Sri Lanka PM Mahinda Rajapaksa resigns as crisis worsens

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Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned after protests over the island nation’s worsening economic crisis turned deadly.
In a statement on Monday, his office said he was quitting in order to help form an interim, unity government, following weeks of often violent protests across the country over spiraling prices and shortages of fuel and other vital imports.
Earlier, a government official said Rajapaksa, who has dominated Sri Lankan politics for nearly 20 years and whose government crushed the Tamil Tigers to bring an end to a long civil war, has sent his letter of resignation to the president.
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the prime minister’s younger brother.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley has the latest.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar suneth jayasinghe says:

    The reason for bankruptcy ( of Srilanka ) is the corruption of the present political system…which is epitomized by the Rajapakse’s…but also the major opposition

    • Avatar Jan Hansen says:

      And Budistmonks and Rajapalsha goons

    • Avatar suneth jayasinghe says:

      @Jan Hansen
      The protests against Rajapakse’s was led by Buddhist monks too…

  2. Avatar Punchi Point says:

    Ahilan Kadirkaman and Tamils like him are also a majour part of this problem. This suffering of the innocent people of this country is the other side of undue and totally unjust Tamil claims and demands and their so-called minority rights. Tamils have been sabotaging this country for decades – Tamil terrorism and separatism is the majour cause of these problems. Tamil war against the innocent Sinhalese people cost over 200 billion dollars. Now this Tamil man is shamelessly coming to analyse the situation! Tamils have out played their vicious politics and demands against the innocent Sinhalese people, that the Tamils are shameful even to show up in the protests. The protests have been going on in full scale for over 5 weeks, and at a low level for the past 6 months, not a single Tamil made his way to Colombo to take part in the protests, while people from all over the island have come walking to Colombo in protest. Some Tamils even have the audacity to whine that the protesters are not carrying placades and banners in the Tamil language!!! I mean….. As a person who is half Tamil myself, I am shameful of the way Tamils have behaved. Just like the Rajapaksas its time for the Tamils to resign from their secretarian separatist politics, otherwise there will never be peace.

  3. Avatar nishali Fernando says:

    He is a terrorist .not a prime minister

  4. Avatar Ruwan Jayasiri says:


  5. Avatar Ganapathi Rao Sanku says:

    President should also resign and run!

  6. Avatar Delon Thomas says:

    The problem is world wide enslavement upon humanity will never end

  7. Avatar Schazaad says:

    Pakistan is in the same boat. Dynasties have ruined the country where an elected government was thrown out by establishment at the behest of USA and installed dynastic crooks. US and other western powers don’t want dynasties for their countries but they want puppets in other countries to serve them. Slavery is well and alive just as the shape of it is changed.

  8. Avatar player one says:

    Is he none of you are discussing the fact that what’s going on here is true of all countries on Earth hyperinflated currency wealth disparity a global fuel crisis and when Sri Lanka falls and Ukraine is already fallen where are all these refugees going to go they come to your country and they don’t create problems they just drain the economy a Domino effect is already begun they’ll bring what’s going on here to every country on Earth they’re just the first getting the wave

  9. Avatar Tharindu Gunarathna says:

    Arrest Mahinda Rajapaksha, who is responsible for yesterdays bloodshed,

    • Avatar sam. says:

      ane palayan puk nodeee

    • Avatar Viraj De says:

      @sam. enna Bere wavata nanna

    • Avatar Bitter Truth says:

      @sam. tho bayyek wage mahindayage puka lewa kana😂 eeya oi thopi waradila pahala una jeewitha 😂😂

    • Avatar sam. says:


  10. Avatar jean sandhya awn says:

    Even when he is stepping down…his motive was only Destruction.
    Evil minded Sinners!

  11. Avatar jean sandhya awn says:

    Aljazeera is trying to justify the present situation.
    Adding fuel to fire?
    “Gravitas” is seeing SriLankan crisis situation in the right angel!

  12. Avatar Kaval Singh says:

    He should be an example for all AUTOCRATS. He is finished with no place to RUN.

  13. Avatar jean sandhya awn says:

    Present situation is the result of the mismanagement of the finances by the Regime!

  14. Avatar ATARI Gaming says:

    We are going to kill every curupted politicians

  15. Avatar Farook Umar says:


  16. Avatar Tayu Shi says:

    One down more Rajapaksas need to go! This Rajapaksa family has ruined the country for more than 20!years. Enough is enough!

  17. Avatar Tayu Shi says:

    Hope prosecuting criminal charges to Mahinda and other Rajapaksas.

  18. Avatar jimmi hendrix hendrix says:

    One way to reduce world population

  19. Avatar King Ashoka says:

    If the people of country are not doing good, no matter how many P.M. or President charges, situation will be the same! Meaning accumulation of Merit is important! start from generosity, Discipline, Patience, Diligence, Medetative concentration and Wisdom. 🇱🇰 🙏

  20. Avatar Jaya Singham says:

    Put them in jail.

  21. Avatar Amit Barve says:

    International Community or UN shall send army to protech Sri Lanks’s Sovirjinity

    • Avatar Viraj De says:

      We Sri Lankans can cope this situation we don’t want International Army at this moment

  22. Avatar Highway says:

    Protestors are organized well. it looks like they are paid for doing protest.

    • Avatar madara wijerathne says:

      What are you implying?????

    • Avatar Highway says:

      @madara wijerathne i mean there exist some groups of professional protestors. it is kind of business for them. Rich opposite clans pay them money for protests. They provoke police and police cruely break up this demonstrations and media to report of it to show president as despot. It is looks like fighting several politics and rich clans for a government power. Regular civils are just victims of this fights.

    • Avatar Elphin D. Blackforrest says:

      No one has that much money in order to hire that many “actors”. It is a groundswell you are seeing. The public is fed up with corruption.

  23. Avatar Suresh Babu says:

    Courtesy China🇨🇳 and Rajapakshas

  24. Avatar t a says:

    It is so so SAD to see what the Rajapaksa’s have done over the YEARS to Sri Lanka and it’s economy and it is it’s people who will SUFFER for the REST OF THEIR PAINFUL LIVES! They truly have turned Sri Lankans into BEGGERS of the world where from now on they will have to go BEGGING on their knees around to each world leaders for money for the REST of their lives ‼️‼️💔💔

  25. Avatar MALIE DISANAYAKA says:

    හොද වැඩේ බල තන්නාවෙන් පෙලෙන මලපෙර්‍රේයන්ට තමන්ගේ ආත්මගව්‍රවය තියාගෙන වැදගත් විදිහට ගෙදර යන්න දන්නෙ නැති බල තන්නාහ කාරයන්ට වෙන්නත් ඕනි මේ ටික තමා.

  26. Avatar Nalin madushanka says:

    Help people of Sri Lanka 🇱🇰. Politicians are all responsible for this.

  27. Avatar Sunil Jayatissa says:

    To the thinkers round the world searching the spirit of democracy. As we see the family of Rajapaksa came to power promising good life for the people but their inner was not very clear as they promised. They misused the money without employing the professionals and used the person Basil even without proper education as the minister of finance. So the country went down to the bottom of economy and the leaders could not resolve essential commodities for the people. Ultimately, he used thugs to cripple the demonstrators who were displaying their unhappiness in democratic way. At last the prime minister used thugs to attack demonstrators, probably he was mentally ill due to unresolved problems.

  28. Avatar Quintus Fernando says:

    MAHINDA is a fraud from war days.
    Rajapaksa Family gave ” War Candy”
    to masses & started stealing .Billions of dollars were taken to Uganda. Commission from huge project, such as highways were also taken to Uganda, Dubai, Seychelles. Mahinda is the richest man in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

  29. Avatar Michael Michael says:

    Ado.kunnu para ballu vasige putha long live ELAM hurra to thé tigers.

    • Avatar Bitter Truth says:

      Tamil Eellaam 😂😂🖕🏼👿👅

  30. Avatar Ryan Spartan Galileo says:

    If the president doesn’t step down I believe he will reappoint his brother as PM when things ‘cools’ down

  31. Avatar ABC says:

    This is what happens to a country when the neighbour is hindi aa

  32. Avatar ජන අසිරි, Jana Asiri VLog says:


  33. Avatar ජන අසිරි, Jana Asiri VLog says:

    Hey WORLD, we are born & raised Buddhists on Sri Lankan soil coming from generations, yet HIGHLY CORRUPTED MURDEROUS RAJAPAKSHA FAMILY, their kith and kin, underworld killing gangs ARE JUST BUDDHIST LABELs, not real Buddhists, & make our faith a laughing stock in the eyes of other Faiths, it’s nothing to be with Buddhism being the only philosophy without any type of killings.

  34. Avatar Phil Smith says:

    Next: Philippines

  35. Avatar Abdul Wahab says:

    He’s Modi of Sri Lanka. Butcher of Mullivaikkal. He killed many innocents Tamil civilians.

  36. Avatar Unliuniverse says:

    What is this situation? Hope Sri Lanka will go back to peace and order. This is the last thing we want to see from any country. 🇵🇭

  37. Avatar Edouard Rowlands says:

    This Lotus Revolution will change the politics of Sri Lanka, hopefully for the better. There is no short term solution and the people are going to suffer because of the greed of the Rajapaksa Regime.

  38. Avatar kaafeero ki mauth says:

    The next is india and its government

    • Avatar As says:

      Lol never ….our economy is strongest in world with more than 600 billion reserves…..

  39. Avatar LazyLizard says:

    He’s a criminal..he’s evil brother still in power to protect him.

  40. Avatar bo nd says:

    Every dog 🐕 has his day.

  41. Avatar The Melanin Twins says:


  42. Avatar The Melanin Twins says:


  43. Avatar Pugal Danny says:

    Today there will be special prayer for rajapaksa rejim at worldwide hindu graveyard

  44. Avatar Serai Laksa says:

    Rajapaksa – Raja yang dipaksa letak jawatan

  45. Avatar Nitin Alhowalia says:

    In the olden days, Rajapaksas would have been led to the gallows after their overthrow, by the peoples movement for the massive suffering they have brought on to the Sri Lankans. Greedy, corrupt family. Sold their soul, people & country to the devil.

  46. Avatar travel_life says:

    My Country 😣😞😭😭😭😭

  47. Avatar Hassan MMM says:

    He got 50 Thousand Tamil People Killed in the Name of Development 🤑🤑🤑

  48. Avatar Navodya Jayasundara says:

    Al Jazeera, Please edit your caption ” Mahinda Rajapaksa resigns as crisis worsens ” . Crisis is over now because he’s the CRISIS .

  49. Avatar Omran says:

    How two brothers, a family (most of who live in luxury), can rule and fool 20 plus million people to abject misery for so long, is very hard to believe. Sri Lankans have no one else to blame except themselves.

    • Avatar KnighBot says:

      This the reality for so many 3rd world country, as people are poor, uneducated and just live to survive 1 day at a time. There are these people who rise to power and destroy the country. I think Nepal will soon follow the same path.

    • Avatar Omran says:

      @KnighBot Very sadly so. Poverty is what makes most people so passive and allow a few people to abuse power so much as it is in Sri Lanka.

      Very sadly too for Sri Lanka, after the LTTE was crushed, the Rajapaksas have had a very good chance of healing, uniting and building the country. Instead, driven by greed and blinded by power (like so many other despots like them) they went on a looting, self enriching spree.

      And now, very sadly and so painful to watch – people are being killed and Sri Lanka is burning. As if all these are not enough, the Rajapaksas are still trying hard, at whatever cost, to hang on (again like other despots around the world) – as if they solely own Sri Lanka.

      May Sri Lanka have peace 🙏🏽

    • Avatar Teema Darif says:

      you sound like you are in much better position than them . that’s good , bcs alot of the world is suffering right now . hope it gets better for the rest of us

  50. Avatar mk says:

    Inshallah Pakistanis is also against the imported government and all the Pakistanis is ready to march against imported government of shehbaz sharif

  51. Avatar Human Factory says:

    10 B USD loss due to covid impact from Torusim and loss of access to international credit market had widen the CA deficit which lead to depetion reserves. Now , power cuts are getting reduced from 10 hours to 3 hours/20 minutes. SL is working with IMF to get out off.

  52. Avatar කස්සා kassa says:

    Now some terrorist attack oposite peoples house,vehicles… But there are lot of peoples are very peaceful.. They dont gave any political view they fight for good country.. But sadly some goons are trying to brake the peace in country… Hope police and army soonly take a action against them.. and we are waiting to see president gotabaya also rising soon.. Then we need some new lows to get our stolen money from politician… අරගලයේ තිබ්බ වටිනාකම විනාශ වෙනව.. දැන් ප්‍රචන්ඩකාරීව හැසිරෙන්නෙ අරගලයෙ හිටිය මිනිස්සු නෙවෙයි සජබෙට කඩේ යන පිරිස.. මේකෙන් වෙන්නෙ අරගලයේ මෙච්චර කල් තිබ්බ ප්‍රතිරූපය ජාත්‍යන්තරය තුල නැතිවෙනව.. ඒක දැනටමත් වෙලා තියෙන්නෙ පිටරට චැනල් බැලුවොත් ඒක තේරෙයි. කැරැල්ලක් විදිහට මේ අරගලය හංවඩු ගැහුනොත් මර්දනයට කරන ඕනම දෙයක් සාදාරනීය කරන්න පුලුවන්.. මිනිස්සු මොලෙන් කරගෙන ආව වැඩේ විනාශ කරන්න එපා… Now some terrorist attack oposite peoples house,vehicles… But there are lot of peoples are very peaceful.. They dont gave any political view they fight for good country.. But sadly some goons are trying to brake the peace in country… Hope police and army soonly take a action against them.. and we are waiting to see president gotabaya also rising soon.. Then we need some new lows to get our stolen money from politician…

  53. Avatar Shahbaz Yawar says:


  54. Avatar K R says:

    Gotapaya Rajabaksa & Mahinda Rajapaksa killed 300000 ordinary tamil farmers with the support of INDIA & CHINA. Their sole may rest in peace. They gave loan / credit line to corrupted regime to take srilanka land for 99 years lease. Still they are supporting the corrupted regime.

  55. Avatar Bonjour Vietnam says:


  56. Avatar Deepthika says:

    Please give your support to Sri Lanka. The current regime is not doing anything to solve the current economic and social problems in the country, nor are they resigning to give way to more able leaders. They are holding onto power using all sorts of ploys. The current situation was/ is not created by the citizens, but by the current regime.

  57. Avatar Chandawansa Lankara Lankara says:

    Chinese and Indian game

  58. Avatar luvsilly60 says:

    Covid cost

  59. Avatar Tharindu Pathirana says:

    Well the real story is, a gangster ‘paid’ group of PM’s attacked brutally at peaceful protestors in Galle Face. What their message were to keep PM remain in the power as Prime Minister while all the people to be patient on supply of essential needs. People were desperate & highly stressful & they attacked the vehicles that were carrying gangsters to attack peaceful protestors who were at Galle Face throughout 31 days. After all these trauma, PM resigned! Simply we are not poor, We were robbed!

  60. Avatar leopard tiger says:

    What rajapaksha and gotaba family fake Buddhist and crooks inside going through is punishment of Lord Shiva for mercilessly killing innocent Tamils and Prabhakaran and his little son. They were better educated pragmatic people who would have brought prosperity to Sri Lankans of all faiths.

    • Avatar BeautyBrains says:

      yes bro

    • Avatar leopard tiger says:

      @Kaveen Dinukawhat is now is relevant. Sri Lankans now know the true colour of the Rajapaksha dynasty.

    • Avatar Kaveen Dinuka says:

      @leopard tiger Yes that is true but his color was changed after his second victory of president election in 2010. lot of Sri lankans accept it due to many reasons. Sri lankans also hates presidents from JR Jayawardane because falling Sri lankan economy was started from that time compared to other countries but terroroists hate only Mahinda.

    • Avatar leopard tiger says:

      I hope and pray Sri Lanka will return to democracy and good governance no corruption. I love Sri Lanka and people of Sri Lanka, the culture natural beauty temples tea8b journey.. I have been to Sri Lanka many times, I like to travel with Sri Lankan airlines. God is with Sri Lanka and people of Sri Lanka if people remain honest and peaceful.

    • Avatar Kaveen Dinuka says:

      @leopard tiger Thank you, All dirty politicians should give up their positions in Sri Lanka and then SL will rise again.

  61. Avatar A. Hyder says:

    The same situation is happening in Pakistan, two families that ruined the state for 30 years, are again governing forcibly and imported by Biden Administration. The public has shown the same anger and raised their voice against the imported government. People are waiting for their leader’s call. They believe their leader is the one and only Imran Khan who can govern the system on a merit-based and he is sincere to his nation.

  62. Avatar Bukan pasukan nasi bungkus says:

    Good job mr rajapaksa… You deserved it! Same situation will happen around the world. People encourage to get more money than forget to their creature.

  63. Avatar Prahas Vichakshana says:

    their agenda is a little bit different than how its portrayed in news. the violence is incited, and the Rajapaksa regime is encouraging violence. during the past protest, without violence, just because of fear of violence they imposed an island-wide curfew immediately.
    They imposed temporary social media blocks to avoid the spread of what was happening, and they added extra police protection to all MP houses and assets even the people who have been strong supporters of the regime.
    But now, since Monday it’s all completely different. No police guarding MP houses, No one to protect their assets, No social media bans, Curfew was imposed but no police barricades or checkpoints around. Unknown parties who clearly do not follow the same ideals as the peaceful protestors at Gota Go Gama/ Maina Go Gama etc are on the streets with iron rods and weapons, with no police to question them and stop them.
    From the videos that have been shared among the people, it is clear that these people are not remotely even aware of what’s going on in Gota Go Gama. They are going around raising tensions among religious parties and political parties with the objective of taking away the people’s support for GGG and their unity as one people. Divided we are easier to control, now they are threatened by this hence trying to break us apart.
    All these symptoms say this is weird. This is not natural, the whole incident is orchestrated and is a plan to break support forcing the GGG peaceful protestors on their knees.

    • Avatar Elphin D. Blackforrest says:

      The massive protests would not occur without some truth in the mix.

  64. Avatar Swarti says:

    Pure fascist anti-Tamil evil = Mahinda Rajapaksa ! Thief

  65. Avatar Inspiration says:

    Unfit for self rule. This is what the European colonizers had to put up with.

  66. Avatar Bucek says:

    pimpinan kudeta suruh jadi PM biar tahu pusingnya mengurus ekonomi

  67. Avatar hashun munasinghe says:

    He didnt resign.we send him and his cabinet home.power to the people.

  68. Avatar Naveen Navtheep says:

    And where is the money he looted??? 🤔 😂😂😂

  69. Avatar Seetharaman Kesavan says:

    Militants predicted this earlier and asked for separate country

  70. Avatar SelvaKanthan SK says:

    Must be hiding in Singapore now

  71. Avatar Muhammad Hanif says:

    The three things that kill country the most are budget missmanagement,corruption and conflict. sri lanka have them all.

  72. Avatar real voice says:

    Sri Lanka’s prime minister has targeted muslim minorities. Their destruction is inevitable. Inshallah, the destruction of India will happen soon.

  73. Avatar Nazmul Gani says:

    The rising unto place is laborious, and by pains men come to greater pains. The standing is SLIPPERY, and the regress is either a DOWNFALL, or at least an Eclipse……Francis Bacon, OF GREAT PLACE.

  74. Avatar pencuri Hati says:

    Corruption 🤬👿👹

  75. Avatar Nazmul Gani says:

    The President should resign at once. Can’t he see the writing on the wall ? He can’t suppress the angry, hungry masses with brutal muscle power. At one stage, his military 🪖 commanders will order the so called Supreme Commander to quit in order to avoid further bloodshed and anarchy. Doesn’t he know the history of Bangladesh? President General Ershad ruled Bangladesh for 9 years. In 1990, there was a popular uprising against his Authoritarian regime across the country and when the situations turned grave, the military refused to support him. Anyway, he judiciously handed over power to an interim government headed by CJB. If Gota fails to respond quickly, he will meet the same fate as Gaddafi did…….

  76. Avatar Lacy J says:

    Been thought so much with Intellectweb 👆 indeed this platform helped me out with a legit bank hack to my account

  77. Avatar UnrealGalaxy says:

    This man needs to be locked up and keys should be thrown away. He didn’t get what he deserved yet, unless the people get back all the billions he stole and justice is served for the war crimes him and his family did

  78. Avatar NAVINDU DILSHAN says:


  79. Avatar Kumara Kumara says:

    මේකගෙ 3 නම ලක්බිම කියලා මූ රටටම ඇරිය කාලකන්නි අවජාතක සක්කිලි බල්ලෙක් මූ ලංකාවේම ඩොලර් බිලියන පතිය මේකා ඕකගේ ගෑනිගේ රෙද්ද උස්සලද මෙච්චර සල්ලි හෙව්වේ ලංකාවේම පිට රටවල් වලට තියෙන ණය මූ ගාව තියන් ලංකාවම හිගන්නෝ කරපු ඕකාව මාසයක් තිස්සේ පොලවේ ගහන්න ඕනේ මරලත් පොලවේ ගහන්න ඕනේ මාසයක් තිස්සේ අවජාතක සක්කිලි හිගන බල්ලව

  80. Avatar Lahiru Madushanka says:

    Pray for SL 😥

  81. Avatar Omana Michael says:

    Was such a beautiful paradise in Gods creations,evil greedy people destroyed.

  82. Avatar No More says:

    Mahinda it’s karma you’re 🐷🐖.

  83. Avatar coral says:

    One world order is raging Saturdays 🙌Sabbath 🌹 Jesus kindgom is coming 🌹🙏🌹

  84. Avatar shirani Gamage says:

    Aljezeera ,please we want justice for what Rajapaksha family does for our country they have to go to prison because they steal our money and murder so many people please we need 🙏🏽 help to remove our p resident 🙏🏽 they tried to cover truth from the world

  85. Avatar Gudia Begum says:

    Bharat vi bahut jald Sri Lanka banne jaraha hai.

  86. Avatar Staci Washington says:

    Hmmm. Prime Minister Mahindra resigned. Well, I don’t know what to say.
    Let’s hope peace and joy return somehow to the beautiful people of the nation of Sri Lanka.

  87. Avatar Abdur Rahman Tarafder says:

    God’s wrath! Rajapakse government hatefully burnt Muslim dead bodies from Covid-19, now they’re humiliated and the country is burning. They must seek God’s forgiveness and mercy – HE is the most merciful!

  88. Avatar KUMARESAN VELAITHAM says:


  89. Avatar KUMARESAN VELAITHAM says:

    Bankrupt c but prime ministers houses slot luxury car wow that is not bankruptcy that stolen put own pocket

  90. Avatar bahar says:

    They did what needs to be done 👍🏼

  91. Avatar Xaltide Inhaler says:

    I really like these kinds of Protest & Activities around the world

  92. Avatar roshan Bharat says:

    Bhosdika India na aajae bhaag ke

  93. Avatar aon10003 says:

    And his resign was due to price rise of food price due to The Ukraina war. Not his fault.

  94. Avatar Ys Metero says:


  95. Avatar Elphin D. Blackforrest says:

    Corruption exacerbated the problem in SL. The majority of the world is experiencing Inflation. We will be seeing these types of crises as corrupt governments experience the loss of patience of their people.
    It’s going to be a long hot summer, best buckle up.

  96. Avatar JavedThaheem🇵🇰🇦🇪 says:


  97. Avatar suthakini paskaramoorthy says:

    We need tamil EElam & also don’t kill tamil EELAM COMMON PEOPLE’S GOD START IT TO PUNISH SRI LANKA GOVERNMENT MANY YEARS A GO 🔥 💷 🏡 ✌🏽

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