100-Year-Old Veteran Captain Tom Moore Knighted By Queen Elizabeth | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/22
100-Year-Old Veteran Captain Tom Moore Knighted By Queen Elizabeth | NBC Nightly News

Captain Thomas Moore, the World War II veteran who raised $40 million for Britain’s health system by walking 100 laps around his garden, is now Sir Thomas Moore after the Queen knighted him as a congratulations for his extreme act of kindness.
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100-Year-Old Veteran Captain Tom Moore Knighted By Queen Elizabeth | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (113件)

  • Martin leBothel says:

    Shame NBC couldn’t post more Real News, like this.

    • ZBoy2020 says:

      They do. Don’t you pay attention?

  • Alistair Sebastian says:

    I’m a bit kerklempt. Sniffles.

  • Glen Last says:

    Good Show! Thank you!

  • Anna Lindsay says:

    This is a proud moment for him and his family.

  • God says:

    0:18 old people

    • Maiden Laura says:

      You too will be one …😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Rough collies says:

      We’re all old!

    • Janice Ellery says:

      so what troll

  • Bill York says:


  • Albano Almeida says:

    There is a lesson for the American people, work together to fight the virus.

    • Albano Almeida says:

      @Fernando Jimenez I’ve not assumed anything I’m just asking for all of you to stop blame one another and get together to fight the virus. Up till now Trump as made it worse to get people together and use mask. I have not seen B.L.M. Advocating for not use masks. And by the way, I’m Portuguese I live in the U.K. and I couldn’t care less if you are republican or democrat, I do care that people don’t have humanity.

    • Fernando Jimenez says:

      Albano Almeida Humanity has always been divided through selfish needs so I’m pretty sure the American people will still be divided.

    • Lucky says:

      Well, you can’t fight a virus when millions of people across the country mass together for days and days, sweating, shouting and not social distancing. Look at pics of the protests that happened in Washington. Of course numbers spiked. Come on. A good cause or not, the virus is an equal opportunity illness. Common sense. And yet, some states have again banned all public outings EXCEPT more mass demonstrations. Truly mind boggling.

      We will be okay though. People actually are working together, regardless of what the media reports. All the best to everyone.

    • Albano Almeida says:

      @Lucky I would give you some more value if you would mentioned the anti look down and anti mask protests, it would made you look more interested in the causes the just one side to blame.

    • Will Graham says:

      @Maiden Laura this is exactly what his comment is implying to united we stand divided we fall

  • David Ellis says:

    He was singing ” I would 🚶 100 miles ! ” 🎶

  • wolf blitzer says:

    The true embodiment of a British hero arise Sir Tom

  • Catholic action bible onlyist says:


  • Chris Adkins says:

    This REALLY got me deep down, squeezed out some tears and got the sniffles. There’s a real human being.

  • Maria Marunic says:

    I thouth she was going to cut his head off.

    • dunruden says:

      You thouth wrong!

    • Matthew M says:

      @Jim Carlile this isn’t disrespectful lol

    • Monty Zumazoom says:


    • Turtle says:

      @Jim Carlile shut up u dont even know what this evil family done

    • Robert Cawley says:

      Turtle But I’m sure you will tell us by spouting your anti British bile words.

  • Hawkzblade says:

    The final figure he raised was around $54,044,550.00.
    the 40 was back in April.

  • BrianL9944 says:

    a BS moment in the middle of global pandemic… wait she’s the queen of England… then who really cares?

    • Dazza says:

      She’s not the Queen of England, just goes to show how much you know.

    • jackzter04 says:

      @Dazza she literally is

    • Dazza says:

      @jackzter04 No she’s not, she’s the Queen of UK and the monarch to many other countries.

  • Debra Smith says:

    I love this man!

  • Carole Carole says:

    Good job Sir Tom. Amazing!

  • Vic McQueen says:

    She’s 94 he’s 100. We’re fascinated by public pay phones still existing, imagine what *they’ve* seen come and go over the years

    • Rough collies says:

      The 1918 pandemic

    • Jose Rico says:

      @Rough collies If he’s a 100 wouldn’t he be born in 1920? Got to do the math bro

  • Khmer Guiding Life says:

    Wish him healthy 🥰

  • Batatah Shukalata says:

    God Bless you Sir you deserve it! From USA

  • Ezenwa Perfect Okolie says:

    if “never too late to achieve your dreams” were a person.

  • Whut Now! says:

    USA murdered British in the past, but now cares about these island people

    • Matthew Shand says:

      We gave you everything you have right now. Civilisation, Democracy, rules of law, and most of all our language 👍

  • Sean Reusing says:

    He is no longer Captain Thomas Moore. He is now SIR THOMAS THE KIND! Knight to Her Majesty the Queen👏🏻

    • oman ferrow says:

      What a sucker

    • •Nìghtshade Edìts• says:

      @oman ferrow what’s your problem?

    • oman ferrow says:

      @•Nìghtshade Edìts• you name less people can’t understand that

    • Robert Cawley says:

      oman ferrow And you are a blower.

    • oman ferrow says:

      @Robert Cawley
      Then you must be a sucker

  • Henry Niemi says:

    Just goes to show what useless people the royalty are in these times of crisis. Why not borrow a guillotine from the French?

    • Dazza says:


    • Robert Cawley says:

      Yes send it over but you will be the only one we will use it on .

  • spritals says:

    What an Honour! What a man!! Well done, Sir.

  • beth gladem says:

    *S M I L E*

  • G Hart says:

    In my mind he’s far more valuable than she’ll ever be. Thank you for your service sir I wouldn’t be alive without you and those brave soldiers who fought for our freedom.

  • Dan C. says:

    Very nice , congratulations Sir Captain Tom … and thank you …

  • Sue Parras says:

    What an inspiration! Age cannot stop you from achieving your goals!

  • M L says:

    This where God is – in good and kind acts. Not in lies and deception that the WH peddles. God bless Sir Tom.

  • dunruden says:

    What happened to his promotion to colonel?

    • vishal vivek says:

      He was made Honorary Colonel of Army Foundation College.

  • Elizabeth Elliott says:

    Sir Thomas, we are very proud of you.

  • Val Rose says:

    This is awesome

  • fisch kopf says:

    the nazi queen

    • Robert Cawley says:

      fisch kopf Says the brain dead lunatic out on day release.

  • carpe1959 says:

    imagine if he was black we would be having street parties and statues erected in every city.

  • Monty Zumazoom says:

    We love him!
    What an amazing chap and a real English Gentleman

  • William Jacklin says:

    He is a colonial not a captain

    • Steve says:

      …do… you mean ‘colonel’?

    • William Jacklin says:

      @Steve spell check mate, oops

    • Steve says:

      @William Jacklin Happens to us all 😁

  • Miguel Salami says:

    My Salute to Sir Captain Tom.💛

  • Husaria Polska says:

    Well deserved sir!

  • Cassandra Gruberman says:

    Owners of the ‘dislikes’ are sad, sad people

    • Robert Cawley says:

      They’re disgruntled antagonists unhappy with their lot.

  • Andy Sunnucks says:

    You Americans can’t bear to even consider there may be another currency then dollars 🙄 he raised £32.7m

    • Steve says:

      It’s NBC news… this is being broadcasted *to* Americans, so of course they would translate it to American currency.

      Do you think financial news about trade or commerce concerning the UK in Germany or France or Italy inform their audiences using the British Pound, or the Euro? What makes actual sense?

    • Andy Sunnucks says:

      Steve I’ve always seen foreign currency reported in the currency that it actually is. They may say that’s the equivalent of £xxx. Can’t speak for European countries as I don’t speak the languages so not watched any news reports

  • Anthoney Parker says:

    awesome dude he is.

  • carl Bock says:

    What a total.disgrace..when is someone or something is going to get rid of that wicked old demanded bat! She’s an evil witch!

    • Robert Cawley says:

      carl Bock We are not interested in your prejudiced views and bile words.

  • Queen Bee says:

    Just Beautiful God Bless you Tom & Queen Elizabeth

  • Katlin O'Neill says:

    Congratulations sir you deserve it you are truly an inspiration to us all

  • David Mountbatten says:

    I’m sorry your majesty

    • Robert Cawley says:

      Mmmmmm strange comment.

    • David Mountbatten says:

      I kinda know her and I behaved badly so I’m sorry is that weird 😅

  • Claudia Newcorn - Zipline to Success Marketing says:

    An honor well merited by two amazing people whom have served their country with passion.

  • Jonathan. Frain says:

    MAGA- Moscow Agents Governing America

  • Sherlie Lorie says:

    How did he raise $40 million by just walking

  • The Water Boy UK says:

    I salute you Sir 👏

  • ziggy2009 says:

    Two WW2 veterans still serving their country in a castle nearly 1000 years old. History.

  • Linda Minton says:

    What a fine man!

  • Cantrell Jacombs says:

    She’s a Jewel thief.

    • Gerry Freeman says:

      And you are a misplaced Saddo

    • Cantrell Jacombs says:

      @Gerry Freeman Thank you for being Honest.

    • Robert Cawley says:

      What has this got to do with jewels , we are not interested in your prejudice views.

    • Cantrell Jacombs says:

      @Robert Cawley Thank you. I wrote down what you said in my diary. Anything else you will like to tell me??

    • jackzter04 says:

      @Cantrell Jacombs yea go fuckyourself your opinion does not matter


    Jajaja la doble de la bruja satanista será por ella y sus hijos están bien desaparecidos hace tiempo

  • Janice Ellery says:

    With all the negativity in the news,this was a pleasant change.if this 100 year old guy can raise so much money,then the rest of us can try to some good instead of just complaining 😊

  • Ruben Delgadillo says:

    “No matter how silly the idea of having a queen seems to us, we as American’s must be respectful” Frank Drebin The Naked Gun.

  • H. M. says:

    I am against the monarchy.

    • Robert Cawley says:

      So we the many are against you.

  • Abigail JOHNSON says:

    Such an inspirational man. Sign this petition to get him a statue on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square!!!

  • Angela Fenech says:

    No masks ?

    • OC Beezilla says:

      The UK managed it well enough that they don’t need masks right now

  • Ferazdag M says:


  • Dennis says:


  • Anthony Nellany says:

    Sir Tom isn’t just any Knight of the Realm, he’s the peoples Knight who’s united us and deserves to be addressed as Sir. Contrast him with Sir Desmond Swayne, a Member of Parliament who stood up in the Commons to gripe about “The imposition of wearing a mask while shopping.”
    Sir Tom your our Hero, swayne you don’t even deserve the title afforded to a pronoun.

  • Keira Metz says:


  • Dcdanger says:

    He describes the experience of being under enemy fire during WWII as “having an element of discomfort”, bless you sir for your service.

  • michael lewis says:

    Sir Thomas Moore. An officer and gentleman. Bravo sir.

  • Ricky Spanish says:

    They should build a statue of him where Edward Colston stood. he’s EARNED it.

  • SainQ says:

    W polsce usłyszałby zarzut za nielegalną zbiórke pieniędzy