Recessions: How To Make Money During A Market Crash

2020 6/13
Recessions: How To Make Money During A Market Crash

In this video, we will take a look at some strategies used in previous economic recessions to hedge against falling markets. As I have mentioned many times in the past, predicting the precise timing of the next recession is nearly impossible. One of the most effective ways to predict the future is to analyze specific market and company trends during previous recessions. In this video, we will take a look at a handful of companies and industries that faired quite well during previous times of widespread economic struggle.
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  • Motivação Para Todos says:

    Guuuuuuuuuud !!!

  • Thomas Carvo says:

    Nice video Nate! Good stuff!

  • Nate O'Brien says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by the channel! It seems as if Robinhood is pulling back on their newly announced 3% checking and savings accounts due to regulatory issues. With that said, there are still a number of money market accounts etc.. that pay 2%+. I do a heavy amount of dollar cost averaging in my investment strategy. Remember, the markets always increase in the long term.

  • Nate O'Brien says:

    Don’t forget to drop a like on the video if you found it useful! 👊

    • Trell Hill says:

      i found it useful. I dropped a like. Thank You!

  • philyb3040 says:

    What major recession have you survived and thrived through??? You like your 21.

    • Tommy says:

      Lol. So ww2 didn’t happen cause I wasn’t there. You can learn from the past

    • Marcus Savina says:

      The great recession or the housing crisis, obviously

    • Lis Hurd says:

      This comment is the reasons by so many older people are broke and clueless. They feel someone younger cant teach them anything. Btw, I’m in my late forties.

    • RTS IT, Inc. says:

      Hold on guys, you’re missing the point. phillyb is right, if you are in your early 20’s or younger, you haven’t really “lived” through a downturn like some of the older generations have. You weren’t responsible for paying the house payment/rent and keeping food on the table and the electricity on, after having just lost all your life savings and your house is worth half what it was, maybe even less than it was when you bought it 10 year earlier. Maybe you were almost a millionaire after 20 years of saving and investing, and now your net worth is negative.

      Just keep saying “why so many older people…” and complaining about our lectures, and then you will wake up one morning and reality will sink in. Why are you complaining about older folks not willing to listen to younger people? Sounds like you’re not listening to older people. I think the latter may be more important, and one day you will learn why.

      When you experience a downturn as an adult, when you have responsibilities, and maybe have a family to support, you will REALLY know what we are talking about. If you think what you learn on the internet or in a book will help you, then good luck. I would be building as many tight relationships with both older and younger people as you can, you may need them in the future, and I mean soon…

    • Lis Hurd says:

      @RTS IT, Inc. Older people should listen to younger people. Younger people should listen to older people. Period. Everyone, regardless of age, can learn something from each other. If you don’t believe that then you’ll forever be broke.

  • Eduardo Cervantes says:

    Great video nate😁, have you invested in precious metals?

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      I used to invest in precious metals when in high school. Never sold my silver collection but it’s not something I actively pursue these days

    • SeeraTech says:

      @Nate O’Brien why? is it high risk?

  • Professor Zig says:

    Not bad. But i always appreciate going right to the bone . u can do that cause u have good thoughts

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it!

  • Sequency says:

    The White House Economist stated today that we have a *zero* percent chance of a recession. Hopefully they are right.

    • Chris Bell says:

      That doesn’t mean anything.

    • Buttery Skater says:

      For the rest of 2018 yeah sure.

    • Lis Hurd says:

      @hadouken Do your research instead of listening to others. It did change for the better. You would know that if you actually took the time to find out for yourself instead of being told like a sheep.

    • Jim Rr says:

      @hadouken Political and economic jihad are doctrine of Imam Obama’s ‘great religion of Islam’.

    • hadouken says:

      Lis Hurd – better. How? Prove your research.

  • Polar Finance says:

    Another great video! Definitely interesting to see what companies/areas weren’t necessarily affected by the last recession. Keep up the great work, Nate!

  • Erden Karso says:

    What microphone do you use?

  • Financial Wolf says:

    Over the long term buying at the peak of the market isn’t a huge deal. If you bought at the peak in 2007 you’d still be up over 80%. For this reason I’m really not worried about market volatility as I know the market goes up over time. You just need to ride the wave 🌊

    Great video, definitely some great points you made on how to make money in this short term market volatility!

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Dollar cost averaging 👊

    • AussieMoneyMan says:

      Well said.

    • Shaun Johnson says:

      lol Not in the FTSE 100

    • Brandon A. English says:

      If someone bought-in at a peak and then hung on through a drop between waves, they definitely wouldn’t be “up,” but would suffer loss, even if the next increase returned to the same level or even higher. The point is that just leaving your money in the markets and letting it be tossed around like a ship without sails, rudders, or a captain and crew is too hands-off. There are lots of opportunities to sell off and then re-buy.

  • DJ vedios TOPE says:

    coool bro but can you send me some money just 25$

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      I’ll think about it

    • DJ vedios TOPE says:

      @Nate O’Brien please just 25$ bro i well be thankful

    • DJ vedios TOPE says:

      am beging you bro

  • Rael Candelaria says:

    How’d your start your channel and how’d you keep going when your views were lower?

  • Ali Usmi says:


    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Thanks for always commenting Ali

  • Lewis Lindsey says:

    You have something going on here!

  • SeeraTech says:

    Easy. You short it

    • Ikuejuyone Olamide says:

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  • MKK says:

    To add to the recommended jobs during recessions, the accounting profession is usually a safe bet.

    • Robin Fersberg says:

      And what are other jobs?

  • John Moon says:

    Happy, Happy Holidays, Nate!!
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom! 🎄

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Thank you John! Get ready for 2019, I’m excited

  • Mary says:

    Great video, thanks Nate 👍👍👍

  • BABY FARM - Stock Market Research says:

    *Trying to follow global trends with just a part of your portfolio is what I’m going for in the next recession. And a lot of water stocks!*

    *Great video as always, Nate, keep ’em coming!*

  • Cenk Uygur says:


  • *No Copyright* says:

    Nice video .. cool bro ..

  • Ikuejuyone Olamide says:

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  • KK Starcraft says:

    Hi Nate, I can translate your videos to Russian language but can we do a win-win situation for both of us?

  • AdamUPNow says:

    Where did you find the info chart at 2:09 from? Have a link?

  • Cheesy says:

    I remember how i got to your channel, when you posted a comment a year ago on Micheal Kohler’s channel on how you got insipired and that you only had 37 subscribers, i subscribed at 50-something. You’ve gone a long way! Good luck on your journey!

  • Christian Worthinton says:

    More millionaires made during the Great Depression because they had cash to invest.

    • Trell Hill says:

      Exactly. Another reason to start preparing yourself Just In Case. We have dropped 20% from the All Time Highs. How many of you added new positions? Then add more if we drop another 5-10%

  • Christian Worthinton says:

    There is always a Bull market somewhere!

  • Joshua Degreiff says:

    If a recession will come at least this time we can have you, I can’t speak on behalf of others here but thanks for sharing your knowledge to us!

  • Denisa Ioana says:

    You’re so handsome! :X

  • Coin Stacks says:

    Good pointers

  • Emanuel Collado says:

    I make more money when there is blood on the streets

  • Perfect Rumble says:

    Great insights, thanks for sharing!

    • AussieMoneyMan says:

      I think he has

  • Wirp says:

    That one with the saved cash is sooo important!…
    I‘m 15,
    My stocks dropped while the correction in December from 1100 to 700,
    Then I bought new stocks for 1‘800 (I had saved that)
    Now i‘m here with 30% rendite😉🙌✌️

    • Arthur Channel says:

      Can I ask Where you invest? what platform

    • Dion Cade says:

      @Arthur Channel try robinhood

  • Elf Vazquez says:

    This is the stuff they should be posting Soo we can help each other and our families. How to survive during a resession… 🤯🤯🤯

  • double AA says:

    You just repeating what mainstream media says

    • Ben Hernandez says:

      Whats right then?

  • Luisa Barrios says:

    Why is it important to have credit score?

    • John Davis says:

      Luisa Barrios, now everyone goes by verification if “you’re” telling the truth, before a handshake and your word was enough, credit scores proves your integrity and how important finances in general are to you

  • Luisa Barrios says:

    When Should I buy physical precious metals ?

    • Subudei says:

      Now. And I mean *NOW*… this comment I am replying to is 5 months old so I will say this with as little fluff as possible and get to the point, but there does need to be context so you understand.

      TL;DR version: Buy silver, gold, platinum, and Palladium bullion bars (*NOT ROUNDS i.e. Coins unless they are pre 1963 US 90%silver*) off a reputable site like APMEX or BGASC. This will hold your current wealth rather than it be lost to dollar inflation.

      Long Version: Our USD is in a lot of trouble. It’s too complicated to get into every specifics as to why, but I will give necessary information to explain in a very simple way. Since 1913, our dollar has become so inflated that what cost (roughly) $0.03 in 1913 now costs $1.00… our dollar lost 97% of its value since 1913. In 1963, minimum wage was $1.25 (5 90%silver quarters). In today’s market value, those silver quarters are between $24-$26… So someone in 1963 working minimum wage was making the equivalent of $24-26 an hour based entirely on the value of the silver in those quarters. So if they worked 8 hours, they made $10.00… Seems like nothing right? But, that $10.00 in 1963 had a purchasing power of between $240-260 in today’s money… So if you worked 5 days for $10 a day, that $50 a week was equivalent to making over $1000 a week. Pretty crazy, right? In 1971 Nixon took us off the Gold standard and our USD became no longer backed by Gold and became a full on debt note. If you actually look at a dollar bill it says “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE” on it. A note is a document of debt. It’s an I.O.U. that the Government gave the Bank and in return the bank printed a dollar so we can use it as trade. What happened after 1971 is our dollar went into massive inflation. Thats why every year, items become more and more expensive because the Dollar is becoming increasingly worth less, so today a gallon of milk may be $4, but next year it may be $5, and the year after that it may be $6, and one of these years within the next 10, we will experience what’s called hyperinflation, and that same gallon of milk then costs $50,000,000… So what happened? The same thing that happened to Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Yugoslavia, and Weimar Germany. The money loses its value because the debt borrowed to create the dollar by the federal government no longer has the strength to maintain itself. It’s like a credit card being maxed out only catastrophically worse. So, by buying PM’s, you are circumventing inflation of the dollar and holding your wealth. PM’s ARE NOT an investment like a stock. You don’t buy PM’s to trade for a higher dollar cost, you buy PM’s as a hedge against the dollar. In a nutshell, you are shorting the dollar and protecting yourself in the long run.

    • Florax says:

      Millenial Subutai dude the gold price is going down

  • Jey M says:

    Dollar tree stock has been up 13 % we are soooooo fuckedddddd

  • MrRibl1 says:

    son, you talk to much, GET TO THE FUCKING POINT

  • Jesse Mnmehe says:

    you talk too much for shit!

  • Kaser says:

    The best way to have cash at the bottom of a recession is to buy gold before the recession. See, gold has always the same value, it’s the fiat money that fluctuates.

  • Isai Ramirez says:


  • Isai Ramirez says:

    Sam Walton is a fuckin Genius

  • Ioane says:

    Maybe 2020????

  • 10K Subs No Videos says:

    This recession is starting today,FED cut again.

  • Marcos Serrano says:

    It’s happening

  • Shan Donn says:

    whose here after oil corona crash biggest since 1991!

  • N says:

    Who’s here because of corona virus?

    • Young Flux says:

      Yee haw

    • Mihai Ciobotaru says:

      What’s a better way to work from home:
      to make money by selling unnecessary stuff or
      to make money by selling plant based solutions for a better health?

    • Welcome_Player_One says:

      Sup fam 👋

    • Dreamfire52 says:

      This is an excellent video. I started dreamfire52 less than a month ago. I thought it was bad timing, but dreamfire52 accounts are up big right now. Don’t give up. There are opportunities out there! (just stay away from stocks)

    • Johnsxn17 says:

      Imma have a gold gucci toilet after this 😂

  • Jonny Kage says:

    Anyone here during/after coronavirus? And oil war ?

  • Altay Hunoğlu says:

    The day has come.

  • Timmydahitman Beats says:

    Im here because of corona virus

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    Learn how to live guys it’s covid-19

  • Jules Élan says:

    I see Nate used to actually wear white!

  • Malaika Media says:

    Is there anyone looking at this video now before we go into the 2020 recession 😬😬😬

  • Amber Walters says:

    Were not always going to have credit any ways . Still sale a house to you without good credit .

  • Cneq says:

    I’m just over here waiting for folks’ to start seeing their valuables in mass in-order to sustain themselves, be it trading cards, collectible coins you name it. From what I predict this next “recession” is unprecedented, it’s something the world has never seen before. What happens when something as big as the great depression happens yet now we have services such as ebay, gumtree/craigs-list, easy access to stocks [if you have enough to invest]. What could happen? No one can say for sure since it’s never happened before. Card board is card board, coins are worth spot, when people get in a bind how low will they go?

  • Matthew Elias says:

    Why are all these economic preppers like 17 years old?

  • Sebastian Llerena says:

    Well well 2020

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    Oil 🛢 $1per barrel

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    Nate!! You making money now bro?? Where you at?

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    You should change the title to this because it is not about how to make money during a crisis