UN Security Council divided over Hong Kong

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New national security legislation on Hong Kong has split members of the UN Security Council, with China balking at calls from some members for an urgent meeting on the matter. Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from the UN headquarters in New York.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Legolas Greenleaf says:

    Don’t let Chinese students or technical workers come to the USA on H1B visas anymore, they absolutely cannot not be trusted. Technical people from China steal all our inventions. We should assume that Chinese Nationals coming here are working specifically against the USA. We do not need Chinese technical personnel to come to the USA, we can easily handle our own affairs without them. Everywhere the Chinese go they hurt the people living there. They colonize many other countries, steal the ideas, steal the natural resources, steal the economic resources, trap nations and people into one sided deals and economic agreements that only favor Chinese. The Chinese migrating abroad are “bad-actors” they refuse to play fair, and only want to be the aggressor and dominate all they see, like childish bullies.

  2. Avatar Legolas Greenleaf says:

    The world can see the true face of the Chinese CCP in Hong Kong and with their CCP-bio-weapon virus.

  3. Avatar Vang Cruz says:

    Every nation wants national security but China cannot.

  4. Avatar Sith Vent says:

    We need to stand with H kong

    • Avatar Al Wa says:

      We need to stand with the protestors in Minneapolis, down with oppression and long live human rights.

  5. Avatar slpip says:

    Hong Kong and China will die together as One Country One System under the Xinjiang & Hong Kong National Security Law. No cities in China can replace Hong Kong. When the world gave up Hong Kong, Hong Kong people will have to stand on their own. This is how Hong Kong tragic is happening. Ignorant and retarded China!

  6. Avatar John Williams says:

    Wow the decent countries need their own UN

  7. Avatar slpip says:

    UK and China Hong Kong Agreement signed on 1997 is a United Nations responsibility, not China. China has NO RIGHTS to amend this agreement.

  8. Avatar Inventamus says:

    Now the world sees the two faces of Evil CCP.

  9. Avatar BUGmouth ready says:

    If China don’t secure Hong Kong before 2047 then another foreign power will! It is now or never. Geopolitics are moving at too rapid a pace these days to take such a risk

  10. Avatar T Tom says:

    CCP know how to use thier own laws on westernerss law, CCP law can overide the westerner law at any time any point. they the CCP know how to handle the law makers of the westerners.. $$$$$$$$$$$….this is most of the country downfall…$$$$$$$ and power…. U.S is the one country that big opstical for the CCP plant to over rule the world.. it a fact… don’t lie to yourself.. evnet those the world the don’t like U.S but in most heart of the human on this planett love and wanted to be U.S.. fact..

  11. Avatar Grey_blue says:

    Never forget who caused the world so much trouble.

  12. Avatar Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad says:

    What about Kashmir? Is there a different standard for that? UN is completely ineffective. OIC can replace UN.

  13. Avatar usman asghar says:

    Hong kong is integral part of China, no one have right to comment on it.

  14. Avatar JSB Hmm says:

    The CCP should not even be in the UN… it was the ROC that is the legit leadership of all off China.

  15. Avatar Youll see it When you belive it says:

    Then whats the point of the UN then?? They just abide by who ever acts like the big mamu

  16. Avatar Ritesh Pratap Singh says:

    UN is saying exactly what China wants.

  17. Avatar Fire Mixtape says:

    What is un doing about Minnesota riots lol

  18. Avatar Dust says:

    UN is useless because it has no army to back them up

  19. Avatar Norbert Kausen says:

    The UN is loaded with two bit, totalitarian regimes, who want the freedoms of sovereign nations gone! They categorically support Red China, as it is one of the controlling regimes in the UN and they do not want to poke the red dragon!

  20. Avatar Liauw Han Yung Han Yung says:


  21. Avatar johnny says:

    All chinese ancestors were once opium addicts!

  22. Avatar James Graham says:

    The UN is a joke, just like the WHO.

  23. Avatar Avinash Chavan says:

    UN being puppet of shameful China, its getting badly embarrassed by Chinese people. UN got trapped in its own mistakes

  24. Avatar Vijay Somy says:

    World Community pls help for Hong Kong independence. Chinese Communist Party & PLA are killing hundreds of Hong Kong people. Xi Jingping is a criminal to be tried for genocide.

  25. Avatar henry huang says:

    TPP, Paris Accord, Iran nuclear deal, UN Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), UN Human Rights Council, now WHO…. The next one Trump would quit could be UN!!! Complete failure…

  26. Avatar dj james arundel says:

    UN is full of world traitors

  27. Avatar nishi koyma nishi says:

    antunio gutterus and one hongkongs fat woman handle cruppt u.n. she distroy hong kongs own pepole..

  28. Avatar Dr Tariq says:

    Indian hindus BJP RSS abusing to all muslim and islaam and quran in india from tweeters Facebook what’s app

  29. Avatar Bose all in 1 one says:

    Where is gotress for Kashmir

  30. Avatar The Gr0nch says:

    God almighty, How is this even possible.. Disgusting.

  31. Avatar Vladimir Sapalicio says:

    Hong Kongers are being abused by mainlanders. The free world must intervene to save the lives of these poor people.

  32. Avatar Albert John says:

    China no respect to UN.. and UN is in lacking of confidence don’t know what to say

  33. Avatar Kurt W says:

    UN has lost it’s way along time ago. Fudge Chicoms !!!

  34. Avatar Brian Liew says:

    The hongkong protesters got what they asked for so why are some nations so unhappy ? Finally , hongkong will be peaceful again ; future rioters will be facing the firing squad . Like the old saying, spare the rod and spoil the child .

  35. Avatar Marktuyet says:

    We need to get out of the UN too .
    Let’s get out NOW ! They suck .

  36. Avatar Sean Delap says:

    The UN needs to be dismantled completely it’s useless and serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

  37. Avatar ling j06 says:

    The China regime would not allow peace protest. They only call in hundreds of fully equipped police force to oppress the protester aggressive and brutally.

  38. Avatar ling j06 says:

    Chinese living in mainland China can not express different ideas and voices. There will be danger and fear of people’s lives ‘being terminated’ because of comments and beliefs not in the interest of the Communists Party who rule the majority chinese people.

  39. Avatar ling j06 says:

    The National People’s Congress is actually a nominally legislative assembly; it is an escort mechanism for the CCP’s one-party made laws. Other democratic nations will not approve it.

  40. Avatar ling j06 says:

    The China Communist Party regime is the system of dictatorship and totalitarian. The one-party government despises democracy and freedom for civilians, they do not see people’s lives and social welfare programs are important.

  41. Avatar ling j06 says:

    The criminal incident in Minnesota was deliberately used by saboteurs to destruct the freedom societies. It was a riot, not a peaceful protest.

  42. Avatar Wayne H says:

    Palestinians are dying but it’s more urgent to talk about HK 😂

  43. Avatar King Lay says:

    UN is not a joke, Western countries are joking..

  44. Avatar Bheyzline Curfew says:

    HongKong is no internal concern… Democracy,human rights,freedom of speech,monopoly,business trade, propaganda, ccp virus and other evil things done by the ccp is a global concern…It will start with Hong Kong,so the world should act Now.!…Next thing they would say that Taiwan and the South China sea are internal concern….

  45. Avatar Phead128 says:

    Hong Kong is Chinese territory, dafuq is US getting involved for? Mind your own business.

  46. Avatar he wen says:

    Let them all to get out of China s territory. Please UK take them all.

  47. Avatar Everything everything says:

    Sadly even UN is infiltrated by China sad news that humanity is doomed and that life is no longer valued by the organization

  48. Avatar Nikolas Kristanto says:

    Look at Minnesota protesters.. US government also do the same thing like Hongkong government

  49. Avatar Lutz M says:

    The 5 million people against the American proxy dissidents destroying Hong Kong must be protected from these foreign funded protestors rioting and terrorising innocent Citizens.

  50. Avatar Lutz M says:

    One country two systems will still exist after this as a national security law will not affect the current system in anyway.

  51. Avatar Chua SC says:

    Tell USA, UK and EU or any country objecting national security laws for Hong Kong to abrogate their own national security laws. Otherwise, just shut up and do not interfere in the internal affairs of China.

  52. Avatar Soundwave Superior says:

    Why was the UN created again?

  53. Avatar Rolando Macatulad says:

    Get rid of useless UN, now!

  54. Avatar Rolando Macatulad says:

    China, a permanent member of UN Security Council? What a joke!

  55. Avatar Rolando Macatulad says:

    UN will never say or do anything that is against the evil deeds of China.

  56. Avatar Rolando Macatulad says:

    Gutierrez and Tedros must both resign or just dessolve UN altogether.

  57. Avatar insan learning style says:


  58. Avatar insan learning style says:


  59. Avatar Saviour Planet says:

    Fine.. UK… grant citizenship to all traitors terrorists. China and hongkong have too much population.

  60. Avatar AKok Lee says:

    HONG KONGER can live in hong kong but the HONGKEY can go to uk to work or to studies that offer by uk

  61. Avatar Ngoc Ng says:

    what is the United nations lately???

  62. Avatar Malcolm Jones says:

    The UN, WHO, and IMF are just puppets of the CCP. Lobby your political leaders to stop funding the un-elected leftist global bureaucrats. 🇺🇳 = 🇨🇳 🦇🤮☠🧫👎

  63. Avatar Hoang Lieu says:

    Hwy guy in the world Hong Kong young protested people they will do a same happening another country n they will do what they want it. In fact Hong Kong is freedom country , N y they say they hasn’t got freedom .

  64. Avatar Lara Riedel says:

    Take the CPP down. They deserve no respect n should be locked up!

  65. Avatar Lara Riedel says:

    UN is being weak.

  66. Avatar Mick Bryan says:

    another puppet

  67. Avatar Antony Mangu says:

    UN ever listened to African leaders they should boycott these world organizations period

  68. Avatar Feihui Weng says:


  69. Avatar Vilma Ortega says:

    What happen Secretary, when is talking about Israel you speak up when is talking about the veil doing of China you just quite, do you receive salary from china, what’s going on? Hong has to be keep free nation, moreover you can declare Hong Kong independence. Not belong to China because Chine destroy his own people so what’s gonna hope HK from China then

  70. Avatar Vilma Ortega says:

    UK has retake Hong Kong as his colony, and break the agreement with China because China is harming to Hong Kong people. So HK instead be belong to China will be belong to U.k, British you may fight for HK

    • Avatar Kevin Yau Chee Kin says:

      Bud climd down from cloud cuckoo land and get your large dose chrompazine depot jab which your well overdue. The RAF, RN, British Army, and Marine in total now do not have the necessary sheer mass of combat force structures to perform that mission.

  71. Avatar Screen Apple says:

    Hong Kong enjoys western democracy more than communism. Here’s how communism thinks about freedom. They say freedom means destroy.

  72. Avatar Shaikh Arfat says:

    This The Internal Matter Of China With Hongkong Just Like Kashmir Over Article 370 With Gay Indo Peoples Of Indian

  73. Avatar Yellowbird says:

    As per the spokesman, UK will make it easier for HK people to go to UK. Why not just take all of them? Now!!

  74. Avatar Sean says:

    You might appreciate this man or not, but his words are worth having a review.
    “The United Nations has set justice aside, shamefully prostrating to evil forces and cowardly yielding to violence,” “The United Nations that my country helped form is now a hotbed of evil, and history will prove that the Republic of China’s declaration of withdrawal will also be the declaration of the destruction of the United Nations.”“My compatriots, the fate of our country is not in the hands of the United Nations, but in our own,” — quoted, Chiang, Kai-Shek. 1971, Oct 27

  75. Avatar Hop Lam says:

    No one, no one can tell other countries to tell China what can and can’t do. You western world leaders are double standard.

  76. Avatar Rj Gonzalez says:

    And tha is how the UN predecessor, the league of nation failed, we are definitely heading for WW3.

  77. Avatar Michael Dixon says:

    The UN and its opinion doesnt matter we will vote with our checkbooks. The UN are toothless and quite frankly dont give a damm about others. China has voted and we will vote to so lets see what happens

  78. Avatar Sinking Buiscuit says:

    Those in favour of Beijings National security Law have probably taken money or have interests in China already.

  79. Avatar Tan G says:

    UN stands for United Numbskulls. They don’t solve any problems and soon to be bowing down to the CCPigs.

  80. Avatar Henry Huang says:

    Trans-Pacific Partnership, Paris Accord, Iran nuclear deal, UN Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), UN Human Rights Council, Open Skies Treaty, WHO….   The next one Trump would quit could be United Nation!!!

  81. Avatar Cameron Webb says:

    China needs to be given such a heavy smack down, they are bullies and bullies need beating

  82. Avatar 86Corvus says:

    UN is interfered with by chinese communists, they were undermining international governing bodies and councils and this is predictable. When you are united with a totalitarian regime you are evil.

  83. Avatar Khoo Siew Im says:

    What is Law?????
    What is Security??????
    An agreement signed yet csn be revoked?????

  84. Avatar Khoo Siew Im says:

    What is UN ??????
    UN is the Global Clown.
    What a joke !!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

  85. Avatar Cedric Wai says:

    United Nations are useless and hopeless, don’t dared to speak up against what America does and should be dismantled, don’t served its purpose.

  86. Avatar Peter Lim says:

    United Nation should be dissolve, cause they are useless and could be bought!!! He he he!

  87. Avatar Tuska Maxi says:

    UN only understand money talk

  88. Avatar Kris Kris says:

    HK region is part of
    CHINA nation.

  89. Avatar Kris Kris says:

    UK invaded CHINA in 1841 opium war and unlawfully occupy HK. In 1997 after handover to CHINA, HK is completely free from UK colonization. Thereafter, any interference in HK intenal affairs will be deemed as intimidation of CHINA sovereignty and violation of international laws.

  90. Avatar Eve Live says:

    We will see Tiananmen square massare again in hong kong

  91. Avatar Erebus- The God of Darkness says:

    China doesn’t care about freedom, freedom of speech, democracy etc. They only care about their expansionist policy…. Communist regime will fail one day…

  92. Avatar siri Vadman says:

    It is a security council but no security for world because of china

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