NBC Nightly News Full Broadcast – September 20th, 2021

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Pfizer says its Covid vaccine is safe for children ages 5 to 11, FBI searches home of Gabby Petito’s fiancé, and Inspiration4 crew speaks on historic flight.

00:00 Intro
01:22 Pfizer says its Covid vaccine is safe for children
04:37 Travel ban easing
05:34 DHS secretary on migrants in Del Rio
08:32 FBI searches home of Gabby Petito’s fiancé
11:00 Stock market plunge
12:33 Family of Afghans killed in mistaken drone attack
15:10 Climate challenge
17:45 Exclusive: Inspiration4 crew speaks

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Donny Brosco says:

    I did all by self save the 🌎

  2. Avatar Rob Ortiz says:

    Z z z z z z z z z z z z z old news already……..

  3. Avatar Carlos Arvizu says:

    May she Rest In Peace.

  4. Avatar James Corson says:

    I got vaccines in kindergarten

  5. Avatar Kyle Merrill says:

    I feel for the people needing a better life, but we can’t keep taking everyone. This is a debaucle Biden.

  6. Avatar Seeker says:

    This is not news, you haven’t reported anything,

  7. Avatar d ri says:

    Yeah that’s funny no school for the for the women because the taliban’s in control of them so they can have more babies

  8. Avatar Tracey Tansley says:

    Unvaccinated children should be home schooled.

  9. Avatar Paul Prejean says:

    Good to hear some will get to stay.

  10. Avatar Trish Stevenson says:

    What did the flight cost versus what they raised in donations

  11. Avatar Jon Gram says:

    You need stop premonition of shots 400 kids have been known with in three years

  12. Avatar R Feyman says:

    So the Dow Jones going down 1.8% is a plunge? Stop with the never ending chicken little, “The sky is falling!!!” b.s.

  13. Avatar fookyoutube says:

    Just another comment nothing to see here move along…

  14. Avatar Phyllis Williams says:

    That’s a shame that those people us back Is hitting the black people like that If there were white What they do that today shame United States shame on you are

  15. Avatar Fly Guy says:

    If Laundrie was Black/Brown he would not be a person of interest.He would be the person held responsible.They actually let this guy disappear?If his skin color was even off white he woulda been under the jail house already.🙄

  16. Avatar A50ftfall says:


    People need to remember why their running and what they’re running from

    They’re fleeing to the USA

    For one simple reason

    There’s a better chance for them and their children in the USA

    There coming here because how great it is here

  17. Avatar A50ftfall says:

    The sad thing is if she was charged she’d still be alive

  18. Avatar Victor Garcia says:

    Special Technology

  19. Avatar Da PeNciL ShiNoBi says:


  20. Avatar breakaway2x says:

    Spanish flu in 1918 was way worse. There were only 100 million Americans that time so the mortality rate was way higher than it is now. So to say covid deaths has surpassed spanish flu of 1918, is misleading. The mortality rate was devastating in 1918. The mortality rate in 2020-2021 is not.

  21. Avatar Jesse tom says:

    My hope is in jesus 🙏🙌❤💖♥💓🙏🙌❤💖♥💓🙏jesus loves you so much ❤💖💕💛💗we leave in a falling world 🌎jesus saves ❤good news ❤

  22. Avatar John Ellis says:

    In Afghanistan they need to build a memorial for those people that were killed by the drone strike.. if they need a map to show them how to do it …just tell them the September 11th memorial in Manhattan. Is a really good example

  23. Avatar supriya gentes says:

    So Sick …the intelligence is such a crape killing innocent people . Can you’ll bring their lives back …?

  24. Avatar Jesse tom says:

    Jesus is real 🙌my hope is in jesus good news love you 😍❤💕💖💗😘😍❤

  25. Avatar Kyle Toppert says:

    Yep it’s like slavery the Democratic Party it’s like the Jim Crow laws but I don’t believe border agents did it on purpose

  26. Avatar Kyle Toppert says:

    Right now Joe Biden’s has the rule on the border agent

  27. Avatar Manani says:

    @ 15 : 32 – Communities of color? Looks like nothing but black people to Me. They won’t or refuse to even say black community. Pay attention to the wording here folks.

  28. Avatar debra firestone says:

    Her Fiancé did it It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out he could be out of yeh country by now it’s awful only 22 yrs old if he did it he should spend the rest of his life in prison

  29. Avatar Jeezus Maneezus says:

    @7:10 fist pump.. good moral move…

  30. Avatar debra firestone says:

    Why can’t we wear masks when needed it’s better than getting Covid 19. I don’t want to get this horrible 🦠 virus

  31. Avatar debra firestone says:

    He’s sun waisted soerm

  32. Avatar Jeezus Maneezus says:

    @13:34.. exactly.. that was dumb.. we all know they all have standard plain white cars 🤦‍♂️.. that was a guess not calculated

  33. Avatar JordanMON says:

    When will we talk about the exponentially rising numbers of obese and unhealthy kids and adults in america and how that is a MAJOR factor apart from age and prediagnosed and undiagnosed illnesses in people getting infected with covid and dying to covid? Having extra fat lowers your bodys immunoresponse capabilities and puts extra pressure on your internal organs.

  34. Avatar Jeezus Maneezus says:

    @14:30the withdrawal had to be rushed.. rushed /on the spot decisions are usually messy… he rounded up extra airlines to help. That was all he could do globally.

  35. Avatar E. Price says:

    Woooooooooooooooow America America America…. Really horses… comes naturally…🤔😒😑

  36. Avatar the Davies fam Welsh dmd warrior says:

    Can you yell me why your not covering the 5 year old little girl summer moon Utah eells missing 97 days from.kingsport Tennessee’s not one TV station around the world is covering her case is it because the father is related to police in the area this little angel summer needs media attention neglect from parents drugs 3 other children taken by CPS

  37. Avatar Cade Bednarz says:

    Did they actually cover the university shooting in Russia or did they just have it in the intro?

  38. Avatar Michael Villagonzalo Sr. says:

    As kids are dying, maybe mom will be convince.

  39. Avatar Laura Howard says:

    Stephanie Rhuele is a screamer!!! Volume control

  40. Avatar Tom May says:

    Buck stops at the top, Biden Harris responsible for the border patrol! No mention of the tens of thousands of refugees being abused at the border. Thousands of children lost in the system! More dying from cancer and Heart disease! Tell Haitian they won’t be deported, then wonder why tens of thousands rush the border! NBC keep covering the white blonde, but not the hundreds of minority women that disappear each year!

  41. Avatar iblaze Fielding says:

    is search 13 child baby movie and this came up wtfffff

  42. Avatar Wayne Palmer says:

    Utah state police fcked this up. They confronted them during a domestic violence call and they let Brian Laundrie go instead of detaining him. Great job Utah!

  43. Avatar First Lady says:

    Observation without judgment is the highest form of intelligence. We should not judge. We have no idea what happened. Let’s not judge…

  44. Avatar Nihad Bajramovic says:

    The vaccine is deadly

  45. Avatar Nihad Bajramovic says:

    Nobody is vaccinated in the White House

  46. Avatar H P says:

    We were driving by and the gentleman was slapping the girl. If he was a gentleman he wouldn’t be slapping her. His parents are cowards and they raised a Coward….

  47. Avatar John Dingler says:

    The smiling civilian astronauts are the PR faces for the wealthy who want to make Mars into a US colony, to open it to their exploitation, kind of like Manifest Destiny but glitzy this time. Don’t fall for it. Reappropriate their wealth before they do any more damage.

  48. Avatar shitmandood says:

    Two went on a wilderness vacation. One came back. Nothing suspicious there clearly.

  49. Avatar Power Of the Press says:

    2k in vaccine trial? That’s a joke
    Look at Sweden, no vaccine and doing great.

    • Avatar Paul Ortiz says:

      Doing great???? SWEDEN????

      Guess you better check on that!
      Sweden has one of the higher death rates in the world. Certainly in Europe!

      COVID IS A KILLER!!!!!

  50. Avatar O'Neill Campbell says:

    I dream they will hold us down force the vaccine 💉💉💉💉 in us the vaccine 💉💉💉 is demonic

  51. Avatar Maria Rod says:

    How many illegals come to America every day and never got whipped but the Haitian s did. We all are well aware of the unrest situation in Haiti. Earth quake 20 years ago another earth quake recently and the greedy oligarchs who works for the imperialist and stuff their pockets while people go hungry every day. The rich Mila toe Robbing the country money donated was stolen the people never saw please give the Haitian people a break .

  52. Avatar Patrice Wolfe says:

    Hmmm, rounding up black people on horseback with whips and guns…What century is this?????

  53. Avatar Janie says:

    I just don’t know why people take the vaccines when it does not protect you from getting covid.

  54. Avatar HelloKittyGOODIES says:

    They go say it was approved asap to make it mandatory at schools

  55. Avatar Scott Jones says:

    But if ur coming from Afghanistan no cv check welcome terrorist to America the place u hate. Thanks joe Biden for giving terrorist a front door 🚪 wide open for terrorist to come straight into America. They also love all the 800 billion dollars in weapons and war helicopters tanks truck drones etc u gave to our enemies. Wtf. Is going on. Biden is a terrorist 100 💯 facts. And also hrs got strong ccp ties. Trump 8 more yrs best dam president ever. We love u trump a real American president

  56. Avatar Janie says:

    Community of color that is the dumbest s*** I have ever heard that it is hotter in black and brown community then in a white community. in what world are these dumbasses living in. It’s not up to the whites to the blacks to the browns to the greens to the yellows it’s up to God Almighty how the weather is going to be. It’s been a 100 degrees in the shade.

  57. Avatar Kristle says:

    E-MOTIONS are fun. Let’s play with them.

  58. Avatar Anonymous Radio Redux says:

    It’s so obvious when you read the newest comments versus the top comments that YouTube is propping up specific points of view

  59. Avatar Modern Mopcar says:

    Noo we dont need a vaccine for children thats only for emergency use push back parents

  60. Avatar Pump says:

    No thanks

  61. Avatar Paul Ortiz says:

    “There is not enough data, for ME!!!…..”

    Like someone with a hs diploma can evaluate just such data! What a joke!!!

    And—- the situation has not changed! Other than it has gone from a deadly illness to a very deadly and more transmissible illness! Is that what you mean???
    Right! She hasn’t enough data, YET!!!



    AND IF HER kid dies from Covid she will then be on TV, blubbering, about how “UNFAIR” IT ALL IS!!! That her kid died!!!


  62. Avatar Paul Ortiz says:

    I signed off before hearing about/from the quasi-astronauts—- who cares!!???

    They are about as close to being astronauts as they are being brain surgeons!!!!!

    What they did was ‘go for a ride’—- like at an amusement park!!! Nothing more!
    Nothing less!

  63. Avatar 4BetaMale2 says:

    10: 41
    I am so sick of abbott it’s not even funny.
    If you didn’t realize he’s single-handedly responsible for let 700 Texans freeze to death in February 2021.
    An Ercot lady warned him the storm was going to come in and how bad it was going to be.
    By the way she got fired.
    Yeah in several emails she said he would probably would need to declare emergency to get emergency fuel trucks to the natural gas power plants.
    That was 5 days before the storm really hit in.
    For 10 days the state of Texas was below 32°.
    I know you up north are gone “that’s nothing.”
    We’re not geared for it.
    How did you like the summer this year?
    Our summer was the coolest I’ve ever known for Texas.
    The Western states is burning, the Eastern were flooding and the middle, it was nice.
    I just pray to God we don’t have another winter like 2021.

    Because ercot would shut the whole f****** state down again!

    Back to abbott, I don’t like him.
    I’m sick of him and I’m going to vote against him.
    I hear Beto O’Rourke is thinking about running for governor.
    If Beto runs I will vote for him.

  64. Avatar smoky bear says:

    Hey Lester how many times did Pfizer tell doctors that OxyContin wasn’t addicting!

  65. Avatar Kingston Leo says:

    So while crisis come’s up .Bitcoin climbs lol 😆 Now i say crypto is better than stock investing in crypto should be in every wise individual to do list .

    • Avatar Davis Ray says:

      He’s obviously the best I invested 2.0btc with him and in 7 days i made profit of 4.1btc

    • Avatar Jorge Cory says:

      Bitcoin increased today and I’ve not invested yet, now I’m in regrets I’d like to invest now How can I talk to Francis chanda

    • Avatar Evelyn Bradson says:

      @Jorge Cory
      His availability is on W.h.a.t.s.A.p.p

    • Avatar Evelyn Bradson says:

      +①⑨ ② ⑤④ ① ② ① ⑥ ① ②

    • Avatar Angela says:

      I’ve worked with four traders in the past put None of them is as efficient as I want so I guess it’s time for a change

  66. Avatar Subliminal Frequency says:

    I guess AOC and her super crew must not be working right now, I guess they are on vacation and don’t see this happening. Aren’t they the voices of immigration?? The “Champions” of the refugee?….yeah yeah ok

  67. Avatar Elizabeth Nichols says:


  68. Avatar Latisa J says:

    Be mindful their is more people occupying the world now than their was in 1918. So the statics and numbers will not match to confirm we have surpassed the number of deaths than.

  69. Avatar Dan Williams - Shake, Rattle, and Roll says:

    Shame on border patrol. They should help people not assault them. Evil acts against humanity.

  70. Avatar b 0 t t i n i says:

    My Hero’, Rich !! Welcome back home.

  71. Avatar ¿???? ????? says:

    What about the guy he could be dead to but no .. he doesn’t make news money if he is dead. He only makes them money it he killer what a joke media is .

  72. Avatar Annette Tucker says:

    If that astronaut think this world is beautiful and as one, then she’s still walking on air 😂

  73. Avatar Michael Kaiser says:

    give me money give me money

  74. Avatar Moneek Jackson says:

    Where is England an Frances Slave money Savings for their stolen slave desendents who they should take responsibility for..

  75. Avatar Faith Evans says:

    What a waste of money on space, when you can’t even get the earth straight.

  76. Avatar vistaprime says:

    how did haitians end up in Texas? wouldn’t they end up in Florida? can someone explain?

    • Avatar D R says:

      Vistaprime Per the comments posted on the Spanish news stations there were rumors in Latin American countries that the US border was open so Haitians and other brown Hispanics came in droves. If you notice many of the people interviewed are speaking fluent Spanish (not Creole as one would expect). Supposedly many of them already had asylum in Chile so it is really unclear why they would risk it all to come here. Again, this is the chatter online so take it with a grain of salt

  77. Avatar Pj Plummer says:

    Here’s another fun fact 100yrs following the Spanish flu we have more Karen’s and kens then ever before who woulda thought 🤦‍♂️

  78. Avatar Esoteric Desi says:

    No nation can survive w/ uncontrolled migration…

  79. Avatar kent Z says:

    It’s shame that people are saying gabby rest in peace but no one talk about those 10 children in Afghan, do they deserve to die, you guys are sucks.

  80. Avatar Cynthia Blanchard says:

    Are we going to war? Nuclear?

  81. Avatar NaNa of Saintly says:

    London Bridge is fallen down

  82. Avatar NaNa of Saintly says:

    My left eye 👁

  83. Avatar NaNa of Saintly says:


  84. Avatar C. Maurice says:

    If the USA. Canada. Other American countries came together and formed an American Union
    Like the European Union you can keep these migrants in their home land. But because they are brown and blacks. It won’t happen. The USA continues to be involved in the middle east and Asia. Instead of the Americas

  85. Avatar John Prince says:

    More BS

  86. Avatar Spyder Spyder says:

    No freaking way …..kids are dying from it, teenagers.

  87. Avatar Spyder Spyder says:

    The bible specifically says: seek the truth, be deceived by NO man, guard your blood and for lack of knowledge my people are destroyed. They are trying to keep us from buying and selling at restaurants and elsewhere unless you get the vaccine and also vaccine passports. Revelation 23:9 tells us without the mark if the beast you can’t buy it sell. People who think once saved always saved, but if you take the mark if the beast because you were deceived by man, didn’t seek the truth or didn’t seek knowledge or guard your blood, you lose your salvation, that’s why scripture says for lack of knowledge my people are destroyed. Are you willing to sacrifice your salvation and your childrens

  88. Avatar Edna Thompson says:

    The media and our government quickly forgot about the people in other states who lost power and their homes and livelihood after enduring the devastating weather that hit those states.

  89. Avatar TOMASZ STARLING says:

    next year will be the Gama and Epsilon variants

  90. Avatar TOMASZ STARLING says:


  91. Avatar Daniel Danis says:

    These are the descendants of those who killed our kin and keped running south. Do I care? Not sure.

  92. Avatar Daniel Danis says:

    They know your in Ontario but they don’t care lol Landry, silly man! Go to the sea near Halifax.

  93. Avatar Daniel Danis says:

    I’m a very powerful psychic.

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