Libya’s air war: Drones decisive in battle for Tripoli

In Libya, forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar have been forced to retreat as the UN-recognised government has been making rapid gains.
The two sides have been fighting for control of the west since April 2019.
Airpower has been a key factor in this conflict.
Al Jazeera’s Alex Gatopoulos explains.

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237 thoughts on “Libya’s air war: Drones decisive in battle for Tripoli

  1. Aurangzeb Reply

    Libya is gone

    • AAA BBB Reply

      Libya is not gone Turkiye + Qatar + Libyan people’s coalition defeated a massive crusader army. Fkin crusaders lost again. muahahahahaha. Long live Turkiye.

    • Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos Reply

      @AAA BBB and that’s why all middle east are gone and full of religious backwardness, lol, they all think about crusaders, make all of them live in middle age

    • AAA BBB Reply

      @Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos EU is a christian club. Europe has fkin vatican city and a rapist pope. Hard to get more backward than that. 2000 years backward

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @AAA BBB you need help

    • AAA BBB Reply

      @Arcana Imperii definitely not your help. muahahahaaaa. loser

  2. Magic Reply

    Turkish support exaggerated. Libyans fighting to unite the country.

    • Prince Jadon Reply

      Turkeysh is nato member there is no Unite they are looking for

    • Ramazan Kapar Reply

      because no country supports expect turkey.

    • koottsta koopr Reply

      Does it bug you??? Whose side are you on chump?

      Turkey put a dent into the zio pigs agenda.

      Exaggerated. Your life is a big exaggeration, Lil squirt

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      isnt that considered offensive? when haftar did it was bad, but now its ok?

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @koottsta koopr just wait until turkey becomes the country you consider bad, if you have a sense of bad

  3. Zahid Awan 9622 Reply

    Russia will change the whole game 💪💪💪💪

    • Sofian Reply

      More Pantsir is the solution.

    • Hakan Hatipoglu Reply

      @Sofian Turkey and Russia are fighting and USA will win. Turkey and Russia must talk for win win end.

    • American Infidel Reply

      Russia will go more broke trying to rebuild Syria and Libya too.

  4. vinm300 Reply

    It’s more than drones, more than air-power.
    Turkey are a professional army with professional soldiers.
    Haftar’s militia are half-wits. They are pick-up truck thugs.
    That’s the difference.

    • vinm300 Reply

      @Arcana Imperii , that is such simplistic analysis : that Al Jazeera simply do what Turkey wants ?
      The power of Al Jazeera is that folk watch it for unbiased content. If you throw that away you have no power.
      It makes no sense for Al Jazeera to spread Turkish propaganda.
      Also, every other media source agrees Haftar has lost what it took him 6yrs to gain.

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @vinm300 lol which media source? Turkey news Inc? 😂😂😂 Al jazeera unbiased 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • vinm300 Reply

      @Arcana Imperii , crying with laughter doesn’t prove anything : give an example where Al-Jazeera have been found manipulating their news content.
      Give a link to an article exposing Al-Jazeera.

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @vinm300 this video is pure propaganda. Every video al jazeera makes is pure propaganda. You’ve been living in the al jazeera bubble for so long that you’ve now been brainwashed to believe that al jazeera speaks only the truth.

  5. ahmed mohamed Reply

    Drones overruns the Russia defence system

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @ahmed mohamed lol. Turkey is a second world country. Slow down. Erdogay brainwashed you too much with ottoman dreams.

    • Mazen Algaradi Reply

      Arcana Imperii lol one of the best economies in Europe and second Biggest army as well and you cannot them second world country 😂😂

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @Mazen Algaradi lol stay in ur dream world. Second biggest army in manpower with poor old equipment. Lira is crumbling. Refugee crisis. Couldn’t even accomplish the goal of operation spring shield to push the Syrian army behind the sochi lines.

    • KEh Kah Reply

      @Arcana Imperii u so funny
      This Turkey is the one who is helping in pandemic time to Europe
      To italy even USA..
      Spain germany
      Whole europe are incompetent countrys…

    • Zeiss Reply

      Old defense systems

  6. shlomo aziz Reply

    Turkey just sent short and medium range missiles defense systems to combat the Russian planes plus Turkish ships are off the coast which have surface-to-air missile (SAM), also known as a ground-to-air missile (GTAM) or surface-to-air guided weapon (SAGW), which can be launched from the ground to destroy aircraft or other missiles.Good Luck Russia USA has exposed your support for the Terrorist named Haftar who kills his own people for foreign interests in Libya. BİR TÜRK DÜNYAYA BEDELDİR

    • Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos Reply

      God bless Israel

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      turkey doesnt even have an excuse for their imperialism, at least in syria for what assad has done they had an excuse, but what has haftar done? nothing really garner much hate, you just want an excuse to flex your petty muscles

    • Orhan Altintas Reply

      @I CodeName I its the flag of Karamanids! Islamic Emirates from 14th century. Research pleasz but its very close to Zionists flag

    • I CodeName I Reply

      @Orhan Altintas Did the research. Still sickening!

    • Orhan Altintas Reply

      @I CodeName I thats actually a Islamic symbol of our Prophet Suleiman.

  7. Don Khan Reply

    Pak turkey Russia Long live ❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️

    • guru Singh Reply

      @Carl Holt bro no one in india is worried about pak army 🤣🤣.. take a look at your record… all u guys can do is send in suicide bombers.. In india we are only worried about china u guys should stay to ur level and fight Afghanistan or Tajikistan..

    • guru Singh Reply

      @Carl Holt funny how we never see Modi going to gulf china or imf to beg for money. But imran is worldwide certified beggar 🤣🤣🤣

    • prudhvi kasireddy Reply

      @guru Singh we really worried about the people of china.the government is treating them like slaves.where we are.we are in 21 century.

    • Skyrock 12345 Reply

      Russia is not Turkey friend ask why putin annexed crimea

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @Carl Holt russia fights against imperialism. at least any other imperialism then the russian type

  8. B C Patil Reply

    Pakistani life style 👇
    1) Born
    2) jihad
    3) Death .

    • I CodeName I Reply

      😂 Sad Indian

    • Y M Reply

      Indian lifestyle: 1) born in a hateful society 2) grow with hate, negativity 3) learn how to backstab 4) sponsor and train terrorists then send them to Pakistan to explode 5) put all blame of all false flag operations in india on pakistan 4) repeat from step 1

  9. Vihari Royal Reply

    It’s Russia vs Turkey in Libya.
    Chinese are just making
    Millions Selling Arms…..😂☝

    • best youtube Reply

      its bulshit ….russsia makiing lot money….uae is money iis givent russia wepan…
      turkey mostly us made in tuk wepen there drone are 100% tuk even vehical …china drone is used by khalifa hafter but its not affectiv so they stop buying it

    • best youtube Reply

      its tuk drone is destroying rusia panther …lo not china

    • John Mason Reply

      @best youtube english be difficult.

    • LQc6VGMB2RHCexj4 Reply

      Chinese-made Wing Loong drones supplied by the United Arab Emirates.

  10. Hakan Hatipoglu Reply

    Turkey has got different drones, bayraktar tb2 is a cheapet one. Bayraktar TB2 drone is cheaper than some missiles. Turkey has got ANKA drone which is expensive and powerful than Chinese drone. Tukish tactic is using cheap drones and working. Software of the bayraktar TB2 is best drone software in the world.

    • John Mason Reply

      @obsidianstatue Most buyers consider the chinese drone utter junk. The very fact that a cheap Turkish drone in 1 month has been more successful then Chinese drones in 4 years in libya is proof enough. Chinese are used to pumping out low quality copy and past garbage.

    • Dev Dixit Reply

      @obsidianstatue first of all learn geography, second thing what is the achievements of chinese drones against turkish cheap drone? Nothing, Turkey destroyed haftar back bone in just a few days.

    • Shlomo Jewdog Rabbi Barksteinbergovitz Reply

      Dilek Kaya turkey actions prove they are in the same boat as uae SA and usa and israel just because turks believe erdogans speeches doesnt delete the fact that erdogan is pushing israel foreign policy turkey and israel are trading partners and turkey is fighting the anti zionist forces in syria they are the same

    • Anzara Arden Reply

      @Shlomo Jewdog Rabbi Barksteinbergovitz Assad is no anti Zionist.
      Assad gave Golan heights to Israel.
      Ex-mossas leaders support Assad because they think if someone capable comes in Syria , he could take the strategic Golan heights.
      However, I agree with your other points , turkey is another puppet of Zion

    • AAA BBB Reply

      @Shlomo Jewdog Rabbi Barksteinbergovitz says the puppet who gives land and money to crusaders

  11. Jarrod Yuki Reply

    libya needs: 1. two child policy 2. nuclear reactors 3. gene drives 4. hsr/subways. 5. control religion with religious text editing.

    • Jarrod Yuki Reply

      @Sofian and after khalifa haftar comes to power he will restrict the press so that activists ngos and journalists dont have power to hold him his government or inner circle accountable.

    • Y M Reply

      libya needs all external influences to leave it alone that are there for its oil. The religious text has nothing to do with what human wars that have been waged on them. Stop the zionists interest and the world will become peaceful place.

    • יהושע יהושע Reply

      @Jarrod Yuki *a deceitful jew Zionist spotted, red flag 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩*

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @Jarrod Yuki just like erdgogan

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      libya needs ancient carthage

  12. Zorba Reply

    Turkey was miserably defeated in syria its sheer desperation was evident surplussly arming the jihadists in the Idlib Jihadi zoo. Erdogan is a deluded wannabe caliph who wants to restore some lost ottoman caliphate this degeneracy alone will never prevail.

  13. fc Reply


  14. Tony Reply

    We will end each other in a video game.💀

  15. Michael Howell Reply

    Stingers INCOMING!😆👍👁️👁️🇺🇸

    • John Mason Reply

      drones fly out of reach of stingers.

  16. Crocodile Dundee Reply

    Haftar you going down 👈🏽

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      Erdogan is going down.

    • Crocodile Dundee Reply

      @Arcana Imperii 🤪

    • ets saint louis Reply

      arcana is haftar 🐩dog

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @ets saint louis you are erdogay ottoman dog

  17. Cemal Cemal Reply


  18. Cemal Cemal Reply


    • Omar B. Omar Reply


    • Cemal Cemal Reply

      🤲🤲🤲 🇶🇦🇱🇾🇲🇦🇩🇿🇹🇳🇸🇴🇹🇷🤲🤲🤲

    • Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos Reply


    • Cemal Cemal Reply

      @Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos you are ok camilo

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      Turks are so insecure they always post like 15 flags of supposed allies. Meanwhile nobody is coming to turkey’s aid lmao

  19. Dave Reply

    lol Turkey economy will be in ruins before they get a chance to sell Libyan oil.

    • Dave Reply

      @Esa Shaik Turkey is a failed state

    • Esa Shaik Reply

      @Dave Turkey is a superpower 👍💪

    • Dev Dixit Reply

      @Dave saying a zionist follwer?

    • MrMyusernameistaken Reply

      @Esa Shaik I wonder which country is stupid enough to buy that useless russian made air defence system.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @Esa Shaik russia invented air defense along with the us, maybe when the nukes are flying when russia AA are really useful. russia pioneers half of the things you take for granted

  20. xalimo ahmed jaamac Reply

    Turkey will be won but Rassia defeat soon if Allah say. Rassia dawn dawn dawn dawn

    • No Name Reply

      Of course, Allah and Mohamed Morsi was defeates by the great leader Al Sisi in Egypt 👍😉😇😂😆🤓🤣

    • Gazi Arian Ahmed Reply

      @No Name GET LOST INDIAN…

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      like russia won ww2 when your antichrist hitler lost? russia won the greatest war of all time and you think your god favors you?

    • Uogbsc Hons Reply


  21. Jimmy the Gent Reply

    “UN backed government”, funny you never hear those string of words from AJ when it comes to Syria.

    • taufiqutomo Reply

      Qatar supports the GNA, of course they are going to say anything that legitimizes that government.

      Had Qatar backed Haftar they might have said “The democratically backed government led by Khalifa Haftar” even though the election turnout was low.

    • Muhmmed Nadeem Reply

      Bashar’s is not a U.N Backed one.
      It is the recognised one, not backed.

      Whereas the GNA is supported by experts, and financially by the U.N.

    • Aquarius 07 Reply

      @Hazem O’Neall , Indeed .

    • AAA BBB Reply

      UN is not backing the Libyan government. Only Turkiye and Qatar i backing Libyan government.

    • Muhmmed Nadeem Reply

      @AAA BBB Actually they have, and did
      Not militarily, but financially prior to the conflict.

  22. Rejean Nowlan Reply

    more refugee juste what the world need

  23. kamalalphonso Reply

    Libya died with gadhafi

    • Omar B. Omar Reply

      It did, but Libya needs to move on

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      does that mean it needs to be part of turkey? thats what erdogan seems to think

  24. TikTok Marketing Reply

    Russia should stop escalating the Libyan war through their babaric mercenaries and should instead support Turkey who are eager to elbow out hypocrites likes France and Italy

    • TikTok Marketing Reply

      Subscribe to my channel.. click at the M logo in my name.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      russia isnt about supporting the hegemonic aspirations of turkey, thats alot worse then france or italy

  25. Aladdin Loves Jasmin Reply

    turkish is creation of britania their father attaturk was a ghulam of the british empire this turk is not muslim not mujaheedin wallah billah our king the great amir timur khan should destroy the stinky ottoman empire not just kill the useless ankara turks with their sultan

    • Esa Shaik Reply

      Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Fong Kong Arab regimes were created by the British empire.Turkey is coming to destroy all these illegitimate Arab dictorial regimes .

  26. Nicole Cordova Reply

    This is what Pompeo has been up to!

  27. amir omidbakhtiyari Reply

    یا مسلمین اتحاد اتحاد. قتلنا فی میانمار. کشمیر. ایغور فی الصین. فلسطین. بوسنی. الله اکبر میانمار تقتل مسلمین!!!!؟؟؟؟ من ایران

  28. turgut anlağan Reply

    Trust in Turkey relatives gives fear to enemy

  29. xpress J. Carter Reply

    Chinese Things Always Junk 😁😁

    Lamo….Range:1500 km lol….😁😁😁😁

    • sfasfasfaf asfasfasfasf Reply

      Don’t run turks if china enter the battle😁🤣😂😂

    • KEh Kah Reply

      @sfasfasfaf asfasfasfasf lolz..china ?
      Go ask china why they build the great wall ?🤣😅😎

    • AAA BBB Reply

      Stupid haftars mercenaries shot down their own drone (Chinese drone) thinking that it was Turkish drone. Then they shot a greek battle ship thinking that it was Turkish battleship. Haftar and the technology he is using is the biggest joke in Turkiye these days.

    • AAA BBB Reply

      @sfasfasfaf asfasfasfasf muaahahahahaa. nice joke clown. why do you think china built the great wall? Because they were scared of Turkish invasion.

    • Sawood Ahmad Reply

      @Ggoddkkiller wooh bro useful info.Thanks for sharing.
      Appreciate it.

  30. xpress J. Carter Reply

    Hafter 6 years Achievement,
    Turkey Destroyed in 6 Days!!

    That’s the best line…..😁😁😁

    • Omar B. Omar Reply

      Haftar doesn’t deserve to be leader

    • Many Worshippers One Receiver Reply

      Bro Erdogan will lead us all the man behind the success

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      just doing what russia did in syria, but now that is a good thing? the turkih empire has a new vassal

    • ets saint louis Reply

      Arcana Imperii everytime de same message of the turkish hater you are haftar propaganda

  31. Esa Shaik Reply

    Russia lacks the capabilities to fend off against Turkish drones as we seen in both Syria and Libya.

    • Mazen Algaradi Reply

      Arcana Imperii how did it fail tho?🤔 he wanted 30 Kilmo of free YPG forces with border of Syria and he achieved that. He wanted Syrian forces to stay out of idlib and he achieved that as well. You talking like his objective was to take the whole Syria. He took and cleared all the lands he said he will take.

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @Mazen Algaradi u not reading what i wrote? He didn’t get his 30KM zone along the Syrian border. He got stopped by the Russians. He wanted the Syrian army back behind the sochi lines, he failed. Instead he agreed to sell out the jihadists and let the Russians patrol the M4 highway. U live in la la land.

    • Moise Reply

      Mazen Algaradi Syrian troops control more than half of idlib if you don’t know that . Turkish backed jihadisits control the capital of the province

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @Moise turkish media tells him that turkey controls 29% of the world lol

    • Moise Reply

      Arcana Imperii Thank you for telling these people who watch fake news

  32. Many Worshippers One Receiver Reply

    ERDOGAN We are behind u all the way we stand firm with Turkey and we always will ☝ as long as Our Beautiful Brother Erdogan Continue his good success as he has done i can say firmly Mr Erdogan is the onmy one that follows his goals and achieves it. Erdogan we are behind u all the way Ahlul Sunnah is standing solid like a rock behind our Leader Achoj Erdogan 💪💪💪

    • AoP-frost R Reply

      After I found out he is Zionist puppet.I no longer support

    • Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos Reply

      Turkey is not Muslim anymore , it’s a secular country that’s why is a Prosperous country, you can find, a lot of feminism, gays, Christians, Jews, atheist, in turkey and erdogan is Zionist

  33. Chicco Luvuezo Reply

    These Pantsir have been supplied by UAE.NOT RUSSIA….

    • Esa Shaik Reply

      Yes but Russian mercenaries are sure operating them.

    • John Mason Reply

      The wagnar terrorists supplied their own pantsirs, using russian trucks, while UAE use german trucks.

    • Ramazan Cakir Reply

      That means the Russian ones are even worse. With the unrealiable non-German trucks.

  34. Esa Shaik Reply

    Russia ,America and France had 6 years to try and overthrow the UN recognized government of Libya while Turkey just needed 6 days to push Haftar and his hired Russian and French mercanaries back.😂😂

    • Savio Biogen Reply

      @araggon Why is Haftar traitor?
      Traitore to whoom?
      Many Libyans suport Haftar.

    • araggon Reply

      @Savio Biogen

      Because he was against Gaddafi and Gaddafi was good man.

      Only a fool can say bad about Gaddafi.

    • Esa Shaik Reply

      @Savio Biogen They support Haftar out of fear they will be killed but when GNA took control of the area Haftar controlled the people now support the GNA.

    • sharon somme Reply

      US would destroy Turkey in 1 hour…pfft..all the turkey soldiers would surrender in mass if US ever decided to attack Turkey fool.

    • araggon Reply

      @sharon somme

      Superpower USA defeated by cave people Taliban by only AK47 and rocket launchers.

      Not able to defeat for 18 years.

      Turkey would be nightmare for USA.

  35. Live free Reply

    All new inventions in warfare tested on these grounds.

    • AAA BBB Reply

      not yet. Turkiye has so many new systems still hidden from the world. We have shown that Turkish technology can beat Russian, Chinese and American air defense systems so far.

  36. dam rider Reply

    and lets not hold USA for starting this war?
    al Jazeera pet of Israel.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      blame america for starting, but regardless, america should have finished it because now its turkey or russia or anyone else trying to finish it

  37. che Mokni Reply

    Things are getting hotter apparently , it s a shame that all this countries are participating in the conflict for their intersects without caring for the suffering of the lybians

  38. Inayet Hadi Reply

    Good job Turkey, the only real country in the middle east that cares about the will of the people and supporting those governments elected by their citizens.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      in such a corrupt country like libya could you trust the system?

  39. Nicholas Fuller Reply

    It’s time to bring in the SU 50

  40. Moise Reply

    Why media support wars instead of promoting peace? when you see the way Al Jazeela promotes Turkish wars in Lybia and Syria, you wonder if they don’t know that innocent people are dying. These media never learn from history. Turkey sent hundreds of jihadists in Syria to fight but Russia demolished them and send them back to Turkish border now Turkey send all of those jihadisits in the Lybia to hide them over there but the history will repeat itself.

    • Moise Reply

      @Erkan er Show the evidence when Russian die?

    • Moise Reply

      @Erkan er Then why Turkey didn’t manage to recapture a single village? You can’t destroy hundreds of tanks and kill hundreds of Soldiers without regaining a single village that your Jihadists lost

    • Erkan er Reply

      @Moise you re wrong, Turkey didnt send its land powers, it showed Just one finger, not total body, thats why no need to get any villages or something else. Did u read the articles about turkish drones? İf u search about it in youtube you ll see many videos about it. Turkey didnt attack for get land in Syria, tried to protect its observation points, thats so.

    • Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos Reply

      You think USA is in a partition looool

    • Khasan F Fazilov Reply

      Moise you’re mistaking lol, it wasn’t russians who killed 30 Turkish soldiers, Russian give the locations of those 30 soldiers and Assad group launched bombs to that location.

  41. The most holy of my religion, then my country Reply

    Since the establishment of Al-Jazeera in November 1996 until now, I have not found building homes or developing peoples, but everything that Al-Jazeera does is to destroy peoples, support terrorism, and kill humanity.

    • John Mason Reply

      Just look at all the aid Turkey gives around the world. The second largest aid donor in the world after the US.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @John Mason yeah but plenty of turkish people live in poverty, its probably about influence

    • John Mason Reply

      @MusaMansa21 plenty of people live in poverty in england too. Technically several million are homeless, meanwhile we are the 6th largest economy on earth.

  42. yunus buffins Reply

    Should’ve kept Qaddafi. Y’all thought it was smart to get rid of him but you destabilized a whole country and put it into years of war.

    • san sk Reply

      That’s what the agenda is ya know

    • egogo816 Reply

      Especially when there was no united army against Qaddafi only militias

    • syed waleed Reply

      Nicolas Sarkozy – The French War Criminal.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      at least qadafi was a truely good libyan, he would never sell his country to anyone, now libya belongs to turkey

    • Peetree2 Reply

      Fell right into the trap of the west

  43. Critical thinking Reply

    Why international body protecting a dictator ??

    • John Mason Reply

      because he serves white euro imperialism. Turks are bad because the white man hasnt conquered them.

    • Big Brother Reply

      John Mason yup better then Russia or chinas hands 👍🏽

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      but the offensive of haftar didnt try to achive much, just keep the balance, but the offensive of the other side is really trying to gain land… who is the agressor here?

  44. Lord Askia mohanmend Reply

    They are all testing there weapon in Africa

  45. Lord Askia mohanmend Reply

    Is UN scared of election between them or is that not the simplest way instead of talking about the same thing that never solve issue

  46. king Ali Reply

    Turkish drone best ever

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      No. Turkish drones getting shot out of the sky.

  47. king Ali Reply

    Wing loong 2 is nothing

  48. king Ali Reply

    Turkish drone action on the Russian made

    • king Ali Reply

      @Arcana Imperii you are unknowledge

    • king Ali Reply

      @Yuri-Y Gaming turkish drone fight on the terror group

    • king Ali Reply

      @Yuri-Y Gaming earlier time Chinese drone shot down by the turkish laser

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @king Ali ok turkey stronk lmao

    • Zeiss Reply

      Shut up man turkey is fighting mercs with army, wow what an achievement, fight russian army, turky lost 10 of 13 wars against russia, when they were ottoman even

  49. celestial rex Reply

    Killed Gadaffi on fake allegations. Struggle for Freedom they said, now struggle for survival.

  50. jinny wazen Reply

    we hate aljazeera, please stop posting lies !

  51. Cricket Is life Reply

    President Erdogan’s second son in law selcuk bayraktar is very skilled engineer. Also his company made lot of ventilators for Covid patients turkey and overseas.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      i only he was the president, because erdogan isnt so good at saving lives, he does the opposite

  52. Alexis Gateley Reply

    Turkish drones are being shot down like flies

    • atl hawks Reply

      @ets saint louis no there is a fact Hafter or Wagner left the airport even they left the over $ 50 millions dollar pantsir behind so how come you guys show up by saying that Turkey losing in Libya. I really wonder

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @atl hawks in war, one day is for you one day is against you. It’s a back and forth. Let’s see how things play out. But for you to say that the GNA is absolutely decimating the LNA is not true. Battles are won and battles are lost. Turkey intervened years ago and the borders have barely shifted in the favor of the GNA. In fact LNA has gained more ground overall. You live in the turkish qatari fantasy world.

    • atl hawks Reply

      @Arcana Imperii it says Turkey got involved in January 2020 though which is just 6 months ago. I think I asked clear question if Turkey looses why you guys left strategically important air port just few days ago. You guys just doing black propaganda that’s all.

    • Arcana Imperii Reply

      @atl hawks no no no hahaha turkey didn’t intervene 6 moths ago. Turkey has had equipment and has been supporting and funding and had military advisors on the front for years. Turkey only OFFICIALLY declared a military intervention 6 months ago.

    • ets saint louis Reply

      atl hawks i want loose every day like turkey

  53. skyi nuri Reply

    The time u are realized when u accused ur own leader its when u left Allah’s laws.
    No helpers no assurances for ya

    • Truth Prevailz Eternity Reply

      How does accusing ur leader of war crimes cause you to leave Allah’s law?

      Does Allah support violence against innocent people?

  54. Otim Julius Reply

    You killed Gaddafi now see what Libya is . Gaddafi’s ghosts will haunt you for 30years

  55. Hendrawan Gosali Reply

    Right venue for testing warfares before for sale …

  56. A John Reply

    Send more fighter jets and submarine… Russia

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      time for the west to finally help russia in some limited ways and stop the lord of the flies

  57. Gp Md Reply

    War not yet over.. For Syria, Russia & Turkey joint operation… Both are working for their interest not for people of Libya..

    • Esa Shaik Reply

      Please Turkey is the only country that supports the Libyan people the rest are all their for their own interests.

    • Skyrock 12345 Reply

      Why wouldn’t Turkey help libya people first turks are libyans there is a whole turcho libyan community in Libya which makes up the third largest minority group

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @Esa Shaik turkey supports turkish hegemony

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @Skyrock 12345 watch out libya your part of the turkish sphere, just like how the ukraine apparently belongs to russia, but nobody cares

  58. Greenlit La Reply

    Ok so why haven’t they won yet. Aj is propaganda if Turkey is doing so good that means in a few days the war should be over

    • AAA BBB Reply

      Turkiye has turned a defeat into a victory. Haftar was saying that he will take over Tripoli in a week before Turkiye stepped in. He was 1 mile away from Tripoli. Since Turkiye stepped in, haftar + russia + france + UAE + Egypt + gayreek + saudi allience has been pushed back to their base in east. Closest functional airbase haftar now has is now 496 km away from Tripoli. Even haftars right hand man akila Salih admitted defeat.

  59. Esa Shaik Reply

    If Russia makes any wrong move I suggest TURKEY close the Bospherous straits to Russia.

  60. No Name Reply

    Al Jihadzeera islamist media

  61. David Fine Reply

    Thank God Russia is own the right side

    • Esa Shaik Reply

      You drinking too much Vodka man.Russia is on the losing side with France 😂😂

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      @Esa Shaik doesnt mean it isnt the right side

  62. sania fayroj Reply

    good news

  63. Kamal Abdullayev Reply

    Run Haf-haf run. We are coming

    • Ali Leis Reply

      Your isis lost. Morsi kafir

  64. Davida Acheampong Reply

    Enjoy the democracy the entire world was chanting for…….

    • Big Brother Reply

      Democracy gave you this, you can criticize without being killed by the gov, I recommend not saying this about the ccp tho

    • Davida Acheampong Reply

      @Big Brother I am concern about my continent Africa, not some other country… I guess some foreign powers we’re chanting and pushing for democracy…and they have it now…since they don’t like the idea of peace on the continent…

    • Big Brother Reply

      Davida Acheampong yea, Ik it’s terrible the constant war, but nobody can stop the superpowers fighting for land, it’s all preparation for ww3

  65. Ali Leis Reply

    Erdogan kafir 🐷 morsi

    • AAA BBB Reply

      blah blah… idiot

    • Ali Leis Reply

      @AAA BBB hahaha

    • Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos Reply

      @AAA BBB hahahaha

    • AAA BBB Reply

      We are coming for UAE puppets next. muaahahahahaaa

  66. Adal Hussain Reply

    I love Turkey from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️

    • Cristian Camilo Reyes Santos Reply

      I love Israel from America 🇺🇸🇮🇱♥️

  67. Movado Reply

    What a f u. Russia, France against UN recognized government? And the two are a permanent member of the UN council? How about the Chinese? On the UN team? It’s so wicked. Now I understand why Donald acts the way he does.

  68. LQc6VGMB2RHCexj4 Reply

    according to wikipedia ” These forces loyal to general Khalifa Haftar were already known to extensively deploy Chinese-made Wing Loong drones supplied by the United Arab Emirates”

  69. Greg Smith Reply

    Tyco RC
    It is nurf or nothing

  70. GrK38 Reply

    Turkey will once again lose another battle against Russia

    • Jayvis85 Reply

      They wont my friend 😉 Just wait a little bit

    • Fighter ol Reply

      Russia will lose once again , lol my friend 🙂

  71. Savio Biogen Reply

    “Internationaly recognised” government in Tripoly ignored and rejected Libyan elections from 2014 which they lost.

    Also this “internationly recognised government” came to power after USA, France and NATO bombed and destroyed Libya and killed Gadaffi. Turkey was also involved in war against Libya and their leader Gadafi.

    Well, I guess after all, I should suport Haftar forces.

    • MusaMansa21 Reply

      i think what was needed was the international community to send peacekeepers, to really end the offensives, and the haftar offensive was hardly such, it was blunted by the outcry, does this new government offensive have the same outcry? what a double standard. what is the purpose of peacekeepers, just to exist forever in these third world countries away from the true international flashpoints?

  72. MusaMansa21 Reply

    in a country that needed un peacekeepers, now you have aggressive turkish, whats the point of these peacekeepers?

  73. MusaMansa21 Reply

    turkey: the lord of the flies

  74. Muhammet Bayraktar Reply

    1299 🇹🇷 🇸🇾🇹🇳🇵🇰🇱🇾🇦🇿🇾🇪🇽🇰 …

  75. Dari Information Reply

    Killing kadafi was great mistake by libians

  76. Arcana Imperii Reply

    Al jazeera is owned by qatar. Qatar is turkey’s puppet. This is just propaganda. Turkey is struggling to make gains in libya and is taking heavy losses of drones.

    • John ince Reply

      Really? I think you live fantacy world

    • Adolf Stalin Reply

      This isnt sputnik news,gopnik

  77. Masrur Khan Reply

    Instead of using those drones for warfare, both sides can do a great favour to Libya by just dropping their weapons and utilize the UAV drones for logistics and healthcare and other civilian activities, amid the pandemic.

  78. Unal Ali Reply

    If Turkey went hard in there it would smash that pirate in a week that includes Assad too but it’s not doing that it’s just aiding .

  79. Fauzi Ahmad Reply

    need urgent truce by both party for the peace and harmony

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