don’t have much with South Korea

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      @K- Studio they may not currently have a dispute with China, but there have been issues in the past such as THAAD deployment and no one knows how the future will develop. It would be South Koreas due dilligence to develop defensive capabilities from any potential threat, even China. Japan is unlikely to be a threat anyway to South Korea as they share the same political system and are faced with an ever growing expansionist China who is also rapidly arming themselves in offensive war fighting capabilities. Any nation in Asia who has any form of diplomatic difference with China should be arming themselves rapidly just in case. Even the Australians are developing hypersonic missiles to defend themselves from China. Especially when some official Chinese media like Global Times have called for Australia to be attacked with ballistic missile strikes.

    • Avatar Manish Gurung says:

      @Galunggong last year 20 cow dung eaters were murdered by china

  44. Avatar shad hasan says:

    I told all the time. US main economy heavily relied upon weapon industry. Soon, there will be day when US openly sell nuclear war head.

  45. Avatar Supreme Knight says:

    China created the covid to destroy other countries economy and build themselves as a superpower

  46. Avatar Charlie Zelenoff says:

    koreans are on the best ship builders alot of big cargo ships are by them already

    • Avatar Tony Paca says:

      They were. China is the biggest now, for national or international clients. Build a military vessel is totally different than build a commercial vessel anyways. You saw him talking about it in the video. These carriers are expected to be delivered by 2033

    • Avatar sungbin kim says:

      @Tony Paca no… sk is world best ship builder. china made only low quality low price

    • Avatar sungbin kim says:

      @Tony Paca many s.k vassel made by commercial maker….

  47. Avatar Kent Structures says:

    Historically, South Korea & China dislikes Japan. Though SK and Japan are close US allies, you can’t put them in one small pond.

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      @LOLOL LOLOL Korea has been an independent country for thousands of years. Stop distorting history.

    • Avatar Hyltonial I says:

      @대한민국 South Korea You a fked son of China Goryeo BANGZA!

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      @Hyltonial I ?

    • Avatar KSJ says:

      @대한민국 South Korea 중국 일본 둘 다지 중국은 맞고 일본은 아니다는 뭔 개소리야

    • Avatar 대한민국 South Korea says:

      @KSJ 중국은 천년적이지만 일본은 이제 막 20세기부터 시작해서 적이 된지 100년 밖에 되지 않았습니다




  49. Avatar SMGJohn says:

    RoK making daddy America proud in being the helpful little satellite state it is.

    • Avatar Dan2314 Wonderluck says:

      I actually think they are doing this with their eyes on the Japanese who themselves are building two carriers.

      There is no other reason why they would want to build a carrier since if war were to break up in the Korean peninsula with North Korea and China the war would be fought on land.

      Furthermore, South Korea actually has very good relations with China. That is why they refused to join the Quad against China despite being heavily pressured by the US to do so.

      South Korea has a better relationship with China than they have with Japan whom they are contesting a few Islands with.

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      More like due dilligence as a sovereign country to maintain a credible defense. If South Korea thinks they need aircraft carriers for their defensive strategy then that is their business. Just like the Chinese who are also investing heavily in aircraft carriers for their “defense” needs.

  50. Avatar Robert Gittings says:

    *British jump jet “technology” LMAO*
    Not even a steam – catapult system compare to EMALS in China
    Gunboat – diplomacy LMAO Better stay at home and stop embarrassing yourself

  51. Avatar Robert Gittings says:

    *British jump jet “technology” LMAO* 🤣🔴 Why do they go there and embarrassing themselves

    Not even a steam – catapult system compare to EMALS in China
    Gunboat – diplomacy LMAO Better stay at home and stop embarrassing yourself

  52. Avatar bearsagainstevil says:

    The UK and USA are sending carriers to side with countrys like South Korea and Japan if china starts anything . Western colonialism kept a lot of the worlds seas safe , and the British got out of the empire business but they don’t want to see former colonies taken over by china . They aren’t going to invade India or Burma so no country has reason to fear them . China on the other hand is a worry

    • Avatar Dan2314 Wonderluck says:

      Chinese anti ship ballistic missiles and cruise missiles have their names on them.

      The Chinese have turned the first and second island Chain into the ultimate kill zone.

      If war were to start anyone with carriers in that region would have their carriers turned into floating coffins.

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      @Dan2314 Wonderluck not necessarily. Even the Chinese think the aircraft carriers have uses such as their think tanks always speculate the use of Liaoning and Shandong to defend the East side of Taiwan from outside intervention if the PLA ever invade. The Americans and others are also keenly aware of China’s obvious missile strategies and are working on ways to negate the threat such as spreading out their forces. Curiously most think tanks from both US and China who always assume that any war between the countries would be confined to the East or South China Seas obviously overlook the vulnerability of China’s overseas assets which could be their achilles heel. If the Americans or any force that is facing China in a war blockade the Strait of Malacca and other similar Straits, to draw the PLA Navy out into a non-regional battle, it could go very badly for China given their blue water navy limitations. China’s overseas shipping could be constricted and their base in Djibouti destroyed, along with any other overseas assets. Sooner or later China would have to send a fleet to protect them or expect the Russians to intervene on their behalf. Do not get me wrong. I am not saying any of these moves guarantee any victory over China, only pointing out that nobody knows how any actual war would go and there are many ways to deal a destructive blow to China than facing them head on regionally.

  53. Avatar Syahril Hanifah says:

    South China Sea should be changed to SEA sea.
    * South East Asian sea.

    • Avatar Ck Pal says:


    • Avatar LOLOL LOLOL says:

      Changing the name won’t dislodge China from that area

    • Avatar Hyltonial I says:

      Shuted tributaries of China

    • Avatar Xiong Yadong says:

      agree ! and the pacific ocean should be changed to China ocean too !

    • Avatar 心岛未晴 says:

      It doesn’t even help to change it to the Philippine Sea

  54. Avatar A Z says:

    Carrier not fleet by ITS own

    You must protect it any.cost including hypersonic/balistic missile threat

    Make a group called Carrier strike group wich is including destroyer+air support

    A cruiser could do this mission but commonly destroyer is the support and protector for the Carrier

  55. Avatar DiyanooshTM Mehranfar says:

    South Korea must first get permission from the United States about these constructions HAHAHA

    • Avatar LoneRiderz says:

      Don’t laugh too hard… you might run out of O2 again.

    • Avatar DiyanooshTM Mehranfar says:

      @LoneRiderz Other than what I said, it has not been and will not be. Until its opposition is proven, look at your trade and banking dealings with Iran. That Iraq, Japan, China and other countries have settled accounts with us. There is no such thing as South Korea, it is just an American colony island like Guam

    • Avatar DiyanooshTM Mehranfar says:

      @LoneRiderzLoneRiderz In addition, it must be said that you have neither the capital nor the reason to build such structures because you do not have the capital and human capital and the reason for it. Sweden is run by 15 families. South Korea is protected by the United States with 5 families. Do not bother yourself, the facts are bitter … In the blood of the Iranians, the blood of the empires has always flowed and in your blood … I do not know

    • Avatar KSJ says:

      It’s not America, it’s Britain or Italy.
      Hyundai – Britain.
      Daewoo – Italy

  56. Avatar Bw Tjma says:

    -1:40 “it’s not the size of the deck that matters it’s the motion in the ocean baby!!”🤣

    • Avatar Haider says:

      He said that? LMAO 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. Avatar Daily Report Military says:


  58. Avatar sohrab roshan says:

    1 .

  59. Avatar Jhony Sins india toh says:

    Fun fact- A single torpedo is enough to destroy a aircraft carrier.

    • Avatar Advait Kolhatkar says:

      A very generalised statement but okay.

    • Avatar KSJ says:

      Pretending to be intelligent, but this is an ignorant comment.

    • Avatar Jhony Sins india toh says:

      @KSJ i m :xd

  60. Avatar Devin Mcquinn says:

    Don’t want to be the last kid on your block without a carrier, lol

  61. Avatar Perfect Students says:

    Maintaining an aircraft carrier is extremely expensive. It’s as outdated as fighter jets. Future military should use autonomous military equipment such as drones, pilotless jets, self-driving tanks, etc.

    • Avatar Ck Pal says:

      Drones U.S. and NATO use but pilotless jets and self driving tanks is not available in market

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      Even the communist Chinese (who are rapidly increasing their military spending and growth) are investing heavily in aircraft carriers so they are not completely obsolete as yet. For example the Chinese think that they can use their two current carriers to shield the East Side of Taiwan from foreign intervention if the PLA ever invade Taiwan. This is key to their strategy. South Korea is also keenly aware of their strategic needs and if they think they need an aircraft carrier in their navy, they will pursue it.

  62. Avatar Kofe Lee says:

    I don’t believe your video.

  63. Avatar ElectricBiker says:

    South Korea is strategically important. They simply cannot be too well prepared.

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      Very true. Especially with the rate the Chinese military is growing in offensive warfare capabilities. It is important for any other Asian countries who can, to arm themselves as much as possible just in case. Even though China professes to be peaceful now, one can never know how the future will develop. Best not to be left behind if a country can help it. Unfortunately Philippines is not so lucky as our President has been bowing to pressure from China and surrenduring our sovereignty to them in return for virtually nothing. Not even a guarantee that Philippines will never be invaded by PLA.

  64. Avatar Beach Boy says:

    The South Korea aircraft carriers has two islands like the British.
    The F35 is available for all friends with money 💰.

  65. Avatar Noneshere says:

    The west always premoting war

    • Avatar john mckeag says:

      The Art of War Sun Tzu: The Oldest Military Treatise in the World

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      It is not just western countries who promote war but also Russians and many other countries.

  66. Avatar Ding Ling How says:

    The USA is protecting Korea very well…why do they need their own I dont get it.

    • Avatar Galunggong says:

      It should be a good thing for South Korea to eventually have their own full autonomy over defense spending and not always rely on the Americans. After all South Korea is a sovereign country who faces at least one hostile neighbor. Even China who is somewhat friendly to South Korea right now, at least over economy, may one day become a threat with how fast their military is growing. All nations in Asia who can should be arming themselves just in case for the future. China may not threaten these countries now, but if things change who knows. Even Australia should be arming themselves rapidly just in case. The Americans may not be around forever in Asia.

    • Avatar KSJ says:

      Korea is not a fool. They know that America is not protecting Korea for no reason because it is kind. Besides, did you forget about Trump?

  67. Avatar Richard Maunder says:

    WELL DONE to South Korea. 🙂

  68. Avatar Midoriya Izuku says:

    While everyone talks about China. South Korea is thinking of Japan. The reality is SK hates Japan more than anyone else and that’s what their navy is targeted for.

    • Avatar solidussnake0079 says:

      Hate is one thing but they do not view them as a danger like china

    • Avatar Kosu K. says:

      That used to be true before 2010. But nowadays, anti China sentiment in SK has quiet literally exploded. The korean people and the government is now a lot more wary of china’s growing influence in the region. And like the comment above mentioned, SK may resent Japan bc of historical disputes but it doesn’t view Japan as a threat. Can’t say the same for China tho….

      Source: am Korean and lived in SK my whole life

    • Avatar Manish Gurung says:

      @solidussnake0079 that’s the exact point infornt of usa sk predicts nk as a main enemy and china as a regional competitor but their main target was always japan

  69. Avatar GateCrasher says:

    Looks like the British carrier

  70. Avatar Billal Hossain Francis says:

    🇧🇩👍 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🙏🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  71. Avatar mahmud hasan tusher says:

    I Don’t think S.Korea needs one

  72. Avatar keithtko says:

    Don’t need carrier to fight north.

  73. Avatar J Yu says:

    Aircraft carriers extend the range of you military. I think it would be smarter to work on defensive tech and open diplomacy.

  74. Avatar LOLOL LOLOL says:

    Aircraft carriers that close to China mean it’s a floating coffin for 5000

  75. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    japan wants the kurils back. also it will help south korea take north korea.

  76. Avatar Constantino Garcia says:

    Countries ready to wage war…..dumb…dumb…dumb

  77. Avatar 최재혁 says:

    Moon jung in is communist symphathizer

  78. Avatar M3ta1 says:


  79. Avatar Mr Big says:

    Don’t do it a few torpedo’s and it’s gone.

  80. Avatar Gregory Parrott says:

    Ahh, the irony. Someone from China labeling carrier construction, including that of South Korea, as ‘gunboat diplomacy’.
    And yet, (or that’s why) China is building them too

    • Avatar Gregory Parrott says:

      @Johnny G Thank you for the correction.
      Then Moon represents part of the opposition to Korea’s intentions to build a carrier. That makes more sense. With North Korea next door and China imposing itself, adding a carrier may still fit their naval policy

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @Gregory Parrott I don’t think you watched this video, it also has wide spread criticism from the public, are you deaf

    • Avatar Gregory Parrott says:

      @River styx 1) Yes, I watched it in its entirety
      2) Yes, I am aware that it identified criticisms
      3) No, I’m not deaf
      4) I fail to see the connection between ‘watching’ a video and being ‘deaf’. Hear/Deaf and Watch/Blind are the logical linkages, not ‘Watch/Deaf’

    • Avatar River styx says:

      @Gregory Parrott maybe you watched it but couldn’t here what was said

    • Avatar Gregory Parrott says:

      @River styx The correct word is ‘hear’, not ‘here’. But I get your drift.

  81. Avatar Coy Cubic says:

    A small country still need aircraft carrier? Lmao

  82. Avatar Sadique Ali says:

    It’s threat for the world : America

    Let’s attack and save the world….Oh no there is no Oil let’s abort the mission.

  83. Avatar Banana Flasher says:

    I don’t know why everyone is surface carrier crazy. The tech exists to build a drone carrier submarine. Korea? Japan? Japan had a sub aircraft carrier in WW2. do it!

  84. Avatar kevin thomson says:

    Has WW3 started?

  85. Avatar Break 333 says:

    first stop the war in the world
    first stop the war in Africa
    first stop betray Africa
    first stop killing innocent people in the world
    shame USA UN G20 G7 NATO #

  86. Avatar Roberto Borlngan says:

    Aircraft carrier? : LoL
    Russia’s defense minister; we dont need carrier, we need( produced) missle to sink them!

  87. Avatar soul reaver says:

    People should just not listen to you stupid people infected with the blue virus

  88. Avatar reho says:

    역시 한국이 만들면 기술최력강 경항공모함을 만드는구나

  89. Avatar Thunder Bolt Daggers says:


  90. Avatar Samkala pseudo says:

    Until it is build, all of this is just PPT, like India media

  91. Avatar Ozair Akhtar says:

    So, will we going to witness the reunion of Korea?

  92. Avatar Ryan Gibson says:

    There are better ways to create jobs. I am sick of defense contractors in the US using that as an excuse.

  93. Avatar Renz Eusoya says:

    Why should South Korea have aircraft carrier? It’s not like they have any need for power projection.

  94. Avatar Naam je Vaeni hunxa says:

    But where they gonna deploy this warship???

  95. Avatar Lazarus Knight says:

    you could build one or build something else to counter those instead…

  96. Avatar Abdulrahman Bada says:

    This is a waste of money. You already have a military pack with the US. The US has many aircraft carriers. So, why do you need one.

  97. Avatar C. Jester says:

    It is better to have a carrier than need 1 n find urself standing at the “peace summit ” without 1

  98. Avatar The Last Defender of Camelot says:

    maybe if Hyundai settles their lawsuit and fix their exploding cars first then we can see progress. unless you want to see an exploding aircraft carrier.

  99. Avatar John Ley Vlog says:

    Good job South Korea 🙂👍
    From: Philippines🇵🇭

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