Libya offensive: Government-backed forces push into city of Sirte

2020 6/15
Libya offensive: Government-backed forces push into city of Sirte

A Turkish team has arrived in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, to help dismantle landmines left behind by forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar.
Turkish military support has been key to recent territorial gains made by the UN-recognised government.
Al Jazeera’s Malik Traina reports from Misrata, Libya.

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  • pelister noah says:

    Two leaders
    One legitimate the other illegitimate . Illegitimate leader wants ceasefire. Makes no sense.

  • HALAKO KHAN says:

    Hello Libyians did u get the taste of Democracy do u miss Gaddafi.That man did so much for u and u killed him.

    • XD Brazar fazar says:

      Thank you for that and FYI if you dident know the ones who started the war were people who hated gadafi they would start riots and say that gadafi killed out sons in war and thing like that when he did nothing gadafi loved his people he dident deserve that

  • Kata Semut says:

    NextvStop Benghazi then on to Tobruk, Cairo. UAE and Saudi Arabia coming soon.

  • melih aydogan says:

    1:40 look at that israel lap dog’s room and look a that president room 1:41 no need to say another.

  • BD Express says:

    Anyone who is allied with Western countries cannot be trusted. Period.

    • Esa Shaik says:

      Yes what is Russia doing with France backing Haftar?

    • eurosensazion says:

      So why is Turkey allied with the West and in NATO? Why do they mostly trade with the EU and get special trading status and weapons from US decades ago against Soviet? Without the West and Europe Turkey would be garbage. Erdogan is all talk. The math doesn’t lie. Tourists to Turkey again mostly from US and Europe.

    • şahin kartal says:

      @eurosensazion Like a western single-toothed vampire
      it is made up of jackals that cause war and confusion

    • şahin kartal says:

      @eurosensazion vampires and jackals that disturb people, westerners

    • Cengiz Koç says:

      @Esa Shaik Russia is playing their royalty-relationship with Germany and France card in their hegemony politics.. My former French colleague told me that Russian-France ties go way back..

  • A Sad Man says:

    Double standards!!
    Western diplomats were enjoying when Haftar assaults continued for 14 months to capture Tripoli.. Now they urge for a cheasefire..

    • Steve Soltysiak says:

      I wouldn’t be quick to call Russia, UAE, and Egypt the Weat

    • daniel tan says:

      West are happy as they makes billions on arm sales. Only fools like this been use as a their tools. The same goes to iraq, syria, yemen.

    • J South says:

      Ceasefire so that they can re-group! They are just trying to buy time. So, no they shouldn’t have it

    • ColerainSwaggify says:

      @Steve Soltysiak Egypt is part of the West now that the murderous dictator El Sisi is in office.

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    After Libya next station Egypt! Turkey will clean Egypt from terrorist and dictator Sisi!

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    After 100 years! Ottoman is back! 🇹🇷 What is the Ottoman = Turkey, Libya, Qatar, Pakistan for now!

    • eurosensazion says:

      Nothing good from the Ottomans came to Libya. So why would Arabs want Ottoman Turks when history shows they were never welcomed.

    • Info Info says:

      Zion is against ummah uniting.

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    🇮🇱 🇪🇬 🇬🇷 🇷🇺 🇸🇦 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇦🇪 = Terroriszm!

    • Ice Queen says:

      Guide Doğukan Islam=Terrorism!
      Long Live USA! Long Live Israel!

    • The Zeus says:

      @Ice Queen my gay brother

  • Faye Abdulateef says:

    Aljazeera is full of lies and fabrications🌚🌚🌚

    • Free Media says:

      Your father lies and cowardice

  • Denaice Mwashighadi says:

    Libya was very rich and beautiful African countries. Praying for peace ✌️ and God favor and mercy locate his people.

  • fc says:


  • Md Monir says:

    Nice Turkey

  • Arabian Nights says:

    Haftar , Sisi, Assad, UAE – all these criminal dogs has one master sitting in Kremlin

  • Yousef Abdulla says:

    haftar is a coward

  • N.I. Khan says:

    Turkey is the only country who has been working really with good intentions at the ground level to bring political stability in middle east & North African region

  • Abu Abdurahman says:

    Haftar is supported by the madakhilaa cult from saudi arabia.

  • Kurmi Nachle says:

    Pompeo “oil….blah blah blah .. oil.. blah blah blah .. oil .. blah blah blah “ .. sweet!!

  • toklaut and another says:

    Few months ago, the satanic alliance of UAE, Egypt etc already thought who will get what in Libya. Then Turkey happened to them. Lol..

    Dont stop now. Take whole of libya

    • al bundy says:

      Turkey is NATO s and USA sub contractor at midlle east already since british captured and put pupet western Government in Turkey as did at Katar .

    • Dawah Bro says:

      @al bundy Turkey is a NATO alliance , it is an incomplete statement the correct one is – turkice military is a NATO alliance . A pro islamic and anti western government has come and every one know this , NATO alliance military and the satanic forces too.

    • KamerOn7 REİS says:

      @al bundy Muslim people don’t eat these games bro 😀

  • Tolgz says:

    Turkish airbase in Al Watiyya
    Turkish Ground base in Mitiga
    Turkish Navy base in Misrata

    Next to conquer Sirte 🇹🇷

    • GR says:

      @Big boy Hak I don’t think you did.
      However…no problem….your prophet is a perfect example of a civil person.

    • şahin kartal says:

      @Rodell E-run you cannot buy with money the spirit and faith of the Turkish people.

    • şahin kartal says:

      @UCMMdOfYfrXSQFEFRD0HK5TQ With free will, everyone chooses what they want and no one can force anyone to accept something, what do you mean, now change is inevitable

    • Big boy Hak says:

      G R what’s bad about our prophet what is it that you hate him
      Give me proof

  • Share Knowledge says:

    Stop dirty oil use

  • Alp_Arsalan 71 says:

    Gaddafi was better

  • ian osman says:

    Haftar is a field marshal? Of what? Perhaps of a bath tub?

  • aa _uk says:

    3rd grade backers for a 4th grade warlord!

  • dick heder says:

    d GNA has lately been winning d latest battles, still d war isnt over, der are reports dat russia is building up an airbase in eastern libya. russia has a blueprint for victory, d syria blueprint. erdogan may have a quagmire on his hands, russia, egypt, UAE are formidable foes in this libyan civil war.

  • dick heder says:

    does erdogan hav an appetite for a long drawn out proxy war? we will see…

  • dick heder says:

    what is erdogan’s angle in libya? wat are his ambitions in libya? does he think russia, egypt and UAE will just lie down n let d ottomans take over libya?

    • slymn dvtc says:

      do russia and other puppets think to stop recreated ottomans?

  • dick heder says:

    will erdogan deploy his air force in libya to fight d russian mercenary air force? it might come to that.. long range airstrikes can neutralize erdogans UAV airforce. d europeans are asking for a ceasefire so haftar can regroup, rebuild, rearm and go for a counter offensive vs GNA

    • slymn dvtc says:

      hahaha..russia lied and cheated all stupid countries on the world.everybody thougt that russian air defence systems and weapons are just 300 kg drone made all air defence systems of russia as a garbage..Wake up and see the big balloons

  • Akash S says:

    All small oil producing countries as suppressed to keep oil prices high,it’s a big game ..Iran can’t sell oil due to sanctions,Iraq is under USA control,Venezuela cant produce oil,Same goes for Libya …Low oil output means higher price..All oil producing countries must side with USA otherwise they either sanction them or create civil war

  • Shakeb Raza says:

    Hafter is traitor and killer hired by Sisi bin Zayed bin Salman to distroy Libya and it’s people Hafter is culprit but his illegal supporters are main culprits for Libyan distraction

  • jinny wazen says:

    so aljazeera supports the terrorists in libya ? that’s why we hate you !

  • I. Cruz says:

    Now Haftar wants diplomacy what a fool

  • RASHEED KHAN says:

    Next UAE??

  • Dilsad Aygün says:

    Bad will lose .good will win. Love Türkiye

  • Danu Kenway says:

    Did they won sirte …..coz its not showing anywere other than this video

  • Harald Barbosa says:

    al jazeer is super bias against Haftar. This is going to be a long battle especially since Egypt got in the mix. All you guys cheerleading for GNA are in for some disappointment I think. I personally could care less on which side comes out on top, but as an observer its obvious to me this is going to be a long battle and either side can take the total victory at this point in time

  • allah is gay says:


  • ilbey 11 says:

    Peygamberin ordusu Mehmetçik kılıcını çekti , zalimler için azap günü başladı

  • Abid Zargar says:

    Knock out Haftar…Don’t Stop. Don’t listen to corrupt leaders.

    • James O'Brien says:

      What does Haftar want?

  • J South says:

    Masha ALLAH! May ALLAH swt give you the strength to keep on fighting and defeat all those minions of Shaytan!

  • Sema Uslu says:


    • XD Brazar fazar says:

      True Libyans hate Turks

    • Yusuf Altug says:

      @XD Brazar fazar so a true libbian should support a war lord who as a AMERICAN passport?

    • Melisa Özgül says:

      @XD Brazar fazar Oh you must hate gaddafi too

    • XD Brazar fazar says:

      Melisa Özgül r u dumb I support him

  • aMo says:


  • tri wibowo says:

    Your country is very rich , because of war you all be poor , peace please stop war , people suffer both side …

  • Love_ Angel0483 says:

    Since the death of Gaddafi,this country is never been better.everybody wants to rule.

  • Austin Lee says:

    Endless Oil wars. As long as there’s Oil in Libya soil, this war can’t end. Western powers had entered inside milk and honey wars!! Venezuela wars are loading as well.

    • Oğuz Çoban says:

      Turkey has already good relations with venezuella, no more allow to emperial powers . Turkey will show to all this world how can be grow together.

  • reality finder says:

    Please dont kill brothers
    egypt should stop as it is illegitimate govt
    West have destroy many Muslim countries in name of secular and democracy and left

  • Ali Simmo says:

    Sisi is the next one.the flag of Ottoman Empire will rise again. For the mazlum İslam world.Qatar,Turkey.Libya.Pakistan.Azerbaycan are together

    • HafizQutaiba says:

      Greetings to our Libyan and Turkish brothers and from Pakistan. May Allah help you against haftar

  • Nadeem Gulzar says:

    Is there any shame left in people of UAE, Saudi,Egypt. Everytime they support enemies of Islam

    • The Most Interesting Man On Youtube says:

      They are all zionist puppets

    • Unknown says:


    • Mogaaj Fghgf says:

      Dude uncool

    • Youssef Elhenawy says:

      Egyptian government doesn’t not represent Egyptian people!

  • okacet says:

    Libyans are going to lose Libya forever. Now the control is slipping into foreign hands.(
    One wishes Colonel Gaddafi was still alive now. A true Libyan.

  • GR says:

    Egypt can’t even clean up Sinai, and wants to stretch into Libya.
    🤣🤣. Clean up your house first and then help others.

    • ChaoCius says:

      US can’t even clean up Afghanistan, over a decade now!

      Please try to act smarter, it’s not as simple as you think it is.

    • GR says:

      @ChaoCius US does NOT want to clean up Afghanistan. And your wrong again. It’s actually very simple , provide your people with good quality ,Food, schools, hospitals, and jobs. Instead of buying obsolete military equipment from Europe. and placing your country in debt.

    • ChaoCius says:

      @GR Well, then explain to me what the US is doing with tens of thousands of troops in Afghanistan. (the same ones who lost to Vietnamese farmers despite being the most powerful country worldwide)

      Regarding the social services and whatsoever, Egypt has been trying to recover from the scars left by a revolution that almost turned into a civil war between extremists and normal Egyptians. Along with that, we already are seeing what’s happening around us, starting from Yemen to Syria and it’d be common sense; purchasing military equipment, specifically to protect our sovereign interests and rights over the Mediterranean sea (which Erdogan wants to bare us from). Greece and Cyprus already report the Turkish Air Force playing stupid games on them, and Egypt is making sure that won’t happen over its own soil.

      Oh! Did I forget to mention the GERD which, obviously, Sisi is trying to purchase long-range aircraft to strike?

      I’m worried if we invest in these beauties first, we’d just be like Syria sooner or later..if not suffering from a starving 100M+ Population, after the dam starts filling.

    • GR says:

      @ChaoCius to answer your first question.
      No army has ever won against guerilla war fare. You can check on academic military books.
      Second issue. Egypt since independence never had a proper civilized infostructure in any of it’s civil departments. So saying it has been recovering is rubbish.
      The arab spring failed in Egypt. From a military ruler to another.
      Turkey has a democratic parliamentary system in place,maybe not the best one but it has one . Egypt does not.
      Turkey is many years ahead of Egypt in infostructure, logistics , medicine, education ,etc.and can afford to stretch it’s arms. It’s actually suffering now economically.
      Last issue the gerd dam will be built whether any one likes it or not , it’s part of progress.
      And nobody is going to shoot anyone.
      Egypt should learn a thing or two from Israel on how to conserve water. There are a few YouTube videos which are quite interesting for you to look at.
      A few years from now and Egypt will suffer from hunger. And the population will pay the price as always.

  • Bahauddin Bahar says:

    Hafter is none but toy of S Arabia;Arab Amirat & Egypt

  • Mustafa 1453 says:

    We love our muslim Brothers and sisters in all muslim countrys we will Help you inşallah after we liberate Libya we will liberate Egypt people inşallah the days of puppet coup dictator sisi is numbered

  • Mustafa 1453 says:

    Run sisi runnn! The days of puppet coup dictator sisi is numbered! After we liberate Libya we will liberate Egypt with EGYPT People İnşallah

    • James O'Brien says:

      Lybia turned into a cursed land after the murder of Gaddafi. Gaddafi gave everyone who asked – housing, free education for all Lybians, made Lybians wealthy, healthcare. Are you part of the group that did that to Gaddafi and turned Lybia into a curse? If so, you are brainwashed by believing propaganda. Gaddafi would never turn on his own people but only on the terrorists. The Lybians can fight for themselves to put into power whom they choose. They don’t need our side help, nor do Egyptians. Egyptians can do whatever they desire by themselves as well.

  • Khan Zafar says:

    Next target Bashar insha’Allah

  • SmartwatcherS S says:

    I hope Libya wil rise again and the people have a peacefull live. Turkey is helping Libya against criminals like Haftar after the French and the NATO started a illegal operation.

  • Crocodile Dundee says:

    Haftar you going down

    • emr clp says:

      Salam brother from TURKEY

  • Rodell E-run says:

    $1=7,000,000 Turkish lira.
    Turkey you can’t build an empire on EU credit card.

    • karim benyoucef says:

      1 jordan dinar= 3$ , wtf are you talking about?

    • Rodell E-run says:

      Furkan 06 //
      Sorry I forgot to post this.
      This is the history of lira from 1970 to 2005.
      Read the paragraph at the bottom.

      The following are based on yearly averages:
      • 1960s – 1 U.S. dollar = 9 Turkish lira
      • 1970 – 1 U.S. dollar = 11.3 Turkish lira
      • 1975 – 1 U.S. dollar = 14.4 Turkish lira
      • 1980 – 1 U.S. dollar = 80 Turkish lira
      • 1985 – 1 U.S. dollar = 500 Turkish lira
      • 1990 – 1 U.S. dollar = 2,500 Turkish lira
      • 1995 – 1 U.S. dollar = 43,000 Turkish lira
      • 2000 – 1 U.S. dollar = 620,000 Turkish lira
      • 2001 – 1 U.S. dollar = 1 Turkish lira
      • 2005 – 1 U.S. dollar = 1,350,000 Turkish lira[7][8]
      The Guinness Book of Records ranked the Turkish lira as the world’s least valuable currency in 1995 and 1996, and again from 1999 to 2004. The Turkish lira had slid in value so far that one original gold lira coin could be sold for 154,400,000 Turkish lira before the 2005 revaluation

    • Furkan 06 says:

      Rodell E-run I know the history of the Lira and of Turkey. U don’t have to tell me about it😄

    • Pinkoroponko Pinko says:

      There is oil in Libya so no need for dollars

    • Rodell E-run says:

      Pinkoroponko Pinko //
      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch 🐣
      This is just the beginning, you haven’t won yet.

  • emr clp says:

    Ya Allah bismillah long live TURKEY

  • Golmenso Gregorio says:

    America who destroyed Libya and Iraq.

    • James O'Brien says:

      It was the U.N. and illuminati that made this injustice to happen. World bankers have the world brainwashed and take out any nation that attempts to go back to the gold standard. It’s a huge counterfeit money heist. Their end goal isn’t about money but world domination.

  • Nemesis says:

    Greetings from turkey🇹🇷, we suppord libya🇱🇾, we’ll always be next to the Libyan🇱🇾.

  • Oz A says:

    I’m not hearing that they entered sirte anywhere else. seems like fake news

  • Md. Mosta Jabur says:

    Excellent Al-Jazeera 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏

  • Spinn TV says:

    I vomit every time I see pompeo

  • Emrah A says:


  • Sergei Formosa says:

    Support Turkey from Fas ( Morocco)

  • şahin kartal says:

    vëllezër, bëhuni të lumtur dhe të vendosur dhe qëndroni drejt

  • mitzvah golem says:

    Why Arabs Turks Iran all hate kill each other so much???

  • Ndofusu M says:

    Look at them, Western lap dogs. What a shame!

  • Abdulkadir Sağlam says:

    La Galibe illallah 🇹🇷 🇱🇾

  • mmmutahhar1978 says:

    Haftar = GADDAFI part 2?

  • Just Me says:

    Long live Turkey🇹🇷♥️ from Kosova🇦🇱.

  • Shawndelle Bernard says:

    No country America invade is a better country today

  • al bundy says:

    Country Katar and Turkey backing up USA installed government even sending direct Military planes , tanks , missiles in order to country captured by Muslim Brother Movement , of course they all sub contractor if USA .

  • BOOM HD 2013 says:

    I hope they now see that Gaddafi’s overthrow was bad for them.

  • Dawet Abebe says:

    Egypt want weaker Libya .and want a puppet government to run Libya.Egypt should not be trusted.the Libyan people deserve better than puppet Haftar.the world should stand with Turkey and Libyan people.

  • HBJ Jaf says:

    Another oil based takeover of a country by western style democracy?.

  • Gülten Aydin says:

    Kaziyacaz fakat yok haftar

  • Comrade says:

    I thought Libya was going to be such a free and great place after Khadafi?? I bet many Libyans yearn for the good ol’ days when Khadafi ruled with an iron fist..

  • Karen Puentes says:

    Hactar no es terrorista que desinformación mentirosos

  • Suha Caykoylu says:

    Disgrace to MBS, MBZ & SISI. Enemies of Islam all over MENA. InshaAllah they too will be toppled. Let the Muslim people rule themselves and get united. Down with the dictators, tyrants and puppets. This is not a fate, it is a plot by Israel and the West in order to dominate, to divide and rule. This game must end.

  • Inam Mir says:

    France has a thing with a war where there is war there is France.
    I think France is the most evil and greedy country I have ever seen, people of France should really give it a thought.

  • OXYMORON says:

    We are coming haftar

  • 41053082 says:

    Oh boy, oh boy, the cabal has done a really good job, blinding this people that they don’t know who is good or bad.
    Gaddafi was first demonized by the cabal media then he was brutally killed by western (cabal) paid mercenaries, for trying to free his people from the cabal’s usury.

  • Kawish Alam says:

    Saleebi +++
    & his puppet is responsible of civil war in all over the middle – east

  • Kamaruzaman B T says:

    AlhamduliLLAH good news for d ppl of Libya, that is just what they want – more freedom & democracy, Gaddafi deprived them but now u r truly free & I’m truly glad u r freed

  • Saif Malik says:

    Allah is the greatest! May Allah bless the forces and soldiers of the Government! May Allah bless the Lion of Turkey Erdogan!



  • ThinkAware says:

    Good old Islam.

  • IFA Economy says:

    I will be very happy to see America in this situation one day.

  • Mr Anonym says:

    Soon we will see haftars head in the hand of a Turkish soldier 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Nakko Nakko says:

    Great job turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 weak West dont do anything
    So we turks helping and finishing haftar the rat

  • AG budrani says:

    Turkey will defeat all the enemy of Islam.

  • MrOmonoiatis says:

    Those who think Turkey is there to help are idiots. Rapists and murderers should not be trusted.

  • Brahim BMZO says:

    Haftar is over and what we need to know is what’s next

  • Michal Czarnecki says:

    After fall of Gadafi last Libyan leader, country become puppet state. Who cares if master state is Turkey, UAE, Egypt. Puppet is a puppet.

  • Ibn Muhammad says:

    Return to Allaah oh people return to your Lord!

  • NNN PPP says:

    We will not let Libya fall into hands of a dictator similar to Egypt’s sisi or Syria’s Assad. We will not let Haftar random shell Libyan cities, sell it’s maritime zones to countries which he is serving to. We will not let French Total to suck Libya’s oil and give nothing to Libya. We will not close our eyes for blood shed in our beloved brother territories.

  • Gary Anderson II says:

    The comment threads on this page are intriguing.
    The blame is being thrown in so many directions.
    That’s all I’m saying.


  • Pashtun Warrior says:

    May Allah give hidayah to arabs

  • Salim Denizhan says: