EU Bars Travelers From U.S. Due To Coronavirus Levels | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/02
EU Bars Travelers From U.S. Due To Coronavirus Levels | NBC Nightly News

The EU released a list of 14 countries from outside of the EU bloc that have been cleared for travel based on coronavirus levels. The U.S., which is not included on the list, has seen record levels of new cases and ongoing resistance to mask policies.
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EU Bars Travelers From U.S. Due To Coronavirus Levels | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (72件)

  • David Ellis says:

    So it’s come to this for the 🇺🇸. A nation of outcasts.

    • alwaysyouramanda says:

      I don’t blame the rest of the world. I hate being American. I see why people hate us every day.

    • Inga Pevzner says:

      alwaysyouramanda why?..answer

  • Nick Wash says:

    What comes around GOES around.

  • Austin Han says:

    While the US government has been trying to build a wall to keep foreigners out, the world has already built a wall to keep Americans out.

    Are we tired of winning?

    • GasoLINA INK! says:

      Nah. Since Iran issued a arrest warrant for Trump the nuclear like particles are gonna be all over Europe so it will be uninhabitable anyway.

  • shoshenkis says:

    So Rwanda made it but not the USA? #somuchwinning

  • discorperted says:

    This comment section has been Censored by your Comrades at YOUTUBE

    • alwaysyouramanda says:

      Just wait for it!

    • Manuel Ortiz says:

      Only fox news disables the comments section.

  • grace emma says:

    Waiting to travel to ivory coast my home country I wonder if they allow US transit passagers as well

  • alwaysyouramanda says:

    I knew we were in captivity. It’s why I’m not breeding. 😂

    • alwaysyouramanda says:

      Oh and that’s news here in the states. They included minors as young as 16 and called it a crisis..

    • alwaysyouramanda says:

      We know it’s a farm.

  • David Rea says:

    I feel sorry for all Americans…..Rem this when you VOTE in November…..

    • Jeff Webb says:

      The vast majority of Americans don’t have passports and have never traveled beyond our boarders. I’m looking for the day I can get out for good. All the freedom lovers not wearing a mask and not taking the precautions have ruined it for the rest of us.

    • kxmode says:

      Voting won’t fix anything. Only Jehovah’s government with Jesus as its leader is the only hope for humanity.

  • Whut Now! says:

    usa need to get their minds right

  • 5-Hydroxy Tryptamine says:

    Trump’s wall is being built to keep us in, not to keep foreigners out. Mexico might end up paying for it after all, out of self-interest and fear. Canadians don’t want us either. This is all 100% according to Trump’s right wing isolationist plan. Expect passports to be revoked soon, and new lockdowns before the election. Mail-in voting will be suspended in swing states by executive order.
    The military will be used against us as the imminent housing crisis and subsequent market crash unfolds, without government intervention, and more mass protests are in the streets.
    McCarthy era communist witch-hunts will begin, with any dissent being regarded as a threat to the administration, and incarcerated without due process under the recently amended version of the patriot act.
    Trump will not concede the election even if he loses, and the military will disperse into factions loyal to specific commanders.
    Prepare for war. Buy guns and ammo. Get into good physical shape. Stock up on supplies. It’s going to be rough.
    I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

    God bless America. 🤦

    • tim murphy says:

      Nope….not interested one bit in blessing America.

  • Chris Bouvey says:

    Why are they even reporting the obvious? We are already know that we’re the laughing stock among developed countries and your billionaire broadcasting company should help us fight this pandemic, not rub it in our faces!

    • Rahim Majid says:

      The media has been warning people about the virus since January, but the right called it a democratic hoax.
      The media has been advising us on personal health and safety guidelines, but the right made it into a political issue.
      The media warned about opening up the country too early and ignoring CDC guidelines. But the right called it the leftist strategy to curb freedom and destroy the economy.
      Now the media is warning us that things are getting worse with the spread of the virus again. Guess what the right is doing?

    • HOWARD BOYD says:

      EU has own problems. EU is breaking up. England the cash cow has left the EU and there is a problem with money flow. EU will probably go under this year and break up. Better for Americans not to be in the middle of all EU problems.

  • Mr. James says:

    I’m perfectly fine with this.

    • Mark Webster says:

      Me too. I’m Canadian.

    • GasoLINA INK! says:

      I’m planning on watching Blade Runner 2049 so am not really bothered by it either.

  • Jessica Killian says:

    Don’t blame them. We would do the same if tides were turned

  • page lewis says:

    It’s sad that some Americans decided to follow the Dishonest Donald. America hasn’t taken care of her people.

  • Medmann48 says:

    That’s fine the EU can go pound salt, Spend you vacation dollars in the USA instead of Europe.

    • Atlbpowork Same says:

      Some of us want to see the world

    • Karina87 says:

      Covid costs European economy more than loss of your dollar.

    • Krispy Fried Dinosaur says:

      Don’t forget business travelers, EU and US economies are highly interlocked.

    • Karina87 says:

      @Krispy Fried Dinosaur you can do business online

    • Krispy Fried Dinosaur says:

      @Karina87 Small businesses can. Pfizer, Intel, Microsoft need to send their people over. Tesla is currently building a factory in Germany, it can’t be done online only.
      How do you build rapport when you want to close a billion-dollar deal? Online?

  • Forrest Jordan says:

    I would not want eny Americans nether for the BLACKS have done.Them Counties KNOWS how those BLACKS wounts everthing White People GOT

  • comedycopter says:

    Good. Stop spending your money in Europe! All those hundreds of millions need to be spent at home, not in Europe. Thank-you for thinking of America first. Good to know Europe is doing so well.

    • Krispy Fried Dinosaur says:

      The other side of the coin is that European tourists and business travelers won’t cometo the US either. Don’t you want their money? The US used to be one of the biggest tourist destinations, especially for Europeans who bring hard cash. As of today, the Euro stands at 1.12$.

    • comedycopter says:

      @Krispy Fried Dinosaur Wrong. We can’t go there but they are allowed to come here. Nobody said Europeans couldn’t come here since they’re clean. This is exactly what Trump wanted thank you Europe. You come here and spend your money here but we don’t spend our money there. thank you! great decision Europe

    • kiju 13 says:

      @comedycopter why would we go to America its suicide

    • comedycopter says:

      @kiju 13 yes that’s exactly what Trump says please stay out

    • Krispy Fried Dinosaur says:

      I should have explained myself better. Europeans just won’t visit anymore and there is nothing good about that as you should want their money. They’ll just travel elsewhere. For every Europ. you need like five people from other countries to come up with the same balance.
      America first just makes you poorer.

  • Buy Thingw says:

    This is fair enough, i was happy with the china ban unless you were a US resident coming home so im completely fine with this because we do have high levels and plenty of negligent people BUT hey, we are the freest people on this planet and this is what choice chose, im fine with that and never planned on going to Europe in the foreseeable future anyways.

    *Side Note, i dont see anything resembling a mask on that female at 1:09-1:11 shopping. (Assuming shes a shopper and not an employee based on attire)

  • Francisco Leon says:

    Are Mexicans allowed to travel to Europe

  • Francisco Leon says:

    Americans should not be allowed to travel all year to Europe

    • HOWARD BOYD says:

      Sounds like a good plan. America should stay home and spend money in USA as the businesses need all the tourist dollars possible.

    • Francisco Leon says:

      HOWARD BOYD but the virus is spiking

  • T A says:

    Trump really has accomplished to equalize the USA and Russia. An unbelievable feat and a huge gift to Putin. We knew this was coming.

    • GasoLINA INK! says:

      Iran issued an arrest warrant for him. So looks like were are going to nuclear war and you know the only place these arabs can afford to buy nukes is Russia.

  • HOWARD BOYD says:

    Probably a good thing. Rioting going on in Europe and corona.

    • Davide says:

      Where do you see rioting in Europe?

    • LeCryptomancien du35 says:

      Did he actually just complained about rioting in Europe ?? really ? Last time i checked american citizens were tearing down statues..

  • Genaro Francis Tabag says:

    Try this NEW device to fight COVID-19. A Do-It-Yourself Device… High School Student Invents Covid Buster Device There’s nothing to lose trying this device….contact me now for details….

  • Cheryl64014 says:

    Remember how he loves to get revenge?! He is going to do something insanely stupid to get even with the EU, and we will end up getting hit with the fallout.

    • Jeff Webb says:

      Europeans and others won’t be coming here any time soon, can you blame them?

  • Chris Ryan says:


  • cjanitorialinc says:

    It’s because we have a very stupid president and his dumb supporters refused to wear masks.

  • MrJorjohn says:

    I have no desire to go to another country to see in person what they have when I can safely go on the internet and do the same thing. I can’t take any of it back home with me.

  • Ron deezzee says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣hey trump

  • Andrea Hood says:

    It’s a fair call. We’re hopeless.

  • iamjohnporter67 says:

    As an American Citizen I am so embarrassed by this. We have a stupid President who failed to even realized how deadly covid-19 was but he bragged about how he had it “under control” way back in February 2020 and we still have idiots that still don’t know how serious this whole thing is.

  • b69 says:

    good news

  • Laundry Sauce 2 says:

    As an American, good.

  • Leroy Gibbs says:

    The ONLY thing the US is leading in the Fight against this deadly Virus, is the Infections and Deaths…Great Job Mr. President, you IDIOTIC, MORONIC IMBECILE

  • Kay Pui Chun says:


  • micro hackers says:

    Another hack of 20k from Maskoffweb,com service they added 20k my PayPal account this so amazing

  • Kandy play roblox says:

    Travel ban on Americans……tell me this is not karma…. “well done” Trump….. God is greater

  • OXYMORON says:

    Asia also need to banned the murica

  • Karina87 says:

    Why is everyone so offended. Its a temporary ban until the world gets the covid under control. USA has the worst of it. No need to take it personally. At least noone called you vermin, thief, terrorist or criminal.

  • Lana Kahl says:

    Sounds like EU is tired of all our winning.

  • Thana H. says:

    I would say Karma hahahaha

  • Ophaganestopolis says:

    As an EU citizen, I must say this is nothing personal, it’s not a political decission, it’s about health. Once the levels of COVID-19 in the US go down, the EU will be happy to open again for you.