‘We couldn’t be further from’ a market bubble: Cathie Wood

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ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood joined Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi for an exclusive interview to discuss her market outlook, crypto, and the rise of the retail investor.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar ABSOLUTELY🤔ANTIFA says:

    BAHAHAHA 🤦‍♀️


  2. Avatar free roamer says:

    Smart lady. I had never heard her speak other than in a recruiting seminar. She seemed more relaxed and in an impressive “practical mode”. A bit of research tells me she was a Trump supporter. Now that says it all! 👍👍🇺🇲🇺🇲

  3. Avatar sodbuster says:

    Stocks to the moon.

  4. Avatar D says:


  5. Avatar Kevins World says:

    Stocks, PM’s, Crypto, everything is a manipulated ponzie ring of insanity……….talkiing heads peddling BS……world wide……

  6. Avatar Paul Rainwater says:

    This woman is delusional, she should seriously get mental health counseling.

  7. Avatar 50 Blades of Grey says:

    Just like we weren’t in a bubble in 2008 🙄

  8. Avatar 420KinK says:

    3rd time ive seen the same interview posted by them

  9. Avatar Cole Jackson says:

    so what if it’s a bubble, I guess it harms the market in a long term, but it doesn’d prevent millions from earning real money today

    • Avatar Arnold Harry says:

      @David Scott I guess this is the number I should use and reach him

    • Avatar Clinton James says:

      I’m really surprised he replied me after some minutes of messaging him and I’ve done what he ask me to do
      I will make more money and invest more

    • Avatar Tib Syy says:

      You don’t know when it’s gonna pop! A serious value investor won’t even say something waht you just did! You know the price of everything but you don’t know the value of nothing!

    • Avatar Bernard Fischer says:

      @Tib Syy the best strategy is the trade under a certified professional

    • Avatar Tib Syy says:

      @Bernard Fischer The best strategy is to learn to analyse companies and their balance sheets, yearly reports with all the financial ratios!

  10. Avatar Brandon Reed says:

    What a surprise, cuz if you said we were in a bubble I’m pretty sure your clients would sell out and move to cash.

    • Avatar Turning Point says:

      There is a massive bubble in the markets and thats companies/industries that haven’t kept up with technology. Look at what happened to coal about 7 years ago or so, now apply that to oil.

    • Avatar Ryan Mollaun says:

      Spot on

    • Avatar Euro Jay says:

      Not a bubble cause they will just continue to debase the currency the stocks are priced in

  11. Avatar FinanceInvestNetwork says:

    If there’s bubble why it just keep growing and growing?

    • Avatar Euro Jay says:

      @Matthew Mills you idiots will miss out on crazy gains waiting on them to raise interest rates which won’t happen until 2024, 2023 the earliest

    • Avatar Matthew Mills says:

      @Euro Jay the crazier the gains the crazier the crash is going to be 😂

    • Avatar Euro Jay says:

      @Matthew Mills yes but if some goes from 2.5K to 10K and then crash 50% I am still up double….y’all have to stop thinking short term and think long term….2 years ago I started buying crypto like crazy to prepare for a wall full of cash that comes every year after the halving….I was buying at 3K like crazy….bitcoin is going to hit 220K in the next 4-6 months and then will probably crash to 95K but who cares because I will still be up hundreds of percentages and that’s just for BTC not too mention my alt coins, those I do plan to take profit and sell when I felt like we hit the top….it just blows my mind ppl miss out on some mich wealth and profit by sitting on the sidelines waiting for a crash

    • Avatar Pete Feeney says:

      @Euro Jay I’m hedged with some value stocks as well as growth stocks and crypto and nfts I don’t have a fear of missing out

    • Avatar Euro Jay says:

      @Pete Feeney that’s all you need is diversity….I don’t understand the ppl who are anti crypto it’s like why miss out on 1000% gains in like 2 years….makes no sense too me. I am not saying a person should be 100% in crypto but I’ll say 25-75% yes and then the rest in some gold/silver, real estate and then the stock market

  12. Avatar Reilly Yugehands says:

    Cathie just isn’t bullish enough. By the time you finish reading this comment you will be a billionaire.

  13. Avatar Tom Brown says:

    Monetizing order flow is not going to be banned. Let’s not pretend consumers are relevant in this legislative era.

  14. Avatar chrissscottt says:

    Be wary of people telling you what you want to hear.

    • Avatar 6Hundred6ixty6ix says:

      Exactly, it’s in her best interest, especially as someone who is highly influencial, to say this. Her strategy is buy high, sell low and Cathie is not someone I would be taking advice from.

    • Avatar D Diaz says:

      She’s definitely comforting to the financially uneducated female and FOMO male investors out there.

    • Avatar Bush Man says:

      You mean like GOLD BUGS have been doing to you for decades while stealing your money?

      think sheeple

    • Avatar Scooter says:

      @D Diaz if you would have held this viewpoint over the last few years, you would have missed out on explosive gains from her insights. Guessing that is the case here.

    • Avatar CitsVariants says:


  15. Avatar Martin Davis says:

    All that moolah and she has to use coke bottles for glasses ?

  16. Avatar Wael Osman says:

    Her mentor is Art Laffer, who btw denied the existence of a bubble right before the 08 meltdown. Enough said!

    • Avatar Lee Quitt says:

      Art Laffer is an economist, not an investor. Not really a fair criticism.

    • Avatar gammarayburst says:

      Doesn’t matter what his title is, what matters is whether he was talking about the mortgage market. There wasn’t a broad bubble in equity markets, but they were impacted by economic slowdown rooted in widespread mortgage defaults.

    • Avatar Euro Jay says:

      No bubble

  17. Avatar Wayne Vincent says:

    Investing rightly today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future

    • Avatar Robert James says:

      He must be really good for people to talk this good about him. Please how can I contact him?

    • Avatar Lucas Michael says:

      @Robert James Text him on What’s==ap

    • Avatar Christine M Henderson says:

      Am not here to converse but share my testimony of what I confirmed, he’s so good and the got the Best option I’ve seen so far

    • Avatar bobby says:

      I’m from the UK, I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr Divine Johnson.

    • Avatar John Paul Investing says:

      I’ve worked with 5 traders in the past but of them is as efficient as he is , his trading strategies are awesome !

  18. Avatar Bitcoinicus Maximus says:

    Bitcoins not in a bubble. The stonks are. Price any asset in btc and it goes down.

  19. Avatar Bitcoinicus Maximus says:

    Kyc is a huge security risk. Most times peoples info gets stolen it’s because a custodian got hacked.

    • Avatar Diamond Hands says:

      Who needs your and my data, we are drops in the sea

  20. Avatar Tom May says:

    Not at the whim of Politicians or regulators?

  21. Avatar Heavy Distortion says:

    If bubble then profit.

  22. Avatar G says:

    I’m bullish on Woods

  23. Avatar dee see says:

    She said we are NOT in a bubble? Is that right?

    • Avatar Harry CallahanX says:


    • Avatar keith wisdom says:

      poor are in a bubble- corporations are just getting richer and people with money are making money- labor cost are going down. with tech and ai- so much money is being made by those with money.

    • Avatar Bush Man says:

      @keith wisdom Its definitely the poor that are in a bubble. Most of these people should be poor, they think like poor people (to put it politely)

  24. Avatar DHarrison says:

    Shes been right again and again.
    Short at your own risk

  25. Avatar Eric Donald says:

    Despite the economic crisis it’s still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto💯

    • Avatar Breena Root says:

      Her obviously the best I invested 4000USD with him and in 9 days I made a profit of 16,107USD

    • Avatar Kate Oliver says:

      Her success stories are everywhere

    • Avatar Lee Chaoxiang says:

      How do I contact MRS WADECAREY.? Am from Scotland

    • Avatar Breena Root says:

      +͔ ͔͙𝟣͕̟͕.̪͎̠.̼͕͚𝟨͍̠͚.͚͙.͚̫͙.͉̼𝟢̢͎͓.͔͕̦.̞͉͎𝟦̡̺͙.̘̝̻.̼͙͜𝟥̠͓̻.̢̞̙.̡͍.͙̼͙𝟧̝̞.͖̙.̙͔͚.̡̦̞𝟫̡͍͔.̦͍̘.̞̟̞.͖͓͙.̪͎̟𝟩͓̦𝟩̫̼𝟫̡͉̻𝟥̘̘͚

    • Avatar Breena Root says:

      Text her on What’s app 👆

  26. Avatar Sofia Quentin says:

    *The reality of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left”*

    • Avatar Brandon Reed says:

      Alternatively the rich invest all their money and spend the dividends they are paid from their investments or they invest their money and take out loans, using their investments as collateral.

    • Avatar Sofia Quentin says:

      @Brandon Reed you are right.. But investment is the key

    • Avatar Diego Botto says:

      That´s me! I can drink cheap beer idc lol. But my money is in cryptos and stocks

    • Avatar Sofia Quentin says:

      @Diego Botto yes friend,, Crypto is a lucrative venture.. It have really changed many lives,, into a better living…

    • Avatar Sied Imani says:

      Wonderfully said!

  27. Avatar Aaa bee cee says:

    You can only play genga for so long. We all know what’s coming.

    • Avatar ModernPsychadelic says:

      Cue heavy metal music.

    • Avatar Scooter says:

      And how many gains have you missed out on over the past 5 years with this outlook. Certainly 10x more than you would lose during any downturn that you’re predicting. Wisen up.

    • Avatar ModernPsychadelic says:

      @Scooter Who says his outlook has been the same for 5 years

  28. Avatar sergio anderson says:

    The Emperor has no clothes… everything is in a bubble because of financial engineering. Only gold/silver are not

  29. Avatar WallStreetWindow says:

    Her funds have been lagging the SPX since February, but hey she smiles and talks technobabble!

    • Avatar Paul Mendoza says:

      Look at a 5 year timeline.

    • Avatar DeepFried CherryPie says:

      Berkshire has been lagging the SPX for how long?

    • Avatar WallStreetWindow says:

      @Paul Mendoza Take a look at the funds that Ms. Wood was involved with before the ARKK funds did too. Look at where they are now!

    • Avatar Chris Carr says:

      Haha! You have a few month timeline on investing? Look long term, she’s out performed the SPX by 3x! Doesn’t mean she won’t underperform at times, in fact it’s expected in a healthy bull market.

  30. Avatar Ryan Mollaun says:

    She’s punching above her weight. New profile as a leading opinion in markets but she will be quickly forgotten when the market turns 1929.

  31. Avatar preply says:

    she sounds soo fake

  32. Avatar Satoshi Nakamoto says:

    A meme like Dogecoin being presented… I can’t believe this 😂

    • Avatar LORD RAJA says:

      Cathie is either a meme or visionary herself.

  33. Avatar Joseph Mitchell says:

    Why would anyone listen to her.

  34. Avatar Carl Hammarqvist says:

    Clueless little Cathy

  35. Avatar Dell Media says:

    trading a trading platform…only in America

  36. Avatar Dan Faller says:

    The fed is the picture of money laundering

  37. Avatar PrimalAero says:

    Well, uh, if, uh, you, uh, have uh, uh… uh

    • Avatar Scooter says:

      Those are intelligent uhs.

  38. Avatar Zig Zag says:

    Cathy understands Bitcoin better than any major player on Wall Street. I’m now a Stan. Tell the Hatin’ Street Boys to suck it a keep getting your bag. $$$$

  39. Avatar M X says:

    Wishful thinking

  40. Avatar Andy says:

    rotten souls like that, uh

  41. Avatar Euro Jay says:

    I agree with her but I think us millennials will invest more of our money into the crypto market instead of the stock market as time goes on

  42. Avatar Scott Brooks says:

    She won’t recognize the bubble until after it’s bursts because it costs her money to say so.

  43. Avatar npcwill says:

    Gold bugs will Buy into crypto when they can tokenize their gold and use the equity as collateral anywhere in any market at any time !
    First cyrpto platform to begin tokenizing gold held in actual vaults wins ! That is how a gold standard is reintroduced ! A tokenized gold standard along with various crypto tokens ! We can abolish debt slavery for good !

  44. Avatar 6Hundred6ixty6ix says:

    It’s in her best interest to say this. She’s highly influencial and if she warns of a bubble, many would listen to her and it would hurt her bottom line and her funds.
    She is also bag holding on quite a few of her purchases right now. Her strategy seems to be buy high, sell low. Sure, she has made a few good plays, both lucky and obvious (btc, TSLA) but her history before ARK is quite bad, and she’s blown up a few funds now.

    • Avatar Tib Syy says:

      Finally, someone! Thank you! She is just promoting her stuff! Burry is obviously right on this one!

  45. Avatar Michael Mahan says:

    Robinhood doesn’t let you own any crypto

  46. Avatar Nancy Chace says:

    Thanks for a nice discussion. Appreciate the educational aspect. Creates better investors. Interested to learn more. Have a nice weekend.

  47. Avatar Abdul Youssef says:

    RSI indicator says otherwise

  48. Avatar 이상범 says:

    She simply doesnt give a fxck about short sellers. “Bring it on”

  49. Avatar Fiona lin says:

    Really reading about people making over $350,000 monthly from passive income investments even in this crazy market, any tips and pointers on how to make substantial passive income would be appreciated.

    • Avatar Emily Dixon says:

      @Susan.Thanks for the information, I searched her name on google and I’m impressed with her info, i will be writing her through her website shortly

    • Avatar Fiona lin says:

      I just looked up this person out of curiosity, and surprisingly she seems really proficient. I thought this was just some overrated BS, I appreciate this.

    • Avatar whhscougar says:

      @Fiona lin I looked it up out of curiosity and yal IT IS some overrated BS

    • Avatar Kyle Dennis says:

      Invest in whatever your good at and build a social media profile for 3+ years, try facebook gaming,
      buy some crypto on an interest account, purchase leaps on index funds such as SPY.

    • Avatar Nonduality says:

      I’m a new investor as well and I use a broker who has been guiding me with my investment since I began and I’ve been able to turn my 10 million dollar investment into $1.50 in 3 months. Contact me. I need to borrow some money.

  50. Avatar J T says:

    She doesn’t know crap

  51. Avatar Brian H says:

    Mama Cathie will get a lot crap but so far she’s been right about a lot of her predictions with her timing not always on time

    • Avatar CitsVariants says:


    • Avatar CitsVariants says:

      Know the difference between lucky and smart

      Imagine being allin in tech and get all the credit for it

      Million of ppl praising you for your genius
      Anyone who say they can predict markets are scammers

    • Avatar CitsVariants says:

      If you went allin on 5 faang stocks you would outperform every fund manager out there lol

      That is what she has been doing.
      Like all her investments has be good !!???

      She fucking talks about disruptive tech but doesnt share the visuals, dont explain the math
      Are you all mad lol

    • Avatar CitsVariants says:

      I want to see the math behind 3D printing. Reasoning of full autonomous driving by 2025…. she f-ing cant. She is just repeating same stuff like a parrot

      Value is dead, explosive growth, listen to me dont ask questions 😆😆

    • Avatar J S says:

      Longest bull market in history.

  52. Avatar David L says:

    Market is NOT a bubble. The cash money is in a BIG bubble. Tooooo much money in this world than people know how to spend it (1 dollar)before the money goes to devalued (50 Cents) tomorrow.

  53. Avatar D Diaz says:

    When People realize how much money they wasted on appliances, weapons, electronics and furniture this year the Economy will never be the same. Go Crypto!!!

  54. Avatar NNK says:

    It’s in her interest to be bullish all the time and invest in the most risk stocks all the times. Stock mkt is not in a bubble but Half of stock in Ark portfolio are waiting for a big correction. Zoom is an example.

  55. Avatar khakuda says:

    The bubble poster child never knows that they’re in the bubble

  56. Avatar rational mind says:

    It’s all a confidence scam. Wake up people.

    • Avatar rational mind says:

      @Scooter LOL, Scooter you’re funny . There has to be winners and losers and I believe you will transfer everything you gamble to the ones controlling the markets in short order. Remember this comment when the tears start rolling honey.

    • Avatar Scooter says:

      @rational mind damn I’m crying already

    • Avatar Scooter says:

      @rational mind 🤣🤣🤣

    • Avatar CitsVariants says:

      @Scooter markets never crash only go up gl sheep

    • Avatar rational mind says:

      @Scooter Evergrande is collapsing right now as you laugh. Catch up dude. The ride is over, time to get off. Your ignorance is going to bankrupt you.

  57. Avatar punkfunk 212 says:

    she’s lying – looking out to protect her own interests

  58. Avatar Maqbool Fida says:

    Thats what they said before the collapse in 2000 and 2008… the collapse happens in a part of the economy such as sub-prime borrowers or valuation jump without corresponding earnings. As warren buffet says, when the tide goes out we know who was swimming naked…so with sky high inflation, and a close to all government support programs…the weakest link in the economy is primed to break.

  59. Avatar Aleco Glenz says:


  60. Avatar boardgamerants says:

    Its September – SnP, Nasdaq up over 20%, Dow with double digit returns for the year. Her stock has barely broke even.
    She had a great year when all one could do is get lucky cuz 2021 was pure anomaly. With reality/norms setting in, seems it’s all she can do to get some air time. That 15 seconds of fame is long up.

    • Avatar Scooter says:

      One couldn’t possibly be more idiotic.

  61. Avatar Vincent McCall says:

    What’s your plan ? Just wait and hope every thing goes back up in a week ? You can’t be in this market without a strategy. It could be the difference between losing all your money and being exceptionally wealthy.

    • Avatar Rose Anderson says:

      Trust me there are so many ways for people to get screwed over and go down a path full of financial problems without them even realizing it.

  62. Avatar BADA BING says:


  63. Avatar media isevil says:

    market will go up until confidence falls- then the worst crash in history hits

    • Avatar 1776 says:

      Idk. I think the multi trillion dollar investment banks and their algos won’t let that happen.

  64. Avatar Jacob Burton says:

    That’s your signal to short cathy stocks for 6 months

  65. Avatar Riz Alam says:

    Not even 5 to 10% correction?

  66. Avatar suberkarschten says:

    In every interview, she is telling the same story with the same words… and a lot of ahs, uhs, and ohs…

  67. Avatar suberkarschten says:

    8:15 let’s face it: you millenials are the next boomers… 😅

  68. Avatar Jonathan Sai says:

    When all these are over, she will be forgotten years later as a blip in the history of high finance.

    • Avatar dan melton says:

      or the steve jobs, bill gates, zuck, buffet of her day. You wont know for 5 – 10 years

  69. Avatar Blake Smith says:

    taking the middle man out of the financial services is the best thing to do, why gold investors can’t understand that? I’m for regulations, KYC, AML and so on, but this could be managed without without infringing on people’s finances

  70. Avatar Kathy Karen says:

    *Imagine lnvesting in crypto with a startup of $1,000 and at the end of the week you receive $7,500.*
    *When Investing with Ms Amelia you’re sure of not loosing your money, that is why i recommend beginners to crypto inv. to her. She the reason I’m not dependent on the government for anything.*

  71. Avatar jocaand says:

    cathie is the real boss!!

  72. Avatar Daniel Kintigh says:

    Payment For Order Flow is what helped so many regular people gain access to investing. While I think it should require more transparency, I don’t think it should go completely. I know Robinhood has made some horrible decisions but they made investing easy for millions of people, which made other companies have to do the same. Without PFOF it’s safe to say around 80% of the current retail space wouldn’t exist. A lot has changed for the better for retail traders since Robinhood came to wall street. That being said, they’ve also completely screwed over the retail trader time after time after time

  73. Avatar Ramzi Puttock-green says:

    Can’t wait to see her response when it is undeniably confirmed not only are we in a bubble but the biggest in history!! Far from a bubble what a joke talk about realing people in, feel sorry for those that fall for it.

    • Avatar D LLL says:

      Yet she was right about tesla, crypto, and many other things. She gets more things right than any other expert or analyst. You’re the joke. You do realize bubbles only happen once every decade right? 2008. 2020. We aren’t having a market crash anytime soon there bubba. That’s Bubba…..not bubble. Get woke fool.

    • Avatar Ramzi Puttock-green says:

      @D LLL I didn’t say she was stupid and yes in the past bubbles only happen roughly every decade and yes we had a crash for covid but things have got ALOT worse since with reckless spending and debt we’ve never been in a worse situation look at the major indices charts and tell me it’s fine and a buy.. if you still think so ill leave you to it good luck

  74. Avatar Jared Bennett says:

    Giving this lady airtime is bad for human civilization

  75. Avatar V Knight says:

    We are in the biggest bubble ever. However, they have only just begun to print.

  76. Avatar Trevor Johnston says:

    “Most crypto Bulls are For regulation?” What is this dude smokin’?!

    • Avatar HisDivineGrace says:

      He’s talking about people holding >1000 ETH or >100 BTC. People who are making millions a year with liquidity mining. Probably not you? 🙂

  77. Avatar Iradj Farahmand says:

    SEC and Goldman Gary mission is to help the big Banks and big financial institutions and hurt the little investors and smaller brokerages. For example going after Robinhood and Ripple are two recent examples

  78. Avatar Ishmael Badze says:

    She will buy Etoro when it goes public

  79. Avatar LORD RAJA says:

    “Cryto -More efficient way of doing commerce”-Cathie

  80. Avatar LORD RAJA says:

    2 crashes?, has she only been paying attention for the last 20 years?

  81. Avatar Renoir LeMier’s Great Beginnings says:

    So “we aren’t in a bubble until the millennial peak in 2026” notice that’s one year after her Tesla price targets lol

  82. Avatar 2xjs f83f says:

    Cathie Wood September 2021 “Are we in a bubble? We couldn’t be further from it!”

    how is this gonna age? could be spectacular timing?

  83. Avatar Anthony Wood says:

    Miss you aunt Cathie I will see you soon !

  84. Avatar CitsVariants says:

    Wasnt bubble beginning of year but now is, sheep

  85. Avatar Tib Syy says:

    Amazon and Google were also “explosive innovations” yet when the dot-com bubble burst, these stocks went down 80-90%!

    • Avatar Z M says:

      Yes, then went back up hundreds of times!

  86. Avatar Tenz Tse says:


  87. Avatar Dave Dupond says:

    Only fools still regards her as a great investor. She got lucky in the biggest bull run Buble of the century. He biggest call Tesla is nothing but a soufle by any Metric that matter. I will watch the fall while eating popcorn 🍿

  88. Avatar D LLL says:

    She gets very monatanous. I’ve been listening to her every interviews now since early summer of 2020. She always says the same things over and over. Never really anything new. I’m starting to wonder if she’s a bullheaded stubborn type that can only see certain things. And sticks to them. Only time will tell.

    • Avatar Temime Graham says:

      D LLL, In 2007-2008, Cathie Wood was the Chief Investment Officer at Alliance Bernstein. She knows bear and bull market. Maybe you don’t understand what she is articulating, please pay attention and you will learn a thing or two about the digitization of American companies.

    • Avatar essem says:

      Yet you’re still listening to her

  89. Avatar D Diaz says:

    My prediction is that if homeowners want forbearance to continue the stock market must crash in September. If not, the stock market and housing market will probably both crash in October.

  90. Avatar Cooltura Financiera says:

    The stock market has been a really tough one this past year, but I watched an interview on CNBC where the anchor kept mentioning “Tamara Diane Hagan”. This prompted me to get in touch with her, and from May 2021 till now we have been working together, and I can now boast of $540,000 in my trading portfolio.

    • Avatar Lucy thompson says:

      can you please hook me with this your financial expert ?

    • Avatar Cooltura Financiera says:

      @Lucy thompson Like I said previously, her name is Tamara Diane Hagan, and you can reach her via her website.

    • Avatar Cooltura Financiera says:

      Just run a search on her name, and you would see all you need.

    • Avatar Lucy thompson says:

      @ Cooltura Financiera thanks for the info . found her website and it really impressive

    • Avatar Lucy thompson says:

      I left a message for her , hope she replies me soon because i really want to make some profit off this

  91. Avatar Roh Habibi says:

    Mr Edward is legit and his method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with his new strategy.,

    • Avatar Oxford Samson says:

      The Crypt0 space is a very sensitive zone. It took me 6 months to learn the perks of tradlng the right way, adaptation saved me. Thanks to Edward James.

    • Avatar Oscar Henry says:

      James saved me time of research. Am getting a lot from his signal. Am new to Bitcoin but doing pretty well.

    • Avatar Tom Wilson says:


    • Avatar Elon Wike says:

      No doubt mate, I am also benefiting greatly with his daily services, am a full time trader now. its been amazing and profitable 💯💯💯

    • Avatar Avery Mason says:

      Am glad that I was able to make my first million dollars through Mr Edward James 👏

  92. Avatar Crom CCCXVI says:

    Yeah Payment for Order Flow! Look at the Execution speed of your sorry suppressed stock, getting manipulated in some Dark Pool where it trades at an entirely different price….. but hey, here is a few pennies. What a joke

  93. Avatar Brandon Getter says:

    This is famous last word material

  94. Avatar Nonduality says:

    Without shorts on Ark funds, you’d have a cult of Ark etfs. If “everybody” believed in Ark and invested all their money in it, it would be a set-up for a massive crash. Ark deniers, such as those who will comment on this post, are essential for Ark’s success. The cult mentality has to be avoided, and that’s achieved by seeing where Cathie could be wrong — which she is, in some cases — and by not investing all your money with her.

  95. Avatar Tamiko Crabbe says:


    • Avatar Facto Kun says:

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