Full Panel: Trump ‘Is Playing Defense’ With Rally in Tulsa | Meet The Press | NBC News

2020 6/24
Full Panel: Trump 'Is Playing Defense' With Rally in Tulsa | Meet The Press | NBC News

Yamiche Alcindor, Al Cardenas and Carol Lee join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss the president’s rally in Tulsa, and how the White House is responding to revelations from John Bolton’s new book.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: Trump ‘Is Playing Defense’ With Rally in Tulsa | Meet The Press | NBC News



コメント一覧 (106件)

  • Eevee Bfine says:

    6,200. Let’s not give #trump the pleasure of a saying it was a bit higher number lol

  • wily wascal says:

    Wow! This Toxic Trump administration is so corrupt it leaves Nixon in the dust and makes the Teapot Dome scandal look like sweet little girls having a party with dolls!

  • wily wascal says:

    Kind of hard to properly mourn the over 120,000 Americans already dead from COVID-19 in just FOUR months, when every minute is consumed with just surviving Toxic Trump and the Republican cult’s willful ignorance and pathological suicide pact in the midst of this deadly global pandemic. Trying real hard to save others; trying real hard not to become another victim, the collateral damage of friendly fire, to add to their gruesome score in their macabre, Orwellian, Twilight-Zone game, Toxic Trump’s new unreality-TV show, Survivor or NOT.

  • wily wascal says:

    Instead of the U.S. in a position to help the developing world fight COVID-19, we got Toxic Trump continuing to botch and mismanage the nation’s pandemic response; pulling the U.S. out of the WHO; and Doctors Without Borders helping America. Shameful and mortifying.

  • wily wascal says:

    Wouldn’t you know it?
    Trump dies from COVID!

  • wily wascal says:

    Toxic Trump just filling up the coffins so he can fill up his coffers! *”That’s all, folks!”*

  • wily wascal says:

    Trump in pandemic briefing: “These model projections of hundreds of thousands of American pandemic deaths due to my gross negligence, ignorance, and incompetence remind me so much of the models I’ve dated!”

  • James Steadman says:

    I guess dumb Donald ‘s supporters do watch and listen to the fake news media, what a surprise!

  • wily wascal says:

    Governors: *”WE NEED HELP!”*
    Toxic Trump: “Relax, I’ve got covert Agent 19 working on the cases!”

  • wily wascal says:

    Dr. “Babbling” Birx is laying bricks, lying and dissembling! Says she trusts churches and churchgoers to make it safe, not go to church if sick–knowing asymptomatic people don’t know they’re sick, and can’t be detected! Then, there’s the fact that many religious people gather at religious shrines and places of worship hoping to be “healed” when sick. Moreover, she knows “Pastor” Tony Spelling in Louisiana was packing his megachurch during the middle of a severe outbreak, busing them in from a 50-mile radius; she knows all about the devastating spread in South Korea from religious services, she knows about the superspreader event at the church in Oregon defying state lockdown orders. Dr. Birx KNOWS how Toxic Trump has ignorantly politicized a global pandemic, sent conflicting messages to the public. Dr. Birx KNOWS a good proportion of Americans are NOT following basic CDC guidelines; NOT wearing masks, NOT social distancing. And she knows without detailed specific CDC federal guidelines, we got chaos, sickness, and MORE senseless deaths. Birx needs to have her medical license revoked. She can be the next SmellyAnne Con-Her-Way, that’s what she wants.

  • wily wascal says:

    Toxic Trump’s sin-in-law, Shared “Too Much” Kushner: “The NATIONAL federal government is NOT supposed to take charge when we declare a NATIONAL federal emergency. We are at war, and the states must each fend for themselves. Nevermind that we signed legislation from the UNITED States Congress that authorized us to spend over two TRILLION dollars of UNITED States TAXPAYER money to fight this pandemic. Does that make any more sense than my genocidal stillborn Israeli “peace” plan and policy?”
    Toxic Trump: “Pandemic? What pandemic? Nobody told me anything about any pandemic! There is no pandemic if we just don’t test!”

    Shared “Too Much” Kushner: “Our federal response has been a TREMENDOUS success! That’s why President Trump appointed ME head of our VACCINE Task Force! Now, it’s time for me to disappear, again…lot’s of sabotaging and corruption to get done!”

  • circleeh says:

    It was a case of Beach-Rally

  • Eevee Bfine says:

    Ps. I was watching the rally, for the laugh I needed after a long day of driving to pick up a free TV hutch, that ended up not fitting into my SUV . Solid wood is awesome, but geeze could they make them easier to disassemble. I must say he didn’t disappoint. Thanks for the laughs Trump, I know you’re watching lol

  • wily wascal says:

    06/20/20 — 2,331,000 confirmed cases; 122,000 deaths.
    06/19/20 — 2,297,000 confirmed cases; 121,400 deaths.

    06/18/20 — 2,264,000 confirmed cases; 120,700 deaths.

    06/17/20 — 2,235,000 confirmed cases; 119,900 deaths.

    06/16/20 — 2,199,000 confirmed cases; 118,800 deaths.

    06/15/20 — 2,182,000 confirmed cases; 118,200 deaths.

    06/14/20 — 2,162,000 confirmed cases; 117,800 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    06/13/20 — 2,139,000 confirmed cases; 117,500 deaths. Latest projection has 200,000 Americans dead from COVID-19 before October.

    06/12/20 — 2,117,000 confirmed cases; 116,800 deaths.

    06/11/20 — 2,090,000 confirmed cases; 116,000 deaths.

    06/10/20 — 2,066,000 confirmed cases; 115,100 deaths.

    06/09/20 — 2,046,000 confirmed cases; 114,100 deaths.

    06/08/20 — 2,026,000 confirmed cases; 113,000 deaths.

    06/07/20 — 2,007,000 confirmed cases; 112,500 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    06/06/20 — 1,976,000 confirmed cases; 111,900 deaths.

    06/05/20 — 1,949,000 confirmed cases; 111,000 deaths.

    06/04/20 — 1,924,000 confirmed cases; 110,100 deaths.

    06/03/20 — 1,902,000 confirmed cases; 109,100 deaths.

    06/02/20 — 1,881,000 confirmed cases; 108,000 deaths.

    06/01/20 — 1,860,000 confirmed cases; 107,000 deaths.

    05/31/20 — 1,837,000 confirmed cases; 106,200 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    05/30/20 — 1,817,000 confirmed cases; 105,600 deaths.

    05/29/20 — 1,793,000 confirmed cases; 104,500 deaths.

    05/28/20 — 1,768,000 confirmed cases; 103,300 deaths.

    05/27/20 — 1,746,000 confirmed cases; 102,100 deaths.

    05/26/20 — 1,725,000 confirmed cases; 100,600 deaths.

    05/25/20 — 1,706,000 confirmed cases; 99,800 deaths.

    05/24/20 — 1,686,000 confirmed cases; 99,300 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    05/23/20 — 1,667,000 confirmed cases; 98,700 deaths.

    05/22/20 — 1,645,000 confirmed cases; 97,600 deaths.

    05/21/20 — 1,621,000 confirmed cases; 96,400 deaths.

    05/20/20 — 1,593,000 confirmed cases; 94,900 deaths.

    05/19/20 — 1,571,000 confirmed cases; 93,500 deaths.

    05/18/20 — 1,550,000 confirmed cases; 92,000 deaths.

    05/17/20 — 1,528,000 confirmed cases; 91,000 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    05/16/20 — 1,497,000 confirmed cases; 89,400 deaths.

    05/15/20 — 1,473,000 confirmed cases; 88,200 deaths.

    05/14/20 — 1,448,000 confirmed cases; 86,500 deaths.

    05/13/20 — 1,421,000 confirmed cases; 84,800 deaths.

    05/12/20 — 1,400,000 confirmed cases; 83,000 deaths.

    05/11/20 — 1,379,000 confirmed cases; 81,500 deaths.

    05/10/20 — 1,364,000 confirmed cases; 80,600 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    05/09/20 — 1,344,000 confirmed cases; 79,700 deaths.

    05/08/20 — 1,318,000 confirmed cases; 78,200 deaths.

    05/07/20 — 1,289,000 confirmed cases; 76,500 deaths.

    05/06/20 — 1,260,000 confirmed cases; 74,500 deaths.

    05/05/20 — 1,233,000 confirmed cases; 72,000 deaths.

    05/04/20 — 1,208,000 confirmed cases; 69,600 deaths. CDC projects cases increasing to 200,000 per day with deaths rising to 3,000 per day by June because of states, localities and people not following guidelines and reopening their economies too soon.

    05/03/20 — 1,184,000 confirmed cases; 68,300 deaths. Every 44 seconds, another American dies from COVID-19. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    05/02/20 — 1,158,000 confirmed cases; 67,000 deaths.

    05/01/20 — 1,129,000 confirmed cases; 65,500 deaths.

    04/30/20 — 1,094,000 confirmed cases; 63,600 deaths. The U.S. accounts for over a third of the world’s cases, and over a quarter of COVID-19 deaths–despite possessing only 5% of the world’s population. Yet–even now–we still lack the adequate testing capabilities that are critically needed to safely reopen the economy, and remain sorely lacking the necessary rational national leadership so vital to saving American lives and livelihoods.

    04/29/20 — 1,064,000 confirmed cases; 61,500 deaths. The U.S. now has as many COVID-19 deaths in just NINE WEEKS as there was for all TWELVE YEARS of the Vietnam War.

    04/28/20 — 1,034,000 confirmed cases; 59,000 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    04/27/20 — 1,009,000 confirmed cases; 56,500 deaths.

    04/26/20 — 985,000 confirmed cases; 55,400 deaths.

    04/25/20 — 958,000 confirmed cases; 54,000 deaths.

    04/24/20 — 927,000 confirmed cases; 52,400 deaths.

    04/23/20 — 890,000 confirmed cases; 50,400 deaths.

    04/22/20 — 853,000 confirmed cases; 47,800 deaths (+2,674*)

    04/21/20 — 825,000 confirmed cases; 45,100 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    04/20/20 — 788,000 confirmed cases; 43,200 deaths.

    04/19/20 — 760,000 confirmed cases; 41,700 deaths.

    04/18/20 — 735,000 confirmed cases; 39,900 deaths.

    04/17/20 — 702,000 confirmed cases; 37,000 deaths.

    04/16/20 — 671,000 confirmed cases; 33,100 deaths. Less COVID-19 testing performed this week than last, despite desperate need to ramp up volume to reopen economy.

    04/15/20 — 640,000 confirmed cases; 30,800 deaths. The United States recorded its first coronavirus fatality on Feb. 29. It took 38 days to reach 10,000 deaths and just nine more days to go from 10,000 fatalities to 30,000. An increase in fatalities over the last 48 hours was expected, but was also due to new CDC policy, starting on 04/14, to include probable COVID-19 deaths…finally.

    04/14/20 — 609,000 confirmed cases; 26,600 deaths (+2,364 – *New worst daily death toll)

    04/13/20 — 583,000 confirmed cases; 24,200 deaths

    04/12/20 — 558,000 confirmed cases; 22,100 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic. NOTE: Large number of deaths undiagnosed in homes at 4-5 times normal rate are NOT being included in COVID-19 totals by state health departments. Consequently, the COVID-19 death toll is being kept artificially low in the U.S. With just 4.25% of the world’s population, the U.S. has 30% of the COVID-19 infections and 20% of the COVID-19 deaths. So far, the U.S. has the very WORST response of ANY nation, something formerly inconceivable, and inexcusable that it could now be allowed to happen here. In the U.S., we have 1.5 million seniors in 15,000 nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Despite forming only 0.45% of the U.S. population, they make up almost 10% of deaths, primarily because our federal government is not doing enough to protect them. Reported that many hospitals are no longer accepting COVID-19 patients from nursing homes, preferring they die there, instead. Our seniors, who helped build, grow and make America great, are being sacrificed, solely to ignorance.

    04/11/20 — 530,000 confirmed cases; 20,500 deaths.

    04/10/20 — 502,000 confirmed cases; 18,800 deaths.

    04/09/20 — 466,000 confirmed cases; 16,700 deaths.

    04/08/20 — 432,000 confirmed cases; 15,900 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic. NOTE: Large number of deaths undiagnosed in homes at 4-5 times normal rate are NOT being included in COVID-19 totals by state health departments. Consequently, the COVID-19 death toll is being kept artificially low in the U.S.

    04/07/20 — 400,000 confirmed cases; 13,000 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic. Figures indicate a Covid-19 fatality rate for TESTED Americans at 3.25%.

    04/06/20 — 369,000 confirmed cases; 11,000 deaths.

    04/02/20 — 246,000 confirmed cases; 6,050 deaths. Still no adequate testing. Still no rational national coordinated response to this deadly pandemic.

    04/01/20 — 217,000 confirmed cases; 5,150 deaths.

    03/31/20 — 190,000 confirmed cases; 4,200 deaths.

    03/29/20 — 143,000 confirmed cases; 2,450 deaths. Still no adequate testing.

    (Update 5: Friday, 03/27/20, confirmed U.S. cases 105,000–which is 50% over NIH high-end estimate; deaths 1,700 by end of day. The perspective for cases is significantly skewed low and thus highly misleading, however, as just 0.17% of U.S. population has been tested to date.)

    “As many as 70,000 Americans could be confirmed as infected with coronavirus by the end of next week, marking a “pretty dramatic” increase in the number of confirmed cases,” the director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, told his employees in an agency-wide conference call on 03/20/20.

    Except 03/21/20 saw a 33% jump in U.S. cases, from 18,000 to over 24,000. If continuing at 33% every 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases is trending much higher than just 70,000 by 03/27/20. Suspect confirmed cases will be double that. Bear in mind, states hardest hit are not testing many people, saving the tests for those most in need. So the actual number of infected Americans is going to be far higher than just what limited testing of the population has so far confirmed. Don’t think this fact is being given enough attention. More important than the number of cases confirmed is the number contracting the disease and not getting tested, spreading the disease, in many cases unknowingly. Hospital projections are for about 100 MILLION Americans to become infected, with about 500,000 dead from covid-19.

  • wily wascal says:

    Hey, there, seniors and other vulnerable groups! Grateful greetings, vital medical workers, essential front-line workers! Just remember, ALL of your excess senseless suffering and deaths from COVID-19 are merely an offering on the Republican altar of pure, solid, pig-headed, iron-cast ignorance to their god, Toxic Trump.

  • wily wascal says:

    Gee, appears that dummy, Donald, is doubling down on his dumb-down! Just when you thought it really couldn’t get any dumber! Then, there’s his serious gambling problem. Using the U.S. population as throw-away poker chips, Toxic Trump keeps doubling-down on his loss of American life to deadly COVID-19 pandemic gamble, while holding a losing hand–won’t stop!

  • Pink and Black Girl says:

    His voters are uninformed, undisciplined, immature and undesirables…. just like him and so he is their champion

  • Alexander Raffini's Space Engine Chill and Sounds says:

    Just a fairy tale thought but at the same time Trump base could be sold on this. Hear me out. Trump base primarily from the south. College football is life itself in the South. Coronavirus right now is still increasing. The Southeastern conference consists of colleges from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennesee. NCAAF is in great danger of not being played and if that happens millions of dollars will be lost. If we 25th amend this clown right now we may be able to salvage this season. Personally I dont care that much. Yes Pense would take over for a few months but if we as a nation take action NOW, maybe by the time Fall comes around things can get back to normal, OR sell the point now that having Trump will basically end College football forever. If you love college football then vote the Orange turd out. The crazy thing is that there is a lot of truth to this. Forgive me for an out there post, but then again his base is out there. I’m just trying to think like they are for a moment. I need to stop cuz I’m getting dumber.

  • Rain Maker says:

    Trump doesn t play ,that’s why you and the dems,are scared and trying everything to oust him.

  • Mari Oka says:

    Now focus the news on the supporters. Ask WHY DO THEY STILL SUPPORT HIM – when he is obviously insane! Do they wish to be branded as “insane” too?

  • John Reed says:

    I went the bank declaring I had a million bucks. I withdrew all my money and it was only 6200? Trump economics

  • Uffi Sachs says:

    It doesn’t occur to Trump that not all of his cult followers have a barely two-digit IQ to simply ignore the virus threat so that they can just come and applaud his oral flatulence.

  • Mehdicity Mehdicity says:

    fake news

  • hellojam100 says:

    crowd size matters

  • Travel to Discover says:

    You dont have to be a Trump insider to know his stupidity. It can be seen everywhere on earth now.

  • hellojam100 says:

    Trump handled the virus by ignoring it

  • Alo Oso says:

    This comment thread has TDS!!!

  • Lisa Wilder says:

    Whoring for ratings. nbc are a bunch of liars. yet burning down was essential !!! What an ignorant bunch !!!!The country is in this situation because of the lawless left !

  • Jessica Winslet says:

    Trust me, believe me if I’m president I will hire the best people! I know people LOL moron, highest turn over for a president in history.

  • thanh thanh says:

    *Only 6,200 in 20K seat stadium. Unnecessarily seated together. No social distance because Trump needs his photo-op.*
    Trump: Thank you for your loyalty. Here’s your complimentary COVID19.
    TikTok Teens are heroes in reducing the potential infection numbers post rally.

  • Joebid Touchkids says:

    Democrats admitted to sabotaging the event with CCP tik tok. Trump still got millions watching live. And Biden can’t get 300 people to an event or live stream. L

  • Kelhori Elhori says:


  • todd surgeon says:

    Biden is gonna be healer!?…what a ridiculous joke!🤗

  • #ash Baker says:

    6200 people in a stadium of 19,000 capacity. That’s not even up to 1/3 of the capacity. So sad.

    • Alfred Nueman says:

      Actually it is fantastic! No crowd for the clown.

  • mary jones says:

    very well said, ty everyone.

  • Jessica Buntz says:


  • Jay Slate says:

    Learn ENGLISH, MORON LOLoser.

  • Yimsha Info says:

    Down Trump

  • Marvin Stutzman says:

    Who actually believes MSNBC? Just another false narrative from a horrible network.

  • Lorenzo Montoya says:

    Retire Todd, can’t stand him, so will not get this story

  • DR Ir M says:

    Trump’s return to the campaign trail was designed to show strength and enthusiasm heading into the critical final months before an election that … At best it failed miserably. Bye bye Trumpy… Looks like Little Rocket Man is Victorious…………..
    Well at least they admit that it was a lacklustre rally….
    No Test; No Covid… plain and simple…. super-genius…. Super Brilliant….

  • Leo Sandiego says:

    These people are haters, the sad thing is that the ignorant listen and believe these clowns

  • reddogg 5772 says:

    What’s wrong with Joe?

  • kasmir justin williams says:

    Trump got Punk’d

  • OSKA says:

    IF this President who is a convicted fraudster & has mythomania is re-elected, it will be because of people who are unable to work out ‘what’s right’ from ‘what’s wrong’…The corruption & incompetence oozing out of him and his cohorts is unbelievable…

  • Julia Callan says:

    Tik Tok weldon, let’s keep this ticket buying Trend going 🤯🤯🤯

  • GoBeauty says:


  • David Dolezal says:

    Yes they had a million responses about tickets. Unfortunately for them 993,802 were “not interested”.

  • MegaMurph13 says:

    Our country is such a joke with trump, he’s a joke, he just need to die from covid to set this country straight

  • Jonmanuel Olivares-Alvarez says:

    Trump is an embarrassing to this country

  • M L says:

    Trump is no better than a cult leader – insane, doesn’t care about his followers, demands adoration, talks absolute crap.

  • Emanuel A says:

    The 1º American family, what a mess of a country, a bunch of thieves in the WH now more than ever.. Hurts to see really HARD WORKING PEOPLE loving the EUA so much to the point of becoming a cult to that family steal and destroy and even bragging of doing so. The world is laughing no more, pity of America.
    Republicans just want to start wars to enrich more and more those swamps families. Meanwhile the true hard working americans got nothing, and a few of them just loses family members fighting those wars they don’t even understand.

    what a f*cked up world he all live in :-

  • Juniorverse says:

    Bolton had to put out a book stating Trump is unfit for office….groundbreaking.

  • Lisa S says:

    the orange dude couldn’t put lego’s together

  • Ice Blue says:

    If you read Wikipedia, you will see that Bolton has a repeated profile of lying, looking after himself only. The book is a picture of Bolton’s political life, his relations to the Democrats who did not like him, and his work history. He was acting like a psychologist reading his boss versus what Bolton wants. Bolton is not the boss.

  • Ice Blue says:

    The way you lined up those commanders who did not have good words to say about Trump, you would realize his comments are most likely reflective of their being military men. Undisciplined. They are used to commanding. It’s uneasy for them to be following somebody else especially somebody like Trump who has a style, personality and disposition different from other previous presidents.

  • KT MadeinTas says:

    This virus is dangerous. We don’t know the long term effects . Viruses mutate. This one has 6 times and it keeps getting people. Think about your parents, your asthmatic friend and then the fact that young fit people are getting Guillain Barr syndrome from this. Viruses are sneaky and this one is definitely not an influenza virus. It affects the lungs, the heart, causes clotting, causes Chronic fatigue and Kawasaki syndrome in children. Please be safe.

  • Brian Kelly says:


    • Webee JidnGlo says:

      You have a few opinions, but are poisoned by unbalanced input. Some of your fears have some basis, but you need to educate yourself regarding homelessness and the drug situation. The complexities of social problems by nature make them all but unsolvable. And nobody is taking over the cities. And you think we need more policing? By hardened soldiers used to a free hand, I’m sure.
      Trump got his chance to MAGA and fell on his face because he was the first President in most American’s lives who actively and openly put his interests above the interests of the people. His godless base is thrilled, but it’s too narrow of a demographic to lead the country of 340M.
      America wants change. Bernie was the only genuine candidate I’ve ever seen, but Joe will have to do.

    • Alfred Nueman says:

      A vote for Trump is a vote for Russia taking over the US. A vote for Trump is a vote for a dictator. A vote for Trump proves you are not yet 18 and can’t legally vote.
      A vote for Trump is a taxpayer funded Trump Tower in Moscow.

  • Jamison Gore says:

    So y’all not going to talk about the “trolling” that tik Tok grandma? And the speech exposed Biden and the left motive to destroy and take jobs from this country. He spoke about change economically putting money back into the country and not overseas like the left has always done! Funding our enemies! I watched online alone with millions of others because of concerns of COVID-19! This is a joke interview!

    • Melva James says:

      3:25 – The Republican strategist on the panel does, indeed, mention social media actions as a factor in poor turnout. He just used the word “punked” instead of “trolled”…

    • Webee JidnGlo says:

      He didn’t “expose” anything. He claims stuff all the time but only fools actually believe him.

  • Kaviraj Kowlessur says:

    The beast is defeated

    • Webee JidnGlo says:

      What? Get real. Trump is not the beast, but a grim minion of the beast. And neither has been defeated. Vote in November and bring voters with you. That’s our only hope-not protests and online vitriol. Let’s do this together.

  • Amanda Laschola says:

    Everyone was scared to go because of peaceful protesters😉

  • Guiding Pathways says:

    lies, all lies, I see a huujuge crowd, people dressed in invisible wear and blue-chair costumes

  • John Stefanyszyn says:

    What will a “furious”, frustrated, and desperate POTUS (Caesar) Trump do now?
    How to stay in power?
    ….a war with China?
    …a war with Iran?
    …a war with North Korea?
    …a “crusade” with Israel for Jerusalem & annexation of West bank?

  • Brian Huggins says:

    Good test of cases spiking

  • Paul Kelly says:

    Hundreds knew bout trumps self dealing.

  • apauls says:

    *3 months without a MAGA Rally . . and all POTUS can come up with . . is 14 minutes of speech on walking down a Ramp & and how he drinks from a Sippy Cup to not dribble, again? If that’s all that Trump is worried about – wetting his silk necktie – during COVID Pandemic, and Racial Injustice Movement, and Financial Recession . . shame on him.*

  • Stan Prince says:

    The Blue wave is coming let’s wash this dirt bag n his cronies away from us .

  • john6four17 says:

    After this none turnout trump now knows …he hasn’t as many sheep in his flock .

  • Joe Biden is the man! says:

    Translation: Biden is going to be our next President.

  • dsgtms says:

    Trump is a clown who failed ‘Funnyman’ classes.

  • Autumn Moreno says:

    Eyyy so trump is willing to gather all his “millions of followers” in a huge group, potentially get them all sick, and potentially killing his following just to show the nation people like him and to tell the country he’s cool, *fun*

  • NayZaw Htet says:

    May be what we are seeing now is just what Trump want to show us. All those untied neck-tie, lookibg disappointed, etc. Never underestimate your opponent. Please vote on November 3rd. Every vote count to kick him out! ✊3️⃣💙🎉

  • da streets part 3 says:

    So if a massive crowd showed up you would have complained about superspreaders. But ‘only’ 7000 showed up and you laugh about the paltry crowd. How about cover sleepy creepy Uncle Joe’s rally from his basement with attendance of two – him and his wife. Hahaha. NBC = Fake News

  • Robin Lindner says:

    As long as you turn your fact-check filter off, I thought his speech was brilliant, entertaining. Best ever.
    Very funny and ell timed.

  • Red or Dead says:

    Everyone is bored of Trump the Clown!!!

  • Andrew Gocken says:

    No he’s playing with your heads, like always. You lose

  • Steve Rickard says:

    All those negative statements is why I will vote for Trump! Let’s see what Biden can do from his basement! I hope you don’t cry too much on election day!

  • Gary Quarty says:

    It’s hard to draw a crowd like Biden can.

  • MELVIN Pender says:

    Vote blue

  • Ms Dee says:


  • Markus Müller says:

    Who provides best proposals? A law should prescribe that bosses are also internally accountable to the grassroots, especially in groups with delegated powers (police, parties, governments, media, banks …). We already know the good, the bad and the ugly among us. who do you support and who do you slow down? Thank you so much!

  • Jeff Hess says:

    President Trump in 2O2O !!

  • Jeff Floyd says:

    i keep trying to google russian finland with about as much success as his tulsa rally. why?

  • All Comments Are says:

    Modern-day republi-Klan Rally, dog whistle.
    This is The United States of America and NOT the confederate states of america.!

    Americans and the American Flag🇺🇸 are in Danger & are being Used to Over throw the United States Of America🇺🇸. By those confederate sympathizers/decendants that SECEDE from the Civil War after LOSING and are Hiding in plain sight amongst Real Americans.

    Those confederates that USE The American Flag and Pretend to be Hardcore PATRIOTS.

    Those same home grown confederate Terrorists that have Pledge this COUNTRY with Racial Unrest, Bigotry and Discrimination and have placed themselves with the help of the Elite 1% that Own/Run Wall Street, Military, Nasa and All aspects of the Legal System and in Political Power to use against the True AMERICAN People🇺🇸.

    Why else would there be Status and Monuments of a bunch of Losers scattered all over 🇺🇸The United States of America and None or close to None of the Northern Union War HERO’S..!!??🇺🇸

    Those confederates and the confederate flag are and will Forever be ENEMY #1 of “We The People” We The 🇺🇸AMERICAN🇺🇸 People..!!??

  • Ryan Odonnell says:

    Surely the USA has had enough of Trump and his Con 💀

  • Lord Byron says:

    America is a big loser under Trump!

  • recon dad says:

    90 shot and 12 dead in Chicago including a 3 year old boy , 21 shot in nys , if NBC wants to talk about death, there it is

  • Simon James says:

    I’ve seen a better crowd at an autopsy and I’ve seen a few

  • Rick Glass says:

    Come on America we can do better ABT anybody but Trump

  • Sarah McCoy says:

    The Trumpists sitting in the upper deck were taking that social distancing thing to another level. LMAO

  • Michael Heider says:

    Im looking for Biden. Is he still running ? Trump might not be doing the right thing (campaign)but at least he isn’t hiding in his basement.

  • larry warnick says:

    It is ridiculous how people bashes Trump but he does everything he in his power to do what he can the best but you got people out there protesting getting people hurt committing crimes saying whatever they want and they get a pat on the back because you don’t want to defend anybody but he tells it like it is and oh my gosh it’s a crime when he does that people are pathetic but it was okay when he gave that money out I bet all y’all cash y’alls check didn’t you Trump will win the next election and he will win it with victory with all this mess going on to all y’all Trump haters he’s going to make America great again oh wait he already has

  • Mariette Demarest says:

    Bolton had his chance to be questioned at the impeachment hearings. Did he step up ? No he didn’t. He was saving it all for his book, thinking to make it rich. No way would I spend one penny to support this traitor.

  • Michael Jeffries says:

    Fat Donnie too dense to realize the gig is up. Charles Ponzi’s protege got too greedy, should have resigned long time ago.

  • Amelia Cook says:



    R = RACIST
    M = MANIC
    I think that each of these words describe TRUMP both morally & ethically.
    *How can he say both:
    1. CoVid is a hoax
    2. I have it totally under control?
    🤔🤔🤔Nope – don’t get it.

  • niente... .. . . says:

    Fake news + morbidly obese = YaccAlcindor

  • yh h says:

    Me Anthony writes this song for Trump

    ” Where have all the Trump supporters gone ”

    Where have all the Trump supporters gone ?
    Just 4 years passing.
    Where have all the Trump supporters gone ?
    Just recently. .
    Where have all the Trump supporters gone ?
    Gone for supporting Joe Biden .
    When will Trump ever learn?
    When will Trump ever learn ?

  • Maria Muscarello says:

    Millions and millions of american watched in the TV the rally of the President Trump on Tulsa .Thousands of american were in the rally in Tulsa

  • R says:

    But still, almost 7000 morons in Tulsa. I’m wondering if I could sell them a “How To” book on drinking water? I think I’ll call it The Wet Red Tie.