Beijing district in ‘wartime mode’ amid fresh coronavirus cases

A district in the Chinese capital Beijing is on high alert after dozens of people there tested positive for the coronavirus – the first after two months of no infections in the city.
A wholesale market and 11 neighbourhoods in its vicinity have been placed under lockdown.
Throat swabs taken from 45 people at the market came out positive for COVID-19.
District officials say they are in ‘wartime’ footing.
Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Beijing, China.

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131 thoughts on “Beijing district in ‘wartime mode’ amid fresh coronavirus cases

  1. s clad Reply

    i think, that china´s transparenty is the true wartime?

  2. Pig Fucker Reply


    • Marlarki Reply

      No such thing fool

    • Jack Black Reply

      @Marlarki How do you know dim wit.

  3. Secret Billionaire Reply

    Ban ALL flights from China!

    • Secret Billionaire Reply

      Foreign CCP sympathizers can all move to China!

    • Matthew Ng Reply

      Secret Billionaire haha you racist bastards always say the same thing “go back to your country”

    • Secret Billionaire Reply

      @Matthew Ng What’s for dinner tonight?

    • Jack Black Reply

      @Marlarki China troll girl. To stupid

    • Isaac Chan Reply

      Trump is begging China to reopen the airline lol

  4. f f Reply


  5. kuldeeps90 Reply

    Today They layoff 60% of the people in the factory i work, Thanks you china and not to forget WHO

    • J South Reply

      This has nothing to do with China but with your incompetent government, don’t worry my government is the same!

  6. heath cold Reply

    China should be vegetarian, no more meat.

  7. Mahindadasa Hewa Mannage Reply


    • Rose Valdez Reply

      We must pray and belief for freedom for chinese people and hong kong people…there is a dark omen over china and now flooding…they say chinese communist party broke dams to kill there own villagers filled w old people..Jesus help all us people to love each other an let there be freedom for china

  8. Vanessa Mortimer Reply

    Keep them all away from UK… We have enough problems

    • Jerry W Reply

      Keep Britain away from all world. You had made most problems for world in past hundreds years.

    • Chris F Reply

      Jerry W you mean assisted in carving many many great parts of the world and the history.

    • obsidianstatue Reply

      you’re the one with way more infections, plus mass rally about some guy who got kneed across the atlantic.
      stay away from the rest of the world thank you very much.

    • Nathan Shi Reply

      @Chris F no he means colonialism and genocide

    • play station Reply

      @Jerry W India vs Pakistan, China vs Hong Kong, Palestine vs Israel, Kurdistan division between Iraq, Syria, Turkey…are just a few present day conflicts that come to my mind which are all gifts of the British to this World in the past 2 or 3 centuries.

  9. Chris Reply

    More food safety regulations should be implemented in China. Lack of regulations and transparency can lead to another outbreak

    • Jack Black Reply


  10. Ben Kwan Reply

    The world should ban everything from China

    • Mark Wanga Reply

      Not possible

    • Hailey Brown Reply

      @Mark Wanga will be soon

    • Tiashe Varuhaito Reply

      but…. i need pc parts from them lol

    • Jack Black Reply

      @Mark Wanga Yes it is.

  11. Angelo Cadena Reply

    Imported salmon? So this was other countries fault? Is it intentional though?

    When it’s everyone’s fault and not yours. Even though you caused it on the first place.

    • Fox Fire Reply

      Salmon hardly can get infected …

    • Victor J Reply

      the virua was found on the board for cutting salmon. it was a statement of fact,ok? did china point fingers by now?

    • JarJarBinks Reply

      ​@Victor J Of course, CCP has been trying its level best lately to tell its brainwashed citizens that apart from Wuhan all outbreaks or infections of coronavirus in China came from outside the country! This particular mention of traces of coronavirus being found on imported Salmon is plain dumb! I am sure CCP slaves inside China will believe such “stories” without any question.

    • J K Reply

      I thought only mammals are carriers?

    • Fox Fire Reply

      @Victor J This reads like some chinese tried to use google translator …

  12. True North Reply

    CCP propaganda will be like:
    This is fake news!
    The video footage was edited, and those responsible will be condone and be hold accountable. China acted openness,responsibility,and transparency to fight covid-19!

    • Yichi Zhang Reply

      lol there is nothing that is covered in this video not shown in Chinese media. So just relax and stop from getting high bro.

    • 116898 Reply

      Probably, but certain leaders of other countries also deserve blame for minimising the problem of the virus when it was starting, and failing to take adequate precautions. Even a small, undemocratic capitalist economy like Vietnam could handle the virus well. There were no excuses for Trump, Johnson or Bolsonaro.

    • George Gu Reply

      Yichi Zhang you do not have to talk to them,simply relax and have fun

  13. DCLXVI Reply

    Covid 19 strikes again and rules the world 🤘🤘🤘

  14. Abdul Samad Reply

    This is just to cover for thier first screw up. Just to show the world they’re having problems.

    • El Draco Reply


    • Jack Black Reply

      @El Draco Stop with the fake accounts. Everyone know china sick man of asia.

    • JarJarBinks Reply

      ​@Jack Black Roger that! China has been a repeat offender when it comes to starting pandemics. CCP has now the distinction of creating 2 pandemics in the last 2 decades.

  15. Kale Lorenzo Reply

    The Evil China!

    • Saad Ali Reply

      As they say, Wuhan/China Virus

  16. Syeda Bilqis Reply

    Free Xingjung , Xingjung use to be a free country (Nation) China took over 50/70 years ago . Declare Xingjung as free nation soon .

    • 易子翔 Reply

      Xingjung? 😂

  17. Gamer Historian Reply

    2020 is a horrible year..

    • Amadi Adegok Reply

      It’s one for the books

    • Menzozo Cherie Reply

      No, it is not. People are selfish and they elect stupid leaders. They won’t listen to doctors and scientists. But they will believe conspiracy theories and listen to their ignorant leaders.

    • Tony liang Reply

      We will make it through with cooperation and solidity.

  18. WildBill22360 Reply

    You do understand, as part of China’s continued propaganda in the face of more facts about the timing and origin of this plague, with fewer reported cases earlier and most of the world blaming them, to offer fake or inflated cases.

    • Chris F Reply

      it’s hardly a plague is it🥱😷🦠

    • Chris F Reply

      Trevor McDonald Would say “fairytale” is more relevant to this whole apparent global pandemic. have we hit 500k deaths yet? Just wondering

  19. Retro1888 Reply

    Crack down on this Western Virus hard China. ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🇨🇳

    • Hailey Brown Reply

      shut up 50 cent army troll

  20. Nickson Sicnawa Reply

    That’s the way you safeguard the people’ health and life first before others.

  21. Phillip Hewitt Reply

    At last a little truth comming from Beijing…so sorry for good china.

  22. jamal ali Reply

    It only gets worse 🤦🏽‍♂️

  23. Zonnie The Runner Reply

    second wave

  24. Farhan Amer Reply

    Eat more bat and mouse .

  25. Matthew Ng Reply

    China seems to really be on top of it there. Good for them. I forgot what its like to eat in a restaurant here in NYC

    • Jack Black Reply

      China troll girl. su8king CCP little one yes.

    • Handy Sandy Reply

      The restaurants wouldn’t have to be closed anywhere in the US, if china wouldn’t have lied about the virus they had known about since August. Then they released 5+million chinese nationals to invade and infect the Western countries, with the ccp virus. President Trump said, he will again stop all flights from china on the 16th(why the began back again, I can’t believe it.) China and the chinese government are not to be trusted. CHINA LIED AND PEOPLE DIED!!!!!!!.

  26. G. Ra Reply

    A country which hides everything will keep having these issues

    • news Reply

      G. Ra yea true like top ten corona case countries

    • Stella Tan Reply

      No one hides anything, please don’t be stubborn, when the world was warn or being notified by the virus, they choose to ignore and now blame & blame… Are you not tired of it? Be nice especially times like now, how worst do you want? I font know which country you are from, if there is wars beside cold War, think you will not be affected? Please be nice because words or comments from you can spread and hurts others. Thank you.

    • oh moneymoneyhome Reply

      today it announced the virus in Beijing comes from Europe; not sure if it will be hidden in Europe Media

    • Trevor McDonald Reply

      @Stella Tan wake up Stella… & smell the coffee. Open your eyes👁👁 and mind🧠 please.
      Thank you. 👊🏻😎✌🏻

    • 王一天 Reply

      don’t expect CCP will tell the truth.
      Shameless lying is CCP’s forte, and is vital to maintaining political power

  27. J K Reply

    Yes!!! Infection in Beijing! My prayers have been answered!

    • Yifan Tian Reply

      Then satan must be what you prayed for.

    • J K Reply

      Yifan Tian guess we have the same god then lol 😂

    • Stella Tan Reply

      Your prayers had been answered? You should be ashame of yourself, hope you are not Christian, you are praying for bad things to happen to others, that’s cursing. Anyway its a Sin in all religious so please, tonight you should pray and ask your God to forgive you. 😔

    • J K Reply

      Stella Tan nope your government should ask forgiveness from the world, stop being fake religious and kind

  28. EngleHump Reply

    WHO Tedross preparing report : ” China should be congratulated ….”

    • Jack Black Reply

      China troll boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 to stupid.

  29. julia robert Reply

    Tamim pay everything just to approve that he is not a terrorist president

  30. نادر الی راحمان Reply

    They should be wearing protective clothing.

    • Free Media Reply

      Why Pak is becaming slave of china

  31. blank space Reply

    This might be just china playing a controlled release of virus as the world puts pressure on them.
    Everything that chuna has done was suspicious. This is no different.

    They are most probably playing a strategic game,don’t trust them on anything.

  32. JarJarBinks Reply

    @1:17 “Official say traces of Corona Virus were found on a chopping board used for imported Salmon”!! :))
    So, creative! This is called hitting 2 targets with a single shot! 🙂 Not only does the local CCP has a story to tell its citizens (its dumb, but its citizens will believes it anyway – they have no other choice), they got a bonanza of free salmon! Local CCP mandarins probably took possession of all that pricey salmon and moved it to their personal freezers!!

  33. Ahmed Benitez Ibn Da’ud Al-Andalusi Reply

    I think it was probably Released from the lab. If it was an accident or on purpose i do not know. But i then realized china has been having a Wet market for a long time. Why didn’t they have an outbreak 3 years ago perhaps ?
    And i know of a tribe from New Guinea that has been eating bats for many generations to this day. And i haven’t heard of any outbreaks from their village either

    • Stella Tan Reply

      Be responsible for your evil thoughts

    • Trevor McDonald Reply

      @Stella Tan no evil thoughts from Ahmed Benitez 🤷🏻‍♂️.. he is absolutely correct in what he says…. ✅
      But i do think there is something fishy🐟 going on now though 😉

  34. S K Reply


  35. daddyteddy85 Reply

    Are they still eating dogs???

    • Real Learner Reply

      daddyteddy85 I must say human beings should stop eating ANIMALS

    • syd Reply

      Some of them do just like some of us eat rabbits and deer. You’ve probably eaten quite a bit of horse without knowing it.

    • Real Learner Reply

      @syd dont eat animal plzzz.

  36. CyberVeg Reply

    MEat eaters killing humans now lol

  37. Adam Sahr Reply

    There’s no limit to the CCP’s stupidity, now blaming imported salmon !

  38. Stella Tan Reply

    All of you, whatever your belief is, just be nice, be responsible for the words or comments you make in social media, at times like this, should you be white, yellow or black, please be nice, and don’t be stubborn, who is on whose side doesn’t matter now, what you all should be concern is, hope that there is peace and understanding, am sure with the cold wars or Wars in the world, we all will be affected, we get sick, jobless, hunger…. You all should pray that everyone or countries should work together to overcome this crises. Thank you.

    • Trevor McDonald Reply

      I hope … i dont pray…. but i have hope 👊🏻😎✌🏻

  39. musicguy20 Reply

    Here we go ppl! Round 2 of more CCP bs and cover ups!

    • Dinuka W Reply

      Hardly a cover up

    • 12 kman Reply

      They reported the outbreak, so you think it is a cover-up for No-outbreak?

    • Midnight Adventurer Reply

      I guess Beijing is tired of covering up something that other countries already have plus others will eventually find if they did one way or another

  40. Andrespades Reply

    covid 19 plus?

    • charlyn1809 Reply

      Covid 20

  41. Vernoa Sauls Reply

    2nd pandemic coming as prophesied by the prophets

  42. allan oteyza Reply

    So china never really had control and lied about the reported numbers and now this cluster clearly they can’t control so now its on the news again.

  43. Felix Mildon Reply

    Salmon haha, who’s exports are they trying to turn off?

    • Nuclear Fire Reply


  44. D Back Reply

    Communist bastards

  45. KC Donnie Reply

    Here for Katrina 😁

  46. Breaking Videos Reply

    Corona is going to less humans on this planet .

  47. Sanjay Shetty Reply

    Trying to mislead the world once again.

  48. Leon Fit Reply

    Disgusting habit wont end

  49. 12 kman Reply

    At least China is still trying to control the virus, The US and UK have totally giving up and hoping for the herd immunity LOL.

    • 802 Studios Reply

      Anything for daddy economy

  50. A A Reply



  51. William Evdonov Reply

    China could no longer keep tens of thousands of deaths due to Corona virus a secret, so they had to come up with a “second wave” plan. Remember folks, what you see about china is what the CCP wants/allows you to see, dont believe everything at first glance.

    • Tony liang Reply

      You believe or not, China has brought this virus under control effectively and set up a successful textbook for other countries to follow. It’s your right to follow China or not, but please make sure people’s lives will be treated as top priority.

  52. Gesio Nathan Reply

    Corona is not serious, we are already at phase 2 economy recovery.

  53. Eugene S Reply

    $50 says they’re going to keep finding these cases on “imported” goods.

  54. Waterbaby Reply

    Now the CCP uses the military on its people in Beijing. No one will say they went to the market. They could be locked up and disappear.

  55. Adventure Lover Reply

    They can’t manage the covid they created. Pay back time.

  56. Adam Tech Reply

    Always use Halal Food.

  57. armanito09 Reply

    Ban china from rest of the World. For almost 2 year so they learn to behave.

  58. dayy logg Reply

    The whole world is going for the second lockdown in this planned pandemic for all asset bubbles to burst.

  59. Milky Way Reply

    China, what about the war with India…? 👿

  60. Bryan Max Reply

    They don’t count asymptomatic cases so it could be higher

  61. Anupam Mahato Reply

    Tedros is ready to say, we should thank them.

  62. romeo celis Reply

    Chinese people blame your government this pandemic. Wake up

  63. John Patterson Reply

    Keep it with you!!!

  64. Audrey Lxa Reply

    Use hydroxychloroquine and zinc for prevention of infection and early treatment.

  65. Tony liang Reply

    Chinese gov. is under intensive measures to do whatever they can to make sure a vastly different. I wish other countries follow the example set up by China to contain the transmissive virus and take safety and health of its people as the first priority.

  66. raven scott Reply

    build a wall around China now. Here we go ago.

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