Egypt calls on UN to intervene after impasse in Nile dam talks

2020 6/22
Egypt calls on UN to intervene after impasse in Nile dam talks

Ethiopia has rejected Egypt’s call for the United Nations to resolve a dispute over a controversial dam on the Nile River.
Cairo has asked the UN Security Council for a “fair and balanced solution”.
Most of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is complete, but there are still several issues delaying the project.
Al Jazeera’s Um E Kulsoom explains.

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コメント一覧 (150件)

  • Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

    Im with Ethiopia on this one. Starve Egypt I hate Egypt and Egyptians

  • Paddy DarkChild says:

    Build your Dam and fill it quick Ethiopia…screw that rubbish memorandum.🇰🇪 Ethiopia has every right to use it’s natural resources for the good of the Ethiopians. The divided states and UN need to deal with their racist cops and KKK leaders.

  • A Sad Man says:

    Egypt’s Sisi is a puppet
    He can do nothing for Egyptians !!
    He can only carry out orders from Israel!!

    • ewunet tenager says:

      Papy of trump who never creat infrastructures

  • Sunil Patel says:

    I support Ethiopia claims

  • Walt whiteman says:

    I’m with Ethiopia because 85% of the water is in Ethiopia why can’t they use it for personal usage? Yes, Egypt and Sudan need water too they should distribute water by Diplomatic and political solution. No war should break out now in this pandemic.

    • Jessy Mor says:

      Well they all agreed on it back in 2015 but now Ethiopia wants to fill it in a short amount of time as short as 3 years which will literally cause famines in Egypt. Why suddenly do that intentional harm? They’re not even using the water for themselves its for the other African countries giving them their shares like wtg

  • ጸጋዘአብ መኮንን says:

    Ethiopia will never be intimidated period. Why dont Egyptians understand that. I hear alot of we will destroy the dam rhetoric. If we the children of Ethiopia have to die to prove we can use our own resources in our border then we will fight the world even if it means we will loose. Over my dead body.

    • Mariam ayman says:

      You will fight for power and snd we will fight for survival and it is not your resource the nile river is not a property of anyone it is share water between the 10 countries that flows in it

    • ጸጋዘአብ መኮንን says:

      @Mariam ayman we never said we will starve you to death we simply said we have the right to develop on our resources to our advantage to get out of poverty

    • Mariam ayman says:

      ጸጋዘአብ መኮንን and i am not or any Egyptian stop you from developing your country but you have understand that it will mean the doom for Egyptian we only ask for a longer filling period so we can adapt

  • Yohannes Kassaye says:

    Millions in Ethiopia lack power and live in poverty, BLM. Egypt doesn’t contribute a drop on Nile and still claims control on the head of river. It would be easier to serve justice if one is not biased with religious, poletical or ethinic affiliation and back Egypt’s claim. Old colonial powers like Britain mearly favored Egypt on Nile use so as to secure gains on agricaltural products like cotton.. USA now trying to licence Egypt to secure that old colonial era trities and continue on unequitable use of the water. Nile should not be counted in USA military package to Egypt. We Ethiopians are determined to fight to death for the natural right on use of our water in backyard.

  • William Tukei14 says:

    Stupidity nile comes from Ethiopia and Uganda

  • Theo Nick says:

    Why Egypt doesn’t want use OAU to resolve the crisis because many African countries rejected Egypts effort to undermine the development of its neighbors . Egypt giving water as an exercise is trying to invade and create chaos on its African neighbors .

  • Grosz Marton Csaba says:

    realy Egipt has the ocean take water and desinalization hm in these days every country do whatever need to survive?! what if it doesn.t rain then what?!or river Nile is gone?!then what Egipt will die ?!sad .drama human are stupid li!e Egipt invest in a a new big city but no water?!first make water desinalization make billions of cm3 of water then the city?!

  • Mu Gahiye says:

    Ethiopia should stop being greedy….

    • mik Gift says:

      86% from Ethiopia they have right to use water no one stop this

    • Eluka Fidel says:

      I think you are commenting for the sake of commenting…to suggeste that 0% beneficiary is greedy, either you need English lesson or history need a lesson anyway.

  • Zaki Yusuf says:

    It’s the death trap for Egypt.

  • abdirahman yaya says:

    Wait Egyptian dictator just said want to fight with Turkey not Ethiopia lol!

    • La La says:

      They want to fight Ethiopia and Libya and Turkey!

    • DXD BOY says:

      La La and we can take all out if we want

    • Tolgz says:

      DXD BOY are you saying you can beat us Turks? Lol 😂

    • dahir dire says:

      @abdirahaman yaya ,Egypt is the servant of USA, we are ready to defend our nation Insha Allah Ethiopia we win

  • Nadia A Ali says:

    Don’t worry Egypt, Ethiopia is trying to find new solutions for power using energy. I doubt you will lose any water. Ethiopians are one of the most kind, giving people of the world. They will do what is right! You seem to to want to oppress East Africa all the time not realizing the ancient Egyptians were from land of punt which is modern day Somalia. Set your ego aside. God knows best!

  • gery port says:

    *Ethiopia never condemned Aushwitz and need money to attack Western Wall in Jerusalem.*

  • Zachary says:

    Egypt: my river.
    Ethiopia: my dam.

    • TEMESGN EDAMO says:

      Zachary but 85%Ethiopian 👈Egypt 0%you see

    • Zachary says:

      @TEMESGN EDAMO egypt totally screwed tbh it sucks to be downstream.

  • Fasika Fikre says:

    Egypt demands their ‘historic right’ well go ask your slave master, colonisation nor slavery agreement don’t work in Ethiopia. Egypt has 2 options. 1, accept Ethiopian position and work together for better future
    2, go to war,( which all you could do is hit the dam) Ethiopia will than simply divert all 100+ streams that makes up the Nile. Encourage and help others on the white Nile to build dams. Off course hit back hard too
    Egypt stop acting all stupid, you are not going to win, be grateful and negotiate

  • K. Tadesse says:

    The Nile isn’t only about pride for Ethiopia. It is also about survival for approximately 50% of its population in the western part of the country that solely depends only on the Blue Nile or Abay river.

    • The favourites says:

      85% Of nile is ethiopian

  • Abraham Tsfaye says:

    In 1967 Egypt was destroyed in 6 days by a tiny country called israel.
    They have never won a war.
    egyptians love being humiliated

    • She Bre says:

      Make perfect sense😂

    • Isabela Jeshua says:

      The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is with Ethiopia always.

  • ge ta says:

    Egypt she have to start digging her own water Ethiopia she have a big plan I have never seen like Egypt selfish and greedy we’ve been Let It Go all this year’s we never touch the water this is the time for Ethiopia

    • La La says:

      very selfish and the nerve to threaten us!!!

  • ge ta says:

    Egypt if she wanted to start a war she not going to win

  • ge ta says:

    Egypt she have to kicked out of Africa unit because she don’t consider herself as African instead of solving as African by African she have to kicked out from African unit this b**** show no respect for Africa

  • dor azati says:

    I hope they come to a agreement soon!
    water is not something that countrys should fight for.

    • ewunet tenager says:

      But i don’t think they’re issue is only nile they DON’T want to see ethiopia growing

  • Menelik Tube says:

    This is not about a right to use your own resource,this is about ownership of it .lf you own something you don’t have to negotiate with nobody to do whatever you want with it period.

  • Omar Yehia Yamama says:

    Worthless nation backed by zionism, shame that all the money spent building the dam will go to waste.

  • Explorer Adverturer says:

    Indus Water Treaty of India & Pakistan (it survived 2 full fledged wars & numerous tensions) can be a good reference point for future Co-operation between Ethiopia and Egypt.

    • Bekele Daba says:

      Explorer Adverturer Ethiopia and Egypt are not immediate bordering states like India & Pakistan. So there wont be full fledged wars. Co-operation between Ethiopia and Egypt might be preferred.

  • Eke Onu says:

    This is Ethiopia water Egypt should keep quite and they can do nothing about this Dam which is pride of Africa

  • Mes Lemma says:

    No UN No USA no one haven’t stop us

  • Daniel Hailegiorgis says:

    75% of Ethiopian doesn’t have electricity, on the other hand more than 95% of Egyptian enjoy full access to electricity. If Ethiopia wants to harm Egypt we could have divert the tributaries or build hundreds of dams on the other nile tributary rivers that could eventually decrease the amount of water in the nile river by morethan half. It is not the intention of Ethiopian people nor the government to harm countries in downstream. We can mention a dosen of benefits egypt can get from the dam.

  • Patrick Sairyon says:

    If Egypt put aside arrogance they could get a good deal, but acting like you the most powerful will get you importing water very soon.

  • Debarghaya Mukherjee says:

    its a shame that great egyptian civilization was flourished besides the bank of nile river and today they will hardly get any nile water…oh wait there was no egyptian there anymore they were all islamic arab settlers

    • Mariam ayman says:

      Last time i checked i did not have any blood outside Egypt and have you just looked at Egyptian actors and their similarities with old pharaoh status?

    • Debarghaya Mukherjee says:

      @Mariam ayman oh yes frankly they absolutely don’t have any similarities to Egyptian status n why wil they were not even native Egyptians . they made there own rules by islamic ways over the centuries. the real talk was Egypt build besides the Nile river without that river Egypt will have no recognition of human civilization

    • Mariam ayman says:

      Debarghaya Mukherjee if we gonna wotk that way then you are not Africa no one is french no one is American , etc you can’t find one clear race but you can rely on the people that haven’t left its country and trust me in egypt thanks to arabs i can say the name of my ancestors till my 20th grandpa and still i am 100% egyptian egyptian never left egypt . And thank you for saying that we are nothing without the nile so if they build the dam we will cease to exist ( it’s true ) 😊

    • Mariam ayman says:

      Debarghaya Mukherjee + chrisitians in Egypt are the most pure Egyptian so yes they are pharaoh descendants in Egypt

    • Debarghaya Mukherjee says:

      @Mariam ayman Pharoahs descendent were Christian ..hold on what??.there was even descendent of ancient Egyptian..anyways stay safe!! Nile river is what made Egypt prosperous hope egypt-ethiopia make peace deal quickly. also Egyptian govt should control population control..even indian facing population boom problem more the population that country need more resources to survive.

  • Jinka Printing says:

    Actually, it’s difficult to negotiate with a country that doesn’t know sharing but always wants only to receive. we fill the dam according to the schedule. no one can stop that.

    • Mariam ayman says:

      You blame us for protecting the only water resources we have and you have 9 i am not saying that you destroy the dam but fill the dam more slowly

  • Jinka Printing says:

    It’s my dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  • Alain Marceux says:

    The egyptians can’t do anything, thy just talk bla bla bla… Congrats ethiopia already for the dam… 🇪🇹💐..

  • Love Ethiopia says:

    The Blue Nile belongs to Ethiopia, with no questions asked. It is in the interest of Egypt to work with Ethiopia rather than intimidation and coercion. Every single Ethiopian has invested in this dam so do they will defend it until the last blood!

    • Mariam ayman says:

      No it doesn’t belong to anyone

    • Love Ethiopia says:

      @Mariam ayman You have to check your Geography-the Blue Nile originates from Ethiopia and that means it is an Ethiopian.

    • Mariam ayman says:

      Love Ethiopia yes the blue nile comes from ethiopia but that doesn’t mean ethiopia own the whole river

    • Love Ethiopia says:

      @Mariam ayman I agree with you!

  • lex azure says:

    i hope u.n wont listen to egypt since it support the terrorist haftar in libya…noe egypt wants help from u.n. go out of libya first before the talks.

  • maxamed Ibrahim says:

    we are with you Ethiopia from Somalia

    • La La says:

      Thanks, bro!

    • TEMESGN EDAMO says:

      Thanks bor 😘

    • Nadia A Ali says:

      We are the same 🇪🇹 🇸🇴

    • Yahya Farah says:

      @Nadia A Ali I doubt..

    • ኢትዮጵያ Oromiya says:

      We are one ..lots of love from Addis abeba

  • Mintesinot Doko says:

    The Egyptians should understand that Ethiopia has all the right to use it’s own river and Everybody including UNSC should knows 70% Ethiopian people not access to electricity. So we have full legal right to use our resource to get out of poverty without harming downstream countries! It’s my DAM💪

  • Natnael T Azath says:

    It is my dam no one can’t stop us🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹

  • Gökhan N says:

    Support Ethiopia! 🇹🇷

    • La La says:

      Thank you, bro

    • Nadia A Ali says:

      Thank you our 🇹🇷 brothers! ❤️ From 🇸🇴 🇪🇹

  • Kerem San says:

    Viva ethiopia

  • Mariam ayman says:

    Why everybody is saying that egypt is greedy for defending its only water ressources ethiopia want power but we want to live ethiopia doesn’t accept any argument so you are saying that you will build the dam and we will die or a war and we will also die ?!

    • Amanuel Yitna says:

      It is not the only fresh water source Egypt have. you have the largest underground water reservoir why don’t you use that or desalinate the sea or use Nile water efficiently don’t say it is your only source of water. And we always tried but Egyptian government always walk away from the meeting

    • Mariam ayman says:

      Amanuel Yitna the underground water ( who represents less than 10%of egypt water resources) is for the water that we drink and it is not enough but how about agriculture and other uses of water and you are right we need to use our water resources more efficiently but that won’t happen overnight. And already more than half of Egyptian have water trouble . The best solution in my opinion is to slow the process of filling the dam so we can adapt ( still people may die but relatively less )

    • Amanuel Yitna says:

      @Mariam ayman Do you now how much money we are going to lose just postponing 1year it is almost 1 billion dollar each year. As you know we are building it with our money which is very expensive for us
      The problem is your government we tried to pass 1year if it is drought that year which is fare but your government wants Nile for itself only which is not fare in any means
      And also your government can leave the water from Aswan dam when there is shortage of water, it may decrease the power out put but it still save life of the Egyptian people
      In the mean time try another renewable energy like solar panel, wind and other means

  • Кеi Lo says:

    As if the pandemic was not enough, people want to instigate a war.
    This project will not harm these neighbouring countries but instead, provide sufficient electricity for the majority of Ethiopians. It’s not as though the Nile will stop flowing.

    Get over yourselves Egyptians and get outta here with your worthless arguments and empty threats. No body is on your side so better get on board.

  • Geleela Belete says:

    Time to decolonize the Nile! Fill the dam!

  • ewunet tenager says:

    we Ethiopian always keep going the positive way to share our RESOURCES abay(nile)river to eygypt and sudan for free

  • Ken Monturahotep Jumaane Ur Kemsimba says:

    Those Egyptians don’t even belong there. They don’t want to share African resources with African people because Egyptians today too many don’t even consider themselves African. They will fight you for calling them African. And 🇪🇹 is a source of this river. Who is colonized 🇪🇬 to say that 🇪🇹 can’t have it?

  • ergin balcı says:

    Turks can come suddenly one night egypt 😉😂😂😂😂🤣

    • anit Kumar Indians master race says:

      Turkey can’t fight some Kurds in mountain

  • ewunet tenager says:


  • Habesha World says:

    Ethiopia deserves to fill the Dam with out any country involvement, images this water originated from China or Russian or any other country do you think they bring their resources and sovereignty to negotiate on the table.

  • Levar Mitchell says:

    Egypt once suggested 7 years to which Ethiopia recently made a concession by agreeing to it. But, now Egypt is asking for 12 to 21 years to fill the dam and on top of that, a guarantee of 40 bcm of water annually. They just all of a sudden raised the goal post. Egypt is not playing fair. At the rate of which they’re requesting the dam will never be able to run at full capacity. The reservoir will never fill. And the dam will be at the mercy of Egypt just arbitrarily claiming that they are in a drought whenever they want. They want to lock Ethiopia into a deal that renders the dam inefficient by not allowing it to return the amount of energy worth its cost.

  • Yarta Sanadka says:

    Ethio won’t listen Dictator Sisi so tell him to stop crying. Is this how he want start fight in Libya. His people don’t even have water . If he was a good leader he would only worry about the Egyptian water not in Libya land .

  • ewunet tenager says:


    • ewunet tenager says:

      All arab unites also DON’T like african progress THAT’S why they support eygypt instead of negotiation both

  • bitsat gebria says:

    Al jazeera must stop discrimination you guys enemey for Ethiopian people

  • Arke shar says:

    I don’t get which side is Sudan with?
    It looks like Sudan don’t care much about it like Egypt.

    • melak says:

      Sudan is with Ethiopia.

  • Yohannes m says:

    85% the water comes from Ethiopia. We don’t tell Arabs how use their oil and they don’t tell us how to use our water

  • norzlan yusof says:

    Ethiopia must go ahead with the project as planned and don’t bother about Sisi..Ethiopian is the first priority..🤔

  • Arke shar says:

    Melak could you explain to me bit more why Sudan is on Ethiopian side? Are they not getting less water as well?

    • Bekele Daba says:

      Arke shar I can tell you that. The British colonial agreement which Egypt rely on is signed by British and British representing Egypt and Anglo_Egyptian Sudan. Because Britain was the colonial head of both countries both in 1929&1959. 56 BCM of the water right was given to Egypt and only 16 bcm of water is given to Sudan due to the British cotton farm in Egypt to get more water. The rest of 11 riparian countries are not considered at all. Now Sudan gets benefit if the dam was built. It prevents the annual flood and will get cheep electricity. So no need to ally with Egypt. The 15.5 bcm of water is always available for Sudan any way.

  • Solomon Worku says:

    I am a five year old boy from Ethiopia. I feel thirsty. Do I need a permit from Egypt to drink a glass of water? Tell me Al Jazeera English. Please!!!

    • Tsehay Nore says:

      Wow! This is the most appropriate question Sisi should answer. Thumbs up for you, boy

    • Abyssinian Prince says:

      There are plunty of water source to drink from besides the nile idiot. We are bulding this for power generation.

    • Abd elrahman says:

      then Ethiopia needs a water treatment plant and pipes to pump water through , not a giant reservoir , you are addressing a different problem. have you asked yourself how you don’t have water when all that rain drops on you ?

    • ኢትዮጵያ Oromiya says:

      @Abyssinian Prince it doesn’t matter
      Its our Nile

  • M F says:

    🇧🇩🇪🇬🇧🇩🇪🇬🇧🇩🇪🇬 💚💪💪💪✌✌✌,Ethiopia 5 minit finish 🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥

  • Sam Jack says:

    It’s not a matter of pride only stupid, It’s a survival issue for Ethiopia too. You telling me Ethiopians life doesn’t matter. EGYPT has enough undergroun water for nex 2000 years, they don’t want use it b/c they have cheap water. Mind you EGYPT spends 150 billion dollars per year for military weapons. Actually, there is no such thing called fare share. Ethiopia has all the right to use its own resources the way it wants period.

    • Mariam ayman says:

      Egypt underground water is not enough only 40% of Egypt population relies on it for drinking but what about the other 60% what about agriculture and home use , etc AND neither Egypt or ethiopia own the river ethiopia doesn’t suffer of thrist you know what because it has 8 other rivers ethiopia is suffering from lack if energy and in order to fill that egypt will die of hunger and thrist so forgive egypt if she refuse the sudden fill of the dam

  • She Bre says:

    The so called “UN council” better do its homework and act properly.. this is 21st century..we only serve truth! We are sick and tired of watching truth being twisted and black people being abused!

  • yeshigeta 16 mom love says:

    Time for ethiopian to use water!!

  • sandy ray says:

    Ethiopia can survive 7 years with the electricity it has now however egypt cannot survive 3 days.

    Do you think Egyptians will let you kill them?

  • boil herb says:

    Ethiopia is in plotical crisis right now. I am pretty sure Ethiopia can’t afford war with Egypt. The current internal political condition in Ethiopia might leads to civil war. The Ethiopian regime is killing it’s own people and there is no unity amongst us in Ethiopia so this might results in permanent damage to Ethiopia

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    water is a human right nobody has the right to deny someone water

  • Kyle Panuncillon says:

    *If US meddled in a dispute, you already know what will happen next*

  • Johnnie Walker says:

    Over population is the underlining problem.

  • Johannse Eshete says:


  • Mehabew Nibiretu says:

    We fill the dam no one can’t stop us.

  • Shekhar KC says:

    Respect to all Ethiopian brother/sister from another uncolonized sovereign nation 🇳🇵. I hope this project will change their fate forever

  • Wa Bela says:

    Egypt will be doomed with water crisis with or without GERD.
    As the projected population growth starts to explode in the coming decades, water is the source of survival within Ethiopia or Egypt. Be ready for the water shortfall in all Nile basin countries. One of the major factor will be the ENVIRONOMENTL factor, as the annual population growth of Ethiopian poor, which lacks electricity and petroleum as a fuels resorts to cutting more trees for their daily needs, this in turn destroys the rain forests in the highlands. Egyptian should invest NOW in the reforestation of Ethiopian highlands to harness more water for their future use before it is too late, or it is like long-term investment which brings lasting income and prosperity for both countries. Egypt has to contribute big money in the reforestation now or it will be too late. However, buying expensive war machine does not bring Egypt any additional bucket of water.
    On the other hand, weather there is GERD or not Ethiopians are drying up Abbay River and its tributaries by a bucket or water pumps.
    We have seen and observed through years that the above occurrences within Ethiopia, that lakes are dying, yearlong rivers are turning into seasonal rivers. Look what is happening to Lake Tana, or the source of Abbay River, it is shrinking in alarming rate that weeds are drying up the lake and irrigation in the surrounding area as well. WHERE is EGYPT? Are they contributing anything to mitigate this issue by working with Ethiopian people or still buying war toys? I am telling the Egyptian population to demand their government a peaceful and cooperative way of agreeing with Ethiopia for their future existence. The coming decade will tell whether the war toys produce any water! Or the price of one war toy can plant a million trees and generate local jobs and could benefit both countries.
    On the other hand, Ethiopia has a sovereign right to use the Abbay River for generating electricity or irrigation use to feed its own population without arresting the water downstream according to internal river rule states, similar to Hoover dam in US with Mexico.
    Look how much water is diverted and wasted in the Sahara desert? You name it unwise project like Toshka and similar ones which did not benefit anyone and wasted in a desert. How many golf fields are dotting Nile River? Did Egypt consult other upstream countries and get consents when they build all this? Of course it is their sovereign right to do how it fits their country with their God given river, which will work the same in the Ethiopian case and other upstream countries to lift millions from poverty. Egypt needs to learn from its neighbor Israel how to use a drip irrigation system, Egypt’s farmers still use thousands years old flood irrigation. Instead of buying war toys invest on this systems. Egypt one of the largest user of solar system in the Middle East needs to reduce for a few years hydroelectric production to reduce draining water into Mediterranean ocean, it is an option to cooperate for filling the Ethiopian GERD. It is always give and take in this interconnected world.
    What is the problem and creating a lots of noise, look for history and study hard why Ethiopia never been colonized by any force? Before you show your war toys and miscalculate think twice. There is an Ethiopian saying “ye kotun awerd bela yebebetwan talech” meaning ” by reaching for more on a higher shelf, she dropped what she have under her armpit” Egyptian government complains what they have today, we will all see in ten years how much water reduction is projected reaching Egyptian land.
    Cooperation and mutual benefit should go first before Egyptians are dying of water thirst with or without GERD.

  • Daniel Hughes says:

    Let Communist China decide…it is their money funding it in any case.

  • Tsehay Nore says:

    Egipt and USA make no sense in this issue. Ethiopia contributes 85% of the Nile water and has legitimacy to build its first dam on the river. Egypt can only ask fair share.

  • Marc Gatto says:

    Ethiopia and her maoist backers are working together to control stategic resources in the Nile region. Communism at work.

  • Savage says:

    Support Ethiopia from Myanmar 🇲🇲.

  • Ber mel says:

    With due respect, this letter is addressed to the great people of Egypt. Historically, Ethiopia and Egypt are like the two faces of a coin. These countries are pushed to get in to war by enemies of both country. Egypt is being used by some western and European colonialists to start unnecessary water war with it’s brothers. The great people of Ethiopia know that Egypt will not starve and die while Ethiopians are eating. Ethiopians are honest and they mean what they are saying. If drought is going to hit Egypt during the time of filling the dam, Ethiopia is willing to release water from the dam and feed the great people of Egypt.
    I believe, It is better for Egypt to agree with Ethiopia today than feeling sorry later. If Egypt choose to take action using military, it may achieve breaking the dam. But, Ethiopians may hart Egypt more by blocking all rivers and tributaries not to run and form the Nile river. Ethiopia may divert water with in the country and decrease the Nile river water. If Egypt disagree to allow Ethiopia filling the dam with in seven years,then, loosing patience for seven years may cost Egypt a life time of war with Ethiopia. The world knew Ethiopian people fold their hearts for love not for hate, If you choose war, they will fight you until the last man and woman. Ethiopian people believe in the almighty GOD and guided as Moose was guided to cross the Red sea and save his people from Faro. So, the great people of Egypt, please use love to deal with Ethiopia than showing your muscles. Thank you.

  • Butina Butinas says:

    The US mind its own business and stop meddling in the Nile issues. Would the US sacrifice its right ; had it been in our shoes. No this is proven with Hoover Dam that flows to Mexico.

  • Butina Butinas says:

    AEgypt 21st Century Emerging Colonizer

    Egypt wants to secure its lion share assured with an agreement between Britain and Egypt while Egypt was under the colony of Britain in 1929. Egypt is using all means with in its reach to stop/ block/ or sabotage the Grand Renaissance dam which amounts to starving Ethiopians with cyclical drought. Egypt is captive and victim of its colonial master outdated and mean conspiracy to subjugate Ethiopia. Consequently Egypt is totally against our development so that we remain poor and poor for ever denying us to use our own water resources. This is another form of 21st century colonization of Ethiopia and nine other reparian African countries by Egypt. Americans are meddling themselves in this modern day conspiracy. This is totally unacceptable. Who on earth has the moral and right to subscribe us modern colonization by Egypt to starve our people to death with cyclical droughts? Egypt using the since time immemorial it has never shown good stance to Ethiopia even at times of severe drought . This is the real characteristics of Egypt . All Africans should standup and show their solidarity with Ethiopia and the rest nile reparian countries and say no to Egypt . The only optimal solution is a win -win solution where by all nile reparian countries benefit.

  • Butina Butinas says:

    The dam will be filled in time. Forget Egypt. Let us design projects to use the dam for irrigation.

  • mmmutahhar1978 says:


  • Easy Lingual says:

    😂😂😂😂 people’s always saying Egypt not part of “Africa” let egypt get its water from the “Mediterranean” 😂😂😂😂

  • humble African says:


  • Bekalu Endrias says:

    Egypt better think about desalination rather than building $50 billion new capital city to make them cool like Dubai

  • Humanity says:

    Egypt is hanging on to the colonial treaty that Ethiopia was not part of and which allowed Egypt to be the sole beneficiary of the Nile river. No country is obliged by a treaty that it is not a signatory to under International Low. Still we Ethiopians want peace and are building the dam in a way that won’t affect Egypt. But if Egypt insists on war, I suggest you should consult with Italians before raising your arms against us.

  • dahir dire says:

    All black African and the whole world will stand with Ethiopia, Ethiopia is the right to build dam.

  • haile woretaw says:

    Egypt politicians lost confidence on their ability to genuinely negotiate with Ethiopia (origin of abay). Reasons are clear.
    1. They politicised the GERD to settle internal disputes
    2. Instead of standing for the benefit of Egyptian people SISI received direct command from Trump who even can’t manage that civilized nation.
    3. They fear the uncertain future over lost to political influence in the region.
    4. They are military people and behind the present politics system.

    But Ethiopians present their clear negotiation points based on experts recommendation approved by panel.of experts from 3 countries and from international agencies.
    Ethiopian will get more stronger and get strict on the use of its natural resources including Abay.

  • Temethio says:

    – Egypt Used Nile River fot thousands of Years,while Ethiopian People goes to starvation for many Years,Does the Egyptian Government Helped those in need in Ethiopia one way or another ???….85% of Nile River Starts in Ethiopia,Never used this GOD Given Resource for anything !!!!!…Ethiopians asked the world Bank to fund the Dam we are building out of Each and everyone of Ethiopian pockets,but because of Egypt”s Conspiracy we have been refused ! Shame on You !!!….Now We are about to finish the Dam being built by Ethiopians…Guess who is Crying ? Why ????????????? Why become Selfish-Greedy ?????? Why ????….60% of Ethiopians don’t have Electric power,No industries for a Population way over 110,000,000 !!! The Fist Country that has to stand with Ethiopia should be Sudan and Egypt !!!….Stand with,not against !!! wake up,Smell the Coffee and sit down and talk,bring not your belly and small muscles but Your Brain and Kindness,Remember Ethiopia Never Been Colonized by any European Country except (The fight of ADWA)….So….We don’t accept any colonial signed papers to the negotiating table ! NEVER !!!! May GOD Bless Ethiopia 💚💛❤️ 🙏

  • Adonias Gedion says:

    Why do Egypt leaders don’t want thier people to know 52 million Ethiopians living in dark today without electrivity while they contribute 86% of River Nile?

  • yishak digital art says:

    who is this guy saying “it’s about the existence for Egypt and pride for Ethiopia” its also about the existence of Ethiopia as a prosperous and independent country and lift up all those under poverty line

  • Kibir Lealem says:

    The World has to know very well that 85% of the Blue Nile River emanates from Ethiopia. In this regard, our share of this resource is 85%. However, only Egypt and Sudan are exploiting this resource lonely for hundreds years. On the other hand, almost all of the Ethiopians do not have Electric power and they are living under severe poverty and backwardness. Thus, trying to utilize its resource by building a dam for electric power is not a crime to Ethiopia. We are not utilizing the river for modern irrigation system though we have the right to utilize our resource. Apart from this, the flow of the river will be balanced after generating electric power. Hence, where is the unfairness of Ethiopia in using the river for electric purpose?
    Having said this much about the river, I would like to reflect my opinion.
    If Egypt tries to take any bad action, Ethiopia’s response will be very disastrous. Everybody is ready to give his life for the sovereignty of Ethiopia. The Egyptians has to clearly know very well that they had been defeated by our ancestors several times. For instance, in the Battle of Gura on March 8, 1876 and in the battle of Gundet on November 16, 1876 the Egyptian aggressors had been defeated by the Ethiopians. Apart from this, they have to take a lesson from the battle of Adwa. The Ethiopians had defeated the Italian colonial power 124 Years ago at the battle of Adwa. It was a very severe war and that was not only the victory of the Ethiopians. Adwa’s victory can be considered as a victory of the black people in the world as it
    is unbelievable to the whites to be defeated by the black people during that dark era with very back warded weapons.
    Thus, as far as my opinion is concerned, in order to fairly utilize the Blue Nile River, the best solution for the two countries is negotiation. War will not be a means for them as the ultimate result is destruction. No one will be benefited from war.

  • Mike Diamondz says:

    Go ethiopa +!

  • Mera says:

    The Egyptians must not be fool, 85% of the Nile water comes from the Ethiopian territory, if the egyptian don’t support the EGRD, ethiopia has the right and will built 1000s of dams within it’s territory. The consequence is just the Nile river will drying out and the Egyptians will come to the sense of understanding that Ethiopia has the right to built dam on its territory.

  • Abera Kotisso says:

    Iam the father of Nile dam so u Egyptians don’t tell me what I do
    We ALL Ethiopian we don’t like wen someone tell what we do

    • dahir dire says:


  • Abd elrahman says:

    Sudan will get affected first if it got filled fast , but Egypt will be affected more, it looks like Sudan does not realize the gravity of the situation, Ethiopia have every right to develop itself but what this video lacks in explaining is the magnitude of the project , the dam reservoir is too big and it is Designed wrong why would you need this much water to generate Electricity on top of a weak soil have Ethiopians Asked themselves whom will buy that electricity , when most surrounding countries live in poverty even Egypt is down to its neck in debt , those colonial Era treaties were defined by the location and scarcity of water, Egypt Does not have rain like Ethiopia or Sudan to plant with, if you need to know who is behind this dam , you only need to look for the flags around it , it is the same colonists whom they are taking about but they came now as investors.

  • Sofi M says:

    Great job Ethiopia, fill the dam for your people.
    May ALLAH shower his blessings upon you 🤲🏼.

  • Amin Ahmed says:

    If we are somaliland ,we are waiting this project to get powerful electricity from our neighborhood brother ethiopia.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • dahir dire says:


  • mango vest says:

    Go Ethiopia

  • James Bond says:

    Egypt and sudan should attack Ethiopia. And eliminate it.

  • Cosmin Contra says:

    Ethiopians need cheap and stable electricity, so they have to build the dam. Egyptians have had the sea for irrigations, but it’s going to be costly

  • Mr abrham Abrham says:

    I don’t agree with the report’s statement that say the dam will affect Egypt’s water supply dramatically, which is not true at all.But I would have agreed with you if you had said it is what Egyptians claim.