UN expresses ‘horror’ at reported mass graves in Libya

2020 6/16
UN expresses 'horror' at reported mass graves in Libya

The UN says it is horrified by the discovery of mass graves in the Libyan city of Tarhuna and other areas recently retaken from forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar.
Libya’s Government of National Accord says the graves contain the remains of government soldiers who had been taken prisoner.
Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Abdelwahed reports from Tarhuna.

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  • KC L says:


  • pixielated23 says:

    😫😭😢😫 Libya, jewel of the African continent.

  • Mifaz Marzuk says:

    Good luck GNA and Turkey

    • ALPASLAN ASLAN says:


    • my view says:

      Turkey can’t beat the kurds, they have no chance.

    • Loyalty Over Anything says:

      @my view Wrong. We finally cleansed the PKK terrorists in Turkey 😛

    • my view says:

      @Loyalty Over Anything by choosing to side with ISIS and Al Queeras

  • Junaid Siddique says:

    Only Turkey can solve this matter. Only Turkey can stop this genocide. Go Turkey go save Ummah 👆

    • Mahboob Alam says:

      @hakan kuvvetli This Arjun Sharma is a Hindu RSS extremist.
      They are educated from RSS chaddi school.
      They are right wingers extremists.

    • stell bass says:

      @Arjun Sharma What 5 million? Not even the Armenians are claiming that number you idiot

    • eb Ka says:

      Arjun Sharma it keeps getting more😹😹😹

    • Zahir Datoo says:


  • DY YL says:

    Thanks to Islamic terrorism

  • alex meulah says:

    boko haram kills 86 people but al jazeera wont cover it … all this news on libya is bcz qatar is fighting a proxy war …
    atleast change the name to al-qatari

  • D J BLACK says:

    Libya I hope they are going to stop this war. They have destroyed enough in their country.

  • R & says:

    russia support all terrorist
    Soon Russia destroy inshaallah

  • Derebail Bharath says:

    Both the sides are wrong. People are ultimately paying the final price. Very sad. Pray for peace and Justice

    • Ggoddkkiller says:

      Why GNA is wrong?? Because they didn’t accept a criminal like haftar as their leader???

  • Esa Shaik says:

    Russia and America killing innocent people in the Middle East to achieve global dominance.Good thing Turkey is in Libya to spoil their plans.Reports Haftar even asked for Israel assistance to help him just shows how low he is willing to go for power.

    • Orhan Demir says:

      Zeiss I’m Kurdish and you talk bullshit

    • Zeiss says:

      @Orhan Demir yeah sure your kurdish haha

    • Wraith says:

      @Zeiss where are you from?

    • Orhan Demir says:

      Zeiss I’m Kurdish

    • Zeiss says:

      @Wraith belgium and every kurd that i know hates turkey

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    Turkey cleaning Libya from Hafter and Sisi

    • cafer aydoğan says:

      İnşa Allah

    • مرحبا بك says:

      Soon Egyptians cleaning Egypt from Sisi inshaAllah

    • مرحبا بك says:

      @Stern Daler Libyan blood is on Russia, France, Emirates and their war criminal mercenaries.

  • Roni B says:

    This is the western freedom and democracy the people of libya killed Ghadaffi for

    • Adolf Stalin says:

      With the help from some russian marxsism you mean

    • Stern Daler says:

      @Adolf Stalin, You must be American and blonde. Marxism is German.

    • Adolf Stalin says:

      Stern Daler And where do you think communism and socialism originate from Einstein?
      You must be the dumbest human being on the planet.

    • Stern Daler says:

      @Adolf Stalin, do You still think Marx was Russian or English – smarty?

    • Adolf Stalin says:

      Stern Daler Oh god,where did i even mention russians,Einstein?Its you that brought that up.
      The political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis of communism.
      Notice the last sentence,but i will repeat it for your uneducated brain,later developed by their FOLLOWERS to form the basis of COMMUNISM.
      Please get an education you are making an idiot outbof yourself.

  • Yaqub Alam says:

    Thanks turkey support GNA

  • Gautam says:

    This is how the so called Islamist fight each other in OIC Nations and same with the African dictatorship in Africa…..

  • Sumy Krisnallah says:

    Africa🌹 invaded by India making African Slavery 🌹Karma is activated 🌷

  • Shaikh Mohammad says:


  • An Ngo says:

    Wagner looked the other way?

    • Ggoddkkiller says:

      I guess you didn’t see how wagner terrorists are torturing and killing people themselves??…

  • mohamed sadiq says:

    May Allah bring back peace on Libya, Ameen.
    Love from India 🇮🇳❤🇱🇾

  • Mr Perpetual says:

    Dead bodies in Libya what a surprise.

  • Mr Perpetual says:

    Hafthar the new Assad.😢

  • Arjun Sharma says:

    Islam is a poison…

  • Daauud Garaad says:

    What a failed state Libya is, rich country rule by leaders with the sick mentality, this is the consequences they have been looking for, after they destroy their country.

  • Yarta Sanadka says:

    This is What UAE 🇦🇪 and Dictator Sisi want do and I’m sure Sisi does this in Egypt 🇪🇬 but nobody see it . Hafter and his Devils friends like Sisi and MBZ must face whatever did in Libya, Yemen 🇾🇪 and Egypt 🇪🇬

  • Steve Soltysiak says:

    The only “horror” from the UN is that’s it’s been reported. The blood of these Libyans is on Russia, UAE, Egypt, and France we know for certain. And we also seen the 14 brand new Russian SU-29’s Putin sent to Syria then had repainted and flown to Haftar’s part of Libya with the help of a Russian refueling air tanker

    • Ken Shabby says:

      Affluent successful nation destroyed by America.

    • eb Ka says:

      Stern Daler ah yeah? Who started war with Libya? France did , Sarkozy didn’t want to pay back the money he borrowed from Gaddafi, that’s why he started a war campaign. STOP SPREADING LIES. Turkey doesn’t even support that Haftar dude, USA, UAE Saudi Arabia, Israel EGYPT does!

    • Steve Soltysiak says:

      eb Ka ur the first ive heard of US involvement. Last I knew was 4 years ago when the Libyans burned down the US embassy and murdered the US ambassador and his workers

    • Stern Daler says:

      @eb Ka, Muammar Muhammad Abdassalam Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was murdered by US paid Jihadi in 2011. And then the Jihadi took their arms to Syria where the US continued to use them. Now they return as mercenaries of the US, Turkey and the bani Thani. You are a Munāfiq troll paid by the US empire and the bani Thani. Go under Your bridge.

      p.s. France and Sarkozy did not have the resources to put the brother leader with his green book down. Sarkozy could not even pay the loan back. The brother leader was attacked because of an UNSC resolution created by the US. All the Arab Spring was created by the US billionaires, the Zionists and the CIA. Marshall Haftar and the national troops fight for the winners of the last election against the government that was to step down years ago. Haftar and al-Gaddafi fought against the forces of evil: the US Emperor Trump, Erdogan the Caliph of Ankara, the bani Thani and the Zionist bani Israel. All of them are only there to steel the oil and gas from the people of Libya, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Iraq, Palestine and Syria.

  • Men beyond borders says:

    What United Nations is doing in Libya, what role they are here to play by supporting GNA. United Nations never sent their Peacekeepers to protect Rohingya Minorities in Myanmar nor Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s Muammer Gaddafi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein regimes nor supported any parties in Yemen war. Why now???

    • my view says:

      Oil, lots of glorious black oil

  • Sukai Penn says:

    Allah Akbar

    • James Bowman says:

      Snak bars with nuts lol 😂

  • Jamie B says:

    All and any of these countries that the US has brought democracy to, have had war crimes and atrocities happen, by all sides. First, Libya went through the atrocities committed by the US terrorists, now there are atrocities being committed by both sides fighting for the power of the country. Don’t kid yourself, I would bet the recognized government, are committing their own atrocities. Cause there is no humanity when it comes to war, The goal is to win, to kill. All a result of the USA democracy hypocrisy!!!!

  • TheMagnificentGman says:

    Ghadafi is turning in his grave

    • James Bowman says:

      Terning to dust lol 😂 Tony Blair he he ha ha fools

  • etos butch says:

    You don’t want Gaddafi,deal with it.

  • Sandra Young says:

    I’m sorry you all for your lost USA Canada UK is no better they did the same to are acistocr in pass but we are still here today 2020

  • Mr11ESSE111 says:

    Libiya cannot live without some war

  • syed monowarul karim says:

    Sisi is biggest harmful for Libya

  • AnimalMother says:

    This seems false. No bodies, doesn’t look much like a mass grave site.. interviewing a rebel fighter?
    The mass media often refer to the rebel government as an “internationally recognised government” like they’re trying to emphasise that this is the legitimate government (good guy government) and commander Hafter is the aggressor that targets the innocent, like woman and children (bad guy). They constantly use the same “bad guy” vs “good guy” narrative like with Assad and the rebels/jihadis in the current war in Syria.

  • Ataşirke Tapma says:

    Kill all the haftar crusarders ☝️

  • Akcam 46 says:

    There were lots of deads in conteyners.Hafter forces kill the one who ever rejects them.

  • hanif hanif says:

    Shame on u France Rusian Al sisi basyar Assad israel UAE.. i hope your country will suffer from corona pandemic

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:


  • Belki Olur says:

    Hafter is an enemy of the Libyan people,he’s time is up.

  • Esa Shaik says:

    I liken the liberation of Libya to the liberation of Northern Cyprus from Greece.

    • KIZIL ELMA 1453 says:

      Nort Cyprus been liberated 1974 from eoka terrorists by Turkey,if needed we can liberate south too?

  • مرحبا بك says:

    Mass Graveyards paid for by France, Italy & Russia

  • Shari M says:

    Looks like we need 6 underground here

  • norzlan yusof says:

    Haftar must be brought to justice by world criminal court..😀

    • the Patience says:

      US said ICC is a kangaro court 😂

  • Aali145 Aali145 says:

    This is all doing in would only America and and some more nato nation

  • Mohd Ashyraf says:

    Why the title doesn’t say it’s committed by haftar’s traitor ?

  • harry manwel says:

    Aljazeera must be punished as they support the terrorists and the killers in libya !

  • İbrahim Onur Madanoğlu says:

    We will clean to all terorist in libya very very soon.Turkish forces behind to libyan goverment.

  • Suesta 2018 says:

    Where r they that Dark propaganders make fake news about Turkey . look that Hafter Crimes. They r not talk right now.

  • ilbey 11 says:

    İslamın son ordusu kılıcını çekti, zalimler için yaşasın cehennem. NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE

  • Mehdi says:

    2 minutes and 15 seconds all caused by the US.

  • Muir Kahn says:

    Haftar, sissy, crown prince of UAE, president of France should b taken to international court of justice for war crimes against humanity

  • Muir Kahn says:

    . Next Turkey should support Ethopia, sudan arming and training the next fight should b egypts South border if Egypt tries to stop the Dam being built in Ethopia

  • Mariam Khattabi says:

    Organized crime with an international cover! Nobody mentions the mafia affiliate Wagner company who does the bidding of any third party willing to pay. The serious problem of black water and co will eventually get out of control, and whoever invoked the demon, will not be able to cast it out! Today, the world watches in silence as middle easteners are being slaughtered, but guess what: if you do nothing to stop the mascarade, it will certainly knock on your door!

  • Cagtay Tasdelen says:

    this war is not going to end soon. europe will interfere and support haftar and the egyptian side. they don’t want a government that is representing libyan people they rather want someone that saves european interests.

  • Lugubriously says:

    Mass graves sicken me. A whole people to die at once is not right.

  • Robert Sparkley says:

    un is satans army

  • SC CV says:

    Everybody nows ho is responsible for these massacre the occupiers of Palestine.

  • joseph fernandes says:

    Y unnecessary killing of innocence no matter which religion or belief. Please stop killing. Corona virus itself is killing that’s not enough then go for world war let’s enjoy seeing blood everywhere.

  • Unwanted Unnecessary says:

    Imam as Shafi said,
    ” Threre is a quranic verse that terrifies the leaders and is a source of joy for the oppressed”
    What is it Ya Shaykh
    ” Never does Allah forget anything.”

  • fiza Ansari says:

    oooh Humanity Rest in peace☮️

  • John Wick 和平 says:

    Imagine, there are still some idiots supporting Haftar as “the leader”… Hopefully turkey will ignore all the crying girls like france and fight till libya is under full control of the TRUE government. Turkey will end the “Western destroying muslim countries” era

  • emr clp says:

    Game off drones Türkiye

  • Headhunter 1 says:

    Blame Hillary.

  • Sk Husain SK Taher says:

    UN only expreses horror

  • cool light says:

    Russia killed most Libians for Haftar as they did in Syria. Russia committed crimes against humanity and war crimes in both places.

    • cool light says:

      @Tanzim Hasan
      US is fighting against haftar. Haftar is Russian agent.

    • cool light says:

      @Stern Daler That’s what terrorist Haftar said as he and his masters Russia, Syria’s Asad slaughtered Libyans and justified it.
      All these war criminals must be brought to justice.

    • Tanzim Hasan says:

      @cool light Russian is fighting in Lybia for their interest and to spread Marxism! they are not better than the west in fact they are way a bigger propaganda than the west. btw french and italy helps haftar and Russia too ,but Haftar is playing both he gets close to the west and sometimes to Russia, but he is definitely a cia agent. he was in America in the state of the headquarter of cia!

      before going to the Libyan civil war.

      you need some geopolitics my friends and reading without being biased

    • cool light says:

      @Tanzim Hasan
      I know all that. And at the end the bottom line is forces on the ground that are waging war on Libyans and their democratically elected govt are Russian forces, Asad’s forces and haftar’s forces.
      These criminals are responsible for the carnage like non other.

    • Stern Daler says:

      @Tanzim Hasan, sure like Assad and Putin.

  • Charon says:

    UN is still useless nation

  • m ch says:

    Haftar must be punished

  • GR says:

    Another war criminal backed by other war criminals. History repeating itself.

  • Anwar Khan says:

    My Allah protect all poor people all over world

  • Dazed and confused says:

    I hope Libya recovers very quickly.
    Now people in Tripoli need to learn the lessons from the last decade and start working to build their country.
    They can not take anymore fighting.
    It’s time for men and women to work hard and build their future.
    Be a good example to the coming generations.

  • Stern Daler says:

    Libyan blood is on USA, Turkey, Qatar and their Jihdadi mercenaries.

    • eb Ka says:

      Who started the war in the first place? USA did and Sarkozy made a huge war campaign so he didn’t have to payback the money of gaddafi he borrowed. We all know how Sarkozy financed his election campaign 😹😹😹😹😹😹 you idioooooot

    • eb Ka says:


    • eb Ka says:

      The blood is on the hands of Sarkozy, Obama, and Killary Clinton who was foreign minister under Obama.

    • Stern Daler says:

      @ eb Ka, Like in Syria, You Munāfiq.

    • eb Ka says:

      Stern Daler Troll of Putin

  • MR CARTER1954 says:




  • Shahbaz Ansir says:

    Pakistan, Iran , Malaysia and Qatar should help Turkey to liberate Libya from devil Haftar.

  • Antoine Johnson says:

    That’s Right G.Haiftar Ask Libyans To Win The War For You For Peace For Forgiveness Of Mutiny ! An The Beginning Of Rebuilding Libya !

  • Yalcin Yalcin says:

    Saudi uae Egypt are responsible for the killing those civilians shameless infidels

  • Jean Falco says:

    good luck!!

  • slim diaz says:

    dictator putin wants to build a base in the mediterranean in libya so he is supporting dictator Haftar.

    • karim benyoucef says:

      Im pretty sure putin doesn’t support cause he is a puppet to the west and if he wanted a base he is more then welcome in Algeria 🙃

  • Diand Bull says:

    Considering how the media have earned themselves a reputation for lies and manipulation, I view this this sense of cynicism. Sorry, No one trusts any of you any more.

  • Beto Ortiz says:

    My God!

  • KIZIL ELMA 1453 says:

    That’s why Turkey there.

  • Kamaruzaman B T says:

    AlhamduliLLAH @ last u got yr freedom & democracy msg & may b even more to come…can u repeat again that Gaddafi was evil…so glad

  • OXYMORON says:

    Run haftar run we are coming for your head

  • mr fantastic says:

    UN ultimate nothing

  • ercan incesu says:

    Barbarısm russıa

  • Raj Ray says:

    No word from the West..where did they go?

  • Chonokhan says:

    They are probably the victims from the terrorist groups that NATO put into power, after destroying the most magnificent African nation in the world (Libya) and it’s great leader, Muammar al-Ghadaffi.

    • James Bowman says:

      Funyest comment 👏👏👏👏

  • Barney says:

    Islamic peace. Nothing new.

  • mr.T T says:

    Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are responsible for destroying Libya. After the US topped Gaddafi, Libya went to ruins despite being Africa’s most prosperous nation at the time.

    Never forget the war crimes committed under the Obama administration who extended Bush’s imperial foreign policy.

  • J South says:

    I am sure the UN is ‘horrified’
    HORRIFIED that those graves they thought to have hiding very well, are FOUND

  • Max Keyrah says:

    Long Live Libya-Turkey Friendship

  • Soul_Jihadi says:

    This is the criminal warlord France and Russia supports.

  • Stephen Koh says:

    Western powers can only be blame so much, the true evil are the ones enabling such horrors at close sights.

  • Dale Keys says:


  • Shams says:

    Where is NATO?

  • Usman Ansari says:

    We came, we saw…he died! – Hillary Clinton on the American coup in Libya

  • F. Bab says:

    US democracy in place in Lybia 🤥Obama s legacy 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Ralph Tamez says:

    The UN didn’t do anything when the US went in and killed their leader. This must be another attempt to make war there once again. Gotta spend that military money somewhere.

  • Ballers Life says:

    “Oh we didn’t know those bodies existed there.” – UN thugs

  • Ambe Ngwa says:

    All this because of France and America

  • Ambe Ngwa says:

    Un is not for Africa they are there for the interest of their personal countries.

  • Nebula says:

    Aljazeera = Turkey + Saudi propaganda machine.