Afghanistan: Gunmen storm hospital compound in Kabul

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Afghan forces have evacuated dozens and ended the siege at a maternity hospital in Kabul, killing the three gunmen behind the deadly attack on the government-run hospital in the capital, the interior ministry spokesman said.
At least four people were killed in the morning assault on the Barchi Hospital, the interior ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.
Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Sh Ameery says:

    Pakistan prrrrkistan fuckkkistan is involve.
    One day we will get revenge of each drop of tear and blood.

  2. Avatar Nimat Ullah says:


  3. Avatar Ruhullah safi says:

    O lord plzz bring peace in our country 😭😭😭🤲💔💔

  4. Avatar Love Life7 says:

    Shooting doctors, nursing mothers and newly born babies….really? 😬🤮😠👿

    • Avatar Mirrazasha H says:

      This is the work of Wahabhi/Salafi ideology. Shameless pigs who don’t have backbones. As long as this dangerous Ideology is alive, many lives will be lost and Islamophobia around the world will rise

    • Avatar MaOtWe says:

      because they were shias, this is common in Afghanistan

  5. Avatar wickwicketydoodle says:

    Inhuman pieces of waste. What a shame. Until when Hazara,Uzbek, Tajiks stand quite.

  6. Avatar rasheedov djeparov says:

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  7. Avatar rasheedov djeparov says:

    يارب الله احمي أفغانستان والشعب أفغانستان من الاشرار ومن شرور

    • Avatar Muhammad Hassan says:

      امين يا الله و الله يحفظ كل بلد مسلم

  8. Avatar Leo Lausemaus says:


  9. Avatar George Kafantaris says:

    We told you so — over and over again. Time to finish them.

  10. Avatar Herschel ZO says:

    Pakistan is known for being hostile to neighboring countries

  11. Avatar Reg Cribb says:

    One of the only good things to have come out of this Pandemic is that it has sucked oxygen away from Jihadists, they faded into insignificance. But like a spurned celebrity in isolation, they have hated not having their moment in the sun anymore. So they thought ‘ lets go out and kill some mothers and babies!’. Honestly , sometimes I think there is a reason why we are slowly being eradicated from the planet.

  12. Avatar S MD says:

    Pakistan ISI is to blame for this.
    Where are Taliban headquarters located? Pakistan
    Where Taliban gets all support from?
    Where Taliban get training and logistics from?

    The world communities must pressure Pakistan. Enough is enough!

    • Avatar Free Thought says:

      Nope ISIS did it not Taliban.

    • Avatar S MD says:

      @Free Thought Makes no difference. Both, ISI puppies. Pakistan should hand over their leadership.

  13. Avatar Love All hate none says:

    It’s all governments them selves to take focus away from Covid 19 😂

    • Avatar Mohammed Khan says:

      It’s funny when something Ike this happens to you or your family you will know

  14. Avatar P S R says:

    A sab Allah dian hai

  15. Avatar SAMY KHAN says:

    Taliban take responsibility but they are saying no to this attack mean someone living among them and hurting them within

  16. Avatar Lailakhan Khan says:

    Astagfarr zulam

  17. Avatar Rishabh Bhardwaj says:

    Every Islamic Country Should Come On The Frontline To Fight This Islamic Terrorism..Only Then This Islamic Terrorism Is Going To End.Beacause Of This Islamic Extremism And Terrorism,Many Of Our Good And Pure Muslim Brothers And Sisters is Suffering Day By Day.Please God Help Them.🙏

  18. Avatar Rishabh Bhardwaj says:

    God Bless Afghanistan
    Long Live Afghanistan
    Long Live Humanity
    And Great Salute To Armed Forces Of Afghanistan For Their Efforts In Saving New Born Lives..Thank You🙏

  19. Avatar India My heart says:

    I’m Muslim but I hate this terroris

    • Avatar ramboram03 says:

      Than you must hate yourself

  20. Avatar tatiana vera says:

    God will deal with them 💔😢

    • Avatar Robert townson says:

      “God” isn’t going to do anything, what are the people going to do about this?
      The cowards that carried out these acts, believe God is with them.
      We live in the real world, and magic won’t solve anything

    • Avatar Some random name says:

      Robert townson you’re not god and you don’t have our beliefs so what is your point? God tells us to respect orphans, elders, parents, MOTHERS, innocent people. Generally humans and only fight if you want to defend yourself. In the Quran it is stated that Allah doesn’t like the agitators. We have every right to defend ourselves but never kill anybody for any reason ever. Allah may be merciful but his decision is the right one. Just because they think they fight for god it doesn’t mean god won’t take any actions. These people killed the mothers when it says the paradise is under the feet of mothers, they killed the most innocent creatures in the world, they killed babies and doctors. And as much false information y’all Islamophobes mostly spread (about killing infidels) y’all can never say we’re allowed to kill mothers, babies and doctors.

  21. Avatar الإمبراطورية العثمانية 1 says:

    This is called brutal Islamic terrorism..if it is not stop then islamophia may raise

  22. Avatar Maryam Khan says:

    May God destroy Pakistan 😭

  23. Avatar AJ X says:

    Afghans would never do this type of cowardice fighting. Think which country benefits as long as their neighbor is in constant fighting and how better to keep the fire burning by attacking one ethnic and blaming it in another. Meanwhile they can steal their culture, identify, land and so much more. Think people you can’t be that naive.

    • Avatar Adnan Akbar says:

      Let me guess that county is Pakistan. I stable neighbour is in the interest of Pakistan remember that. Go do a vote in Kpk and all of the people of Kpk will join Pakistan of their own will. Why would anyone join Afghanistan tell me one benefit we get by joining you. Economic culture . We Pashtuns are happy in Pakistan and we won’t join you. Remember when you fired scud missiles in to Waziristan by your king. Like they say a Pashtun doesn’t forget. Next when you had the power you fired scud missile when Pakistan was in a position of power what did they do they opened the border with Afghanistan and let in Afghans when the Russians were raping you and killing your people it was the people of Kpk that donated gold and money to fund the war with the Russians. Afghans have always been fighting each other weather you like to admit it or not. When the Russians left they started fighting between each other. Now when the Americans about to leave they are fighting each other. Also your people can be easily bought why is that if Pakistan or Iran is funding why are these people taking the money and killing its own people. If Pakistan shuts down the border with Afghanistan Afghanistan cry’s. On one side they cry when close it and when it is open they say Pakistan is dogs ect ect and start barking.

    • Avatar AJ X says:

      @Adnan Akbar Pakistan ruling party as in the punjab have everything to gain by instigating war in Afghanistan because first off the duran line was due to expire in 1999 and without that all pashtun tribal land was to be handed back to Afghanistan that’s when you saw Taliban being created by your masters. wake the fck up

    • Avatar AJ X says:

      if during the kings era when Afghans had full power wanted to go to.war with Pakistan your nation wouldn’t exist today and your elders would have sided with Afghans

    • Avatar AJ X says:

      @Adnan Akbar And I don’t believe you are a pashtun you are an impostor

    • Avatar AJ X says:

      @Adnan Akbar I had written a very long and accurate response but youtube deletes truths. Every point you made is nonsense without Afghan help there would be no Pakistan you would still be part of india. And America funded the war not your kpk not Pakistan who actually kept 80 percent of money for Pakistani and gave only 20 percent to Afghanistan. You are not Pashtun you can take a Pashtun out of Afghanistan but never take Afghanistan out of a Pashtun. there were never scuds fired into pakistan by afghans quit lying.

  24. Avatar Arjun Mahato says:

    Pakistan and Taliban has direct link and carry out terrorist activities in Afghanistan

  25. Avatar Mr. Pakistan says:


  26. Avatar Hindustani Musafir says:

    Ramadan ka mahna mei atack korta hei moderchud Kafir log 😠😠

  27. Avatar eva sabrina says:

    Who thinks of such evil in the time of corona Really!!!!! RIP dear souls

  28. Avatar Johannes says:


  29. Avatar Ayush Sharma says:

    Let me clear this, it is not a terrorist attack.
    It is a shootout of gunmen and it has nothing to do with Islam.
    Now proceed.

  30. Avatar vaib Z says:

    A normal day in islamic world

    • Avatar Chill says:

      then why are people trying to save the injured

  31. Avatar Nawfel Moumen says:

    ISIS = Israël Secret Intelligence Service

    • Avatar Herman Spaerman says:

      Yeah! and don’t forget to blame Trump, Putin and France while you’re at it. Just helping keeping this comment section muslim. Remember these three rules as a muslim. It is never your fault, you don’t have to take any responsibility for any action ever and it is always the fault of someone else.

    • Avatar amitnarayankar says:

      @Herman Spaerman well said. They need to introspect but instead they will blame india, israel and western education.

  32. Avatar Nawfel Moumen says:

    Allah y raham hom

  33. Avatar Ayush Sharma says:

    Islam is a peaceful religion

  34. Avatar The Ripped Reaper says:

    Oh my beloved country, I dont know how much more pain and suffering can you take 🇦🇫 😔

  35. Avatar Rambo Peace says:

    There is no peace in peace religion.. That’s why I left it..
    Ex Muslim

    • Avatar en el espacio says:

      @katwa mulla Buddhists don’t worship lingas😂

    • Avatar katwa mulla says:

      @en el espacio so you know what a shiva linga is , congratulations

    • Avatar Some random name says:

      Rambo Peace glad you left it, you never knew anything about your religion. Hundreds of people revert daily and only a few people exit Islam but only because they don’t know anything about it.

  36. Avatar Prince The Night Stalker says:

    Religion of Peace..
    Keep going 👍

    • Avatar katwa mulla says:

      What is shiva linga ?

  37. Avatar aparichit sahay says:

    Its very sad…

  38. Avatar faizee khan says:

    allah ainke ghar walo ko sabar de ameen allah afganistan ko or pakistan ko apne aman mai rakke ameen ❤ from pakhton karachi pakistan💟

  39. Avatar Asiya Batool says:

    allzh maaf kare

  40. Avatar Sumayyah H says:

    Their is no isil on Afghanistan… just taliban and northern allies.. isil is used to stir up propaganda… it’s funny how india was invited in and all of a sudden the Sikh are being attacked… pakistan promised to help and shield the sikh community in pakistan/India in kalistan.

  41. Avatar Sumayyah H says:

    India is behind this… everyone on the ground knows..look at were the news is threading from not the name… all indian properganda bots.

    • Avatar sahil Raghuwanshi says:

      No brothers we hindus believe in peace

  42. Avatar TheWayOfThomas says:

    Islam is peace, Peace is Islam.

    • Avatar Hans says:

      always causing problems for the whole world

    • Avatar Normandi says:

      No it’s not this
      Is proof Islam isn’t peace

  43. Avatar Brahman Rohan Pathak Brother says:

    Pakistan dahasatgard country hi

    • Avatar izhar badshah says:

      Ye raw ne Kiya hy for sure

  44. Avatar alirezarezaali1 says:

    This all thanks to the American government for supporting the Taliban and making peace deals with Taliban by freeing there:1500 prisoners from Afghanistan prisons which happened about a week ago.

  45. Avatar izhar badshah says:

    all the indians come here to blame pakistan for this or may be some hired people, india did this attack to rise tensions btw 2 counties and they will benefit this,

  46. Avatar ali mir says:

    astagfirullah,,May God curse the people who killed these people..From my view only desperate people can do this while on fear of extinction,.Most likely ISIS the worst group on earth or paid gunmen by INDIA..

  47. Avatar Zulfiqar Osmani says:

    Everything is planned by NDS , ISIS & CIA to blame taliban

    • Avatar Robert townson says:

      ……. and Santa was the Mastermind behind 9/11

  48. Avatar fazal karim says:

    Whoever did it, we condemned this shameful attack. Afghanistan should get rid of proxies.

  49. Avatar ramboram03 says:

    Ramadan festivities nothing to see here kids

  50. Avatar No Name says:

    Keep up the good work at keelling each others 👍

  51. Avatar Love_ Angel0483 says:

    This will happen when a country is overwhelm by uneducated people!

    • Avatar Robert townson says:

      Being uneducated doesn’t make you a baby murderer.

  52. Avatar Belal Khan says:


  53. Avatar Cchashfaq Cchashfaq says:

    Not Tallaban,,,,only RAW And Blackwater,, involved

  54. Avatar The Gardener says:

    COWARDS , if it’s not religious its political . 2 evils

  55. Avatar International North East says:

    Evil America go back to their own country 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  56. Avatar no hatred says:

    So bad condition of Afghanistan , before America.attacked Afghanistan , it was peaceful land after Russia left it…you all guys are responsible for this bad condition of Afghanistan….

  57. Avatar Asish Swain says:

    ISIS are dog’s, Taliban are cats

    • Avatar FusionVoid 12 says:

      Asish Swain Qater fund them Pakistan train them

  58. Avatar Rapilee Ilix says:

    This disgusting group was created by USA

  59. Avatar Shaukat Bacha says:

    India and NDS behind this to blame Taliban but no one believe Taliban do this

  60. Avatar Vikram Singh says:

    Indian agencies Raw involved this blast

  61. Avatar ahm says:

    This is where humanity has gotten to. It’s deeply distressing. May Allah provide his abundant mercy and compassion to those who lost their lives in this heinous attack. May Allah punish each and every single person involved in the orchestration of these events. Ameen.

  62. Avatar Sur says:

    Stop this madness.. Nobody gets nothing out of it.

  63. Avatar Robert townson says:


  64. Avatar Human Being says:

    Allah help afgh😭😭😭😭😭

  65. Avatar Ch Ansar says:

    Very sad

  66. Avatar Ch Ansar says:

    Allah bless always people of Afghanistan

  67. Avatar Anwar Zaib says:

    Taliban will never kill innocent people…
    India, Israel US & Ashraf Ghani behind it…
    Everyone know

  68. Avatar Anwar Zaib says:

    Killing innocent people in this holy month.. Allah help us all.

  69. Avatar Benson Baby says:

    Islam is oldest terrorist organization and Allah is biggest terrorist

  70. Avatar Benson Baby says:

    Taliban hates Vaccines hence they killed kids and Women

  71. Avatar FusionVoid 12 says:

    Qater please stop funding these terrorist close their offices in your country see taleban killing their own people kids women newborn babies think can these terrorist be your friend I’m sure when the time come they will do the same to your people

  72. Avatar HugeRobbiefanlindsay Hill says:

    This is just heartbreaking 😪

  73. Avatar Xc wah wah pakistan Cx says:

    This attak india and Raw

  74. Avatar Sindabad says:

    Afghan government, israhell and endia are terrorists in Afghanistan country. They always killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan. Israhell endia terrorism activists in the world.

  75. Avatar prakashwshc Voltas says:

    very sad …….

  76. Avatar Soldier Of Allah says:

    Very Sad 😢😭!!! Allah bless them.

  77. Avatar Maryam Khan says:

    Pakistan is a terrorist country they Support Taaliban and give training and provide weapons to kill innocent Afghans 😭

  78. Avatar Yusuf patel says:

    Some times th Americans air strikes hospitals by mistake.
    N then say “sorry “

  79. Avatar assadullah rezayee says:

    This is the everyday saturation in our country, but still I can see in the comments, that some people are supporting these brainwashed terrorists,…. Taliban, Daish or Alqada.
    Please if you can’t do anything good for us, atleast don’t hurt us with your comments

  80. Avatar Pakistan zindabad says:

    Ya allah Afghanistan ki madad farma 😢😢😢😢😢

  81. Avatar Thomas Samuel says:

    Bastards and devil worshippers

  82. Avatar Freshta Eklil says:

    Poor babies I’m crying rn aww 🥺🥺💔💔😭😭

  83. Avatar Darth Vader says:

    There is only one nation is responsible, is called Terroristan.

  84. Avatar Subhraranjan Senapati says:

    Haramchod pakistani

  85. Avatar karen Burn says:

    This is such a cowardly attack. A maternity Hospital, women and babies. It doesn’t get any worse than this. My heart is breaking. What has this World we live in come to when we can’t protect the most vulnerable? Sending prayers to all in Afghanistan.

  86. Avatar Hitesh Shah says:

    Pakistan export terrorism in Afghanistan support of isis and Taliban.
    Pakistan is terrisom only export

  87. Avatar Muhammad Fazz says:

    Did you know if television, internet, and many electronic stuff has been banned by Taliban?.

    So propaganda and stereotypes not working for them.

    90% of Afghanistan is controlled by Taliban.

    And one thing you must to know, ISIS is made by United state of America, and when Russia using air strike to Syria, who is dead by that’s attack? Mossad, Israel soldier, and U.S private army.

    Now you will rare to hear about I.S.I.S Couse them killed by Russian federation army.

    I hope you will understand who the real terrorist.

    And one thing more, ISIS is funded by bill Clinton. 🤗

    Hope you know the truth by yourself.

    You need document and real evidence? Read article in wikileaks properly about gun invoice and Toyota truck invoice send to ISIS by bill Clinton.


  88. Avatar naeem khan says:

    extremely sad.

  89. Avatar Faizan Kazmi says:

    So sad

  90. Avatar Scrat335 says:

    Thank you Murica!!!!

  91. Avatar Somali Sister says:

    This is so hurting wallah. May Allah destroy these people

    • Avatar Abdulxine Me says:

      These attacked is behind Pakistan they support Taliban and isis they tell to them only kills afghans army and their people and don’t kills American and nato forces they want occupied our country

  92. Avatar Jae Oppa says:

    this is unspeakably horrific

  93. Avatar Joakim Henrikson says:

    Why do call the perpetrators ”gunmen”?

  94. Avatar psycho cybernectics says:

    Religion of peace

  95. Avatar Ashish Sharma says:

    If there is God, he has to punish these terrorists.
    Even evil ppl show mercy on pregnant women & newly borne babies.
    May these murderers get what they deserve.

  96. Avatar Chebarc5 says:

    This is all because of the terrorist factory called Pakistan

  97. Avatar Mohamad Navas 90 says:

    Islam a peaceful religion

  98. Avatar Mohamad Navas 90 says:

    Pakistan only save Afghanistan Isha allha 🇵🇰❤

    • Avatar Rashid Safi says:

      Mohamad Navas 90 Pakistan destroyed Afghanistan. Go inform ur self in History
      Pakistan sent thousands of Taliban to Afghanistan saying Jihad is farz there. ur ISI is the biggest terrorist killing innocents.
      I like people from Pakistan but not the Government

    • Avatar Mohamad Navas 90 says:

      @Rashid Safi afghanistan a part of Pakistan now afghanistan government puppet india

    • Avatar Ayush Pratap says:

      @Mohamad Navas 90 You’re funny man, ISIS claimed responsibility of this attack, do you know Haqquani network which is friend of Pakistan and Taliban has been linking up with ISIS, ultimately it was a joint attack plan of Taliban, haqquani network and Pakistan and was executed by ISIS, to attack shias. Go read full news.

  99. Avatar سلام گفتارنیک says:

    اگرعاملان به مستندنگاه کنند حیوانهای درنده انکاررانمی کنندکه انها کردن

  100. Avatar SID Adn says:

    Sick evil animals in Ramadan? This is month of peace

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