Lebanon reduces critical fuel subsidies amid petrol crisis

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It is hard to escape the worsening economic crisis gripping Lebanon.
Jobs are scarce and food and fuel are growing ever more expensive as the currency’s value tumbles.
There is a financial lifeline, though, from Lebanon’s expats.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut, Lebanon.

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  1. Avatar Adineatha says:

    Christians come to the United States. Sunnis go to Libya, Algerie, Chad and Sudan.

    Then Lebanon become a region of Turkey.

    • Avatar dor azati says:

      @Fire Furry and you ask gaza, afghanistan, iraq, syria and more about the wonders of becoming a iranian colony.
      better to be a colony of any other muslim country then iran.
      iranian colony = slaves that will be thrown in the front of weapons that are pointed at iran. in other words “canons meat”.

    • Avatar abdi müller says:

      @dor azati lmao afghanistan are You stupid?

    • Avatar dor azati says:

      @abdi müller hahahaha didnt you knew? iran has become the biggest supporter and helper of taliban and al qaida.
      you should be more aware of what happening in the world lately.

    • Avatar A .D says:

      @dor azati

      As an iranians let me tell you if lebanon becomes a neo iranian colony it won’t stay that way for long . Being in Tehran I’ll tell you the future of iran right now isn’t any brighter then lebanon either . I won’t be suprise if iran ends up like the Soviet union at the end of this decade .

    • Avatar crackistical says:

      dor azati GOOD

  2. Avatar Goku Vegeta says:

    Eat the rich

  3. Avatar S Zee says:

    Its so sad how the Zionist banksters are destroying the Middle East – it’s part of their plan to then build a Greater Is-ra-el.

    • Avatar Sim Ko says:

      Yes, you are right. Blame Israel and save Lebanon.

  4. Avatar Psych Out says:

    Your country is going through a crisis, instead of helping building it, the youths prefer to leave it, even after the state spend billions educating them, and then act surprised when the country crashes further. 🤦‍♂️

    • Avatar Adam Solomon says:

      @Mi Movil They need to fix their country. Who will fix if they leave ??

    • Avatar Mi Movil says:

      @Adam Solomon The situation in Lebanon is not something that young individuals “can fix.” That one is a bad analogy, and that very terminology makes you think that “there is something” that young people can do to “fix” their country. Just like if you could fix your broken fan, right? Nah. The reality is quite different. The fact is that young people are finding that, upon graduation, they cannot find any jobs. Or that those scattered opportunities are ridiculously underpaid. As individuals, they are helpless and powerless.

      Lebanese young people, just like young people everywhere, want a future for themselves. They don’t want to live in poverty. They don’t want to have no access to electricity. They don’t want to wait for 2h to fill the tank. And the thing with them, as I said earlier, is that the educated ones are multilingual, open, critical, driven, and have received a decent or semi-decent education. They tend to be competitive human resources in the global economy – and they can definitely do better in greener pastures.

      The reality with Lebanon, unfortunately, is that the level of debt is insane and that the political instability, the messy neighborhood and a number of several other dynamics won’t help alleviate the current situation. And against such a backdrop, there is nothing, or practically anything that young people can do.

    • Avatar Adam Solomon says:

      @Mi Movil I don’t care. These Arabs/Muslim people need to stay in their countries and fix it. All these Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenis, Iraqis ,Afghans etc.. immigrating cannot be sustainable. They need to fix their countries and live in it.

    • Avatar HamzaForChrist says:

      Thats what happens when you cuddle with iran

    • Avatar Mi Movil says:

      @Adam Solomon The Lebanese are not immigrating as refugees, but as economic migrants through regular channels. And they are contributing to their hosts communities. I am not saying that you need to change your mind, but I am also pretty certain that if you were in their shoes, you’d think quite differently.

  5. Avatar Fire Furry says:



    • Avatar Capricorn says:


  6. Avatar dor azati says:

    how about hezbollah start giving money to all lebanese and not just shia? after all, all the problems that they created affect all lebanese citizens.
    by the way hezballah is one of the most richest organization in the world so feeding all of lebanon shouldnt be a problem if they stop spending so much on weapons.

    • Avatar dor azati says:

      @Piper Africa i know all of that, but you need to look at situation today and who is getting the most blame. All of them are guilty but who profits today more then the others? Hezbollah!
      Who is getting less critisizem then others (almost getting out of the story clean)? Hezbollah!
      The moment hezbollah will be forced to become part of the army, that is the moment you can say hezbollah got the right amount of critisizem.

    • Avatar Super Nuke says:

      u have 0 clue what u are talking about 😀

    • Avatar D No says:

      The problem is mainly because lebanon’s main source of income is tourism and tourism is stopped due to pandemic crisis.
      That’s all.

    • Avatar Sim Ko says:

      @LongDongKong I do not understand. Is Hezbollah good for Lebanon or not?

    • Avatar LongDongKong says:

      @Sim Ko no, they stroke up sectarian tensions within Lebanon. All while being massively corrupt.

  7. Avatar André Menezes says:

    Here in Brazil there is 7 millions lebanese descendants, Don’t mess with Lebanon people 🇧🇷🇱🇧

  8. Avatar Adam Adam says:

    It’s a downward spiral.. the country offers the people less future, and so educated, capable people leave which further lowers the countries future prospects

    • Avatar S Hussein says:

      Lebanon has no future.
      The average wage is now $45 per month.
      Lebanon is finished.

    • Avatar Adam Adam says:

      @S Hussein
      That’s sad. Australia has many Lebanese people. We’re about to get many more I think

    • Avatar ألف ومية says:

      @Adam Adam Lebanese are mainly leaving to Canada and UAE.

    • Avatar YYeesshh says:

      lebanon’s population is about 7 million.. its believed overall there are something like 15 million lebanese all over the world. that number will start boosting up soon

  9. Avatar Oriana says:

    masks where

  10. Avatar Jan Luca Basile Gambino says:

    Because of the cancer religion of Islam

    • Avatar Sim Ko says:

      No, because of Hezbollah.

  11. Avatar Authentic Hadiths says:

    I invite you all to listen to Hadith narration inshAllah

  12. Avatar goose gander says:

    Currently there are two card-carrying members of the communist party in the U.S. Supreme Court,

  13. Avatar toobalkain says:

    Lebanese Christians have to secede, the country is collapsing.

  14. Avatar S Hussein says:

    Lebanon has no future.
    The average wage is now $45 per month.
    Lebanon is finished.

    • Avatar Hatem Gifaeeri says:

      Nobody knows the future. Let’s be positive.

  15. Avatar sagi gilboa says:

    And here comes civil war and iran takes over

  16. Avatar MEGIDIOT says:

    Arab boys though wow

  17. Avatar Frank Hynd says:

    Lebanon imports everything and exports nothing so it is no wonder that Lebanon is destitute.

    • Avatar Maurazio says:

      doesn’t look destitute, just mismanaged.

    • Avatar TheArtShow says:

      imports and exports have nothing to do with each other. Problem with Lebanon is people are not confident investing. Foreign direct investment and tourism balances out a lack of exports. Make people confident in Lebanon once again, Lebanon will go back to being rich. But that is hard considering the religious power structure (a ticking time bomb which ran out of time). The solution is the people of Lebanon agreeing to remove the religious power structure(which makes it hard to keep people accountable and promotes corruption and patronage) and replace it with democratic meritocracy. This will make investors confident in Lebanon.

  18. Avatar Without Name says:

    Nice, lets reduce all of subsidies and use this money to build infrastructure, school, hospital, etc. Government subsidies only make people lazier.

    • Avatar Wael WM says:

      yes the oh so honest and totally not corrupt government will take the money to build schools

    • Avatar Maurazio says:

      no they just cause inflation and benefit the big spenders more than the people with little income

  19. Avatar Alberto Gomez says:

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    • Avatar Stefan Jaul says:

      @Peter Finn True – I bought at 50k, and I have been severely beaten right from the start. I sold half at the big April drop at 35k. I constantly hear so much good news from these YouTube’s (JRNY is real bad at it). Guys like Lark, Graham are chasing revenue with daily misleading updates.

    • Avatar Peter Finn says:

      @Stefan Jaul Well I used TA and got out at $ 60k and 3.8k and now wait for bottom to quadruple my bags … Then when it heads up I’ll make even more !!! Don’t just watch only YouTube. They will mislead you. Get some Wyckoff charts, a good market pundit, and study TA. The trick is to ride the whale’s waves. They are predictable in a sense. Never get greedy and use emotion to trade and take profits 📈

    • Avatar D. Santiago says:

      @Peter Finn Excellent!. I am so scared right now and I am down 50% ever since I got in at the top of the market. I am contemplating selling off but that will be at my loss I need professional’s advice. How can I go about seeking help from a reliable market pundit like you suggested.

    • Avatar Peter Finn says:

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    • Avatar Miguel says:

      @Peter Finn Thanks for sharing her info just checked her and she looks interesting and great, I appreciate your effort.

  20. Avatar Galo Aguirre says:

    90% devaluation, oh F me

  21. Avatar D No says:

    The problem is mainly because Lebanon’s main source of income is tourism and tourism is stopped due to pandemic crisis.
    That’s it.

    • Avatar Sim Ko says:

      The crisis started long time ago when Lebanon allowed Hezbollah to run the business.

    • Avatar D No says:

      @Sim Ko I don’t think so.
      Hezbollah is just an organization to guard the country against their dangerous neighbour.

    • Avatar Sim Ko says:

      @D No Then how come Lebanon became so poor in the last 20 years since Hezbollah arrived there?
      Hezbollah took over Lebanon like a parasite sucking the Lebanese Economy . Many hundreds of Million US$ were taken from Lebanon to purchase thousands of Missiles, other hundreds were spend to dig tunnels toward Israel which Israel demolished three years ago. Many more hundreds to improve their Missiles and to hold a big Army of Terrorists toward Israel and also Syria.
      Israel was never an enemy for Lebanon. Their Operations on the soil of Lebanon were only against Terror Organizations. First the P.L.O. and after against Hezbollah.

    • Avatar D No says:

      @Sim Ko I explained it. I believe that’s the reason for that. Dear @Sim Ko , Lebanon’s structure of economy is a lot different from other countries. It is something with it’s own very problems, like being vulnerable to fluctuations, etc.

    • Avatar Sim Ko says:

      @D No Nevertheless, I feel pity for that nice country.

  22. Avatar Hamdi ben says:

    Why don’t Qatar help them? they have over 500 billions tucked away.

  23. Avatar TheBarbahaba says:

    i have no doubts that the government and Hezbollah will lose no time in blaming Israel as they always do 🙁
    meanwhile the Lebanese people keep getting screwed from incompetence and corruption from their leaders

    • Avatar Sim Ko says:

      Lebanon is paying now for their huge mistake which was letting Hezbollah rule there.

  24. Avatar Abdullelah TSKNI says:

    What about Venezuela or Zimbabwe isn’t worst over there ???

  25. Avatar Sim Ko says:

    Lebanon did a huge mistake by choosing its allies. Instead of choosing Israel they choose Hezbollah which sucks its vitality.

  26. Avatar Adam Fernandez says:

    how can they earn 100 dollars a month and still have money for cigerettes  😂

    • Avatar Syphax Atlas says:


  27. Avatar jimmy Russell says:

    civil war 2 incoming

  28. Avatar Joseph Jouil says:

    Lebanon will remain a poor nation until Iran and its proxy, the hesbollah is kick out from the country.

    • Avatar Osher Ohayon says:

      you can’t say the truth here, they will delete this i guess.

    • Avatar Osher Ohayon says:

      My offer would be to let France take over militarily, stabilize this country, under french mandate/army control temporarily, then forming a new government as France will recover the port, electricity and water to begin with.
      But hizbollah will let this people suffer and die, they have their income from Iran and drugs selling.

  29. Avatar Martha Kent says:

    Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

    • Avatar Richmond Geil says:

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    • Avatar Mirian Gowda says:

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    • Avatar Peter Clark says:

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  30. Avatar jeff lim says:

    Zimbabwe and Venezuela say Hello

    • Avatar The Spanish East Indies Company says:

      Oooh. That burns.

  31. Avatar Muhammad M says:

    lebanese men should start the reform by stop smoking 🤣

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