Watch: White Woman Confronts Mixed-Race Couple During Baby Photoshoot | NBC News

Houston police are investigating an incident that was caught on video of a mixed-race couple being confronted by a white woman during their baby’s birthday photo shoot in an upscale neighborhood.
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Watch: White Woman Confronts Mixed-Race Couple During Baby Photoshoot | NBC News

101 thoughts on “Watch: White Woman Confronts Mixed-Race Couple During Baby Photoshoot | NBC News

  1. Christopher Reed Reply

    What a BEAST!

  2. dave miller Reply

    Why isn’t that woman in jail? Verbal and physical assault. Horrible person.

  3. John Doe Reply

    i live in montreal why that just happen in usa ? please have no clue help me

  4. Jessica LT Reply

    Why would that woman ever go up to them? Leave them alone. That woman needs to be arrested!!! If a black person ever did that or god forbid an international person, she would have been put in jail. How convenient, she’s wealthy and white. I’m disgusted!!!!!


    All they was trying to take pictures of there 1 year old who just turned 1 And here she come out the car saying “Get off the grass” like it’s her property. Like this comment if that’s messed up for hitting the guy if I was that guy I would push her to the grass then she got the baby crying and messing up the photo She wrong for that👿👿👿

  6. Culum Mcnaughton Reply

    People like that should not be allowed to go around in the public and abuse people. She is horrible!

  7. Joseph Zabilansky Reply

    Karen: get off my lawn

  8. Sharan Quiett Reply

    I think that people need permission

  9. Sharan Quiett Reply

    Sorry about the girl

  10. Chris Brown Reply

    It’s extremely sad that in the United States of America Mixed couples, Black Couples, Black singles and everybody else who isn’t Caucasian are still looked down upon and treated with such disrespect. it has to stop, or the worst case scenario will be our collective demise. This comment isn’t just for this video it’s for countless others in the past decades.

    • Honk! Honk! Reply

      Race mixing should be a crime i dont hate black people i just hate humans that mix their race its false i mean god gave us different skin colors for a reason. Btw if u mix race both sites will loose their culture.

  11. Sensy mainia Reply

    Thats their true colors…they hate everyone..she should be arrested for hitting ppl..mental illness is real

  12. USALAWCLUB Reply

    She is a garbage

  13. Luis Enrique Quijada Rodríguez Reply

    Trump supporter, for sure!

  14. dorotheainmiddle Reply

    Wait. She’s racist because she got angry they were trashing up the property? They had a whole set up there and it doesn’t look like a park.

  15. Lissette Juan Reply

    Why did nobody punched her in the face?

  16. William Wang Reply

    It’s like seeing people happy makes her angry.

  17. Kat Ferguson Reply

    No charges filed. SMH

  18. Pale Rider Reply

    If the dog has teeth, he can bite. That woman is nuts.

  19. Zsaria King Reply

    First offf where her shoes at 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Avi Ribenbach Reply

    Media sucks. This lady is like many in different neighborhoods- think they are the Mayor, or police. Pain in the necks. And jerks. But to infer race is terrible. FAKE NEWS

  21. shaveece brooks Reply

    NO THANX, ..Most of them LOVE and only deal with white, but when the world treats them like a N@@A, they run for Black sympathy and help… Michael Jackson syndrome!! ..nothing to see here

  22. Jim Christiansen Reply

    That’s what happens in Texas when you got a NAZI supporter running the USA into crash & burn mode with the support of the Christian Right.

  23. Nina Player Reply

    They sooo nice I would have woooped her like she stole something, I promise I would have hit her hard and knocked her completely out no lie

  24. Alexis Soto Reply

    but if a black person came up to a white couple and their baby… hah

  25. Rovin Mangal Reply

    She’s white and rich, so she got off.

  26. Christophe Hinkson Reply

    I know my people 🇹🇹😌, white woman lucky she ain’t get off easy 😒

  27. Kaempfer M Reply


  28. Anthony Gomez-Rios Reply

    that B is crazy bruh

  29. Michael Gomez Reply

    Dats 1 mean hag!

  30. ShayBear Peter Reply

    Again money, color over humanity. If a black woman did ALL THAT or less to a white couple…….U fill in the blanks

  31. bonzology Reply

    He shoulda punched her square in the face when she swung at him

  32. Mimi's Abundant Life Reply

    its shame on them for not filing charges

  33. Uday MOORJANI Reply

    Wow white privilege at its best

  34. kat :0 Reply

    “she’s crazy”
    girl have you seen yourself?? cause 😳👋

  35. Michael Dean Reply

    Watch all the ‘support’ Franci gets.

  36. Leo Ciesco Reply

    My question is where are her shoes lol


    Shoulda slapped the stupid off her

  38. Clem Kadiddlehopper Reply

    Shut off the phone and give that skank woman a knuckle sandwich she deserved. What a God awful person.

  39. diane preslow Reply


  40. tigress _ Reply

    You and Yuh bitin dog goo!!!😂😂😂😭😭

  41. Sleepii Reply

    She looks like my history teacher 🤢

  42. Darius Hicks Reply

    Bringing a dog to the park to bite a baby that’s a lir

  43. Catherine Nieves Reply

    Unbelievable! SHe hit him how many times and NO CHARGES have been filed? It’s recorded!

  44. Lauren Bellard Reply


  45. Dj MrJ Reply

    shes one of the many out there who doesnt pay for their stupid actions, hmmmm where I see that before?…..hmmm white and rich, with hateful attitude and ugly too……..hmmmm ……ohhhh!! must be Trumps friend. no wonder LOL

  46. Nikeita Misner Reply

    That was a Hate Crime

  47. Ayoub Zahiri Reply

    If i was him i would turn the cam off. Knock her out and leave with no proof. I believe i wont be getting any charges

  48. Yours Truly Reply

    Crazy. 🎤 drop.

  49. Hank Larsen Reply

    oh hey karen

  50. zzzmyaz zzfox Reply

    Shame on her

  51. Why? Reply

    *She is so ugly she should do her offspring a chance of looking appealing by mixing.*

  52. Brooklyn Chayse Reply

    White People Are Excused For Everything They Do “Priviledge” How Amazing 👍

  53. Bad Intentions Reply

    LOL Karen

  54. Camille Lake Reply

    Karen…. white privilege at it’s finest.

  55. Gregco Company Reply

    I mean she kinda looks like morgz mum. lol

  56. r Luc Reply

    Sickkkkk woman

  57. notmyblogs utube Reply

    She hasn’t taken her weirdo pills today. This must be embarrassing for the decent whites in America. They have something she doesn’t. Peace of mind contentment happiness and love. Shame her.

  58. Eldridge Calm Reply

    see? nothing happened to the racist white woman. i’m glad they didn’t sue her. i’m glad they never called the police. i hope that the white woman spits on people next time. she knows she just got away with it ANYWAY!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  59. ShadowZepplin Reply

    This isn’t “Confronting”

    This is assault.

  60. guesswhat74 Reply

    I’d F her up in a second!

  61. Real Madridista Reply

    Texas lol

  62. Barbara E. Reply

    She walked away and should have kept walking. Sad she is obviously not mentally or physically mature enough to realize people aren’t the problem but her own perspective(s).

  63. Cordia Chung Reply

    worse than beast!

  64. jetter john Reply

    she acted out of stupidity not racism, it was the mixed-race couple who played the race card,

  65. Fazesquirrel 999 Reply

    Did y’all see the people walking in the back that turned around that didn’t want nothing to do with that🚶‍♂️

  66. Shirley Andrews Reply

    That woman should be committed. She’s crazy.!
    I bet she’s a tRump supporter.

  67. Dion Lopez Reply

    Trump voter!

  68. Lord Scorpio's Universal Tarot Reply

    Sue the s””” out of her!

  69. Aekim Areub Reply

    Respect to the camera man.

  70. A M Reply

    USA is full of nutters

  71. shuni nishu Reply

    I wished she hit the girl the the girl would have slapped the f outta her. Lmao

  72. junhui Xie Reply

    Real racism

  73. yoongis_ earbuds Reply

    of course this happened, it’s texas

  74. Nilomi Reply

    Did this bish get charged?

  75. Peteypuffmuhfugga K Reply

    I don’t here her say anything about race…they seem to be arguing about a dog.

  76. wolfslander wolfstail Reply

    What a karen

  77. hmxr Reply

    Call the cops.

  78. Dank Bear Reply

    Big news got trashy, like WWE. Who they try to demonize

  79. agoddessadiva Reply

    All I gotta say is that it couldna been me!😲😭

  80. MUSE Reply

    She would had been dead and I would be in jail for life

  81. tonia garcia Reply

    The couple should file a criminal complaint….don’t complain unless you are going to follow through because it just encourages racist acts like this.

  82. Tiara Timeless Reply

    Wait an apology? She assaulted this man several times in front of his child. Why weren’t charges pressed? This is an assault!!!

  83. Robert Pinkney Reply

    YO im dead the reason she was telling them to get of the grass is because that’s her home she lives in the trees, she didn’t even have shoes on. like if u agree

  84. loc man Reply

    Money doesn’t buy happiness.

  85. ConcernedCitizen5514 Reply

    Why did NBC even mention that the woman is white or that the couple taking photos is mixed-race? There was no evidence of bias and NBC is obviously trying to make her look racist when that does not appear to be the case. According to other articles, the woman said that the couple was trespassing and were illegally taking photos on private land. NBC is a disgrace

  86. Leon Mensah Reply

    They should’ve definitely filed assault charges against her.

  87. Justin Oliver Reply

    For everyone asking why she didn’t get arrested, did they actually go and contact police? I’m asking, not making excuses.

  88. imanii moore Reply

    just pure evil in this world that coulda went left real quick let been me

  89. 。愛やで〜 Reply

    What a POS and feel so sorry for that dog to have 💩 as an owner

  90. Gothic TDK Reply

    Always old white women

  91. Weli Hassan Reply

    white people, friendly advise! mind your own business, is that hard?

  92. Alexa brown Reply

    Go homeeeee karen

  93. B L D Reply

    Despicable behaviour!! She should go to prison for assault!

  94. hedy lamarr Reply

    NBC giving the racial pot a nice stir.🍯

  95. Eric Paul Goldie Reply

    The “Karen” epidemic is out of control!

  96. matt leopold Reply

    Love the amount of idiots here that post why didn’t the police arrest her. Obviously none of you saying that understand how the justice system works. The complainants here in the video would have to FILE THE CHARGES, and give a supporting deposition, and the video evidence. The police aren’t mind readers who show up whenever a crime is committed….Police can only arrest for a crime occurring in their presence.

  97. Polinski P.J. Reply

    Hahahaa! wait until the black guy starts lookin’ fo some MO BOOTAY! white girl be one MO BABY MOMMA! LOLOLOL!

  98. Kiara Patrice Oxley (Paul haddad Fan) Reply


  99. R X Reply

    Now we know why she’s a X wife

  100. Audiogeeks Vintage Sales Reply

    Another crazy southern Karen

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