Indonesian community praised for rescuing Rohingya refugees

A group of Rohingya refugees rescued by fishermen in Indonesian waters has disembarked in the province of Aceh.
Ninety-nine people were on board the vessel, including 28 children.
Human rights groups have praised the local community for their efforts, but say governments in the region must do more to protect Rohingya refugees.
Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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116 thoughts on “Indonesian community praised for rescuing Rohingya refugees

  1. arif hakim Reply

    Indonesia so friendly

  2. Mat Ojie Reply

    Dua tahun akan datang
    Rohingnya:celama ini kami bangsa lohinya sudah membantu perekonomian di indonesia,maka sebab itu beri kami hak,beri kami ini kampung sudah cukup,aceh punya orang jangan kacau.

    • Chi Meng Reply

      Mereka macam-macam, Sleding saja kepalanya.

    • Mat Ojie Reply

      @Chi Meng yup

  3. inam ahsan Reply

    Thank you aceh people. Allah bless your soul. From your brother

  4. BangFuji Official Reply

    Lagi2 aceh yg berbuat Indonesia yg baik..bangsat.. seperti masa lalu..😌

  5. BangFuji Official Reply

    I love Aceh❤️

  6. Son Of Adam Reply

    indonesian is good people

  7. Apai Nawi Reply

    There is a song called “Selamat Malam Rohingya”. Nice song.

  8. Aom tea Channel Reply

    I love indonesia ❤️❤️

  9. Dann 26 Reply

    Terrible News Channel

  10. Mysterious Herr Reply

    ACEH Is NoT InDoNESIa, they are Its own people and they wanted independence since the 1970s , FREEDOM aCEH Merdeka . ACEH IS NOT A pART OF InDonesia and is an Fpi Holder . FREE ACEH , ACEH BUKAN INDONeSiA , merdekalah ACeh , rise up against the Indonesians again aceh. 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  11. Fuck You Reply

    RIP HUMANITY ,This Reality.

  12. Mangabra Alibi Reply

    Hundred thousand more ..on the way…

  13. Hassan Abdi Reply

    Thank you Indonesian fisher men for helping the helpless.

  14. prayogi gunawan Reply


  15. Jamingi Ingi Reply

    Hii world ….. look my INDONESIA is the best

  16. Jamingi Ingi Reply

    Hii world ….. look at my INDONESIA is the best

  17. Javara Nova Reply

    So grateful that the Achenese fishermen rescued this group of ninety nine desperate, traumatised and starving Rohingya. It seems that the fishermen have something to teach the government about basic human rights, non-refoulement and the Law of the Sea. To not offer assistance is unlawful, let alone abjectly in-human. The suffering has gone on for decades and decades. Hard to believe that in a world full of diplomacy, “democracy”, “human rights”, UN, Amnesty International, and the multitude of NGO groups… that this terrible dilemma is still happening. When are the bullish ASEAN and UN nations such as China and Russia going to stop boycotting humanitarian Law and assistance to these poor people. And when is all of the rest of the world going to STOP genocidal Myanmar from getting away with ongoing, systematic murder, torture, mass rape, land and financial theft and destruction and utter denial? Clearly our Earth is run by wicked, evil bullies and the rest of the world simply cow-tows. This has to change… if we still fantasise about being human.

  18. Top Lyrics Reply

    Top large Rohingya people in countries;
    Bangladesh :1.3 million (2017)
    Saudi Arabia :190,000(2017)
    Malaysia:300,000 (2019)
    india : 40,000
    Indonesia : less than 13500 (really small amount no need to act like a good Samaritan)

  19. Irvan Rizky Reply

    Aku betul2 bangga melihat berita ini.
    Jazakallah untuk saudara2ku dimanapun anda berada.

  20. Axcel Reply

    it happened also when western people came to Indonesia and then colonized ,, Indonesian people are too good

    • Va 0614 Reply

      Y know a place of warmer hearts in this world but of course not everyone

    • kono wa ru do Reply

      its already happened when Chola’s tamil indian invasion anyway intermixed with local

  21. razali yusof Reply

    dont praised them yet wait another ten years.mark my word,

    • Cloud Corp Reply

      so who should be praised? malaysia?

  22. Jurg Schupbach Reply

    islamic countrys are responsible for their brothers and sisters………….i can’t see any big time story out of this

  23. Gamer Halim Reply

    We indonesia 🇮🇩 open hands 🤝

  24. Don Fuego Reply

    yeah i think Indonesia is the best choice to stay for rohingya as they the indonesian always brag about how much they have an islands in their country , almost 17000 islands right ? so why dont they give one or two islands for the rohingya refugees to stay for a while until thing get better for them in myammar .

  25. ེཝིཡརོ ཟན Reply

    United Nations troops should be sent to Myanmar, racism, genocide and other crimes against humanity are rife in the country, until one of the ethnic groups that inhabit it must go abroad to get help.

    • Va 0614 Reply

      UN is a propaganda of Illuminati so does WHO

  26. Diaz Diaz Reply

    I love Indonesia…n i proud indonesian

  27. Shahrom Salleh Reply


  28. Emir Adliey Reply


  29. yuda Wiirayuda Reply

    They need to have a good leadership. If they stay like this forever then other nations will always trample on them

  30. Ricardo S. Reply

    We are poor country, have big population. Why rich Arab countries don’t pay attention to them?

    • Mas Salleh Reply

      @Ammar Azamuddin Klu kenal perangai rohingya. Ko amik sorang pun dah ada org akan complain

    • Ammar Azamuddin Reply

      @Mas Salleh diaorg takde education sejak lahir tu yg jadi gitu .. Negara lain amik , cmpak kat sekolah bagi terpelajar ngan beradab sikit .. Baru bagi diaorg kad UNHCR , bagi kerja dsbnya .. Kita amik diaorg , cmpak merata .. Tu yg ikut suka diaorg lha nak wat mcm mna ..

    • buddy : Reply

      @Ammar Azamuddin 2 milion rohingya??? can u give me a prove?? 1 million in bangladesh. half million in malaysia.. rohingya population not over 2 million people.. so who is that 2 million in saudi arabia??

    • Ammar Azamuddin Reply

      @buddy : lmao , the population is growing not like continued declined … First their population is 5 Millions ..
      You think Saudi Arabia gonna make announcement whenever they take refugees? No they dont ..
      The first country that open to war refugees is Saudi Arabia , they take , give them education and residents , that why there no actual number of them .. First the take is around half a millions .. What happen after more than 2 decade ?
      Ofc it gonna double/triple in size…
      I forgot the link seacrh it yourself ..

    • Ammar Azamuddin Reply

      @buddy : First Malaysia take is around 20k-30k of Rohingya refugees under UNHCR , after 2 decade it already 10x larger than in 1997 … That not include the unregister , the one that came via Boat , their unregister children etc ..

  31. S N Channel Reply


  32. Kris Yu Reply

    Indonesian fishermen
    Heroes of today
    Salute to Indonesia

  33. Indria Happy Reply

    Where is Qatar and Saudi, Oman??

  34. JuLia Julis Reply

    Jangan bagi menetap di indonrsia lama2sukusakat dia berpindah ke indonesia. Sedangkan rakyat indonediapun dh beratus juta.

    • Novilia Susanti Reply

      Mikirnya kayak ga pernah baca alquran. 😂😂😂

  35. JuLia Julis Reply

    Di malaysia dengan datanya pelarian rakyat malaysia merasa terancam. Bagai melepas anjing tersepit. Berwaspadalah ketajaan indonesia.

  36. zarnia 007 Reply

    Hidup aceh!! Hidup lohinya😇😇✌️

    • Midan Yaz Reply

      Begini gua suka Aceh telah membawa nama Indonesia baik di mata orang asing

    • Midan Yaz Reply

      Liat aja komentarnya pada postitif, tapi orang Indonesia ada yang komentar buruk

  37. Johari Mohd Salleh Reply

    Aceh people really have a big heart

  38. lineone lineone Reply


  39. renjetan Reply

    So? Just let the Rohingya moves out from Myanmar? Any solution..Al Jazeera?

  40. maryono maryono Reply

    their final goal is Australia , in one interview by local TV they said they dont want to live in our country (Indonesia) because its poor country , they want to go to Australia.

    only the Aceh people welcome the rohingya because aceh region practise strict islamic law.

  41. mini mo Reply

    Do not take them. Send them back to their country. They are manipulator

  42. mini mo Reply

    Indonesia tolong jangan tertipu dengan permainan Rohingya. Hantar saja mereka pulang. Mereka akan membuat onar di negeri kalian. Mereka bukan lagi pelarian perang. Mereka pendatang haram ekonomi.

  43. Hasan A Reply

    Where Arabic nation?i think they are really rich,but i think they are also quiet,Indonesian people not really rich like arab,but they are help them together as they can,may God protect our country

  44. Ary Rubberman Reply

    Aung san suu kyi

  45. Rudy Marianto Reply

    Berkat Masyarakat aceh. Tapi yang kena baik nya seluruh indonesia.
    Salam saudaraku dari jawa..

  46. M Isa Reply

    Bangsa aceh

  47. rimueng pasee Reply

    Atjeh ,,,,

  48. bukan radio Tv Reply

    Aku indonesia

  49. Ari Gayo Reply


  50. MAHER ZAEN Reply


  51. Oraciana Knight Reply

    I can’t wait few months or year later and see Indonesian reaction.

    • XempaC Reply

      They’re already here for years. This is not the first time aceh saves refugees.

  52. Jesmin Karim Reply

    Might is right in this world minimum justice for the powerless

  53. Ridho 20501 Reply

    Indonesia jist transit country, before they going to australia.

  54. Zularzianza Zian Reply

    Aceh love rohingyA

  55. Muhammad Fauzan Reply

    Thank Aceh people

  56. Kelvin Reply

    Bom waktu kok diambil.. ntar udah meledak baru ambyarrrr kelabakan semua… belajarlah dari negara lain yang udah rasain efeknya.. memang pada masih terlalu polos..

  57. Budit Triyono Reply

    Thanks to ACEH people. 🙏🙏

  58. Star Light Reply

    Kepada warga aceh. Ni nasihat adikmu dari malaysia. Berjaga2 ya, kamu lihat 10 tahun akan datang, mereka ni akan lupa diri setelah kamu tolong mereka, mereka akan merampas ekonomi kamu dengan berniaga secara haram dengan berluasa, mereka ada gengster2 untuk menghalau warga tempatan dari berniaga, mereka akan membuat persatuan, mereka akan meminta kerajaan kamu hak sama rata, dibiayaai perubatan di hospital dn pendidikan yang percuma.. telah terjadi di negara malaysia.. dn telah terjadi di negara bangladish.. lagi 10 tahun kamu akan kenal siapa itu roghingnya.. dulu kami malaysia membela roghignya di PBB, menyerang perdana menteri myammar.. tetapi sekarang kami ingin menghalau semua roghingnya dari malaysia kerana mereka semakin berani membuli warga tempatan..

    • Ismail Zulfikar Reply

      Bersangka baiklah kita tidak tau yg yg terjadi besok.yg kita tau yg kita tau barangsiapa menolong orang lain Allah akan nolong kita.kita banyak doa.

  59. Via syafia Reply

    Indonesia 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  60. mohammed faruk Reply

    Thank you so much Indonesia brather and sister .

  61. Kimi Furmily Reply

    UN and the world police has let this happened for so long in Myanmar, shame on the UN! And the fact that no one blames Myanmar government for their crime but blame the neighbouring countries says a lot!

  62. Kimi Furmily Reply

    Should spread rumors there is oil fields in Myanmar. That should fix this problem for the UN.

  63. Kimi Furmily Reply

    Praising the countries that helped them but never condemn the country that did this to them IS NOT the solution. You have just become their enabler for genocide for not speaking against Myanmar government!

  64. Rozeti Supono Reply

    Rohingya first from banglades anthan go myanmar..go more anathoer country.😇 rohingya go back lah to banglades setel problem

  65. Donna Romadhona Reply

    This is not about religions, or territory, or countries, or any thing is about humanity, we live in one earth, we are all supposed to help each other, no matter what..look at those children😭😢

  66. Mr. Dongare Reply

    Why don’t Saudi or UAE give them a refuge?

  67. NO Name Reply

    Ngomong human right bisa tapi terapkan Tidak bisa apa gunanya ..? Dunia banyak bacot tapi Tidak ada buktinya ….. Kita sesama manusia kan..? Or mereka itu hanya kotoran.?

  68. Hawa Ahmad Reply

    Malaysia have been adopting these ungrateful lots .. sorry to say, now they are demanding equal rights as the locals! There are about 100,000 legal Rohingya refugees and another close to 100,000 illegal Rohingya refugees that landed into Malaysia for the past few years.
    We are not taking them in any more … We’ve had our fair share of carrying this burden.
    So .. good luck to you lndonesia 🤭

  69. rahma wati Reply

    My Indonesiaaa…

  70. ketuanan melayu Reply

    No Rohingya to Malaysia

  71. Nur Atira96 Reply

    Covid 19 di Indonesia bisa paling mendunia kalo begini…. mantapp👏👏👏👏

  72. Razin Rosdi Reply

    The solution is the political engagement with the Myanmar goverment to accept these people as their’s and relocate them back to their country and provide save passage without prosecution…if they expect other nation to accept them as their people its going to be difficult..goimg to be like the Palestinians with Israel’s…

  73. Yamcha Gaming Reply

    Now they will ask for citizenship in Indonesia.

  74. lady Cirit Reply

    Rohingya not muslim…

  75. Sourav mittal Reply

    They’re From Bangladesh.. Chattogram

  76. Calamity Gaming CH Worldwide Reply

    UN is bullshit, just leave that organization, believe me they dont have humanity

  77. Al Xiue Reply

    Love U Indonesia..


    “O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allaah is that (believer) who has al-taqwa (i.e., is one of the muttaqoon – the pious). Verily, Allaah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.” -Quran

  79. Mohd Sahwal Reply

    good indonesia… take them more to your country…. and then they demand your citizenship…. they demand your land… they demand equality….. and then… oppsss its too late…..


    Rohingya and all people suffering from oppresion are tests for people with wealth in the world. Whether they would share their wealth or be stingy and hold on to their wealth as if theyre going to stay inthis world forever. This life is so ephemeral. One day youre teenager, next day your adult, before you know it you are near 50. And then next day you are alone in your grave. All your family friends and wealth will not follow you! Amazing! Whats the purpose of this life then?

    “And Allah has created the heavens and the earth with truth, in order that each person may be recompensed what he has earned, and they will not be wronged”

  81. terry muqler Reply

    Yeah feel bed to those kids well good jobs to Indonesia government… They load will show up after this ,because of sprite of Indonesia people and sake of those life good jobs

  82. Ratih V R Reply

    Arab is rich country, help them too wth -_-

  83. ikram hakim Reply

    Malaysia must not accept them more .

  84. Ro Android Technic Reply

    Indonesians with golden heart

  85. : Kazi-N: Islam. Reply

    Hello everyone pls donation to this destitutes peoples

  86. Edi hidayat Hidayat Reply

    I’m from Indonesian

  87. Ahmad Nor Reply

    Welcome to Indonesia…..

  88. Kocak Indo Reply

    Aceh are the one religious city in Indonesia, they have their own rules, they keep in Islam rule in their city.. they believe in God and they know God will help them as well.. humanity is number one..
    If u want to know more about this City search
    Aceh Indonesia u will know all about this beautiful place..

  89. Marina Au Reply

    Why not Qatar take some rohinya refugees?

  90. Yadi Suseno Reply

    thanks so much indonesia

  91. Nada Rosa Reply

    just helping without any reason, cause we are human ..even just only 1 hand to carry …love you Indonesia

  92. Richard Lim Reply

    Good luck indonesia

  93. Dipo Nusantara Reply

    “Aceh the best people-support for Rohingya people from myanmar/burna-thankyou Indonesia”

  94. Nicholas Anderson Reply

    Kudos to the local Indonesians that helped the people! Greetings from Hawaii, USA.

  95. hameedah indonesia Reply

  96. Zailan Zai Reply

    Millions of Rohinghya are welcome to Indons….. Good luck Indons.

  97. shelluq's kitchen Reply

    To Aceh people please be careful don’t give much freedom to them, as you see what happens in my country Malaysia!they are very good acting for the first time after 1 year y’all will see who there are!!

  98. Deddy Trianto Reply


    “Whoever relieves a believer’s distress of the distressful aspects of this world, Allah will rescue him from a difficulty of the difficulties of the Hereafter. Whoever alleviates [the situation of] one in dire straits who cannot repay his debt, Allah will alleviate his lot in both this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah will conceal [his faults] in this life and the Hereafter. (Muslim)

    What happenend next its not ur business cos “But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners. ( QS AL ANFAL 30 )

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