9 Levels Of Financial Independence

2020 6/13
9 Levels Of Financial Independence

In this video, we will discuss the 9 levels of financial independence.
People tend to find themselves retiring in stage 6 through 8.
Which level of financial independence do you find yourself to be in at the moment? Where would you like to be in 5-10 years?

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コメント一覧 (99件)

  • Krish Sharma says:

    In 5-10 years I want to be financially free and stable

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Great goal 👍

  • Epic Mentality says:

    Most people move from being dependent on their parents to give them money to being dependent on their boss to give them money. That kind of lifestyle scares me more than anything in this world.

    • ZipTrader says:

      👍🏻very true

    • Secretly a celebrity says:

      That’s life for most people

    • ojochenemi ogbadu says:

      Hi Nate! I posted a reply on one of your videos on how to make 75k a day. It’s a 2018 video. I really hope you can reply me. Thanks for all the amazing videos. I wish you had a blog or a transcript…… I can’t hear what you are saying ‘ cos of a bad hearing and the youtube caption option is confusing. Kindly reply my comment on that video. Thanks a lot.

    • Tiago Melo says:

      @ojochenemi ogbadu Why don’t you simply turn on youtube translation? Since Nate speaks fluent English, youtube automatic translations are very accurate.

    • panedole says:

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  • Ashley Saldanha says:

    I’ve started saving already. Can’t believe so many of my peers waste their money on clubs and don’t take saving money seriously.

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Agreed. Building a nice chunk of change is essential

    • ItsPlanB NL says:

      It isn’t a waste of money if you are having fun. Nothing wrong with going to the club. Buying a bottle of vodka there for €500 however, is another story 😂

    • محمد صفاء فاضل says:

      u mean parents?

    • Ashley Saldanha says:

      @محمد صفاء فاضل nope I mean peers. It means people who belong to the same age group,at least in this context

  • Positive Investing says:

    Very interesting video here! I would think most of your viewers fit somewhere between Level 4 and 6!

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Agreed. With that said, millions of people are in stage 1 and 2

    • Millionaire Escobart says:

      Hi there! I just left you a like on that last video you posted about investing for begginers, and I would be happy if you chech out my first video 🙂 Cheers from Scotland

  • Lester Diaz says:

    I’m halfway between level 4-5. Although don’t have much debt, I reinvest most of my profits back into my online businesses paying myself to live comfortably. Hope to get to level 9 in the future 😁

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Level 9 does seem nice

  • LeoMONGOLIN says:

    I’m only 13 and find every one of your videos very interesting. Love your work and your original content, keep it up! Cheers

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Thank you! Good luck with your goal

    • LeoMONGOLIN says:

      @Nate O’Brien thanks, I appreciate it 🙂

  • Financial Investor says:

    Hey Nate, great video :-), I forgot what book I read this in, but a very good breakdown.

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Thank you! There are different versions of this

  • Zachary Laid says:

    Honestly I’d be happy with level 7, freedom.

    • Millionaire Escobart says:

      Hi there! I just left you a like on that last video you posted about investing and financial freedom, and I would be happy if you chech out my first video 🙂 Cheers from Scotland

    • Johnny Encinias Financial Freedom says:

      lol me too man iwould even take level 6 for just right now lol.

    • محمد صفاء فاضل says:


  • AussieMoneyMan says:

    Interesting video Nate! Hm… At the moment I am at 5.

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Glad to see you are doing well!

  • Rob The Investor - Investing In Stocks says:

    I’m striving for a comfortable lifestyle where I don’t have to think twice for that extra guacamole on my Chipotle 😆

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      that avocado toast…

  • ssdskully says:

    I’m a 4 right? I just have student loans.

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Most likely yes. Quickly approaching 5

  • john black says:

    how tall are you lol? GREAT VID!!

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Over 6’3

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      wait I meant to say 6’3.. not over that haha

  • Waynimations says:

    This is a very interesting list that I have not really thought about

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Thanks for always checking out my videos

  • Steven Hill says:

    Nate where are YOU on the list?

    • Nate O'Brien says:


    • Michael Bright says:

      @Nate O’Brien kind of rude not to answerh is quesiton

  • Bryan Guerra says:

    Great breakdown man. Goals 🤑

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Thanks Bryan. Keep up the great work on your channel

  • Humza Waheed Investing says:

    Level 9 or die trying! No in between for me!

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Could take that quote very literally considering 99% do die trying

    • Jannis Roth says:

      I like your attitude! Keep it up!

    • The Uber Successful says:

      word. I’m trying to give BACK to the community, not keep it all till I die.

  • Hanna Popovits says:

    The two extremes are pretty wild but this actually make me feel better about where I’m at! Ty for this

  • Polar Finance says:

    Very interesting video! You’ll be seeing the high stages in no time with your growing channel and mindset/motivation. (Unless you’re already there)

  • BM TravelWriter says:

    I struggle with saving money because I want to travel a lot before I get old and can’t.

  • Jannis Roth says:

    Level 5 now. So when I buy a house i fall back to 4? Thats sad…. 🙁 Level 7 should be the goal.

  • The Starter says:

    Nate, saw you in that “Grow Your Dough” Challenge.
    Cool, show Jeff that #9 👍💪😊

  • Tacet the Terror says:

    Currently between 2, 3, and 4. Would be perfectly fine just reaching 5.

    I have 0 debts, and I make more money than my expenses while being completely self employed, but if I was to live 100% on my own it would quickly drop to 2 or 3. Have to live with anywhere from 1-3 other friends just to maintain the costs.

  • Jack Heanly says:

    Hi Nate, love your videos. I was wondering if you could please let me know what type of mic you use. I can see one attached to your shirt and was wondering what it is.

  • Honest Finance says:

    Love your videos. You’ve always got great advice. Thank you

  • liv h says:

    Great video! I loved how clear and concise everything was and it’s such an important topic that everyone should have knowledge about. Thanks!

  • What Online Global says:

    6-7 for me but still striving for higher. Enjoying the ride of creating new income streams.
    Thanks for this content Nate. Food for thought.

  • Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos says:

    One big thing that I see happening is so many people see individuals at that level 9 financial independence and they think that is the level they need to be happy. And so many people think they need billions to be happy. It’s important to realize that financial freedom is different for everybody (income wise that is). I also like the way these are split up because it can give someone a goal, such as reaching a particular level at a particular time. Makes the journey to financial independence much more digestible and understandable.

  • Johnny Encinias Financial Freedom says:

    i would love to get to level 6 and focus on myself. thanks for sharing.

  • Finbar The wolf says:

    I’m guessing that the dependency stage also counts for people living off a student loan and family donations?

  • Ethan Naka says:

    Nate, great video. I think personally the hardest jump is from stage 5 to 6 (since that’s where I’m stuck at). But I’m staying focused and determined 🙏🤞

  • DrgnMage2536 says:

    I was at the security phase, but dropped down to stability now that I have a mortgage. I would like to be in the Infinite Phase just so I don’t have to worry about money. However, I don’t believe in the Infinite Phase lifestyle. Freedom Phase seems like the most ideal spot. I hope to be there in 7 years.

  • Dtube Music says:

    great video, do you respond to your watchers?

  • John Hein says:

    Michael Jordon goes to $0. All he has to do is look at Hanes and nod.

  • Andres Ugale says:

    Do you ever wear pants in your videos?

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Yes, yes I do

    • gans air says:

      @Nate O’Brien where’s His free book thus time??

    • Hamida Hassan says:

      This curiosity will kill u

  • Secretly a celebrity says:

    Stage 5😔

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      That’s 4 stages higher than a lot of people

    • Secretly a celebrity says:

      @Nate O’Brien thanks 🙂 and yes. I know. Tbh, I can’t help what I make

  • Viola Walker says:

    And how do you like marketplaces, where trade goes for the crypt? ModulTrade for example. In my opinion, it is a good example of free trade and money turnover.

  • Kelly Anne Smith - Freedom In A Budget says:

    Just found your channel! I’m currently on level 5!

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Congrats! I can see you are doing well

  • Elio Rodríguez says:

    i´m pretty well on the list, but basically due to I learned to live with no much things or needs 🙂

  • joe says:

    I’m at such a low in my life. Just a couple years ago I would’ve been a four. I made ok money as a manager. Now I lost that job and things have been going out of control. I lived off of my stocks in the company and now work a low wage job. I’m at the brink of losing my mortgage and my house. I’ve stopped making credit card payments. I just don’t know what to do. I’m 30 years old now.

  • Munch says:

    Why would want to reach 9? You spend your whole life time just on making money…and you have nothing of it. Life is still about living. Life is not about creating capital.

  • Nate Kestner says:

    #5 currently. Actively building my investments to get to number 6!

  • strogatzf says:

    “It’s pretty rare to see someone frowning on a Jet Ski” 😂

  • scott johnson says:

    As a minimum, 6 would be nice, but that would be (probably) impossible for me due to medical expenses. Maybe some other doors will open up down the line.

  • Perry Gibson says:

    I’m level 5 on way to level 6.

  • Dannny K says:

    Love it

  • Roy says:

    Awesome i am already at level 5 & on my way to level six. I did better then i expected

  • Enzo Valendino says:

    1. Dependency.
    2. Solvency.
    3. Breakeven.
    4. Stability.
    5. Security.
    6. Initial indipendece.
    7. Freedom.
    8. Abundance.
    9. Infinite.

  • Cloud Tribe says:

    Holy shit I’m almost at level 5

  • Cobb says:

    7 is my goal, don’t need more

  • dolo gore says:

    most of those scenarios are based on a fiat monetary system, you could add another which would be non fiat dependent which would be dollar and stock collapse resistant which would include land with water,orchards,woodland, that kind of thing, I am about no.5 with some fiat resistant schemes.

  • Nick Flick ASMR says:

    I’m 18 and at level 4…… if everything goes to plan I’ll be at 5 by this time next year

  • McIntosh MotorSports says:

    Freedom is m realistic goal in life.. But I don’t dream small… I’m gonna be at level 8 🙂

  • Dan Angeles says:

    It’s sad to see this country at its longest time of economic growth yet 39% of Americans say they can’t cover a $400 emergency. This is bc people don’t have financial self control.

  • Dan Angeles says:

    No debt but my mortgage. 6 month worth of expenses saved. Maxing out my 401k and Roth IRA, adding money into the stock market. Trying to get to level 6 right now. Trying to use my stock investing to get there.

  • Saxon Hiebert says:

    1: Dependency
    2: Solvency
    3: Break Even

    4: Stability
    5: Security
    6: Initial Independence

    7: Freedom
    8: Abundance
    9: Infinite

  • Beginners Passive Income says:

    Excellent breakdown! It’s so important to set goals for financial success. So true, too many people just don’t take the time to do it and wonder where their money went.

  • Nancy Petry says:

    I really don’t know your history, although I have seen many of your videos. Although you seem like a nice young man and very smart, where did the money start? When you’re 21, the money had to come from somewhere and it’s good to talk about investing, saving, etc. but it seems you would have to have a great deal of money to begin.

  • Lion Heart says:

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  • VioletIsBulletproof says:

    “Until much later in life* 😳 i was just about to turn 27 when i started…that was 5 or so months ago 😭😭😭

    Ive usually been in 3 or up(until i racked up student loan debt in 2 years but dont worry. Mostly paid off in 9 months lol. I hate debt so all my extra cash went directly to it). The problem was that i got too excited and started spending a lot of $ on fun. Smh. That was a huge mistake. But now im in an even better situation. I invested in myself and gained knowledge and started saving.
    Minor investments but hoping to throw 20k into stocks every year starting next year to be financially free in 15 years. Fingers crossed.

  • Riqui says:

    Yes, Michael Jordan is definitely the best basketball player ever.