Robert Kiyosaki: Market Crashes Are REALLY GOOD! 🤑

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Robert Kiyosaki thinks that market crashes are REALLY GOOD. He explains why in this video. Get my FREE business course and build something that can protect you from a recession:


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Robert Kiyosaki believes that market crashes are REALLY GOOD! Over the last few years, economists and financial experts, like Robert Kiyosaki, have been predicting that a recession is imminent.

In terms of when the crash is going to happen, nobody is 100% sure, nor do we know how much damage the next global recession will cause.

Based on the current economic climate, it may not be far off. Are you prepared for the next recession? If not, watch this video to listen to Robert Kiyosaki’s financial advice!


Robert Kiyosaki: Market Crashes Are REALLY GOOD!



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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

    Are you looking preparing for opportunities in a recession?

    • Avatar yassin h says:


    • Avatar Jade Choi - Make Money Online Challenge says:

      Project Life Mastery YESSSS

    • Avatar Annie Alexander says:

      🖒 I’m saving most of my checks and have my primary and rental home paid off.

    • Avatar Kishna Krish says:


    • Avatar Just SAtisfaction says:

      Really appreciate your videos, great advice

  2. Avatar yassin h says:

    You are an inspiring person thank you

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      So nice of you

  3. Avatar Talking life says:

    Personal takeaways:
    *Market crashes are black Friday’s for the rich…

    *Opportunity Comes from where the problems are

  4. Avatar Prateek Walia says:

    How to have a huge success as an author like him?

  5. Avatar Im Davis - Personal Finance, Career, & Wealth Tips says:

    There will be a lot of opportunities in stocks again.

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      There sure will be!

  6. Avatar Zuriel Bravo says:

    This is a great perspective to look at things, it’s encouraging during these times.

  7. Avatar Jade Choi - Make Money Online Challenge says:

    I lost my job during this pandemic. That’s why I started this YouTube channel. This bubble is crazy. I see articles saying millions of people losing jobs just like me but the US stock market is keep rising almost close to the latest high which is crazy. I invited in US stocks but I’m worrying: “When will it pop like that balloon?”

    • Avatar Maxx P. says:

      People are buying, thinking its the best time to buy, that’s why it’s rising.

    • Avatar Jade Choi - Make Money Online Challenge says:

      Maxx P. You’re absolutely right.

  8. Avatar Rahil Khan says:

    Love From India ❤❤❤❤🙏

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      Right back at ya!

    • Avatar Project Better Finance says:

      Bhai bhai

  9. Avatar Project Better Finance says:

    Great explanation! Thanks for sharing

  10. Avatar Casey Burns Investing says:


    • Avatar This iSoccer says:

      Very interesting.

  11. Avatar Amazon Reviews says:

    ♥️♥️♥️ This is awesome and I’m hiring E.S.L right tutors now to for people who don’t have the money to invest or get into debt!

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      Best of luck!

  12. Avatar Amazon Reviews says:

    Thank You!

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      You’re welcome!

  13. Avatar Amazon Reviews says:

    Robert’s brain is just as awesome as his 😀teeth! 😁

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      Ha! Yes, he is.

  14. Avatar Food Freedom says:


    Regards from Dubai

  15. Avatar ReadVu says:

    Great content as always! 👌 How would you determine how many shares of which company you would sell before the crash even when you know you are still making decent dividends? Would you just scoop more when it’s low?

  16. Avatar Steve Richards says:

    I feel like I’m prepared, which definitely helps me sleep easier at night

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:


  17. Avatar L. Murray says:

    Great video, thank you!

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      Glad you liked it!

  18. Avatar Andrew Rusinas says:

    This doesn’t seem like social distancing guys

    • Avatar Stock Investment Analysis says:

      Hahaha, good call.

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      HA! Well, this was recorded before the pandemic, that’s why we’re sitting so close to each other.

    • Avatar Andrew Rusinas says:

      @Project Life Mastery hahaha, just kidding 🙂

  19. Avatar Tanvirul Haque says:

    tony robbins said get in the market, invest in index, and stay in it long term and do not get out.

    • Avatar Bart Van Looy says:

      Someone had to hold the bag…

  20. Avatar King- LeBron says:

    I have $5k to invest in stocks. But I’m very clueless 😐

    • Avatar Stock Investment Analysis says:

      Make sure you do your research before throwing your money in the markets. A lot of beginners want to get started immediately without first obtaining the education they need.

    • Avatar This iSoccer says:

      King- LeBron Diversification is key.

  21. Avatar Eddie cuevas says:

    Great video.

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      Thanks for the visit

  22. Avatar Trending Topic - Self Development Tips says:

    Agree! This is a great opportunity to grow 💪

  23. Avatar Remy Lessard says:

    Then theres people saying the dows going to go back to 30😂

  24. Avatar Kelly VF says:

    Thank you for this

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      Any time

  25. Avatar Andrea S. says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      You bet

  26. Avatar Valbona Brahaj says:

    Very helpful and a nice reminder.

    • Avatar Project Life Mastery says:

      Glad you think so!

  27. Avatar Aliwiss SEO says:

    I think that the US only has 15years, China will take the position

  28. Avatar Stock Investment Analysis says:

    Awesome video and fascinating interview. Good illustration with the balloon. Just lots and lots of printing money. Crashes are certainly “really good” for the investing opportunities and I am making the most of them now. They are of course very bad in the sense that they will hurt people in many ways. Homes are lost, jobs are lost, anxiety and depression increase, etc.

  29. Avatar Bart Van Looy says:

    Let this bubble burst already. All those retail investors will hold the bag.

  30. Avatar Lucas Liam says:

    I have 500$ that I want to invest in stocks for a long time, but I would have to declare it as an asset for my fafsa when I want a loan for college. Should I invest it now anyways, should I invest in another way? I don’t know what to do.

  31. Avatar Hit life Hard says:

    Awesome collaboration between Stephan James and Robert Kiyosaki, the man the myth the LEGEND!

  32. Avatar Young Pac says:

    They will be a lot of opportunities after this great crash i believe that and any serious person will be successful

  33. Avatar Schieff says:

    Great message. I like to think about the long term- if you’re investing consistently then when the market drops, your shares get discounted. When the market prices rise, you make more money. Simple as that.

  34. Avatar Suzy Ortiz says:

    Great video!

  35. Avatar JAKE aus/nz says:

    Thank You! ✨😃

  36. Avatar Stephen Lee says:

    Stefan!! Finally! I was really really hoping you would make contents on investing during this crisis! please make contents especially your entry and exit strategy we would love to hear your approach in this critical time if we are to follow similar long term strategy. Thank you!!!

  37. Avatar Tyrone Chiu says:


  38. Avatar Martin King says:

    FACT! Honestly this lockdown did good for me. Working from home is the best, not going to restaurants has done wonders for my budget, I get to freak people out at the grocery story wearing my gas mask

  39. Avatar Sebastian Rehrl says:

    Great video!

  40. Avatar Jonathan Villegas Vilches says:

    395 dollars made within 5 days that is beautiful.

    • Avatar Richer Morin Dream Life Coach says:

      amazing keep it up

  41. Avatar Gabi says:

    I’m a fan of the videos that Project Life Mastery offers us. I also believe we have to take control of our lives the best way we can, and that’s a great message that Stephan embodies well. However, as a scientist, I must say this video perpetuates a message that is misleading.

    In science, we see an increasing consensus that for global economy to be sustainable and humane, it’s imperative that we reestructure global markets + individual behavior and apply critical thinking to now traditional approaches like the one of the father of “poor dad rich dad.” An economy that allows social, biological or natural disasters to be a black Friday for the rich is a failed one – from a humane perspective, from an environmental perspective and from a world development perspective. I think bringing critical and scientific thinking to approaches on how we make money is fundamental if we want to earn money ethically. Sure, it’s important to be proactive to make our lives better on all levels. But I think we should also question who we are when we participate in and/or endorse social and economic structures that are leading human kind to a global economic and social failure. Especially when those harmful effects are shown and backed up by sound data.

    There wont be any amount of social or environmental charity work that will suffice if we continue to earn our money by feeding off the system that is at the heart of some of the biggest world’s problem.

    I think we all need to ask ourselves that question when we invest/create our passive income strategy. Are the choices I’m making hand in hand with the solution or with the worsening of the global problems and our existence in this world? To me personally earning money in a situation that deepens the adverse effects of the pandemic isn’t smth I’d like to contribute to. Sure I can join the rich in their black Friday amidst a pandemic but I guess I’d be less rich in the end.

    These are my 2 cents for Project Life Mastery. No hate, just a reflection 🙂

    • Avatar Richer Morin Dream Life Coach says:

      wish you success

  42. Avatar The Video Editing Experts - Portfolio says:

    Perfect collaboration between Stephan James and Robert Kiyosaki,

  43. Avatar Tanner Markley says:

    yes! my favorite two mentors together in a video!

  44. Avatar Viviene Brown says:

    Robert is an icon!

  45. Avatar marygrace bautista says:

    Worth watching!

  46. Avatar Debbie Cezar says:

    I love the balloon representation. More Vids pls stef..

  47. Avatar Ashley Elizabeth says:

    I love Robert Kiyosaki’s perspective. If you know how to invest the right way, you can actually take advantage of a market crash. Brilliant.

  48. Avatar John Daniels says:

    Fantastic video!

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