How To Build Wealth As A Teenager (6 Tips)

2020 6/10
How To Build Wealth As A Teenager (6 Tips)

In this video, I will show you a potential strategy to build wealth as a teenager.
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  • Nate O'Brien says:

    Comment a video that you want to see next! The comment with the most upvotes will get created next week!

    • Miku o says:

      This is YouTube not Quora 😂😂😅

    • Yamato Cannon says:

      How to make money online for teens!! This would be useful, especially during covid

    • GitFace says:

      Hey Nate, I’m new to the channel and I have no idea where to begin with my financial journey. Can you recommend a video or what I should start with? Thank youu

    • Pablo Reich says:

      Is investing in stocks on revolut any good?

    • Demetrius Jackson says:

      I will

  • Barry Lyons says:

    Might start my underwater welding career

  • Jack Harper says:

    Well I’m old but I do like your stuff and your young perspective and your info is solid. And I’m trying to get my sons to watch you.

  • NotJamie says:

    I’m 16 right now (turning 17 in July) and I’ve found myself a lot more interested in building up skills currently (reading, learning, starting a business, filmmaking, running, etc) than this investment side. I know investing is a super important side of wealth building as well, so I’m trying to learn more about it 🙂

    • Hugo Vargas says:

      investing is absolutely major, especially when your young. believe it or not, even thinking about it sets you apart from the crowd. Im currently 18 with a portfolio worth over $11,000 that pays me passive income, school doesnt teach us about finances and investing, let alone anybody else. its up to us to learn and help eachother

  • Ms. Adrianna says:

    Your financial mindset has similiraties with Robert T. Kiyosaki. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  • Chee Nee says:

    Dude !! My mentor is you… and it’s FREE!!!

  • Fernando Lopez says:

    5:09-5:12 no truer words have been said

  • Chief says:

    but i need a car where i live😢😭

  • Jeremy Wansbrough says:

    imagine 20% ROI

  • DetectiveQuack says:

    Thank you Nate! I was praying a new video like this would come out soon by you! I just turned 18 fixing to be a freshman in college I want to start building wealth asap!

  • valar morghulis says:

    Is this guy taken ? I need a force like him in my life to keep accountability.

  • Aimie Cheetham says:

    Thank you for these videos. As a 19 year old apprentice they are highly appreciated!

  • bkwd says:

    Hey, I’m about 16 but I’ve been working and flipping some things and have about 2k usd. How should I go about stocks. Is there such thing as flipping stocks? Any information would be helpful! Thank you!

    • Hugo Vargas says:

      bkwd i also make videos for young investors bro, your more than welcome to check them out if you’d like, best of luck, bless up

    • bkwd says:

      @Hugo Vargas Wow, thanks. Ill be sure to check out your channel. Ive looked in a little bit and what i want to get good at is swinging and penny trading.

    • Hugo Vargas says:

      @bkwd im gonna keep it real with you bro, the odds of you making any type of real profit with swing and day trading with penny stocks or any type of stock for that matter, are extremely low. a lot of the dudes promoting it are capping big time, most of their $$ comes from the courses they sell. theres a reason why the wealthiest of people don’t even associate themselves with that sort of thing. the real wealth and profits come from investing into strong, stable and profitable companies and holding on to them as their value rises over time. Im just trying to look out bro, at the end of the day it’s your money

    • bkwd says:

      @Hugo Vargas Thanks for the lookout bro. Ill take that seriously. Right now im just researching a bunch. Appreciate it.

    • Hugo Vargas says:

      @bkwd forsure, take care bro, bless up

  • blu notte says:

    i have a question, what’s the good in have a lot of money and do not enjoy them?

  • sarahbitesss says:

    that’s a nice haircut

  • Ultra Gamers says:

    Your an amazing educator man, keep up the amazing work!

  • Jacob Tate says:

    I need Nate to mentor me like this so he sees it

  • Lisa K says:

    I just turned 18 and I put almost all of my savings into blue chip and REIT‘s , I fancy to live off dividends at some point in the future. right now my portfolio is sitting at 12.5 k dollars.

  • The Anon says:

    I just turned 18 a month ago and decided to read a lot of books at first to enlighten myself. I am currently learning Japanese and am fluent in german since that’s my native language and in French, English and Spanish as well. Despite all of that I don’t really know what to do. I’m almost done with university ( I am studying in Japan ). And I wanna start a business… but I somehow find myself getting lost since I am always studying for school, Japanese and etc…

    Edit: For clarification I moved to japan to study there

  • Faris Syazwan says:

    We’re the same age 😂 Greetings from Malaysia 🤙🏻

  • Carlos Ruiz says:

    Im curently a tradesman, one of my coworkers, does carpentry and one of the GC we work with asked him to go solo as his main carpenter and was willimg to pay him 140k+ per year. He didn’t go to college and makes more than most people I know, as for me im still an apprentice but working as hard as i can and go solo and start my own businesses in the trades.

  • Takahashi314【R32Taka】 says:

    Statement: Being a parent is a lot of work

  • ItzzLuke says:

    Im almost 19 and started trading about 3 months ago I’ve invested 300 euro in stocks earning me 35 euro’s, this took me 3 months. I also invested 49 euro’s in stocks on trading212 earning me 10,17 euro in just 2 weeks. These are just small investments compared to the 13.100 euros that i have saved up

  • Haisy Daisy says:

    Does anyone notice how he switches spots😂

  • Stanley says:

    3 minutes and 50 seconds in and ALREADY better advice for young people than a lot of other videos out there!

    This is why I love your videos, man; you’re genuine🤝

    Edit: Also read books!!

    I know he said it multiple times but I’ll say it again :p

  • chris morgan says:

    I have been driving my used honda that i bought 10 years ago for just under 3k. Iv had a few minor repairs but all in all i have put no where near 8k..i couldnt imagine how i would operate without a car…uber? That would cost way more and just be inconvenient

  • Ewan McBride says:

    One of the best things about being 14 and starting a business is I have no bills and I don’t have to pay for food!

  • Post says:

    Everybody says to learn a high demand skill at a young age but they never say what

  • ThatRandomGuyWithNoName says:

    I do like watching your videos I’m only 14 by the way

  • ThatRandomGuyWithNoName says:

    Can you make 2 videoes why collige is worth it and one that why collage isn’t worth it
    I think it’s a good idea

  • E J says:

    Best advice I’ve ever received is to pay yourself first! Save, invest, save, invest, have fun and then save some more!

    • Hugo Vargas says:

      E J not sure if you’ve read “the richest man in babylon” thats one of the rules of the book, a must read if you havent, one of my favorites! Best of luck on your journey!

    • E J says:

      Hugo Vargas I haven’t read it, thanks for the suggestion!

  • camila miranda says:

    so grateful for this as an 18 year old who knows barely nothing about finances but I’m trying my best lol

    • Hugo Vargas says:

      keep learning Camila, i promise its worth it, your future self is gonna thank you forsure. Im 18 as well, with a dividend portfolio worth over $11,000. Best of luck to you on your journey!

    • Haris K says:

      felT thaT


    Great tips. Thanks

  • MoonFoxASMR says:

    I’d like to see an “a day in my life” video!

  • Rowdy Robby Rider says:

    I’m 43 my advice is avoid credit. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it!

  • Squirrel Flow says:

    “ I don’t make very jokes , I’m not very funny “ You said it best brother hahahaha

  • midtownjohn says:

    You are very articulate and have a great speaking voice. You should have a podcast.

  • Bismarck says:

    Thumbs up dude..I’m 18 and I’m really inspired..

  • gabriel astorga says:

    Community developers are amazing mentors because of there insights on the community and connections

  • CherryPiChick says:

    Nate you ARE entertaining without even realizing it which is why you have over half a million views! 😂

  • CherryPiChick says:

    Hey Nate, Make a video on “How to Choose the Best Career/Job for YOU.” My first choice was to be a Civil Engineer, but I had NO FEMALE MENTORS when I was in College so got dissuaded. 😫 Next was Medical School, where if I had I finished, I would’ve been making triple what I earn now, but IT WAS NOT FOR ME! 😫 I also tried other jobs, but did not have The Skill nor Passion. So finally, in my late 20’s I became a Math Prof which at first was sorta “settling”, but I really enjoy it and have stuck with it for the past 30years. So the secret is “Do what you love and are great at and the money will follow!” 😃 I make enough to have a great life and my job has many fringe benefits, which young people seem to ignore but are EXTREMELY important. Oh and recently, I did buy 2 of my dream cars but not before I had plenty saved up…yes, they are TRULY Money Pits! 🚗💨💨🚙💨💨

  • Victor Corrales Medrano says:

    I like how you go straight to the point. You don’t make me waste my time

  • EliMedia Co says:

    For sure, guard your credit, do not get into debt and do not give your social security number out unless you are getting a loan (the doctors office will ask for your social, you do not have to write it, you are not getting a loan there, it just opens up the opportunity for identity theft and scams). Also, do not get scammed, calls will come in sometimes, and they will threaten you to give your personal information over the phone, do not get scared, ask them to put it in writing and send you something in the mail, because if it is legit, they would do that anyway.

    I am in my 40’s and I have a teenage son, so I thought I would watch this– The best tip, for me, was the mentorship, because I am directing his career, And the car tip, I think you are totally onto something there. Great video

  • Monkey Explosive says:

    If you see this message, read
    How to be always well, from Robert G. Jackson.
    The book is available in pdf on the internet.

  • Monkey Explosive says:

    You forgot to mention the “Invest on yourself” sentence which is really profound, and about wisdom it helps

  • Salvador Del Toro says:

    I started listening to Nate and ended up with Dave Ramsey! Both are awesome!

  • Life Yang says:

    We don’t have Waffle Houses in California.

  • wolololol i got big back says:

    This guys shoulders are insane, wish I had them

  • Giorgio Jacomella says:

    Best investment: buy a cannabis plant

  • Sharon Yohannan says:

    Those 46 dislikes where looking for a quick rich scheme😂

  • Ramoz E says:

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    • Ashley Grace says:

      I started trading with Sir Gabriel when I was at Canada and ever since then I keep receiving my weekly profits.

    • Ramoz E says:

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    • Brian Rodriguez says:

      Thanks for the information in need of a broker too.

    • bit jark says:

      Wow!! Good to see other investors of Sir Gabriel amazing trading strategies.

    • Hillary Mark says:

      The commission he charges is fair compared to his efforts made on each trade.

  • Dani says:

    I started to become interested in personal finance when I was 20, still regret I didn’t start earlier

  • TheRealStoryTeller says:

    nice video bro

  • AB Khan says:

    I lost $5k in the stock market, video coming soon lol

  • Max Talks says:

    Love this Nate, will definitely be using some of these 👌👌

  • Samuel G says:

    Your just so ORIGNAL

  • WannabRockStarZ says:

    Hey Nate, nice vid as allways, but one thing, what watch are you wearing? I’ve been asking quite a lot and I’m notthe only one asking, can you do a vid on it, so you can lay it to rest once and for all 😉

  • Me says:

    Damn, subscribed

  • Wilmer Albert says:

    How tall are u man

  • iim CloZe says:

    60 dollars in the thumbnail lol

  • Martin Košec says:

    Hi I am 13 and I just wanna tell you that I really appreciate what are you doing here🙂. I will open my own bank account next week an I will invest in index founds and maybe roth IRAs.

  • Alice Lyu says:

    Suddenly get a feeling at 5:28 that I will meet you in person one day. (Thanks Nate, really enjoy your videos.)

  • Lahari Cheeti says:

    Nate, I am a big fan, your videos are great!!!

    Could you please mention the brand of your black T-shirt?? It looks lovely

  • Arief Riambodo says:

    0:07 can relate 😅

  • Sebastian Rocks says:

    This is the biggest opportunity right now. You get paid while being unemployed and in Canada, I receive student benefits. Basically, universal income if you are unemployed due to COVID-19. I am an avid saver but I am planning on using this additional income to invest in my business and hopefully build something for me and my family in the future.

  • username checks out says:

    Happy early birthday Nate!

  • Self Help Academy says:

    One of my favourite YouTubers man, so real and helpful

  • Omar Al kayal says:

    Am just dying for Corona to be done

  • This is not B-RYON says:

    How do I invest

    • William mason says:

      This is not B-RYON,for professional assistance to your desired trading results as a newbie,I suggest you reach out to a top skilled trader and an account manager..

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  • Jazzy Travels says:

    Happy advance birthday Nate. Thanks for the tips ❤️

  • CrazyRay says:

    Don’t let your money sit in savings accounts that apy is roughly pennies on the dollars. Huge waste of time that better off in stock market that has higher rate of return given the risk.

  • Wifeye says:

    You always hear people say they wish they started putting away and investing money when they were 21-22. So why no start when you’re 17-18?

  • Miss Rose says:

    It’s important to invest in your business

  • Luis Cervantes says:

    How much is in your dividend portfolio?

  • Mr. Accountability says:

    I waste 4 grand a month easily.

  • Maclayne Credere says:

    “i’m not funny, i’m not that entertaining.” that’s funny bro i’m addicted to these videos

  • Bartek Michałek says:

    Is Robert Kioysaki good mentor?

  • Mrs Gerjanne says:

    My advice as a 41 year old that has been through 2 bankruptcies: I wish sb told me to use different piggybanks right from the start when working side jobs in college (10%emergency/20%futureownhouse/10%wedding/30%spending/30%saving). Then live as a minimalist for a couple of years, rent a place with some other students that pay your rent, save as much as possible and investing the “savings piggybank” to become FIRE (financial independent retired early – see yt channel Our Rich Journey) and be retired by 40 when you have kids/teenagers so you can have a stressfree life, start a company, travel the world and do all the things you want. Seriously, google FIRE you guys, and do your future self a favour!

    • Mrs Gerjanne says:

      and also, when you have an own company – whatever you are making: split the income in different bank accounts, dont forget to pay yourself and the tax man! from every euro I make now, 5% goes to my profit bank account, 55% salary, 30% expenses, rest tax/unforseen. PS I am not an English native speaker, so pardon my English

  • Ivana Jo says:

    Taking a risk. Noted.

  • Ivana Jo says:

    Oh, and thank you about “Car-talk”. I needed it.

  • Dhruv Agarwal says:

    WTF Nate is 22!
    I assumed him to be 28 at least!

  • Harry Lee says:

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  • Sufyaan Khaliq says:

    How old were you when you started investing?

  • Entry Leveled says:

    LOL I used the SAME exact Tai Lopez pic in my video about mentors just the other day. You copying me Nate? Jk, love the videos. You inspire me!

  • Trading Fitz says:

    Nate: “Find a mentor…they start teaching you the ways of the…” 

    me: finishing his sentence looking for Yoda to teach me the ways of the force. 😏

  • Ashton Leslie says:

    wow so much knowwwwledge

  • Invincible Titan says:

    I am growing old. 19 turning 20 in four months

  • xXDiffusionXx _ says:

    All my mentors just tell me to go to college. I Don’t know anyone who is financially successful without a college degree.

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      I know dozens

    • xXDiffusionXx _ says:

      @Nate O’Brien where did you find these people?

    • xXDiffusionXx _ says:

      @Nate O’Brien I’ve met people who told me about investing etc. but most of them also graduated from the same college I’m going to currently.

  • Owlster says:

    Waffle house doesn’t sound that bad.

  • ecdrip says:


  • Music Industry says:

    Bruh a teenager is 13-17 an adult is 18+ I’m 16 and I can’t even make money cause how fucked the world is

  • Nick’s Taxes says:

    Wish I knew these when I was 18, 19 years old

  • Jeff Stropky says:

    I have a huge passion in running online businesses, not bragging but since I was 16 I’ve started two dropshipping stores that I’ve been able to scale 1000+ a week. I’m seriously considering going to college for digital marketing and getting a 70,000+ starting job. I plan on using a portion to fund my businesses to where I can ultimately afford to quit that job and using everything I learned for my own. Any tips or advice?

  • Johny Boy says:

    Check out my portfolio, I’m trying to grow my channel and my pocket come let me know what your doing and I’ll let you know what I’m doing

  • Depzei says:

    air wee ah

  • Lost Boy says:

    worth watching

  • Steve Yousif says:

    I was just about to get a car than i saw this and was like this is a sign it can wait til the end of the summer

  • Aurelio Costa says:

    One of my familys favorite YouTuber. Hats off to you mate

  • North Face says:

    So if I have a regular 9-5 job, the money I get from that should be put into investing?