Brexit burned $81bn hole in EU budget, leaders try to fill gap

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European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels to draw up a seven-year budget plan as they try to fill an $81bn deficit left by the United Kingdom’s departure from the bloc.
But getting all 27-member states to agree is not proving to be easy as richer and poorer states argue over how large their contributions should be.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from Brussels.

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  1. Avatar Eamon O'Connell says:

    Oh. Look at that. Corrupt people running out of other people’s money. INTERESTING

  2. Avatar VforVoluntary says:

    Thanks for explaining both sides of the debate. I was wondering which countries were arguing for higher contributions to the EU but only ever heard about “The Frugal Four” from the media in my country (Sweden).

  3. Avatar mclanaford says:

    The UK cash cow is now dry . My suggestion for the EU. is better get used to that .

  4. Avatar Nigel cockburn says:

    The price is wrong because the corrupt globalist NWO wannabees crashed my English pound on the world stage and I will get compensation from these thieving scum one way or another.

  5. Avatar shaufiq fauzi says:

    ASEAN to EU >>🤣😂

  6. Avatar scambodia147 says:

    And to think the unpatriotic moronic remoaners still want to be a part of this soon to be obsolete regime,IT BEGGARS BELIEF!

  7. Avatar Duncan Walker says:

    The Eu Clowns didn’t call the UK ‘ Treasure Island ‘ for nothing LOL They are in full blown panic mode right now and they have no answer to Boris just saying we are leaving LOL

  8. Avatar FPVtrainee says:

    The cash cow has gone. Toodle pip!

  9. Avatar GinSkimPivot says:

    They kept telling us we couldn’t join.

    And speaking for me, the Greece crisis was the last straw – they loaned Greece money they didn’t actually have the capital to underpin. But they then dictated terms to Greece so the EU would ultimately profit from the loan while saving the Euro.

    The EU – _”Time to die.”_

  10. Avatar Garrett says:

    No worries, it’s all meaningless fiat currency anyway. You own nothing.

  11. Avatar Stop hate Hate crimes world wide. says:

    It cost money, common law rights and freedoms. The BORG.

  12. Avatar madashell1200 says:

    The EU won’t exist in 2050. The UK fled that sinking ship. I wouldn’t blame France and Germany if they left either.

    • Avatar Monsieur Sloth says:

      The UK won’t exist in 2050. Ireland will unite and Scotland will join the EU.

  13. Avatar James J says:

    Haha goodbye The EU from the UK.

  14. Avatar No One says:

    EU is a sinking ship and the sooner it sinks the better and stop the drain of taxpayers money being drained by brussels

  15. Avatar Odeed says:

    So England took it’s 81 billion because they were getting short-changed like the frugal four? I can see why they left.

  16. Avatar Shaun Whitehead says:

    Poland & Hungary should leave the EU and support each other through free trade + military cooperation

    • Avatar Monsieur Sloth says:

      That’s the dumbest idea I heard in a while.

    • Avatar Shaun Whitehead says:

      HAHAHAHA got a better one?

    • Avatar Monsieur Sloth says:

      @Shaun Whitehead No need, because it’s too obvious that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

    • Avatar Shaun Whitehead says:

      @Monsieur Sloth Yep I thought so, begone leftie EU supporter

  17. Avatar randy tabron says:

    The UK owes the EU nothing

  18. Avatar Mitch Longley says:

    The price for control of your country and to have control of who comes in that is the main advantage of Brexit

  19. Avatar Mitch Longley says:

    Independent country who makes there own choices so let’s see who has success after Brexit. Will the eu ever be able to balance there books

  20. Avatar omine OL says:

    France end Germany get ready to pay morr taxes
    The EU need your money to feed the poor Romanian end Bulgarian people

  21. Avatar omine OL says:

    81 billion $ is nothing compared to Germany 243 billion end France 170 billion
    Even Italy pay more than uk

    • Avatar Classical Music11 says:

      Yeah, but who is going to fill that $81 billion void?

  22. Avatar xian xu says:

    Socialist believe only the government control all money. All businesses and markets be owned by the government and resources distributed to people based on what the government thinks people need. If you want to know what the government thinks you need look at the United Nations documents. People only need 80sqft per person to live in. No meat eat bugs or soy for protein. No cars. No home ownership. Two sets of clothes. This is a real document and typical of what they believe. So if you are a single woman making $100k a year,all of your money would go to the government. You would live in a tiny government apartment. By law would have to live a certain distance from work. Use your food ration book standing in line to receive your daily food and other supplies. Think It’s a lie? Look at Mao china,Soviet Russia with Stalin. Castro and chey guavera Cuba and now Venisuella. Hundreds of millions of people starved to death because of socialism and the elites became wealthy kings having the people celebrate their birthday as a national holiday. Today socialist say don’t worry it will work this time. We just need to find the right people to run everything. Don’t buy into it.

  23. Avatar Ralf Rath says:

    “We want a deal” – this is what trade agreement is and means. But the British people have not voted for a deal! Until today the British goverment can not understand this? Why? I do not know but I love all wrong deals our govermens.

  24. Avatar john Thatcher says:

    So long as it’s not the uk problem anymore I don’t care

  25. Avatar brooke ballard says:

    The top people in the eu are a shower .As for Macron he is a dead duck & Brexit has nothing to do with his down fall . vicktory aux gilets jaunes

  26. Avatar António Almeida says:

    Meanwhile, in my country, Portugal, the government is getting fat. 70 members for 10 million citizens. Germany has 34 members of state. Keep paying Europeans. Portuguese socialists need your money.

  27. Avatar matthew haines says:

    Britain can join Canada.. Australia and us as partners… EU.. not required. !

  28. Avatar joe 90 says:

    Never happen..bye bye ..Britain Fist

  29. Avatar Marina Boyd says:

    How is this different from a divorce, where you have to run two households, on the income as when you were one household.

  30. Avatar Simon Tay says:

    In conclusion, those countries formerly of East Europe are the poorest under the Communist Block or COMECON. Ever realised how many East Germans died trying to climb the Berlin Wall to escape the hardship under the ‘ THE SICKLE & THE HAMMER’. Well, this is indeed ‘The Tale of Two Cities!’

  31. Avatar Mick Bryan says:

    this money should now be used to fix the uk

  32. Avatar Frank Renda says:

    time for austria to leave.

  33. Avatar Oldskoolrools says:

    Germany and France should pay more, as they’re the ones who benefit indirectly, whilst pretending they’re doing the rest of the EU a favour. Germany with it’s massively under valued Euro, helping drive their export based economy, and France receiving enormous support for its inefficient agricultural sector and its way of life in general (anybody that thinks France has been a net contributor over the last 40 years is naive and should travel around France)

  34. Avatar John Harper says:

    It’s so nice that the folks in the EU are finally figuring out what happens when you run out of other people money. They will learn nothing from this. Thank god England finally got the balls to stand up for itself.

  35. Avatar 6 t says:

    Let us hope more countries will follwo. This is a bad moneugrabbing, powerhungry beast

  36. Avatar Retards gamen BFW says:

    I’m all for the EU sure i think alot of things can be better but i don’t think we’d be better off without it. However i live in the netherlands and per capita we already pay the most of all the nations. I think the EU should be schrinking their budget after brexit. im not going to whine about how bad we have it but i do think that making the working class pay even more in taxes will only sow dissent en turn the opinion of the EU even more against it.

  37. Avatar Slobodan Petrovic says:

    Who cares,EU it’s Dead. Long live Brittania 💪😎

  38. Avatar thegowerboy says:

    We can only wish them well and hope that inefficiency will no longer be rewarded with grant payments.

  39. Avatar cuhurun says:

    They took the UK for granted for too many years… big mistake.

  40. Avatar Ian Cooke says:

    Wake up!!!!

  41. Avatar Howard Roberts says:

    From England. I cannot understand why the German people are standing for it, 20 now 25% of the EU budget payed by Germany, that is crazy.

  42. Avatar Andrew bulmangani says:

    Germany and France can replace it.. there sorted it for them.. their only worried about is there billions they can spend on expenses and ridiculous costing meals with the best CHAMPAIGN money can buy in their members only European luxurious hotel parliament buildings.. all living like billionaires.. calling themselves the Elite politicians!? Hmmmmmm sell your arses for the deficit

  43. Avatar kulas jennerman says:

    Eu is not mandated by people this is an evil self serving organization, country in Europe should run away from this as far as possible😏

  44. Avatar j says:

    EU is broke!!

  45. Avatar Anthony C Brown says:

    This is what healthy partnership is all about. Yes, there will be hard discussions and compromises but that is reality in any healthy relationship. The EU will also discuss the subsidies the UK were receiving for their agricultural products and how that money can be reallocated. The UK will now pay more for cars and produce they get from EU countries as they are no longer a member (which is fair). Try going into Costco and getting Member Pricing when you are not a Costco Member.

    In 20 years time, the UK will be full of Chinese cars (with Rover badges on them) as that will be all they can afford.

  46. Avatar Luke says:

    I don’t know what they’re spending those billions on

  47. Avatar Top Cat says:

    Oh dear…..I wonder who the EU are going to try and mug off now, now the brits have gone….we were always mugged by these clowns for money….and we stumped up each year like dummies. Big reality check now…..hey EU clowns, example: Bulgaria and Romania has loads of money to bail you out…..sorry what was that????…….Exactly zero€€€€ to offer, so why did you invite them in, you would do better having turkey as a major EU partner they are commercially rich, big in manufacturing and exports, financially stable…..but you all got hung up on their human rights trivia, Oh sorry what does Bulgaria and Romania and other minors offer…..uhhmm let me think, people trafficking, dodgy meet products, drugs, scamming, robbing, corruption, and all sorts of what we dont need crime stuff….and generally up to cross border no good stuff….if you want the EU model to be a success….cut loose all the dross, non contributors and hand out partners, max the EU at up to 10 top winners….or just bin the whole idea of the original “common market” …..and all do our own thing…..remember the song “he ain’t heavy he’s my brother”……well very soon you guys in Brussels will be carrying over 20 plus dead beat brothers on your back….fact.???

  48. Avatar Thao Brewster says:

    Germans now must pay your dues , Angela Merkel invited in the third world Islamist now you must pay for her stupidity and treason .

  49. Avatar tim redfern says:

    The eu the most corrupt system out there . Thankgod we’re out

  50. Avatar THE CRAZY GUY says:

    This is what happens when you try and centralise an economy, that money they pay would be better off in there own country

  51. Avatar Peter Schotanus says:

    This is where EU should step up to the plate. No money squandering but lay out a new, ambitious, daring budget to address projects for all of Europe. Climate, social issues, inequality, economics. UK may be out but we’re all in. Groundbreaking policies and a strong financial and social foundation. Make EU ready for a future where Europe leads the way. Stop squabbeling, get to it, now.

  52. Avatar Louis Walker says:

    In the words of Marie Antoinette: ‘’let them eat cake’’.

  53. Avatar Dutch Man says:

    Funny! The extreme Brexit opinion on the bus (Without rebates and subsidies to Britain) showed us 13 bn a year.

    • Avatar Dutch Man says:

      You really have to improve math education.

    • Avatar Dutch Man says:

      Btw you show the flag of Luxemburg.

  54. Avatar likklej8 says:

    That’s why the U.K. ruling elite stitched up and lied to the U.K. people to create this shitfuckery. One world one people. Peace love and stars.

  55. Avatar Bainsworth says:

    al jazeerah digging in the dregs, tea leaf journalism to pander to the brexiteer segment…low integrity hyperbole

  56. Avatar Dan Hall says:

    It’s all going to plan for the Russians

    The Americans and the Chinese are loving it too

    The European union and the United kingdom have officially bin removed as competitors for trade

  57. Avatar Marc Wareham says:


  58. Avatar happy Harry says:

    The best country left the EU because being taken for fools is not nice

  59. Avatar Olivier Mosimann says:

    Now the EU Titanic can sink without pulling Britain into it’s disastrous fate. Good luck to those who stay on board.

  60. Avatar Tony Hind says:

    Glad to see the EU blow itself apart.

  61. Avatar martin manifold says:

    86 billion shortfall ….the EU took the UK for a ride ….we have had austerity and no money for the NHS but we were keeping the EU afloat …..the cohesion states effectively addicts for EU subsisidy

  62. Avatar Midnight Rambler says:

    Not so cocky now are they??😂👍🏻

  63. Avatar Mr. Apriza Yutama says:

    Bismillah. EU will fall.

  64. Avatar Keith Lynch says:

    I don’t suppose the EU’s officials will take a paycut?

  65. Avatar Graham Shepherd says:

    The EU should ask the Brexit remainers for donations to help them survive, they would feel proud to help.

  66. Avatar TREVOR HART says:

    Typical the UK are bast**rds according to Tusk and Barnier BUT now we have the TRUTH. The EU only wanted UK money and now it is clear that the newest East European members are going to loose the “BRIBES” they were promised to join the EU. Eastern Europe Countries join the “New European Partnership” with the UK and leave France, Germany and Southern Ireland on their own, it should be clear that they have no intention of fulfilling their promises of EU subsidies. Vladakar GONE, Merkel on the way out and Macron dead in the water! The “New European Partnership” will have the advantage of Trading Deals across “The Commonwealth” nations. EU will never see the divorce Bill with its current negotiations, either a deal or No Deal = No Divorce Settlement, well done Barnier/Tusk, take the Billions out of your pension schemes !!!!

  67. Avatar GrrMeister says:

    *What a ridiculous state of affairs, all those ‘PIGS’ (Portugal, Spain, Greece & Ireland) wondering how they will manage their pathetic economies without enormous EU Support – In a Word CRAZY.*

  68. Avatar GrrMeister says:

    1:25 *They should not even been allowed in the EU – (Poland & Hungary) absolute disgrace.*

  69. Avatar GrrMeister says:

    2:05 *Lovely Jubbly – wonderful to to witness this – France Protests again, just you wait Mr Froggy when you are banned from nicking our fish in Territorial Waters, go fish elsewhere I say, you have over 2,000 Miles (3427 KM to you) so drop you hooks and you might catch an occasional kipper, but NOT FROM US*

  70. Avatar Nuclear Fire says:

    All this farmer look like communist.

  71. Avatar Just The Facts says:

    Good job UK left the EU. The lazy countries are supported by the Richer Countries. This is not a Democracy, it’s a Dictatorship.

  72. Avatar Count Kirk says:

    Scroungers wanting more of other people’s money, isn’t socialism grand eh? Yeah about 2 grand a year in extra tax payments you eussr puppets.

  73. Avatar Roger Haspeck says:

    it’s always about money, the UK lost out by its membership in the EU.

  74. Avatar Stephen Salter says:

    Absolutely brilliant and the EU clowns still haven’t got the message, they want to carry on spending more with billions less what sort of morons are these people. We are taking back our country and we want no alignment with the EU so WTO here we come.

  75. Avatar NPC TARD says:

    Down with the EU,Britain historically always gets it right

  76. Avatar AJ says:

    Forever European but no longer part of the E.U.

  77. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    U talk about others. Idiot.

  78. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    Brit are a nation of idiots.

  79. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    Too lazy for Europe

  80. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    A danger for America

  81. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    A real danger

  82. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    Britannia have a nickname. INDIA. U are took by indians and make others poor?

  83. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    Rasists, lazy and corrupt. =British

  84. Avatar Raymond Finch says:

    The lies we were told about how much we pay to the European mafia, now you see the true cost to the United Kingdom.
    May has cost us billions for the delays of getting out of this European mafia.

  85. Avatar Tom Ingram says:

    Where’s the laughing emoji, oh there it is 😂

  86. Avatar G Dunken says:

    Haha.. the globalist clowns in the EU were saying UK would lose out from Brexit. But look lefties, where we hear bad news now. More trouble ahead for EU.

  87. Avatar Sakura Moore says:

    Toothpaste is out of the tube…🇬🇧💶💷…😅

  88. Avatar nick99 says:

    $81 billion…..


  89. Avatar 武蔵宮本 says:

    Now that UK has left the EU, will it encourage/inspire other European countries to do the same?

  90. Avatar Joe Wood says:

    If food is going to be more expensive and hard to grow then the simple solution is to reduce the human population across the whole of Europe in fact the whole of the Earth.

    it’s time the human race woke up to reality and got the intelligence to talk about depopulation and how we are going to manage our species so it can live in harmony within this confined space instead of just mindlessly multiplying and destroying it along with itself.

    the time to put the future of our species ahead of personal gain, ahead of making money has come because at the end of the day if we are not here then money is meaningless the so is jobs. we need to get our priorities right. our future before personal greed.

    less people the less ground you will need to grow food better quality food you will have, a better quality of life you will have as well.

    everything points to reducing the human population, look at the coronavirus and how easy it has spread across the planet this is because this too many people on the planet there is too many people freely moving around the planet it is a recipe for disaster and the coronavirus is just the tip of the iceberg that’s going to come because it will.
    It’s time for the human race to stop ignoring the dangers and start facing the truth, because at the moment it has put making money and endless growth higher on the list than its own existence.
    that’s why our problems are getting worse not getting better, building more homes is not going to solve the housing problem, building bigger hospitals is not going to solve the waiting list, embracing more and more dangerous methods to try and keep up with the endless growth in people is not going to solve anything.

    It is bringing our population down to an acceptable level that each landmass can naturally support getting rid of this ridiculous incompatible system of economic growth and adopt in a community system that doesn’t need endless growth to feed it.

    For capitalism to work with a fiat currency as it’s basis the population must continue to expand. The more people the more destruction, this is going to carry on until you self-destruct Well you people today will not see this policy which you in embrace so enthusiastically fully mature in your lifetime. maybe that’s the problem what you are refusing to see because it won’t happen in your lifetime.

  91. Avatar ZENOIST2 says:

    France will have to pay a lot more which is going to go down really well.

  92. Avatar crazy catfish says:

    Nice to watch them sort it out and some of them will have to think where the money came from. No wonder so many countries wanted to join a club where you get given billions of £ for free, complete no brainer. Different when you are the country paying. Germany and France can just contribute more or the rest take less.

  93. Avatar Bentley Enthusiast says:

    The frugal 4 pays more than it receives.

    Isnt that one of the reasons why Brexit happened?

  94. Avatar Hayat says:

    innocents Pakistanis in (Roeslare, Belgium ) 👉🏽 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍🎓👩‍🎓📱💻🔫🚶🏽‍♂️attack, Afghanistanis 👈🏽 report send to 👉🏽🗽 Roeslare) Belgium, 😱 👉🏽 +32 465 78 32 75

  95. Avatar David of Yorkshire says:

    With the economic shutdown due to Coronavirus the BREXIT hole in the budge will be insignificant. The organisation exists on a percentage of GDP. Each and every member is suffering significant economic contraction which in turn means the EU funding is contracting too. There are only 6 nett contributors to the EU. The UK is leaving at years end and the other 5 especially Italy is in the midst of a major catastrophic financial disaster. Forget the losses from the EU leaving, the 5 remaining nett contributors aren’t going to be paying in enough to fund current commitments, never mind anything else in their wild fantasy’s.

    The EU is effectively through, it’s going to be financial starvation that finally ends the organisation. It’s just a matter of how hard they cling to things, and who they take with them as they demand and force already suffering nations to fund delusional desperate attempts to survive.

  96. Avatar imran raja says:

    Free lunch is over

  97. Avatar Stevie Baby says:

    Germany like the UK are sick of propping up the other EU countries. Its all going to end in tears. Remember when the Lisburn treaty come in totally next year you will all be locked in and Poland and Bulgaria and Lithuania and all the net takers can relax as its money they can get out and never pay it back. Good Luck Germany France and Ireland. You will be paying forever.

  98. Avatar Irwin Crook says:

    0:57 Where is Germany?

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