3 Officers Fired, 1 Resigns Over Photos Mocking Death Of Elijah McClain | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/05
3 Officers Fired, 1 Resigns Over Photos Mocking Death Of Elijah McClain | NBC Nightly News

The Aurora police department says it’s “ashamed” of photos showing three officers mocking the death of Elijah McClain. Two officers in the photos were fired, the third resigned and a fourth officer was fired after responding “haha” to the pictures in a group text.
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3 Officers Fired, 1 Resigns Over Photos Mocking Death Of Elijah McClain | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (120件)

  • J-masterLegend says:

    This is the reason why we have black lives matter. For people who question it. He was killed just for walking home. Then almost a year later the cops who killed him come out and mock his death. Not to mention his death is just now getting media attention.

  • timthehippy says:

    I hope there is justice coming for Elijah, he had a gentle manner even while being murdered, saying sorry to the people that were killing him, I can’t finish this I have too many tears in my eyes to see. Ithink about him and the cats missing him. Peace Love and unity from Cornwall, uk

  • Andrew Smith says:

    Never hire them back.

  • Ralph Afroilan says:

    Did someone just put a reverse card?

    If Police’s are doing good(Justice) for bad people

    Then why Police’s are doing bad for good people?

    Those police officers are dumb sh–.

  • Robbie Hart says:


  • Jack Axe says:

    “haha” killing that black kid is sooo funny……I guess these ex-officers think black people lives don`t matter, if only there was a phrase….

  • Honest Opinion says:

    The new should release of the officer’s names.
    We want to make sure racist people do not live in our community.

    • cindy clarke says:

      They may be joining a precinct near you

  • Carroll Wynn says:

    Wow and they say. BLUE LIFE MATTER. What about the citizens you supposed to serve and protect they don’t matter right

  • Renee Martinez says:

    So many other women that are that are police show that there simply heartless people the woman is supposed to be warm and nurturing as we do have a womb and give birth and nurture children I don’t know how a woman can be like that. But there’s been many videos of the women police officers jumping in and torturing citizens.

  • Ice Adonis says:

    The ems needs to be investigated for injecting him too

  • Jeremy Byington says:

    Hopefully they can be legally banned from serving as police officers again in the United States. Chances are their union rep already has interviews lined up for each of them for other towns.

  • snakecharmer2011 says:


  • Walter Parris says:

    And u want to taste war here???,, you’ve
    Been Protected from the such,, for some
    Time Now, sadly there are those who just
    Don’t give a fk,,,it is not a video game
    U brats don’t know blood., they do the police,, many of them have tasted battle
    So they want to declare us, the AMERICAN Citizen the enemy to further
    Sell a begotten lie, and nightmare,,
    But Children u do Not Know War, Here
    At Home,,they Do..!!, 35:10 seconds
    Behold, the 1 warthog,,the 1 chopper,,
    Seal Team 2nd season,, 19th ep,,,a rescue airstrike was needed,,civil war?
    Here at Home,, your Parents, and Grandparents could not even Handle
    The Real News Reels From Vietnam.!!!
    Blood ohhh They Know What That Is
    Our Very Police, but behold, our own homeland, where shall we go afterwards,

  • tompig says:

    How can people still argue that police culture is not racist?

    • Benzo Corbynista says:

      @Awoke! Awoke! he knew he got it wrong when he said “…Im afraid I intergrated my people into a burning house” or when he stated “…my dream has turned into a nightmare”

    • Jacob Holley says:

      From a retired cop
      I am a retired police officer and I concur with Heather Mac Donald’s assessment in “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism” (op-ed, June 3). The problem isn’t systemic racism, it’s individual bad cops and the inability of police chiefs and sheriffs to deal with them due to local merit-system rules.

      I was involved in situations when my sheriff fired bad cops. However, their terminations were later overturned by the merit council. Often, local police unions will fight any discipline regardless of the situation.

      The officer charged in the Minneapolis homicide had more than a dozen complaints in his file. Why was he still there? Police leaders need to track individual officer behavior and address them through discipline, training and, if necessary, desk duty.

      States should set up procedures under which chiefs and sheriffs could bring up individual officers for review by a state board. The board would then have the ability to yank certifications. There would be no appeal to a local board. The only appeal would be through the court system where there is a higher barrier to being reinstated.

    • Jacob Holley says:

      bmlsb69 if it’s not systemic racism, then it systemic corruption which is just as bad

    • Jacob Holley says:

      bmlsb69 ?

    • Benzo Corbynista says:

      @Jacob Holley its like nobody does nothing about it but just dont dare call it “systemic racism”
      Systemic corruption, systemic jim crowism anything but…
      Theres more fight against the word “racism” in “…systemic racism” than there is fighting whatever systemic corruption it is.
      Lets call it systemic police corruption and wait for op-eds on tackling it. Lets see the depts themselves look inwards, reflect and put action plans to specifically deal with what has become almost a cultural problem time after time after time. I bet you we’ll be saying the same thing year after year after year and the op-eds will have moved on.

  • Mia Monroe says:

    This was a group effort murder

  • redandblue323 says:

    You scum cops aren’t worthy to kiss the shoes of Elijah McClain

  • Bb Bb says:




  • Angelica Monk says:

    I’d join a protest demanding they all be arrested !! This was clear racial influence .

  • FirehorseCreative says:

    One of the issues which is escaping attention is all of these Coroners = bootlicking accomplices to murder in covering up the crime via BS causes of death which allows the cops to murder at will.

  • We the People says:

    They have gone way too far! If this doesnt make you sick to your stomach, you don’t deserve to call yourself an american.


    Look at those cold dead eyes. Sociopaths, the lot of them.

  • Daniel Jaeger says:

    It’s sickening on a sub human level watching cops interact with each other. It reminds me of seeing old pictures of Nazis laughing and smiling during their recreational time at the death camps.

  • Jose Topete says:

    Trump supporters cops!

  • Gary says:

    I don’t want them to go to prison. I want them to be hanged.

    • Awoke! Awoke! says:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing them swinging from a 🌳 hmm it’ll be different

  • Laurie Huntley says:

    Fired and Hurt?Hard. NO COUNTY HOPPING!

  • Tre Flips 21 says:

    no more police unions! All they do is protect each other.

  • Certified Quincy says:

    All the BLM protests and there still brave enough to do these type of things,they disgust me

  • Solid Snake says:

    Its sad how Black leaders dont outbout a PSA and say,,, ALWAYS FOLLOW AN OFFICERS INSTRUCTIONS AND NEVER RESIST ARREST. Its a simple thing that would have avoided so many incidents. He instead acted crazy…

  • Gw Gw says:

    KARMA Will deal with each and everyone of them that murdered that young man this is my prayer for his justice in jesus name amen!!

  • Marie James says:

    Refunds the Piolice

  • Awoke! Awoke! says:

    Why aren’t black cops MURDERING white men?

    • Daniel Rodriguez says:

      Because White r the rich they dont need welfare

  • Daniel Rodriguez says:

    If Elijah was White he would b alive

  • pashon4percushon says:

    Wow, you would think, now they’re saying the police chief is unfit.

  • Hattan AlShutaifi says:

    Murder of Elijah McClain is not just murder but also human rights violations and crime against humanity

  • yjbaxtere says:

    There’s no such thing as “one bad apple”, 99% of them deserve to burn slow. RIP Chris Dorner, Micah X, and all the others who’ve delivered a dose of payback. Standby for more

    • Darth ScoutBonnie says:

      This is not black and white, most cops are really good, the bad apples are a minority, and they should and will be punished eventually.

  • We the People says:

    First we are forced to pay for systemically unethical cops with our tax dollars. Then we are forced to pay again when they get sued. And the mayor, the governor, the DA, the judges all continue accepting police union political contributions and do nothing to change things.

  • Michael Clayton says:

    Cops across America just don’t value black people lives or respect it. They see black people as practice target or dispensable garbage. If a white girl was walking home the outcome would have been different.

  • JIMMY DAVIS says:

    You Wonder Why Most Black People Don’t Like Police There.You Go How Satanic Can You Be Making Humor Of A Deceased Person

  • Ronnie Roo says:

    My heart breaks for the beautiful young boys family. These thugs should be in prison for man slaughter not just sacked. Then to laugh about it is beyond morally wrong, l hope they believe in Karma because she is coming for them. Human scum

    • family staying together gang says:

      Simply walking home with groceries

  • Peter Marshall says:

    There’s a POLICING PROBLEM IN AMERICA…Dump tRUMP stop fascism…

  • Vincent Jackson says:

    Great Job Chief

  • Wahyu Indrasto says:

    *What is it with these WHITE COPS ??* Sadistic brutes, they are. I’ve never seen/heard of similar behavior from Black Cops.

    • Wahyu Indrasto says:

      *And the cops’ union are still defending these white sadistic cops. Maybe the whole union needs to be fired also …*

    • Claud Black says:

      Wahyu Indrasto – They went to Elijah’s memorial place and took the picture. No normal humans behave like this.

  • faith John says:

    May Jesus punish all four of you. Pure evil, God will pay you for what you have done to this innocent young guy. He died while telling you he was a peaceful person, he doesn’t do fighting because he is a vegan , not resisting!

  • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

    What is wrong with this picture…police laughing over how a young man was killed…sad…sad…..another embarrassment for the US…thanks to trump…with all his bulls…t the US true colors are coming out

  • Link Massing says:

    I WANT TO PUKE!!!!!!!!! Sure, I bet she is “sickened and angry”. I would like to see these rightful protesters show up at these ex-officers homes. HA-HA!

  • Funky Babazozo says:

    A perfect view into the twisted and perverted culture of the police.

  • Troy Goodwin says:

    innocent people really do have a special place in heaven. RIP, Elijah.

  • Jose Luis Miletich says:

    Would be a shame if these exkkkops addresses went viral… ENJOY!

  • Objective Evaluation says:

    We continue to say black lives matter because we continue to be reminded that they don’t. I can’t believe this happened again, it’s a never ending nightmare. What did blacks ever do that caused America to hate us so much? Why is our death something to mock? Why aren’t you listening to our pleas for reform?

  • ohdwight says:

    intro commercial … are you kidding joe boy? add my name to your campaign ; Are you out of your mind? lol yes ! i thought so.

  • moonboogie N8 says:

    How do we know that they were mocking that kid?
    What proof is there?

    • moonboogie N8 says:

      @Claud Black so, no proof of malice then

    • Claud Black says:

      @moonboogie N8 Darren go away!

    • moonboogie N8 says:

      @Claud Black is that your mom’s boyfriend or something?

    • Claud Black says:

      @moonboogie N8 Darren don’t you have something better to do, Darren.

    • moonboogie N8 says:

      @Claud Black so, it’s supposed to be a derogatory “Karen” thing?
      No one asking for a manager here bud, you’re the one who freaked and came at me with lame played out insults and a poor argument.
      You’ve got to be young to be this stupid.

  • steven price says:

    amer days are numbered

  • The Phantom says:

    Karma will take care of these clowns 🌬️

  • Groove Fretboard says:

    Just show your ID and comply. That instigated it. Cops were out of line but it’s there job of you got called on. Just be polite identify yourself and they would let him go. That is 99% of interactions. Yes we have bad cops but that’s a major issue no one in BLM talks about.

  • James Devine says:


  • Niqui H says:


  • Don Trump says:

    Please that’s one cop hugging another cop they took the picture out of context.

    • Claud Black says:

      They went to the place they killed Elijah his memorial and took the picture. Murders always revisit the scene of where they commit the crime.

  • Mike H. says:

    I’m not with the cops on this one….callus judgement leading to death…Not professional but instead Tragic.

  • Gusford awsome fisher fam says:

    That’s messed up

  • Kevin Chen says:

    America 1 country 2 systems. 1 for white and 1 for colors.

  • DRACO FURY 13 says:


  • bkardi 2 says:

    I’m sorry but being from the hood, all my friends killed were by other blacks. We don’t accept whites killing us but where’s all this anger when it’s black on black?

    • M. Diane Julie Benton says:

      It is there and there have been protest and activists against that violence. Those blacks who killed other blacks are usually arrested and put in jail and prison.

  • rogerio maria says:

    The devil is real yall and living among us..🤨 RIP Young king 🤴🏾 # no justice no peace ✌🏿✊🏾#

  • Victorious Angel says:

    Those police officers don’t deserve to be wearing the blue uniform. What a shame of them, they show no empathy whatsoever.

  • Tasha Greymore says:

    There is something very wrong with America, And it will never get better for most people, ever.

  • J Polar says:

    Yet just another reason not to trust the police. My note book is almost filled, I have to start another one soon. This is getting ridiculous already. Millennial and generation X cops are sure showing their brains.

  • Old Republic62 says:

    Democrats get out and vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.

  • Billy Taylor says:

    Chief you stepped into a hornets nest hope you can survive

  • André Marceau says:

    Police uniions need to be done away with.

  • Dark Cat says:

    How evil

  • uugoi says:

    Corona and cops are Killing us like flies this year I hope we find some antidote!!

  • Name Here says:

    So the poor dude was covering himself up because he was cold and anemic, and then gets killed for it. That’s beyond messed up.

  • John Smith says:

    The term PIG real applies here.
    These “cops” are sub-human.
    Guess the only thing to do is always carry and always shoot first, especially if it’s a cop.

  • FarnsworthIII says:

    Time to start following cops to see where they live. We need to make it public too.

  • J C says:

    These are truly the faces of evil, it does exist.

  • TajimaMunenori says:

    Am I the only person who can’t find any coverage of this from fox news on YouTube?

  • Clark Kent says:

    So bootlickers don’t think this is evil? These cops need to be charged with murder or somebody needs to get justice for this boy if the courts don’t give justice. They should live in fear for the rest of their lives.

  • Cashious R/C Powerhouse says:

    That’s evil, they’re like demons.

  • Truth Abounds says:

    I’m shocked that they have no humanity.

  • Mr Luxury says:

    More racist KKK cops. Defund police. They’re not heroes and never have been.

  • musico1212 says:

    they were fired? mmmmmmh I think I got to say haha?

  • HAZZARD says:

    Oh sociopathic police officers…how surprising.

  • HAZZARD says:

    I hope they get murderd.

  • Joe Blow says:

    Erkel wore a full face ski mask in the summer time😅😄😃😂😆🤔

    He lookes like he might be able to do massage therapy on a small mouse. Sure glad these arent just fabricated stories.

  • fabian hernandez says:

    Anyone here in the comments whose also outraged, please at the very least consider signing the online petition seeking justice for Elijah McClain.

  • Mr Gritty says:

    Open season on introverts

  • Calvin Williams says:

    I’m not shocked or surprised it’s not the first time a cop done something like that

  • Calvin Williams says:

    The cause of death is undetermined he was alive before he met the cops and he died after he made the cops case closed

  • crystal harris says:

    What a sweet soul A gentle soul 🙏🏼

  • DID YOU SEE THAT says:

    Riots, so called peaceful protests, which aren’t, are not the answer. This day and age petitions get better response.
    By June 25, more than three million people had signed the petition demanding an independent investigation into McClain’s death and on that date Governor Jared Polis appointed a special prosecutor to investigate McClain’s death. He also signed an executive order directing the Attorney General, Phil Weiser, to investigate and possibly prosecute the officers involved. Polis said in a statement, “”Elijah McClain should be alive today, and we owe it to his family to take this step and elevate the pursuit of justice in his name to a statewide concern.” Mari Newman, the family’s attorney, commented, “Finally a responsible adult has stepped in and thank goodness that the governor has shown some leadership

  • Gavin Mcfate says:

    I stick up for cops, but this was stupid. Just giving these Antifa idiots actual ammo

  • Willie Thomas says:

    Put them in jail

  • Deena says:

    There is no justice in America, the hypocrisy of America is out what a shame,

  • joe jeason says:

    The war between citizens and the police is continuing

  • Seeds Melanated says:

    Epitome of hate! Prison for all involved.

  • Prey Mantas says:

    Insanity. American government has finally gone morally bankrupt as well as financially due to “old boy” incompetence…. 🙁

  • Uneed Mydyyk says:

    Rules for being a police officer.
    Behavior and Appearance
    1. No profanity
    2. No obscene behavior
    3. No condescending language or behavior
    4. No weird hair cuts
    5. No tattoos
    Let’s start there. #BeTheBestCitizen

  • Michael Gurule says:

    Morality problem, yes!!! Across the board for all people as it appears that the young generation have none at ALL