Coronavirus: South Korea raises alert level to highest

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South Korea has raised its disease alert to the highest level after a surge in coronavirus infections and two more deaths, while Chinese state media warned the outbreak had yet to reach a turning point despite some signs of easing.
South Korea’s president said on Sunday he was putting the country on “red alert” due to the rapid rise in new cases, which are largely being traced back to church services. Health officials reported 169 new infections, bringing the total to 602, having doubled from Friday to Saturday.
The escalation in the alert level allows the government to send extra resources to Daegu city and Cheongdo county, which were designated “special care zones” on Friday.
South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency said it also enables the government to forcibly prevent public activities and order the temporary closure of schools, though the government gave no immediate details on what steps could be taken.
Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Cheongdo county.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Ade Teguh Prasetyo says:

    Is the Movie “The Flu” will become REALITY..?!

    • Avatar neo lin says:

      I wathed it a few days ago, and in my opinion it would be more severe. Because it has longer incubation period and with no obvious symptoms.

    • Avatar Sincere Sophia says:

      These film directors already know whats coming, nothing by accident as far as Im concerned

  2. Avatar john cuervo says:

    The reporter is infected now

  3. Avatar solo leveling says:

    save kpop

  4. Avatar Luis Perez says:

    Too many people comparing it to the Flu virus thus putting your guard down. When have you ever seen a mass quarantine in the states in the flu season

  5. Avatar Jose Garcia says:

    Wearing yellow jackets is how you do it

  6. Avatar Wade Lee says:


  7. Avatar Sinatra Soendjaja says:

    May God save our country. Amien

  8. Avatar 2 Sides to Every Story says:

    This virus has proven to be very very dangerous in infections rates.
    Death rates are less alarming at this stage.
    South korea has some controls
    other poorer nations…..
    Horrible feelings that BIG Trouble times ahead.
    Pray to ANY God & hope that I’m WRONG
    The Movie “Contagion” is scarily accurate…….

    • Avatar Sincere Sophia says:

      100 people on average dying each day from this virus is less alarming at this stage?

  9. Avatar Captain Nemo says:

    2,063,637 CHINESE DEAD SO FAR. SAD.

    • Avatar lc says:

      2 million + dead from what,?, Covid 19? Where did you get that number?

    • Avatar Bình Trần says:

      @lc he did the math

  10. Avatar koyukiny says:

    South Korea should have banned all flights from CHINA a month ago and they didn’t. They should have banned Chinese entering their country. It’s too late now

    • Avatar jungki kim says:

      @anjian ke i agree ur opinion. ^^

    • Avatar Gold HH says:

      The corona has been spreading in Korea mostly through Koreans who visited China than Chinese tourists or students in Korea.

    • Avatar jungki kim says:

      @Gold HH Maybe y r right.

    • Avatar Sydney Song says:

      @Gold HH That’s what the Moon and his goons want the people to believe.
      These “Koreans” are actually Han Chinese who emigrated to Korea en masse as a part of Moon’s pro-China scheme to overwhelm the native Korean population for their socialist agenda to prolong the Moon regime.

    • Avatar thanksgiving says:

      @Sydney Song so they are Korean. These grandma’s been living in Korea for 60+ years. She is responsible. Stop shifting the blame to China. China don’t it’s job by closing it’s borders and doing it’s things. Now it’s other country to follow up. The women, the cult leader,and the Korean church is to blame.

  11. Avatar javed_mamun says:

    Something awful is waiting for us, all of us and it ain’t a man💀💀💀

    • Avatar jungki kim says:

      But many people have recovered from Covid19. Its a kinda flu.

    • Avatar Sincere Sophia says:

      jungki kim A super flu that literally eats away your lungs in unfortunate cases

    • Avatar jungki kim says:

      @Sincere Sophia Super flu to some unheathy people but Ordinary people can overcome it. Dont so scare it.

    • Avatar D says:

      @jungki kim본인이 걸려도 그냥 감기의 일종이라고 할 수 있을까요? 재발하는 경우도 많고 완벽한 치료법이 없는 상태에서 쉽게 보면 안되죠.

    • Avatar jungki kim says:

      @D 그럴리있나요. 목감기라도 걸리면 내 삶이 상당히 피곤해지는데.. 전문가 말대로 노약자나 허약한 사람에겐 치명적이지만 그냥 보통 건강한 사람에겐 독감처럼 지나가니 너무 두려워할 이유가 없다는거죠. 인류 40~70%가 걸릴 수 있다고 하는 학자도 대부분은 가벼운 증상으로 지나갈 수 있다고 하니.. 인류역사가 세균과 바이러스와 싸워온 질병의 역사였습니다. 그 이상의 의미없어요.

  12. Avatar Sowmya Reddy says:

    China has clearly failed and trying to fail other countries too

    • Avatar ture says:

      In your dream, keyboard man

  13. Avatar 네오의 유튜브 says:

    I’m South Korean, so scary ㅠㅠ.

    • Avatar rlabriley bri says:

      저도요ㅜ 그나마 강남은 좀 덜 퍼지긴 했지만,,,

    • Avatar 네오의 유튜브 says:

      @rlabriley bri 경상도는 심각하네요 ㅠㅠ

    • Avatar ᄉᄌᄆ says:

      진짜 답이 없네요….

  14. Avatar Sky Watcher says:

    2020 started raging with volcanic eruptions, massive bushfire, floods, tension in the middle east, now earthquakes and a pandemic. No let up, events coming one after the other. I wonder what March will be like and the months after.

    • Avatar FoxTail Farms says:

      Sky Watcher don’t forget plagues of locusts in Africa.

  15. Avatar crankylifter says:

    Wuhan Gangnam style!

  16. Avatar rigo saravia says:

    Maybe some good will cames of this. Cleaner. Air not so many car..

  17. Avatar opportunity knocks says:

    The third world of the UN will be attacked by the virus. Islam, centuries behind the west, wi l l be hit hardest. IT lacks the infrastructure that the west developed.

  18. Avatar John Daniel Hubbard says:

    Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.
    In 2018 an estimated 228 million cases of malaria occurred worldwide and 405,000 people died, mostly children in the African Region. About 2,000 cases of malaria are diagnosed in the United States each year.
    50,000 to 100,000 people die of influenza yearly young and old healthy or not alarm.
    OH AND let’s FORGET..Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44.

    • Avatar FoxTail Farms says:

      John Daniel Hubbard there is not one peered reviewed study linking second hand smoke to any mortality.

  19. Avatar wisdaniel says:

    As the South Korean government sits at a round table at a group event of officials to tell everyone not to attend group events.

  20. Avatar Diego Kiwi says:

    Loving 2020 like

  21. Avatar Mr Bond says:

    A brave reporter even in that place but his not wearing a facemask

  22. Avatar Yasmine says:

    Wow I just finished watching a video saying that the alert level was raised to serious and now it’s highest.

  23. Avatar philomena phanthagia says:

    Close airports, seaport’s, bus, train stations until further notice. Ñot banning any nationality, but forbidduing all to enter…

  24. Avatar Marco Marc says:

    Train from daegu
    Plane from wuhan
    Ship from japan

    • Avatar Bình Trần says:

      The Diamond Princess ship owed by the UK not Japan. Japan was being nice for letting it docked

  25. Avatar Psychicgoat says:

    And not one person at this meeting is wearing a mask….

  26. Avatar Calvin J. says:

    Why are the Chinese allowed to travel when the disease is so undetectable? 🤔

    • Avatar Empty Empty says:

      Calvin J. They should quarantine the Chinese race

    • Avatar Calvin J. says:

      Empty Empty No! This has nothing to with race. The Chinese government has allowed its citizens to live in very unsanitary places. The animal markets are a disgrace!

  27. Avatar girish k s says:

    Kerala has eradicated covid 19 with no casualties….

  28. Avatar Youfan says:

    I thought the next Wuhan would be Hong Kong or Singapore. It turns out Daegu.

  29. Avatar Panzer Blitz says:

    Nobody cares about the people there. The world wants South Korea to stop torturing and killing dogs and cats. Those are priority.

    • Avatar shahid hussain says:


    • Avatar M says:

      Don’t speak for Americans. You don’t represent us. Not decent/good ones.

    • Avatar Empty Empty says:

      You spelled China wrong.

    • Avatar shahid hussain says:

      @M hahaha

  30. Avatar Bull Whipz says:

    (Me) not worrying about the virus because I know when I die I go to Heaven – 💃

  31. Avatar the Unrepentant says:

    *COVID-19 **_cannot_** be contained.* It transmits like the common cold. While it may be avoided by never coming into contact with liquid droplets harbouring the virus this possibility in everyday life where people must interact is virtually non-existent. Persons handle cash, goods and touch objects. A droplet in a plastic shipping package makes the journey to another continent without requiring a human host. Like the common cold an individual may be subject to infection several times. Immunity cannot be acquired. Transmission cannot be avoided. COVID-19 will run its course, take its toll and transform society. _Agenda 21._ Right on time. Right on schedule. _Arriving soon in your neighbourhood._

  32. Avatar Cecilia Namwanza says:

    This virus is more than nuclear weapon .

  33. Avatar Susan Ananda says:

    Is there any hoarding of instant noodles and toilet papers? In my country Singapore people did them.

  34. Avatar Troy Sierra says:

    Governments that are money hungry, and the flow of imports/exports are more important. Are really allowing and invitation to coronavirus to spread. Citizens that are carefree and irresponsible. That attend large crowds. That don’t wear face masks, gloves, goggles, and stay 10 feet away from other humans, are the culprits of contamination!

    Everyone must do their part including self hygiene…

  35. Avatar Adipati Edy says:

    Korean level red

  36. Avatar Thomas Johnson says:

    Stop flying in and out of SK.

  37. Avatar Doge Doggo says:

    Rip kpop

  38. Avatar Vikas Patil says:

    What if it reaches India , nightmare

    • Avatar farqitol says:

      Vikas Patil India is a nightmare without coronavirus. They still have leprosy and the plague!

  39. Avatar borg386 says:

    Wait till it hits USA! Our government is OBLIVIOUS and in complete denial of this outbreak.

  40. Avatar Rice Tea says:

    When China banned travel between their own cities, every country should have done the same to China. Now S Korea is paying for the epidemic.

  41. Avatar NIKOLAY says:

    幫助病毒感染者 BTC

  42. Avatar Sujeong Yoon says:

    Hi, I’m Korean citizen women who lives in Seoul. Well, reading these comments makes me very sad because even overseas people know that our government made their decision too late but some people who support current government, they think the president dealing this situation very well. How funny part is this.

    The real problem is they are still not shutting down from Chinese people’s visiting. It already spreading all over the Korea cities. But also all the markets out there almost dying not only usual streets but also every department and outlets. ( since delivery system in Korea very developed ,, )

    I deeply love my country and do not want to die yet. I love my family, and still want to do many things in my life but not sure how this happening will be emd with.

    Thamk you everyone and stay safe !

    • Avatar ture says:

      In fact, after the outbreak of China, many tour groups have been closed. The virus has an incubation period. In South Korea, the first person to become a communicator may not be a Chinese.

    • Avatar ture says:

      The epidemic situation in China has been brought under control. Except for a few areas such as Wuhan and Hubei, many other areas in China have no infected people. In 2009, H1N1 in the United States caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, and none of them came to you. Now Not even

    • Avatar 한su-jin says:

      I think cause is not chinese but shincheonji korean.

    • Avatar David kim says:

      힘내세요,대통령이 우물쭈물하는 동안 나라가 개판이네요

  43. Avatar planetzito says:

    South Korea should’ve banned all flight routes coming from China as soon as outbreak occurred, but they still haven’t. Incompetent president!

    • Avatar Pinkpunch says:

      The failure to impose an entry ban from all parts of China, at least with the exception of Hebei, has nothing to do with the mass infection among members of the cult.
      And the main culprit behind the incident is movements and attitudes after the infection of the 31st confirmed patient, and the identity of the host that previously infected her.

    • Avatar planetzito says:


      Sure the spreading from the cult can be looked at as culprit in this recent spike. But failure to impose full entry ban from the beginning to all parts of China didn’t help.

    • Avatar D says:

      Yes the worst leader ever

  44. Avatar Ryan A says:

    I dont trust the chinese government what so ever

  45. Avatar Ryan A says:

    South korea is turning into corona chess pon

  46. Avatar Oscar Bull says:

    how do you treat a disease that has no cure yet?

  47. Avatar Panca Anandari says:

    🇰🇷 Daegu GWS 😷😭😭😭🤗🤗🤗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  48. Avatar james H says:

    Occurrence: Wuhan, China
    Diffusion: Moon Jae-in
    Koreans call it ‘Moon Jae-in’ Corona.He is a disaster in Korea.

    • Avatar 한su-jin says:

      I am korean. I never call this situation Moon jae in’s corona. He always try his best.

    • Avatar ᄉᄌᄆ says:

      Don’t blame a foreign president for not being your country

  49. Avatar Fly Fisherman says:

    So in another video just watched people are saying they are confident the Government will fix this for us. LOLOLOL. Better get your preps topped up, including ammo and whatever else you feel will protect you and your family when it hits HARD.

  50. Avatar Matthew james says:

    Is this not enough to declare a pandemic? are they really gonna wait for the virus to infect more? WHO what are you doin men??

  51. Avatar 4920 seong says:

    President Moon is called 좌빨(jwabbal) by half of S.korean, jwabbal means far left-wing. He cell the country to china I think….also he visited china in 2017 and he spoke 중국몽,중국은 높은산봉우리(chinese dream,PRC is highest mountain peak). For this reason, guess moon thought is anti-america. I think trumph hate moon very much!


  52. Avatar Devil's Double. says:

    *I think China is the Largest Exporter*
    *Even 🍎an American Company manufactures their Products in China & then Exported from China*
    *So Is Coronavirus!!!!!!!!!*

  53. Avatar P eace says:

    Too late, Moon – you’ve screwed your own people!

  54. Avatar Michele Zhang says:

    You just wait until the money runs out and Chinese high school gangs have only their stupidity- do you want to see table manners?

  55. Avatar Rochelle Lee says:

    In korea, most citizens take it seriously and don’t go to public places often, causing restaurants to suffer from financial difficulties. But christians are the problem. Because the spread of Corona in Korea started with a Christian. Christians in Korea gather at church almost every day. Despite the government’s dissuasion, they continue to hold worship.

  56. Avatar Glenn Smith says:

    Nows the time for Kim to cross over the border north Korean army?

    • Avatar this Cover says:

      Loool. Invasion at its best.

    • Avatar thanksgiving says:

      Then they are asking to get infected too

  57. Avatar amosng 350 says:

    I hope TWICE & the other Idol Groups are doing alright?

  58. Avatar 張明 says:


  59. Avatar 그루트 says:

    Hi, I am a student of my school district. Please understand my poor English. Our country was not that serious until a few days ago.But countless people gathered without masks in the pseudo-group “Shincheonji” in Daegu and eventually countless people inside were infected at once.Currently, 80 percent of Korona patients in Korea are related to Daegu.And most people in our country have complaints about the government. A month ago, people asked for a ban on Chinese entry, but the government didn’t listen.Even now, many Chinese people are coming to Korea. Be careful everyone

    • Avatar Nhi Ha says:

      Didn’t matter. Quit blaming. Ya Koreans are extremely racist, even to your own people. Now ya racist attacks people who lives in Daegu

    • Avatar 한su-jin says:

      I ask you what country baned Chinese at that time not this time? I don’t have complaint about government. Our officials do their best. Shincheonji doesn’t have citizenship, not following government. Please don’t blame our government.

  60. Avatar Brenda Seigler says:

    If South Korea is on Red Alert then I believe that North Korea is infected as well.

  61. Avatar The TRUTH is JESUS says:


  62. Avatar Lim Oung Cheng says:

    I’m going to S korea in april hope thing will get better soon

    • Avatar jungki kim says:

      You will be all right in April.

    • Avatar ᄉᄌᄆ says:

      Thank you

  63. Avatar nuclearcasserole says:

    This is really getting serious, been good to know ya!

  64. Avatar DMO_Enterprises says:

    Gov’t funded Food delivery programs should be organized and a toll free order number set up to keep people from going out as much as possible.

  65. Avatar Joelle's Journal says:


  66. Avatar Thevenizer says:

    Moon has a long talk with Xi Jing Pooh… Korea doesn’t close its borders (deny entry of Chinese travelers)… Korea chains itself to the sinking mother ship.

  67. Avatar Ultimate Noob says:

    North Korea : IM WAITING

    • Avatar jungki kim says:

      North Korea closes all borders.. They will open it only to neogotiate on Nuclear weapon.

  68. Avatar Sindabad says:

    Boycott China

  69. Avatar luke shaw says:

    (@1:30) model train set city = not real

  70. Avatar Johnston Steiner says:

    According to indian news: his visit costs a heck of a lot of rupees per minute. 2 days = 24 x 12 x 60 = too many rupees

  71. Avatar Sudofar [서두파 부계정] says:

    내가 그나라의 주인이다

  72. Avatar Souls Happy says:

    Imma head out

  73. Avatar silver120mp says:

    please send coronavirus in india ;2billions there;every sec=1 indian is born

  74. Avatar Shah Hurrem says:

    2020 starts Iran US conflict & talk of WW3, Ukrainian Plane Crash, Australian bush fire, and Now Crona Virus Outbreak.
    Can you imagine the world in December of 2020? Will we still be here?

  75. Avatar Milan Benek says:

    First missiles should have reached china weeks ago, now its too late for everything.

  76. Avatar 돈짱どんちゃんユーチューバ 돈짱 says:

    I’m Korean.
    And I’m in Japan.
    Everyone please pray for Korea

    • Avatar ᄉᄌᄆ says:

      감사합니다 거기도 조심하세요

    • Avatar 돈짱どんちゃんユーチューバ 돈짱 says:

    • Avatar 돈짱どんちゃんユーチューバ 돈짱 says:

      한국을 위해서도 기도하겠습니다!

    • Avatar Hong kingkong says:

      Gws korea. I love korea

  77. Avatar Mommy Zang says:

    Hi, we are going to Seoul this Thursday, how does Seoul taking the corona virus? We will be staying 4 days

    • Avatar Mommy Zang says:

      Adeel Bashir17 thank you adeel

    • Avatar Mommy Zang says:

      배진성 hi, thank you for the concern. We cancel our flight to Seoul.

    • Avatar Mommy Zang says:

      배진성 hi, yes we cancel our flight to Seoul. Thank you for concern.

    • Avatar Mommy Zang says:

      xXSoldier08YangXx hi, appreciate this. Thank you! We cancel our flight to Seoul

    • Avatar Mommy Zang says:

      Alistair Ally푸늘 we are coming from Okinawa Japan, we are planning to go in Seoul for a convention, and we already cancel our flight.

  78. Avatar APBC Technique and UK Osteopathy says:


  79. Avatar soybean says:

    Deplorable. I live in Korea and the government doesn’t seem to know how to cope with this at all. They should’ve blocked flights from China in the first place. They let thousands of Chinese people in and go all over the country. We have about 890 confirmed cases now..

  80. Avatar buddy man says:

    Fake news

  81. Avatar Ninh Vũ Phương says:

    Try well korean im from vietnames

  82. Avatar 마미손동생 says:


  83. Avatar star morning says:

    China’s Zhongnanhai fell, the Central People’s Congress Central Committee and the Military Commission, and senior officials collectively transmitted covid-19 to flee Beijing. Beijing has already spread the virus, and news media around the world have known that countries should step up to prevent virus invasion.

  84. Avatar Stephen H says:

    South Korean President Moon sent medical aid early on and stated that China and Korea are “a community fated together/ on the same boat” only banning flights from Wuhan. After the increase in patients in Korea, China criticized Korea for a slow response and started banning flights from Korea. I honestly can’t believe why he puts so much faith in China. Never trust China to return the favor period bc they’re only in it for themselves.

  85. Avatar Zillur Rahim says:

    Korean is one of the best nation in the world…They are good people..May Allah save them…Good Luck for Korea..Korea Fighting!

  86. Avatar 손정현 says:

    We have idiot president

  87. Avatar Maui Caui says:

    They should livestream church.

  88. Avatar Mr. Apriza Yutama says:

    WHO : Don’t worry guys, this virus not as harmful as SARS.

  89. Avatar Teum Heng says:

    Stand with Korean and Chinese fighting against Covid-19. We can do it. We need more engagement as well as commitment and we can do it.

  90. Avatar 승희 says:

    Korona virus in Korea spread because of the church.

    • Avatar James Lee says:

      That’s Bullshit Dont only blame that cult organization The government shoud’ve banned the chinese. And you dont even know whats the source of infection of Daegu citizens

  91. Avatar 사브리나 says:

    In Daegu ~ the journalist not wearing a mask!! I am surprised

  92. Avatar 부티내지마 says:

    I envy American citizens. If the South Korean president acted like Donald Trump, this would not have happened. I’m a Korean. But I really respect the president of the United States. I hope our President can say what he says about China. I really hate my president. I hate it because I feel close to China and away from America. I’m really pathetic. I love his country and admire President Trump who can make his claims. If the interpretation is strange, please understand.

    • Avatar Junhyuk Kwon says:

      우리나라 대통령이 트럼프 같았다면 제가 사는 대구시, 2번 무너지고도 남았을 거예요.

  93. Avatar JS PARK says:

    I am South Korean. In my country, any people who have any kind of symptoms of a cold can be inspected by the hospital for free. In fact, our inspection capability is tremendously higher than any other country for sure. We even provide a drive-thru service to get inspected for the virus in some cities. If other countries have the same amount of inspection as we have, you will see how comparatively safe we are in now.

    • Avatar Luv The Truth4ever says:

      I wonder what is happening in North Korea? I wonder if the “so called Supreme Leader” would rather his subjects/people died than reach out to the international community for help.

    • Avatar JS PARK says:

      Um.. I am just a normal citizen, so I don’t know what’s going to happen in the North. but I do believe that they wouldn’t ask for help even if lots of people would die because the Communist party is relatively easier to control people than democratic countries. They are very easy to cover up bad things. People in a democracy do not seem to listen to the government saying well. I think that the only way for us, people in a democracy to overcome is just to give transparency, a large amount of inspection for the virus, and the medical service to its people so that people feel safe.

  94. Avatar thanksgiving says:

    Wouldn’t it be better if everyone just get it so we don’t need to worry about it anymore and treat it like a flu

  95. Avatar Hamit Irawan says:

    Akhir.a do’a ku terkabul juga
    Korsel kena corona..mudah” pada mampus trs bubar kpop” bahlul
    Dan korsel gk lama jadi wilayah korut nnti

    • Avatar Muhammad Agustian says:

      Hamit Irawan doa macam apa itu? Orang kena musibah kok malah digituin. Udah hilang akal sehat mu ya?

  96. Avatar We are all one says:

    What an easy situation for introverts.

  97. Avatar 요예대니 says:

    South Korea is trying to protect its people from Corona, and the people are helping each other through it. South Korea is a strong country to overcome Corona.

  98. Avatar Junhyuk Kwon says:

    I live in the city of Daegu, which already has 5000+ patients. We’re doing our best to get rid of the virus Alhamdulillah.
    Thanks for encouraging us!

    • Avatar Junhyuk Kwon says:

      (Updated the number of patients – 8 Mar 2020)

  99. Avatar C'est La G says:

    I hope this outbreak ends soon.

  100. Avatar Peter Mok says:

    The government of South Korea are fighting against corona-virus and crazy politicians

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