NASA and SpaceX Launch Historic Mission To Space Station | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/01
NASA and SpaceX Launch Historic Mission To Space Station | NBC Nightly News

The mission was the first manned launch from American soil in nine years and the first time a private company ever launched NASA astronauts into space.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NASA and SpaceX Launch Historic Mission To Space Station | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (118件)

  • gmoney says:

    What happened to those huge bulky space suits?????Seems like they never even neded them….How did the transaction happen????

  • Bail 10k says:

    They been going to space for 60 yrs. u crazy if u think they just gave up on a multi quadrillion dollar opportunity and had to wait for some private company to take them back with same rocket powered technology they used 60 years ago. Biggest bullsht I’ve ever heard 😂

  • Blue X says:

    when the girl believes to much
    few days later
    *cough cough
    i cant breath
    at the hospital
    sorry to break to you but..
    you got coronavirus

    dont get to cocky child

    • Abhrajit Ray says:

      As if corona virus will get scared if they are strong and United 😂😂

  • Mitsu Lancer says:


    • jake1110 says:

      The pandemic isn’t the end of the world. Statistically, the survival rates of CV are staggeringly high for those under 40, even those under 60, given they have no pre-existing conditions.

  • Ismail Hossain says:

    What does Jeff and Blue Origin think of this?

  • styldsteel1 says:

    Listening to the one girl telling herself we need to press forward. Funny listening to people convincing themselves in to thinking everything is ok.

    • Jennifer l c g says:

      I know, right. People like this are either stupid or in denial.

    • styldsteel1 says:

      @Jennifer l c g Or I might go out on a limb here and say both stupid and in denial.

  • Imajhine says:


  • C O says:

    0:49 big Karen going back for seconds

  • styldsteel1 says:

    Joe Biden’s response. I, uh ,love it when rocket ships crawl up my legs.

    • Les Thomasson says:

      Watch your mouth you juke jogging, pumpkin scribblin snicker snabber

    • styldsteel1 says:

      @Les Thomasson LOL!

  • Kurt T/I says:


  • Prashant Bohara says:

    I am surprised that how Trump didn’t mention Musk and his team as I think they were the key people to come with this unique concept of launching.

  • bestamerica says:

    great best american spacex rocket / nasa rocket…
    never never share china=ussr at all

  • Jonathan Mings says:

    Notice how Trump didn’t mention SpaceX because Elon has said things about Trump lol. Trump petty 😂😂

  • Bubba bui says:

    Man those suits look strange compared to the original. Can they space walk with those?

  • Yared Kokeb says:

    Imagine all the people who missed out on this historic day because of one stupid police officer.

    • unpaid troll says:

      and one crackhead who tried passing a bad check

  • Jack Geist says:

    Riots on earth and Elon is leaving for a pack of cigarettes

  • Owen B says:

    Nice reporting. And happy news for a change!

  • Troy Keith says:

    I was born in hennepin county hospital about 41 years ago. If I ever need to die will go there. And will come back to life in Hennepin county. It hurt me to see a great man do that to anyone. And pray for that officer.

  • Troy Keith says:

    How you think Jesus felt when he had to feel all the sin in the world. He is a sun deity or son deity.

  • Charger ples says:


  • Denise Armstrong says:


  • Shellz Zabat says:

    Amazing to watch this since I was a kid watching the Challenger. Good news during this time of pandemic and racial strife.

  • bestwhiskymac says:

    Хорошая работа. Это пять, твёрдое пять!

  • A Person says:

    Those spacesuits are sleek.

  • Ram Jet says:

    CRAPPY VIDEO. SPace X appears to have censored or controlled all the video.

  • Pro Paint says:

    Another fake distraction for the land of the fools!

  • Reflect Pagan says:

    L let’s hope that the flat earth worms don’t say that the earth isn’t round

  • ApocalypseGamer says:

    Why do they have to reboot the moon landing now! Who are they gonna get to recite, “it’s one small step-“

  • shaunbir klair says:

    I was so excited to watch this live and have it over the news, but the riots are taking all the coverage smh

  • shaunbir klair says:

    We know Elon made those suits lol

  • Kay Gerard says:

    trumpf desperately tying to change the subject. Time to vote the old fart out!

  • hamimannn says:

    Imagine going to moon and finding nothing from the previous landing lol

  • Adam J says:

    This great. Those space suits!! Straight out of the 1960’s lol! 2001 A Space Odyssey Proud

    • unpaid troll says:

      due to budget cuts, they had to recycle things from the set of Lost in Space

  • PabloM187 says:

    It’s fake!!!!

    • Nutshell Squall Leonheart says:

      Shut up karen

    • PabloM187 says:

      Come on jew u Kno it’s fake

    • Nutshell Squall Leonheart says:

      @PabloM187 proof?

  • BoraTV_ Korean BTS ARMY says:


  • ENDTIMES EVENTS JAHWARRIOR says: faked or real?

  • leonowic nowicki says:


  • Edward Pate says:

    Sure is nice to see two astronauts being launched into orbit. Wait, didn’t we do that 55 years ago with project Gemini? That Falcon sure doesn’t scream towards the sky the way the old Titan II did! That booster put upwards of 9 g’s on those astronauts!

  • Franco Saenz says:

    Fake!! NASA lies.

    • Kib Kib says:

      Earth is Flat 🌍 🚀

  • Learn English Vocabulary says:

    Good evening, NBC News. it is a particularly gorgeous video. thank. 🙂

  • Žanas Baltrušaitis says:

    1000% fake !

  • zoran popovic says:


  • Marcus says:

    Trumps comb over is about to take off as well…

  • formworksucks says:

    Thanks Mr. President. Good work, It’s only the beginning but the investment will pay off big time.

  • R.G. Stentje says:

    Age of deception

  • Robrecht saski says:

    whipped-up hype ………..going nowhere !  ‘Moon Landing Hoax- NASA Scientist Admits We CANNOT Go Through Van Allen Belts!’ op YouTube

  • JR MTG says:

    Congrats Elon Musk!!! And thank you!

  • ShillBullshit007 says:


  • Irrepressible Me says:

    ROFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I love the universe. says:

    Don’t know why it took so long to go back to the moon🤔

    • Zoe K. says:

      50 years and they still can’t do it.

    • I love the universe. says:

      @Zoe K. Makes you really wonder. Strange. 🤔

  • astphaire says:

    White people: Send men to space
    Black people: Destroy white civilization

  • 420 YEET says:

    Imagine if Covid actually made it to space. Would it be the first virus in space?

  • JESUS TE AMA says:

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but have eternal life.John 3:16

  • Jon J says:

    17,000 mph

  • yzchenwei says:

    Just how did I come here from a bunch of riot videos? Amazing youtube algorithm.

  • Just A German says:

    They escaped. Wonder what earth will look like when they come back

  • Devin Cardinal says:

    Go Elon!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Hebert says:

    What’s so good about some rocket going up in space …

  • Ryan Kibler says:

    King Combover Caligula didn’t mention SpaceX. He’s allergic to any form of Progress.

    • Zoe K. says:

      He did but you were too busy inventing hateful names for him.

  • Luke Porro says:

    Update* Corona virus has now been confirmed on the space station. The astronauts have been advised not to go on space walks, confirmed that is a negative for socially distanced space walks!

  • KISSONLY says:

    USA: OMG!! Historic!!
    Russia: LOL

  • Larry Stevens says:

    They had to delay the launch because they were having some trouble thawing out Stanley Kubrick’s cryogenically frozen head so that he can direct the FAKE SPACE MISSION. Kubrick directed Apollo Missions 7 through 17 on a sound stage at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, UK, because by then he was averse to leaving England to travel anywhere, even to shoot on location and he particularly hated Hollywood because of all the the smog and hippies he had to deal with while doing the Gemini multi picture deal for NASA. He had even been mugged once by libtard hippies wearing Hillary Clinton masks.
    Apollo Missions 18 through 22 actually took place, but were kept secret from the public. These missions involved astronauts traveling to the moon to confirm that the earth is flat – except for during the NFL season when it’s shaped like a football. While there, the astronauts had a series of meetings with Important Lunar Munchkins who live in craters in order to discuss the dangers of vaccinations and child molesters who congregate in the basements of pizza restaurants that don’t have basements.
    Also, Donald Trump is a STABLE GENIUS WHO KNOWS ALL THE BEST WORDS, understands military tactics better than the Generals, has a better command of foreign policy than FAKE DIPLOMACY career diplomats, is more knowledgeable about macro-economics than Nobel Prize-winning FAKE ECONOMICS economists, has a greater mastery of climate change than the FAKE SCIENCE scientific community, and now is a more reliable source regarding human health and epidemiology than FAKE MEDICINE medical experts. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… BUT HER EMAILS ! ! BENGHAZI ! ! /s /s /s

  • unpaid troll says:

    good to see us reaching for the stars again

  • Matt says:


  • Eric Senecal says:

    Anyone who thinks this is real im sorry but your brainwashing by the elites is officially complete I bet you people think theres flying unicorns running around the tesla floating in the sky😂😂wake up people can you not tell cgi smh

  • Katrina Browne says:

    Awesome! I really looked forward to this blast-off!!🚀

  • Epy Scrivano says:

    What a phenomenal accomplishment! Especially the booster rocket return! Amazing!

  • jastoni Malihan says:


  • Maddie D. says:

    Those Astronauts are lucky they got to leave 😂

  • Roy Paul Carter says:

    Dragon is a poor name let’s use something that sounds American next time.

    • Zoe K. says:

      Oh but codes and symbols are essential to deception.

  • Sun& Moon says:

    Soo cool

  • Unbored Pony! says:

    *Apogee is happy*

  • Dante Chappell says:

    What’s up with those space x suits 😂

  • Santibala Devi says:

    Amid this Covid19 epidemic, this is so inspiring that humans once again smarter than any other creature in the universe. Thanks to NASA and Elon Musk . Love from far away from US .

  • Marian Urbino says:

    aw man i didn’t see the vid of the launch of the demo2

  • Jason Pineda says:

    Finally a unified win for the US! God Bless America!

  • Tyler Hackner says:

    As a Minneapolis resident, I’d like to leave the earth now.

  • Parker B. says:

    We all share different views and opinions during these tough times but let this launch show that we are still one nation and I love all my fellow Americans. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  • TheZoneRanger says:

    This is awesome, the private sector is so much better than nasa


    Very nice

  • justin805 says:

    Fake fake fake
    Earths flat wake up people

  • alisson mundt says:

    E o corona

  • sadavocado says:

    Take me with y’all next time

  • Goldpenny1 says:

    Thanks NBC for telling us about the Bullseye landing of one of the stages of the rocket, but not showing it as it was landing. Classic stupid reporting !!!!

  • Tile Tom says:

    Theres a couple guys that are probably just happy to get off this planet for a while.

  • Konjo Addis abeba says:

    Can I go with you lol I need a antil the earth gat some peace a lot going

  • I NEW3RA I says:

    Epic!!!! Wish I could see launch in person. Where are they landing tho?

    • chris stef says:

      ususally if they fly outta here at the Cape, they land in Houston I believe

    • I NEW3RA I says:

      chris stef I mean are they going to the moon?

  • Rob Shearz says:

    USA BABY!!!

  • Lord N says:

    We are still America we are still strong. How selfish it sounds. Without Elon Musk would be nothing

  • PAUL SMITH says:

    cool and congratulations but those space suits look like they are homemade!!

  • dzikieswinie - Motorcycle Club and Adventures says:

    Excellent! New era begins with commercial space flights – just like in some sci-fi movies… Wonder who will win the new milestone for humanity, i.e. manned mission to Mars. Chinese, Russia or USA?Our guess is that China is thinking of a manned launch still this or next year.

  • Doreen Landis says:

    Good time to leave earth. The launch made me cry. So proud.

  • Palestra CUSTOM says:

    Spacex RULES!

  • fred freddy says:

    Private company?!?!?🤔

  • psn zsus says:

    WAIT!!!! take me with you i dont wanna live on this planet for the rest of this year!!!!!

  • Ditwju Crfest says:

    Crazy people, crazy 2020. astronauts are lucky enough to actually escape this crazy planet. Quality PPE is available here.

  • David Jensen says:


  • Marc Whicher says:

    I am so blessed to be born in America I appreciate it

  • debs Local PA Alien & Dimensional RESEARCH says:

    Wow!! I mean wow!!!

  • M J says:

    I rather be in space than on this planet with all of the craziness 😳