‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle Raps With President Obama | NBC News

2020 7/04
'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle Raps With President Obama | NBC News

President Obama challenges “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s freestyle rap skills in the White House Rose Garden.
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‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle Raps With President Obama | NBC News



コメント一覧 (138件)

  • Marie Plocharz says:

    He is so amazing.

  • Nazlıcan says:

    “I did not see those words prior.” he is a sunshine omg.

    • Michael Karas says:

      “Prior” kinda rhymes with “viral” which Obama says. Think that was a coincidence or typical Manuel genius?

    • GenkiKai says:

      Not viral, but “yes sir”. The full thing goes…”That’s going viral. Yes sir// I did not see those words prior.”

  • cephir909 says:

    “alright, drop the beat”
    Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

    • Mick Funny says:

      cephir909 wtf?
      Marine Band

    • Find 'N' Frag says:

      still better than “we’re gonna build a wall”

    • CrazyNyaa TheNyaaCat says:

      Find ‘N’ Frag Everything is better than “we’re gonna build a wall”.

    • im batman says:


  • Uliana Boldyreva says:

    “immigrants, we get the job done” this was so perfect omg

    • Talking Movies says:

      It’s a line from the actual play 🙂 It got a huge round of applause in our audience.

    • Marquiis says:

      It still does, I saw it in Kansas City a couple weeks ago. Amazing line, Amazing play.

  • josbird says:

    Something was weird with the camera?

  • Gracie Siemens says:

    “this is going viral” “yes sir”

    • GenkiKai says:

      “I did not see those words prior.”

  • CailynGrace says:

    “immigrants, we get the job done”

    • muffinsss says:

      Hamilton!!!! YAAAS

    • Magi V says:

      I fangirled so hard at all the references

    • Charlene Bingham says:

      CailynGrace his first reference to his song Immigrants-We get the job done song. Well done!

    • turdle lol says:

      CailynGrace thats a line in Hamilton, lol

    • Reims Arlett says:

      “The federalist papers, Hamilton wrote the other fifty-one”

  • GrifMoNeY says:

    “Freestyle rap skills” involve starting every sentence with the word on the flashcard?

    • maggie benison says:

      GrifMoNeY lets see you have to freestyle in front of the president, secret service, and be filmed.

  • iceturtle 1025 says:

    I love hearing Obama say. “Drop the beat.”

  • fruity eel says:

    “Immigrants, we get the job done–” (high fives the screen)

  • Colleen Mcdermott says:

    the most sickening corny ass thing I ever saw…….YUCK

    • Max Well says:

      Colleen Mcdermott I see you finally looked in a mirror

    • Ashley says:

      Apply ice to burn.

    • Shay miana says:

      +Colleen Mcdermott You mean good music?

  • piper rose says:

    You don’t know how much I love this man

  • MJ JM says:

    he’s simply awesome

  • Judah Bellamy says:

    He started off really bad but then he found his rhythm and went off.

    • Mia Clarke says:

      Stevie Wonder Stan
      Nothing about Lin is ever bad🤣

  • Jason Homer says:

    Barack racket Hussein madass Obama conman. Pirate of the Underachiever Stagnation Award.

  • Sheriff gaming says:

    The drum guy tho..

  • Triton Neptune says:

    Obama “That’s going viral”
    lin “i didnt see those words prior”

    • eligirl100 says:

      Black Marvel I don’t get it.

    • Triton Neptune says:

      @eligirl100 Lin rhymed the last word of president obama.

    • Mercy13 says:

      Black Marvel not really but okay lol

    • GenkiKai says:

      “That’s going viral. Yes sir// I did not see those words prior.”

  • Rena Toomey says:

    1:39 Lin was just about to pull away when Obama just held on like, “NO, YOURE MINE NOW”

    • Sk Sury says:

      Lin: Sir, please, I have a wife and child

    • Sara Keaton says:

      he’s the son if all the presidents lmao

    • pigeon says:

      I mean, I’d hold on to him, too.

    • kitten cat says:


    • Remember Me says:

      @pigeon same XD who wouldn’t?

  • Jack Renaud says:

    not an obama supporter, but i highly enjoy him as a person

  • Addie Smith says:


  • Addie Smith says:

    “I did not see those words prior” 💕💕💕💕

  • Top 1Percent says:

    “And yo! the mic drops!”

  • Noodlellsouperll boy says:


  • Ava Rose says:

    Obama is so lucky😂😭

  • Choice Banded Hoopa Unbound says:

    уσυ gυуѕ ѕєє ∂σиαℓ∂ тяυмρ ∂σιиg тнιѕ? иσρє.😑

    • Mia Clarke says:

      Choice Banded Hoopa Unbound
      Nope 👎🏻

  • Stephen Reed says:

    The only president that loves having fun and doing work, and a awesome First Lady.
    He shall be missed.

    • Breahna Sommers says:

      Stephen Reed MICHELLE OBAMA 2020!!!!

    • Em Horses says:


  • captaintaco2345 says:

    Let’s see Trump do something this cool

  • maryam says:


  • Sarah Roze says:

    RIP Obama Administration. I miss Obama as president and Michelle as first lady.

  • John Drazba says:

    1:33 Obama is in one stiff competition with Trump for the title of “Most Awkward Handshaker.” Lin has got to get his RIGHT HAND (MAN) back!

    • Mags says:

      John Drazba
      Honestly, I don’t see it as awkward. I saw it as this:
      *Lin was about to pull away*
      *Obama holds on* THIS AWESOME MAN IS MINE!
      *Lin gleefully holds on*
      I saw it as a pure moment, not awkwardness.

      But no doubt, Trump wins most awkward handshake…for eternity

    • POLAR Canadia says:

      It was cute. No, Adorable! I bet Obama wasn’t satisfied, though he had his one shot. I wish I wouldn’t have to wait for mine.. :3 :c

  • Amand Edvard says:

    “And Hamiton wrote the other fifty-one”

    • Jinxed Lucifer says:

      Jay Walker yEs

    • Mia Clarke says:

      Jay Walker
      Why do you write like your running out of time

  • Kaitlyn bare says:

    Officially the most important thing

  • Miwa Sakata says:

    That death grip, though. I guess Obama didn’t want Lin to leave and I don’t blame him.

  • PrinsusC says:

    I miss obama 🙁

  • villager Sencer says:

    The coolest POTUS. Thanks obama.

  • ella renee says:

    wow. iconic.

  • Leo Jaramillo says:

    so dope!!!!

  • Hamilton Trash says:

    Let’s not forget that Lin bro-hugged the president

  • primadonna says:

    Doesn’t drop the mic knows it cost like 100000 dollars

  • Alexis Ramos says:

    Obama did not want to let go of his hand, LOL

  • Katie Estep says:

    I like how at the end instead of letting go of Obama’s hand, Lin just awkwardly holds it for like five seconds

    • Armeki Persa says:

      Katie Estep actually Obama is the one who take is hand

  • Just another human says:

    Here we see the leader of the us along with the president.

  • jewelz 555 says:

    This sounded like a slower version of my shot and right hand man.

  • Madison's Avenue says:

    He’s amazing

  • tastyfreeze111 says:

    My President❤

  • gabriela forero says:

    I love how when he asks if that is going viral a person that most likely works for him very quietly says “yes sir” 😂😂

  • And Bordi says:


  • Mackenzie B says:


  • tianna lane says:


  • turdle lol says:

    Whew knew Obama’s guards actually have hobbies of playing instruments instead of having the hobbie of roaming around the White House

  • Carter W. says:

    H A M I L T O N W R O T E T H E O T H E R F I F I T Y O N E

  • edwin gonzalez says:

    I wish we still had a president that tried to keep America great for all ppl not just for whites

  • Eden Victoria says:


  • avery li says:

    They did the bro hug…they are bros4lyfe now ps luv ya lin

  • Jem's Art Stuffs says:

    Me – Same Obama
    Also Me – Is this what my life has come to? Same Obama?

  • GriffJS says:

    😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  • Lex Smith says:

    It’s like Obama was holding up all these controversal words to see if Lin would slip up, and say something offensive.

  • Esther Rosi-Kessel says:

    I love all the Hamilton references!

  • Paladin JN01 says:

    That Marine on the drums is the chillest guy ever.

  • The Gay Hat says:


  • Lillie Duncan says:

    Notice the theme of the words…….ha

  • Jake Capriotti says:

    you just know the solider playing the drums thought he wouldn’t be doing this when he signed up for the military but he’s glad he is.

  • Ibexx says:

    What legends

  • Angry Velociraptor says:

    The drummer looks like he’s having so much fun lol

  • Alli Hogan says:

    Coolest. President. EVER!!

  • Parker says:

    He is a god.

  • Irene Destiny says:

    *Immigrants, we get the job done*

  • sydney sometimes does stuff says:

    I really appreciate that Lin didn’t actually drop the mic. Those things are expensive! Bless him.

  • xoxo Itzel says:

    Oh my god he’s so lucky! He got to meet Lin!! 😂

  • jaminjo_ says:

    Oh wow.

  • Comandante Thorn says:

    Im almost sure that the reason of Lin using jeans when he needs to go formal its because he really likes his blue coat but he doesnt have a pant that combines that its not a jeans xD

  • Submarine in the Sky says:

    Personally, I wanna see public debate in general done via rap battle.

    • Timothy says:

      I got news for you buddy. Check out Hamilton vs Satoshi on crypto currency

  • junebuggy says:

    Obama was so chill

  • O faithful says:


  • Nutella Latte says:

    “Immigrants, we get the job done” I love this man, more than my first born.

  • Kelpie J says:

    Lin is wearing jeans with the president

  • Anej Sekol says:

    I don’t care much about politics but i miss Obama and his thug life compilations… all we have now are trump tweets

  • T Slap says:

    Trump ain’t half the man Obama is…

  • Lila Parisu says:

    1:35 Lin was trying to let go but Obama wasn’t letting him

  • SleepyHeads says:

    Lin: *raps*

    Lin’s hands: 🙌🏻🤲🤝👍

  • Trinfinity 101 says:

    Immigrants, we get the job done 😍🖤😁

  • Quinnet Bauseman says:

    I miss president Obama 😭

  • Aries Lalonde says:

    This is what the Homestucks have wanted.

  • crysania4 says:

    Remember when our President was awesome? Anyone? I sure do miss those days!

  • JackThe11th says:

    From the wise words of Dave Strider

    Kick it Barack

  • Jason Foss says:

    This video is useless without the president grabbing the mic and spitting some rhymes.

  • Crazy Wacky Doctor Man says:

    Barack Obama is now the objective second best president after Hamilton

  • Tuva Oeye says:

    Wait Lin was meeting the president and he was wearing jeans

    I love him

    • Molly.Dog8 Brooke says:

      Tuva Øye

      Apparently Lin and the Obamas were acquaintances before Hamilton. Though I’m not sure…

  • Jake Schantz says:

    We miss you Obama!

  • jaszyminee x says:

    They r little bean

  • mari says:

    imagine how hard it was for Lin not to accidentally insult the government or use any cursing

  • Chris M says:

    Chillest president ever

  • ikaas says:

    I love how everyone in the comments is saying “OMG Obama got to meet Lin!” Not Lin got to meet Obama! I just think its funny

  • sean lee says:

    could of rhymed a bit better

  • Lilac_goat_uwu says:


  • Mr. Girl says:

    -Lin, you’re going to the White House!!
    -Cool! I’ll go get my jeans

  • galesayers34 says:

    “We need a new justice for the Supreme Court, in short…oh my gosh is this my book report?!”

    Bars. “That boy good”👌

  • E K Daufin says:

    So fantastic!!!!

  • Claire Aikens says:

    Who thinks the Oval Office would be more intimidating if it was square? Lin-Manuel Miranda.😏

  • dinosaur theorist says:

    I’m so glad he used hamilton lyrics in his freestyle…