Full Osterholm: Covid Is A ‘Forest Fire’ That May Not ‘Slow Down’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

2020 6/23
Full Osterholm: Covid Is A 'Forest Fire' That May Not 'Slow Down' | Meet The Press | NBC News


Michael Osterholm, Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, talks to Meet the Press about the trajectory of COVID-19 infections.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Osterholm: Covid Is A ‘Forest Fire’ That May Not ‘Slow Down’ | Meet The Press | NBC News



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • John Barrett says:

    Look at the mortality rates dumb dumbs.

  • vincent chiong says:

    Trump impose HERD IMMUNITY and lives do not matter. You fend for yourself and you die is your business and work is more important than lives. The states value lives above work and do everything to save lives against the dictate of Trump

  • John P OConnell says:

    Very sobering and quite jarring. Especially considering we have a President who is just trying to wish this thing away. Just not going to happen. What is going to happen when October comes and there is little real Economic recovery, and no MLB, no NFL no college football (E-Gads)? We the USA survive? Well, we survived the Great Depression. But this will tear at the very fabric of our audience, social and spectator way of life and society. Will require huge and likely permanent changes to the way we live and do things. I am retired, but even I do not feel very secure anymore in this new COVID-19 threatened world. Stay safe everyone.

  • Donna Fuller says:

    Do you think it is possibly because of all this protesters and that or all the riots? Come on guys be fair for all factors.

  • Stephen Hicks says:

    It’s about leadership. I live in Australia where we are trying to reopen – it’s not easy – for a couple of months we have had about 10 new cases a day. For the last few days in Melbourne there has been a spike of about 20 cases per day. The Premier of the State of Victoria has now re-imposed some of the restrictions and issued strong warnings of what measures will occur if people fail to comply. Strong, co-ordinated leadership makes all the difference. My point is people in the USA were never worried enough about COVID because your President never took it seriously.

    • Nick says:

      Stephen Hicks You people are completely irrelevent. sorry

  • biglouishere says:

    these 2 r idiots the reason each state has diff numbers of cases is simple each gov. is doin their own thing duh for someone so smart u sure sound dumb they were warned not to open to early but they were so worried about the economy n not the ppl. this epidemic shows how selfish ppl r and shows their true colors many ppl only care about themselves hence why they go out, with out covering up or just cover their mouth with a mask leaving their nose completely exposed like duh for that dont wear a mask u moron . these kinds of talks r only to make one side look good or the other . when the president said he didnt think it was time to re-open the news media were putting clips of why we should re-open n how safe it was to do so now that the numbers r goin up now all we see is about how it was maybe to early to re-open i mean really seems more like u the news media r doin ur best to make politcal war instead of providing real down to earth news that helps ppl keep up with the latest grow up n stop causing issues like ur in pre- school grow up ppl !

  • Gnirol Namlerf says:

    Republican politicians, starting with Pres. Trump, and their followers, despite all the evidence about hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and now pandemics, believe that we can either just tame Mother Nature or wish her away. This informs their stance on climate change too. In Trump’s case, I can imagine that attitude comes from the fact that he has never had to deal with Mother Nature on a one-on-one basis. Indeed, if Manhattan ends up four feet underwater, he can still sit high and dry on the 26th floor of Trump Tower and have everything he wants shipped in by motorboat. As for Mar-a-Lago disappearing like Atlantis under the sea, well, he’ll just collect the insurance money. That the rest of the Republicans and his followers accept this attitude reflects either their belief in him as a supernatural being or extreme nihilism. Everything’s going down the drain, so let’s enjoy ourselves while we can, and don’t tell us we can’t, something Trump will never tell them, even as Mother Nature removes their options without commenting.

  • tulum0617 says:

    It’s eerie to watch an interview with Dr Osterholm being interviewed on Oprah’s show several years ago, predicting this pandemic. He described it so close to what is happening along with warnings back then on how to prepare and how to protect ourselves.
    I watched it on YouTube.

  • Marianne D says:

    We need to remove the Impeached rasist dictator in the White house and all Repubs in November. Please please vote in November.💙💙💙💙

  • bill592011 says:

    America has become a third world country….the rest of the world knows this.

  • Marianne D says:

    Thank you Chuck and Michael for keeping the message on what is happening with the virus. This needs to be covered every day all day.

  • Robert Weigl says:

    The amount of people comparison is incorrect. In the EU are living 513,5 M people (341,9 M in the euro zone), the US has 328,2 M people. Please do not downplay the numbers.

  • Stop Playn says:

    That Biden campaign ad at the beginning of EVERY YouTube vid…😤😡😤😡!!!

  • Randy Owens says:

    a moron and liar for a president, a crook for senate g o p leader, spineless g o p party, corrupt attorney general, low IQ voters putting them there. what could go wrong? at least the funeral homes are having a good year.

  • R R says:

    0:50 Bingo! 50 states are bigger than entire EU and you can’t control all 50 states when you have too many branches and roadblocks

  • Armshouse Gadahfii says:

  • Miguel Estrada says:

    We are failing with the pandemic because we have an imbecile in the highest office of the land, that remains unbelievably in denial. Instead trump is now spreading Covid 19, like Johnny Apple Seed, simultaneously planting hatred, ignorance and the virus in his little racist jamborees.

  • Utopia says:

    You can get the virus through your eyes masks only works if everybody
    wears them. Nobody is talking about long term organ damage from those
    that have recovered from the CVirus.

  • geishasecrets says:

    Trump campaign promise we’ll keep on winning- obviously not, the EU is making us look bad just look at that graph

  • trinitystudiosound says:

    …..these are the guys we need to get rid of, head of what, statistics….WHERE IS THE TREATMENT?

  • Francoise Loffler says:

    In one word TRUMP WILL LEAVE THE COUNTRY IN A REAL MESS AND CHAOS in November,The DEMOCRATS as USUAL will have to deal with the CHAOTIC situation for years,and trump will be playing golf in Florida….

  • Chuck Stock says:


  • jonathan thomas says:

    It’s a failure of the president. That was apparent when he foolishly said that it was every state and everyone for themselves. Then denying the fact that there is a pandemic. Pfft. What we need is someone who truly deserves the title of president. Someone who truly believes “FOR the people, BY the people.” Us as in the U.S. need to unite and remove the tyrannical potus as well as the corrupt virus of politicians who support his selfish and foolish ideas!

  • All Lives Matters says:

    Seriously why don’t you report the Super virus spreaders are the radical left riots and protestors! The local Governors are responsible for testing and tracking.

  • Jason Smiley says:

    Oh of course Nbc its now a wildfire bc of Trump right? Forget about how just two weeks ago there were ten thousand people marching side by side in nearly every major city in the country protesting Trump lmao. More propoganda soup for there sheep to lap up

  • Earth Life says:

    Alot of Americans are taught to live a life of instant gratification and this spills over into
    their need to go out and get their hair cut or eat at a crowded restaurant despite Covid-19.

  • Joe Bloe says:

    To get ours virus numbers down we just need to have less testing – according to the orange clown!

  • 赵晓海公公是奇葩 says:

    Chinese are laughing at US.

  • bronzecap says:

    Trumpism vs Corona, two viruses that can’t and won’t coexist but one is lighting up the scoreboard right now and for the foreseeable future. Corona.

  • Roy19120 says:

    Orange man bad.

  • Rose Steele says:

    There are guidelines that need to be followed. States and people do as they want regardless of guidelines. NY and MA are just starting phase 2. Why? Because they care and have been extremely cautious and have used the data!!!

  • Daniel T says:

    New cases 6/20
    UK 1295
    Italy 264
    Spain 363
    France 641
    Germany 556
    US 33,388
    For Donald Trump, this is success.

  • KT MadeinTas says:

    This virus is dangerous. Why are people do complacent. We don’t know so much about this virus. Having huge areas of the States full of sick people is going to have an effect on the economy. Most people don’t die but people have ongoing issues. Chronic Fatigue/GuilliainBarr syndrome is being reported very extensively. Please stay safe. having a positive mind set does not stop you getting sick.

  • Kai Bing says:

    the America great again

  • Josh Parrott says:

    America is a dumpster fire and will not recover.

  • Beisong Quanwen says:

    US first, King Trump is doing GREAT

  • David Stone says:

    🌐 What Bias Liberal Fake News folks are not telling you about the “CHINESE CORONAVIRUS FATALITY RATE” The median coronavirus infection fatality rate for those under 70 is just 0.04%, according to a new paper by John Ioannidis, a professor of epidemiology and population health at Stanford University. “Decision-makers can use measures that will try to avert having the virus infect people and settings who are at high risk of severe outcomes,” he writes. “These measures may be possible to be far more precise and tailored to specific high-risk individuals and settings than blind lockdown of the entire society.”
    Liberal Democrats always overreact and fail to tell the whole truth need I say more?

  • sparky_ 21310 says:

    Now that the “peacefull” protest are dying down we are back to corona virus??? 🤣this news channel is a joke. Fake news.and then u wana bring up the trump rally instead of blaming protestors for the spike in cases.

  • Chidi Choms says:

    When the president lie 🤥 to you and make things worse for you, do you think he will tell you the truth when your economy is getting really bad.
    🤔 Think as you will be the difference between Trump making the best of all Americans and getting his reelection.

  • Suzanne Santos says:

    I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, population 550,000. (The island capital city and state of Australia). We had 13 deaths and that for anybody with good math skills is a huge amount per percentage of population. We have stayed steady for a short time at 228 positive tests. Currently no active cases of COVID-19. I’m not a supporter generally of my Liberal conservative government. We are imperfect. My husband and I have homeschooled for 2 months for our kids in years 11 and 12. I had to learn quantitative chemistry to teach my son! Our historic precinct, Salamanca Market, the largest outdoor market in Australia has for the first time in its history been shutdown. I went there to get COVID-19 tested for FREE. Our Premier refuses to open the borders despite massive pressure from the Business and hospitality sectors. Dark MOFO (MONA) and the annual Taste of Tasmania (January 2021) have been canceled. We have hotlines, easy access to testing, phone consultations with our general physicians. I am out of pocket on medicine only. We stay indoors unless we need to get food. We do non contact take out. If we’d tested positive we would have been in house lockdown for 2weeks and retested. The only thing hard about this whole process was learning quantitative chemistry, although it turned out to be fun to help my son and daughter with everything from English-how to write a business letter, to art theory and helping my daughter analyze Theodore Gericault’s’Raft of the Medusa’. We are alive, many are not as lucky. Everyone is trying to keep their head above water here. It makes me sick to my stomach when fat cat politicians marginalize a global pandemic and blatantly lie to people. They live in a mansion and have daily testing, I bet you! Our system is far from perfect, but at least I feel like my government and the department of health and human services are on the same page! I can even call public health hotline if I get COVID-19 and they’ll deliver my groceries to my door. I hope you all stay safe, healthy, wear a mask and stay home if you can.

  • Markus Müller says:

    What kind of cases are you counting? People, who have converted to the dragon virus religion? Put on your mask and show your belief! Or demand a law that prescribes: bosses are also internally accountable to the grassroots, especially in groups with delegated powers (police, parties, governments, media, banks, churches …). who do you support and who do you slow down? Thank you so much!

  • Pak De says:

    Wait, what?? We’re at 70% of the height of the pandemic? That was 100 deaths an hour? Wasn’t that two months ago?

  • Ian Williams says:

    usa has many different plans state to state – but so does europe

  • Paul Kelly says:

    Smartenup America. Invest in your people.

  • jerry cardinale says:

    Disagree totally

  • Sams Son says:

    This administration spins everything. Is this country in a great place right now? No, but this administration will tell you otherwise. The President/cheerleader has abdicated his responsibilities because he’s incapable of dealing with this crisis. Is that the President we want? Not me.

  • Dick Rue says:

    Trump by his actions and lack of action has become a mass murderer.

  • Solar Ray says:

    Make America COVID-19 again !!!

  • HardRockMiner says:

    The truth isn’t usually easy to hear.

  • Sarah McCoy says:

    Imagine what the numbers would be if Donald Trump’s people were testing more people?

  • Lynn says:

    I wear mask everywhere. This aint gonna change until hes out.

  • C M says:

    All the protest over the past three weeks have pretty much destroyed any chance of this virus burning out. You can not bring thousands of people together during a pandemic and think you won’t get infected. Thousands of people all across the country filled the streets for protests, there was no way this would not be the outcome considering how easily this virus transmits. We are just seeing the beginning, all those that got infected took the virus home with them and will expose their family and friends, all we can do at this point is to take what precautions we can and hope for the best.

  • Neptunes Fire says:

    How can you expect the problem of covid to go away when Nibiru keeps moving closer toward Earth? …


    CNN and C-Span did coverage on Nibiru, they have a backbone… Do the right thing MSNBC and release the Nibiru warning …

    For those who want to learn about Nibiru – view my videos before it is too late…

  • Cathleen Olson says:

    tRUMP is doing his best to destroy this country. Part of that is leaving all the states on their own to deal with a national pandemic. He is creating more division and cementing the idea that we are just a collection of states and not a nation that needs to deal with a national problem. He is destroying the idea of a nation of states that work together for everyone’s benefit. A vital difference of thinking. His actions are insidious and far reaching and are causing deep damage to our vision of our country. How he stays out of a mental health treatment center says a lot about those around him and his personal dr. One minute of listening to him it is pretty clear that he has mental health issues – big ones.

  • John Edward Jones says:

    WOW! A Forest🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 analogy. Thank you no real plan tRump and REGIME. Did not have to be this way..122K DEATHS NOW with 200K predicted by early Fall. Then we have traditional flu….Dr Rick Bright was correct all along.

  • James says:

    The USA should have taken a lesson from Australia how they handle it

  • Ernest T says:

    That’s to the rioters and looters the virus spread even more.

  • ricky Tiki says:

    TRUMP’S FOOT MUST BE ABLAZE FROM all these “ambers he was going to stomp out

  • j mac says:

    Trump rally or BLM protest, looting and rioting… Media always trying to spin… Just call yourselves pundits instead of reporters.

  • Nicholas Bertone says:

    It’s a failure of central leadership – I’m referring to the incompetence of the Trump administration

    • Quint Pierre says:

      not to mention brainwashed.. u thought the president acts on his own.. what a moron you are !! epic fail !!! hahahahahahahaa

    • Nicholas Bertone says:

      Quint Pierre  …obviously I understand the president doesnt act in his own…hence “administration”. Reading comprehension is hard I know….

  • madsplatta lot says:

    Ita cause Noone is wearing mask and lack of testing. All these large groups getting together isn’t helping. Make it easier6aa in free rondo rearing poor people can’t afford to get it done. Greed is gonna end up winning and killing alot more

  • madsplatta lot says:

    It can’t end with no vaccine, all these holidays coming up so yeah there’s more cases coming

  • Soung Won Moon says:

    Only in America

  • d2.r76.421 says:

    USA! First to reach herd immunity! Coming later this year.

  • Paul Kane says:

    EU is double our population, your a POS. Fact, face masks help significantly.
    Keep protesting! VOTE! Insist on transparency!

  • samuraioodon says:

    The State’s lead in ignorance

  • Timestopperlens says:

    Many restaurants keep it a secret how many employees got sick just to remain open

  • Pierre Blaise says:

    Come on.. the US did much worst because you bake an half made lockdown and bail out of it two weeks to soon.

  • Chris Roma says:

    Trumps election is more important than people dying .this is insane .they need to do
    A true lockdown no one allowed out for couple weeks .give everyone advanced notice and shut everything down

  • Quint Pierre says:

  • Shari T says:

    I’m so glad things are down to a low roar here in NY…finally!


    The news media loves this story. So what your saying is we should all just give up and die?

  • Skeptical Chris says:

    the European Union and the USA aren’t quite close in population.
    The EU, has 118 million MORE people, at 446 million people, to the USA’s 328 million.
    And even then, despite the catastrophic numbers in Italy, Spain and the UK, the EU as a whole is still lower than the USA.

    Public Health Experts and Scientists were warning, that if if states reopened too soon to jumpstart their economies, the virus cases would spike up even before the first wave was over….forcing them to shut down AGAIN….and that is exactly what is happening.

    Politicians on the other hand, were saying that money is more important than lives. Now Protesters are saying that fighting racism is more important than lives. Both sides are playing right into Coronavirus’ hands. The Virus wants to spread, and both the protesters, and the politicians are helping it spread.

  • Lester Chamberlain says:

    Here we go with some more stir the pot numbers are going to go up and down worldwide it’s a known fact don’t blame Trump blame China fool

  • Ray Khan says:

    Is this the maga we were promised?
    I mean we are number 1 at this

  • Lilac Lizard says:

    SHUT YOUR DAM BORDERS! It’s not rocket science! The EU didn’t all co-ordinate to contain it together did they! If you don’t have National leadership, the states should close the state borders & manage their own state! Hawaii is the only state in America that has done that & look at it’s numbers as a result! Even countries with the population of Australia shut their state borders to contain this ffs! What’s stopping you?

  • C0gitoZ33 Droid says:

    bullcrap. COVID is one of the final steps towards NWO

  • Lilac Lizard says:

    Forest Fire huh? Trump’s specialty 🙂 Rake the forest floor & it will stop.
    Now if only there were a way of applying that to covid… how could you sweep up & remove all the fuel from the path of the fire so it would put itself out I wonder…….
    Stay at home people!

  • Peace Respect says:

    Channon Christian couldn’t breathe either:

  • Mick Krever says:

    *I don’t believe these European numbers a bit!! Sounds crooked! Population more than US, and 10 times less cases. Either they are doctoring their numbers or they does not test nearly as much!!*

  • hd says:

    Trump: “Fake news!”

  • CAR MAC 1 says:

    I will tell you y because USA don’t give a f 👍🇨🇦

  • Dylan Su says:

    Americans still don’t get it and refuse to wear masks, just take a look at the Asian countries that have it under control like South Korea and Taiwan.

  • Christopher Josue Francisco says:

    America is huge and full of undocumented people which makes it even more dense

  • bhallic24 says:

    osterholm is right on the money. its a forest fire. we’re in the first wave. it never left. if the cases keep rising, by fall/winter, you’ll just be carrying a higher number of infected people into an exponential phase and possibly overwhelm the healthcare setting then. we knew all along that this is not just a simple flu so not sure where everyone’s getting this summer time it’ll die down theory.

  • Unsim Kim says:

    But Trump said stop testing. Every thing is crazy. Protest and open. I really think something terrible is going to happen. End time is coming. Our only hope is look up.

  • Brenda Vansickle says:

    It could be controlled if strict mandates and they are ENFORCED. All on the same page!

  • Michael Banuelos says:

    Yes! We’re winning guys!
    🎶Cuz I’m proud to be an American!…. 🎶

  • David H says:

    About all I get from this is Trump 2020! Enough of the establishment puppets. Can we get a wellness check on sleepy Joe?

  • Vendicar Kahn says:

    AmeriKKKa is nothing but a pathetic Farce at this point. Vastly too stupid to be permitted to exist on any rational planet.

    Do your part in the eradication of the disease called AmeriKKKa.

  • healthmask now says:
    Protect yourself and your family. Our mask are in #USA ready to ship.
    #KN95 #Covid19 #NewYork #Arizona #California #Nevada

  • Madd Zack says:

    We’re a country of over 370,000,000. Total covid numbers are less than 0.5%. Hoax!

  • Alan Chamberlain says:

    Jebus. We’ve tried everything from ignoring it to calling it a conspiracy.

  • george rambacher says:

    It’s difficult to tell whom is more corrupt and reprobate, the news reporter or the sham of a guest, cause their BOTH fabricating
    deception !

  • Razian Amira says:

    Yup, this is the forest fire that won’t end, and nobody, not even Mother Nature, will offer help, you are entirely on your own now.

    _”When you harmed me and destroyed me, don’t beg me for help when a disaster strikes.”_ – Mother Nature

  • Emu Riddle says:

    “Durr… I live in a FREE country.”

    No you don’t.

    Freedom for you. But, not for everyone else.

    Just like all the other problems, before the Pandemic.

    We shouldn’t be babysitting people, who don’t care about anything.

    They put themselves, before their country.

    Don’t let their talk of “Freedom” fool you.

    It’s just an excuse, to justify whatever they demand.

    On a Silver Platter.

    We’re working hard. And these victim-bamers, are the true Lazy Ones.

    Don’t let their Mental Gymnastics, fool you on that either.

    Our Nation and our People, have already been through enough.

  • MM says:

    Covidiots Everywhere in the USA

  • JBZ JBZ says:

    thats coz in europe everyone complies with social distancing guidelines.
    in america people don’t comply. more people don’t care about their fellow americans.

  • White Lion says:

    Time to escape Babylon