More bodies pulled from rubble of collapsed Florida building

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The death toll from the collapse of the Surfside tower in Florida three days ago has risen to nine.
More than 150 people are still unaccounted for.
Rescue workers recovered four more bodies from the debris on Sunday.

Al Jazeera’s John Hendren reports from Surfside in the US city of Miami, Florida.

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  1. Avatar luu luu barabara mei says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes

    • Avatar Terrance Lubkey says:

      yes yes huhu yea yea…welcome to america yes yes yes…

  2. Avatar luu luu barabara mei says:

    We will miss you so much yes yes yes

    • Avatar Terrance Lubkey says:

      yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no..whoops…yes yes yes yes…

  3. Avatar Single Tish says:

    I want to hear the survivor… I hope they are going to get survivors .

  4. Avatar Steve Zubal says:

    Those people are squissed… not squished… squissed 🧂☠🧂

    • Avatar dee b says:

      Be quite you insensitive nut.

  5. Avatar luu luu barabara mei says:

    Yes yes yes rip forever and always my condolences to you and all yes yes

  6. Avatar Jon Ultime says:

    With rising seawater all around Miami due to climate change, it doesn’t take a genius to know that all high-rises are under threat from weakening foundations. Glad I never bought property there.

  7. Avatar Paulabella says:

    They know why this building failed, it’s in the paperwork from 2018. This is a massive warning about the danger of procrastination, and putting the love of money over valuing and protecting lives.

    • Avatar Icepick Eddie says:

      for the love of “monopoly” money printed out of thin air, here in america green paper is worshiped like a God.

    • Avatar Rholda Gosain says:

      And the Palestinians suffering similar and worst atrocities under US $billion funding towards the Zionist killing machine.

  8. Avatar dee b says:

    How many dogs and cats and other pets also perished . So terribly sad. 😥
    Bible speaks of resurrection back to life right here on earth. Earth will be restored. Hopefully many of those people will come back to life on earth.
    All resurrections in scripture , the people were brought back to life on earth.

    • Avatar Mary Star says:

      dee b – I too share your thoughts.

    • Avatar Vee George says:

      I felt the same, too..😢😢😢

  9. Avatar timmy ho says:

    So a cocaine money building collapsed …. What happens when u over buod

    • Avatar Terrance Lubkey says:

      @timmy ho , i can add the fact that the building was built before the cocaine money flowed into Florida, can you understand that moron!! Don’t talk about something you know nothing about, it makes YOU look dumb.

    • Avatar timmy ho says:

      @Terrance Lubkey dude u lost all credibility . Believe your own b.s

    • Avatar timmy ho says:

      Must be a trump supporter fact scare them lol

    • Avatar Terrance Lubkey says:

      @timmy ho , you have no credibility son. Remember school starts soon.

    • Avatar Terrance Lubkey says:

      @timmy ho , your sounding like your BF donny who keeps saying he won, when you grow up you’ll understand.

  10. Avatar Stephen Price says:

    ALL HIGHRISE STRUCTURERS ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL CRUMBLE AND FALL, WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD STARTS TO SHAKE, SHUDDER, ROCK AND TREMBLE, as it is written by the Prophets. “…..there will be many earthquakes in diverse places….”
    “….a wailing and gnashing of teeth, men’s hearts failing them from fear….” and yes, it has started.

    Go check the earthquake records out for yourself. And the volcanic activity, and the floods, storms, droughts, etc.
    And then there is the punishment saved for all persons who DARE TO CHALLENGE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.
    Watch this space………..

  11. Avatar Mikey carmona jr says:

    This is a terrorist attack by condominium owners greed and depraved indifference

  12. Avatar Carol Gimenez says:

    This is so sad!

  13. Avatar SpydAvOdin813 says:

    A few years before the hotel collapse, it was in extremely poor condition it needs a total of $9 million to repair. Nobody warn them and now their lives are lost. I doubt it will rebuild after finding all the people they recovered and I hope the owners of that hotel are getting sued.

    • Avatar Evelyn Chapel says:

      There was a lawsuit filed on behalf of the victims and their families…5 million , it needs to be more .

  14. Avatar Juanita Lavern says:

    There is all always the miracle of God. Join hands and pray in one Accord, fir Lazarus was raised from the dead after 4 days. In Jesus name pray, get anyone willing to pray, go to the site and join hands and pray in the name of Jesus Christ. By his authority, call to those in the rubble to rise.

    • Avatar dee b says:

      Resurrection of the dead won’t start untill after Armageddon bible says.
      Limited # go to heaven, most will come back to earth. Earth will be restored during the 1000 year reign of Christ. Revelation 20:6

  15. Avatar sighproductions::blqmediaxpress says:

    Stupid devils

  16. Avatar Patricia Faulkner says:

    what about partial building torn out there might be someone inside the party part inside, they can’t yell .maybe conscious in pain. I can see the void space from distance, you can zoom in from special lens on camera from distance from another building. I thought about that too.

    • Avatar Evelyn Chapel says:

      I seriously can not understand what you are talking about when you said ” the party part” . But if you are talking about the part that is still standing everyone in that part are accounted for . They also have dogs running around sniffing every void they find , they are using sonar machines, they are using small robotic cameras placed in any void they find .

    • Avatar Patricia Faulkner says:

      @Evelyn Chapel I have not heard anyone check to toppers of this torn down. Did anyone see this inside anywhere? I am photographer in sort of my hobbies. It wonderful tool to distance. you see from garage from next door where the squirrel climb up the bird house oh I never thought of these camera and lenses to see a far from that building, you know the camera can see thru long sense for 3 miles away. I don’t know anyone understand what I am talking bout look at big building to see the star and moon, what do you called those lease that can see so far away. Maybe I am wrong to say the. there a lot of apartment surround the area.People have balcony and use the camera with long lens to see any movement. They my not see the body, but their might be good change some are still alive inside the torn building? I could be wrong.

  17. Avatar xuan phuoc says:

    At 2am, 98% are sleeping, no chance to go to bath tub, even if you in the bath tub the concrete wall will crash them.

    • Avatar Liane Cornils says:


    • Avatar Evelyn Chapel says:

      1 am

    • Avatar Rholda Gosain says:

      Yes. Just like in Palestine when Zionists kill innocent Palestinians with US $billion sponsored war

  18. Avatar Monkey Guy80 says:

    This Miami building collapse reminds me of Singapore Hotel New World collapsed in the 80s.

    • Avatar Jerseybytes2 says:

      reminded me of the Sampoong Department Store Collapse in South Korea

    • Avatar Monkey Guy80 says:

      @Jerseybytes2 oh yes that Korean Dept store collapsed.

  19. Avatar Jeffrey Judway says:

    HOA is responsible! Waiting to do repairs

    • Avatar Jerseybytes2 says:

      someone put a 3 bedroom / 2 bath apt for sale on the sister building the day after the collapse. and he wanted $1,375,000 for it (found that story since I was curious how much each apt paid in condo fees per month. One lists it at $876). Should add, the owner of the apt I mentioned has since then taken his apt off the market (doubt anyone would buy for any price)

  20. Avatar Alif Amirul says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

    • Avatar Curtis Anthony says:

      From Allah we come to Allah we return brother

    • Avatar Terrance Lubkey says:

      see Allah at the bar.

  21. Avatar Gunzz Ready says:

    The building the quick sand theorie when it was purely lack of maintenance and human greed and that’s how all those with money avoid jail

    • Avatar Evelyn Chapel says:

      Actually it was noted in one of the reports about the ground sinking under that building . They were also were informed that the pool had to be dug out and redone because of the ground shifting. Between the ground shifting and poor maintenance it was a disaster waiting to happen.

  22. Avatar Juan Martell says:

    This suppose to happen in third world countries. I am so confused. 🤔

  23. Avatar Russell A. Leenders says:

    Isaiah 5:8 is the answer…. what GOD thinks about Apartment living.

  24. Avatar David kombe says:

    Oh!an incredibly depressive on there for the people in Miami.

  25. Avatar Laurie Lewis says:

    This is going to be like 911. Most bodies never found.

    • Avatar A W says:

      Thanks for the positive energy…😉

  26. Avatar BJ P says:

    Demolition and terrorism

  27. Avatar Somahearts says:

    around 20 man or women searching for surviver by using barehand….lol,they can try harder,maybe use some thing with more science??

  28. Avatar Mark Edwards Photography says:

    LAND-DEVELOPERS will never learn. Never build on landfill land or near seaside beech areas. It’s a matter of time when the foundations will sink.

    • Avatar N W says:

      But Dubai does it all the time, in fact they have buildings in the ocean

    • Avatar Jazzy Jazz says:

      @N W yeah — many countries extended their lands by covering the seas

  29. Avatar Truth seeker Hill says:

    My condolences to all those suffering. Global warming is right in our face. Between the age of these buildings, rising water levels, neglected repair, it truly was the perfect storm. Praying for all. 🦋

  30. Avatar Mark Edwards Photography says:

    LAND DEVELOPERS will never learn. NEVER BUILD HIGH RISE hotels and condos near seaside beeches or reclaimed land. It’s a matter of time when the foundations will SINK

    • Avatar ziljin says:

      All they care about is profits.

    • Avatar Rholda Gosain says:

      And the Palestinian suffering does to US $billion towards the Zionist aggression

    • Avatar Theeraphat Sunthornwit says:

      Everyone wants to live near beach. U cant blame them alone

  31. Avatar Vera Speedwell says:

    The more delayed they pull the rubbles. The lower the chances someone can survive. If only im there i would gladly volunteer. More volunteers the more chances you find someone who is still alive. Maybe someone is trap in the elevator.

    • Avatar Evelyn Chapel says:

      People have been known to survive for 11 or more days under these circumstances.

  32. Avatar jerry lockhart says:

    That building is smaller look it up so that might increase the odds that it’s going to be better shape you can’t compare apples and oranges one building and one location could be better than the other. Can’t take chances now

  33. Avatar Laura Hope Remen says:

    My loving thoughts go out to all the victims in their families. This could have been prevented. What a horrific disaster. When we we learn that people are our most precious commodity everywhere. Every building on the beach over 10 years should be checked and fixed. Why would anyone wait 40 years and say that’s ok. It’s not ok, it’s horribly wrong.

    • Avatar Rholda Gosain says:

      Equally is the US $billion sponsorship of Zionist killing machine against helpless Palestinians

  34. Avatar Teflon Pan says:

    Imagine being asleep and this happens 😢

    • Avatar صيد رشيد says:

      Same thing happened in gaza before 1 months

    • Avatar Sylvester Uchia says:

      To funny have to imagine you ban just go to sleep. Because outside is that they’re wildness be anything else to imagine.

  35. Avatar Arto Montonen says:

    This accident was only a matter of time. Fake renovations can be really dangerous.

  36. Avatar Norangelis says:

    The Navy setting off an explosion a day before off the coast of Florida didn’t help. It was “equivalent to a 3.9 earthquake”. Where do you think those vibrations go, energy don’t just disappear.

    • Avatar Flatearth Granny says:

      The system who rules us cause many earthquakes and volcanos and control weather. You’re getting a glimpse of the lake of fire when you see the lava come from active volcanos. That hydrogen oxygen gas is what causes these greenhouse gasses, it burns very efficiently and we will see more fire in california in the near future and for those who are dedicated to seeking out your Creator, you won’t get truth from anybody except Tricksofthestrades channel imo no church no government will ever tell you truth otherwise their lies would crumble

    • Avatar Link says:

      @Flatearth Granny Lmao, yeah riiight. The government keeps sending tornadoes at themselves, lol.

    • Avatar infinteuniverse says:

      3.9 Magnitude earthquake 300+ miles away. Here in LA you can barely even feel that if it’s more than 20 miles away. Dude, take off the tin foil hat and stop drinking the koolaid.

    • Avatar Theeraphat Sunthornwit says:

      @Link 😅👏👏👏👏

  37. Avatar Tonysandrussi says:

    Just to think that the Palestinians have this problem all the time

  38. Avatar Antonios Panayiotou says:

    Who stands to gain from the insurance, is it the same cabal that profited from the T win Towers?

  39. Avatar Ismail Farooq says:

    biden will somehow find a way to blame this on iran

    • Avatar Vanessa Johnson says:

      😳😳😳😳😳 huh ????? Stay FOCUSED…if THAT’S the case TRUMP IS RESPONSIBLE TOO !!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱

    • Avatar Terrance Lubkey says:

      Trump didn’t lose and Epstein didn’t commit suicide.

  40. Avatar Heydi Mccoy says:

    How does it turn to dust within seconds of its descend?

    • Avatar Vanessa Johnson says:


  41. Avatar nightengale716 says:

    There are very few “void spaces”. So heartbreaking for the families 💔 Praying for all involved 🙏🌹

  42. Avatar P.R. Mathews says:

    When she starts talking……… I must change channels 🙉🤮🙈

  43. Avatar Maureen Tait says:

    Like anything it’s about bad maintenance,, other high rise buildings will have to look at there maintenance too..

  44. Avatar Ramon Casanova says:


  45. Avatar Brenda Wilson says:

    If they really thought that the Condo fell due to climate and salt water etc. Why aren’t they doing a emergency evacuation of all the Hi-rises in the area?

  46. Avatar Pat Sheppard says:

    Once you see the video of the collapse you realize there is no hope. It happened so fast. The only word I haven’t heard yet about the hole under the building is sinkhole. They have described standing water being seen under there but I don’t hear the part where management was pumping it out. They have talked about moving rubble. If they are serious why not remove it so there is more room to see. Why can’t some of it be removed into trucks.

  47. Avatar Kevin Lee says:

    People can’t survive more than a few days without water. So the rescue team missed their opportunity to save anyone. 4 days and only 9 people found.

  48. Avatar LoriLou Who says:

    How do they know it’s not an explosion or attack or something ? 1/2 of Buildings don’t just fall in the US.

    • Avatar Dlive X says:

      Obviously the building just fall down do to poor maintenance and plus the pool also that needed fix which obviously the water rusted the steel and weakened the concrete also what can weakened the building is air if the steel is unprotected and and the concrete has an opening the steel can rust and make the building collapse,so any building can just collapse if they aren’t been taken good care of nothing can’t last long with out maintenance.
      America is turning more lazy and not getting thing’s down but after that building collapse all of the maintenance people are now checking the building and fixing them again the ones that they really didn’t get done even the parking garages.

  49. Avatar cj sadman says:

    We Americans ( regardless of nationality) need to learn from 9/11, please those in the other buildings GET OUT, please for the sake of your lives and loved ones, at least until the building is deemed 100% safe, RIP to all lost, and praying for a miracle that survivors will be found God Bless Florida And all involved XOXO

    • Avatar Sham Zew says:

      911 yeah inside job

  50. Avatar L N says:

    Very sad, but also Miami one of the most vulnerable cities to rising sea levels and climate change.

  51. Avatar Homaira Homaira says:

    I guess this collapse is only responsible for Taliban, iran, Saddam🦍 So take revenge

  52. Avatar ancis well says:

    karma is real

  53. Avatar M Rosita says:

    So, why are we removing only small pieces from the top using 🪣s??? Idk I think bigger pieces from the top could be removed instead??? But I’m no professional so no idea.

  54. Avatar Guna Seelan says:

    Unimaginable that this happened at one of the most powerful country. May their soul rests in peace.

  55. Avatar Steve Clark says:

    illegit joes infrastructure plan is going great… LOL !!!

  56. Avatar Garib Larki says:

    It is very sad to hear they all died without Fait of Eman

  57. Avatar Danniel Juan says:

    Romans 15:13(KJV) Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

    • Avatar Ace Morte says:

      Crawl to your cross, coward

  58. Avatar Maria W says:


  59. Avatar Rholda Gosain says:

    So sad. My prayers go out to all affected: family, friends, colleagues. This reminds me of what the US trillions does to innocent Palestinians. May God give all wisdom.

    • Avatar Fatima A says:

      I agree. My prayers go out to all the innocent victims.

    • Avatar Mash MAB says:

      I agree with you. 🙏🙏🙏

    • Avatar Ace Morte says:

      Reminds me of all the buildings that collapsed in West Bank and Gaza 🤭

    • Avatar Mogamad Greyson says:

      Look like Gaza,with US approval

  60. Avatar Lynda Mac says:

    Gees they need to move rubble quicker…

  61. Avatar Kmrh1969 says:

    Praying in Jesus name that they find all the other people alive. 156 is a high number and people can be alive in the voids. God please get them all out of there.

    • Avatar Ace Morte says:

      How’s that working out for you? Pray all you want, just wait until reality hits. All are dead inside, wake tf up

  62. Avatar Humgarchaun Lor says:

    western human rights is a joke 👿💀💀💀💩👎

  63. Avatar Claudine Even says:

    🤔Even if the building fall what we are seeing doesn’t compute.

  64. Avatar Samantha Crisp says:

    Stop lying about the detonation of this building! It was deemed safe but needing repairs. This is such a disservice to the families! Respect families & tell the truth instead of trying to sensationalize this event to get ratings. Beams don’t keep on fire due to normal collapse. Pancake straight down fall doesn’t happen naturally. Flashes were seen on the collapse shown in video replays. Tell the truth people.

  65. Avatar voice of peace says:

    *I invite everyone for quran recitation thank you* 💔💔🌷🌹🙏🙏🙏❤❤

  66. Avatar Roger Amezquita says:

    Not I’m not buying an apartment now ..

  67. Avatar Thom Anderson says:

    Ain’t nobody still alive. The bldg pancaked & crushed everybody to death. Surfside city Gov’t had more than enough time to try an correct the problems. But the cost was prohibitive, so they procrastinated!

  68. Avatar I-Rises I says:

    I pray they find All the bodies. Because no one is alive under there

  69. Avatar Dona Antel says:

    With all that’s going on in this world I wouldn’t put it past this was done on purpose to have everyone’s focus taking off of what is going on in this world. These are distraction and as you can see the focus is all on this. My prayers are for those families and I hope and pray that somehow there is still people alive and the Lord Jesus Christ is keeping them safe until they are found. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  70. Avatar Clown World says:

    Obviously controlled demolition,

  71. Avatar Sham Zew says:

    Why don’t they use machinery to lift up those concrete

  72. Avatar sick of liberals says:

    If they knew the building had been sinking why didn’t they go in and shore it up? Might have costed a couple hundred thousand but people would still be alive and building would still be standing

  73. Avatar Iain Mair says:

    How was this not foreseeable? I bet this wasn’t an upscale living area for the wealthy.

  74. Avatar Bodohyono says:

    I am affraid they will find a pasport from arab country in the rubble, because there is israel helping them

  75. Avatar donvito kolyuni says:

    It might be silent terrorists attack. Or maybe revenge from Iranians government. Or american conspiracy again.

  76. Avatar Kamran Basheer says:

    America will know what does it feel to be buried under rebel while you are alive
    And then they will stop funding Israel

  77. Avatar 肖宣羽 says:


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  79. Avatar Amin Heydarian says:

    The Palestinian population suffered many thousand times more then that…

  80. Avatar m3gakurv4 says:

    Why don’t they just say 161 dead ? At this point, they won’t find any survivors…

  81. Avatar Jeff X says:

    These rescuers are doing a poor job. The golden time for potential survivors is 2 days, but these rescuers are so slow, so eventually they will find all bodies, not living lives.

    • Avatar Offgrid Jack says:

      They are looking for McAfee’s info, not survivors.

  82. Avatar REAL ANALYST says:

    America destroyed apartments in Gaza, Mosul, Raqa and many more cities with missiles. Is this small justice?

  83. Avatar elsol tara says:

    Ask Gaza for help to find the corpses.
    They have unfortunately experience in that.
    Condoleances to the families

  84. Avatar Evelyn Martinez says:

    I wish we had a better way to find people under masses of rubble…you would think after 911..we should have a machine or something to find life under the mass

  85. Avatar Norma Ajarie says:

    Well time is the master piece. It is so sad we all know seaside is sinking sand

  86. Avatar MICHAEL MAKAVELI says:

    In My Opinion This Was A Controlled Demolition❗️

  87. Avatar Steven Allen says:

    There is no denying if look at the how the concrete is powderish..

  88. Avatar Johanna Wooldridge says:

    🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 my condolences to their families and friends

  89. Avatar Joseph Santos says:

    This happens all the time in China. The USA wants to be more like China.

  90. Avatar Dizzie Chef says:

    How can anyone still be alive.

  91. Avatar Doyo Wariyo says:

    This is calamity from allah but it could be massage from allah to cruel America leaders who supported when Israel bombs gaza disbeliefers don’t know how much allah is powerful…do what right for your self

  92. Avatar Lisa Martinez says:

    They should have military rescue helping not enough rescuers.

  93. Avatar ObsidianLancer7275 says:

    John McAfee said he had a lot of terabytes of dirt on politicians hidden in his skyscraper home located in the area where this building collapsed. He said he would NOT commit suicide no matter what.
    Now they are using the excuse of one building collapsing to get residents to leave their skyscraper homes so that authorities and experts can inspect the buildings for possible structural damage.

  94. Avatar DustyRoads says:

    I have been in the construction field for 35 years. Years ago it used to be about quality, and now it’s about production.

  95. Avatar Sharing news and Music says:

    This was built on a landfill???? This should NEVER HAD HAPPENED…… Feel so bad for all involved and now has to deal with the fact that so many are dead….

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