Doctor With COVID-19 Describes Symptoms As ‘Pain Everywhere’ | NBC News NOW

2020 5/17
Doctor With COVID-19 Describes Symptoms As ‘Pain Everywhere’ | NBC News NOW

An infectious disease specialist at the University of Alabama, Dr. Michael Saag, contracted the coronavirus and detailed his symptoms to NBC News. After monitoring how he felt for a few days, his symptoms turned from mild to extreme, in what Saag called “a horrible feeling.”
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Doctor With COVID-19 Describes Symptoms As ‘Pain Everywhere’ | NBC News NOW



コメント一覧 (128件)

  • William Coughlin says:

    19. 1,000’s die every day! Stop this
    pandemic! Share your story! Your story matters! Help us be safer. Pls
    review & share #covid19survivors #fightcovid19

  • Rick Stephens says:

    Vitamin C, Zinc, drink plenty of fluids and rest. Nooo vaccines!

    • N E says:


    • Kanthaka the white says:

      Vitamin D too

  • Rohan Khade says:

    Please pray for me because I am also covid 19 patient ..

    • Deborah Higginbotham says:

      Praying for your health and safety.

  • Dany Espinoza says:

    For those who have cholesterol, here is a solution

  • ben mussolini says:

    If you dont think you are capable of not touching other people or not coughing on them or sneezing spitting ,OR what im saying is , if you cant go out and give people their space and you know that you are too ignorant to do it . Then its probably a good idea to stay home. And for the ones that are staying home its good you are doing that and we are all proud that you realize you are a careless person ,The rest of us people that can be careful and can distance ourselves because we arent ignorant thank you .But if you do go out ,please wear a mask and gloves so we can identify you among the other maskees and glovees and we can avoid all of you . .you guys keep up the good work now. And we thank you .

  • Jazzy says:

    Hydrochloroquine and Zpac. Watch Dr. Shiva A.

  • IndigoKid 33 says:

    Coronavirus is a government induced hoax. Don’t blindly believe mainstream media sheeple. They are lying to you all.

  • R says:

    Like this doctor says it keeps comming back…….ya think youre over it, might even have 2 or 3 days with no symptoms but then it comes back and youre exausted and weak all over again. 5 weeks in and STILL have mild symptoms sometimes. Heard of people still experiencing symptoms after 2 MONTHS. Dont know why the goverment were suggesting to stay at home for 7 days (before lockdown). I could never have gone back to work after just 7 days.

  • crazy asian says:

    I’ve been having a high fever, lossing my appetite and having a muscle pain like I feel theres a heavy thing that that stopping from standing up and its really painful it started with my knees and then it spread all over my body, Today is my day 4 and Im experiencing chest pain, but my fever goes low. Any advice guys my city is lockdown we don’t have any service and. Almost all the hospital here are rejecting patients some of their reasons are they dont have any extra rooms.

    • Deborah Higginbotham says:

      Call 911, Angel. May God stay by your side until you’re healed.

  • Aishwarya Wadkar says:

    Dear People of America ,do this two things every day
    Drink turmeric Milk everynight before bed … And
    Eat one clove of raw garlic first thing in the morning before brushing…
    It boosts immunity
    I am from India… Just helping pass it on to your loved ones.

  • Abe Ada says:

    Media is not essential ✌

  • Abe Ada says:

    Immune boosters like ginsing

  • Tracey Gordon says:

    He sounds like dr Phil.

  • Ocean Redux says:

    bruh….full body pain doesn’t sound like a natural virus….

  • User619 TLSDCA says:

    Thats how Im feeling of last month, every week I GO THRU MILD SIGNS ,, EACH WEEK DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS

    • Off Grid says:

      Is the feeling your talking about like a gentle vibration.

    • User619 TLSDCA says:

      @Off Grid It felt like a got a shot or dose of radiation within my upper torso for 3 minutes as I STOOD STILL overwelmed of never having this type of feeling. next day, I went thru 2 symptoms for 2 days then gone, Its been this way for last 5 weeks but each week I get 2 different symptoms. Im starting to believe there must be different strains of COVID MUTATIONS . I HAVE A ELECTIVE SURGERY IN MAY 26 AND THEY WILL TEST ME A WEEK BEFORE SO i can have a better picture of what I caught..VIBRATIONS IS RELATED TO COLD CHILS THAT HAVNT YET GONE AWAY AND MOST COMMON SYMPTON IM HAVING..

    • User619 TLSDCA says:

      @Off Grid Yes, it did felt a bit vibrate but ,,,,, never felt that way and sure it must be some sort of different type of flu but seems Im fighting it well still… I have 1 minor cough ups but with mucas last 2 weeks, today its gone but chills still here of minor.. Im staying away from public and can not take part of any protest because its real of unknown factors of SUPER VIRUS in COVID19

    • User619 TLSDCA says:

      @Off Grid Oh,,,, want to inform anyone if you get ya breathing feeling short,, do the 3 breath sync,,,, take in thru nose push air down to diaphram then exhale normal thru mouth.. I had serious problem but I learned a breathing exercise known as 18 Lohan decades ago and used the 3 step brreathing and IT REALLY HELPED ME GET THRU SYMPTON 4 WEEKS AGO, NOT THERE ANYMORE..

  • burtonrules123 says:

    This guy sounds fine…why aren’t these people ever REALLY sick? Something fishy here…

  • Horribly disfigured meth smoking devil worshipper says:

    R I P

  • J Cross says:


  • Ryan Welsch says:

    I would like to know what he was eating.

  • Dano1947 says:

    Take vitamin C and chicken soup. Than take hot baths, in water as hot as you can get it then drink some liquor and go to bed and sweat it out.

  • Spondoolie says:

    I’M BLOW the wind of GOD on YOU!!!!! pppffffffffbbbtthhhhh

  • Tonya Rice says:

    I have had a headache for the last 4 days now. Nothing but a headache. It won’t go away?

    • oldschool says:

      Eye’s red and burning?

    • Tonya Rice says:

      I actually am feeling better now. My headache is still there a little bit but feel so much better. I take 5,000 vitamin c everyday I don’t no if this stopped me from getting a lot of the sickness but have a little hard time breathing but it’s not to bad. My eyes are dry red and itchy also. I was thinking it might be from my heating?

    • oldschool says:

      I’m glad you are feeling better. I’m taking 500iu a day.

    • Tonya Rice says:

      oldschool You to buddy. If you cannot breath stand in the hot shower and take deep breaths in and out. You may get dizzy so I’d sit. It really helps.

    • oldschool says:

      So right! I also bend arm’s try to touch elbows behind me, that helps.

  • mark williams says:

    I had what probably a bad case of the flu but my only symptoms were extreme fatigue and body aches ,no shortness of breath . i can only imagine the shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

  • Omar Johnson says:

    Lol really now no blood test no nothing but words an I’m to believe yh sure. There isn’t any virus if there is one take out of some one an give it to some one or better yet give it to another animal or insect lol.

  • Randall C says:

    Of course, what many people knew weeks ago but the leftist media was hard-pressed to report (since said media would rather see a million American’s die if that assures Trump won’t be re-elected) is that this virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan. Yes, and who funded the lab? Orange man bad? No, Brown man bad, and his side-kick, Dementia Boy! Obama also funded, to the tune of over $300,000,000 dollars, China’s “one child” policy where women are forced to get abortions in the name of population control. Funded by Obama. That’s a fact!

  • Jinx says:

    This dude describing the beginning of his illness is how my last couple days have been. My doc just put me in quarantine today, I’m hoping it stays pretty mild.

  • Fallout boy 193 says:

    It’s fake

  • Doug H. in VA says:

    all stay at home and allow the entire USA economy to collapse… no, DR. it’s not an option. You don’t get to tell the entire USA what to do.

  • crashoppe says:

    lol, appreciate the advise doc but not buying it.

  • X O says:

    I will find out today if my sister in law has covid- 19. For those that don’t know. You have to schedule to get tested and then wait 2/3 days for the results.

  • A 1 says:

    Exact same symptoms as seasonal flu

    • Meme Zanders says:

      Seems like it at first….but trust, it’s very different, like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

  • joanne readman says:

    No such thing as corona virus.. people are suffering from other things and it is recorded as covid 19

  • Ali says:

    LOL just a cold

  • Randy Levine says:

    For sure, the symptoms are all over the place with this disease… Here’s my ‘atypical’ response to Covid-19: Mild fever, anxiety with no apparent cause, ringing in ears, dry mouth when laying down, weird dreams, brain fog, itchy skin (with redness around side of face, ears, neck and upper chest), cool sensation on the skin of legs, cold feet, mild hesitation with swallowing muscles… Symptoms are relatively mild but they keep recurring every 2-3 days. You feel amazing one day then it comes back over and over again! It’s been 5 weeks for me. Seems to be slowly improving by the later weeks. (Not as bad as the original attack)… Anybody else experiencing any of these atypical symptoms? – We need to reassure each other that atypical symptoms are happening. And it is still the Covid-19 and not something else.

    • My voice says:

      Hi Randy, I thought it was just me, I have been experiencing reoccurring symptoms, it started with a dry cough that went on for weeks then a sore throat that went on for weeks, felt like a sharp thing was in my throat, I will also feel great one day appear to be getting over it, then the chills start then I go off my food, and my body starts to feel like it’s been beaten up muscle aching, its random and unpredictable. My body will feel hot inside after the chills. It’s really frustrating because I don’t understand why they are saying the virus will resolve itself after a couple of weeks, it might appear it keeps resurfacing or ppl are getting reinfected.

    • Randy Levine says:

      @My voice thank you for responding. I suspected there are a lot of people like us. This disease has many faces. And I agree with you. I think people are getting reinfected. Or their existing infection never really left. Just seemed to.

  • Stunna says:

    Am 17, started showing symptoms about 4-5 days ago. started off as feeling like i had something stuck in my throat, then over the next 12-24 hrs or so, it turned into a sore throat, with some coughing. lungs are kinda sore but my symptoms are still mild.

    • M S says:

      Stunna were you diagnosed

  • FalconX79 says:

    Pain everywhere, yeah, like the flu. Big surprise.

  • Tray Griffith says:

    I have a serious headache

  • Melech And Nyeshia says:


  • Wand Camelot says:

    Wait so covids coming back?

  • Frank bazooka says:

    I know that all medicine is good but sincerely sir what i believe you need is a good old fashion home made with love and care chicken noodle soup it will change your life sir you might need salt and pepper but it’s all good for you stay at home and eat alot of soup trust me it sounds dumb buts true I asked a nutritionist and medicine doctor.

  • Mike Gee says:

    Lmao those are the symptoms of the flu that I have gotten like 3 times in my life. Yeah it puts you out of commission, but you got to trust your immune system. Evolution has made it tougher than what the news people want you to believe. If you are 80 years old pretty much anything could take you out..because you know that what people do when they get old…die. scientific fact!

  • lamfilipos says:

    Thanks for the Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you ever tried – Tarbbatigan Identifying Lookup Tip (do a search on google)? It is a great one of a kind product for eradicating herpes zoster (shingles) without the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate at last got great results with it.

  • beaver tails says:

    im experiencing this kind of virus pls pray for us guys❤️

  • Mathew Kelley says:

    Day 5 for me I have bad anxiety. So at times I’m breathing fine other times I’m not.

    • Francisco Delgadillo says:

      Mathew Kelley right , I’m on day six from my possible exposure got a dry throat it’s on and off , either anxiety allergies or both or covid 19

    • Mathew Kelley says:

      @Francisco Delgadillo I’m over it now it really wasn’t that bad stupid chest cold, wasn’t even as bad as an actual chest cold

  • Mr Longhorn says:

    I’m 17- starting to feel nauseas I feel my throw up coming up ,lost my appetite, I have headaches, I cough I have runny nose here and there, and one minute I feel better one minute I don’t I just hope I don’t test positive

    • Francisco Delgadillo says:

      Mr Longhorn how’d you turn out ? I feel like my throat dry bruh I’m on day six of my believed exposure

    • Mr Longhorn says:

      Francisco Delgadillo I came out negative thank god

  • axel rogge says:

    “Home Remedy for Coronavirus Parody.”Very funny video

  • wildheart says:

    FAKE!!! Folks do NOT accept vaccine!!!

  • Angela Price says:

    Do your research I feel like it fake flu and coronavirus all the symptoms are the same thing I Dr fauci is big lie check other doctors they you the same I feel like it come to them come with a vaccine to give the mark of the beast not me I say

  • The One says:

    I wish ppl would just be real woth the symptoms and not use words like mild symptoms severe symptoms. Say like I first noticed my throat hurting but not hurting to swallow more like breathing. This will help us who r essential workers kno exactly what we can look for as far as symptoms

  • Maryline Monreau says:

  • Beverly Lee says:

    btw i found a man who brought up death in a very interesting way when it comes to the coronavirus you can check it out if you want here’s the link

  • Eileen Ortiz-Camacho says:

    🙏🙏🙏 for all you do. God bless u sir. May I get better soon

  • dana Word says:

    Prayers for you and thank you for sharing 😊

  • Christopher Riley says:

    I have it. I lost my sense of taste of sense of smell and I get pain in my chest and lungs every so often. Lucky no fever.

  • Maria Reyes says:


  • Enrique says:

    I’m covid 19 and he describe very well, that’s exactly how it goes

  • Paws n Claws says:

    Ok…send me a check to pay my bills…we cannot shut down the country and have more deaths throughout the world more so than COVID19…

  • Ericka NYC says:

    I truly hope that everything continues to go well for you! May Jehovah keep you in his care, in Jesus’s name Amen. 🙏💛👍

  • bignasdy says:


  • Marc Duchamp says:

    All I see are doctors getting infected in the main stream news channels. I don’t see any real person on the private account going thru their ordeal. Mostly flu like symptoms mistaken

  • larna keane says:


  • Dr. Ellen's Best Medicine says:

    Thanks so much!

  • Joel Higgs says:

    Mr specialist: You should now, its a result of a nervous system reaction, caused by 5G. More and more real scientists and doctors are talking about it. So should you, instead of being snob here.

  • Brandi Sodemann says:

    I’m suffering a severe sore throat do you think it’s covid

    • diane mainiero says:

      quite on my 7th day now with covid 19 im 63..been in good health ,but this has knocked me flat..but please dont panic (like i did) if you have got it , rest as much as you can do some breathing excersizes even if you breathing is not affected, love from the uk x

    • Meme Zanders says:

      I didn’t have a sore throat or runny nose. I had: fever, body aches, chills, blurred vision, mucous behind my ear drum, accelerated heart rate, fluid in my lungs, difficulty breathing, and delirium. Oh yeah a constant dry and painful cough.

  • David Meyer says:


  • sslcfc says:

    Media is not essential. They can no longer be trusted. Thanks for the instillation of fear video.

  • Sparkz Media says:

    I have covid19 I’m 21years old. My symptoms are very similar to his. It’s horrible!

  • La La Hotsteppa says:

    I am 28 with covid-19, I got it from a coworker….I have muscle aches and a dry cough. Chest pains that come and go smh. I lost my taste and smell but got it back after I steamed orange peels, lemons peels, and ginger over my face 2-3 times a day! Everyone plz stay safe

  • Clara Norris says:

    My dad is an essential worker and he just found out he was just in contact with someone who tested positive a day later. He does not have symptoms yet but it’s likely that him and my family are infected. We’re just waiting on feeling symptoms, I’m so scared

    • renee s says:

      I hope covid doesn’t affect you 🙏

  • Tasha • says:

    my dad was diagnosed with Covid-19 today and it’s particularly scary because he fits into the vulnerable category due to his health conditions. plus in the last three years alone, he went into cardiac arrest where his heart stopped for 18 minutes (along with organ failure, septicaemia +more) and then he had a heart attack which resulted in him needing to have open-heart surgery and then after that, he developed gangrene in both legs which resulted in amputations. please, please keep him in your thoughts (and prayers if you’re religious) 🙏🏻 he’s truly the strongest person i know and i really do believe he’ll pull through this but it’s still incredibly daunting

    • Cᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ Cᴏᴅʏ says:

      hope your dad goes in a better place than in quarantine and stay at home with your family and fight for your lives like your dad did good luck

  • Carrie R, says:

    I can’t taist and smell short of breath and muscle pains

    • Leslie Morrison says:

      Those are symptoms. Can you get tested?

  • Carrie R, says:

    I can’t even get tested🤔

  • Sam Dog says:

    Feels like my neck, inner ears, throat, gums get swollen, severe dry mouth, slightly labored breathing….no cough, no fever….comes in waves….thoughts ?

    • Endof Civ says:


    • Sam Dog says:

      Sorry….should have mentioned, allergies ruled out…Wake up feeling like a million $$$….after 30 minutes of standing, I get clobbered for about 2 hours..

  • Endof Civ says:

    He looks totally sick and wiped out from pain everywhere. (sarcasm)

  • 30s Cameltoes Fun Tv's & HEALTH says:


  • Dr.Solomon says:

    my clinic only use masks from

  • crystal sluka says:

    my illness I have is like covid19 with the worse leg and feet pain but with rapid swelling that feels like everything in your legs want to break out of me:( very sad to live like that.

  • Matthew Tenney says:

    It is exasperating that you as a doctor didn’t use even commonly available tests to document symptoms. It’s all subjective in terms of aches and pains. Where is the chart of body temperature, pulse ox, blood pressure, incentive spirometer, ekg?

  • Anji M says:

    OMG my mom might have it

  • Anji M says:


  • Jmichael Isbell says:

    I hear you Doc, I do when you say stay home. At the same time, even when someone does not have an “essential job”, they may well have-and essential job, to keep food on their own table; in that case, just how long does one “hunker down” and go nowhere, until they foreclose on the home? I’m NOT demanding an answer, just saying that we can’t do either extreme–wait forever and a day on the one extreme, nor do we go out and “party” on the other. Sadly–but inevitably we must find some middle ground, all of us, at some point. How, when and where to come out of our caves will be a tough call, for many of us. Thank you for a great video Doctor, glad you are better. And hope your immunity now is solid; I’m sure your patients need their good Doctor.

  • Reem Masri says:

    I have the covid-19 please pray for me and my family

  • shawnda mccormick says:

    I kept hearing body aches isn’t a symptom. I’m so confused.

  • Sean Hogan says:

    Don’t eat bat kabobs and u will be fine. Btw thanks for the free 1,200 bucks 😅

  • Take A Win says:

    Good news. I found this

  • S O says:

    Covid 19 is fake. Its delusional ppl with symptoms of hysteria.

    • JustAViewer says:

      Please elaborate on delusion

  • James Alejandro says:

    Stay strong, fight the virus!

  • Latina K says:

    Mom and I just tested positive. It’s terrible and my poor momma is in the hospital

  • Juliette Lucarini says:

    Doctor, please take a look at HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for COVID-19 pts suffering w hypoxemia

  • Laila says:

    How do you monitor breathing? For covid positive?

  • ILove Chocolate says:

    i just recovered from pneumonia now i have a fever & don’t feel well i think i’ve caught the virus now.

  • Koteshi Flores says:

    My dad and mom have it now I think. My mom has pain all over her body and keep coughing up phlegm. My dad however has such a terrible
    Cough and it’s starting to affect his breathing. I fear the worst!!

  • Darth Maul says:

    Well he american so that explains why it’s incorrect informatation and it’s soooo over the top😂😂😂

  • Life Lewis says:

    i want to say to everyone stay safe i wish this on no one i am also scared for myself and i want to say i love you all and stay safe.♥️

  • johnekizomba says:


  • DR Bill McGraw says: This is the video that explains
    inflammation overload in the human body from infection as in the coronavirus
    from a perspective of pain. From my treatment and elimination of the
    coronavirus using Rife technology (Spooky2!) I have seen neuroinflammation
    continue as an inflammatory response beyond the destruction of the virus and
    this is typical for inflammation from infection.

  • Mandi Rosenthal says:

    Got tested today I’m very scared. I deal with covid 19 patients