‘Brink Of Survival’: Cash-Economy Workers Struggle Amid Reopening | NBC News NOW

2020 7/11
‘Brink Of Survival’: Cash-Economy Workers Struggle Amid Reopening | NBC News NOW

The hardest hit areas of New York City, including Queens and the Bronx, continue to struggle during the coronavirus pandemic as phase three of the city’s reopening nears. NBC News’ Ron Allen reports.
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‘Brink Of Survival’: Cash-Economy Workers Struggle Amid Reopening | NBC News NOW



コメント一覧 (108件)

  • Al says:

    Trump you know it’s bad when even Sharpie polls call you a Loser

    • Dori Tos says:

      got a link?

    • Robert Bell says:

      Is it possible the police officer who killed George Floyd was a Manchurian Candidate?

    • Anna Morris says:

      @Robert Bell
      You’re quite a funny old person for a second there! I hope you’re safely hospitalized somewhere! 😂

    • Minnie Minosa says:

      Corona queens used to be a vibrant black American community ( home to Louis Armstrong) until the racist Democrats got the racist border jumpers to push out the black Americans , dont forget to vote

  • Dori Tos says:

    Keep protesting(rioting) and destroying the neighborhood. Im sure that will help.

    • newmove says:

      @Dori Tos “being slapped on the wrist and let got to only be able to destroy again” Yeah, that’s the republican party underbelly, the alt-right, with people like you supporting them.

    • Dori Tos says:

      @newmove Dont assume too much like you know me. I see the destruction from the extremes of both side and disapprove those types of actions but its clear from what I see, what I hear, what I read that the left is beyond nuts.

    • newmove says:

      @Dori Tos Nice speech, pity it’s utter BS.

    • Dori Tos says:

      @newmove Its always utter BS when you dont agree isnt it?

    • newmove says:

      @Dori Tos No AH! it’s BS when it’s BS and you are full of it.

  • cold cuts says:

    We need2crank up the 😎BARTERiNG 😎WAGONS😎. I fiX your roof, &u remove my probLem tree. U insTaLL my pLumbing, I give u a rooT canaL. WiTh sociaL media, this can happen.

  • Tech-Omega says:

    Andrew Saul….why is Andrew Saul the ssa commissioner purchasing 10 mil of health bio stocks right before the start of covid 19. Smmfh he just got his newly titled role about a year ago. Inside job??? Please share the word about Saul and this govt corruption. Either covid 19 is a govt hoax or the govt is the one who created it. God bless you

  • Deathless Outlaw says:

    Deport all illegal aliens.

    • Deathless Outlaw says:

      @G A.G , No one stole anything.

    • G A.G says:

      @Deathless Outlaw If i come to your house and kick you and your family out and say it’s my house what do you call it, there was people here before Europeans came, see this is the problem american his story must face the truth of its ulgy pass this is stolen land built by stolen people no matter what you say you can not prove me wrong so keep lying to yourself

    • Deathless Outlaw says:

      @G A.G , There were no indigenous people here. Everyone came from somewhere else. We conquered it and to the victors go the spoils. It has been that way all over the world since the start of humans. In reality, not everyone gets a trophy. We have every right to the land we conquered.

    • G A.G says:

      @Deathless Outlaw whatever floats your boat truth be told I would send you back to the Caucasus Mountains

    • Deathless Outlaw says:

      @G A.G , I was born here. I am a native.

  • Jose Dominguez says:

    Off the books not paying taxes and sending your money over seas know u want government help 😂

    • David G says:

      billions are sent over seas i have no sympathy

    • Brooklyn Chavers says:


  • Vince85 says:

    Sniff sniff.

  • Matt C says:

    500 million dollars of damage in Minneapolis alone…wait till all the numbers are in.. will be billions.
    Could of made a nice stimulus……thanks rioters,looters,anarchists!

  • Fran Lenarz says:

    I was worried about you. Great to hear from you again. I have the exact same concerns. We must pray & pray. I believe Trump has plan’s for this state & we must all come together. Oh & yes the fraudulent ballots are out in MN. The sec. Of state was shown them but I believe they need to be handed in to the Trump administration some how. The ballots are prefilled out already. Thank you.

  • bella frances says:

    At last I saw good news in NBC.

    • Zachary Packer says:

      You act as if they never made good news.

    • bella frances says:

      @Zachary Packer Sorry, let me rephrase: At last a breath of fresh air from news on protests and politics.

  • Red Ice says:

    Where is Jenny from the block? Is she going to help with her platform?

    • denise lewis says:

      Why she’s worried about the next man she be with because the engagement is off right now.

    • Red Ice says:

      denise lewis That means the pre-nup is in question.

    • Mac says:

      In her Ivory tower in Manhattan

  • Jessica Winslet says:

    Her mom was an immigrant …. oh guess what … Trump mom was also an immigrant … she’s helping people … trump is putting them in cages –

    • Honesty Crystallizes says:

      omg, Trump is a child-abuser.

    • Jessica Winslet says:

      @Honesty Crystallizes shock lol

  • Michael Ojeda says:

    Let American capitalism die!!

  • Linda Minton says:

    Anybody struggling in NY can thank their democrat monarchy.

    • Honesty Crystallizes says:

      democrats only kotow to the republicans. the republicans are the worst. democrats go along with the republicans. your argument has no basis.

    • Linda Minton says:

      @Honesty Crystallizes Perhaps you meant kowtow? Then why don’t you just vote Republicans, at least they pretend to be pro American.

  • Tony Jackson says:

    Fakes virus, fakes government is the real virus, public servant, how they stole and control over the people, my goodness we need to over throw these heathens.

  • YouTuber says:

    Who decides how to divide the money? Im just cyrious why the wealthy received the most help…Bronx only got 2%? 💀 do yall see who they want to succeed? Hint: Its not the poor.

    • Anna Morris says:

      Wealthy politicians decide!

    • discorperted says:

      Blame AOC…

    • Semper Fortis says:

      Because the Bronx is primarily unemployed members of Ñetas, La Familia, Latin Kings, and other AOC affiliates.

    • Steven Howe says:

      They do hate the poor people, without a doubt. Hang on until November any way you can. This has become a matter of life and death. Vote Democrat and make sure you vote!

  • fairy12318 says:

    Meanwhile, home health agencies* like Hand and Hand Together Health Care; in the Bronx are selling people short. Lying to unemployment. Stating that workers quit. When in fact they asked for time off to take care of family and figure out online schooling.

    For those who would say a Home Health Aide ( HHA ) is not a good job or a respectable job, I say come off yourself you are in no better shape then the people who take care of your “nana.” Some people enjoy taking care of elderly people and treat them with dignity and respect.

    As for the writing part, like most people who don’t look to publish essays under the comment section, I was just stating my own thoughts.

    And yes, I am still learning English.

    • Jeff Gibson says:

      There is a good job waiting for you–but first you need to learn how to write.

  • Stephen St. Stephen says:

    We’re all in this together so it’s every man for himself. Okay? You’re on your own now, so get with the program!

    • Anna Morris says:

      That’s exactly what I got too! 😧

  • TheUsername217 says:

    Burn the Trump Tower, I’m surprised y’all haven’t!

    • Oliver Seiler says:

      TheUsername217 stop the burning, stop the looting, stop murdering security people!
      you brainless keyboard warrior🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
      dump trump 2020!!!

  • Marvin Phoenix says:


  • Irish Eyes says:

    Wait a minute. The economy is making a great comeback, and the Coronavirus is magically disappearing. Russia is not interfering in America and we are all eating steak when we feel like it. Our military is safe from the Taliban. All in a weeks work. Trump is an amazing handler. If he can have you believe all this, then he has done his job for the week. He doesn’t need to do more. Your handled. Stay tuned for a new crises next week, same time, same channel.

    • Jeff Gibson says:

      That’s absolutely right. I made a list of 35 accomplishments Trump has made. He has done more on 3-1/2 years than other presidents do in 8 years. It almost doesn’t matter if he’s reelected because we want to see the next democrat president wreck the economy.

  • Gary McDaniel says:

    Go back to Mexico

  • Kris B says:

    Every single country in history that could not feed it’s people, had a revolution.

    America the land of the free has a chance to become the land of the hungry…

    Very sad indeed

    • Anna Morris says:

      Hunger ignites the flames of revolution! 💪🏼

    • Semper Fortis says:

      We should stop feeding China.

  • prtmail port says: you should watch this interesting video 🤩😆😇⚖⌛🤗😄🤓

  • Brooklyn Chavers says:

    So in other words they were working illegally “under the table” and now they can’t work illegally and cannot get government assistance? If they aren’t citizens of United States go back to the country that they are citizens of.

    • Respect Knuckles says:

      I totally agree!! Go back home!!

    • Joshua Lee says:

      self deport no handouts. Jobs for American citizens first

  • BigWasabi says:

    Again I know we made a joke in Europe about Gender equality and having your period ( A classic BROEN joke) but do you really need to wear menstrual pads on your faces What exactly is the purpose ! ? It’s a bit bizarre and kind of gross Hey why not go all the way and start wearing USED menstrual pads on your faces and add a few on your heads too.!

  • Jeff Gibson says:

    Get back to work. 4.8 million jobs were created last month. Half of those people will become millionaires in the next 40 years. Why shouldn’t it be you?

  • Causally Thinking says:

    Babylon A.K.A America will never be the same again

  • Carmela Szymanski says:

    Because The Govt.Has Forsaken You..
    You have No Value According to The USA Govt..
    Vote NOVEMBER..Get Rid Of High End Republicans Elites..

  • Fleur Bandito says:

    Speaking of cash, what’s up with the coin shortage?

  • Rolyat Neek says:

    Yeah I don’t feel terribly sorry for someone losing their under-the-table work when they should be paying into the system…

    • Freedom Or Death says:

      Spoken like a true tax slave

  • Mike Marder says:

    Winter’s coming and the streets will turn angry and desperate. Warning.

  • Jessie G says:

  • James Cameo says:

    Here is how I landed a JOB!!!

  • Ed Pittman says:

    So the shutdown didn’t work???

  • David Phoenix says:

    Been in the same sales job for 11 years. They’re trying to force us back when it’s impossible to sell in this environment. I’m gonna have to start my entire career over. Sad sad situation.

    • Carine Zitella says:

      I hope you make it, it’s very disheartening watching from Europe what’s happening in the US …😥

  • Connie Rogers says:

    People are sooooo quick to say go back home… this country was built off of immigrants backs…. of every race…. so sad the way people think.. atleast she was working and not abusing the system…. I swear people don’t have a heart … heaven forbid if the shoe was on the other foot

    • Todd Theisen says:

      true…but the word you left out was “legal”….all countries by definition have sovereign borders…there must be a price to pay for working illegally and not getting government support happens to be one of those prices.

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    We just had 7.5 million new jobs added, the most ever in history and the media will make it out to be struggling. Just like covid, they make it like every one is going to die, when the facts are the deaths rates are dropping every day. They fear monger, the number of deaths continues to go down while the number of cases go up as well as the number of survival rates rise, making this no worse than the average flu. The virus has mutated and has become much weaker, more like a cold or allergies. It is always how the media spins things , like this story it is what the media will not show you , or tell you, that holds the truth.

    • Honesty Crystallizes says:

      ….That is because the ones that were dying are already dead, and new ones are just starting on the ventilators…asshat.

  • nancy lovejoy says:

    So sad


    These WHO CDC DHHS SOCIOPATHS should have ALL been STILL BORN. C OVID 19. MEANS see sheep surrender. This is contrived to wipe out population AGENDA 21.

  • cattigereyes1 says:

    This is incompetent corrupt government at its finest! Enjoy

  • Ahmad Machine Mesin says:

    When too much accumulated in the hands of few. The majority of will have very little to survive go back to the economic distribytion in whose favour

  • Expat and This and That says:

    Screw the cash economy workers, I paid taxes they didn’t.

    • Joshua Lee says:

      they are all tax cheats including greasy business owners. the business owners should forfeit their business to the state for undermining the American worker. Prosecute them fine them jail them cmon ICE do your job

  • Semper Fortis says:

    🤦‍♂️DISCLAIMER: I didn’t get political until I left the service, and my views are my own, and in no way reflect the views of the United States Navy. I you have the patience…. I’d appreciate the opportunity to share my perspective.

    Constitutional Law in and of itself is difficult for those who aren’t lifelong students of it; and I don’t consider any viable solutions will come from simple answers, but I’ve been to countries with actual tyranny…. but the divisiveness in this nation is a security risk; and it is why Russian & Chinese state owned media networks are using influence operations for the sake of destabilization.

    ….but my analysis is based on academics and experience; after my time in the military, I then worked in the field of international relations and human rights for 13 years before becoming a pastor.

    There is a reason most service members and veterans can’t support Trump. For many of the same reasons we couldn’t support Obama; and that is because the oath of enlistment has no expiration date, and we are in deeply troubling times.

    And although Trump cabinet is a cherry picked group of unqualified sycophants, whom even Trump himself can’t stop contradicting and lying to….
    And despite dismantling the Office of Congressional Ethics in his first week as President, which caused an increased cesspool within both political parties; a handful of Representatives from each side are maintaining some semblance of sanity, while our institutions are crumbling.

    It seems like no matter how people vote…. it will be Alzheimers 2020. We as Americans deserve better options than the geriatric oligarchs presented to us by either party! As a Veteran I must say…. The language of “loyalty” to a political party is deeply disturbing, and disconcerting. Civvies are standing by while people die overseas for what they refuse to defend at home. We are Americans first, and not who we vote for.

    I would like to take the opportunity to share my thoughts with anyone who is interested; it would mean a lot to this Veteran if you consider reading what I put the time and effort into typing. Think of it as a way of thanking me for my service; it is my way of sharing my perspective with fellow Americans, veteran and civilian alike…. regardless of political affiliation.

    I know I’m not the only one getting tired of all of the foolishness/divisiveness in our Nation; the only left or right that matters, are those that will inevitably man the line, the next time our sons and daughters are drafted. And although people should be livid, we as Americans are finally getting sick of how candidates, regardless of party affiliation, have been disrespectful towards the people they are responsible to:

    1) Debates should be un-timed and uninterrupted

    2) Candidates should be required to fully elucidate their thoughts and policies

    3) Panels of academics should be asking questions… not puppets with ear pieces

    4) Debates should go on as long as they have to

    But Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), goes both ways; either people think he is the antichrist, or idolize him to the point where they think he can do no wrong. Trump will probably get 2020; but that’s to be expected, the US seldom has one term presidencies… regardless of how bad they are.

    Nevertheless, that will be 4 more years of irreparable harm to America’s standing in the world; estranging our relationships with longtime allies, who are existential to our existence…. while continuing to allow our would be enemies to gain strength as Trump oddly worships tyrannical despots publicly. He is inept to the task at hand, as are many of the candidates presented.

    Trump views things as business deals, even when they’re not; and is incapable of differentiating his personal affairs with matters of diplomacy. However, one cannot “deal” with tyrants like Russia & China; as they are flagrantly violating the Law of the Sea, the Geneva Accords, Flooding the world with drugs and weapons, and undermining sanctions on hostile nations around the world. Trump’s failure to understand geopolitics, implement International Law as a tool, and be diplomatic is detrimental. He has on many occasions let his personality get in the way.

    Furthermore, he doesn’t trust the intelligence community, or those who have spent their whole lives in the service & defense of our country; his own handpicked people, even. He believes he knows better than specialists in every respective field. Never mind the multitude of his weirdly unqualified cabinet choices.

    People focus too much on his personality and that, objectively, he’s a national embarrassment; but as a veteran, I’ve found multiple reasons why he is a national security risk.

    It shouldn’t be abnormal to expect that we would be led by the best and brightest; have candidates capable of meeting the full spectrum of requisites for the performance of their office, and do so in a manner that is beyond aspersions or reproach. The people who write laws shouldn’t be the ones who vote on them… we need people who can meet the needs of the modern day; people with multiple PhDs, real-world experience, and are mentally/emotionally competent enough to listen to wise counsel without letting logical fallacies or cognitive biases come in conflict with sound reason.

    And since 9/11 each presidency & congressional house has made sweeping power grabs in direct conflict with the Constitution. And the political pendulum keeps swinging further left and right. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution… both foreign and domestic; but it seems that people at home have forgotten how fragile Democracy is, and it’s deeply disturbing how things have been going, because when Democracy fails…. tyranny prevails.

    We as Americans have been complacent as both parties have become cartels, and very much two sides of the same coin.

    I would never want to see something like 9/11 on American soil ever again; but the unity it created following 9/12, made America temporarily more unified and the world a safer place…. at the expense and forfeitures of many freedoms domestically. And I know there’s a whole culture of being “woke”; but the American Dream necessitates a certain degree of sleep. If people truly want to be woke…. they would enlist instead of sleepwalking through life.

    Three things can help heal our country:
    1) Talk to people you have nothing in common with.

    2) Read “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder…. & “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer.

    3) Take a little time every once in a while to watch C-SPAN, to see and hear exactly what our elected representatives are actually saying and doing.

    4) Demand an end to computational gerrymandering and reverse Citizens United…. to eliminate foreign influences on our Democracy.

    Here are some tools every American should know and use:

    • benish borogove says:

      You mean leaders with real PhDs, like Dr. Angela Merkel (quantum physics)

    • Direnova says:

      What you propose is common sense to those with the unbiased will to find the truth regardless of discomfort to your existing beliefs. The sad truth is, that is a rare thing, even I who say this is aware that I jump to conclusions based on my prejudices even when I try hard not to. The other main hurdle is that the people with the most power to change things are the same people who want to sustain the status quo. Having said that, even your post brings me hope that there are people who see through the smoke and mirrors that wind people up to hatred when the truth is that the vast majority of people want the same things and are divided by made up nonsense like wearing a mask is a political point of view.

  • Freedom Or Death says:


  • S CT says:

    Where are the private charitable organizations ?

  • Jan Oliver says:

    Duh. Companies employ people. Virus and huge unemployment payments have people stay at home. Companies and shops can’t get enough applicants, because you can make more money sitting home getting paid to do nothing. You close the companies and they move back out to other countries, you lose what little you have.

  • Grumpy Oldman says:

    Btw, jeff bezos nett worth just went up again and tesla stocks are soaring. Even in a pandemic when most are struggling financially the top 1% are filling their pockets even faster.

  • Shinobi Magia says:

    It’s not reopening , a bunch of states are reclosing dogg.

  • rcharlesish says:

    The American empire is finished. Best to adapt to a UK style economy and learn Spanish as a second language.

    • pat cummings says:

      That would be Russian, not Spanish..

  • Quang Dự To says:


  • Quang Dự To says:

    Cứ dùng đôi mắt của các bạn nhìn lên ánh nắng nóng ☀️🌤️ mặt trời tui ngồi ở đâu đó trên bầu trời giúp các bạn qua cơn virutcorona 🙏👌🌤️☀️🌍🇺🇸💌💓💝💛💖💗💫🌟✨

  • Diahann Stevens says:


  • CopyTheseInvestments says:

    Gig workers / cash jobs and just as a side note: How many of them are homeless – what if it’s actually a lot? Now think of how homeless get treated…this is what fellow Americans face. Business owners it’s time to rethink your relationship with police / peacemakers and homeless individuals / populations. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This is a gap in the economy as a whole that is going to be a bigger hurdle than focusing on other categories of this issue. It’s time to build from the foundation and many ignorant priviledged business owners have overlooked their role in the issues we now face as a country.

  • Joshua Lee says:

    They should all be deported they are lucky no one cares and they get to stay in america. they have no legal right

  • Brianna Oppong-Antwi says:

    Why did they take video of the undocumented woman and loudly say she was undocumented? They didn’t even try to blur her face. Did she know they would do that? She speaks Spanish and I fear they took advantage of her. Concerning.

  • All Eye Publishing says:

    “Sixth Trumpet”

    By Beace aka Writers Glock

    Read more for Sedition LP playlist!!!

  • Theodore Cendejas says:


  • happy journey says:

    Why don’t they sign up to onlyfans?

  • Dora Williams says:

    it’s going to get worse, the have not is going to rob the rich. instead of robbing banks, their be robbing for food, no one is exempt.

  • Tom pain says:

    Everything is a trade off.When you work under the table,or don’t report tip’s,you don’t get unemployment.You may not get social security or,if you qualify,you get the minimum!