Growing Protests Nationwide After Death of George Floyd | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/01
Growing Protests Nationwide After Death of George Floyd | NBC Nightly News

Protests demanding justice for George Floyd continue across the U.S., with cities bracing for more clashes with police and destruction.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Growing Protests Nationwide After Death of George Floyd | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • thanh thanh says:

    Killer Mike (Atlanta) — “Plan, Plot, Strategize, Mobilize. Go to polls. Vote them *$&@# out of office.” Flip the Senate. Vote racist, voter suppressing GOP out of the Senate. Senate #Election2020

  • B Rob says:

    Antifa activated all cells. danceing puppets. Its all planed , its all part of the script. whats next….do reseach people.

  • William Canfor says:

    That police officer is a MURDERER. He wanted to be 100% sure that the black man is dead so he kept his knee on his neck for extra 2 minutes even though there was no more life in the victim. From looking at the video u could see the police man’s hand in his pocket masking the despicable act of pressing his knees firmly on the man’s neck. He should go to prison and let the prisoners take care of him


    I like the way she said this is now in remembrance of Martin Luther king. Why would African Americans try and u that. Not just black lives matter. All lives matter

  • Fatih Muhammed says:

    The Exclusion of People From The Face Of The Colors Must Be Very Wary Of Mindfulness God Made Us All İn Different Colors

  • E Miller says:

    Support the arrest and prosecution for the Minn. cops, but nationwide protests and looting? NOT! How much of this has to do with the actual injustice and how much is caused by stress and frustration over the Covid19 lockdown?

  • me huss says:

    It’s not only about this tragic murder people are tired of being used and abused by the system.

  • петр смирнов says:

    Floyd is a sacred sacrifice riots are Soros paid mercenaries where Victoria Nuland with cookies

  • Lloyd Mcgrew says:

    That woman saying go home is in on the agenda to depopulate america. And looks to me just like a playtex gloves waiting for the operation to end to be easily disposed of…… Just like Epstein was disposed of the usefulness was gone. Yes this is rocket science. Think about it…….

  • juan carlos Modesto says:

    I’M ALL IN TO PROTEST the disgusting cops who murder unarmed minorities and for social inequalities, but not like this. What does looting or setting fire to innocent people’s businesses have to do with social injustice? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Omar Lara Nicole says:

    Good for you

  • Omar Lara Nicole says:

    Cops are helping

  • CynicalIdealist says:

    This is what happens when you react instead of respond. They will use this to justify restrictions on the right to assemble.

  • ispilm says:


  • busybody1 says:

    Hide your children

  • Ript Sixlnine says:

    BLM= BURN LOOT MURDER it runs in their blood.

  • 2004 ascension says:

    honestly we had it comin eventually

  • Arrogant says:

    A building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by people. Alone, a symbol is meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.

  • Jay Ritch says:

    The Floyd family must sue the Minneapolis Police Department for millions of dollars being they hired 4 psycho cops to begin with.

  • peter bynoe says:

    Some black stigma on them selves.

  • Hale Hafa says:

    “World peace, though a lofty goal, is but an outgrowth of the personal peace each individual seeks to attain.”

  • Birungi Helena says:

    Iwish we Ugandans can have 1heart all imean love for 1another !kindly thanks for love $support guys 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • pillowbugg says:

    My name is George Floyd

  • im not funny says:

    ok ok crazy people we get that you’re angry but fighting back with violence is not the answer so chill and let’s use some logic ok
    edit: just remembered that there’s still corona going around

  • Alex K says:

    I can’t breathe but I can loot!
    Police, don’t shoot!
    We came just to loot!

  • Dario Baltimore says:

    Dem police need life time

  • J.E's Hobbies says:


  • Joshua Resendes says:

    Vandalizing your city aint justice.i see terrorist amongst the crowds dont follow people be a leader

  • Rudi Gustin says:

    These protests are STAGED!! Dont be fooled and join in!! Its another distraction design to divide the people.. This will give them a reason to implement martial law… too many people woke up to the coronavirus hoax so they had to create another one… Floydd murder is another complete hoax on the masses!! Wake up people!!

  • Juan Morales says:

    Peaceful protestors were infiltrated by far left wing violent evil people

  • Todd Wood says:

    Losing/lost sympathy for this cause!! Great job exercising right to protest!!!!

  • Ashish Gupta says:

    To be fair, World reacts to changes when it literally burns.

    Look at 2001 dot com bubble, 2008 financial crisis, 2016 elections in the US and now this. Floyd’s death , after burning things has sparked a lot of criticism about the racial discrimination. This has existed very very long in a society that was until 2018 a front runner in the world.

    In all fairness, people are absolutely disgusting if they burn other’s valuables to get rid of their anger. However, people in power don’t listen until they see their world burn around them . It’s been the rule of the society. Happened to Romans, Happened to Germany in WW1 and WW2 , Happened to Japan , Venezvela, Iraq.

    F this world is a really angry place.

  • cudów nie ma says:

    Tanks please on the streets, trump please:

  • Thecold Summer says:

    Stay safe guys.. Its really chaos. I see is people so many in the pool.. Its not good i think.

  • Evelyn Velasquez says:

    that man teaching his kids the right thing even if they might not be able to do EVERY little crash they are doing the right thing.

  • geezer140 says:

    Use petrol bombs it will be better bomb the cop cars 🤣🤣

  • Vladimir Peter says:

    Go home?! Is this woman brain dead or what?


    See Video of how Floyd is been murdered….

  • Slick Rick says:

    All of a sudden SOCIAL DISTANCING doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Marc V says:

    How loooooong have we been protesting with no results even when we do it positive…

  • Morgan Wells says:

    Are you sure you didn’t want to marry a smoker? I got mad at the protesters at West Hollywood Santa Monica BLVD yesterday and officially told them to get off the streets smokers and drug users, only beautiful people can protest. I already told the world about you and Jeremiah and Jamie’s birthday. So let’s not talk insidious zombie, let’s be men. Everyone is following me because I have the greatest strategy. Ok I’m fine here WEHO protesters are not coming through. Hey thank you. I’m done being hard of hearing, I’m hearing. I told my mom that I am Goddess Morgan Wells. The solar system and friends are going to be in Advance Magic Talk AMT. Honesty to you James

  • SwordofSpirit JesusIsLord says:

    I Do Not See “6-Feet Apart” Or All Wearing “Mask”, Isn’t That What These Hypocrites Preached For Months”…In Comments And Elsewhere On Videos ;)..

  • Unified 888 says:

    Need clean up the police force. Lots killers hide in there.

  • Danny Deal says:

    FDR: A chicken in every pot.
    Trump: a 60″ HD tv in every living room

  • Le meneur de jeux says:

    there is only one race is humanite

  • Pedro says:

    Lets go rally to demand justice for those Korean Americans we killed during the LA riots 1992.

  • aldenthehunk Richard says:

    Dekler marshall Law to those people ate destroying america arrest them all violent. Rallyesta tgis is a terorist work

  • Silky Slim says:

    Stimulus checks will not be issued now.

  • Jessica Lander says:

    Please stop the violence.

  • John C says:

    Floyd died of a heart attack induced by cocaine use and resisting arrest. The autopsy just came back and these are the results. Look what you people have done… dummies! You cannot suffocate and speak at the same time. You do one or the other. I figured this from the very beginning.

  • Fosta Assassin says:

    They love to say Peaceful Protest with black issues..

  • Deadtime 55 says:

    There are officers getting hurt by the mob in this riots

  • Mike Schwartzer says:

    social distancing should be the LEAST of anyones worries right now!! Get over the politically correct bs already!! Its summer, flu season is gone!! People are gonna move on already even if media won’t

  • Christopher Pohl says:

    Cover your nose!
    Wear a mask!

  • Evad Sel says:

    Newsflash to Blacks: STOP RESISTING and cops won’t need to taze, throw you down, rough you up or shoot you.

  • Marco Filipe Silva says:

    I just have 1 word : DONT STOP!

  • Marco Filipe Silva says:

    2 words: don’t STOP

  • Marco Filipe Silva says:

    Until morder be on jail!

  • Marco Filipe Silva says:


  • knifemen76 says:

    USA governments and USA people doing anything which doesn’t have to at pandemic. 2000000 people infected over 100000 died. Very good tame to do protect every single city, great idea bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • your mother says:

    Coronavirus: thank you george floyd!

  • Leo Qtea says:

    people tired of peaceful protest while y’all still killing people .

  • tyree jones says:

    These riots will only allow them to enforce marital law better to stay inside the house until this corona case really dies out whether it be real or not. Until the mean time we should be secretly aligning our own group against the gov’t, military, police elite and etc. to prepare for whatever and have our own people informed not them. They probably going to push those vaccines on us with these protest being a good reason to

  • JuanDAC says:

    Everyone watch how Donald trump makes fun of George Floyd very rude

  • ayesha armstead says:

    blame more than the police: blame the mayors, blame the governors, blame congress, blames the senators, blame the President, also blame black folks who are in those positions — they allowed it to happened

  • Alejandro Rivera says:

    They don’t noting go do all of them are unemploiyed

  • arielle cruz says:

    Well first the police were killing people were i live and my friends sister got shot in the head for no reason and they were peacefully protesting

  • James Sr says:

    U can hear them shoot right out my window the country is at war

  • Greg Diprinzio says:

    We got it lady. Go have a latte now. Your arm is tired.

  • Greg Diprinzio says:

    Keisha, says go home. Aren’t you glad you voted for her. That’s her solution. Go home. You get what you pay for.

  • K W says:

    Hong Kong’s riots had lasted for ten months. We shall overcome!

  • AlexYTBTW says:

    Insert hate comments here 👇 no likes

  • Walter Ontiveros says:

    Trump encourages and defends police abuse. Vote him out in November it is our right it is our duty

  • only on YOUTUBE says:

    She must be talking to her kids..

  • Cartman Brah says:

    We totally forgot about coronavirus. Its all fun and games burning cars and buildings until the only thing burning is your lungs…

  • M Tn says:

    All I see is a bunch of jobless deadbeats that have nothing better to do than riot. Please, don’t go to the hospital after contracting Covid 19 during your rioting. Society owes you nothing! absolutely NOTHING. Riot on, deadbeats.

  • Rohit Chauhan says:

    shows the great funding for this chaos from concerned contries and group of people with special interests

  • shannon lancaster says:

    If you think you’re going to turn this country into communism I got news for you it’s not going to happen this demonstration proves

  • Sauce Age says:

    bruh, you guys forget about corona lol

  • Vince85 says:

    white privilege DENIED. Burn all the police stations down!

  • Sharan Douglas says:

    The whole world got P.T.S.D.
    This is a serious problem.

  • Tim Liu says:

    is this for George Floyd too ?



  • Hoang Ho says:

    STOP protest and loot ,please, thank you a lot of polices………

  • Legolas Greenleaf says:

    The FBI needs to crack down on Antifa for Domestic Terrorism, which is a major crime. Antifa cannot always be given a pass by the Democrat/Communist Party soft-headed sell out politician fools that populate the Congress and the Legislature. Soros and his Globalist pals must be arrested when Trump wins in November and cleans House by prosecuting the traitors involved in the coup d’éta.

  • Pacific LaundryM4 says:

    Rest and peace floyd George

  • fafar gol says:

    Americans can do something nobody else can do:
    Create armed militias from law abiding citizens OUT OF THIN AIR.
    Can you do that?

  • XxLilSavageInzXD xX says:

    Rest In Power- George Floyd

  • unedited ed says:

    You’re right, not Martin Luther King,it’s in the spirit of Malcolm X!!

  • Philip Jones says:

    George Floyd’s death was a tragic crime but fake news and blanket media coverage of racially charged incidents involving the police misrepresents true police behavior and what black people go through on a daily basis.

  • Clever Dumb says:

    I hope George Floyd can see this… We love him

  • Computer Crazies says:

    Social unrest = guy hitting random building with skateboard? You know what is spooky how they know your full name if you are an SJW on video with your face on the 4chan boards. 😀 Something to do with facial recognition databases that were stolen or something. Skateboard guy, would plan on being visited by cops if I were you. lol

  • Computer Crazies says:

    People running for president against trump are promoting these riots. You know there is almost no chance now that trump won’t be elected right?

  • orozco1812 says:

    A fake $ 20 dollar bill. + 4 coops with Not a bit of common sense .= destroyed cities and Millions of dollars in damages.

  • Zofia U says:


  • Cyber Space says:

    Mabey Twitter put fact varning on next ballot?

  • Xl Co says:

    Riot: F THE SYSTEM

    RIOT 12h later: Volunteering rebuilding the system for free…

    The 1%: hehe F sheeps

    Media: stay home STAY HOME

  • Coinz Z says:

    Yes burn it all down

  • io Gaming says:

    In my opinion, just protesting and a peaceful gathering is fine and that’s ok for me, but any actions of destroying each other’s property, injuring and killing people are very unacceptable, it brought so many civilians and police in grave danger. Overall, if we have to protest, just protest and never destroy property or injure people.

  • Grammar Police - says:
    If Floyd was not dating a white woman the world would have carried on like they did when Ahmed was shot. Let’s be honest how many black lives have been lost at the hands of racists? The only thing setting Floyd apart from the other people is this white fiance he had. When Chris Brown made that defamatory comment about black woman with untainted hair no one said anything. Tristan Thompson is treating his child from a black woman with he most disgusting disdain whilst playing super daddy to the one from a white woman. Read Jordan Craigs child support filing which clearly shows that Tristan is practising segregation on his own DNA. Why only address racism when a white man has errored. .In my view black men are bigger racists that white men only thing is its called domesting violence or crime of passion when they act on it..That’s why MJ left his first wife for a vampent thot. That’s why Kobe’s widow is not a black person. Time after time black woman are insulted whether in the rap songs calling us B* or instagram posts . When Neyo said mixed kids look better than all black kids no one said boo!