Haiti security chief of presidential palace in custody

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United States President Joe Biden says a limited number of US Marines would be sent to Haiti to secure the American embassy there after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.
Haitian police have arrested the head of security for the presidential palace, as they investigate the murder.
Al Jazeera’s Katia Lopez Hoda-Yan has more.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar MMutahhar Mohiuddin says:


  2. Avatar negri to says:


  3. Avatar Supreme Being says:

    Be strong Haiti 🇭🇹… Allah sees everything ❤️✌🏾

  4. Avatar Fabi Oroz says:

    He was kill by his own security guards minutes before the new ” security guards” got there .
    It was a trap to the colombian military men.

    • Avatar Dian Ricketts says:

      Yes i think them get zet up

  5. Avatar Fabi Oroz says:

    The colombian military men fall in a trap. They got there just minutes after he was kill by his own guards.

  6. Avatar Fabi Oroz says:

    The colombian military men got abandoned by the cia an idea once the operation got out of control. The president’s guards killed..

  7. Avatar Jetman Travels says:

    Ever since this happened I’ve had one guy as the MAIN mastermind suspect and his initials are C.J. That man looks sounds and acts SO GUILTY. I can see right through him. He had it all planned out he loses his job on Monday and 2days later president dead and now he is “running”. The country? Man please FOH. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Avatar Dian Ricketts says:


    • Avatar Edwige Lacroix says:

      Yeah! You could see the smile in his face

  8. Avatar Immortus Eternal says:

    Someone must pay for this great crime to the citizens and country of Haiti?outside interference from haters are at work here.

    • Avatar Edwige Lacroix says:

      Exactly!! Other nations that our jealous of our independent

    • Avatar Immortus Eternal says:

      @Edwige Lacroix stay positive because the pan African union has your back and the outside haters are afraid of our unity and positive progress which does not benefit them financially whatsoever .power to the people of haiti .from the freedom fighters in north America.

  9. Avatar Ibrahim Yaqubi says:

    Taliban said Pakistan 🇵🇰 Madrsah are responsible for the suicide bombing in Afghanistan ))

  10. Avatar Hammer says:

    It’s obvious , an inside work.

  11. Avatar Hugh Carrington says:

    Not some ,all of them were duped into thinking that they could do this and get away with it.

  12. Avatar kevin S says:

    Colombia is full of elements close to the US, the president of Haiti most have been a good guy by looking at his enemies. Colombia is taken over by drugs and corruption.

  13. Avatar Joyce Goins says:

    I think those security has a hand in the murder of the President,no security gets hurt something is not right with this picture.

  14. Avatar I-T iyah man says:

    DEA ok maybe the president was a Drug Dealer

  15. Avatar Jimna Hilaire says:

    Dimitri is all over this, not sure why he is still walking

  16. Avatar madeof love says:

    I’ve been reading some of the comments. Yes this is awful this happened to a father and a husband. But let’s not act like this guy was a saint. In fact he was dis liked by the majority of hatians. And he was supposed to leave office a year ago. some might even say he’s lucky this didn’t happen sooner. It was clear he was on borrowed time. Sometimes when life gives you sign. You should listen to what it’s trying to teach you. Noway this guy didn’t get him and his wife there’s kids out of there and to somewhere safe. With that being said this whole situation seems like a real conundrum! God bless his wife and hope his kids pain will lesson with time. I pray!

    • Avatar Jonathan Burnette says:

      No, he was a good man..the news is reporting this wrong..he was betrayed by people close to him..

  17. Avatar Martín R Fernández says:

    Does anyone realize every Colombian is saying the same story. Capture and turn in to DEA. One guy on video screaming DEA when going in. Biden and democrats are definitely involved

  18. Avatar Joseph Hampton says:

    This was a Masonic style killing. He must have broke the oath oh yeah he refuse the vaccines

  19. Avatar Mike Epps says:

    We knew Amerikkka was controlling it..

  20. Avatar ray smith says:

    So she is not located in Miami she’s located in fort Lauderdale medical center so many idiots don’t even know the proper location on the first Lady

  21. Avatar sheryl Griffiths says:

    Rightly so

  22. Avatar Deren Icke says:

    Whoever is responsible for this wicked act has to pay. How was the gate breached. Misled? You a mercenary you kill people illegally and are guilty regardless. Brings to question a valid 2021 argument: what institutes a legal country? A nation can send soldiers legally but can private militias do same legally? How is one legal and d other not? The rise of d private army is going to challenge the next era

  23. Avatar Tim Yung Combat, Song, Sports T. V. and DIY says:

    USA allegedly is involved at the back stage

  24. Avatar Kyaw Hla says:

    Now US is afraid of repercussions and protecting its embassy.

    • Avatar Tax Resource Center says:

      That’s what I got from Biden too

    • Avatar Midwest Savage says:

      I don’t think afraid but it ain’t happen in America they set their own president up

  25. Avatar Mandjail Machoi says:

    O Presidente da República de Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, recusou todas as medidas de combate à COVID-19 da OMS. Em Maio expulsou os representantes da OMS do país, foi reeleito e em junho de 2020, faleceu de (ataque cardíaco).
    O país conta ate hoje com um total de 8 mortes por Covid-19.

    O Presidente da República da Tanzânia, John Magufuli, recusou todas as medidas de combate à COVID-19 da OMS. Cortou relações com a OMS e em Maio de 2021 faleceu de (ataque cardíaco). O país conta ate hoje com um total de 21mortes por Covid-19.

    O Presidente da República do Haiti, Jovenel Moise, recusou todas as medidas de combate à COVID-19 da OMS. Cortou relações com a OMS e há 3 dias atrás foi assassinado, tendo 26 agentes colombianos e 2 americanos sido presos. O país conta até hoje com um total de 421 mortes por Covid-19.

    O Primeiro-Ministro do Reino Unido, Boris Johnson, aceitou e seguiu todas as medidas de combate à COVID-19 da OMS. Está vivo e de boa saúde. O país conta com um total de mortes de 128.000, mil pessoas.

    Você percebeu bem ou queres que eu te explique em detalhes?

  26. Avatar apocalypse matrix says:

    a wanted drug dealer as a desperado Les Miserables nation of Haiti is a wanted man dead or alive!!!

  27. Avatar SHANE DIESEL says:

    Its all about drugs!

  28. Avatar Didier Dido says:

    Can just walk in to a presidential compound?!?? What a joke!

  29. Avatar Alpha thulla says:

    They killed him because he was against for a vaccine in haiti

  30. Avatar NIXONTRAYZ says:

    So a dr in Florida had over 100k a month to pay mercenaries. This is what you people call news?

  31. Avatar Bamidele Adedapo says:

    oh yeah, they were sent in there to have late dinner with the president.

  32. Avatar GPhi46 says:

    The interim President is the most likely suspect. His first act was to open the door for the US. Doubt that the US hands are clean. Unfortunately, the real criminals will remain in the shadows.

  33. Avatar Dane Christmas says:

    This assassination has Joe Biden’s administration clumsy fingerprints all over it, just like his 2020 Mail-in ballot election “victory.”

    • Avatar Edwige Lacroix says:

      That socialist Biden has something to do with that,because the president felt that the corona virus vaccine was a big hoax

  34. Avatar Monkey Guy80 says:

    A person who wants power, will always have plans to do it. 🤔

  35. Avatar Amy v says:

    So he is basically saying the US is also thinking it was the prime minister. I’m assuming. He did said foreign investigators 🤷‍♀️. If so Bye bye police chief lol. As well as of course the prime minister 👉🏼
    If it looks like a duck ….

  36. Avatar Don Wardaddy says:

    War war war !!!!!

  37. Avatar Sunny H. says:

    So shocking and sad thing.

  38. Avatar Ruthmeli Charles says:

    Upon hearing the news, my first question was, where was his security detail?
    The dots are not connecting.

  39. Avatar Bryan Wallace says:

    Dominica should annex Haiti and make the island one country.

  40. Avatar timelesskoontah says:

    Does it take a scientist to realize that …that was the dumbest assassination ever …pre schoolers could have done a much better job…than these clowns…

  41. Avatar timelesskoontah says:

    As soon as biden got elected into office everything started going down hill everywhere …

    • Avatar Edwige Lacroix says:

      I agree. Biden is a socialist

  42. Avatar robert kowalski says:

    Colombia serves clandestine operations of USA. God, please save the World from America’s interference 🙏

  43. Avatar CARD COUNTER says:

    This was a coup

  44. Avatar Saul Quarian says:

    For those with the conspiracy theories, the U.S. had nothing to gain from that hit. On the contrary, Moise was their current status quo, a Martelly pick of which the US approved (UNLIKE ARISTIDE). Neither Trump nor Biden needed the hassle of dealing with a powder-keg ready to explode such as is in Haïti. Those of you outside the Americas need to look more into the complex history of the Haitian people. Doubt it’s a US hit…peace

  45. Avatar Samantha Cao says:

    Wait for a little bit. The election will be the 26th September. Until more evidence come out, don’t jump the conclusion.

  46. Avatar neme brown says:

    II Chronicles 7:14 NKJV

    if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  47. Avatar Edwige Lacroix says:

    The entire presidential security should be investigated. I believe the entire Haitian government should be replaced by younger Haitians.

  48. Avatar David Snowden says:

    So no mention of the CIA?

  49. Avatar J Famous says:

    We need to know the main mastermind

  50. Avatar DriversSeat says:

    He is lying. Why was the President fully dressed. In slacks, white shirt Nd Unimed?

  51. Avatar Bruce bruce says:

    The hewd of swcurity thats his responsibility so he should pay dearly . its an inside job

  52. Avatar Athena GM says:

    I don’t think this was “it”. There has to be something major happening behind the scenes for this assasination. Meaning, this is supposed to look botched from the jump to distract the masses of something more nefarious.🤔

  53. Avatar Ji Low says:

    It’s interesting how many politicians and people wanted this guy dead.

  54. Avatar Mini Abbott says:

    Poor guy

  55. Avatar T.C. says:

    So horrible

  56. Avatar Phillip Chambers says:

    Columbia politician and military knows a lot about this.

  57. Avatar Lars Elder says:

    Biden team suggested that all secret service people serving Trump be replaced. Due to known trump demand that those around him be totally loyal. I only know one secret service person and he is way too intelligent to be taken in by Trump.

  58. Avatar Arshan : says:

    US will finally able to capture Cuba after invading Haiti..u know if u look at the map Haiti is not far from cuba

  59. Avatar Keish Williams says:

    Yep america is definitely part of this ..and we will never get the answers we are looking for…

  60. Avatar Rillacapalot says:

    This is so sad… obviously it was a inside job

  61. Avatar Rillacapalot says:

    Old joe knows what’s up to

  62. Avatar PlanetGuam says:

    Looks like his wife was the only one willing to take a bullet for the president. How many of his bodyguards lost their lives in trying to save him?

  63. Avatar David Mason says:

    They killed his wife 2??

  64. Avatar Ebenezer Fianko says:

    Very sad

  65. Avatar Wildipherson Henry says:

    Everything is a mess in Haiti I can tell you I live there😔

  66. Avatar comptonproduction says:

    that guy don’t know what’s going in Haiti.

  67. Avatar GeediGeediMuse says:

    It is sad and ugly move; hope all those behind be brought to the justice.

  68. Avatar anthony qty says:


  69. Avatar mrclinf85 says:

    The business elites is behind the assassination, they must arrest the elite family in Haiti for crimes against the nation and the United Nation mendates.

  70. Avatar samuel musongo says:

    How did they know his sleeping room?

  71. Avatar Stepphin Honmah Nnhuts says:

    Fall guy for fbi cia

  72. Avatar number 6 says:

    Biden’s assassin going after the unvaxed.

  73. Avatar jean lapuma says:

    This Biden guy has to leave our country he’s not doing anything that helps the American people

  74. Avatar gravitydaddy says:

    wow, for the first time I’ve seen your news station not show complete coverage of whats said. First sign of a narrative i’ve seen, still a great track record.

  75. Avatar 405 BOY says:

    Some of this is finally getting exposed.. I suspected there were alot if inside ties to the Haitian President being assassinated. Those Colombian mercenaries were cold-blooded..

  76. Avatar Manuel Dumont says:

    Wudn’t be surprised, if KILLary was Involved .

  77. Avatar P. J. says:

    President’s wife is still not a person of interest?

  78. Avatar Lanre Ayo says:

    No matter how bad their president was…the fact that they couldn’t protect their king and the queen was incapacitated means that chess game needs to be abandoned and rethought!

  79. Avatar Lavalas Pou lavi says:

    I’m haitian 🇭🇹 they is so many people inside the haitian gouverments they had something to do with the assassination the president.

  80. Avatar M Palmer says:

    With guards like these who need enemies? They are evil two edged swords!!!!!!

  81. Avatar HS 007 says:


  82. Avatar Rayveil Evans says:

    How is it that America can destabilize a country and kill a country president and nobody gets arrested, but ppl are being arrested for this coupe?

  83. Avatar Chocolate Queen says:

    If he’s guilty he should get the death penalty by a firing squad ! It’s clear that it’s an inside job ! They need to investigate the death of the Vice President ,it’s just too much convenient that he died of Covid only 3 months ago ! Sound like the Covid was injected into him ! The mercenaries that were killed were double cross and killed , after they did the job to shut them up !The ones that were bought in for questioning know nothing about the plot they were just follow alongs 🤔

  84. Avatar Ethan L says:

    Haiti’s president was corrupt, he massacred many Haitians that opposed him. And he was staying in power when it expired. This might be a blessing in disguise.

  85. Avatar solothebest1 says:

    So if a group of armed cars claim they’re from the US investigating drug matters why would they be allowed to enter the place where the president lives. That head of security deserves to be charged for being so incompetent. If they started fighting outside the house they would’ve been outnumbered from reinforcements but to let them in means losing any advantage in protecting the president.

  86. Avatar Carlicia Miria O’Conner De Rodriguez says:


  87. Avatar Koh Dino says:

    100% usa

  88. Avatar Freddy says:

    Course the US had something to do with it lol

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