WHO says Madagascar’s herbal tonic against COVID-19 not a cure

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The World Health Organization is warning that Madagascar’s herbal tonic its president claims can cure patients of COVID-19 has no scientific basis.
Other African countries such as Tanzania and Guinea-Bissau have made plans to import the tonic, which contains the
artemisia plant, which is normally used to treat malaria.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar MR. DAVIS says:

    You think Americans would look for a natural cure … But America just want to pump us with vaccines & kill us.

    • Avatar unbroken1010 says:

      No Americans don’t want to pharmaceutical companies want to big difference

  2. Avatar Tonny M says:

    The Tanzanian presidents speech and that of the interpretation is totally different

  3. Avatar Wapi Vaoh says:

    ….. the Tanzanian president interpretation is totally different…… 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑…He Magifuri was referring to the false readings given by the test kits….

  4. Avatar Ms Heslop says:

    Prevention is better them a cure 🌈🌟
    God made the herbs for the healing of all nations 🌈🌟

    • Avatar Excellent just Excellent says:


    • Avatar unbroken1010 says:

      Jesus was most certainly a mushroom

  5. Avatar past defying says:

    Whether WHO approves this or not Africans will not care besides the herbal cure for malaria came before Orthodox medicine

  6. Avatar past defying says:

    When your younger brother beats you in your favourite game

  7. Avatar Susan Nyaguthii says:

    How can you say it is not mrdicine if they are recovering after takimg it ?????? Leave them it is a cure. You want to say that the cure is deaths only..

  8. Avatar Ana Tierra says:

    Of course they say that… Im not saying it is but of course the WHO thinks it of no benefit that the cure is NATURAL and that is in africa… aaaand that is not found by them, cause they will have it… for sale for all…

  9. Avatar Nnamdi Nwanjie says:

    Do they have the science to prove that social distancing and mask wearing is effective?

    • Avatar Excellent just Excellent says:

      Search for DrButtars videos

  10. Avatar Martin Chidera Ewenike says:

    I would trust my life to Madagascar any day…. imagine trusting WHO whos agenda is Population control

  11. Avatar Becky G says:

    The WHO is corrupt and should never be trusted. I am from the West and I hate the world health organization.

  12. Avatar Omooba Legunshe says:

    Herbal & Food Medicine = Natural Recovery, Cure & Well being ✅. Drug & Vaccine Formulation = Illness & Death ❌.

  13. Avatar Leighton Cooke says:

    African nations should all leave the WHO, which is a Chinese communist puppet.

  14. Avatar Your Wedding Place -MwanZ says:

    I love what Africa is doing. 💪🏿💪🏿 But why did the translator speak something totally Different when translating what the president of Tanzania was talking. He was talking about something different from what the English translator was saying 😂😂😂

  15. Avatar Alex Ortiz says:

    Few poor countries cane up with cures. Cuba gits one to but since its Cuba nobody believes it. Even tho Cuba gots some the smartest people on earth. Can think a guy is a farmer over there n he gots a degree building rockets he earned from Russia.

  16. Avatar Gods child N says:

    Up Africa.

  17. Avatar Obby says:

    its simple, let them not use it, we’ll use it in Africa, what do they care?? who said we want to cure them if they don’t want. Covid-19 came for everyone so if the cure worked for everyone would it be a big deal of where it came from?? Should even herbs be certified and only come from WHO, does it mean WHO is for other continents except Africa but can control Africa?? where is this world leading us???
    You’ve found us awake guys on this one. Your Vaccines wont work and your plans of killing a black man won’t work.

  18. Avatar Stephen Miatu says:

    What the President of Tanzania and what the translator is saying is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!

  19. Avatar Erick Lema says:

    the translation was different from the Tanzania president speech lol,

  20. Avatar sungod405 says:

    The head of WHO and the CCP should be bought to justice for crimes against humanity!

  21. Avatar Ron says:

    1.13 wrongly translated.

  22. Avatar An Awkward Sweet Potato says:

    I’m so relieved to see so many people cheering Madagascar on. ❤

  23. Avatar Joanie84 H says:

    Few cases and no fatalities ..that speaks for itself .. I’ll take that the the vaccines

  24. Avatar Edward Wright says:

    W.H.O. funded by Bill Gates. Of course they don’t want people to use it. He’s trying to make trillions off of the vaccine

  25. Avatar William Wilson says:

    Although I have never been there, I would love to see the poor country of Madagascar get rich from this. Pray that it works.

  26. Avatar kfpdify says:

    So, why is it up to this time the same people disputing the remedy have not tested or proved that it works? So, the WHO will just be quiet when someone says something works? I believe by this time experts should have tested this quickly to ensure it works. What is WHO afraid of?

  27. Avatar pissboy80 thot says:

    The WHO are trying to make money off of a disease that is killing thousands of people by waiting for a pricey cure from China or the USA to come out instead of using cures that obviously work with the obvious signs such as the death toll in Africa being so low, the amount of infections in Madagascar is low and no deaths from COVID in Madagascar. I hope the economic drop caused by COVID will make the WHO un-able to function and just shut down.

  28. Avatar Bamidele Adegoroye says:

    Drs know vaccines have unforseen consequences. WHO is a tool.

  29. Avatar Excellent just Excellent says:

    Watch Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s video: MIT PhD crushed Fauci, exposes BIRX, BG and WHO.

  30. Avatar Do You MIND? POWER says:


  31. Avatar Waka Waka Abby says:

    We Africans approve it 👌🏾

  32. Avatar My Prayer for Justice says:

    Not one death in Madagascar is not proof enough? Africa has brilliant people and the WHO, is just upset because a European or American company has no answers.

  33. Avatar Fiona Sanderson says:

    I tried to order some, and it so difficult. The order I tried to make, the website is telling you that if you order anything, you’re opening your phone to malicious activities. OMG

    • Avatar unbroken1010 says:

      Really sure that website with us I’d like to see if it does it my iPhone. We can get enough people testing this theory and we might know we are on to something

  34. Avatar Boujie _V_ says:

    But who the fuc you people think made this awesome drink? A random dude? For saying that is not scientific proved? Let me tell u now it was experts that developed this drink based on scientific studies and I trust the results there’s no death rolls. U people need to stop just putting money above everything. Very disappointed and heartbreaking

  35. Avatar Nature, beauty , life and Adventures says:

    WHO plans has failed this time around in Africa…

  36. Avatar Berto says:

    Well, there is still this thing they call “placebo effect”.

  37. Avatar Evans Chowa says:

    Who had already budgeted for the vaccine they know their profit but here comes the great Madagascar it has compromised WHO’S plan, so don’t you think they have a right to be upset 😂😂😂 shame on WHO
    If you can’t challenge them join them 😉

  38. Avatar Mwaba Mulumba says:

    Has WHO tired it???
    And when did they ???
    It’s very funny that they have not tired it
    But say it can’t be the cure 😂😂

  39. Avatar O'Nalerona Dinkebogile says:

    We can’t take the virus seriously because there is no virus. There’s something in the vaccines. African problems need African solutions

  40. Avatar Lazarus Awala Asewe says:

    Translation of Tanzanian president’s speech is wrong, he is talking about samples taken to test labs, and you are saying he has been in touch wiyh Madagascar. Quite wrong, please hire competent translators, thanks.

  41. Avatar Boss Brown says:

    Y shouldn’t WHO examine. WHO created this so they are …

  42. Avatar celestine obi says:

    Africa has the vaccine but white men will never acknowledge this.

  43. Avatar Moses Alcantara says:

    1:12 😂😂😂 this is wrong translation….!! Thats not what He said.. Fake News.

  44. Avatar mahalon owino says:

    This is not what he is saying.. report the right thing Al Jazeera 😣🤔🤔

  45. Avatar Idealsfor says:

    At 1:12 to 1:26 is not what the Tanzanian president saying that the reporter is narrating. He is talking about samples they send to lab for testing that include goat, sheep, engine oil, papaya with names of people on it and some turns out to be positive. Meaning the testing kits are compromised.

  46. Avatar Patrick Rollin says:

    You all need to watch a documentary from France 24 called “malaria business”

  47. Avatar John Gibson says:

    Al Jazeera you are part of the problem trying to discredit the scientist of Madagascar, shame on you.

  48. Avatar Michael Oziegbe Ikhariale says:

    The same W.H.O Andry Nirina Rajoelina claims offered him 20 million dollars to add little poison to the cure. Andry Nirina Rajoelina I stand with you.

  49. Avatar Jimmy Malle says:

    Here in Tanzania we’ve found a cure, I had covid 19 symptoms,I treated myself at home,now I’m feeling good, I no longer trust WHO, they are threatening people, all these traditional cure found in Africa are good and helpful but they won’t accept it, I myself made my own cure, I’ve practiced on it,and all the symptoms are gone, what else do I need? Shameless WHO.

  50. Avatar Spiritual Healer says:

    Bro the news report just lied on camera. I speak Swahili n the Tanzania president was talking about the test kits he received from WHO which he test on various species of animals which turn out they 10 out of those animal tested 8 tested positive. You really can’t trust the media shmae you have to lie on camera

  51. Avatar Hibiscus 2000 says:

    We want some of that in the UK

  52. Avatar Francis Afelik says:

    WHO whatever, we don’t give a f..k what u think. Deal with your remedy whiles we deal with ours.

  53. Avatar Wikiaskblog says:

    The only good thing that can comes out of African it is medicine herbs.

  54. Avatar Juma Jigi says:

    The reporter who translates the President Magufuli’s speech 1:13 to 26: is a big joke.I can speak swahili, and what the president is saying is different from what you are reporting. What a shame to Al-Jazeera

    • Avatar Juma Jigi says:

      The role of the medai has lost it’s meaning. Always lying to people who trusts you?

  55. Avatar Daniel penn says:

    Isn’t that the way of the whole world to deny herbal medicine,but take all this junk from big pharmaceutical companies that’s poisoning our bodies go in for one thing and got to20 sicknesses,you can’t trust none of these organizations is just like a police officer shooting a civilian and then they investigate they self all these people are all in the same organizations and run by the same people.and on top of that there’s just a couple people on the top that’s pushing all these same buttons.
    If these people are getting better from their herbalthen they don’t need the world health organization or America

  56. Avatar Mulan Kassim says:

    What tanzanian president is saying and what the translator is saying are two diffrent statements..the tanzanian president is talking about how is he sent pawpaw,car oil,and goat sample to be tested of covid 19 and came back positive….talk about fake news

  57. Avatar Jerry Nelson says:

    White people used the herbs to make all medicine and used it as drugs wicked k k k 🔥 🔥

  58. Avatar fanie monteiro says:

    African lederes are irresponsible,. They can not run a country yet they want to claim to have a cure for covid. When will there be anything with credibility from Africa? for all we have are desonest leaders that governs countries that possesses so much wealth yet incapable of build anything…

  59. Avatar Diggy Simmons says:

    The product works. Majority have healed and there are no deaths in the country. The only problem with it is that it comes from Africa. Africa starting to come up with her own solutions. Meanwhile, alot of guys are dying in Europe, Us but they better let their citizens suffer to win the economic fight

  60. Avatar nombonelelo ganda says:

    That herb is safe because even here in my country South Africa almost every house hold have a small garden of it ready for flue in winter also it’s been used from generations it have no side effects at all.

  61. Avatar Tellthetruth says:

    Get me to Madagascar now!

  62. Avatar Adrian Hester says:

    Wheres the proof it doesn’t work ??

  63. Avatar Brian Kyengo says:

    Aljazeera?? Perhaps an oversight on your part but that voice over translation from 1:20 – 1:29 is 100% incorrect. Nonsense 🤣😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  64. Avatar Merlyn Mella says:

    I trust Madagascar covid organics rather thanWHO VACCINE!

  65. Avatar thandeka mabumbulu says:

    No fatalities. That should say something to them but NO because it’s Africa. They would rather lay people die like flies than give it a chance

  66. Avatar K MJ says:

    A kick in the head is better than the WHO. Ginger is some of the most powerful anti-nausea medication; more powerful than the prescribed pills. Just because something is ‘herbal’ doesn’t make less effective than what man creates. THAT is what legitimate science tells us. Thinking that you know better than the people who live there is called being ignorant.

  67. Avatar Muthui Walker says:

    1:12 “Tulipopeleka sample…” wrongly interpreted as “We are already in touch with…”

  68. Avatar Parto I says:

    WHO so quick to discredit the herbal medicine yet they have nothing to offer how many pharmaceutical medicine has destroyed lives over the year… Come on we shall use it it’s our own safety

  69. Avatar Ahmed Rageh says:

    Shame on WHO was it not the one who told Madagascar President to put small poison in to the medicine and Will give him 20m dollars we can never trust WHO should be disbanded

  70. Avatar Lerato Rato says:

    Bosso ke mang madagascar

  71. Avatar Lerato Rato says:

    Hehee tested by scientists, scientists my foot, it is not a scientifical medicine is a normal medicine, tested nywere nywere scientists, what is a scientist, scientists know how to create covid not how to cure it.

  72. Avatar I AM SAATHAAN says:

    U r fake,,,WHO is not people service,,, he his iluminaty service,,, this medicine cure than covid 19,,, but the WHO is help in english medicine,,,, world over all traditional medicine cure covid 19 in 100%,,, but political and iliminaty merchant turning the problems,,,,, so all people is not fuels

  73. Avatar Vids2Go says:

    Vaccines kill more than help people so science isn’t a guarantee

  74. Avatar Hamida Acub says:

    A OMS devia aceitar está cura provisória

  75. Avatar Yakubu Jungudo says:

    U.N W.H.O are private organisations established by some induviduals to further their private agenda. Wake up people. Do your reseach.

  76. Avatar Duke orwenyo nyangau says:

    hey interprate what the Tanzanian president said,fake news…….

  77. Avatar Marlon Muthiani says:

    1:12 I am a swahili speaker and the translation has been changed thats not what he is talking about ask anyone who speaks swahili they will tell you! he is speaking about how they sent sample of paw paw to be tested using the WHO covid-19 kits and returned positive for the virus ………do some research and thank me later.

  78. Avatar Zoumanigui David says:

    That’s why who have decided to bribe Madagascar to poison the cure, Bill gate is more diabolical and desperate than satan

  79. Avatar Ruth Masango says:

    Drug’s drugs drugs everything is drugs HIV .TB DIABETES etc drugs that’s why there’s so much drugs in our country even our children’s they are attracted to drugs our clinic an hospital’s are crowded we don’t see change with they drugs we people struggling with transport money to go to hospital to collect this drugs call treatment this is busses it’s not about helping

  80. Avatar Excellent just Excellent says:

    Watch Dolly Ridings yt channel Shocking revalation of dr Rashid buttar

  81. Avatar randy johnson says:


  82. Avatar E. Double says:

    I’d bet ppl in Italy would kill to get there hands on some!! I’m in America and I’m trying to buy some. I’m healthy, trying to stay that way too.

  83. Avatar Ayesha Massoud says:

    The thing that really alarms me is their reaction towards herbal remedies … it’s quite harmless compared to their choice of cures …

  84. Avatar Rabbi Law31r1 says:


  85. Avatar Danny .W says:

    Like who care about what WHO decides for us, WHO will only say yes to Bill Gates Vaccines.

  86. Avatar Seeking The Truth says:

    Don’t pay attention to WHO who is the reason of this pandemic.

  87. Avatar Tina Ramsden says:

    Where Can I get the herb in US ? What is the name of it and is it available in US also Dr Klinghardt has a protocol using herbs to prevent/treat Virus

  88. Avatar Angel Thomas says:


  89. Avatar Carmeal Palmer says:

    Good over Evil.

  90. Avatar C- 4 says:

    1:15 the news translator is not translating the actual speech by the president.

    Here the president was informing the public how the C19 test kits are unreliable and have given false positives to random non human samples.

  91. Avatar Ganesh Shetty says:

    We don’t trust WHO

  92. Avatar khan hotak says:

    Because money are not made with this Product. WHO is a joke stands behind big pharma and wanna Only come up with vaccine that will make them rich. Vaccine that will include aborted fetus cells and Other toxic ingrediens.

  93. Avatar Amazing C.K says:

    Why are they saying no proof, When they can just go there get a bottle and try it out… Why is it difficult do do that?

  94. Avatar Luz Velasco says:

    Continue to do your cure medicine good job… don’t believe WHO by bill gates vaccine is evil…

  95. Avatar カペラ•マヌエル says:

    Does it taste good?

  96. Avatar Cian Reyes says:

    W.H.O. says it doesn’t work? It means that this is legit.

  97. Avatar Geraldine Blair says:

    Not the green

  98. Avatar benee benah says:

    How will the African nations view the west if covid organic turns out to be curative

  99. Avatar Renier Steytler says:

    I wouldn’t drink it even if the paid me to

  100. Avatar Ron- Ron tungaw says:

    it is god to do something than to do nothing, WHO IS MANIPULATING US..

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