NY Gov. Cuomo: Government ‘Failed Effort To Stop The First Wave’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) talks to Chuck Todd about the resurgence in COVID-19 infection rates in states that opened more quickly than New York.
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NY Gov. Cuomo: Government ‘Failed Effort To Stop The First Wave’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

106 thoughts on “NY Gov. Cuomo: Government ‘Failed Effort To Stop The First Wave’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. George B. Wolffsohn Reply

    “this is a virus. It doesn’t respond to politics”. widdle donnie will never understand that.

  2. Steve Murdock Reply

    AC is so totally responsible. He ll be voted out come NOV

  3. douglas hagan Reply

    No they are hotbeds for death you are wreakless

  4. poor fellow Reply


  5. Sauron Merciful Reply

    trump is a disgrace he is no leader but an imposter

  6. Peewee0413 Reply

    You all are wasting time. Build up hype to release a vaccine. Right in time for a vote. Of course texas and Florida are peaking. They are weigh heavy in an election. S1379 116TH Congress. Allows pandemic exercise?? Event 201 crimson contagion? Page 381 in the CARES act pays hospitals 20%premium for coronavirus!!!!!! Deaths quadrupled after signing…..Wonder why?????$$$$$$$$

  7. James Friss Reply

    Governor Cuomo get this you can’t force The people to stop attending social events and you sent people to nursing homes and made it much worse by sending sick people to nursing homes

  8. Justhinkin Reply

    Andrew Cuomo should be charged with negligent homicide for his mandate to send Covid 19 positive patients to nursing homes… He has blood on his hands… Look at him place blame anywhere but in his lap…

  9. Javier Madriz Reply

    is Todd the king of the SNOWFLAKES

  10. Fitness Trainer Joey2 Reply

    Lmao a bunch of protests caused the number of infections to go up so we go to the guy responsible for killing the most people in the country for advice on how to stop it. Just brilliant

  11. James Rajumon Reply

    Is he talking about the ny state government? After signing an executive order to send coronavirus patients to nursing homes and after waiting weeks to lockdown idk who’s talking. The cases throughout the majority of the country found it’s way from NY.

  12. Jamie fain Reply

    It was caused by all the protesters!!!

  13. Jamie fain Reply

    Cuomo caused the death 💀 of thousands of Americans in nursing 🤱 homes and rehabilitation centers!! He has death 💀 all over him!! God will not forgive him!!

  14. Hadouken Hadouken Reply

    Future President of the United States?…

  15. Asad1969 Reply

    NYC holocaust is still wrapping up its first wave. Have patience and wait for the second round of cadavers. Operation Re-infection Protest is revolutionary suicide refined. Packed U halls made the original plan a little too obvious. They gotta be burned or they’ll pile up and smell. NY has to execute their plans more like Nazi Germany, less like The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project. Notice how CCP built their incinerators 8 months ahead of time and got rid of the evidence quick.

  16. George Buvis Reply

    He talks about trump not wearing a mask Cuomo you are a unethical crony 😷

  17. M P Reply

    What about the nursing homes disaster?
    Eliminate our elderly population in NY?
    Never forget those elderly people BUILT THIS COUNTRY!!

  18. Eye on art Reply

    This is a Governor that could not govern a dog house. He blames everyone for his own failing. Shame on him and shame on anyone foolish enought to believe any of his mendacity.

  19. Silvergoldcandy Olb Reply

    I absolutely adore him and have so mich respect for him x he should be president.. From cork 🇮🇪 love governer cuomo xx

  20. Jean Jones Reply


  21. joe doe-sedoe Reply

    Great that america doesnt bend over to the NWO forcing a diaper mask..bring it you f..ing S O B ..we will throw ourself on the sword just to deal with you later

  22. Jean Jones Reply

    He’s a murderer. Ordered nursing homes to take COVID patients, killed five thousand elderly people.
    Remind me again just how many elderly were murdered by Fredo Sr…

  23. Jean Jones Reply

    Only in NY would people be governed by a Mass Murderer.

  24. Desiree Sandoval Williams Reply

    This man is a great governor. I dknt care what they say. He kept asking for help from the rich government and it fell on deaf ears for along time

  25. Summerdayz Reply

    WAKE UP!!!!

  26. Dee Ann Reply

    Cuomo is a leader that unites people. I have listened to him a lot during this ongoing pandemic.

  27. Kamal Reply

    He is a lousy actor…human spirit is very strong with chinese preset result kits and falls death number on you controlled media…you will fail soon…you cannot compete with God who made you..super lousy actor

  28. Ken Price Reply

    When people find out the virus is not real, they are going to lose thier minds. For some it will take FEMA pulling out the gilloutines before they chose to wake up to the truth. People love lies as there is no truth in them. End of this world… nothing new.

    • Möbius Strip Reply

      It is real, but it is no big deal.

    • Ken Price Reply

      @Möbius Strip What makes you feel it is real?

    • Möbius Strip Reply

      @Ken Price Maybe I had it:-)

    • Ken Price Reply

      @Möbius Strip Maybe, huh?

  29. Möbius Strip Reply

    How come? You have bored the virus to death with your daily briefings, governor, and he decided to move south:-)

  30. Chandra Singh Reply

    Thank god for our Governor Andrew Cuomo most admired Governor like father like son job well done always in my prayers

    • bigdikballaz Reply

      Job well done cuomo !!!! U order thousands into nursing homes knowing how fatal it was for the elderly… Your city is trashed… crime rate is up a record breaking 127%.. total chaos… but good job cuomo !!! 👏🏼👏🏼 you’re doing an amazinggggg job ! 😂🤣😂🤣

  31. austin moulton Reply

    Honestly, I’d vote for Cuomo

  32. Chandra Singh Reply

    Thank you chuck

  33. HAZY_AZ Reply

    What about all the people in the nursing home you killed Cuomo.
    It was in the procedures that if they were to be taken in they needed to be at zero cases where they were held, you and the media can skim over that fact as much as you want but karma is going to come for you.
    You constantly deceive the public by misreporting and choosing to not cover important topics that go against whatever twisted agenda you guys have. You white liberals love being puppet masters and hiding the democrat history and Lyndon Johnson starting his “plantation societies” which is still in play today ran by the swamp. Just look at all the democrat run cities

  34. SUDHIR PATEL Reply

    Build a fence around NYC to keep DFI out.
    🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧 🚧🚧🚧

  35. Richards Family Reply

    These Marxist Socialists are destroying our economy in order to gain power & control.
    They allow anarchists and rioters to run wild while tying the hands of law abiding citizens from making an honest living.

  36. Giancarlo Cipolla Reply

    I really believe that Gov. Cuomo should be the candidate for the presidency, Trump would not have a chance….

  37. Clinton Simmonds Reply


  38. ANNAH MWAURA Reply

    People should stop nonchalant behaviour……you cant tweet at the virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Spinelessdave Reply

    This guy was not prepared for his state and allocated funds to other projects leaving emergency contingency bankrupt, then tries to blame the president for his shortcomings. It’s your job to run your state, like your mayors job to run his city, your just not very good at it both of you.

  40. JP Reply

    Blame Trump when you were the #1 hotspot in the country but take full credit when it goes down. Ok, now I understand

  41. Mark Davis Reply

    Cuomo = murdering trash. Death to old people!

  42. bear crane Reply

    Cuomo is the face of fakeness.

  43. lugano1999 Reply

    Cuomo is the exact opposite of the treasonous low life in the WH. He has demonstrated true leadership.

  44. Matt Mc Reply

    Yeah he’s apart of deepstate too 🤣🤣 along with Bill Gates and Killary Clinton lol …..

  45. Anthony Arredondo Reply

    30,000 people have died in the state of New York from Covid, 10 times as many people as the state of Florida which has the same population. I don’t believe this guy should be critiquing anyone!!!

  46. LOVE LOVE Reply

    The Senate,The Congress, The President SUCKS right Now & They Want Our Votes 🤦

  47. I'm James Reply

    And as Governor you didn’t do everything you could to slow it.

    • Sabah J. Reply

      You need to stop blaming the officials. They’re doing the best they can. This is a huge pandemic which involves millions of people. No one is perfect. How about we toss over the pandemic for you to handle. I am sure you’d fail terribly. So, stop pointing fingers when you’re not in that position to handle such a tragic situation.

  48. Aaron Crawford Reply

    He’s a part of the government

  49. Liz H Reply

    Love him. Thank you for keeping my brother safe!

  50. andrew miller Reply

    Cuomo has the blood of thousands on his hands. Hey, Cuomo, how about you take responsibility for your failed policies and decisions that ripped so many older people from their families before their time. This pathetic man is a disgrace and should resign immediately. Don’t listen to his lies and self serving excuses as he plays the blame game.

  51. Falis Aden Reply

    And here in Australia we
    Put melbourne, Victoria on lockdown again for having new cases of 74 yesterday n 62 today..all other states have 0 cases so they re opened borders to each other and businesses n everything back to normal…but America has worse than any other NATION yet people are at beaches sunbathing, its like no virus is there 😞your leaders failed you..it feels like they want certain people to die, thy have the power to lockdown all but they choosing to let some people spread the virus…nothing happens in amerika by accident🤔

  52. RL Days Reply

    The next argument will be if it is the first wave still or if it is now a second wave.

  53. CYN R Reply

    Gov didn’t fail, he didn’t know!!!!!!

  54. Socialism Works Reply

    Finally the sequel to Pol Pots “The Killing Fields.”
    Cuomos “The Killing Rest Homes”

  55. RK Tile Reply

    I’m softening, I don’t hate Andrew.
    Chris…, meh

  56. Eye. stupid Benny Spy Reply

    Its that orange man fault that there is a spike! DeSante is a rump kisser of Trump! He is not keeping Florida safe….they opened up certain businesses too soon! Its a Shame!

  57. Cameron Scott Reply

    How is he tan

  58. Paul Jamieson Reply


  59. Yolanda Miranda Reply

    Cuomo, the killer of the elderly

  60. Kevo Heavo Reply

    Does Cuomo understand that being governor literally makes him government? He seems to separate himself from all negatives even though he runs new York, which he is responsible for, good or bad.

  61. Fitzme59 Reply

    Ha ha ha nice tan NWO puppet


    new york has less cases because everyone gone from this city.. there is only one wave and will stay there forever there is no cure for this virus put this idea in you minds.. this is a lab virus made for certain reason thats why hits older and weak and transmit very easy its like the darwin theory,, how long you think u can keep people lock without jobs be aware for bad things to follow

  63. dheras1000 Reply

    Not sending my child back to school until there is a vaccine I know Cuomo understand that

  64. greg 68 Reply

    watch covid 911 insurgency ….please

  65. Ciao Jeff Italia Reply

    Cull the Herd. Start with the “Seniors” in retirement homes.

  66. Maurice W Reply

    Isn’t the “Governor”, part of the government.

  67. German Shepherds Kane & Apollo Reply

    Blaming our government for a GLOBAL pandemic that every country has suffered from, is obviously politically motivated and partisan. The lefts cult brainwashing is the real threat to America!

  68. Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Reply

    Cuomo sure knows how to read a script i’ll tell ya that much

  69. MrLazyNoodles Reply

    They had 17 years to find a vaccine but nope. Covid 19 is SARS covid -2. 2002 outbreak was SARS covid. They knew bats were a problem a long time ago.

  70. Angela Marie Reply

    Arsehole is trying to force him to say every senior home is safe as if he could answer that and they obviously arent. F ck Todd

  71. Tony Nogueira Reply

    You handled your way by sending infected people to old age homes.
    Well done that’s why you blame everybody but yourself.
    You are a Disgrace.

  72. Deepak DM Reply


  73. Austin Rodriguez Reply

    The government helped you in time of need and now you’re pretending you did it all alone. Typical

  74. Atul Nautiyal Reply

    Actually people failed the government and fuled the pandemic by rioting and gathering in hoards.

  75. Top Breaking News Reply

  76. Just Jay Reply

    Governor Cuomo Hospital closures and Medicaid Redesign team or MRT. He closed Hospitals and clinics. He asked for things that he never needed. He’s so slick.

  77. James Callner Reply

    One of the best Governor’s and one of the most humane humans.

  78. tammy goodman Reply

    Wonder if they are still using the same fake test kits that were found some time back? How is anyone still believing this lie?

  79. Young Forever Reply

    Can this man run for president already?

  80. Jt redpilled Reply

    Oh this f guy is a joke

  81. Bobby Walker Reply

    99% survival rate !

  82. Carl Prell Reply










  83. Johnny Tolengo Reply

    In NY we did our plan and killed 30 percent of all us death ,
    Cuomo I remember your videos in march
    Di blasio jockster

  84. Tricky Mama Reply

    Is he going to quarantine everyone to a nursing home?

  85. Wadz Reply

    America, you have the wrong man in power! Trump should be this mans student..

  86. Janice Leighton Reply

    There’s no cure so it will come back the world knows that so the leader’s better pick up the pace

  87. Janice Leighton Reply

    All governments failed just not America silly

  88. Janice Leighton Reply

    The world has damp it down then it will come alive agaun

  89. Janice Leighton Reply

    Neither did the rest of the world treat it to look soooooo

  90. Gata Iamanu Reply

    How do you blame the states when the government just stood by and did nothing to prevent the pandemic.

  91. L B Reply

    This guy just do not know anything about corona virus. Viva BLM! Viva Black Heritage! Viva DESI

  92. Isaac Brown Reply

    Cuomo demanded the US Navy Hospital Ship to NY and then still sent Covid nursing home patients back into nursing homes.

    Why didn’t you use the US Navy Hospital Ship Cuomo?

  93. Janice Leighton Reply

    Did not handle on your own the world watched the help new York got

  94. Richard Hernandez Reply

    Cuomo you have my vote for President 🙏 Take a break from this crazy year once it’s all over and then please concider running for it.

  95. emissary44 Reply

    Your deaths are higher because you demanded ventilators which they put on person’s who doesn’t need them which in turn kills them and non covid 19 person’s placed on them in a hospital in New York according to the whistleblower nurse just to inflate the death toll.

  96. k sobo Reply

    Cuomo is more presidential then the orange baby we have in office now

  97. vic reichle Reply

    Asshat Cuomo, how about your per capita death record of 120 per 100,000. Florida with the “huge spike” is 16 per 100,000. So maybe you should shut-up, after contaminating the nursing homes.

  98. AhloIAmDutch Reply

    It sounds like cuomo has the rona.

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