Billionaires Are Buying (And Selling) These Stocks

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In this video, we will discuss some of the stocks that billionaires have been buying or selling in the past month.

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The billionaires discussed in this video are Warren Buffett, Jim Chanos, Mark Cuban, and Carl Ichan.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


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  2. Avatar Michealdomchuks Micheakdomchuks says:

    Investing right now will be at the top of every wise one list. In 2months you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today .

    • Avatar Hugo Vargas says:

      18, having a field day buying into solid companies!

    • Avatar Tim Hughes says:

      The market may keep drop more, it may go up more. Who knows? 2 months is tough to know

    • Avatar Hugo Vargas says:

      Tim Hughes our best bet is to dollar cost average. I’m personally buying in increments and if the market does eventually tumble again, ill be there to lock in those trades

  3. Avatar Dave Schmarder says:

    I’ll invest in my next package of TP in a few months, when people realize how stupid they were to hoard TP. The price should then be great. If people need that much TP, then they have a problem with their diet. TP hoarding is just a bunch of crap! Just saying…

  4. Avatar Greg Gottfried says:

    Solid video Nate! It’s great seeing a well analyzed and rational perspective on the current situation. Big thumbs up!

  5. Avatar purple-budweiser says:

    Youtube: How many ads are you going to put on your video?

    Nate: Yes

  6. Avatar Casey Burns Investing says:

    Clorox is going to go through The Great Toilet Paper and Bleach Depression after this ends and there’s a surplus of supply.

    • Avatar John Plumley says:

      Casey Burns Investing yes

    • Avatar edit name says:

      Short it then

  7. Avatar Crawford Rhoderick says:

    He talks and talks and says nothing, rich people can afford to lose small amount of money, and it will not hurt them. If you really listen to him he telling you not to buy stock or listen to him as he does not know what he talking about, he try to over look 1929, and talk about 2008. What he not saying is that a certain president buy the name O , borrow, some where between fifteen and twenty trillion dollars from China , and used the money to bailout our banks and automakers, which his grandchildren will never be paying back. Most people with good common sense are not going to listen to his stupid advice until this covid19 has past . Why he think this is some kind of a big joke, and you should buy stock, is like shouting of your left foot because you still have one foot left. If we are not in a depression by Christmas will be a miracle.

  8. Avatar Salim Zaidi says:

    I think the dollar based economy is starting its downfall. Yes it is a good time to invest in stocks and stock indeces, maybe even wait until they drop to 2013 levels, but this won’t last forever.

    Everyone should own some Bitcoin, gold and silver to hedge against inflation and the 6T usd stimulus.

  9. Avatar Steve Ram says:

    Great video. Totally agree: if the experts are sitting on the sidelines they probably things are going to get worse before they get better, and they’re waiting for the best buying opportunity.

  10. Avatar Michele Sa says:

    Interesting video. Bye from Italy

  11. Avatar Adam Cole says:

    Great video man. Side note. What’s the mm thickness of your rope bracelet?

  12. Avatar godric Elkhazali says:

    Yo my man what’s your ideas about investing in gold at the moment

  13. Avatar djjlc says:

    Sorry to let you know mate but nothing is going to be “back to normal” after this

    • Avatar Benjamin Manh Nguyen says:

      djjlc everything has to be back to normal, but u don’t know when

    • Avatar 10theJGM says:

      you’re wrong, things will eventually return to normal, just takes time (possibly years)

  14. Avatar Alexandru Ulici - Buying Freedom says:

    Nice video, Nate. C’mon people, let’s smash the thumbs up.

  15. Avatar ReeWyre says:

    You must have a self cleaning asshole if 500 rolls of TP are a 10 year supply (Each roll would have to last 7.3 days for 1 person)

  16. Avatar Ron Yates says:

    I love your channel Nate! I’ve been dropping $500 – $1k (or whatever I can afford) every few days during these heavy market declines buying up dividend stocks with strong balance sheets only! Trying to get passive income stream going like you have Nate. Thanks for all the advice!

    • Avatar Lazarithe says:

      Let’s Talk Money , please calculate the taxes that will be coming out of your dividend earnings. That’s a much less talked about aspect of dividend focused investing. Best of luck, keep up the great aggressive investing.

    • Avatar twin cherry says:

      $500-$1,000 every few days? Where do you get the $; I’d want to get the $ too to invest.

    • Avatar Ron Yates says:

      @twin cherry hey twin! i’ve always been told that investing in stocks is a great way to build wealth – and I agree! But unless you are taking massive risk (not recommended), then you’ll want to find a way to may bigger, more frequent deposits to help your account to grow so that the compounding can really take effect! I help people earn more money using the skills they already have and by doing things they already enjoy! Just click my face if you’d like to learn how

  17. Avatar Sukhwinder Saini says:

    Was waiting for you!!!!!

  18. Avatar Mike O'Brien says:

    Hmm this seems like a good channel to subscribe to

  19. Avatar Sarah B says:

    Hey Nate ,Nice video !
    Could you make a video about how billionaires try sometimes to use their influence to try to control a stock price?

  20. Avatar Mitch Shoesmith says:

    It’s a great opportunity to buy into some stable companies for a long term investment. The likes of Amazon, Disney & Apple are ones I’m looking to buy more shares in over the next couple of months!

  21. Avatar TheRaven says:

    Great insight.

  22. Avatar R L says:

    Google: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Sells Huge Blocks of Delta, Southwest Stock

    (2 days ago)

  23. Avatar Leon Chen MD, MBA - Finance and Health Videos says:

    Probably not a bad idea to dollar cost average here. Buy a portion, if it goes down, buy some more. Of course no more than you’re willing to lose. IF it goes up, hey, high quality problem. Don’t put a lump sum statement buy. A little bit here and there. I know you mentioned intelligent investor was your favorite book. I just recently finished Chapter 9 about how everyone makes a comment about what the company will do in the next few months, but no body talks about the price. If Royal Caribbean is at a price to earnings ratio of 2, and can stay solvent long enough to survive, how much downside is there really? Also about the bit on Mr. Market, you can choose to take the price or not. It’s not the true value of the company. Just politely say “no thank you” to selling.

  24. Avatar Michael says:

    Granted i agree with you, however some of those old school rich folks invested at a time in which those iconic companies where just starting out so they got in at an extremely low price way back then..

  25. Avatar M R says:

    South West Airlines


    Hertz Global
    Live Nation

    Billionaires are thinking that markets will go lower so there is not much information

  26. Avatar Stock Talk with Eli, Ph.D. says:

    The ‘virus’ stocks are just temporary hype stocks. Once things return to normal, revenues also go back to normal… where does that leave the stock?

    • Avatar Greg Talks Money - Stock Market & Personal Finance says:

      Stock Talk with Eli, Ph.D. Clorox and Johnson & Johnson will probably fail after because of overproduction and having a backlog of supplies

    • Avatar Stock Talk with Eli, Ph.D. says:

      @Greg Talks Money – Stock Market & Personal Finance Maybe! I see that happening more to Clorox than to J&J. J&J has so much going for them, not just supplies.

    • Avatar Amanda Paige says:

      I know this is probably a stupid question but during the 1920s did the people who didnt withdraw money also lose money during the Great Depression? I only remember learning about people losing money from withdrawing from the stock market

    • Avatar Greg Talks Money - Stock Market & Personal Finance says:

      @Amanda Paige Well if you sell your investment for a lower price than what you paid for then you lose money. Those who began investing DURING the Great Depression or held their investments saw profits after the market recovered.

    • Avatar Greg Talks Money - Stock Market & Personal Finance says:

      @Stock Talk with Eli, Ph.D. I agree with that, especially given that they are such a large company, but I can’t help but think they will be oversupplied when it comes to home essentials for the next few months maybe even a year or two.

  27. Avatar Boristien405 says:

    1:55 I’d have to disagree with you there Nate. The stock market generally reaches its previous levels less than 6 years after the crash. I believe the S&P 500 matches its previous point count after only 5 years. Not sure where you got you number from with that graph

    • Avatar xparanoid24x says:

      Boristien405 he’s showing a graph from the 1930s to show what ACTUALLY happened during the Great Depression. Do your research lol

  28. Avatar 07bently says:

    Keep in mind that these billionaires are Not saints by any stretch of the imagination.. They know that when they go on television or other means of news, and they say that they just bought a certain stock, they know that Many will buy in as well just because they said that they bought in.. So the masses will drive that graph upwards after they had already bought in !!! There is nothing innocent about that.

    • Avatar Akhilesh Kumar says:

      but isn’t it good? say if buffet tells everyone to buy a certain stock and the stock goes up, everyone who bought the stock will gain.

    • Avatar John Plumley says:

      It’s a game of intelligence

    • Avatar 07bently says:

      Has nothing to do w intelligence or you making money.. by the time you buy in its already up.. They made the money.. Look up cramer manipulation on youtube.

    • Avatar Hugo Vargas says:

      bill ackman got on the news and then proceeded to short stocks right after spreading fear lol.

    • Avatar Robert G says:

      When was the last time you saw Buffett or bezos go on TV and tell people what they bought? Usually they might go on TV and talk about what they purchased weeks months and years ago

  29. Avatar Caleb Oliver says:

    Good stuff! Soon we’ll be the billionaires people research to learn how to invest! 💰💰💰

  30. Avatar Francisco Viana says:

    This guy is really the GOAT!

  31. Avatar Tai Butler says:


  32. Avatar Ken Lynch says:

    Interesting & informative

  33. Avatar Tai Butler says:

    Pennsylvania reit is offering a $90 dividend for 90 cents per share.

    • Avatar Reizo69 Reizo says:

      Tai Butler that stock is going on a downtrend for the last couple of years.. I wouldn’t buy it

    • Avatar 10theJGM says:

      @Cynthia Brown Not trying to be rude or anything, but what’s your purpose for spreading this info to random ppl on youtube? idk maybe its my cynical side but seems kinda sus

    • Avatar Cynthia Brown says:

      @10theJGM Lol, none taken, i feel sad for people who need help and they are not getting it cause of no replies, plus generally i see no reason not to suggest a means of help

  34. Avatar Dukes Investing says:

    Markets could drop lower, but don’t wait until after billionaires buy to start positions! By then everybody else will be doing the same and it won’t be as good of a buying opportunity.

    • Avatar Hugo Vargas says:

      dollar cost averaging my way way through this roller coaster ride!

    • Avatar Dukes Investing says:

      Hugo Vargas Smart decision!

  35. Avatar Jose Rojas says:

    airlines are sooo oversold and its ridiculous. These will definitely be great buy and holds in 10 years.

  36. Avatar checkmaminoune says:

    Thank you for this information ! 🙏👍

  37. Avatar AussieMoneyMan says:

    Good points at the start Nate, re Japan, it’s not unlikely to occur in another country, USA, Australia, etc. In fact, eventually it is likely to occur. Solution may simply be to diversify outside of your home country.

  38. Avatar AussieMoneyMan says:

    Lucky re your ad rate, here in Aus it is down well over 80%!

  39. Avatar Mzladrj says:

    I’m new to investing but I was thinking that the Zoom may be a wild card investment compared to Clorox and the other “virus stocks” because companies and schools that are currently using zoom cause of the virus may see it as beneficial and continue use after everything settles. I wanna wait for the price to drop alot more though but I can see it growing in the future.

  40. Avatar Gabe Gnuch says:

    What do you guys think about cruise stocks? I think they are a good buy right now, like carnival cruise lines. Let me know

    • Avatar Gabe Gnuch says:


    • Avatar MrTj145 says:

      My opinion would be long term – as in even they dip again which I think is where the Economy is heading, don’t panic sell. Long term they’ll come good

  41. Avatar Greg Talks Money - Stock Market & Personal Finance says:

    I personally think we will have a sharp W-shaped recovery just because more eyes are on the stock market now more than ever and everyone wants a slice of the profits

  42. Avatar Investing Education says:

    Good time to buy

  43. Avatar Modern Adulting says:

    Time to invest now and reap the harvest in the next 2 months.

  44. Avatar Nicholas James says:

    Feel like people are overspending on stocks so quickly, people acting like the stocks have completely crashed – they’re just cheaper with plenty of room to fall further.

  45. Avatar George - The Money Making Wizard [Weekly Videos] says:

    *Anyone who doesn’t invest now, will definitely be regretting it in a couple years.. I’ve been doubling my position in Tesla throughout the recession, I see them being in the 3-5K range in 5-10 years.. and guys this is literally the best time to double down and focus while most people just get distracted & lope around watching netflix all day.. so many massive opportunities out there, just remember more millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other time in recorded history! Lets make it happen guys!!!* 💪🤑🔥

    • Avatar laetihonor windy says:

      George – The Money Making Wizard [Weekly Videos] what are you buying?

    • Avatar George - The Money Making Wizard [Weekly Videos] says:

      @laetihonor windy I’m investing heavily in tesla, shopify, and alibaba. Actually if you’re interested just released a video today, breaking down exactly why these 3 companies and my investing strategy for throughout the recession!

    • Avatar GUNZ says:

      You keep posting this comment on every video ,you will lose all your money

    • Avatar Dimitar Iliyanov says:

      Ah yes throwing your money into a company with no fundamentals is way better than watching Netflix lmao

  46. Avatar Benjie says:

    “We are going into a Depression”
    Market: “Dow up +1600 pts”

    • Avatar Jason Walter says:

      Benjie goes to show that predicting the market in the short term is near impossible

    • Avatar GUNZ says:

      It’s a bear trap

    • Avatar curtis rader says:

      A BEAR TRAP?

  47. Avatar Wealth Insider says:

    CNBC Headlines are extremely misleading —
    1. Warren Buffett is no longer the main decision maker for the investment allocations in Berkshire Hathaway. So the recent B.H.’s transaction activities didn’t come from Warren Buffett himself.
    2. Same goes to the relationship between Bridgewater and Ray Dalio (I am a big Dalio fan).

  48. Avatar Minimal Red says:

    You should start a new series of videos talking about the stock market history of different countries.

  49. Avatar Heffernan Investing says:

    Most of these billionaires are experienced investors and recognize an opportunity. There are great companies currently on sale so why not buy more? The big question for me is where is the bottom? The market has rallied again but I would be surprised if it isn’t significantly down in 6 months time.

  50. Avatar Matt P says:

    What do you think about dollar cost average buying of shares?

  51. Avatar Alexey Ivanov says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Here a comment for the prosperity of your Chanel and lovely YouTube algorithms

  52. Avatar AfcA -: says:

    I personally only buy ETF’S ‘index trackers’ every month!!!
    To me buying stocks of a single company is like gambling!
    Good luck with investing and growing economic wealth everybody!:)
    Greetings from the netherlands!

    • Avatar Krypz Chillin says:

      Only gambling if you have no idea how to invest properly and do a fundamental analysis and technical analysis to me ETFS are way more like gambling because I have no control over my investments

    • Avatar IlCodylI says:

      Krypz Chillin Again, like the person who posted the original comment I don’t think you know the definition of gambling either. Being bad or making stupid decisions doesn’t make it gambling, it’s still investing and that person is just bad at it. And this notion that if you don’t have control over the individual holding in the ETF, that that makes the ETF more like gambling just doesn’t make sense. Gambling is playing a game of chance for money. Neither ETFs or individual stocks fit that definition unless you are purely speculating on short term price fluctuations.

    • Avatar Krypz Chillin says:

      IlCodylI nah man it’s definitely gambling

    • Avatar John F says:

      AfcA -: your right never gamble

    • Avatar IlCodylI says:

      Krypz Chillin I’m going to just pretend that you’re trolling, I don’t want to insult your intelligence and assume that you’re being serious.

  53. Avatar Joie V says:

    Love your channel! You’re well informed on many investment strategies, thank you for sharing. On a side note….your hair. You’re all business on the right side and pure rockstar on your left 😜

  54. Avatar dannyU2g says:

    so they are buying and selling them seems a bit contradictory+ how would a boomer know u son of buffet?

  55. Avatar p4nc4kemix4u TV says:

    The heck happened to BA?

  56. Avatar Chris Kubica says:

    which laptop is that?

  57. Avatar Michelle Silva says:

    I love this channel. 😌💙

  58. Avatar Jeanine Pate says:

    disappointed; thought i’d get some direction as to where to invest????

  59. Avatar Abby LB says:

    Any recommendations on trading platforms for UK based?

    • Avatar Cynthia Brown says:

      I can recommend a platform with which I do business. The company creates cryptographic processing tools to improve the efficiency and security of negotiations. you can leave your email to chat more.

  60. Avatar Cynthia Brown says:

    Bitcoin is very volatile, you just need to use the right cryptographic processing tools to increase your business success rates and the right entry point to maximize risk management and stop loss

    • Avatar ADI says:

      Who wants to maximize risk?

    • Avatar ADI says:

      This woman dont know what she is writing lol;

    • Avatar Cynthia Brown says:

      ADI maximized profitably

    • Avatar Cynthia Brown says:

      Natasha 1 now that’s just being ignorant and it will be the fall of you

    • Avatar CarbonMatrixify says:


  61. Avatar 10theJGM says:

    Anyone else been looking at GE as a solid long term investment rn????

  62. Avatar 10theJGM says:


  63. Avatar Bob Sykes says:

    Interesting and informative point about how ad revenue, and ad rates, are arrested by this. Wishing you the best!

  64. Avatar Benri Purba says:

    Nike where are you man

  65. Avatar Davide's World of Dance Sport says:

    Thannk you for sharing! Very good video!

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    • Avatar Kim Chen says:

      You can text him via telegram for more information about how it works @officialpeterscott

  67. Avatar Jampa Dhondup says:

    A new subscriber here! I have been watching some of videos then but I decided to subscribe today because you share most of the research you did and that’s very valuable. I think that makes your channel more unique from the competitions!

  68. Avatar Jimmy Thyr Economic says:

    not saying dont listen to Buffett, but if he does a move on buying or selling. We should atleast have that in our calculation

  69. Avatar Doble L VM says:

    Bro , which watch do you use ?

  70. Avatar Video Game Digest says:

    Is this clickbait? I’m at the beginning of the video.

    • Avatar PunK says:

      This guy is never clickbait.

  71. Avatar The George Anton Show says:

    I don’t like herz stock

  72. Avatar Rancho Regio says:

    Too many ads on this video. Started off great though but couldnt watch the whole video.

    • Avatar polishfish says:

      Rancho Regio how many ads are there?

    • Avatar JamPow says:

      no ads you, stoppid?

    • Avatar chilled99 says:

      Use Dolphin or Brave web browser for ad free viewing

  73. Avatar PunK says:

    Hi Nate, do you have any recommendation for a worldwide stock brokerage ? Wanted to try WeBull but it doesn’t support Cambodia, still yet to find anything trustworthy ! ☹️

  74. Avatar Business Interesi says:

    Can you break up more in depth each individual section of the previous video about investing? Like looking those profit statements and so on, but 1 video per each point.

  75. Avatar Business Interesi says:

    Can you make a video of which sources you use daily to prepare for your videos and what you did over the years to get where you are in your financial knowledge.

  76. Avatar Raquel T says:

    Love your honesty I always trust your information thank you for being real with us, so many good points in this video 💗

  77. Avatar 33027day says:

    But there was no such thing as infinity QE back when 30s

  78. Avatar Charlie Ryan says:

    Great video Nate. Success leaves clues, just copy the moves of successful investors. I do think everyone is getting caught up in the idea that invest now and markets will bounce back, but Japan still hasn’t got back to their 89 highs.

  79. Avatar Kyle Decoteau Vargas Solis says:

    Great video.

  80. Avatar Warner Wesley says:

    Great video!

  81. Avatar John F says:

    As side from MSFT I’m not crazy about his investments, some never get back to even

  82. Avatar John F says:

    Investments in stocks is gambling unless is a mutual fund no loss principle

  83. Avatar phil durre says:

    it will bounce back, the fed throws billions at us!

  84. Avatar phil durre says:

    if you have that much money as warren buffet, it doesnt matter in what you invest, your business will surive the crises with that money better than the rivals and grow back stronger,…

  85. Avatar DavidsonLoops says:

    Bravo Nate, jolly good fellow!

  86. Avatar Aman Pathak says:

    Congrats on 500k my friend!

  87. Avatar shitty mcr vids says:

    Delta airline

  88. Avatar Lola rose Beasley says:

    Investing is the key.
    Invest in the future and worry less about retirement.
    The future starts today.

    • Avatar Vigil Wicks says:

      Reach him via
      shawn trading consult (at) g: ma: il

    • Avatar Don dc2 says:

      @Vigil Wicks what platform are you using

    • Avatar Vigil Wicks says:

      I earn investing under Mr Shawn Nicholas, you can give him a try.

    • Avatar Vigil Wicks says:

      Contact him, his email is above

    • Avatar Leonar says:


  89. Avatar Ron Yates says:

    But the big question is did we already hit the stock market bottom? Maybe. Nobody knows for sure. If you put a gun to my head I would say there is a 70%+ chance that the market bottom was hit at 18k for the following reasons:

    Fear is a stronger emotion than greed. People panicked, not after the virus hit, but after the government shutdowns.
    There has been a lot of QE since March
    Interest rates are down even more than before. So it isn’t like people can make a lot of money in the bank. In some countries you are lucky to get 0.1% now
    Long-term, it isn’t like the market will get smaller. Now individual firms, like the airlines, will get smaller. But look at it this way. Is Netflix making less money these days? No they are making more money, as people are staying at home more, and so are many E commerce firms.
    Linked to point 4, longer-term, it will become even more socially acceptable for people to do business 100% remotely. Going from an analogue to a digital world was already underway. This will accelerate it. It is an opportunity for firms to make more money long-term, by having less fixed cost and travel-related
    Regardless of whether the market hit a bottom or not, frankly speaking, a long-term investor should either not care about the markets or should be hoping for falls.

    I am very disappointed by the market recovery that has taken place.

    Why? I have plenty of money in the markets and my accounts are up a lot in the last 2 weeks.

    Well simple. If markets fall again and stay low for years like they did in the 1930s, that will allow me to “stack up” on loads of cheap units for years.

    If markets don’t recover for say 15 years. that will only make the eventual rises sweater, because of compounding.

    Or let’s put this another way. If I invest every year for the next 30 years, and the next 15 years are 0% and years 16–30 are +15%, that will be more profitable than 12% in the next 15 years followed by 5% from years 16–30.

    The reason is compounding. So rationally speaking, unless you are 5 years away from retirement, you should celebrate any stagnation.

    That doesn’t mean we can predict these things. The best thing about knowing we can’t control markets is we can ignore the media noise.

  90. Avatar Young Wealth Creation says:

    Investing your money will always beat trying to trade your money.

  91. Avatar MsRene95 says:

    What do you think about buying Vodafone or Telekom stocks?

  92. Avatar AlessandraElena says:

    Nate would you buy delta at 22?

  93. Avatar renegade_ace says:

    I bought a lot of Zoom… then it got pranked and tanked

  94. Avatar Tip of the Speer says:

    You have great style.

  95. Avatar JOEY says:

    He sounds like teachingmansfashion

  96. Avatar EHSAN LABİB says:

    delta airline stock dropped to 24.35dollars, warren buffet acted hastily he is in a huge loss…

  97. Avatar Moriah Flores says:

    Hi, do you know much about stock option trading? Could you direct me to some places to learn more about that? Thanks so much.

  98. Avatar Mcnairy baran says:

    Your channel puts out great, honest information.  I really enjoy watching! New Subber!

  99. Avatar D. A says:

    Thanks for covering this!  😉

  100. Avatar Teresa Tilley says:

    Do you have any thoughts on Alexander Green $3 stock to share?

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