Cathie Wood on the chip shortage and what it means for Tesla

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ARK Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood joined Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi for an exclusive interview to talk about the chip shortage, Tesla, and more.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar 420KinK says:


  2. Avatar Googlebanmetoomuch 2 says:

    Cathie Wood twerks for Tesla!🤣

    • Avatar Isaac’s Trade says:

      Hell ya

    • Avatar Shabazz says:

      So does your moms. 😂😂😂

    • Avatar ТурбоТОП says:

      @Shabazz they totally does

  3. Avatar 郭家銘 says:

    ask TESLA to sign long term, multi-year chip contract with TSMC

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      TESLA buys small chip maker, and begin Producing their OWN in House Chips.

    • Avatar 郭家銘 says:

      @Mark Plott TESLA is capable of designing its own chip, not capable of making its own chip, TESLA does not have its own chip plant

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      @郭家銘 – I disagree, since INTEL, NVIDIA and others CANT even make CHIPS for APPLE, GOOGLE, Playstation or even NINTENDO .
      only TSMC is able to make ADVANCED 7nm and 4nm Processor chips for 4k Gaming consoles , in car INFOTAINMENT and ADVANCED Autopilot FSD.

  4. Avatar 郭家銘 says:


  5. Avatar Bitcoin Millionaire says:

    Cathy shilling her own bags. Big surprise

    • Avatar jeremy knull says:

      Lol you think tesla is a bag for cathie?!

    • Avatar ТурбоТОП says:

      @jeremy knull it will be soon.

    • Avatar Turning Point says:

      I’m holding my big bag of Tesla shares, along with other tech growth stocks. The future is never certain but the odds are this bag is going to do very well over the next 10-15 years. Trying to look out past 2030 becomes very difficult as the changes are going to be crazy. The real bubble in the market is the companies/industries that aren’t keeping up with changes, looking the oil industry directly in the eye.

  6. Avatar Tc Linn says:

    I prefer my 1968 VW bus to a Tesla, which has no soul

    • Avatar Turning Point says:

      Honestly I see all modern cars as somewhat dull to drive, doesn’t help the amount of traffic on the roads these days. Will have a Tesla for getting from A to B and looking at a Super 7 for the fun drive, set up for road but ok on the track. I know that the Super 7 will gradually be more difficult to use on the roads, all ICE should be banned from urban areas. The way Tesla is going with the amount of shares I have I’ll be able to build my own track.

    • Avatar Glenn Groves says:

      A 1968 VW bus probably has more soul than any modern car… I personally would prefer a Tesla, and EVs will replace all ICE vehicles at some point.

    • Avatar Turning Point says:

      @Glenn Groves Still think there will be a few die hards like me that will be like horse riders today. An expensive hobby thats very restricted where you can do it. But yes as a mass transit vehicle the ICE days are numbered.

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      Tc – your VW bus will be ILLEGAL to own & operate soon , and will have to be converted to BEV for remain a PUSHER.

  7. Avatar chargermopar says:

    This woman does not seem as intelligent as so many make her out to be. If not for the Fed this whole bubble would never have inflated,

    • Avatar Monica Renée says:

      Her fund has been outperforming long before this year

    • Avatar Ryan Diederich says:

      if your portfolio did as well as hers, they would be interviewing you instead!!!

    • Avatar Ryan Davies says:

      100% correct

    • Avatar Ryan Davies says:

      @Ryan Diederich Dummy

  8. Avatar The Electric Man says:

    Follow Mother Cathie Woods

  9. Avatar Anton Gress says:

    Every day I drive around I think that it’s just a beginning of huge business run for Tesla.

    • Avatar Turning Point says:

      Even here in rural Australia seeing Tesla’s about the place and we are so far behind.

    • Avatar Ryan Davies says:

      Nope FRAUD!!!

    • Avatar Turning Point says:

      @Ryan Davies LOL

  10. Avatar Mindfully Forward says:

    Making sales is not making cars 👍

    • Avatar Nancy Chace says:

      🙂 Cars wouldn’t be made if not for car sales ~

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      LEGACY Auto does NOT sell every Vehicle they Manufacture, like TESLA does.
      Tesla even sells is DEMO and Showroom cars.

  11. Avatar Peter Helander says:

    Tesla has NO competition and will own the global car transportation market

    • Avatar Ryan Davies says:

      Hahah. Idiot

    • Avatar Peter Helander says:

      @Ryan Davies You seem intelligent ;( Not. Go short Tesla if you’re so cocky about it , you I’ll developed creature!!

    • Avatar Ryan Davies says:

      @Peter Helander I’m not shorting this bubble; who knows when it will end with all these people that think the company has no competition. I do know the stock will collapse

  12. Avatar Peter Helander says:

    Yahoo Finance, HOW can you be so clueless????? Read up before interviewing experts, please!!!

  13. Avatar jeremy knull says:


  14. Avatar Hybrid InfoDesk says:

    Those mandates happens when you try to lock out 50% of a country’s citizens because they don’t want the vaccines. You knew it would happen what business could survive with having only 50% profitability access?

  15. Avatar ТурбоТОП says:

    why is this dude in a kitchen dressed in a full suit and has winter hats hanging on his wall?

  16. Avatar Fhazza Henry says:

    Bitcoin is the beginning of something great, a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.” …

    • Avatar Avery Mila says:

      Its been full of recommendations about Mrs Nora, how do I place my trade with her..?

    • Avatar Chloe Perez says:

      @Avery Mila 👆someone has dropped the contact up there also

    • Avatar Gerrard White says:

      Unfortunately most people don’t know that it’s actually a good time to invest during this pandemic alongside the stimulus crisis. Investing a $1000 and now can turn you into a millionaire sometime later.

    • Avatar Morgan Bruz says:

      @Williams Meet She deals on crypto and stocks but she specializes more on bitcoin

    • Avatar natasha Wilona says:

      I’m also a living testimony of Mrs Nora Adams, she has helped me in trade and I’ve earned a lot through her platform for about four months now

  17. Avatar rvg says:

    $40 (Tesla is overvalued)
    $730 (Tesla is overvalued)

    – Yahoos at Yahoo finance

  18. Avatar leesuper73 says:

    These days you don’t need to be an expert on stocks, you just need to be a good salesmen like Musk and Wood to get people hyped to buy shares. Fundamentals mean nothing. Until one day it does.

    • Avatar leesuper73 says:

      @Glenn Groves if she’s so smart why are here etf’s some of the worst performing in 2021?

    • Avatar Glenn Groves says:

      @leesuper73 so what about this calendar year? They outperformed in years prior, over the last 3 years the ARK funds doubled or tripled in value. If you think that every fund will grow evenly every year then you are being… unrealistic. Invest for the long term. And do not make things up such as “no relevant education” just because you have unrealistic expectations as to how the market should work. Doubling or tripling an investment over 3 years is an extremely good return. The Dow Jones only grew by about 33 odd percent over the last three years, and the ARK funds grew by 200 to 300 odd percent over that period.

    • Avatar leesuper73 says:

      @Glenn Groves go ahead keep your money in ark. We’ll chat again next year and see who was right.

    • Avatar Ryan Davies says:

      @Glenn Groves A bachelor of science in finance, and a 30 year sales career. Wow so impressive. Rumour has it that she didn’t do any financial modelling at Alliance, she was a people person. Lol

    • Avatar Glenn Groves says:

      @Ryan Davies again, bull****. She was not a “salesperson” in any of her roles. And, her science degree was in finance AND economics, not only finance. I am going to take a wild guess and say that she is vastly more qualified than you are; her degree in science is certainly going to leave her with better research skills than you have, given the evidence that you apparently cannot even look up job titles or get a degree subject correct. I might be wrong of course about you having low qualifications for this; that’s what happens when people guess instead of research. (I have no details on you of course so actually cannot do any research as to what education or experience you do or do not have.) You really need to be aware of how wrong people can be when they guess and assume, it might change your life, if you guess and assume as much elsewhere as you have with regards to Cathie Woods.

  19. Avatar VENKATESAN OTRA says:

    Cathie check the alternate for chips – $MMAT metamaterial stock of future

  20. Avatar Star Gazer says:

    USA Should make chips again…we have the people and technology.

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      That’s a LAUGH, even INTEL does NOT even make ADVANCED chips in the USA, they are made by TSMC in China for INTEL. for products like APPLE, GOOGLE and others.
      see 60 minutes, Chips.

  21. Avatar Ryan Davies says:

    Cathy Wood being considered an expert is scary. She’s a bubble promoter

  22. Avatar Donel Patterson says:

    AABB Stock for AABBG Gold-backed Ethereum tech Token ADDS Crypto Exchange in Sept….

  23. Avatar Das Fahrer says:

    I wonder what Wood thinks about the electrical grid not being able to handle the demand from all those electric cars they’re predicting are coming?

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      FAKE NEWS, facts are MOST Consumers charge at home and ONLY at night when Electric is CHEAP and plenty.
      TESLA supercharger use MEGAPACKS to charge cars with CHEAP Energy as well, some even use SOLAR.
      for a EV owner, it’s a NO BRAINIER to get SOLAR + Powerwall, you can run the WHOLE house on 2 Powerwall.

    • Avatar Das Fahrer says:

      @Mark Plott Uh huh. Ironic that you call things fake news.

  24. Avatar Das Fahrer says:

    I wonder if Wood is familiar with Microsoft Teams? I currently and have consulted for several Fortune 100/500 companies and they all use Teams for internal meetings (remote and in-house). If one of their partners has Teams, they prefer to use that over Zoom. Zoom is only used when there is no other choice.

  25. Avatar 郭家銘 says:

    tesla requires FSD chip made by TSMC, ZOOM requires BMC chip made by TSMC, HOWEVER, TSMC recently raised the chip price.

    • Avatar tipoomaster says:

      The FSD chip is made by Samsung. However the Dojo chip is manufactured by TSMC.

    • Avatar 郭家銘 says:

      @tipoomaster the latest H.W 4.0 FSD CHIP is made by TSMC

  26. Avatar Kong says:

    Don’t like Cathie anymore she bought robbing the hood I hope she loses on that

  27. Avatar TWN321 says:

    The same woman who said autonomous vehicles would have a $5 Trillion market cap by 2021!! This woman is delusional.

  28. Avatar Giulio Caesar says:

    Let s stop the printing machine …then let s have a look where these high flyers are heading…. to the HELL

  29. Avatar Incomeking says:

    She is like a super star. Everyone want to put her on tv.

  30. Avatar Mr. Kubin says:

    Oh man she sucks. Every time she comes online I think man she has no clue. Zoom is dead. Teams is way better.

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