Gabby Petito Remains Confirmed, Initial Autopsy Reveals Death A Homicide

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The FBI revealed that human remains found in Wyoming are those of missing 22-year-old Gabby Petito. The initial determination for the manner of death is homicide. 
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Lovely_Day says:

    People die and are killed every day. Why does the media tend to only focus on white, blond and thin young women who are killed by their significant others? Though the situation is sad, there are many young (non white women) who were killed this year by their partners and their murders still remain unsolved.. because it doesn’t garner the same interest as Gabby’s story..

  2. Avatar Lovely_Day says:

    Why does the media only focus on thin, young white blond women’s unsolved deaths, and no other groups?

  3. Avatar Nigel Walker says:

    hitmen hired to get parents and sister

  4. Avatar Nigel Walker says:

    my son is missing i might go get some milk at the store

  5. Avatar Ron Perlman says:

    Why is everyone blaming the man? She was the one clawing him and slapping him. She probably wondered off on her own and something bit her and killed her.

  6. Avatar Cc jj says:

    This is so so sad

  7. Avatar Suzy-Q Travels says:

    He got tooooooo angry!!!

  8. Avatar alex herban says:

    Couldn’t they use thermal cameras at night?

  9. Avatar Cari Travis says:

    Charge the Laundrie parents with obstruction. 100%.

  10. Avatar Wiseacres says:

    Man I always knew something was up. But there was still that part of me that wanted it to be just one big misunderstanding.

    And now … Knowing she’s actually dead and via murder no less? That hurts. Parents losing their children is heartbreaking.

  11. Avatar Fish Tropic says:

    Yo this reporter has many twins walking the planet…

  12. Avatar Katelia Beal says:

    When he returned back with her car without her he should have been arrested. Don’t give him time to run away 🤦‍♀️he was put in a hotel and she was left with the car but he returns with the car please make this make sense .. shows he was involved

  13. Avatar yung dayday says:

    who cares

  14. Avatar alfredo carrillo says:

    This is why I don’t use facebook…
    I noticed early on that people post their fake happiness and hide all the ugly part. It’s the ugly parts that give contrast to the beautiful moments in life. Share that too.

  15. Avatar KB 2x says:

    How many of you think the boyfriend did it?

  16. Avatar Paradox Livid says:

    If anything this guy is in Mexico 🇲🇽 if they put out some money they might find the guy

  17. Avatar Robert Jackson says:

    Lol Ok I never like to admit it but there is absolutely two different Americas! …. His parents moved his car and then were “slow to report the fact that he was missing”??

  18. Avatar honey bear says:

    I think she was seeing another guy she’s very gorgeous and looks like she’s very playful and friendly I bet you that’s what happened they should be looking into that… what a terrible tragedy my heart goes out to her family

  19. Avatar hafizuddin mohd lowhim says:

    Girls like bad boy

  20. Avatar Mckessa King says:

    Charge the parents as accomplisses

  21. Avatar cris273984 says:

    the parents helped him ! they better be charged as well

  22. Avatar Sheila Ann says:


  23. Avatar Nivaldo Roman says:

    I see so many cases like these I don’t understand why.

  24. Avatar Clifton Santiago says:

    Don’t trust bald men.

  25. Avatar Candice Crawford says:

    My heart breaks for her parents.

  26. Avatar Danielle White-Mangum says:

    I don’t see how this made Network news.

  27. Avatar MyAssefa says:

    This guy is missing too! —> Ill. Graduate Student, 25, Who Wants to be a Doctor, Is Missing as Family Pleads for Public’s Help <— I know he’s not white but he and he’s Famly need help too !! His name is Jaliyn Day !!

  28. Avatar Brittney Noel says:

    He’s a jealous, envious, narcissistic psychopath..

  29. Avatar GeoEconomics says:

    2 people Driving thousands of miles in a car
    can be very very very stressful

  30. Avatar Lena Hale says:

    Well that is right why are they just taking about know

  31. Avatar Crafty says:

    So he either turns up dead by suicide, or he is hiding out until he gets caught, at which point it will be a long drawn out process that ultimately sees his defense say that he acted in self defense because his fiance abused him. Sounds crazy, but it’s what I expect.

  32. Avatar Leah Bracksieck says:

    Sad but she was sacrificed and he’s not talking because those.devils are getting their stories straight

  33. Avatar JOHN Q LUNCHBUCKET says:


  34. Avatar Mandy X says:

    ❤️Gabby❤️ I’m in the UK ~ followed your story and wished you to be home safe! RIP and love to your family xxx

  35. Avatar ScribbleVicious says:

    Person of interest? How about the main suspect or killer?

  36. Avatar Lisa Young says:

    The parents know where their son is for sure. They should be locked up for withholding information. That poor baby did not deserve what he did to her.

  37. Avatar Melissa Clark says:

    Duh! It’s so obvious…
    Brian’s family didn’t report him missing because they wanted to give him a good head start before authorities were called. He could be out of Florida by now!

  38. Avatar xixa says:

    Poor girl

  39. Avatar Ryan OSRS says:

    poor little white girl

  40. Avatar Lovina says:

    I heard that BL read lots of serial killer books. Just a thought.. The 2 women killed in the same park near them, the couple, could it be him too?

  41. Avatar alex silva says:

    I think the police have been sent on a wild goose chase. Don´t think I´m the only one.

  42. Avatar Kathleen Muchka says:

    I know police are pussyfooting around these mental health issues but I can’t help but think that it would all be different if they would have arrested him. The witnesses did say “he was hitting her” yes she said it was her fault but that is classic domestic violence occurrence when you fear reprisals.

  43. Avatar Angie Johnson says:


  44. Avatar BCN Idiomas 2 says:

    Drugs people sure ..

  45. Avatar jim q says:

    But u IGNORE the death of Ashley babbitt. Hypocrite media and your all LIARS and u are the Reason that there is so much Division

  46. Avatar Lynn Young says:

    He’s a Fugitive!!! We DONE with interest!

  47. Avatar Angela Goude says:

    Swab parents/siblings. Match DNA on her body & no other(s). Put a bounty out. Send that cowboy that enjoyed beating innocent Haitians to get him.

  48. Avatar KT Murphy says:

    Where’s that RV the neighbors saw the laundrie family driving, did they exchange it for the Mustang? They seem to have told the FBI a fable.

  49. Avatar JustNateMAN says:

    May the lord allow Gabby go into heaven and I hope that the police find him and he goes to jail for the rest of his life may the lord bless Gabby’s family

  50. Avatar Johanne Beerbaum says:


  51. Avatar Katherine Peace says:

    i feel so gross.
    his parents are just like the fkn duggars.

  52. Avatar Jaslyn Quinonez says:

    I want y’all to give the same coverage like u did her I need y’all to do the same energy for indigenous and black women

  53. Avatar TonDoo Suuweeta says:

    Gabby was living with Brian in his parents home, obviously they asked of her when he walked in without her.

  54. Avatar Jose Romero says:

    Parents is guilty in him 😡

  55. Avatar juan rodriguez says:

    I wonder if she had her apple watch maybe it can track her movements

  56. Avatar Soapy Smith says:


  57. Avatar alicia cargile says:

    I think he had something to do with her death and now they hiding him and they didn’t report so he could gt away

  58. Avatar Toni Davis says:

    He NVR should had killed her. He should had brought her back home to her family

  59. Avatar Toni Davis says:

    What if he is dead too

  60. Avatar Peanut Gallery says:

    Yeah, went to the park and got his car and he wasn’t with the car? Sounds very wrong to wait 4 days… He’ll turn up and obviously guilty! Nobody just leaves there in Wyoming n drives her van home to FL. Without her. He looks like a creepy dude to me,but, what do I know!


    Gabby Petito was sacrifice by the Aluminate boy friend 🤣😂

  62. Avatar Sarah says:

    How have they determined it was homicide if they don’t know what the cause of death was? The only clarification I’ve seen was that they said she died of unnatural causes but that doesn’t rule out suicide or accidental injury. I’m a little confused

  63. Avatar Elligons says:

    He prob just choked her and tossed her into the woods after another fight. Even if he didn’t mean to do it, he needs to own up to it.

  64. Avatar Rose Marie Flynn says:

    Correction it’s September 23rd

  65. Avatar Cheralyn Stump says:

    Now all we can do is pray they find Brian and he’s alive; able to speak the truth.

  66. Avatar LC says:

    Fly over with thermal cams at night. You’ll find him. This is a perfect scenario for drones.

  67. Avatar photag216 says:

    Why would it be weird that the family reported him missing AFTER they believed he was missing? I don’t get it.

  68. Avatar Yaherdmeh504 says:

    A person of interest just say it a murderer on the run. 🤦🏽‍♂️ a killer who they are spending all these resources to find one child support they will find him.

  69. Avatar mapelbob says:

    The parents we’re covering him from saying anything about where he left Gabby, so you think that they’re not able to cover him again to his location ? Come on. Cops should arrest the parents for being non cooperative to the investigation.

  70. Avatar Alx Jetson says:


  71. Avatar ozzy oz' says:

    He killed her. Obstruction of justice from his parents. Arrest them too

  72. Avatar Cynthia Morland says:

    Nope. She’s alive. He will turn up with her. They’re both alive.

  73. Avatar Koby Owen says:

    “Homicide” is not a cause of death. Are you serious? Yeah, her cause of death is murder. Just murder, was she stabbed? Was she shot? Doesn’t matter! Her cause of death is Homicide! How young and naive do they think we are? Obviously I think people are a little intetested in how exactly she died. Especially her family, don’t you think? “I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Petito, but your daughter Gabby, well… she died from homicide. I’m so sorry” -____-

  74. Avatar Cheri Smith says:

    They’re not telling y’all that this young lady was pregnant didn’t you see the sonogram pictures on that log this is why this young man killed this young lady because she was pregnant anything to do with her being pregnant very very sad my heart goes out to her and her family sending prayers up for Gabby🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💪💪❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  75. Avatar Mars rocks says:

    Lmao 4 day lead … that guy is in Mexico

  76. Avatar P Ch says:


  77. Avatar Mimichris Herrera says:

    I hope the family gets hold accountable for helping him get away man this piece of crap new he had killed her so did the famaliy they helped him adding and abetting a wanted man helping him obstruction of police why r they not in jail

  78. Avatar Cody Young says:

    This is such a slam-dunk for the media’s multiple anti-people narratives.

  79. Avatar Spring Cady says:

    I can guarantee you right now at 1:02am on September 24th that his family knows exactly where he is and when it comes out, They will be saying that he killed her in “self defense” and he only hid out of fear of being accused of first degree murder…Which we all know he IS guilty of!!!!

  80. Avatar Sassyblue says:

    Stop calling him her fiance, he’s her murderer!!!

  81. Avatar legend Canibal says:

    Wyoming not a good place to visit.
    Stay away from wyoming.

  82. Avatar legend Canibal says:

    Use the satelite pictures…..of that week.

  83. Avatar legend Canibal says:

    The parent took him to the airport and bought him a ticket to Israel.

  84. Avatar legend Canibal says:

    He is in Israel already and there is no extradition.

    Because extradion is antisematic.!

  85. Avatar Aaron F says:

    He killed her. His parents will use white privilege. No justice for Gabby.

  86. Avatar Rocio Gomez says:

    How aren’t his parents arrested and in jail already 🤷‍♀️

  87. Avatar Ozzy G says:

    Let me get this straight INSTEAD of loving her and cherishing her and making her your life and living good with each other, YOU CHOSED THIS?????? Wtf has this world become

  88. Avatar shades of purple says:

    CORANOR??? 🙄

  89. Avatar IG lives says:

    Why is this a big news thing?? Everyday someone dies in Chicago and no one knows who did it. I think this is white privilege media

  90. Avatar o2ksumbody says:

    His family called called the American Coyotes to help him get out the country.

  91. Avatar Carlos Ramos says:

    sorry about all this. It is horrible. Happening in Spain too. Love Aliison.

  92. Avatar Ruwayda Mukhtar says:

    His parents should already be arrested at this point. They in fact did HELP him escape and hide. They think they’re smarter than the feds and everyone 🙄🙄

  93. Avatar Dan Ellis says:

    FBI has to be looking close at his parents.
    How is son gone off grid

    This guy is dead and his family is guilty of homicide

    This is a double homicide case imo

  94. Avatar Snake Plissken says:

    You got the news peddling opinions not facts! People want to hang Brian based on fake opinions! Not Facts!

  95. Avatar Ricardo says:

    On the way back to Cuba most likely.

  96. Avatar Michelle Mayfied says:

    Who the f*** cares that’s a whole lot of tax paying money and special care and there’s so many other people of color being missing and they don’t put that much effort into it feels that for our family but the situation I don’t care

  97. Avatar Zizi Mugen says:

    There wouldn’t have been a fraction of effort to investigate, if she weren’t white. What. I’m right.

  98. Avatar David Spong says:

    post a reward

  99. Avatar Marcus Tanner says:

    He’s in Cuba

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