Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News

2020 5/30
Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News

Witnesses recorded an incident where a white woman called the police on a black father who was coaching his son from the sidelines. Police found no wrongdoing and did not detain the father. It is the latest in a string of occurrences where white people have called 911 on black people who have done nothing wrong.
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Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • billionkek says:

    I bet my house the person filming this is obese!

  • Richy Hodge says:

    the camera person has breathing issues 😂😂😂😂

  • Richy Hodge says:

    weirdo breath

  • tim bartlett says:

    im so happy she ended up in cuffs

  • vasily202 says:

    Well if the good witness was white, then the authorities will side with the black man because it would make it a credibility score of 1.5 for the victim Vs only 1 point to the lying lady. Both ladies get 1 point, and the black victim only gets 0.5 credibility points.

  • SouthPhilly Spud says:

    The camerawoman dated a black guy in college lol

  • Ed Huskins says:

    Maybe if the person who calls these non emergencies were detained and or fined this crap would stop.

  • NEVER TRUMP says:

    IT’S ONLY A GAME!!!!! Beyatch

  • Georgetta Harris says:

    Poor becky.

  • Stone Harper says:

    I am super happy he had witnesses!

  • Markus Antonio says:

    That woman needs help.

  • Ben Gage says:

    Remember, white western women are the real privaleged people.
    Not white men!

  • Randy Watson says:


  • Ekaterina S says:

    The cop should have said “say no more” and arrest that “lady”.

  • Anne Liesveld says:

    So basically he’s in trouble because he’s black??? Put the note on her record.

  • Galaxy II says:

    People should be fined or something for calling 911 for petty reasons -.-

  • PAR PATREQ says:

    I WANT YOU TO THINK of all the unexplained times a cop confronted a black American for no “apparent” reason. Now think of about how many of those bogus calls lead to the beating, false arrest, and death of a black person. The TV show WWYD did a social experiment on this social issue, revealing that white people make an average of 200 calls like this to 911 every day. In the social experiment the 911 caller even lies and embellished the (non) event. Here’s how I identify a dangerous person…white males near playgrounds, white males loitering outside a school, white males strolling through a predominantly black neighborhood at night, and white males that claim to be ordained priest. (WWYD) LINK

  • Bruce Jenner says:

    Call cops on white👹people!

  • Christina Taurus says:

    If your too lazy to play a “sport” where the game takes up miles of space that you need a ⛳ golf kart ….take your fat entitled butt home you racist busy body!!!!!!!

  • User name says:

    Glad the man remained calm. She probably wanted him to freak out giving the police a reason to detain him. Real bitchy move

  • Alexis Knight says:

    Glad the nicknames are still going strong

  • sle2470 says:

    A golf cart?! LOL! Jesus! Did she exceed the weight limit on her Rascal scooter?

  • Michael Clark says:

    Gotta start charging these Rosie O’Donuts look alikes with abusing 911.
    Its the only way they will learn.

  • Anthony Lorenzo says:

    Why didn’t somebody tell this ugly fat b**** to go home

  • loveinspired7 says:

    No surprise here…

  • XXIV 88 says:

    That other parent is the real MVP,call her “record it Rachel”

  • dark zeratul says:

    what’s even worse is women and men like her call the police and threaten interracial couples. I know someone who I work with she is a black girl who is married to white guy and they are happily married. Yet you got people who harrass them for it especially when they have a mixed daughter

  • Justin Bain says:

    Its none of Karen’s business

  • k m says:

    karens cousin

  • pangea1now says:

    How cute that NBC news is trying to get me to subscribe to their crap reporting….

  • David Tackett says:

    She outta run a few laps and get off that cart

  • AeroDrone says:

    Typical fat ugly liberal women with nothing better to do but get into everyone else’s business.

  • Terri Seaton says:

    Thank heavens for witnesses.

  • Buck Preacher says:

    I told white privilege is out of control!!

  • Branden Fraga says:

    I was there at that soccer field watching my sister’s game when she pull up 😂 🤦‍♂️

  • big blunts says:

    Fat racist bxxxx

  • ThisIsMekonnen says:

    She definitely voted for Trump. She’s the type.

    • kazumo maeda says:

      ThisIsMekonnen yup, thanks trump! Orange moron!

  • E Nigma says:

    I used to be proud to be the northern neighbor of the US of A. Now, I’m just down right embarrassed.

  • aleena young says:

    these people got 911 as the favorites or something

  • CJ Walton says:

    And that is what you call an ally.. kudos to this lady for recording and stepping in. Thank you!

  • Sierra Guru says:

    A field marshal, isn’t that a military rank in the Prussian army? Or possibly WWII Germany? Talk about plinking the right job title.

  • Boe Know says:

    While black in America

  • Ruby Merritt says:


  • john herring says:

    Does this lady call the police when her pizza is late?

  • Carl Cleary says:

    She’s mad because she’s fat.

  • Gacha Edits says:

    I hate how they hide behind the police

  • Damon S says:

    Black people..white people are not your GOD. Ignore them when they feel like they have power like this.

  • Star Brand says:

    Of course… Florida.

  • Luis Enrique Quijada Rodríguez says:

    Trump like golf carts a lot!

  • Nicholas Larsen says:

    There are classes for narcotics anonymous alcoholics anonymous oh, but there is no class for racist anonymous

  • juanjunior39 says:

    She so fat its clogging her ears and squishing her brain

  • andrewsatx says:

    Officer this black man isn’t following a white persons commands arrest him.

  • Cinny Manini says:

    They should start charging these people a fine every time they waste the police’s time with their stupidities.

  • Dhup Hamesha says:

    0:29 A legit mouth breather wtf

  • hmxr says:

    Isn’t there any penalties for filing a false police report?

  • Thomas Patterson says:

    donald trumps AMERICA hope they fired this racist

  • Kevin Worthington says:


  • Heelix Ranier says:

    I say arrest the woman who made the call. Seriously. Maybe they should start doing this. The guy even offered to leave even though he technically didn’t have to and wasn’t required to. Good move for the man, for an unfortunate reason. She looks like the type of person that must have to use a cart at WalMart too.

  • Drunk Pikachu says:

    The witness was honest. God bless her

  • L T says:

    Way to just cut off the videp abruptly with zero outcome!

  • Damien Brady says:

    American’s are idiots

    • Seattle Wa says:

      A number of them are. But there are idiots in every country.

    • Damien Brady says:

      @Seattle Wa no idiots in my country they all emigrated to America a long long time a go

  • We g says:

    She called the cops because he’s black. Shame on Americans

  • Deez Nuts says:

    The police isn’t welfare, isn’t customer service.

  • Dustin McGowan says:

    The woman on the golf cart should have called a salad

  • montana railfan mrl BNSF u.p cn says:

    The breathing

  • W J says:

    Hunt, find, and smoke her.

  • Jayse Langford says:

    Calling 911 for issues like this should be a crime, this is childish on behalf of golf cart lady

  • Gaby says:

    “Gutterbutt Gail”

  • Gleen Allen says:

    They play the VICTIM card well.. They create the problem, call the police and then play the victim card… TYPICAL!!

  • Joey Hardy says:

    We have to start looking at if there is a mental disorder in white people. Anxiety Disorder.

  • not that serious says:

    Whew girl catch your breath next time…lock her up tho…and thank you for recording and helping him..

  • noneof yourbusiness says:

    Why? Mind your own business! 911 is for emergencies only! 911 is not for your feelings at the moment! Grow up, lady!!

  • Mike Houser says:

    Why did the officer not arrest that horrible obese woman ? Why is reporting a false narrative not a crime ? Why do these truly despicable people think they are above the law ? Because the law officers let them get away with it . That man had to put up with her big mouth , and having to explain himself to law enforcement . That officer was derelict in his duty by not at least giving the hag a summons .

  • VJ Phillips says:

    Stupid Karen’s. They must be vanquished

  • Idris Mammedov says:

    I hope she got a citation for calling cops for no reason

  • cathlyn205 says:

    I am so thankful this woman recorded this. I dislike people who try and throw their weight around. Calling the police was so uncalled for. I hope this was brought up in the next board meeting.

  • Marty Mahem says:

    Well it’s clear what the problem was. That fat sow was 30 minutes past her feeding time and she was just HONGRAY! I’m sure once they lead her to her trough she calmed down.

  • Keeping Up says:

    Another female with “intuition”. Bunch of morons.

  • alpha savane says:

    Arrest her for wasting police time

  • Jerjay Jim says:

    So many ignorant people hmmn. So sad.

  • Len Ken says:

    Who is hella out of breath 🤣 in the background

  • juan lemus says:

    Trump happens..

  • 2021 says:


  • Young Dee says:

    Thank you to the white people that dont indulge in these deplorable activities….we dont hate white people we hate the treatment of blacks at the hands of white people

  • Thomas Kho says:

    white people doing white things.

  • Robin Usher says:

    A “field marshal”, no less! Is she Rommel?

  • Gary Vazquez says:

    Who comes up with these catchy names for these morons. They deserve a medal🏅

  • nosuchthing8 says:

    Why is it always a white woman hassling a black man???

  • hitek19 says:

    There needs to be some btype of law against this people wasting cops time tieing them up for bs wasting tax payers money

  • Kaempfer M says:

    What’s with all these deranged white women calling the police on colored people??

  • Roy Rogers says:


  • Don oT says:

    911: Why can’t you breathe?
    nasty: Cause I fat and don’t walk.

  • BBQ Nut says:

    End of the video as usual.

  • Olivier Audet says:

    always the same fat girl

  • Ed Dean says:

    That white women is a liar she should not be on a public field ever

  • Mo' BrownBlues says:

    Thank you for recording when you see wrong. THIS IS the new AMERICAN WAY

  • Kavosseaye Music says:

    I love the woman recording they were eating up everything the thing in the white pants was saying

  • teddy boy says:

    this country sure has an epidemic of large fat women.

  • Nick Skoora says:

    Wow! And we wonder y police choke people out

  • Mr407Mike says:

    Gail needs to get off the golf cart and start walking.